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Wine and Dine and Apple Sauce

Summary: The reader and the Winchesters are taking on a coven of witches when the reader ends up under the influences of a spell.  Gabriel, who has developed a crush on the reader, is left behind to care for her.

Pairings/Characters: Gabriel x Reader; Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count:3121

Warnings: some cursing (language), some cursing (spell work), reader ends up an infant, mostly just fluff

A/N: This is for 2 challenges!  It’s my entry for this week’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge being hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (”Are we completely sure that’s how it’s supposed to look”) and for @klaineaholic‘s 400 followers challenge (”My power means nothing to an infant”)!  Both of the prompts are in bold in the text!  I added tags about a ten hours after I posted the fic in the first place.  Sorry for anyone who’s already seen it and just got a notification. :)

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sierraseas  asked:

US/UF/SF Skele bro reaction. They haven't heard from SO in X amount of days. They don't answer the phone, social media, the door nothing. When they do find SO they're in their room just laying in bed. They don't speak or react to anything. When skele is done talking SO slowly scoots over, opens the covers; a spot for them. If skele gets in the bed it's like the spell is broken. SO crys voice a whisper. I'm sorry. Sometimes I get sad. It hasn't been this bad in years. Please don't go. I love you.

I’m sorry this took so long!! 



Blue is worried sick about you and this is one of the few times where he’s actually really angry! He’s not overly clingy, but a phone call just ONCE would be nice so he’s not constantly worried if something happened to you or if you’re mad at him. But when he finds you curled up in your room, all that anger just disappears. He could tell that something’s wrong so when you invite him to your bed, he climbs in and lets you break down. It hurts to see you this way so after you’re done crying, Blue encourages you to get out of bed and go outside with him for some fresh air. The whole time, he motivates you and praises you for being so amazing and that he loves you. 


Stretch understands. He has moments where he doesn’t want to talk to anyone or deal with anything either, but it’d be nice if you would send him a quick text before you disappear so he’s not constantly worried. When he finds you holed up in your bedroom, he knows exactly what to do. You don’t even need to move over or explain yourself, Stretch just climbs on top of you and whispers small praises and compliments in his soothing voice. Of course he falls asleep on you and you’re forced to cuddle with him. 



Red is fucking pissed at you! He’s wrecked with worry when you disappear and isn’t even sure if you’re alive! If he finds you, will you be cold by a riverbed? Or hanging from the ceiling? Or were you finally fed up with him that you just left him without saying anything? Either way, he’s going to kill you when he finds you.  When he does find you though, he’s yelling at you, hurling harsh words that he’s going to regret later. He was just about to leave and let you suffer through whatever shit you’re going through by yourself, until you move over and invite him to lay down next to you. Red reluctantly joins you, only because he still loves you, and when you break down and cry into his shirt, all that anger disappears as he wraps his arms around you and holds you until you feel better.


Like Red, Fell is fucking pissed and plays the ol’ ignoring game. If you’re ignoring his texts and calls, he’s ignoring you too. A part of him worries that you might be dead, but he believes that you’re strong enough to survive….are you? Finally, he just says “fuck it” and decides to just confront you for treating the Great and Terrible Papyrus this way and when he finds you curled up in your room, he gives you a piece of his mind. He doesn’t even take your offer to climb into bed with you because are you serious right now? He leaves your house and slams the door behind him. But as he stood on your porch, all he could think about was your heartbroken expression when he rejected him and the guilt builds up until he goes back inside and holds up, apologizing for being such an asshole. But don’t think you’re getting off easy, he’s still mad that you didn’t return his calls or texts, but for now, cry into his shoulder if you want. 



Black takes your disappearance as a sign that you broke up with him and he tears the entire town looking for you so he could yell at you for daring to break up with him. Him! Hasn’t he been a good boyfriend? Given you everything that you’ve ever wanted? Black feels so betrayed and a little insecure because did you even love him in the first place or were you just using him and laughing at him like everyone else? When he finds you in bed, he actually uses his blue magic to hold you down and throws a cyan bone at you. He doesn’t exactly want to hurt you (kinda sorta) but he’s so angry and you just happen to be there as an outlet. When he notices how sad you are, he takes back the attack and just awkwardly rubs your back and holds your hand. Yeah, maybe he needs to work on his communication too. 


Rus is worried sick out of his mind and constantly calls and texts you in hopes that you would answer. He doesn’t ask for help because if people found out that you disappeared, you might get hurt. When he finds you in your room, he’s just so relieved that you’re alive and okay. He happily joins you when you invite him to lay down with you and of course, he lets you hold him and cry into his shirt. Rus strokes your hair and mutters small “I love yous” and “I’m not going anywhere”. After you finish crying, Rus carries you into the kitchen, where he prepare a nice meal for you. 

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 02

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                   ft Yoongi 

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend 

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

Originally posted by bwipsul

chap 02 : pregnant ! 

present time 

i’m picking the red one” you told the seller who was smiling hugely for you ,you felt happy finally you would be able to come back to Seoul 

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When Packing for Blue Lake: The Sequel

Back by popular demand, an updated packing list for the Blue Lakers of 2015! Session I is only two weeks away, folks!

