if i see this being reblogged with hate

The video

With permission from Andy @softhie​, I’m posting the video of the convo between her and the person who falsely accused me of grooming her on an anonymous blog on friday 11/17/2017. Since this person named me as the co-writer of fic with her and it’s no secret as to who I’ve co-written with in the past, I will name her blogs here:


For context, as soon as the accusation of grooming was out, Andy came forward with screenshots of the conversation because she knew first hand this person was lying.

This conversation happened on june 7th 2017. (see the date at the top of the convo). In the video, this person admits I had no knowledge about her age from day one until the day we parted ways in january.

The conversation happened 4 months after our falling out because I made this post (the day I found out she was 17).  

I’m posting the video because Andy has been accused of faking these screenshots. my accusor, herself denied that the screenshots are real and reblogged an ask disputing the veracity of the convo and saying it happened in 2014 before tumblr messaging, implying Andy was lying. 

(yes she’s talking about herself in the third person and goes by harper now since her accusatory post was “anonymous”), she has now deleted all these blogs.

 I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Since she’s been caught in a lie, AGAIN. That begs the question, if she lied about the convo being real, if she lied about her age, what else has she been lying about?

I hope everyone of her supporters sees this. I hope everyone who still tags me in their hate sees this. I hope that every person who reblogged that horrible post sees this. Most of all I hope that person realizes how damaging her actions have been.

Since I’m a better person than she is, I won’t name her current blog, because I firmly believe she doesn’t need hate, she needs therapy.

Okay but can you guys do me a favor?? Can we all go watch Pixars new movie coco when it comes out?? It’s pretty rare for us to see Mexican Latino and/or Hispanic culture represented in media especially in children’s things such as cartoons or movies. And it seems to really encapture the spirit of dia de los muertos well and do it properly. So please for me and all the other Hispanic kids out there who grew up without representation in the media let’s support the hell out of this movie and make sure we eventually get to a point where kids of all kinds could see themselves in movies and cartoons.



After I took this boy’s picture, I was told by his mom how self conscious he is about his vitiligo that’s developed over the past year. She told me that he hates his lips. He avoids looking at himself in the mirror and can hardly smile in pictures because he can’t bear the thought of his “ugly” lips being preserved in photographs. Can y'all do me a favor and like or reblog this? I wanna show him this post so he can see how poppin he actually is. I want him to realize that his skin is flawless and that his vitiligo is just an additional mark of distinction to the already unique beauty that is Blackness, in all of its various shades.

in this era that we’re in, self-love is crucial and we can’t afford to have our black children facing the world with anything less than overwhelming love and pride in their skin. Instagram.com/themightydexter

That’s his story. You wanna hear mine? Hmm? FP was a mess. He was stealing from the company and selling stuff on the side. All things considered, I was pretty generous. [So generous you didn’t give him a second chance?] Of course I did! You have no idea how many times I bailed that man out of jail. Son … when someone is drowning, you can try to save them.

Help out a beautiful artist! (Not me, don’t panic)

Now, I’m not one to promote, and there are other worthy causes, but trust me when I say @modmad deserves it.

If y'all didn’t know, she writes this sweet comic called The Property Of Hate, as seen above. Feel free to google it, there’s even a whole website for it!

Point being, she’s having a kickstarter (here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1673195448/the-property-of-hate-volume-2) to print this comic, which would not only be a great thing for us folks who read TPOH, but also a new source of income for @modmad.

Still not convinced? That’s okay, but please reblog so other people can see this. The kickstarter ends on November 8th!

This needs to be said

Arguing to raise the minimum wage to a living wage hurts the feelings of wealthy job creators who work very hard.

The 1% has been unfairly treated by the media since Occupy Wall Street.

Consider that rich people get anxiety and depression too?? Like I love how y'all are all “I care about people struggling with mental illness uwu” but then when Warren Buffet talks about income inequality you mock him for being hypocritical?? That makes him feel bad???

Do you know how stressed Goldman Sachs was during the 2008 financial crisis???

Do you know how sad Elon Musk feels when people criticize his business practices?

When you say “I hate capitalism” you’re literally making rich people miserable. You’re blaming them for cronyism the government allows for. You’re blaming them for the actions of the invisible hand. It’s invisible?? Like?? What the fuck are you doing blaming corporations for it??? They can’t see it????

Okay I got that off my chest. Non-CEOs can reblog to support us.

Okay, I’ve just gotta say my piece here. 

When Dean came at Sam with his angry speech about how Sam is using Jack because of what Jack can do, that’s Dean’s own anger and hate(?) towards the kid mixed with his grief being thrown at Sam and how Dean sees the situation.

Does Sam know that Jack can possibly open another rift and maybe get Mary back? Of course. Does that mean Sam doesn’t care about him? No. 

