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Why You Should Read/Watch Gangsta

1. Ethnically Diverse Cast

Gangsta takes place in the fictional city of Ergastulum and it is where the main subjects of the story, Twilights -or Tags- try to coexist with humans. And due to things such as prison overcrowding and becoming home to refugees, the city became a very populated and diverse place and you can see things such as interracial couples and even important characters that are POC/ mixed such as:

Nicolas Brown (mixed- Asian/White)

Alex Benedetto (mixed- Black/Asian)

Galahad Woehor (black)

Doug (mixed- Black/???)

Worick Arcangelo (white)

Yang (Chinese)

2. Disabled Main Character That Kicks Major Ass

One of the main characters, Nicolas Brown, is deaf and often communicates using sign language (and on occasions, he will talk though his voice is distorted and slurred).

However, despite Nicolas being deaf, this guy will easily kick someone’s ass all over town with his katana.

In fact, that’s what he’s most known for: being able to kick someone’s ass even though he can’t hear a thing. Making him notorious throughout the streets of Ergastulum.

There’s also another male main character, Worick Arcangelo, who only has one eye and is sight-impaired because of it. He doens’t let it get to him though and his disability doesn’t make him any less threatening than Nicolas and Ergastulum also knows to fear the one-contract holding normal who’s apart of the Benriya Trio.

3. Badass Female Characters  

Probably one of the top reasons you should ever consider this series– the female characters are amazing. Despite some of the girl’s large busts, they aren’t being used for just plain fanservice and actually bring something to the show with varying aspects.

We have Alex, a former prostitute who suffers from PTSD,

but she is brave and won’t let her inability to fight stop her from jumping in to help her friends, even against people who are clearly stronger than her.

Loretta, one of the most accomplished girls in the story at a young age –15 to be precise– who is the leader of her own mafia family. She has men to do her bidding and to use at her disposal, but she blatantly refuses to sacrifice them and let them die needlessly– so she joins the fight too.

Connie, even when out numbered and overpowered due to her status as a normal(human)– she fights. She isn’t indestructible and she isn’t strong, but that’s exactly what makes Connie a powerhouse. She doesn’t step down and her willpower to survive and protect the people she cherishes most is outstanding.

And this is only to name a few of the beautiful women that grace this series (and the ones that aren’t even Twilights). 

4. Accurate Use of Japanese Sign Language

Though this possibly should have gone after reason number two, I digress. Another good reason to start looking at Gangsta is the fact that legitimate sign language is used and could be even be educational in the fact that you can practice reading it.

However, keep in mind that this Japanese Sign Language, so for those who already know some form of sign language– here’s a chance to pick up another type just in case you might actually be heading to Japan and encounter a person who knows it.

5. A LGBTQA Couple

Though not much has been explored on these two characters, Gina Paulklee and Ginger are two Twilight women that happen to be in an implied relationship with one another. Heavily so.

So if you want a series with an actual lesbian couple that isn’t just yuri-exclusive and it’s ACTUALLY canon, Gangsta is the series for you.

6. Nina

Nina is possibly one of the most precious characters in Gangsta and a constant ray of sunshine when things get too dark. She’s a nurse-in-training who works for a gruff doctor named Theo and is a very open-minded, gentle person who doesn’t discriminate people due to colour or species.

She’s not portrayed as a weak little girl either and will jump in a surgery as fast as possible, getting info as she prepares.

Also, Nina and Nicolas’s uncle/brother-niece/sister relationship is one of the most endearing and adorable things ever.

7. Delico

Another precious child who must be protected at all costs and is a total bae. (His tarot card representation is the hanged man like Kaneki, you know he needs a protection squad!)

8. Just An Interesting Series In General

Gangsta takes an interesting twist on things like discrimination with it’s dog tag wearing characters called Twilights and the mafia. The diverse cast of characters extends past the fact that they are different races and delve into deeper things like, what past events shaped up their current personality or reasons that lead to make certain decisions with their lives even if it wasn’t the best choice.

The girl characters are used for more than fanservice and there are more than just hetero couples, LGBTQA and interracial couples all included.

While this may be a phrase used to describe many other anime/manga, Gangsta is a series that is taking the otaku community by a storm due to bringing what other, more mainstream stories, fail to include in their storylines and Kohsuke is doing a wonderful job with it.

