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Imagine Theo wanting to protect you because he loves you and had watch you die in his arms over and over again in hell but he's completely unaware that your Salem descendant and protect yourself.

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“I’m trying to protect her” Theo told Scott, Lydia, Malia. “Do you know how many time I watched her die well I was stuck there. I won’t be able to live if I have to watch that one more time.”

Hear what he’d been through in hell made you stumble backwards being caught by Lydia thinking of your own experience down there while attempting the Seven Wonders. You know all he wanted was to keep you safe because of that but you were a witch, a descendant of Salem and you ever need protection the Coven would be the ones to keep you safe before Theo or the pack even stood a chance. Lifting your hand you throw Theo back into a chair and the use transmutation to appear behinds.

“Thanks for trying Theo but I don’t need anyone’s protection” you told him kissing his cheek before appearing back beside Lydia. “As for what you saw in hell, trust me you got lucky with what you punishment is.”

ethnic ambiguity; or, what is lily evans? a collection of microaggressions

i am neither pakistani nor turkish, but i am (like lily here) ethnically ambiguous. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been asked what i am, told i am not asian enough or not white enough, called exotic or “oriental” (good gOD do not call me oriental), and how much i’ve watched my mom and grandmother suffer for their race in this damn country. so this is for @prongsyouignoramus, but this is also for me. may we someday have canon characters who look like us. love you, precious human <3


• she goes by lily, has ever since the first time in primary that a teacher refused to call her by her first name

• she’s always rather liked her full name, ayşa lily evans, she never thought it was that difficult to say, but the teachers and the other kids cant or dont want to learn to say ay-sha, so lily it is

• by age ten she knows her family’s story a lot. her mother is half pakistani (punjab, she thinks, but some details are fuzzy) and half turkish, moved to england in 1951 shortly after india and pakistan split.

• dad learnt turkish for her mother, they say, and lily always liked the language, but her favorite is the way urdu rolls off her tongue

• tuney (mariam petunia) has a hard time with the languages though, she tries really hard but the words dont always sound right when she says them

• she and her sister dont look very much alike at all, petunia looks a lot like dad with blonde hair and a small english nose, but tuney’s skin gets really dark in the summer and she never ever burns, and she has their mama’s long, elegant fingers

• lily looks a lot more like mama, darker skin and kind of rounder nose. she’s short like mama too, has thicker and coarser hair than petunia, but their hands and chins are absolutely identical

• its hard to go to the store with just her sister and her dad, the other people always look at her like she’s the odd one out and the clerks always ask if she’s petunia’s friend from school

• the languages have always been harder for tuney, the prayers too, but they both learn really young how to make chawal kofta and the flat, oven baked bread with mama. Petunia was always better at cooking than lily, but lily still treasured the times with mama making kofte and paratha and whatever else they wanted for dinner

• when she goes to hogwarts, the tables are filled with shepherds pie and everyone’s favorite english foods, but she’s never been able to freely eat meaty english food before in case its not halal, so she has to settle for the vegetable options (which are still lovely and delicious of course)

• professor mcgonagall is the first to notice little first year lily evans isnt eating much at meals, and assures her matter-of-factly that they make accommodations at meals. professor mcgonagall becomes a fast favorite of lily’s

• lily loves her new housemates to bits, but something makes her a bit uncomfortable when little blonde emmaline vance asks “what are you” during their third evening together

• “dad’s british, mama’s pakistani and turkish” she says hesitantly, though what she wants to say is “i’m a person”

• she loves hogwarts, really she does, but she’s also kind of uncomfortable because people are always asking what she is or where she’s from, what muggles are like, and she just wants to curl up under mama’s shawls and eat desserts because she knows there’s not gelatin in them

• “i’m british” she says exasperatedly one day in third year when some boy asks her what she is for the twelfth time that year

• lily’s always been close to her culture, she loves the smell of mama’s mendhi and the cabbages pickling in the pantry, misses speaking turkish with her parents, practicing her writing after school

