if i sing you a love song

songs from musicals I associate with the signs

Aries: Wild And Untamed Thing, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Taurus: Money, Cabaret

Gemini: Cell Block Tango, Chicago

Cancer: Dear Theodosia, Hamilton

Leo: Fabulous Baby, Sister Act

Virgo: Non-stop, Hamilton

Libra: A Heart Full Of Love, Les Miserables

Scorpio: Dead Girl Walking, Heathers

Sagittarius: Totally Fucked, Spring Awakening

Capricorn: Don’t You Want Me?, American Psycho

Aquarius: Do You Hear The People Sing?, Les Miserables

Pisces: The Raven, Nevermore

i feel like the pants song is very underappreciated. the symbolism in mr. heere not singing (other than ensemble) or being musically present in the show until he’s going to be present in jeremy’s life????? the strangely well executed demonstration of the relationship between a dad and their child’s best friend and them unifying despite their differences just to help jeremy?? the vague but still very powerful character development mr. heere portrays by simply putting pants on??? george salazar’s silky beautiful voice????? in fact literally everything about george salazar in this song. he is beautiful, the acting is so spot on, even in his singing you can tell that he’s feeling a range of emotions. i just wish we could talk about this song more and not as just a “oh jeremy really fucked up but we love him so let’s go help his ass” song and more of a personal development for mr. heere and michael song

So uhhhh how would you guys feel about me posting the recording I made of myself singing the song I wrote for Michael in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets?

Mates maybe it’s just because I’m sitting here @ 5 am after a shitty night’s sleep listening to the Falsettos cast album and I’m Feeling A Lot Of Strong Emotions but like. Christian Borle has SUCH a nice voice. Like I’m sure this has already been said but. It’s just. So Nice. The dynamics of it are so powerful and boundless (like compare the volumes/timbres of “you can sing a different song” with “LET’S GOOOOOOO” like that VERSATILITY) and the tone of it is so lovely and like he can literally sing a rock ballad or a depressing lullaby and it still WORKS what how why anyway I’m cryign give more love to Christian Borle’s beautiful voice 2k17

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Do you think Paul still cries over John?

I think sometimes he still has some sad moments when he thinks about the past and what happened between them, even if he is not a nostalgic man. Never forget that once he cried while singing Here Today, and that he said:

“At least once a tour, that song just gets me. I’m singing it, and I think I’m OK, and I suddenly realise it’s very emotional, and John was a great mate and a very important man in my life, and I miss him, you know? It happened at the first show, in Gijon: I was doing fine, and I found myself doing a thing I’ve done in soundcheck, just repeating one of the lines: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’ I did that and I thought, ‘That’s nice - that works.’ And then I came to finish the song, to do the last verse, and it was, 'Oh shit - I’ve just totally lost it.’

He also talks about John in present tense and about his death once he said:

“At home, at weekends or whatever, it wells up and I can’t handle it. But most of the time I can just about handle it, you sort of have to get through the day.“

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Do you think Crowley and Dean did actually have a relationship back when Dean was a demon?

Yep. Scroll my #drowley and #the love chevron tag :)

Crowley is much more than his own character but also as I often say the sublimating Dean metaphor. Crowley encompasses everything that Dean denies himself when Human, being selfish, choosing to do what HE wants, his bisexuality, singing anything other than classic rock (I wrote about that in this post because the song choices give me feels ok).

Dean literally just wants to romp around having fun, having sex with *people* with no responsibilities and no agenda… but even Crowley gets sick of this after a while, and he does end up doing ‘good’ e.g. with Anne-Marie’s boyfriend.  Demon Dean is brilliant, I love it, because he doesn’t just go dark or evil, he basically shrugs off the things that are repressing him, he does let down the facade and it’s so interesting…

Anyway, yes, Drowley…

Yeah it’s totally coded for me as not just metaphorical but an actual relationship. I wouldn’t call it a romantic relationship as such as it’s not really romantic as such, but for me it’s definitely a thing.