So at the very least, check out the first chapter or episode of Gangsta and give it a chance because this is a series that is worth a try.

Crazy Naomi and Junchiro theory

Okay, so I just thought of something involving Junichiro and Naomi. What we’re told is that Junichiro has the ability ‘light snow’, and Naomi doesn’t have one at all. Well the latest few chapters got me thinking of how abilities work. We recently learned that Elise herself is Moris ability. She has powers and apparently is configured by Mori. Therefore she does whatever he says. Then there’s Junichiro and Naomi, who’s relationship looking back on it, is very similar to Elise and Mori.

Junichiro is super powerful being able to take on Hirotsu, Gin, and Tachichara all at once. He stands out so much that even both Hirotsu and Mori took note of this. Everything he is shown to be able to do is far above most other ability users. And yet he never uses it to its full potential

So where am i going with this? To put it simply, Junichiro himself may be Naomis ability. It seems odd, but there are a surprising number of things supporting the idea. For instance, they claim to be siblings, but just a glance at them is enough to see how they may not be as closely related as they act. Even characters in the show point this out.

Like Mori with Elise, Junichiro does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for Naomi. He cooks for her,  he protects her, kills anyone if it means keeping her safe, and their ahem… *cough*relationship*cough* No matter how you look at it, Junichiro has an undying loyalty to Naomi alone, and she knows this. He compares his love for Naomi to those who worship god. He would gladly watch the world burn if it’s for her(actual quote he says).

Going back to Naomi’s physical appearance, she actually has more of a resemblance to two other characters in the show than he does with Junichiro… Gin and Akutagawa.


Most likely not, but it’s definitely not impossible. I wrote it off in my mind as a coincidence with the black hair/gray eye/pale skin combo. But it actually has some credibility. Gin and Naomi even are shown together in the BSD artbook! I can’t read japanese, so I don’t know if there is any meaning to it(maybe there is). But these two are completely random characters to appear together like this.

There was actually a backstory written for Akutagawa that was written in volume 6 called ‘A Heartless Dog’. It’s about Akutagawa taking care of Gin and 8 other orphans who were all killed by the mafia, where Gin and Akutagawa being the only survivors. So how would Naomi fit into this? She could have been one of the orphans, or maybe even Akutagawa and Gins youngest sibling. She could have awakened her ability and saved herself, thus creating junichiro. We know Gin/Akutagawa absolutely despise their past and Naomi/Junichiros past is a complete mystery. So there might actually be some connection there…

Most people already know this, but Naomi’s character is actually based off the main character of the book ‘A Fool’s Love’ which was written by real life Junichiro Tanizaki. So what if the manga is going with a reverse route where this time Junichiro is the fictional character created by Naomi. This wouldn’t be the first time bungou stray dogs does this as something Similar happened with Akutagawa and Dazai. With the real life counterparts, Akutagawa was Dazai’s idol!

I don’t have a clue whether it’s true or not, but I thought it was too interesting not to share.


The left-hand picture - a high-perspective shot of the central plaza at Hope’s Peak (click it for full detail!) - is my favorite picture in the Danganronpa 3 Staff Book. Not only is it a valuable resource for fic writers, it’s also FULL of tiny chibi characters with details that thrill me.

I waited until I could scan this one in for maximum detail, but I’ll also guide you through everyone I managed to identify here. There are a few minor differences between the two pics… and I wish I could read the Japanese at bottom.

(No lie: I had to use a magnifying glass to tell who some of the characters are… and some are still unknown to me.)

Please use the markup photo at right for guidance as we go through this.

- Top, from left to right: Top photo has Nanami in her hoodie behind a tree (absent in bottom version). Next we see Yamada balanced atop a tree while Fuyuhiko and Peko are watching below, pointing their weapons up at him. Then Teruteru is ALSO perched on a treetop (is this a competition?) with Hikyoko and Mahiru below, the latter taking a photo. Top center shows Bandai next to Great Gozu, who is literally grazing (!). Sakura is next; she and Akane are flying towards each other in a battle while Monokuma stands atop the fountain, watching. Nekomaru is actually wading IN the fountain. To his right is Munakata/Yukizome, who are holding hands while Juzo surreptitiously watches nearby. The top pic (not shown at bottom) has a final girl with long pigtails who is walking on the top-right path. Who is she? I can’t identify her…