• petunia’s never been like that, maybe it’s because she’s the firstborn or maybe because no one believes she’s mama’s daughter, but in the summer before lily’s 7th year she brings home a man who wrinkles his nose at the keema aloo they’re having for dinner, and lily just wants to scream at him for his obvious disdain and disrespect but petunia doesn’t want her around anymore, so she eats her meal but doesn’t taste it, and escapes to her room as quickly as she can get away

• she’s back at school, irritated at the world, and the first ravenclaw who calls her features “exotic” and “different” gets punched straight in the nose and earns her a detention on her first week as head girl

• the nib of her quill breaks one day in charms, and she mutters a barrage of turkish and urdu swears, and she doesnt notice james potter look up at her from across the aisle

• he approaches her that evening, “were you swearing in hindi earlier in charms?”

• “urdu, actually,” she says, surprised. “i thought you spoke tamil”

• “i know a couple hindi words” he shrugs. “mostly the swears”

• “typical,” she rolls her eyes and walks away

• she realizes later in bed that james potter has never once asked her what she “is”

• she volunteers the information herself, next time they’re on heads patrol. “mama’s pakistani and turkish. my grandfather’s from west punjab.”

• “i always wondered” he replies easily.

• “why didnt you ask?”

• “because i know what cultural insensitivity feels like”

• a week later remus approaches her. “so. lil-ay” he says casually. “you got a favorite food?”

• she smirks. “you ever heard of lahana turşusu? Or aloo ki bugia? Baklava?”

• remus grins in reply. “no, but i can pass the message along.”

• that evening, sprinkled among the mincemeat pies and hearty stews, lily finds pickled cabbage and half circle potatoes, baklava for dessert, and she shoots a grin at james potter who sits down the row. he pushes his glasses up his nose, returns a shy smile in return, and helps himself to a heaping plate of aloo ki bugia. she asks him later how he did it; he introduces her to the house elves in return.

• james and lily swap travel stories on their next patrol. James talks excitedly about his summers on the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, of curry and spices and how the english can’t seem to be bothered to flavor their food. In return, she tells him about the palaces and museums of Lahore, how she loves the sounds of the call to prayer, the hurried bustle of the streets of Istanbul, and agrees fiercely about the English fear of flavor.

• “my real name’s janardhan” he says quietly one day. “nobody can say it though, so i go by james.”

• “my first name is ayşa” she replies. “it means ‘she who lives.’ mine’s spelled the turkish way, so no one wants to learn to pronounce it. so i go by my middle name, lily.”

• its nice, she thinks, having a friend who understands. it’s different of course; she’s never been denied help or been given lesser treatment by Slughorn, she’s never been outright bullied or hated for her skin color, but he’s never been asked what kind of asian he is or dealt with the odd misbalance of not quite belonging in a category. They both know how it feels to see their mother hated for her skin color, her clothing, her religion, her culture; and she finds it comforting to know that next time john davies calls her exotic, james potter will be near to hex him for her.

so i marathoned the star wars today and yesterday. how did i have time, you ask. well apparently two eight hour shifts is basically about the same amount of time as all seven star wars episodes watched back to back

anyway i was thinking about obi-wan kenobi

(i was thinking about more individuals than obi-wan but let’s just go with obi-wan right now)

i’ve seen so many different metas about obi-wan: oh he’s definitely heart and soul with the jedi, he definitely didn’t know about anakin and padme because if he did he would have told the counsel because he’s just that lawful

but like in phantom menace obi-wan literally defied the counsel–to yoda’s face! And what does yoda say? Oh he says something like, Qui-Gon’s defiance, I sense in you!

like no shit! Obi-Wan is the rebel who goes under the radar. He is defiant, but strategically so in a way that most do not notice–except perhaps, when he makes a bold move, such as defying the counsel’s direct orders.

But he pushed back against Qui-Gon too in Phantom Menace. Like those two were never on the same page until Qui-Gon died and then. Well, and then.