You can see how much Sam cares about Jack in the way he tries to comfort him, in the way he gives Jack a break when he realizes he’s pushing him too hard because he cares about how Jack feels, how he opens up to him about his own past and is emotional and trusting and putting his heart on the table for this kid, how he defends him to literally anyone and tells Jack, as well as Dean, how he relates to the kid, too. 

Sam was literally reading a book about how to parent gifted children, for crying out loud. 

Please don’t say that Dean is right that Sam is just wanting to use the kid and doesn’t care. Dean is hurt and grieving and lashing out; doesn’t make his words true. And don’t forget that just because Sam is burying his own pain and grief deep down by focusing on Jack and trying to stay hopeful that he’s hurting, too.

Please don’t call Sam a liar when he allows himself to open up and be vulnerable to a stranger - he sees himself in Jack, knows in his own way how the kid is feeling, and while yes, again, maybe saving Mom is one of his motives (because you’re allowed to care about saving and/or helping more than one person at a time) that doesn’t mean he doesn’t genuinely want to help Jack and help him to be good. To save him. To fight for him like he has been. Sam believes in him more than anyone right now. 

If you don’t think Sam would die for this kid, then you don’t know his heart, pure and simple <3 

shout out to all muns who write OC’s for having the bravery to put forth their characters and creations for others to see ! all of them have hearts of steel for sticking around and not giving up on their characters, even if sometimes they receive hate or even if they feel like they are being looked over ! thanks to all of you for sticking around no matter what !

Interviewer: “Are you a fan of their (Karamel’s) relationship?” (x)

Me: No. It’s horrible and I hate seeing how Mon El treats Kara. Lena or James or anyone else would treat her better. She deserves so much more than a manipulative, abusive, slave-owning, liar.

Melissa Benoist, an intellectual: “I don’t– You know what, I’m a fan of Kara being happy.”

Me at Melissa: ;-) 

Melissa at Me: ;-) 

I implore you, read this.

Today I saw something that made me sick to my stomach. I saw a post about an anon who was bragging about sending another user hate with the intention to get them to deactivate. It makes me sick that people are like this. I will not disclose who this user is in any way. What do you gain from doing this to them? Why does this kind of stuff bring people joy and satisfaction. It’s sick. 

We are all simblr siblings, irregardless of which game we play, what we create, whether or not we use CC or not, we are all unified by our love for the sims games. It sickens me that people in our community get enjoyment out of hurting others in some fashion. 

No one deserves to get hate in any form, especially from people that are too weak and scared to say these things to your face. Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. I believe in this 100%. You should not value the opinions of hateful people, especially those too scared of coming forward without hiding their identity. I value these people about as much as a dog turd. Maybe even less. And so should you. 

And in the event you get anon hate, do not respond with “I have depression, anxiety, threaten to leave, pull downloads etc.” They will not feel sorry for you, it’s merely ammo to use against you and you’re giving them exactly what they want; a reaction” If someone calls you out privately or publicly, for something you said/did/posted, do not delete the post. It makes you look guilty. And while you may be ashamed of it, own it. Apologize and own it. I can guarantee the chances of having a positive reaction will increase tremendously if you own up to your mistakes. And it gives people less ammo to use against you. They can’t make you feel bad about something you’ve already apologized and owned up to. And honestly, you’ll feel so much better mentally by doing this. There’s a relief in owning up to the things you’ve done. If @cupidjuice can make the comeback of the century, then so can you. All they want from you is a reaction, for you to blow up and feel affected by their words. Don’t give in to this.

I refuse to be part of a community where people are scared of expressing themselves and doing things they enjoy out of fear of getting hate for it. While I can’t stop hateful people from being around, you can change how they react to you and how they treat you. If you don’t give them the reaction they crave, they have no motivation or reason to bother you. Don’t let them bother you. 

If you agree or would like others to see this, please reblog it for me.

I love you all. Be kind and stay safe.


tumblr user @youxidol has been writing imagines and using reposted gifs from a multitude of fandoms. i’ve seen my gifs being reposted twice, as well as the gifs of other users in the mx fandom. after contacting them and asking that they either credit me or take it down, they simply messaged me to contact the people who originally reposted my gifs , thus shifting the blame away from themselves. after further conversation, they agreed to take down the gif when they were off mobile so they could, essentially, replace it with another reposted gif.

here is a screenshot of the conversation and here is a screenshot of the gifs that were reposted, as well as the original posts here and here. as a gifmaker, i take pride in the gifs i post and all i ask is that they aren’t reposted. tumblr has implemented a function that allows you to use the gifs of gifmakers with credit, and the fact that this user has just been stealing gifs (and for a long time too) is just disrespectful to every person who’s put effort into their gifs for others to enjoy. 