- Center, from left to right: The center starts with Hagakure and Asahina facing each other on a blanket, each with a ball placed before them (I assume Hagakure has his crystal ball, but the black ball that Asahina has? No idea). Togami is standing just above that, watching them. Slightly up and to their right are Toko and Komaru; note that Toko is Genocide/r Jack/Syo in the top picture, but she’s normal Toko in the bottom one. Next is Gundham and Sonia, poised over a pentagram for some dark ritual. To their immediate right is Souda on all fours, trying to figure out what’s up. From there we move to a bench where Chairman Tengan is seated. Mitarai is kneeling on the ground, using the bench as a surface to draw something. The Imposter is to his right, watching over him. On the other side of the fountain, you can see Seiko and Ruraka with Izayoi laying on the latter’s lap. The far right hedge area has some person throwing a ball… who is that? Logically it should be Kuwata, but the hair is totally wrong for him. Anyway, he or she is throwing the ball at Mondo in a game of… baseball? cricket? Jai alai? I don’t know, but the bat is curved slightly and looks flat, so I’m at a loss. Ishimaru is watching this, and his companion is either Alter Ego’s laptop (in top pic) or Fujisaki (in bottom pic).

- Bottom, from left to right: First up is Monomi, standing beside Gekkogahara in her wheelchair. In the hedges next door, Junko is stomping on poor Mukuro. Our two main protagonist pairings are holding hands in front of the fountain: Hinata/Nanami and Makoto/Kirigiri (more proof that Naegiri is canon). This does mean that the top picture contains TWO Nanamis total, so you get to choose which one is her A.I. and which is real. Also note that Komaeda is standing alone behind the couples by the fountain, and Kizakura is watching over Kyoko from behind a tree farther down from there. There’s another character with Kizakura, but I don’t recognize him/her. Any guesses? (I hope it’s Jin.) In the right-hand hedge section, we end with Maizano and Celestia meditating together on a blanket.

This picture is packed and delightful! Even so, come on, no Tsumiki or Ibuki?


Bontenmaru-hen is an amazing manga!! Anyone whose a fan of the infamous Date Dragon Duo will love this story! Though the manga was published back in 2014-2015, I finally got my hands on it recently and will now do a short review, while keeping it as spoiler-free as possible.

First of all, the artwork is absolutely stunning! Drawn by the amazing Yoshihara Motoki, one of my favorite manga artists! A seinen style manga, the bold lines and heavy shading really emphasize the seriousness of this drama between Katakura Kojuro and Masamune during their early days together. Some dialogue is based on the ‘flashback’ scenes in the SB4 game sprinkled throughout Kojuro’s route. Mainly, how young Bontenmaru’s wild raging needed to be redirected into more productive actions, and it’s up to Kojuro to tame this wild young dragon…by any means necessary, for the sake of the Date clan.

Very intense, even violent at times, and quite touching in others, it shows how these two strong-minded men slowly came to realize, through carefully chosen words and actions, that they could rely on each other, and develop a bond of trust that nothing would ever break. And that only by facing your inner darkness can one truly shine…

This is a powerful story that, by the end, it had me in tears. Even though I have huge limitations in reading Japanese, the way it’s printed has hiragana and katakana letters next to the more challenging kanji words, so it’s somewhat easier to figure out the words and phrases. Honestly, it made reading some of the more dramatic dialogue even more powerful, since I was almost studiously reading it. I highly recommend this manga, especially to you Date clan lovers.

kickassfu  asked:

ladrien + manga

The moment Adrien learned that someone in Japan wrote a manga about him and Ladybug, he had to have it.

In less than 48 hours, there was a copy of Miraculous Defender Ladybug Volume 1 in his hands.

…Not that he could read Japanese. But he could follow along with the Chinese scanlations and write a French translation of that on sticky notes, carefully cutting and covering the word balloons with them.

It was worth it to see the look of absolute joy on Alya’s face when he showed her the next day.

“Please let me take pictures for the Ladyblog, please, please, please, PLEEEEEEASE!!!” she begged, her phone already in hand.

“Alright, alright!” Adrien said, laughing. “But only the first chapter, okay? There’s an official version coming out next month and I won’t ruin it for anyone else.”

“You are ruining nothing,” Alya insisted. She gleefully flipped through the pages, Nino and Marinette both reading over her shoulder.

Lunch in the park with his friends went much quicker with the manga to talk about. Too soon, they were headed back to school, still stuck on the cliffhanger.