And let’s not forget Obi-Wan’s love affair with Satine. Oh my. Just. Oh. My. I know that some don’t consider TCW canon but to that I say … okay … and then circle back around to Phantom Menace. 

“Qui-Gon’s defiance, I sense in you!”

It’s just that as Obi-Wan aged, he learned to temper that defiance with deception. 

 One of the droids in TCW remarked on Obi-Wan’s deceptive tactics and like

Obi-Wan is a liar. He is a deceiver. This is my favorite interpretation of Obi-Wan and you will need to drag it out of my cold dead hands.

Obi-Wan lies–not just to others, but to himself. That’s why people are so good at thinking that Obi-Wan is an exemplary jedi knight and jedi master, but he’s not! Not really!

He struggles with attachment! He is able to leave Anakin in agony on Mustafar because of this delightful trojan horse he built for himself where he can hide away all those pesky lies and deceptions in its belly.


i love him

The babes… (⌒▽⌒)☆ You are an anon after my own trash heart <3 Thank you!



“Come on babe. If you don’t want to exchange numbers, then at least take my number.” The man’s voice came from very close behind you even though at this point you were leaning very well forward, already on the edge of your seat.

You had come to watch Midorima play a basketball game against a rival school but as soon as you had found a seat, a very annoyingly persistent young man began to hound for your attention. He had been relentless from the beginning and although it was just passed half-time, you seriously consider just leaving.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend so no matter how many times you ask I absolutely will not give you my number. So would you please stop bothering me?”

No. No he did not. You tried to ignore him but could hardly focus on the game, much less Midorima. Finally, the man grabbed your shoulder and despite you kindly asking him to remove it, he refused. His grip grew tighter as you struggled and you actually started to worry for yourself.

Then suddenly, like some heaven-sent miracle, a basket ball came flying from the court and hit the man right in the face. The man releases you to hold his own nose, possibly broken, definitely bleeding. You turn around to find your boyfriend already headed for the other side of the court.

“Did you see that?” The woman in front of you asked her friend. “That guy, isn’t he one of those members of the Generation of Miracles? I’ve never seen him miss before…”

“He is. His name is Midorima Shintarou,” you say proudly, “And he never misses.”


“Just let me have one? I’m sure your boyfriend won’t mind.” The guy leaned across again, reaching for the bag of snacks in your lap. You smacked his hand away.

“Trust me, he will mind.” You scoot as far as you can in your seat to the right, trying to get away from the boy to your left who had been asking for the snacks you had brought for Murasaki. You almost gave in a few times but decided to wait out the game and quickly leave.

“I’m starving over here, don’t be like that.” This time you ignored him. When you heard the bag rustling you pulled it away quickly but unfortunately his hand ended up resting on your thigh. He smirked and you froze in your seat.

“___-chin.” You hear the sweet sound of your boyfriend’s voice and no sooner do you hear it that the guy removes his hand. You turn as see him towering over you even though he’s down on the court.

“Muro-chan!” He reaches out to you and you assume he wants the bag of snacks. You hold out the bag but instead he grabs your arm and pulls you forward. Before you know it he has you by the waist and is hauling you over the railings.

“M-Mura-chan!” you exclaim as he sets you down on the court. You frantically look around as the two of you now have the attention of half the spectators. “I shouldn’t be down here.”

“It’s fine. It was Masako who told me to come get you. She said you can sit with her for the rest of the match.” He reaches out to you again, this time taking your hand in his and raising it high. Then he turns to glare at the guy you were sitting by. “Oy, you! This girl is mine. If you ever bother her again, I’ll crush you.”

