if i saw i dont remember

I have this one friend, that if they told me to go lie in front of a car I would just ask which one.
I would place my life in their hands and rest my head in their shoulder while i wait and see if they are going to save it or drop it.
I know they dont feel that way.
I know that I’m a good friend at best.
But, Taehyung’s letter to Jimin just made me realize. No matter how much or how long to I feel and think this, does it really matters if I do not let the other person know?
And just, saying the gifs of bon voyage’s last chapter.
It made me remember why exactly do I stan Bts like this. I didn’t even heard their music before staning i just saw them and their personalities and their relationships and thought that if they could then so did i.
Im just saying this because im emotional and so so so excited for love yourself. They did so well without meaning before, i cant wait to see what do they do now.


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1. Any weird food combinations you love?

Um… tbh no. I stick with the safe combos. 

2. What movie have you seen too many times and are still going to watch too many more?

The 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie. I’ve seen it like 4 times in the past year, since I saw it in class last year hahah.

3. Three items you would want buried with you to use in an afterlife?

A pencil, a sketchbook, and my teddy bear. 

4. What’s your favourite myth?

The one where Apollo captains a ship while in dolphin form?? As you should do.

5. Ever overheard a really weird conversation? What was it?

I’ve heard too many while zoning out… but uh I dont really remember.. eheh

6. What’s your favourite nostalgia song?

Bad day by Daniel Powter. I was in second grade when i cried out my feelings to this song because I had to move away from my best friend at the time.

7. What nonhorror movie freaked you out?

The first spongebob movie because of that one scene with the Krabby Patty… Bad moment.

8. Is there a noise you can’t stand?

Any squeaky sound tbh. Especially the squeaky sound between shoes and like the store/school gym floors.

9. What was the last thing you Googled?

Helpful study methods (3 days into precalc and I already have to study?? that’s wack)

10. When was the most inappropriate time you laughed?

When my dad tried apologizing… for a lot of things he had done… oops

11. What values are most important to you?

Honesty, loyalty, honor, and unconditional love. That’s a value right? no? ok well now it is.

Alright my 11 questions, buckle up bros cause i suck at this.

1. What’s your favorite childhood game?

2. What’s one show/anime that you watched till the end and you regret?

3. What’s one weird pet peeve that you have?

4. Who was your childhood hero? Why? 

5. What’s one instrument you want to learn?

6. Who’s the closest person to your heart right now..? Describe them?

7. What’s one solid piece of advice you’d give anyone?

8. What’s your style of clothing?

9. Do you believe in Soulmates? Platonic soulmates?

10. Favorite meme/ reaction picture?


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doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

okay but imagine harry making a group chat for his friends from hogwarts just because and draco is there too but he literally never talks because he’s all like “that’s a muggle thing phew” but really he didn’t know how to use that

AND the first time that draco actually talks in the group chat is to send a video of harry who stubbed his toe on a table and is lying on the floor curled up into a ball screaming “I DIDN’T KILL VOLDEMORT FOR THIS

and then the camera switches to draco’s bored face and with the most monotone voice ever he says “the boy who lived twice” and he’s holding a clock that shows 4:27am

Is Nalu canon?

As crunchyroll finally released the last chapter I decided writing my opinion on it. I will make side comments but the main subject will be Nalu since many of you asked me if I think it is canon or not.

First of all we will be starting with the cover page, in which Mashima left some hidden clues.

where have we seen this before? That`s right. 

Natsu`s shirt, which is more manly is more in his style with one long sleeve and a shor one is matching to Lucy`s old outfit from x792. Mashima always made them matchy clothes, didnt matter it was a bracelet, the colors, or a whole outfit.

Moving on… we didn`t have much interaction between NaLu at Lucy`s party

Even so, Mashima brought us a little nostalgia on the good times when Lucy was always screaming at Natsu and he wasn’t bothered by it, morover acting like a child. They are supposed to be 28-29 here right? (excepting the time skip) They remained the same kids they were once.