“If Félix doesn’t kiss Ladybug in the next book, I’m going to scream,” said Alya, manga open in her hands.

“Preach it!” said Nino. He high-fived Alya while Marinette flailed.

“I—Ladybug wouldn’t let—th-there’s probably rules or, um…” she mumbled.

Adrien kept quiet, ignoring his growing blush. ‘Félix’ was Chat’s secret identity in the manga; Ladybug saved him from muggers and the volume ended with Félix determined to give her a thank-you kiss.

Félix was a very different person, but…

“You’ve been quiet, bro. What do you think?” Nino asked.

“I think I would kiss her,” Adrien answered absently, not realizing he’d fumbled his pronouns until Marinette walked into a pole.

Noodle’s Electronic Beats Bio

Hajimemashite! That means “nice to meet you” in Japanese. Noodle here from Gorillaz. Of course you know that, but I have to check, because recently I did a Facebook quiz called Which Member of Gorillaz Are You? and I got Russel! WTF? He doesn’t like octopus and he’s not even a Libra.

So I will set the records straight, as they say. I play guitar, sing and write songs. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall, wear size 36 boots and am trained in most medium and heavy caliber weaponry. My hobbies are hot yoga, quantum physics, manga, shoe design and online gaming (handle: EatMyRocketLauncher). My musical influences include Swarrrm, Sigh, Blood Stain Child and, um, Backstreet Boys (I know, I know, but I was just a girl).

Being in Gorillaz is like riding a roller-coaster every day: ups and downs, thrills, dizziness, some head-on crashes, and always a pile of sick somewhere. I was only 10 when I joined the band, despite England’s child labour laws. But it has been a good education. I’ve battled hell demons, killed zombies (when it was still cool), staged my own death and been replaced by a cyborg. A really cute one. At first I was jealous because Cyborg Noodle could shoot bullets from her mouth, but the experience taught me to be true to myself. I would say the best thing about being in Gorillaz has been the chance to see the world. The worst thing is Murdoc in the mornings. Or when he’s drunk. Or hungover. And also every other time of the day.

Even though I’m the youngest, you could say I’m the big sister of the band. I comfort 2D when he has a bad dream, and Murdoc when he has a bad trip. I calm Russell down when he gets angry about the world’s problems. I have to remember to look after myself, though. Usually I make a bowl of okayu, a kind of chicken soup, or just oil my mini-gun. Both are very soothing.

Some say I can be cold. It’s not true—I just take a while to warm up to people. Maybe it’s because I was raised in a super-soldier program and never knew my parents. All those covert night ops meant no bedtime stories. But those skills saved my skin recently when I accidentally released a shape-shifting hell demon from a pearl shell. Oops, my bad. I tracked that monster across Japan, and finally, in his secret Tokyo crime den, I had him. In the heat of battle, I kept my head and fought bravely. He didn’t. So now I have his head. On a shelf next to my Hello Kitty alarm clock (vintage, quite valuable). I put a red bulb in the mouth, kind of like a lava lamp. It’s a conversation starter.

So you see, being in Gorillaz has shaped me into the woman you see today: a feminist-anarchist-avenging-angel-intellectual-soul-sister-of-mercy. Who also likes cute hamster butts (it’s a Japanese thing, Google it). Is that enough about me? I could go on, but I have to go terminate somebody. Only joking. I’ll just scare them a little bit. Kiss.

Garish Room #28 [2017 ver. member A to Z case of Ruki] part 1

- Actor (favorite actor / actress, own acting ability)

Ruki: I watched the movie “Mommy” and the roles in it are very well executed. Antoine-Olivier Pilon plays the role of a guy with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),  but I was very impressed, thinking that although he is young, he already has such amazing acting skills. And I like Jake Gyllenhaal. But I haven’t acting skills. Since I’m just not that type of person (laughs). Beginning to be shy, I just can’t stand it, and therefore I cannot remember the words at all. But during the performances I feel calm. When I hold the microphone, I’m all right. However, in the video, the one who gets recognition is more a director and his mores, not actors, right? Once upon a time I played an insignificant role in one video, but it was a complete failure. I wouldn’t like to see it again a second time (laughs).

