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Happy Birthday

Joe Sugg x Reader

Request:  hi! could i request for a joe sugg imagine where he and the rest of the boys surprise you for your birthday with a party at the club? like you thought they were all busy so you instead went out with some girl friends, only to find out that they all planned a surprise party for you? and like all night long, joe’s just sticking by your side and you could make it rlly cute and fluffy? thanks!!!

Sorry it’s so late but here it is! I hope you enjoy it!!

Warnings: fluff ♥


Y/n felt a hand slowly crawl its way from her thigh up to her back. She heard the sheets ruffle and am arm wrapped around her midsection, pulling her body closer to his. His voice was rough from just having woke up but whispered out, “Happy birthday baby.” Y/n’s eyes opened slightly and a sleepy smile graced her face. She wound her arm around his and squeezed his hand, “Thank you.” Joe suddenly sat up quickly, causing Y/n to turn and look at him, eyebrows knitted, “What’s wrong?” Joe looked down at his girlfriend and frowned, “I forgot that I have to pick up Jack and Conor from the airport tonight in Brighton.” Y/n sat up with him, “I thought that Oli was picking them up since he was down there.” Joe slightly shook his head, “No, Oli had to go to his parents’ house yesterday for something or other. Josh is with Caspar filming today so they can’t do it. I’m really sorry, I completely forgot.” Y/n smiled at Joe, knowing he felt terrible, “That’s okay, we can still go out to lunch right?” Joe nodded and wrapped his arms around Y/n again and brought her down to the bed, “Of course! But right now I want to give you your birthday kisses.” Y/n giggled and let Joe pin her to the sheets.

A few hours later, Y/n had opened the cards she had received in the mail and took calls from family and friends who wished her the best day. Joe had made her breakfast on the balcony and they laughed as she told old birthday memories. They were both getting ready to go out to lunch and have a shop when Y/n’s best friend, Ashley, called. After singing a loud and off pitch birthday song, Ashley asked Y/n out to lunch, “We can go to the little bistro on the river!” Y/n looked over at Joe and sighed, “I’m having lunch with Joe because we can’t have dinner together, so I’m sorry I can’t.” Joe gave her a questioning look and she mouthed ‘Ashley’ to him. “How about we go to dinner and then to Drama?” Ashley began, “And look, before you say you don’t want to go clubbing without Joe, it’s your birthday and I’m positive that we can get all of the girls together and go and we will have the best time.” Y/n contemplated the idea for a second, she didn’t really want to sit at home and watch a movie when Joe wasn’t there and she didn’t want to go with him to Brighton. “Yeah let’s do it.” Ashley squealed, “You won’t regret it!” After finishing their plans and hanging up Joe asked what was happening. “I’m going to Drama tonight with Ash and the girls.” Joe immediately had a weary look on his face, “by yourself?” Y/n rolled her eyes and smiled at Joe, “It’s just going to be us girls, don’t worry about me, I can handle myself.” Joe walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, attaching his front to hers, “I know that, I just don’t want all the guys there to think you’re available.” She laughed at his tone of voice, “Don’t worry I’ll punch them if they even glance at me.” Joe sniggered and although he had nothing to worry about he still wanted her to promise.

           Joe ended up taking Y/n to their favorite restaurant and had the staff sing Happy Birthday to her, usually she would get really embarrassed but she was just happy to be spending time with Joe. They then went shopping about and she bought a dress to go out and Joe bought her a bracelet she had been eyeing for months. They got back to the house and only had a few hours before Joe had to leave so they decided to relax and watch Ratatouille, which was Y/n’s favorite Disney movie. They cuddled on the couch and Joe would mimic the accents of the characters which made Y/n giggle every time. Once the movie was over, Y/n kissed Joe goodbye at the door, “Oh you really shouldn’t have done that.” She pouted at him, “and why is that?” “Because now I really don’t want to leave you.” She leaned in once more and gave him a small kiss, then whispered, “good.” They waved goodbye and she began to get ready by redoing her hair and makeup and texting Ashley and her friends to come over to her flat, seeing that she is the closest to the club.