I have to say that i am really proud of Lucy. She`s such a kind girl, she didn’t care if her novel made her rich or not, but she fullfilled one of her dreams. Isn’t that amazing? I am really proud of my baby ♥

Also I have to say I am happy Anna remained in her timeline. She already lost her parents and she finally has a relative.

There we have a little teasing from Gajeel and also from Mashima himself. 

Anna was the one who sent Natsu n this timeline, Anna made his scarf. He knew her since he was a little boy, he gave him the chill and he is admitting THIS is why he is always so relaxed being around Lucy. She has always been there for him, taking care of him and covering things for him. She was a good friend to him, his best friend and she grew in more.

Gajeel is teasing Natsu in here saying “ you liked her”

What could have Natsu say? “No? I disliked her?” No. Also Gajeel is shocked about his answer. He answered so relaxed and can you see that blushing Lucy? That`s right, she is blushing because Natsu somehow said he likes her. If he likes Anna, Lucy is alike to Anna, he likes Lucy too. so regarding the fact both Lucy and Anna have a similar smell, he is always so relaxed around Lucy, isn’t it the fact that your home has a certain smell, gives you a certain comfort? This is what Lucy is for him. His home. 

In this panel, Lucy is admitting herself she is jealous over Gajevy. Why is she jealous? Because Gajevy managed growing into a mature relationship, Gajeel became a man, while Natsu is still an immature little brat, but he is her brat. We will never see Natsu saying things like Gajeel “ The woman i fell for” “ I wished walking side by side with you” or something like this. No, Natsu has his own way to express his feelings. Let`s remember some of his lines “ I am going to save Lucy” “ Lay one finger on Lucy and I turn you to ashes”  “ Even if it’s just her head, Lucy is still Lucy “ “ From today on, you are mine” “Long time no see, Lucy” and so many others. There are different ways of saying “I love you” Its in your gestures and let’s remember how Natsu was affected by Future Lucy’s death and when they fought with August how he climbed over her to protect her. He is never going to let her die again.

Also Lucy is blushing so hard and is emarassed by the things Gajeel and Levy had done. She is not mature herself to do things a couple should be doing. She is still embarassed about this even if she is 19(or 28)

See? She had the same reaction as Wendy. A reaction a child would have when hearing things.

This doesnt have any link to Nalu but im posting it for gruvians and my gruvia heart

Finally you`ve got a hang of it Gray-sama. @giushia

Going back.

Mashima is giving a tease again. “ the pair im most” the pair. So there are pairings.

Even if they fought Zeref and he put them trough hell, look at her face. She knows that Zeref and Mavis had found their peace they are back being someone else. Her look is saying “ sadness but still happiness” Could this be the love she`s also dreaming of? Even if they had a tragic destiny, they found their way back to each other. 

she, herself is happy for everyone. Every single mage is happy including herself.

Now, let`s start with the Nalu Pages 

there you go, Mashima putting another old scene. “ This is my room” But remember the first time Natsu was in her room? She kicked him out. 

While now she made this cute face, she didnt kick them out and isn’t bothered by it anymore. Yet she still has to say something about it. A girl has to keep her dignity.

The love is in the gestures you do. How I said up. Natsu carried her home, took care of her. Its a little gesture, but what could had happen if he wasn’t there to carry her home while she passed out?

He took her home, he took care of her. He watched over her.

Now, that`s Lucy` way of complaining she will never walk down the aisle, she will never be a bride.

Yet, Natsu finds a way, an open door

“ You can walk out” You can walk out with HIM and join him in his job, like she has always done. Look at her face.He just gave her hope. 

THIS IS NATSU`S WAY OF SAYING “ I wanted to  walk side by side with you”. “ You can walk and take a job with us

Furthermore, she is remembering all the memories the two of them had together. She bursts in tears. 