- Baby (when you behave like a child)

Ruki: By and large, I don’t behave like a child. Perhaps I have many negative personality traits. I have no sense of time… basically I’m not at all reliable (laughs). And since that time, when I was a child, it’s hard for me to get up in the morning. So, since then, I thought that I wouldn’t become an employee of any company. I think that such place is not suitable for me.

- Christmas (memories of christmas)

Ruki: I can’t tell stories about that time when I was in the middle and high school (laughs). What I very clearly remember…in those days when I was an elementary school student, there was gilded series of toys in a heat-resistant alloy “Saint Seiya” [*manga and anime]. It doesn’t even need to specify which of them I wanted, because usually everyone expects that they can get Seiya, don’t they? But I hardly got the figure of character-the villain Taurus Aldebaran. In addition, the part of his horn was rusty. So I was beside myself with anger, these are my memories (laughs). And I also with great difficulty shoved my legs into containers in the form of boots, where candies are usually placed, and decided to walk in them.

- Danger (it was dangerous!)

Ruki: That unpleasant time, when we continued to work with two managers, was creepy, isn’t it (bitter smile). I wonder what other guys answer? Is it possible that we had anything more dangerous than this?

- Emergency (things you think you need to do now, as soon as possible)

Ruki: There is a lot of! For example, I still didn’t write the lyrics to 「taion」, which we will record the day after tomorrow, so I need to hurry with this. If we talk about things that do not concern work, it occurs to me that I didn’t receive my ID card.

- Fashion (preferences in style)

Ruki:  It seems that I have them, but it is not.  I really like European-style clothes, but those that I wear every day mostly single-color and without patterns. I have a feeling that among such things I’m looking for suitable ones. The print on clothes is ok, too, but such clothes that I would like to wear is very hard to find. Next, there is no more clothes about which I would have thought “I want this!”, so I create it (with the help of my brand). Therefore I wear it, but when some of this is worn by other members, I immediately stop wearing it (laughs). Ah, maybe I yet like it when a person, who I don’t know, wears my brand’s clothes. I don’t take up making things of too high brands, but at the same time I buy unusual things.

- Ghibli (Ghibli’s favorite works)

Ruki: Not that I really liked them, but among them there are those that I can watch, as “Spirited Away” or “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.  Although, I don’t watch them very long (laughs). But those who like Ghibli, certainly, also will choose “Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind” and “Laputa - Castle in the Sky”, which I don’t like at all.  Perhaps this is my prejudice, but I don’t like something like “flying in the sky” and such things. And then something else like how they get out of huge cars (laughs). First of all, I donэt like science fiction, but its pretty realistic representation, it’s probably a good thing, isn’t it?

- Health (what do you pay special attention in the field of health)

Ruki: I always take biologically active supplements. And I realize that in order not to catch cold, you need to take vitamins. During the tour, even when I sleep, I always put a mask on my face, but, despite this, I still catch a cold. As for food, I don’t pay much attention to it. I eat everything.

- Immorality (about treasons, which became a hot topic in 2016)

Ruki: Treason… Watching this, I felt that I am very sorry for those who are deceived. Couldn’t they have discovered it so far?  This is also often said in the news. But I think: “How is it?”. Well, if we talk about treason as such, then it is considered that before marriage it is allowed. But even if it’s not a treason, when someone looking like a persone without drawbacks, does something that causes bitter feelings behind your back, I immediately think: “ahaaaa…” (laughs). “Love intrigue,” in a literal sense, an amazing thing, isn’t it?

- Junk (unnecessary things at home)

Ruki: I do not have that.  Since I almost immediately get rid of them. I’m not used to things,  and I’m not that type of people who think - I’ll leave this and this too. Clothes that I don’t wear for a year, I throw out with the thoughts “I, after all, don’t wear it”, but after that it happens that I regret it very much (laughs). Therefore, I throw out too much of everything. Also the contents of the personal computer - doing the cleaning, I brought everything in order there, but I deleted everything down to very important things that I shouldn’t delete (laughs). I often throw away all unnecessary, leaving only the necessary minimum.

- Kimi no Na Wa (the film “Your name”)

Ruki:  I didn’t watch it. Is it by Ghibli? No? It seems that at the moment I’m completely unaware of anything (laughs). I don’t watch them, if there is a manga with drawings made by the technique of soft touch. Although I often go to the cinema, I look sideways at the one where are always a lot of people. In this movie theater the main film is “Your name”, so I immediately think something like “than to go there, I’d rather go to this one” (laughs). And in the future I’m also not going to press this button (with this movie) on the ticket machine.