I mean over and above all the meta side of things purely the fact that Dean shows an annoyed but not actually dismissive or denying face when Crowley says that he rubbed off all over him and that he could shove the bomb up his (arse), that they had a clearly sexual relationship re: triplets etc etc etc - for me this was definitely sexual and some kind of intense relationship even if it wasn’t love.

It’s also very interesting how, given the whole love chevron thing, Drowley has become much more blatant and canon while Destiel also does in the later seasons even though it’s been over for years… it’s a great mirror / parallel to emphasise the Destiel by canonising Drowley and the Cas/Crowley mirrors all at the same time, think 11x23′s referring to canon Drowley then the Dean/Cas stuff, 12x12 Crowley saving Cas FOR DEAN and 12x15′s Dean thanking Crowley for saving Cas while in the SAME CONVERSATION Crowley brings up Drowley again…

As Cain said, losing Crowley he would have mixed feelings about and I think this is very relevant to his relationship with him. It was also paralleled to Cain / Abbadon which was also coded as sexual though not love, so… that’s my pov on it anyway :)

Because of you

i have so much love for “because of you” all their vocals give me the chills LIKE OKAY 

when binnie sings in the first verse my soul is HEALED and then he hits us with the chorus too afterwards and I’m like woah and then MJ comes in like the vocal God he is and i start smiling so wide because Wow MJ’s voice is just- 

AND THEN RAPLINE goes with their slow raps and God i live for their slow SOULFUL raps in their sad songs and jinjin’s so soft and rocky’s so full of emotion I’m howling

then MJ goes and hits his high ish note and his nose scutches up when he sings high and he’s really into it I LOVE IT and moon bin has high notes too and I’m so proud that this album really lets moon bin be appreciated like YES SHOW OF YOUR 7 YEARS OF TRAINING BINNIE GO

then eUNWOO SINGS THE CHORUS and I’m so proud of him as well he’s grown so much since debut and he’s getting more lines :’) and he sings this chorus part and i just MELT he sounds so good ctfyghiby

then the maknae comes in with the bridge and his voice is all controlled and amazing and he furrows his brows and puts his hand to his heart or just chest and he’s so into and OH MJ COMES IN AGAIN and you’re like OH he’s gonna sing a high note like the GOD he is but NO BINNIE’S BELTING AND MJ HAS A SOFT HIGH NOTE AH

and the best part is the last chorus and the vocal line is singing and coming out of their cute little line and MJ straight up NAILING the harmonies OH MY GOD THE HARMONIES and then it just ends and I’m so content

im so happy this ballad is amazing okay sorry 


Schubert - Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D.774

One genre of music that I haven’t gotten much into is that of lieder, art songs that are sometimes published in cycles but not always. I’m most familiar with Mahler’s works for soloist and orchestra, and a few other staples here and there…Schumann’s “Dichterliebe” and Schubert’s “Winterreise” are lovely sets. But I forget about the rich tradition of lieder in classical history, and when you bring up lieder you have to talk about Schubert. I think a lot of people would argue that Schubert was among the greatest song writers in history, and he was a master of writing music that reflected the texts. This favorite of mine, “To Sing on the Water” is a one-off lied based off of a poem by Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg. The poem is from the perspective of a person on a boat reflecting on nature and on existentialism. Very German. Either way, it’s kind of sad to think of Schubert’s life and work, how most of his music was only played by a circle of his friends, and that so many gems were ignored as frivolous. What really keeps this song in my head is how the piano has the repetitive descending motif that is supposed to reflect the shimmering water.

In the midst of the shimmering, mirroring waves
Glides like swans the rocking boat
Ah, on softly shimmering waves of joy
Glides the soul away like the boat.
For from the heavens down on the waves
Dances the evening glow round about the boat.