“Y/n”. You turned around as your boyfriend, Jimin called your name. You were watching your favorite show that always caught your attention, and whenever you get interrupted you get mad. “Jimin, how many times have I told you! Not when I’m watching TV!”. Jimin playful loosened up his tie when you looked at him and when he looked into your eyes he bit his lip. But even if your boyfriend was making such a scene you couldn’t take you eyes off of the TV, even though you could feel some excitement bubbling inside of you. Almost as in slow motion Jimin made his way behind you, his fingers gently dancing on your skin. And as you jumped at the sudden contact Jimin let a chuckle escape his lips. “Y/n~ play with me~” He whispered close to your ear. “Not now Jimin, my favorite scene comes now!” You said and breathed out the excitement that you had. “My favorite scene comes now too~” Jimin’s hot breath got in contact with your neck. He bit your ear gently and gave your ass a little squeeze. “J-Jimin..” A quiet moan made it’s way out of your lips and you could feel how he was smiling. Jimin’s hand made it’s way to your bra and he quickly threw it across the room. “Don’t need that shit.” He chuckled and got on top of you like a sneaky fox. Jimin leaned close to your face and looked at how you were biting your lip until traces of blood could be tasted. “Baby how wet are you~” He started grinding on you, which you were very sensitive about but still found it enjoyable as long as it was Jimin and nobody else. “I’m so fucking wet” You moaned out, you always knew how it turned him on when you cursed for some reason. “Little baby, who’s your daddy” He started to rip off your shirt and oh, how you couldn’t hold it in anymore. “P-Park Jimin” Your hands roamed around his back, leaving a few scratches here and there maybe but Jimin didn’t care. Instead of ‘scratches’ he would call them 'love marks’ for yet another reason that you didn’t know why. “Say it again, louder this time” Jimin started to leave marks on your stomach which left this wet feeling behind. “Park Jimin!” You shouted as he maybe took a little too much of your stomach.

Suddenly the tone when you get a call was heard and you both stopped what you were doing. Jimin sat on your stomach, answering the call. “Hello?” He said and looked at you, a hot mess right in front of him. “Yes is this Park Jimin?” The caller’s voice could be heard, you were all focused on what he was going to say until Jimin started to grind on you again but slowly as if the world was going in a slow motion movie. He saw that you were about to let something escape your lips but before you let anything out he quickly put a hand over your mouth, making you leave a muffled moan. “Yes that’s me” Jimin’s eyes were still on you as he answered this guy on the phone. His hand was still over your mouth as he put the phone on speaker so that he could get some of his work done. “Ah, I have been searching for you!”. Jimin was grabbing your ass and you were moving your fingers around his back. “Oh, you must be the guy that was looking for an interview with me” Jimin said and mouthed 'I’m gonna eat you up’.

alright but hear me out


john and dave sometimes get in little arguments over dumb things, like who didn’t do the dishes even though it was their turn or who forgot to buy casey food even though they were right near a pet store

and john is the type who ignores whoever he’s angry at, so he just sits on the sofa watching a movie with his arms crosses and this pissy look on his face

alright stay with me here

so dave hates when he does this because dammit he needs his egbert lovin’, so he plays the song mardy bum by arctic monkeys on repeat and circles the sofa while singing it at the top of his lungs until john has to pay attention to him to tell him to shut up because “dave, how many times have i told you i don’t like the arctic monkeys?!”

and dave tells john he won’t stop until they make up so john relents and kisses dave but immediately goes back to being pissy because dave teases him about his height (he’s like five feet tall and dave is like six feet tall) and the cycle restarts until they finally kiss and make up and dave lets john watch one of his shitty movies because he feels bad

i might have to write this

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Ereri, 69 please!



“Eren,” Levi hissed quietly, leaning through the window to poke his friend in the ribs. Eren startled and jerked up, blinking rapidly.

“Wha-? Levi?”

“How many times have I told you to lock your window,” Levi muttered, climbing in the rest of the way. “I could’ve been anyone.”

Eren groaned and rubbed at his eyes, yawing hugely as he fought to slow the pounding in his ribcage. “I’m pretty sure the only one that can scale a two story building is you Levi.”

“Mikasa can also –”

“Okay, okay, so you and Mikasa can do it,” Eren retorted, and Levi watched as he waved in the direction of the light switch, “but who the hell else would even attempt – why the hell are you bleeding!?”

Under the brightness of Eren’s ceiling light, Levi supposed he must have looked quite gruesome, judging by the amount of blood coating the rag he’s been holding to his head. He sighed. “Some asshole tried to mug me.”

