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I’m Here

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Jimin X Reader [Smut, angst, fluff(?)]

A/N: Hope you enjoy it. ( @yazziargudo since you’re so thirsty for Jimin.)

   On any other occasion you would be having an awesome time at this party. The music, the drinks, the energy flowing within you that it would make your body tingle. The people grinding against each other, making you want to join, everyones breathing as one, the smell of liquor escaping open mouths. Not tonight though. 

   The night had started out okay. You had gotten all dressed up in the sexy, tight, short red dress you had been holding on to for a special moment. And today certainly was something special. Today had marked the year anniversary for you and your boyfriend Anthony. You couldn’t say you loved him yet, but you definitely had strong feelings for him. Strong feelings that would make your cheeks heat up and your heart thump all the way to your ears, like someone banging on drums. You both had even made the big step to move in with each other, getting an apartment on the first floor of the most recommended place in town. 

   What had started to ruin the night though, was the way Anthony was constantly on his phone, not even acknowledging how sexy you were starting to look. You had decided to wear his favorite black choker on you, your black heels high enough to definitely get you some stares, and you had spent an immense amount of time on your make up that anyone would look at your face and would be unable to look away. You usually never went this far, and even when you would wear a simple skirt and blouse, his eyes would usually roam over your body in appreciation. The annoyance became too great when you ran your manicured hand across his shoulder, but he shrugged you off. ‘

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