- Love (the importance that love occupies in your life)

Ruki:  During puberty everything else except this (love) wasn’t important for me. But as I grew older, everything changed significantly, and if to tell frankly (laughs), I guess it’s because now I’m very busy with work. In high school, the band was just a hobby for me, so I wasn’t so passionate on this to really went into it with my head. Since I just approximated to the so-called ‘culture’, I guess that at that time, love in my life was quite significant.

- Moving (сonditions for moving)

Ruki: This is the layout of the house and what is in the neighborhood. As for the layout of the house, it will suit me even if the rooms are not very spacious, just to make the size fit so that I could live there. Since I recently said that I have few things, leaving only the minimum necessary, they should always be in my field of view.  As for the environment, then, most likely, I ask questions, are there any supermarkets and pet stores, is it easy to catch a taxi,  and whether it is convenient to get from this area to the city center.

translated from japanese to russian by shimizu_ran.vk for the_gazette_quotes.vk

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ^^

Rereading Vol. 1, Chap. 001-009 - The Coming of Age of Shinichi Kudou

Today, I want to talk about Shinichi, and the amazing character development he has gone through since the very first volume. In a way, Detective Conan is a coming-of-age story, which is kind of ironic, seeing as that Shinichi needed to become “younger” to age mentally.

Shinichi is introduced as a brash and rather careless teen who does neither respect his elders nor officials like the police. In fact, he looks down on their work, e.g. when he knocks out a culprit by blunt force despite Megure standing right next to him, and calling himself a “meitantei”, a great detective, is rather arrogant. His mannerisms are very similar to Kogoro’s, and now, I can see how he changed: It is not only the humility taught to him by his reduced height and its inconveniences, but also the living and breathing reminder at the agency of what he could have become. Kogoro is like a shadow future version of Shinichi: He was left by those he cherishes, because he only cared about his own gratification, he is simply too self-absorbed. Kogoro reminded Shinichi to be more considerate of Ran, of people in general.

Then there’s his admiration for Holmes, which he channels into his desire to be a “Heisei Holmes”, a modern Japanese equivalent of the famous detective. Now, reading his appreciation monologue, I felt a true sting in my heart: What he admires most about Holmes is “that everyone knows who he is.”

The shrinking has taught him that fame should be the least of his concern. It is the people in front of him that matter: Those he loves, those hurt by crimes, those that depend on him. Not some strangers, some unaffected people who would write him fanmail or gossip to make their lives more interesting.

Back then, he only praised Holmes’ visible persona: His ability to play the violin, his physical strength, the sharp deductions, his composed attitude when faced with difficult situations. But Shinichi completely forgets to mention Holmes’ CHARACTER. In fact, Holmes is known for listening to all sides, even the culprit’s. Shinichi, however, is not yet willing to look behind labels. He is merely interested in “beating” the game as quickly as possible - he does not care about alternative endings. Predicting what a murderer, a thief, a criminal might feel is beyond him. This Shinichi would be unable to accept Shiho or save a murderer who plans to take his own life afterwards.

I called Shinichi careless, because he does not care about implications of the cases, like the loss of life or the legacy.

As he says, he is excited by cases, and he does not take other people’s point of view yet to realise that these are human tragedies. To Shinichi, there is no victim, no grieving friends and families. He only sees crime scenes as a stage full of props that will allow him to play against the culprit. That is the difference between Conan and Shinichi. Conan learned to be kind. He even began to respect Kogoro despite his professional and personal failings. Shinichi nowadays is a grown-up, who is no longer running away from his responsibilities and "thinks before he acts.”

It is truly amazing, this change of heart. But it seemed so natural that I barely noticed the stark difference without comparing the recent chapters to the very first volume. Kudos to Aoyama.

Magi 344 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

UPDATE: I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^ Also, Thank you to @sayakakat2012​ for translating page 10 and 12 from the Korean scans on saturday (  i checked it and it was the same in japanese haha) 

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Netabare’s texts ^^ 

@sayakakat2012 @maumauxmau

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Alibaba: There was a time when I was dead. at that time, I was blown to a strange space. At first, I didn’t understand the reason.

Night 344 : All is a strategic move*

TN: *Sort of ( It could also be “All are preparations”), it’s a tricky line to accommodate in English but, it means that it was all a means to an end. 