Eren was next to him a second later, holding his face carefully. “Oh my god, are you okay?”

“Yeah, he didn’t get away with anything,” Levi replied, flushing slightly at the attention Eren was giving him, “unless you count a broken wrist as a thing.”

“Do you want me to go get my dad?” Eren asked, already halfway to the door before Levi could say anything.

“No, it’s fine, I was just hoping I could change my clothes here. You know how my foster family is.”

Eren gave him a sympathetic look. “Yeah, sure, go ahead and pick something. Also, don’t worry about waking my dad, he should still be up – he only got home an hour ago.”

“Eren, really, it’s fine.”

“Please don’t argue with me,” his friend said, shoothing him a look filled with so much concern it made Levi flush all over again.

“Okay, okay,” Levi said with a grumble, pulling the bloody rag away from his head with a wince. Eren frowned at that and opened the door.

“Go get dressed. I’ll be right back with dad.”

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Hey do you think marvel could have done a better job with Iron Fist? (Bc of what you just reblogged) Many people have told me to not complain bc Iron Fist has always been white and that is the way it is in the comics, I think those people will regret their words seeing how relatively bad the show is doing rn on netflix, will you watch it anytime soon?

Honestly I probably won’t watch it any time soon. There’s just nothing new about it that interests me tbh - plus I haven’t heard great things about the story/writing in general.

But I do get people saying the comic book character was white so they didn’t technically “whitewash” the character but I know I’m personally just sick of this story where the “savior/chosen one” of martial arts is an unassuming white guy. This is one area where I think they really could have improved the source material with a good casting choice but they unfortunately didn’t take that road.



Teacher!Arthur Student!Alfred

“Late again Jones?” Arthur said as he glared at the senior football player standing at the door. With a deep sigh he placed the text book down on his wooden desk and folded his arms across his chest. “How many times have I told you to not be late to my class?” He was getting tired of the young brat thinking he could do whatever he wanted.

“Come on Artie,” Alfred whined as he walked over to Arthur’s desk and placed his finished homework assignment on the table hoping it would ease his anger. “I won’t do it again.” Alfred smiled sheepishly knowing it was a lie but liked pissing off Arthur anyways, just knowing he was getting under his skin and filling his thoughts made him happy.

Rubbing his temple as he watched Alfred walk to his seat Arthur looked around the class as the other students laughed with him thinking he was going to get away with it again, but Arthur had had enough. “You think that’s funny? Well you have detention with me this afternoon as well as a pop quiz today.”

Alfred shrank back in his seat as the other students groaned and glared at him for causing their teacher to become angry. The whole class they took the quiz with protest but Arthur wasn’t having any of it, even if it made more work for himself to do.

Once the bell rang Arthur let out a deep breath he hadn’t realized he was holding and sat as his desk, watching the papers stack up as the students left. He looked up seeing someone standing there and saw it was Alfred. Looking up at the clock Arthur saw it was time for lunch and was confused as to why Alfred was still here.

“Yes Mr. Jones? How can I help you? If it’s about your detention I can promise you you’re not getting out of it,” he scolded as he took his glasses off of his face and placed them on the desk. “You’ll have to miss your American Football practice.”

A light chuckle slipped out of Alfred’s lips as he shook his head. “Oh don’t worry Mr. Kirkland,” he said with a smirk. “I wouldn’t want to miss spending time with you.” With that Alfred left the room to find food to eat leaving a very flustered Arthur behind him.

I gotta say I’ve got a theory for Stiles’ feelings for Lydia and why/how he’s dating Malia while he still has feelings for her.

 I like to call it my “Pacey Witter” theory.

