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Poly Pop: An Episode For Everyone

First of all, I just hit 100 subscribers on YouTube, and 150+ followers on Tumblr. Considering its been less than 4 months since I started this show, I feel pretty good about that. Thank you to everyone who has watched, and thank you to everyone who has commented and shared. I am so glad that this crazy idea I had almost a year ago turned out to be a good one in reality.

If you are new here, I have assembled a list of all the episodes I have created so far. See if any of them interest you :-)

For the newcomer:
The Pilot Episode: What is Poly Pop, why is it here, and what are we doing?

For the music lover:
“Don’t” by Ed Sheeran: Come on, guys, can’t we all just be honest and get along?

For the history buff:
King Henry VIII sure would have had it a lot easier if polyamory were socially acceptable! 

For the sitcom fans:
How I Met Your Mother: Give me monogamy or give me death!

For the news junkie:
The Ashley Madison Leak: Oh, look, cheating is commonplace. Maybe society should think about this critically, just a bit? 

For the drama fans:
House of Cards: Polyamory depicted in mainstream media. It went…. okay. 

For the reality TV fans:
Sister Wives: Basically one giant apology for my previous prejudice towards consensual polygamists, and a fan-girl love letter.

For the 90s kids:
Boy Meets World: How the perfect monogamous couple taught me the merits of polygamy.