Do Bring:

  • Anything in the official packing list (now found on Blue Lake Access) that you know you will need. The list they provide covers the general needs of a camper, but there are always some things you could do without (for example, I’ve never needed bug spray so I don’t bring it. You get the idea).
  • A backpack or tote big enough to carry at least a folder
  • Snacks! Basically anything that won’t spoil or melt in a hot cabin. You may love pocky, but trust me, a solid block of biscuit and chocolate is twice as messy and half as good.
  • Stamps/envelopes/paper to send letters with, even if you don’t think you want to send any. Be kind, write your parents!
  • “Drugs” such as ibuprofen, aloe, and mosquito bite care are a good idea (NOTE: do not tell anyone you have these at check-in, you aren’t technically supposed to have them, while they have them at the Health Lodge it is a pain to get them). Dancers also may want to bring band-aids
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and a fan if you can’t handle the heat (Especially in a hotter session)
  • A laundry bag or bag to stash your dirty clothes
  • Flip flops for the shower!
  • If you live for caffeine, bring some tea bags and a travel mug!
  • A water bottle with a filter
  • If you might have your period, like even the slightest chance, bring supplies

Don’t Bring:

  • Anything the camp would consider illegal or inappropriate 
  • Foods that melt or spoil or smell bad
  • An obnoxious amount of bags. Try to make it so at least half of your stuff fits under your bed or on a shelf.
  • Too many casual clothes. I know some people leave camp on Sunday, and some sessions have the carnival, but you don’t need a ton of clothes. Probably just some clothes to lounge around the unit in are all you need.
  • Hats or other accessories that you know go against the uniform policy
  • An obnoxious amount of tumblr-related or fandom stuff. I frankly just hate people who go overboard  and would like you to limit it (maybe just a few pins on your bag? Like a normal person).
  • Your phone. There’s no signal out there anyways

Sure, you can bring:

  • Makeup
  • Hair straighteners/blow dryers/curlers
  • iPods and kindles (Golden rule: If it can’t connect to the internet without wifi, you can have it in-unit at least)
  • Books
  • Personal art supplies, craft supplies, etc.
  • A fan (In fact, bring it. It can’t hurt)
  • Energy drinks
  • Personal items such as photos, stuffed animals, or jewelry
May my 2017 be as shiny as Yuri and Victor’s engagement rings.
—  Me while crying in the corner because of the feels. 

To get ahead of the pesky anon, Imma say it.

I’m an idiot.

•I thought you couldn’t pee with a tampon in until about 6 months ago.
•I didn’t know ehat a penis was and was confused about how boys could pee standing up.
•I talk to myself
•my expectations are so high for myself that I cry because I couldn’t do something practically impossible.
•I play 34 instruments becaude I have 4 friends
•I Hava e alive gate relationship with memes
•my dyslexia has made me spell certain things wrong so many times my phone no longer autocorrect certain mess ups.
•my sister is so much prettier, and thinner than me.

Please make fun of me, because at least I’ll admit it.

anonymous asked:

okay something is defenitly wrong with my emotions. dad screamed at me yesterday trugh the phone and i didnt give 0 fucks but i cried?? my granny got some kind of cancer and i didnt even cry im still happy asf i smiled i didnt giva shit even tho i know i deeply care about her????? also one time a friend cried for me i was really upset and my mood just....flashed to happy,,its so fucked up. somethings wrong with me i dont know what ;; sorry for my terrible spelling

it’s not fucked up it’s okay. your emotions and how you react can vary. you don’t need to feel bad about it i promise


Imagine being kidnapped by Keacillius.

Here you were. Kidnapped by Keacillius. Pain ran trought your body when you tried to move your legs.
‘Don’t try, Princess. I put a paralyzing spell on you. You can’t move, but everytime you try it.. Well it will hurt. ‘Keacillius said with a devilish smirk on his face.
‘What..what do you want from me?’ you said trying not to scream from the pain.
'Oohoo! From you? Nothing. From your boyfriend? Even more. ’
’ Stephen? No! He.. Don’t! Don’t him! Kill me if it’s necessary but don’t him! ’ you shouted in panic.
’ Well. If he won’t come… I’ll have to kill you. Your screaming is soooo anoying, Princess. ’
“Princess… “you tought” Stephen always call me his Princess… “
'Stop calling me like that! 'you said.
Keacillius opened his mouth to say something but someone prevented him.
’ Y/N!! My Princess! What happend to you!? 'it was him. Stephen came to rescue you!
’ Well, well, well.. Doctor. Finally! ’
'Can you stand up Y/N? 'Stephen.
’ No.. 'you said weakly.
’ Then, please close your eyes. It will be… Shocking.'all trought you didn’t see it, you could hear that something was wrong. But you were to scared to open your eyes. Until you heard Stephen’s voice.
'Shit! Shit. Shiittt! He escaped!'he said 'My Princess.. You can open your eyes now. It’s okay. I’m here. No one can hurt you. No one will. I promise.’
'Stephen… I can’t move… That man.. He said he spelled me or something.. I’m.. Stephen what’s going on?'you asked as you started to cry.
'I will explain you everything but first I need to heal you.'he said and placed a gentle kiss to your lips.

