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some more color palette meme fills!

Beleg in melon for @whereisbarton, Idril in figues for @ljungeldar and Mithrellas in kiwano for @vefanyar !

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But before he can even take his lighter, she's gliding a finger under the band of his boxers to grab it. Jyn takes her cigarette, resting between her lips, red lipstick tainting it, and brings it to his mouth. "We can share." She lights the cigarette with a smirk, and Cassian's gaze is fixed on her mouth like he could devour it. He doesn't have the time to take a drag, because she's already taking it back for a puff. Jyn brought her mouth just close enough for him to inhale the smoke. "We can."

(part 1)

He’s here! Bokuto’s finally here!! Gahhh, he’s so so perfect you guys!! I can’t even bring myself to open him up yet. I’ve been looking at him the past hour and still can’t believe that I have him. Now we just have to wait for Akaashi to be release in July for the full set!! I can’t wait for him to arrive so Bokuto won’t be lonely! >w

A couple of weeks ago, I figured out why it is that I can’t bring my mouth to let go of the words “Are you okay?” when you need me to. It’s not because I don’t care and not because I don’t want to be here for you, but it’s because this is how I’ve been taught to approach the situation. As far back into my childhood as I can remember, when someone was having a bad day, we stay away from them, give them space–my family isn’t fuzzy and warm, and never had been. So now when people seem to need that space, I give it to them. But I think you don’t always need space. Maybe sometimes you want me to be there next to you. Maybe sometimes you just want a hug. Maybe sometimes you just want me to hold your hand. I’m sorry for all of the times when I wasn’t there to do that. But know that I’m trying to learn how to.
—  My love. 🖤

Chris Wood Appreciation Week - Day 6

Favorite interview/quote

This is not necessarily my favorite, but in an effort to be original this is I feel an underrated short interview with Chris Wood (only 19 000 views) from SDCC 2015 where it is very clear how Chris approaches his acting career. 

Bonus - it is close to 3 minutes of Chris smiling - I dare you try not to smile while watching this!

“That is my favorite part of this business too, that one minute you can be playing a skinny young psychopath who’s murdering his family and the next minute you’re actually a hero.”

“I was ready to fight - I was like I will do whatever it takes.”

Also talking about his Teen Choice nomination for Favorite Villain in the beginning, it is clear that the support and nomination for Mon El in Supergirl must have meant a lot to him.

I am sure we will get to vote for him and Melissa again in July at least for Liplock.

You know what this feels like every single Chrason prompt I’ve ever received and the brief moment of fear I felt is unparalleled.

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Can you help me figure out the difference between 버리세요 and 버리어요? The both seem to mean to throw something away and I just wanted to figure out if I was maybe doing something wrong.

This might be a long answer anon, so bear with me haha^^

In Korean, verbs come at the end of the sentence (it has an SOV sentence order) and these verbs are heavily conjugated. They are conjugated according to tense, mood, speech level, honorifics, but not gender or number (there is no difference between we eat and he eats for instance).

버리다 means “to throw away”, and it also can be used following other verbs to express that the verb was done to completion (잊어버리다 and 잃어버리다 are two examples that are commonly used). In this case, I’m just going with “to throw away”.

To conjugate 버리다 in present tense, we look at the last letter of the stem (to find a stem, drop -다 from the dictionary form). Since it is , we need to add like you said in your ask. However, when and meet in conjugation, they combine into so the correct conjugation is 버려요, not 버리어요.

However, you also have to look at who you’re speaking to and how formal and polite you need to be. In my daily life, I commonly use 해체 (impolite informal) and 해라체 (impolite formal, also used in impersonal writing (among other things)) with close friends, 해요체 (polite informal) with my classmates, teachers, and general strangers, and 하십시오체 (polite formal) when I do presentations, interviews, write emails, or talk to elderly people. I’ll conjugate 버리다 below to each of those levels in declarative present tense so you can see what I’m talking about.

  • 해체: 버려
  • 해라체: 버린다
  • 해요체: 버려요
  • 하십시오체: 버립니다

Now (으)시 is an honorific particle added directly after the verb stem, so you will conjugate it instead of the verb stem. You add -시 after a stem ending in a vowel, and -으시 after a stem ending in a consonant. If this particle is added to an irregular verb stem though, there are few things that will occur (but that is another long post for another day). This honorific particle can be used at any speech level, but it is never used when talking about your own actions. Only use it when talking about the actions of others who you are talking respectfully about. For example: 

친구: 오늘 뭘 배웠니? (Friend: What’d you learn today?)