           Y/n had just finished her hair when she heard a knock at the door; she opened it to find her friends and squealed at the sight of them. “I’m so happy you could all make it.” She said after hugging them all. “We weren’t going to let you sit at home all night, now let’s go get dressed.” Y/n’s friend Miriam said. The girls opened a bottle of champagne and fixed their makeup while Y/n put on her new dress. “Damn Y/n you look amazing.”

“You really think so?” Y/n asked as she looked in the mirror, trying to figure out which shoes would best go with the outfit. “Oh shut up, you always look great; don’t even try to second guess that dress.” Ashley stated, handing Y/n a pair of shoes and turned up the music that was playing in the room. They sang along to Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ and danced around the room, making Y/n feel so grateful for the people in her life. She recorded some snapchat videos to send to Joe before they left to the club in the biggest Uber they could get.

           They arrived at Drama and were let in pretty quickly despite the growing queue outside the door. Y/n’s friends led her to the VIP section which confused Y/n. “Guys where are we going? We can’t get in there.” But despite her protests, Y/n’s friends sat her down in a booth, Ashley turned to her, “Okay maybe we weren’t quite honest with the plans for tonight.” Y/n looked at the excited faces of her friends, “What do you mean?”

Ashley looked behind Y/n and grinned, “Happy Birthday Y/n!” She turned and found all of the boys surrounding Joe, who was carrying a birthday cake with sparklers coming out of the top. She felt her eyes water as everyone in her group started to sing happy birthday and Joe set the cake on top of the table before sitting next to Y/n. When they finished singing, Joe brought his mouth to her ear to say, “Make a wish love.” She blew out the remaining candles and smiled for pictures before she turned to her boyfriend. “What are you doing here?” Joe smiled and wrapped his arms around her frame, “Surprise? You didn’t think I was missing your whole birthday did you?” Y/n laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, “I honestly thought you were! So I’m assuming the boys got in earlier than you told me.” Joe nodded and looked behind him to find Jack and Conor cheering on Oli to finish his drink, “They got in two days ago actually but we all kept it quiet for this.” Y/n leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss, “Thank you, I was very surprised.” Joe leaned in to kiss her again when Caspar butted in, “Come on guys you have all the time in the world to do that, it’s time to party!” Caspar pulled both of their hands and moved their group to the dance floor. Joe and Y/n began dancing to the music together, her back to his front while they watched their friends dance around them. Joe tucked his head into Y/n’s neck and peppered her with kisses. Y/n was pulled away a few times from her girlfriends to dance to songs they loved and the boys had taken her away one by one to have a dance with her. Mikey insisted on doing the salsa with her even though he didn’t know how and Caspar just clung onto her the whole time, too drunk to really move. Joe was going to move in to get Caspar off of Y/n but he found it too funny watching her small frame hold Caspar’s large one. Jack kept making her laugh with Michael Jackson moves and he got Conor to join in with his fancy footwork. Josh was last and he was determined to be named the best dancer out of all of them, although he just kept jumping around and yelling. The second Y/n’s dance with Josh was over, Joe was right by her side, handing her a drink and giving her a long kiss, “I’ve been away from you for too long.” She rested her forehead against his, “You’ve been less than four feet away this whole time.” He sighed and brushed his lips against hers, “Exactly.”


I hope you all enjoyed it! If there are any mistakes let me know and I will be glad to fix them!

Seventeen Scenario - Jealous Wonwoo

Hey anon!! Sorry for the incredibly long wait and I am just now realizing that i’m not sure if this is fluffy enough…if you aren’t satisfied then please feel free to request something else! I know that our request period is closed but for my wonwoo anon I’ll make an exception! Hope you enjoy!

Seventeen Scenario - Jealous Wonwoo

You met Wonwoo by chance one day, as if it were the simplest of coincidences, and yet it changed your whole world. To help pay your way through college, you got yourself a part time job at this trendy coffee shop that had just opened up in the center of Gangnam. Because Gangnam was such a hot spot for celebrities, you had gotten pretty used to having someone ultra famous turn up in the shop during your shift every once in a while. But this time, it was different.

“Can I get a small flat white espresso, please?” You heard a deep voice ask you. The store had been slow so you were allowed to take out your phone on duty and hadn’t heard him come in. When you looked up you were startled by the swallowing deepness of his dark eyes. They pulled you in and you had a hard time looking away and doing your job. He chuckled at your obviously obsessive stare.  It was muffled by the dark face mask that covered his mouth.