Author’s note:
Sorry for my english, it’s not my first language.

Witching Hour Pt. 3

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Requested: Yasssss

Warnings: Not really. 

Word Count: Actually don’t know

You paced your empty bedroom, the only light coming from the lamp on your desk, as you practiced the spells you were going to use. 

You stood before the mirror on the back of your door, and raised your hand, palm up, and yelled, 

“Lucomangus!” The glass vibrated loudly, but not enough to shatter it. You put your hand down, and took a few deep breaths, before trying again.

“Lucomangus!” You yelled louder, this time. You heard something creak, and you whipped around, muttering a quick spell, that zipped from your fingertips, hitting Isaac square in the chest. 

He stumbled into your room, the window still open, him gasping in pain, struggling to catch his breath. You rush over, and crouch before him. 

“Isaac! What is wrong with you?” You cry, placing your hand on his chest, closing your eyes. Isaac watched as the pain coursed up your arm, making you cringe a bit. 

“I-I wanted to come see you.” He gasped, sitting upright with your help. You chuckled, and hurry to the bathroom to get him a glass of water. He swallows it down, and takes a deep breath. 

“Wish you would have let me know in advance that your house was surrounded by Mountain Ash.” He croaked. You took a seat beside him, and chuckled. 

“Well, the point was for werewolves to never get in.” You explain, lacing your fingers in his. He smiles down at you, and looks away.

“So are you saying i’m not supposed to be here?” He asked slyly. You shook your head, signaling no. 

“Wait, how’d you get through the barrier anyways?” You ask, confused. He shrugs, cracking his knuckles as if to show off. 

“You see? I’m a big-bad-powerful-” You cut him off as you flick your wrist sending him flying into the bookshelf. Confused, he pushes himself up, and looks at you, stunned. 

“What were you saying?” You chuckled. You turned upon hearing your cell phone ring, the familiar tune filling the air as Allison’s name flashed on the screen. You answered immediately. 

“Hey, what’s up?” You ask, looking over your shoulder at Isaac. He was rummaging through a few spell books that had fallen onto the ground. You walked over, and took it from his hands, giving him a “Really? Must you act like a child?” look. 

“We need you - Aghh!- now! You need to get down to the - I swear Stiles! A bat? Hurry!” She yells, before hanging up. You grab your jacket, and pull on your boots, pushing Isaac towards the window. 

“Wait, we’re gonna jump?” He cried, and you rolled your eyes, grabbing a hold of his waist, and squeezing your eyes shut. You muttered a quick spell, and in a flash, you were standing on your front lawn. 

Isaac was hunched over, dry heaving all over the place. You grabbed his hand, and wrapped it tightly around you. 

“I’m gonna need you to hold on one more time, ok?” You explained, as he nodded, wiping away at his face. You did what you had done only moments before, only to find yourself  in the basement of a building you didn’t know. 

Allison was behind you in moments, wrapping you in a hug, before letting you go to lead the way down the hall. 

“We can’t take them on our own.” She said, taking a sharp left, and joining Scott. 

“Wait,” You said, coming to a sudden halt Everyone stopped and turned, looking at you annoyed. 

“What, Y/N? We can’t stay here, it’s-” “Run.” You say, interrupting Scott. Confused, he looks between Isaac, you, and Allison. 

“Go! Run!” You yell, as a crash is heard from behind. Allison and Scott take off running, while Isaac stays close behind. You push him away, but he doesn’t budge. 

“Isaac! Go! You can’t do this!” You cry, looking behind you as the noises get louder. He shakes his head, as he takes a big gulp. 

“And you can? Y/N, i’m staying with you. you understand?” He yells back, as a wall blows out to the right of you. You cover your head as drywall and Spackle fly towards you, Isaac moving on instinct to cover you. 

The Alpha appears, and you can feel the tension as you raise your hands, just enough time to create a force field as they went in for a blow. You struggled under what felt like the weight of the world, Isaac crouched over you still. 

You knew it wouldn’t be much longer before you would run out of energy. You looked over at Isaac, and with a cold look, began making a plan. 

“On three, ok?” You say, as he nods. You slowly lower your hands as you count. 


YASS. Cliffhangers! I hope you guys liked! If you want a part 4, just request! Love you guys! Xx

Witching Hour Pt 1 

Witching Hour Pt 2 


First of all, I spelled blanket wrong and I’m unhappy about that. But other than that, this took a while to do. There’s some mistakes but it’s fiiine. Here’s pewdiecry

True Love’s Kiss

Dean x Reader

Message: Could you do a Dean imagine like Sleeping Beauty? Dean gets a spell on him & his true love has to kiss him? The reader tries a bunch of his ex’s and none of them work, she gets sad & kisses him because she misses him & it’s actually her? Just cute :)

Warning: none

Requested by: anonymous

AN: this may seem a little long. Hopefully this is what you had in mind. I wrote this quickly so it’s rather poor.

Also, I didn’t proofread so I apologize for typos


“So run me over the plan again?” You asked into the phone. 

“She’s a witch, but not the satanic kind.” Dean answered statically over the phone speaker. 