나: 선생님이 우리에게 불규칙 동사를 활용하는 법을 가르쳐주셨어. (Me: Our teacher taught us how to conjugate irregular verbs.)

In this example, my friend and I were talking informally, but when I talked about my teacher’s actions, I used the honorific (in past tense) to show respect.

-세요, as seen in your ask, is the 해요체 present tense form (-셔요 is also used, but I usually only ever see and hear -세요). But, it is also the imperative form ending for 해요체. Tone and context allows you to determine the intended meaning. If you’re wanting to “command” someone older than you/with more authority/who deserves respect with the 해요체 level, you should use -주세요 instead of just -세요. This makes it a politer “please do this” instead of just “do this”.

So while both 버리세요 and 버려요 mean “throw away”, the former indicates respect for the subject or is a command to “throw away” something. Hopefully this long explanation helped a bit and if you have any other questions, just ask^^

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tunglr is being rlly weird atm so id understand if u didnt get the mention but i drew lucas n elli hgfdh,,, also !! we're mutuals n ur rlly lovely so like,,, if you'd want to, you cld have my discord as well?

AH it may have worked but i probably didnt see the mention,,also yes i would love ur discord considering tumblr isnt working in my dms

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"She thinks she's so high and mighty just cause her kids are all 'naturally conceived'. My kids could be too!" Jack rants one night after a long afternoon of putting up with that bitch's babbling. "One's a three foot tall gremlin, one speaks like Eliza Doolittle, and the other's a jersey shore hooligan in training." Geoff says blankly, "Bright side no stretch marks or diapers." he adds at Jack's glower

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Oh my god, I love this so much. Thank you for sending this.

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somebody @ mcclain-and-kogane screenshotted and reposted one of your klance posts??

!!! Thank you so much for telling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked out their blog and while I am not too happy about it, you can still see my url on it: 

so getting into a potential argument over this simply isn’t worth it for me. I mean, I would absolutely appreciate it if people wouldn’t repost my things, and I definitely thank you for telling me and encourage everyone to keep doing this, but in this specific case I’ll just leave it. I repeat: for me and in this specific case. I really just spent 5 minutes on the post and it was more intended to be a joke than a serious contribution to the fandom, so it’s whatever.

As a general rule though: Don’t Do This. It’s not cool. Why do it when you are literally in front of the post and are able to just click reblog? Your followers will see it anyway and in this case the screenshots almost ruin the proof because the pics I used were slightly pixelated from the beginning :P Other people might have spent minutes or hours on their posts though, so just. Don’t take the credit away from them like this. Because that’s what you do - while the url is still on it, people can’t click it anymore. And especially don’t do this with art. Other people, like artists for example, might already be struggling with gaining an audience for their posts, so it’s not fair to them. And especially don’t crop out the signature or url, don’t even get me started on why that is wrong, that takes any and all credit away from the creator!

Alright, that’s all :D Sorry for the mini rant at the end here. And thank you again, anon, it really means a lot to me that you told me about it <3 I’d mean even more to me if you and anyone else that sees reposts (url cropped out or not) kept notifying the original creators! It’s really reassuring to see that there are people out there that care for giving them the credit they deserve^^

[PS: don’t send the reposter any hate. don’t. do. it. just don’t. thank you <3]

Because I love excel too much...

This chart demonstrates the amount of completed SoonSeok (Red), SoonHoon (Blue), and SoonWoo (Green) fics, by date (measured in months). Not shown is that SoonHoon has the most with 282 fics, SoonWoo with 108, and SoonSeok with 99. *Disclaimer, fics with major character death, poor english, written in 1st or 2nd pov, etc…not included*

As you can see, SoonHoon is easily the most popular that is constantly written. Within the past year there has been a steady uptick in the amount of SoonWoo fics, to the point where in the past half year, it has consistently overtaken the amount of SoonSeok fics except for this past month, and even then SoonSeok only had one more than SoonWoo. The only reason why is due to the SoonSeok fic fest that occurred, otherwise the amount of SoonWoo fics would probably crush the amount of SoonSeok…

Above is chart that takes a closer look at the amount of fics over a weekly basis between SoonSeok and SoonWoo. Again, it is pretty obvious that SoonWoo has, for whatever reason, become a popular ship to write as demonstrated by the large amount as well as more consistent amount of fics that have shown up. In fact, this is how the chart would look like if the SoonSeok fest fics were taken away…and it’s just outright sad.

For further comparison, lets take a look at all major/major side ships.