“Yes, of course. Will that be all?” You cleared your throat and entered his order into the cash register. He nodded silently and you gave him his total. “It will just be a minute.”

You knew he looked familiar, but you couldn’t exactly place his face. That was the excuse you gave yourself as you continued to steal glances at him while making his drink. Not the fact that he was deathly cute and that he seemed to be stealing as many glances as you.

When his drink was done you decided to boldly ask him the question that had been stirring around in your head. “You’re an idol right?”

There had been no one else in the store for a while, but at that moment the silence was deafening. And then he flat out chuckled at you, taking the drink from your hand in a way that intentionally brushed your fingers and sent sparks up your arm, he flashed you a smile. “Yeah. I’m from the group Seventeen.”

“Right! I knew I knew you from somewhere, I just couldn’t figure it out! I love your new song.” You told him earnestly, wiping up the counter and turning back to your phone, thinking he would just leave. To be honest, you were a little disappointed when he just uttered a thank you and did in fact leave.

But the next week, at the same time, he came in again, and this time he stayed and talked to you for twenty minutes. And it happened again the next week and the next, until he was staying for an hour at a time. You were good friends, on the verge of being more, and that’s when he decided to have you meet the band.

You recall it being overwhelming at first, but you quickly got used to the massive amounts of attention and care. It didn’t take you long to get close to the group, and they became used to having you around the dorm.

When Wonwoo wasn’t around you took to hanging out with Mingyu since he always wanted to talk to you and hang out with you.

“Where’s Wonwoo today?” You asked one morning when the boys invited you over.

“Still sleeping, we were out really late last night filming something and you know how he doesn’t well with little sleep.” Josh told me from the kitchen counter, a sympathetic look on his face.

“Poor guy…” You mumbled, worried about him overdoing it. You had been waiting for weeks for Wonwoo to make a move and he never seemed to catch on. During these times where he wasn’t around was especially frustrating because you lost valuable chances to make him understand that he needed to make a move.

“Let’s go out for coffee until he wakes up, Y/N?” Mingyu suggests, and you nod hesitantly, afraid that Wonwoo will wake up before you get back.

You really liked hanging out with Mingyu, except for the fact that he always insisted on buying whatever you were out getting with him. He was nice and a good listener, and just an overall great friend. But the more you hung out with him the more you were sure he was getting the wrong idea. This wasn’t the first time that the two of you had hung out alone.

When you returned to the dorm an hour later, Wonwoo was awake and looking completely out of it. Sidling up next to him, you put a light hand on his arm. “I brought you back a coffee, your favorite, flat white espresso. Are you feeling okay? You aren’t overdoing it are you?”

He looked at you as you spoke, a cold distant look on his face. “Thanks, I’m fine.”

You weren’t sure how to interpret his mood. “Are you sure you’re okay? What’s wrong.”

Suddenly he was beyond annoyed and pushed past you. “I said I’m fine. Could you please leave me alone or just leave?” And then he had disappeared back into his room, and you were left dumbfounded at his reaction. It was completely out of character and it left you with a weird feeling, like you had unintentionally done something to upset him.

Without thinking, you said goodbye to the guys and left, scare to upset him even more as you wracked your brain about what could have possibly caused him to act that way.

The next day, he came into the shop like normal and acted like nothing had happened, talking to you as if you were the only person in the world. It made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it was hard to remember that feeling the next time you visited the dorm.

“Y/N, wanna watch this movie with me? You said something about wanting to see it the other day.” Mingyu suddenly appeared in the middle of your conversation with Wonwoo and Jun.

“Oh yeah! I do really want to see that movie!” You started to follow him when out of nowhere a loud clatter sounded behind you, forcing you to look back on instinct.

Wonwoo had slammed his plate into the kitchen sink and was staring at it angrily as he gripped the sides of the counter.

“Are you okay, Won—“

“I’m fine! Just go watch your damn movie.” He yelled angrily, storming past you, not for the first time, and slamming the door of his bedroom shut. You blinked a couple times to make sure you were seeing correctly. Just a few minutes ago he was laughing and quite possibly even flirting with you, and now it was like you had some kind of disease and he couldn’t stand to be in the same room as you.