Do you guys know what confirmation bias is? If you have preconceived notions of the outcome of something, you’ll only see the evidence that supports your bias and ignore everything else. If you go into Mass Effect Andromeda saying this game is shit, that the animation sucks ass, that, idk, the UI is 2 pixels too high on the screen or some other petty ass shit that I’ve seen, you will see only that and none of the cool and awesome things that have been accomplished.

Is the game going to be perfect? No. But no game ever is, and I doubt you are either. If you really hate it that much, don’t buy it and let the rest of us enjoy it. But if you are willing, please give it the benefit of the doubt. You might be surprised by the good things you might have missed being so focused on the bad.


i got asked by a lovely anon to do a masterlist of character labels – and so that’s just what i’m going to do today !! they will be sorted out by: personality, hobbies, lifestyle and misc. ( there’s a small description of each label ) PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG IF THIS IS HELPFUL

UPDATED: 02/06/17

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I keep seeing these posts pop up with actual likes and reblogs…having a problem with the romamce and pacing? Sure, whatever. That is a personal preference. But bringing up sexuality as a contributing factor, as if it is wrong simply because it heterosexual is HATEFUL. It’s gross behaviour. There are people of many different orientations who use this site, and hating on something for being het is totally wrong and needs to end.

anonymous asked:

Quit with the victim complex. You wrote a ridiculously shitty character bashing fic where you turned the entire GotG into a Tony Defence Squad just so you could hate on every other character to prop up your woobie fave. It was ridiculous so it got ridiculed. And they were nice enough to do it in a separate blog away from your fic or your posts. If you enjoy writing toxic character hate fics, you need to suck it up and deal with the backlash to the toxicity. And no I'm not on that thread.

okay, fucknuts, listen up here, because I’m going to teach you an important lesson on How To Be A Nice Person.

You’re not the first person to come into my inbox and talk shit on anon. you won’t be the last. lucky for me, I don’t do anything extreme when faced with this. but you know what? seeing that a few nights ago, while I was supposed to be enjoying myself on holiday, ended up triggering my depression and general self-doubt in a way Id managed to avoid for weeks. it’s bad, you shithole, it’s fucking bad.

thing is, you don’t know how much it affects someone. you don’t know anything about them. you have no idea how much writing means to me, how important it is to me to keep me happy, and how seriously I could react if faced with something as truly horrible as what I saw. you ever have someone take something you love and put effort into, and then tear it down in front of them? and then add others into the mix so they can do the same?

it sucks, you gormless fucking bellend. it really really sucks. And they’re goddamn fucking lucky that I’m not liable to do anything dangerous because of it.

I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it, or agree with it!!! I don’t give a fucking halfarse if you think it’s out of character or sick or wrong of whatever- I wrote that months and months ago to self indulge bc that’s the whole fucking point of writing. it satisfied me because I was bitter and I love both the gotg/ Tony, so I thought, why the fuck not. you don’t get to police the content on here. you don’t get to decide whether it’s // worthy // or not.

if they didn’t like it, they could have literally just blocked me, walked away. talked about me on messenger to all their other shitty anti friends. that would have been fine. you know why? because people are entitled to their opinions and sometimes people will hate content they see.

but you know what they did instead? They screenshotted it without my consent or permission, posted on to an account specifically built to hate things and then laughed at it with all their followers. they meticulously tore down every piece of it. called me worthless and stupid and every name under the sun. and you know what- they didn’t even have the balls to reblog it directly from me. and you fucking piece of human garbage, you’re telling me that was NICE? nice????????? show me the receipts please bc I ain’t seeing it???

I’m not sure if you know this, but sometimes YOU WILL SEE THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE! Wild, I know! sometimes you will literally hate it with all your being! I know I do!

but you know what I, or any even vaguely decent person would do? I’d MOVE ON. because even if it’s the worst pile of garbage I’ve ever seen, I would never, EVER do what they did to me. Content is content, and they fucking put effort into it. they put time and love into it, and no one deserves to have that turned against them. no one.

(I literally cannot believe you called them nice hold on give me a moment I’m still processing that.)

you’re a scummy little knobhead for doing this. they all are. it’s not funny, it’s not fucking edgy. it was cruel and it was needless and it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me on tumblr. I cried for the first time in months after seeing that, and now I’m scared to put content out. I’m hesitant.

but you are fucking delusional if you think it’s gonna stop me. I have at least ten amazing, great fics in my Google docs, and it’s going to be awesome. I have a passion and it’s never ever going to be something I’m ashamed of. it’s more than you could do, sitting there behind your screen and deciding to try and make other people miserable. I hope you grow up soon. I really do. you’re gonna live a really fucking sad life otherwise.

fucking twat.


Thanks to all the people that love and respect Lance!