Sam and Dean had called you as you were on your way back from a solo hunt, asking you to meet them in Chattanooga, Tennessee for a case since it was relatively close to yours in Huntsville, Alabama.

“What to you mean ‘not the satanic kind,’ that’s the only kind.” 

"Do you remember a year or two back when Sammy and I had that case where the little boy was making all those toys become real? - Like the handshake shocker?”

“So you’re saying this kid is an Antichrist?”

“Yes! Well it’s weird. She’s not the Antichrist, or a cambion.” Dean sounded excited, “That’s what we think, at least.”

"But I don’t get what this has to do with a witch, Dean.”

“That’s the case, though. Instead of a little boy, it’s a little girl; instead of making toys come to life, she’s making fairy tales come to life.”

“This case right up your alley,” You joked, and Dean chuckled.

“Sammy sent you coordinates, see you there, (Y/N).”

An hour later, you found yourself parking your 56’ Chevy Bel Air beside Dean’s Impala in a mill parking lot. You stepped out of the car and he greeted you with a wave as he sat on the hood.

“Where’s Sammy?” You asked him.

“Well hello to you too, (Y/N).” You punched him in the shoulder. “Sam is trying to talk to the kid, you know he has that connection with children and all.”

“Dean, that’s you.”

“Whatever, let’s just go in.”

You both got your guns and flashlights and cautiously entered the mill, which as basically all blasted away into one big open area; in the center, facing away from you, was a witch. She wasn’t like the others, even from the back. Instead of ratty, knotted hair, she had long, silky black hair. She wasn’t old either, you could tell by her posture and skin; she must be beautiful. And when she turned around, you saw that she was.

“Who are you?” She crossed her arms, her long black dress shifting with her arms.

“You’re the one at gun point, who are you?” Dean asked, walking closer to the woman.

"You can call me Mel. But please, are the firearms really necessary?” With a flick of her wrist Dean’s gun was across the room, twenty feet away. 

You stepped in front of Dean, “Listen, lady. I don’t know what your deal is, but you need to come with us. We’ll put you back where you belong, okay?” 

She glared coldly at you, her fluorescent eyes piercing your own; you could feel Dean reaching into your waistband for your spare gun.

“I belong here. I’m superior. You need to be put back in your place,” She flicked her wrist again and you flew into the nearest wall, head cracking on the hard block.

You reached back and could feel blood running down your neck slowly, you groggily looked at Dean, whom she had magically pinned to the wall a foot off the ground.

Her green eyes glowed and she placed her hand on his cheek and whispered something in his ear; Dean’s eyes widened and then he struggled for a moment before his body went slack and he slumped to the floor.

“No!” You leaned forward on your knees and grabbed your gun, shooting blindly in the direction of the woman. You must’ve made contact because you heard the bitch scream. That was the last thing you heard before you blacked out.


You woke up by someone slamming a brick into the base of your head. You gasped at the pain - no one was hitting you with a brick, you realized. You looked around, you were in the bunker.

You staggered out into the library, Sam was buried in a textbook, looking like he hasn’t slept in days.

“Sam - ”

“Sh, don’t overwork yourself. You’ve been out for twenty - six hours. Major concussion, thirteen stitches on the base of your head. Nasty blow, but I didn’t have to slice any of your hair off to work, so don’t worry.”

You looked around, the older Winchester absent. “Dean … ” You choked. 

Sam looked up at you over his book, “He’s not dead … at least not yet.”

You grabbed his arm, “What happened? The witch?”

“That’s all taken care of, but Dean’s in a coma state. I - I don’t know what to do. I’ve never dealt with a fairy tale witch, just the one from Oz, and I don’t know who this witch was or what she’s capable of or what spell she cast or -” His eyes glazed over, “(Y/N) I have no idea what to do. I don’t think we can save him.”

You slumped into your seat, wanting to cry. 

Hours later you were still reading books on witches and Antichrists when something click. “Sam, Sam!” You screamed at him, as he was in the kitchen, he came running, “Sam we’re so stupid, holy crap we were looking in the wrong place the whole time.” 

You threw the book aside and pulled open your laptop and going to a sight with a masterpost of fairy tales and flipped to the end of the first one you saw, “Sleeping Beauty.” 

“Sam, look, at the end of every story about a princess and a wicked witch, look what breaks the spell.” You pointed to an illustration of a prince leaning down to kiss the cursed princess, “True love’s kiss.”

Sam almost spit out his coffee, “What? (Y/N), you’re joking.” He saw your expression. “You’re not joking, are you. Okay so what do you think we should do?”

“I think we have to do the only thing we can do. We call up his ex’s and see which one was his true love.” 


"Thanks for understanding, Cassie. We’ll send you directions.” You hung up the phone and ran a hand down your face, looking around the motel room, your eyes stopping for a second to rest on Dean. “How are you coming along, Sammy?”

Sam hung up the phone, “Robin is scared out of her mind to even come near us after what happened last year.”

“Robin . . ?”

“Dean was supposed to go to a school dance with her in 95’. Amanda, Dean’s girlfriend from Truman in 97’, doesn’t even remember him. You talked to Cassie, and Lisa doesn’t remember him because her memory was wiped, so she’s going to be hard to get here, unless we get Cas to compel her.”