As you can see in the chart above, SoonSeok ranks the lowest in amount of fics, and that’s against major AND secondary ships. (My definition of major is basically what was big originally and secondary are ships that came around after debut). It’s really sad and its honestly been eating away at me because 1. even if you don’t ship soonseok, there’s no way you can deny the chemistry they have with each other???? its like the same thing with verkwan. there’s clearly a special connection between them, no ifs ands or buts. 2. the fact that soonseok is considered seokmin’s biggest ship almost makes 1000x more sad just cause it basically means people don’t appreciate seokmin…at all. i’ve said this once ive this a thousand times. APPRECIATE THE SUN! I will never understand how people can just overlook him. he is beautiful, talented, funny, amazing, amongst many many other things and it hurts me so much to know that not only is he not appreciated content wise (there’s rarely ever gifs of him and if there is, many times they get ignored), there’s barely any fics for him too. like…why…what did the pure and precious sun ever do to hurt you…i mean look at him??? he is all that is pure and good??

anyways…the whole point of this post is for me to vent and rant about how soonseok and seokmin don’t get enough love BUT at the same time i definitely am not intending to push the ship into your face (which i’m probably doing a terrible job of it…) i guess it kind of just infuriates me that there are so many moments between soonyoung and seokmin that are so…idk how to even put it into words…just…LOVE that you’d think more people would write ab out them?? but no…they write about soonhoon (which quite honestly, does not have that many moments, especially in comparison to soonseok, and even when they do, its not like that same level of chemistry but thats just the bias in me speaking) or now soonwoo (which i get that they’ve been having some frenemy moments lately but i feel like thats how friends usually act with each other? like i tease my friends all the time so…yet again just a brotp although personally for me its become a notp because of all the negative feelings ive been having)

tbh its gotten to the point where i dont want to read any soonhoon or soonwoo (but i kinda have to because my fic rec blog and i cant be biased although i still am sometimes) this probably wouldnt be a problem if there were an equal or more amount of soonseok fics that came out with these but im just so…done. and this problem really only even lies within the international fandom cause i know for a fact that seoksoon is fucking huge in the kfandom and i honestly wish i was fluent in korean just so i could get more content.

i think i’ve reached the point where, even tho i swear i cant write for my life, i kinda wanna start writing just for soonseok. just so that my babies can get some appreciation. so i guess ill end this huge ass rant with a question to yall who even made it this far (bless). do you have any prompts you would like to see? i cant promise that the story will be any good (if i even write it) but i would love to get my “creative” juices flowing (here’s a hint, they’re nonexsistent rip). and again thanks for reading this far!


whats up yall i was tagged by @shrimpdinner (thank u i LOVE being tagged in shit tag me in everything) to do a moodboard strictly from pictures on my camera roll on my phone and… 

this is how mine turned out lmao i am That Person™ who thinks they’re a photographer but also i couldve done a memeboard instead but went for the aesthetic except for the loml jin & the taemin one in the middle i couldnt help myself its just so funny to me

ill go ahead n tag the usual & a few of my new mutuals to get to know yall and ofc like usual u dont need to feel pressured to do it!

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Do you believe in ghosts/have you had any paranormal experiences??

Kinda and yes. I’m kinda iffy about calling them ghosts but I do think that sometimes people’s energies are left behind. As for paranormal experiences, at my old house when I was a kid there was a man who lived in our hallway for some reason. Almost everyone in my family had seen him at least once but I remember very clearly that I woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and there was a silhouette of a man just standing there looking at me. He didn’t move and I remember I couldn’t either but he disappeared after a second and it felt like I could move again. I’m pretty sure that was the only time I saw him but I always felt him around. 

Supergirl S1 vs S2

I finally forced myself to watch the last 3 episodes of season 2 so I could have a full dataset. As before, I counted every word spoken by every character across all episodes in both seasons using downloaded transcripts.

Notably, almost all main characters had a smaller speaking role in season 2 compared to season 1. In fact, Kara spoke 400 fewer words in season 2 despite season 2 having two more episodes than season 1. Similarly, while Kara said 24% of all of the words spoken in season 1, she only said 22% of the words in season 2. 

James saw the biggest decrease in his role: he spoke 1500 fewer words in season 2. Maggie also had a tiny speaking role - both Maggie and James actually spoke fewer words than Lena, even though Lena was just a recurring character. Winn was the only character to have a larger role - speaking 2800 more words in season 2.

Gender analysis and thoughts under the cut

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Callout post @ my mutuals! You’re all awful!

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i love the fact that like… if you wanted to you could throw a chair… stool…. lamp… medium sized houseplant… even a lightweight table…. theres nothing physically stopping you from throwing furniture around, only social constructs and your own cowardice.