I made this post because i’ve seen a lot of comments about how “lance is the most loved in the fandom” and yeah, maybe he is the favorite. But those people don’t see two problems:

1. Fanon =/= Canon: I have to explain this? Many people love Lance, but that doesn’t mean that he has a good treatement in canon. I know that everyone is excited for S3, but as a latina that lived this experience many times, i’m only gonna be excited for Lance in S3 the moment that i see him having a good canon treatement. I can’t forget comments that i’ve seen about Lance coming from the people that made/are in Voltron (for example, lance is dumb, lance is machista, things that made people very uncomfortable -including myself- but most of the fandom ignores)

2. Quality over Quantity: I’m not gonna lie, the “lance stans” are a big part of the fandom. But that doesn’t mean that he’s being treated like a goddam human being by every “lance stan”. I’ve seen many “influential” people that “respect/care” about Lance doing many things that i mentioned above. That means that they’re a bad people? When they get called out and they just ignore/make excuses, yes, fuck them! But sometimes they don’t even see it. Ignorance floats in the Voltron fandom like fucking air. This post is not a “hate post” about them, is a call out for some people that maybe didn’t see how what they been doing is problematic. The fact that posts about lance being latino (just mentioning that he’s latino) are 98% made by latine fans is very…telling. But of course, the “latino” part only comes to the fandoms minds when they’re writing a fic and the character needs to say something sexy in spanish (and 99% doesn’t make any sense) I love being latina, but when i am in a fandom with a latinx character….i know that i’m gonna rant so much. I’m a white person, so i need to be extra careful with, for example, the fanart of a character of color that i reblog. Months ago (maybe a year?) i didn’t do that!!! I’m embarrased about it, but now that check the fanart that i see in every fandom and i’m horrified by what i see. The point is that so many people here need to check themselves out.

pd: gringx is not a slur (i learned to clarify that in every post that i make here. being a latina is tiring sometimes) 

Mass Effect Andromeda

So, as with most people I’m very upset that we won’t be getting any Mass Effect Andromeda SP DLC. I’m heartbroken. I genuinely loved the games despite the problems and I’m sad that I won’t be able to get an ingame resolution to those plots that were left hanging.

However, I am going to take this as a way for me to embrace it in my fanfic and use the freedom to have fun with my writing. I’m not going to join the bandwagon of hate and shit all over Bioware and EA. Yeah, I’m disappointed in them and I wanted better. Yes, they broke my heart with this decision. But my world hasn’t come to an end. I still have 4 fucking great games that I can write from - and from the twitter feeds of devs, it sounds like there will be more games down the track. Maybe a while down the track, but I can wait.

I’m going to stay positive in the fandom. I’m going to keep reblogging all the amazing content you guys keep coming up with. I’m going to keep chatting and being friendly. I will not toss MEA to the side and quit my fics. Despite my sadness, I’m going to wait for the comics and books and I’m going to use the freedom to branch out into even crazier fanfic ideas!

I’m going to have fun and stay positive because it’s a damn site better than all the hate I’m seeing at the moment. Stay cool guys, and stay positive! *hugs*

Hey so ppl listen. Saying stuff like “omg these interviews mean kastle will never be canon” or whatever is like…. so silly. The VAST majority of kastle shippers never ever expected their ship to be canon, we were and still are satisfied with Karen and Frank just being in each other’s orbit. When the Punisher series was announced there wasn’t any real expectation that Karen and Frank would EVER interact again, and yet we shipped it. I feel like I’ve been in fandom for a really long time, and this mentality that you can’t ship something if it isn’t specifically intended to be canon is just… bizarre. Yes what we’ve gotten so far has exceeded my wildest expectations and I love it, but I’m not going to be mad or upset or stop enjoying Karen and Frank’s dynamic if they do end up parting ways in TPS.

That being said, there are a few (honestly it just seems like one person) kastle blogs posting and reblogging things with comments that are snarky/rude/gloating and it’s annoying to me and it’s not conducive to peaceful fandom (they portray their comments as a reaction to ‘antis’ but honestly it’s disproportionate to what’s been said by people who don’t ship kastle - neither I nor many of the other kastle blogs I follow have received anything even bordering on hate, and my policy has always been to block people I see being vitriolic in the kastle tag rather than engage with them and that’s given me quite a peaceful Tumblr experience).

An open letter to all Supergirl fans...

Before you read, warning, this is a very long open letter to the Supergirl fandom. Please reblog if you agree with me. Also, if any hate is spread on this post, don’t think I will think twice about blocking and possibly reporting you. This post will NOT be a platform or vessel for hate in any way.

Recently, I’ve been looking around Tumblr and I’ve been seeing some serious hate being spread based on some differences of opinions. One thing we all have in common, however, is that we are all Supergirl fans. If you are, please read on.

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