Tired of this behavior, you stormed after him, pounding a fist on the door before bursting into his room and slamming the door shut. He looked startled that you had followed him, like he didn’t know what to do next.

“Explain to me what the hell is going on with you.” You demanded, crossing your arms over your chest defiantly.

His face turned stoney. “Why don’t you go ask your best buddy, Mingyu?”

Confusion passed over you. “How the hell is he supposed to know?”

He chuckled darkly. “Why does it matter? As long as your with him you’re good right?”

“Is that what this is about? Me hanging out with him?”

Wonwoo didn’t answer and you took that as confirmation. Sighing in annoyance you sat on the edge of his bed and he gave you an unreadable look. “You are such an idiot pabo. I only hang out with him because you’re sleeping or not around. I’d much rather hang out with you. To be honest, I just wanted to see that movie, I thought you would come and watch it with us.”

He still remained silent but his face was slightly less cold as he considered you. “When are you going to pluck up the courage to just ask me out already? Because I’m getting tired of waiting and if we were together you could have just told me to stop hanging out with Mingyu so much instead of just acting like a jealous monster.”

Wonwoo was shocked into silence until you smiled at him and then he seemed to remember how words worked. “Y-You wanted me to ask you out?”

You smiled at him warmly. “For decades now, it feels like.”

Wonwoo started to grin like an idiot and grabbed your small hand in his warm one. “Y/N, will you go out with me?”

“Of course, idiot.”

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Rules: Tag nine users you want to get to know better

1.How old are you?: 20

2. Current Job?: No job atm :( I’m looking though. (I’m soooo poor)

3. Dream job?: I would love to just record podcasts with friends all day and talk about our favourite stuff. But I have neither the equipment nor the friends to do so. :(

4 . What are you talented at?: Not much, I guess I’m a fast learner so you can teach me and I’ll figure it out. Other than that, I’m really good at being introverted and not much more. I’m more of a person who’s competent at most things but excels in few areas. :/

5. What is a big goal you are working towards/ have already achieved?: atm, I have a few goals. 1. to improve my mental health and keep my anxiety and depression in check. So far, I am nowhere near as depressed as I was last year so that’s good. 2. Make new friends. I’m slowly getting this done but it’s really hard for me to talk to new people. 3. Move into a new house/flat. Too many emotionally complex memories in the place I am now. I need to get out. And 4. Get a new job.

6. What’s your aesthetic?: I’m not exact sure but I really like fire and red things like my favourite would be someone with fire-red hair sitting in a Autumn forest.

7. Do you collect anything?: every scrap of money I can haha *cries.* Also, I’m trying to collect all superhero movies and TV shows and Blu-ray and the comics they are based on. That will take me a while at this rate. Other than that, I’m not really a collector :/ 

8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation?: I CAN’T TALK TO PEOPLE. I try. Once I figure out if people are into nerdy stuff, I bring up BioWare games, Steven Universe, Marvel/DC stuff. But ussually people want to know how and what I’m studying at uni…..

9. What’s a pet peeve of yours?: Since I have to sit behind a lot of people on public transport and in lectures I have to look at a lot of necks and people with short hair have their normal hairline and shitty extra growth that looks bad. I know people can’t see their head back there but I find it annoying for some weird reason. Also, sexist boys and men. I was watching a show last night where there are several strong female characters demand things like for the male protagonist to unfuck the situation that he just made and my brother said “shut up you loud mouth bitch” and I wanted to slap him or fight him on it but I didn’t want to get into an argument I knew would be pointless. 

10. Good advice to give?: One saying that I’ve really been identifying with lately is “let yourself be put into situations with pressure because from pressure, time and patience, diamonds are created, the strongest mineral on earth.” I really like that

11.  Recommend three songs!

I am not a musically incline person but these are my go-to songs:

Don’t Stop Me Know - Queen - My all-time favourite song

Back to December - Taylor Swift - I have really intense feelings with this song 1 listened to it on repeat while playing Last of Us’ winter chapter and I had a breakup in December :|

Passion (Violin and Piano Cover) - Kyle Landry ft. Josh Chiu

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