Above the treetops of the western glade
Beckons to us amiably the ruddy glow;
Under the branches of the eastern glade
Rustle the reeds in the ruddy glow.
Joy of the heavens and peace of the glades
Breathes the soul in the reddening glow.

Ah, with dewy wings
On the rocking waves, time escapes from me
Tomorrow with shimmering wings
Like yesterday and today may time again escape from me,
Until I on towering, radiant wings
Myself escape from changing time.

You Love to Sing (I Put It In a Song) 5.4k

Bressie gets enough liquid courage in him that he tries to kiss Niall after his performance at the Olympics.
Niall pulls away.

It’s here! It’s finally here! I’m so excited to share this with you guys, like SO PUMPED. You have no idea.

 Thank you to @nessielover for being such a good beta and to @nessiefandom for putting on this event. And an extra shout-out to Nessie, for being the in-love-fools that they are.

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Have you noticed that in "All together now" Paul literally sings "E,F,G,H,I,J I love you" as in, J(ohn) I LOVE YOU, cause i have and by this point im not even surprised anymore

Paul once said  “I write songs because it’s easier for me to say the truth I would never say in real life”

and then we have this:

E, F, G, H, I J, I love you


Black, white, green, red

Can I take my friend to bed?

And there’s a lovely fanart about this mclennon reference too

A mememic-bry appreciation post

Bry is a meme expert. I would not know a fifth of the memes I do without her.

Bry has a great sense of humor and is full of wit and sarcasm.

Bry is incredibly kind, looking for beauty in people, places and things.

Bry is highly intelligent and has taught me a lot about linguistics, music theory, and bible history.

Bry is a talented musician. She’s written many beautiful songs and has a lovely singing voice.

Bry has the best tags on tumblr.

Bry has amazing taste in music and media, and has introduced me to a lot of cool stuff I would never have discovered otherwise.

Bry is always there to support and pray for people going through a tough time even when SHE is going through a tough time.

This has been a mememic-bry appreciation post. Please feel free to add more appreciation as you see fit.


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kim donghyun as boyfriend!

kim donghyun as your boyfriend~

Originally posted by hitoritabi

  • nation’s boyfriend kim donghyun Yes
  • teaches you how to play the guitar (if you didn’t know how to already)
  • follows you around the house, serenading you and then laughs when you pretend to be annoyed
  • ends up staring at you a lot with this look on his face and you’re like ‘???????’
  • is fond of saying ‘i love you’
  • literally reminds you he loves you every day
  • texts you 28483712387 heart emojis
  • coffee dates!!
  • holds your face in his hands and just Looks at you before saying ‘you’re so cute’ and kissing your nose
  • leaves you voice messages of him singing
  • makes playlists of songs that remind him of you
  • likes it when you sit between his legs and lay your back against his chest
  • steals kisses
  • video calls you at night if he knows he can’t stay over because of practice
  • “hey beautiful, i miss you”
  • is a sly little shit and ‘forgets’ that you’re in the room when he changes

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I was listening to a bunch of Queen songs on shuffle and I realized that Harry and Louis probably sing 'I Was Born To Love You' to each other constantly


Guitarist/Vocalist from Same Band

Guitarist/Vocalist from Same Band @weird-vicky I hope you like them!!

1. The Vocalist made a love song that they wanted to keep hidden from the Guitarist, but then Guitarist accidentally finds it and the Vocalist goes red because it’s secretly about them

2. The Guitarist is super talented but got kicked out of their last band because of artistic differences, and when Vocalist got kicked out of their band for the same reason, and then they run into each other and make their own band

3. The Vocalist is singing a love song, and the Guitarist is secretly listening to them, and when the song ends the Guitarist jokingly asks who it’s about, the Vocalist stammers over their own words because it’s about the Guitarist

4. The Guitarist writes a love song and shows it to the Vocalist, and the Vocalist adores it and wants to sing it, and the Guitarist is surprised because they thought it sucked, because they are no good with words