I don’t know how many of you had watched Dawson’s Creek,  but one of my favorite characters of all time (Pacey Witter), who happens to be half of one of my top OTPs of all time is from the show (Pacey/Joey)…and (spoiler alert?) he said something to her that has got to be one of my favorite quotes of the show

(a lot of favorites there, huh?):

You’re off the hook. I’ve never had much faith in that whole “if you love someone, set them free” crap, as evidenced by everything I’ve done in my life up until this very moment, but I am determined to be happy, Joey, happy in this life. And I love you. I have always, always loved you, but our timing has just never been right. And the way I figure it, time is no man’s friend. Well, I have to get right with that and be happy now. Because this is it, this is all we got. 


Because I also want for you to be happy. So I want you to be with someone, whether it be Dawson or New York guy or some man you haven’t even met yet, but I want you to be with someone who can be a part of the life that you want for yourself. I want you to be with someone who makes you feel the way I feel when I’m with you. So, I guess the point of this long run-on sentence that’s been the last 10 years of our lives is that the simple act of being in love with you is enough for me. So you’re off the hook.

And that’s the concept of what I think that happened with Stiles and Lydia. 

Dylan o’Brien himself said something that reminds me of Pacey’s speech:

Lydia is always a part of Stiles(…) He will always love Lydia, she’s like, his love. She’s so dear to him. I think he’s the kind of person who would, you know, just hold on to that (…) It means that even if he does move on because of whatever the situation is… she just never reciprocates, he will always love her, it doesn’t matter. No matter what. And care for her in that way. (x)

At some point, Stiles  just “realized”(or, actually, believed) that Lydia doesn’t feel anything for him, not like what he felt for her. And that she probably would  would never reciprocate his feelings. And while his younger self thought a 10 year plan would “make her fall in love with him”, his older self now see life differently. He sees Lydia differently too. He still loves her (more maturely and beautifully now even) But he can’t keep waiting for that to happen if she doesn’t even want it, It wouldn’t make any sense. It would make him unhappy, it would make Lydia uncomfortable and unhappy, it would ruin their friendship.

So Stiles is moving on because he needs to be happy, you know? And he also wants Lydia to be happy. Whatever it is that happened on 3A, he knows that she went back to Aiden right after. He barely knows what Lydia went through on 3B (and she was still with Aiden too). So, to him, she didn’t chose him. To us, even. From the things we’ve seen, we know she must have feelings for him. But she never said anything.And it’s not the same for Stiles, he didn’t witness everything, Lydia didn’t make any moves. 

To him, Lydia didn’t chose him and that’s that.

And that’s okay.

That’s freaking okay because he’s not the kind of guy who is going to chase after the girl saying she’s picking all the wrong guys because he is the right one.

He’s not the kind of guy who is going to whine and mope wondering why she can’t see  “he’s the good guy”.

He’s the kind of guy who saw her choices and respected them

He’s the kind of guy that knows he’ll always love her and he knows that the simple act of loving her (without being loved back) is enough.

We just need to wait for the moment when he realizes he’s got it all wrong. And that Lydia might reciprocate everything he never thought she would

“I’d rather spend my evening
Talking to Chloe on Twitter
Than having you come over
So it’ll be like old times
But I know that you don’t give a fuck
Cause you’re knee deep in your iPhone

But Now that you saw my tweets
You know that I’m home
Buried in my cell phone
Tryna’ get a hold of someone new
Instead of hanging out with you
And your high school stories

But you sure know how to get right to me
With all those Facebook statuses
About relationships and such
Poor grammar is a must
But I trust that you can do it

But I couldn’t give a fuck
Whether you give a fuck or not
Rip my eye sockets out
Make me regret ever going out
But I know I’ll make it out of here alive
As long as I don’t watch your life
Unfold before my very eyes
You told this high school story
One too many times for me
You know I’d rather

I’d rather spend my evening
Talking to Chloe on Twitter
Than having to look you right in your eyes”

How I interpretted this scene...

Ahsoka: Ezra, don’t touch it.

Ezra: I just want to touch it.

Ahsoka: Ezra, I told you not to.

Ezra: I’m gonna touch it.

Ahsoka: Ezra don’t!

Ezra: I’m touching it.

Ahsoka: Look what you did! Now it’s broken! Now I have to pay for this. Damnit Ezra. Why don’t you listen?!