You both knew that Lisa was your best bet, so you picked a motel close to Battle Creek so it would be more likely that she would show.

The next day, Cassie showed up as you were digging through Dean’s phone for Lisa’s contact. You pressed the ‘talk’ button as Sam explained to her what happened. 


“Hello, is this Ms. Braeden?”

“Yes? Who is this?”

“My name is Cynthia, I’m from ARCO Allegiance, a collection company based out of San Diego. It says here that you were interested in a claim. If that is correct, we would like to set up an appointment at one of our offices.”

“Oh, right, yes.”

“Our nearest office is in Holland, about an hour and forty minutes from the address you gave us for current residence in Battle Creek." 

You saw Cassie lean down and place her lips over Dean’s and your heart clenched. Was is because his eyes didn’t open or simply because you didn’t like her kissing Dean?

"I’m sorry, what?” You missed Lisa’s question.

“When is the appointment?”

“Our closest opening is tomorrow at two if you could make it.”

“Right, yes. Yeah, what’s the address?”

You gave her the address of the motel and hung up.

As Cassie left in a fit of tears, you buried your face in your arms, laying down on the table.

When she was finally out the door, you felt Sam’s hand on your back, “I don’t know what we’re going to do, Sam. If Lisa won’t kiss him - she thinks she’s coming for a collection claim. Sammy, I don’t even know what that is, I’ve spent the last hour stalking her personal life and when she sees the motel - ” You sighed.

Sam rubbed circles on your back, “Just stay calm, okay? Everything is going to be fine,” Though it sounded like he was trying to reassure himself.


When two rolled around, Sam went out to the entrance of the motel and waited for Lisa, you got yourself a cup of coffee and returned  to the chair that you spent the last 48 hours in.

When Sam walked through the door, followed by Lisa, you dropped your mug and coffee went spilling all over the table, “Dammit,” You got a dish rag and soaked up the spill.

“How’d you get her here?” You whispered to Sam.

“I had a bit of help …”

Just then, Cas appeared in the kitchenette, soaked from the rain that was pounding the roof. “Cas, can’t you help him?” 

Cas shook his head, “I have no power against the fairy tale world.” 

Lisa sat down beside Dean and placed her hand on his chest, she leaned forward and kissed him, leaning up slowly, waiting for his reaction; his reaction never came. 

Sobs wracked Lisa’s body as Sam picked her up off the bed and led her and Cas outside, most likely to wipe her memory and send her on her way. “I’m going to grab some food, (Y/N).” Sam acknowledged you gruffly. 

You stumbled over and sat down on the spare bed. Your eyes teared up as you took Dean’s hand, “Dean, I’m so sorry. I - if you can hear me, I’m sorry, this is all my fault. I should have killed the witch. You would be awake and yelling at me for crying,” You sniffled, “I’ll do whatever I can, Dean. I just want my best friend back. I want Saturday night movie marathons and pie and your dumb music blaring in the dumb Impala. Dean. Please wake up. I just want you to wake up.” 

Your thumb stroked his rough knuckles as you shifted over to sit beside him, placing your free hand on the side of his face. “Just wake up, Dean.” A tear slipped down your cheek and landed on his face, you leaned forward and lightly pressed your lips together, his lips tasting like salt from your tears.

You broke away and placed your head on his chest, sobbing, “i’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” You clenched his fingers. 

You felt someone stroke your hair, softly. “Go away, Sam!” You cried, leaning back to wipe your tears.

“(Y/N)?” You whipped your head around to see Dean groggily wiping his eyes, “(Y/N) what happened?" 

"Dean!” You launched yourself at him, tackling him in a hug. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Whoa, why are you crying?”

“Dean you were out for four days. The witch, the Antichrist’s witch cast a spell on you; it was a fairy tale witch. You were out for four days, oh my God it’s all my fault I’m so sorry.” You sat up.

Dean laughed, “I highly doubt it’s your fault. Hey, (Y/N), how did you wake me up, exactly?”

“It was a fairy tale witch, the only way to break a fairy tale curse is to - ” You gasped softly and looked up at him, “Dean, I kissed you.”

“You kissed me?” He leaned closer to you.

“In fairy tales, the prince breaks the princess’s curse by true love’s kiss.” You blushed and looked away.

“I don’t believe in fairy tales. Do you believe in fairy tales, (Y/N)?” He brushed a strand of hair out of your face.

“No.” You awkwardly shifted so you could stand up, but Dean grabbed your wrist.

“But, (Y/N). I believe in true love.” He cupped your chin and wiped the rest of the wetness away from your cheeks, then he leaned forward and connected your lips together. 

Hanbin Oneshot: Haneul 하늘

“Haneul”, Hanbin cried while holding your hand tightly.


His eyes looked so sad and tired. You didn’t know why.


“Why are you crying?”, your voice sounded foreign to your ears. Like it would disappear soon, you knew there was something wrong, everything felt so similiar. The scene felt like you went through it a million times, however you couldn’t remember what came after that.


“I love you, please remember.”