5. The Vocalist wants to go for a new sound and the Guitarist provides them a tune and they go to town with jamming out

6. The Vocalist and Guitarist are both extremely shy, but both know that one another is super talented, and they want to talk to one another and when they do, it’s as if everything clicked into place

7. The Vocalist secretly uses the Guitarist as their writing inspiration

8. The Guitarist writes a song for the Vocalist, but in it, is a secret message that only the Vocalist would know

9. The Vocalist and the Guitarist play on stage and everyone can see that they love one another

10. The Vocalist is always humming a tune and one day the Guitarist hears it and harmonizes with it, and that’s how they formed a band, and then years later the Guitarist remembers the tune and makes a song for the Vocalist for their wedding day

this may b rly random but like that song thats called like “thats what makes you beautiful” or w/e by 1D has always really really bothered me bc of the chorus just blatantly bein like “you don’t know youre beautiful/that’s what makes you beautiful” bc its like

oooo yea girl ur total lack of self-confidence and dislike of urself is SO HOT unfff love me a submissive woman xxxx

and ive had to listen to soooo many girls passionately sing along to it like YEA IM THE HIDEOUS GIRL WAITING TO BE VALIDATED BY A MAN BC ONLY THRU A HETEROSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN AM I TRULY MADE BEAUTIFUL IN HIS EYES ALONE somebody SAVE ME from the digusting monster i truly am!!!!!!

and its just uhhhhhhhhhhhhh really fucking shitty


He gave her another lopsided smirk as the printer that sat atop the register loudly spit out a long receipt, “Well your sister’s lucky. Chris is a wicked guitar player. And he cleans up pretty nice.”

Austen nodded, “As long as he knows how to play sappy love songs my sister can sing to while sobbing into the arms of her husband I’m sure she’ll love him.”

He snorted, stapling papers together with one hand while sipping a mug of coffee in the other. He thrust the neatly stacked papers at Austen, “There you go, maid of honor. Chris is all yours.”

“Thanks,” she said taking the papers from him and shoving them deep into her purse. She hiked the strap onto her shoulder and gave a small wave, “Have a nice day.”

“You too.” He leaned on the counter against his elbows, never taking his eyes off her, and watched her jog across the street and disappear inside her car. 

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(and one more time here) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <333 *HUGS* *THROWS CONFETTI* *BRINGS YOU CAKE* *STARTS SINGING A SONG* *MAKES YOU TEA* (there's gotta be tea, of course) *HUGS AGAIN* <333

Hahahahaha, it’s so hot here I’m melting, let’s ignore the tea for ONCE. ;D 

Oh well, I love you, you’re the best! *_* (but you already know that, hehe)

Give me your lil heart for observation
And take mine so you could ensure yours will be fine
See I don’t use logic
I find hearts to be melodic
Like the universe everything about it
Is sonic
Your heart sings a song no one could recreate
Of Joy and Pain
Of Lost and Gains
Do you attempt to sing this here aloud?
Are you proud of your courses?
Surely you must be proud
Your heart sings a tune towards the moon
Of Love
Of Sun rays on the beach on Sunday’s
Oh the harmony
Oh the sweet tea on Ice
Oh the howling at sky
This song is the rhythm in which wind dances
This song is of second chances
Do you attempt to sing this aloud?
Are you proud of your courses?
Surely you must be proud

EXACTLY TWO YEARS SINCE THE THIRD NIGHT OF ONE OF THE MOST MAGICAL WEEKENDS EVER. Traveling from Norway to Cologne and Amsterdam to see you @taylorswift be your amazing self up on stage will always be one of the coolest experiences!

I remember some people staring at me because there I was dressed as a pegacorn, dancing wildly on my own and singing along to every song. But I also remember not caring what anyone else thought, because I was having the absolute BEST time. Thank you, Taylor, for inspiring me to be unapologetically myself. Love you! ❤