And hugs him

She hugs him. He is the person who gave her everything. Without Natsu, Lucy would have still been the Heartfilia Princess. she should have married someone she didnt like, she wouldnt have achieved one of her dreams and she wouldnt have been in Fairy Tail. 

She is greatful for having him, for giving her everything she wished for and even if she was rich, he gave her what her parents and their money couldnt afford. Friends and family. Fairy Tail was her family, they had always protected her, they had always been there for her.

Yet, Natsu doesn’t know what to do. He doesnt  want to see her crying even if they are tears of joy. He just want to see her happy.

In these panels, I dont know if i can agree with the others or not, that a panel is missing. Seems it is missing something but at the same time not. Did he kiss her? Why is she so shocked? Or..he didnt kiss her, yet she said “ wait” if hereally didnt kiss her, then her “wait” was “ wait, I am not ready”.

But what are the things you did, Natsu? I dont think in this panel, Lucy is talking about her memories, but something he did.now.  He answers “ what does it matter?” I saw lots of movies and series where the boy, after he kissed the girl and she said something similar to what Lucy said he answered “ why does it matter”. So he really might have kissed her and let`s remember Mashima doesnt know how to draw proper kisses. So a panel could be missing up there because Mashima didnt want to ruin that haha 

They will always be togehter. They are going to a 100 years quest which is a lifetime. Natsu and Lucy will be together forever. Always and forever

My conclusion is that, in a subtle way than Gajevy`s or Gruvia, Nalu is canon and we can finally celebrate.


Friends TOW In Massapequa (2002) | SNL sketch “Brazilian Bar” (2006)


heres a thing i hadnt noticed till just now. we all know this bit


he lies about remembering Steve, and its clear why. the blink thats almost a twitch. that  hard swallow. the way he looks up after he says it, like he’s both terrified he wont believe him, and bracing himself .

in WS, he asked outright who he was, and admitted to remembered. because he had no idea what happened when he did. which is altogether just one more horrific thing Hydra did, they took the memories of them hurting him when he asked, he couldnt learn to lie to protect himself; he didnt know he needed to be protected.

but here he is, remembering things…like what had to be dozens of times he remembered something, Steve probably most of all, and finally saw the full scope of what was done to him. what happened when he said he remembered Steve.

that there, i dont think he was lying to Steve, i think he was asked a question where the honest answer got him tortured. now he’s gotten the chance to learn how to protect himself. i think this was just so terrified being asked that, he answered instinctively.

itd be the case fo ra lot of things. like say, the truth=torture. the Hydra base=torture.and captivity. i would think being threatened with pain or death, in that place, would be just as terrifying for him


and wouldnt ya know, theres the hard swallow, the twitch-blink. the only major difference is in the second one, when he blinks, his whole body shudders..as id imagine it would being threatened in that place.

on an unrelated note, i always found it interesting that, while terrified of being hurt, especially there, and being threatened…he lowers the gun

  • In dh: "harry thought inexplicably of ginny"
  • Harry: oh man must marry her
  • In every other hp book ever:
  • Harry: *sees draco for the second time ever* *instantly and inexplicably recognizes where he first saw him*
  • Harry: *is at privet drive thinking of hogwarts* *inexplicably remembers draco*
  • Harry: *discussing sirius black with ron and hermione* *inexplicably considers draco's advice instead of theirs*
  • Harry: *is stressing about the second task of the triwizard tournament* *inexplicably imagines draco's reaction to him failing*
  • Harry: *checks what draco is doing every time he moves*
  • Harry in all of hbp: "hE IS uP to soMethIng drACo iS up to SOmeThiNg"
  • In dh: literally save each other's lives
  • Harry: what an asshole i hate him so much i dont even want to think about him

pups-art  asked:

oK I SAW SOME RANDOM ART OF URS ON MY DASH ANd dAFuq it reminDS ME SO MUCH OF A CERTAIN SINNERS ART STYLE?! XD (i hope i wont get blocked it really is so i just dont remember the persons name xD)

who might that be boi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)