I love you.


The last words were spoken and like they were some kind of spell, everything fell apart slowly. And then you remembered. Your twisted fate which didn’t allow something like love, which would break it in every world, every century. But it was already too late.


“i wi—”


It was may and it was raining.

You stood at the sidewalk and watched the earlier blue spring sky lose Its color and turn completely grey.

The clouds started to cry. They cried heavily and you thought that there must have happened something really bad up there.

The crowded street turned completely empty and it was you left, feeling the raindrops connecting with your warm skin.

People always seemed to run away when there was pain confronting them. Pain of others. They didn’t want to see it. They didn’t care.

You inhaled the sweet scent of the humid trees and instantly felt a smile forming on your lips. At least they couldn’t run away and were there when the sky decided to be sad for a day.

All of a sudden you were pushed into a corner and for a second your mind went blank because it felt like the worst was about to come.

However a gorgeous young man stood in front of you. His hair had a hazelnut color and his eyes were dark brown, sparkling despite the darkness in the corner.

You couldn’t breath.

Maybe you should have run away as fast as you could. Maybe you should have stopped him, pushed him away and never let him touch you the way he did.

However his hands went so gently over your face, his eyes looked innocent and all you could see was love.

Who are you?

The next thing you knew was that he came closer and breathed out in a low voice. His breath prickled on your skin.

“Haneul”, he said before he pressed his lips on yours.

Haneul, I’m not Haneul, you wanted to say. But his touch made you forget everything around you, made you forget how the earth spun and how the world functioned, that gravity was keeping you down or else you would have flew off right into the 7th cloud.

After stealing all the oxygen which was left in your lungs, he pulled away and left you breathless. He smiled.

It was beautiful.

Not only he literally took the air out of your mouth, but words, letters, sentences to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing to a stranger like you. So maybe he made you lose your mind too.

Once again you felt your whole body prickling and the blood rushing through your veins, when you felt his touch on your face.

This time you closed your eyes and took all the energy you had to come to your senses which told you that this was so wrong and finally pushed him away.

He didn’t move an inch. However you could see the hurtful look on his face which was imprinted in his eyes and after hesitating for a moment, he took a step back.

You breathed out.

“What are y—”, you couldn’t even understand what you said; your ears were pounding. Why was it so hard to tell him that you were not his Haneul, his “love”. It was stupid and you knew it. But looking into his eyes cut off every air, word, voice from your mouth.

The only way out was running away, although you wanted to feel his touch again, his lips against yours and his breath caressing your face. You wanted to pull him close and pretend you were that Haneul girl just so he could do that thing again… that thing with his lips pressed against yours.

Before your mind went even more blank, you turned around and ran away, ran away as far as you could, anywhere just running before your heart took over your mind and turned around to feel that person’s touch again.

It was still raining. You were happy because no one could see the tears that streamed down your face, mixing with the raindrops that washed away the pain on your face but not the pain that lingered in your heart, making it ache for some reason. You didn’t even understand why.


It was July when you met him again.

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keith would say hes not at all ticklish and lance would say something like ‘oh really?????? not even if i do THIS ’ and tries to tickle him. keith remains 100% deadpan during this. lance slowly backs the heck out of there. hes crying.

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So um prompt 5 year old Anna and 8 year old Elsa They're aunt is visiting the castle and they're aunt doesn't like little Elsa Elsa's always friendly then the aunt glares at her and huffs then leaves while she loves Anna while she's here Elsa over hears her aunt saying she's strange and there is something wrong with her and more evil things then Elsa goes back and Anna hears her sister crying and sniffing then she cheers her up

Thanks for the prompt nonnie! I know it’s a little late but I hope it’s what you were looking for XD I didn’t edit because I am sleepy so I apologize for any spelling mistakes. I will read it over again tomorrow. Enjoy!

Elsa had never really enjoyed her aunt Sophia’s visits. For one she was never very nice, no matter what Elsa did the woman never smiled at her, and she was always trying to tell her what to do. 

“Sit up straight.”

“Princesses don’t climb trees.”

“Do not laugh at the dinner table, it’s unlady like.”

Mama and papa never told her to stop, but they always said nice things about Elsa to her, and they always gave Elsa extra dessert and kisses if she was polite. It helped that the woman didn’t travel to see her brother and his wife very often.

Elsa had even tried impressing her aunt with her magic. Papa had warned her that aunt Sophia might not like it, but everyone liked watching Elsa play with her magic. The second she let the snowflakes burst from her palm, the woman had made a sound like a cat getting its tail stepped on and told her to stop it. Elsa never used her magic in front of her aunt ever again, even when Anna asked her to.

Nothing was good enough for aunt Sophia when it came to Elsa, but Anna, Anna was her favourite.

Every time she came to Arendelle, she would fawn over her youngest niece, telling her how pretty she was and bringing her the best presents. One time she gave Anna a beautiful hand-painted china doll, and all she brought for Elsa was a new pair of stockings, that didn’t even fit.