Kanan: Wouldn’t we all like to know.

Richonne Appreciation Week

Day 2 Fav Episode Season 4 Claimed  (This was a difficult choice because there are so many awesome TWD episodes)

The kitchen scene was enthralling as Michonne had just been with Carl and now she was checking in with Rick so to speak.  I don’t have to rehash all that was said because I know you all know, but this was another defining moment for them.

Michonne trying to cheer Carl up was priceless and showed just how much she cared about him.

When Carl told Michonne that Judith and Andre were in heaven together that just did something to me.  How sweet is this child?  This brings the water works each and every time I watch it.

When Rick paused to actually listen to what Joe and company were planning for Michonne when she got back, well, I knew then “oh ish.”

The family got away from the bad men and thought they were heading for something new and promising.  What I loved is that Rick and Michonne were once again making decisions together. *SIGH*

Well, there you have it.  Claimed and why it is one of my fave episodes of TWD.  I never get tired of watching this.  Heck, I never get tired of watching any of them except I will never watch Season 5 eps 5x12 - 5x15 again.  You know why! 

I think there’s so many times when girls and young women are told, “It’s just not gonna work out.” And if I could give anyone advice, it would be this idea that the doing it or not doing it is up to you. And you have to run around and exploit all the resources around you. Pick people’s brains, bring them lunch, buy them coffee – and just get in there to see how people who are doing what you want to do are doing it. Learn by watching and osmosis. There’s so much of life that is being book smart, but there’s a big chunk that’s just understanding how stuff works.

I think women are often talked out of things. I remember when I had just had my twins, I had four kids under four years old. And the tsunami happened in 2004. I got a call from someone at CNN, and they said “well, we’re supposed to try to send someone to Thailand, but I know you won’t want to go, because moms don’t want to travel.” And I said to her, “Well, I have four kids under four, so Thailand sounds amazing!” And they sent me to Thailand. But it reminded me that you constantly have to challenge people’s expectations. [The caller] wasn’t trying to be mean, she just had expectations about what a new mom would do and she was foisting those expectations on to me. I said “Listen, here’s what I want to do.” You have to restate it, sometimes firmly, sometimes gently, sometimes with a smile, and just constantly write your path – and try to figure out how to get there. Hitting people up for information, help, guidance, advice, but staying on that path of “here’s what I want to do.” We’re just constantly, as women, talked out of it. “You can’t do this and that” – but you can. You really can. If it’s something you really want to do, you can. And I think that’s a message that a lot of young women need to hear. You have to set the parameters of the experience and the success that you want to have.

i don’t know how many of you are watching this artist meet and greet through the v app. bts was the first group, and i don’t know why, but the mc was… cold (might not be the best word to describe it) to them. namjoon answered in english twice, and she told them to only use korean multiple times afterward. now, i like got7, and this is nothing against them, but she didn’t demand they only speak korean. it seemed very biased, and now i feel bad for bts for having to stand through that uncomfortable situation. i hope they know international fans appreciate their effort to communicate.

“So I’ve been trying to sell this bake sale stuff all day, and this one single dad, I told him if he was a fruit he’d be a ‘fineapple’. I actually said that. To his face. That is how desperate I am to get rid of everything. I am never letting the kids do a healthy eating project ever again, nobody wants to buy fruit cake. Next time we are studying chocolate in its many and varied forms. Everyone loves chocolate cake… anyway, I’m rambling. Are you sure I can’t tempt you with some pineapple upside-down cake? I will not be held responsible for anything that the six year olds have smuggled into it though, watch out for small toys, sequins, stickers, that kind of thing.”

“All neat freaks are named Felix”

Okay but… RvB Felix beinga neat freak?

“Locus how many times do I have to tell you to put away your dishes when you’re done eating?”

“You got my gun dirty, Locus!

“Stop tramping blood into my nice clean ship, Locus!”

“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, dead bodies go out the airlock when we’re done with them! You don’t just leave them on the floor for people to trip on!”