Elsa had been mad at first, trying not to cry because she was seven and a half years old now, which meant she was big girl, and big girls didn’t cry when their aunts were mean. But right after, Anna had run over to her big sister, showing her the new doll before grabbing her hand and pulling her to their room so they could play together. She didn’t even say thank you. It had taken all of Elsa’s will power not to stick out her tongue at the woman, Anna still liked her the best.

And then the accident happened.

Elsa had secretly hoped that aunt Sophia wouldn’t want to come back, if she didn’t like Elsa before she was bound to like her even less now. No such luck.

She spent most of her aunt’s trip hiding in her room. Even though it had been a year since Elsa had last seen the miserable woman, Elsa just didn’t think she could handle her aunt’s criticism and the overwhelming guilt that choked her whenever she caught sight of Anna’s white strand of hair. However, Elsa was forced to leave the security of her bedroom when papa told her she was expected to join them for dinner.

Aunt Sophia didn’t respond when Elsa greeted her, – even when she curtseyed like her tutor had taught - instead she simply glaring at Elsa down her long nose. The girl hadn’t really cared, she was just happy her aunt hadn’t yelled at her. 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as Elsa had thought it would be. Elsa sat quietly in her seat at the table and for the most apart everyone left her alone, all content to listen to Anna ramble about her day. Elsa had been thinking about what book she was going to read that night when Anna asked aunt Sophia if she liked her new hair style.

Instantly, the entire atmosphere of the room turned tense and everyone froze. Elsa felt tears prickle behind her eyes and suddenly she didn’t feel well. Elsa had to fight the urge to run away, but she knew it would make her parents upset with her, so instead she hunched her shoulders and began playing with the material of her gloves.

Aunt Sophia was the first to break the silence.

“Agdar, have you given any more thought to the letter I wrote you last month?”

Elsa didn’t see the shadow that slipped over her father’s face at his sister’s question or the way her mother tightened her grip on her cutlery, but Anna did. Goosebumps rose on her arms and she suddenly wish she’d worn something warmer.

Anna looked from her aunt, to her papa, back to her aunt again. What did a letter have to do with her hair? Why did her parents look so angry? And why was Elsa acting like she was in trouble?

“My answer remains the same, Sophia.” His tone was abrupt and left no room for argument.

The woman pursed her lips and she sighed. “Be reasonable, Agdar. I know you think keeping her among normal people is acceptable but I don’t think you have completely thought this through. This is dangerous and when people get wind of what is going on here in the castle, there will be a mob at your gate. No one will accept this, especially if you insist on allowing- ”


Anna jumped when papa slammed his hand on the table. He looked really angry now and mama looked like she did when Anna had fallen off her pony – scared but worse. The screech of chair legs against the floor was the only warning they had before Elsa tore out of the room mumbling something to herself over and over again.

“You forget yourself, Sophia, and I will hear no more of this!” Papa roared.

“Anna honey, go to your room.” Anna blinked at her mother for a few moments before jumping down from her chair and following Elsa out of the room.

Utterly confused and a little frightened by her father’s outburst, Anna made her way to her bedroom, even though it wasn’t even dark out yet. Had she said something wrong?

She was still trying to figure what was going on when she walked past Elsa’s door, but quickly turned around. Maybe Elsa would know.

Anna raised her hand to knock but stopped before her fist could make contact. She could hear something coming from the other side of the wood, and eager to find out what it was, pressed her ear to the keyhole.

It sounded like… crying. Elsa was crying! Anna sprinted to her bedroom.

Elsa pressed her face deeper into her pillow - not caring that she was probably leaving tear and snot stains in the fabric. It hurt, it hurt so much. It felt like someone was squeezing her chest until it hard even to breath.

‘Among normal people.’


‘Mob at the gate.’

Without looking, Elsa knew that her powers were upset too. She could feel the snowflakes in her hair and the blankets beneath her had become stiff.

It wasn’t until an hour later that Elsa calmed enough to sit up, eyes puffy and cheeks coated with frozen tears. Looking around, Elsa sighed heavily at the sight of her frost-covered bed, though she was relieved to see it had stopped snowing. Peeking over the edge of her bed to see if the ice had made it to the carpets Elsa caught sight of something near the bottom of her door.

She was surprised to find it was a piece of paper with her name on it. Picking it up, Elsa realized it was a drawing of a very ugly woman in a cage and two girls – one, a blonde with tears on her face and the other, a frowning redhead – that looked like they might be hugging next to it. Elsa giggled when she realized that the ugly woman was her aunt, recognizing her by the bright red spectacles drawn on her face. At the bottom of the page, in crude writing, was the name, Anna.

The ache in her chest disappeared as Elsa stared down at the drawing and to her surprise, when she turned back around, the room had thawed.

“But you don’t understand Jack,” signed Hiccup. “I mean, you should have seen the look on Merida’s face.” The Ravenclaw shook his head “I can’t explain it but there was definitely something wrong.”

“Sounds like it.” Truth be told, Jack knew exactly what was wrong with Merida. Rapunzel had told him the story of their encounter in the west wing, after Merida had witness Hiccup and Astrid kiss. He didn’t know all the details but what started up as a celebration ended up with the Gryffindor crying and Rapunzel there to comfort her.

“Well,” said Hiccup as he titled his head “I knew something was definitely wrong when she used the oppungno spell on me. The birds came right at me!" 

"Did she get you?” The Slytherin asked

“I think you’re missing the point." 

"So she didn’t?”

Hiccup signed once more “Well, no– but she almost got me. And I did nothing wrong too!”

“Nothing wrong eh?” questioned Jack “Well Hiccup, I can tell you the fact that you being oblivious to a girl’s feelings is a problem.” Said Jack.

“What do you mean?” asked Hiccup.

Jack shrugged “Not really my place to say.”

“Oh come on. You know something don’t you?”

“Hiccup, everybody knows." 

"Except me! ” he exclaimed “Now spit it out.”

Jack shook his “Sorry but no can do. Rapunzel would kill me if I did.”

“So Rapunzel knows? What does Professor North know too?”

“Wouldn’t be surprised if he did.”

“You’re really not going to tell me? Not even if I offered you a week’s supply of Wilfred Whizz-Bangs?”

Jack paused but then shook off the temptation “Afraid not.”

“Well,” Hiccup narrowed his eyes “Thank you for nothing, you useless best friend.”

Hogwarts AU


Starting this week, I got summer school so I wanted uploading before I get loaded with statistics homework and what not. Inspired after watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the 4th time.

Three AM is a good time for intimate details, but a terrible time for formatting. So, I will tell you intimate details, but forgive me for they will not have paragraphs or verses or line breaks. I may spell something wrong or miss a comma, but the idea will be there, I promise. I want to tell you everything. The last time I cried I was in my car in the parking lot of my high school. My friend didn’t get into the college of her dreams (which she deserved more than anyone) and since her world crashed around her, so did mine. The time before that I was in my car in the parking lot of a middle school. I guess I have a thing for crying it public school parking lots. That time it was about a boy. I cried until two of my friends came and got me and we went to a diner and got the shittiest milkshake I’ve ever had, but I felt better drinking it than I did crying in the parking lot. The first time I saw my father cry was during an episode of Little House on the Prairie. I didn’t ask him about it. Ever since then I always check to see if he’s crying during sad movies and TV shows. A lot of the times he is. I watched every episode of Little House on the Prairie in fourth and fifth grade. It was on every night at 8 PM. My sister and I watched, put our pajamas on during commercials, and went to bed at 9 PM when it ended. That was the beginning of my TV addiction. My first crush’s name was Brody. It was in the first grade. I moved away in January and he told me that he would miss me more than a sack of potatoes. When I saw a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream I realized that plays didn’t have to have singing and that realization changed my life. The first play without singing that I was in was also a Midsummer Night’s Dream and I was a fairy. The first play that I finished writing was called The Beach. I was fourteen and I tried to make it an allusion to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. It will never see the light of day as long as I live. I am glad that I have a twin to say as my answer for when people ask me who my best friend is because I have so many people that I love too much to chose one. The first time I got drunk I was sixteen and I drank Smirnoff out of a water bottle in classic high school fashion. My favorite two playwrights are David Lindsay-Abaire and Edward Albee. Once, when I was a freshmen I fucked up a scene from Rabbit Hole so badly that I cried when I got home because I pictured David Lindsay-Abaire watching it and laughing at me. The two things that I fear the most are that I will not be able to find happiness doing what I love and that I won’t ever find someone who fully understands me and loves me anyway. I realize that those are two incredibly selfish fears. Sarcasm is a defense and I have a black belt in it. If I could be anyone when I grow up it would be Seth Meyers. My favorite place to practice monologues and poetry is in my car. If my Abuela calls when I am home alone I don’t pick up, not because I don’t want to talk to her, but because I want to have her voice on the answering machine as many times as possible, just in case. I have never admitted that to anyone. I think it would be incredibly romantic to get drunk on wine and bake cookies with someone. I am not ashamed to admit that I aspired to be Taylor Swift in middle school. Her song called Mary’s Song still makes me nostalgic. Johnny Cash is my guilty pleasure. Anything that he sings with June makes me very sad and I’m not sure why. I have a list of the seven women who I would fuck no questions asked and I think everyone should have something of the sort. I get hickies really easily, but I wear scarves a lot anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes I listen to music on Spotify only to make the people who see what I listen to on Facebook think I have good taste in music. I have read Little Women at least five times and I dressed up as Louisa May Alcott for a project in fifth grade. I was a counselor at a bible camp for 2 years after I stopped going to church only for the community service. I once spent five hours making a replica of the Vanderbilt Mansion in Newport for a school project and it came out like shit. I don’t think that my generation’s affinity with social networking is a bad thing. I hate editing, so I’m not going to read this through when I’m finished. I hate it when people get a book and open to the last page. Any day can be fixed by a baked good on the counter when I get home. The first time I stayed up 24 hours was for Relay for Life in eighth grade and we ran around the track singing Here Comes the Sun as the sun came up. I was in the green reading group in first grade and that was a big deal. My favorite food group is bread and people that don’t eat carbs astound me. I don’t have a good way of ending this and it’s 3:34 AM so I think I’ll just say good night.
—  “Now Tell Me Everything About Yourself. I Want to Hear it All” by Claire Luisa