Alibaba: What? Wasn’t I fighting against Hakuryuu until just a while ago?

Text in black (Narration): 

what happened between Alibaba’s death and until his resurrection!?

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undersnaker  asked:

Hey, since there are no spaces in sentences in Japan, how do you separate the words? Sorry am I'm bothering.

Hi! I’m not good at explaining grammar, so please ask google or check wikipedia if the following explanation doesn’t make sense to you! xD

Q: how do you separate the words? 


1) We use punctuation marks such as comma and full stop.
2) We don’t really need to separate words (i.e. spaces between words) because we use 3 different writing systems (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji) and combine them within 1 sentence, e.g.

去年イギリスきました。 (I went to England last year.)

去年 (Kanji) - last year
、 (comma)
(Kanji) - I
は (Hiragana) - subject marker
イギリス (Katakana) - England
に (Hiragana) - to
きました (Kanji+Hiragana) - went
。 (full stop)

We usually use Kanji for nouns (e.g. 私 - I), Katakana for foreign words and proper nouns (e.g. イギリス - England) and Hiragana for particles (e.g. “to”, “at”, “in”, “with”, “for” etc) and sentence endings (e.g. ”desu”/”masu”). So if you have basic knowledge of sentence structure in Japanese language, it’s not difficult to see which letter/character belongs to which word - even without spaces :)  

Theoretically, you could write the sentence above only using Hiragana:

きょねんわたしはいぎりすにいきました。 (I went to England last year.)

or Katakana

キョネンワタシハイギリスニイキマシタ。 (I went to England last year.)

This would be indeed somewhat difficult to read (justimgaineanEnglishsentencewithoutspacesbetweenthewords), but a normal Japanese would never write like this, so practically, this problem would never occur xD    

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As a child I loved fs but never was allowed to start lessons and therefore had to "get over it". I do know the basic rules but am completely lost when it comes to the skaters so could you maybe make an essential list of the vip ones rn please?

Sorry for the late reply! Here’s a list of some of the top figure skaters of the 2016-17 season (senior skaters only). It doesn’t include everyone, naturally. If you’d like more detailed info on some of these skaters, you can browse through our competition previews! (Or read their Wikipedia bios.)


  • Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) - 2014 Olympic Champion & World Champion, 4-time GPF Champion, 4-time Japanese National Champion
  • Javier Fernandez (Spain) - 2015 & 2016 World Champion, 5-time European Champion, 2-time GPF silver medalist
  • Patrick Chan (Canada) - 2014 Olympic silver medalist, 3-time World Champion, 2-time GPF Champion, 3-time 4CC Champion, 9-time Canadian National Champion
  • Nathan Chen (USA) - 2016 GPF silver medalist, 2017 US National Champion
  • Shoma Uno (Japan) - 2015 & 2016 GPF bronze medalist, 2016 Japanese National Champion, 2015 Junior World Champion
  • Boyang Jin (China) - 2016 World bronze medalist, 2016 4CC silver medalist
  • Denis Ten (Kazakhstan) - 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, 2015 World bronze medalist, 2013 World silver medalist, 2015 4CC Champion
  • Adam Rippon (USA) - 2016 US National Champion
  • Jason Brown (USA) - 2015 US National Champion
  • Mikhail Kolyada (Russia) - 2017 Russian National Champion, 2017 European bronze medalist
  • Maxim Kovtun (Russia) - 3-time European medalist, 3-time Russian National Champion


  • Evgenia Medvedeva (Russia) - 2016 World Champion, 2016 & 2017 European Champion, 2015 & 2016 GPF Champion, 2-time Russian National Champion
  • Satoko Miyahara (Japan) - 2015 World silver medalist, 2016 4CC Champion, 2015 & 2016 GPF silver medalist, 3-time Japanese National Champion
  • Anna Pogorilaya (Russia) - 2016 World bronze medalist, 2016 GPF bronze medalist, 2017 European silver medalist
  • Carolina Kostner (Italy) - 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, 2012 World Champion, 6-time World medalist, 5-time European Champion
  • Ashley Wagner (USA) - 2016 World silver medalist, 2012 4CC Champion, 3-time GPF medalist, 3-time US National Champion
  • Kaetlyn Osmond (Canada) - 3-time Canadian National Champion
  • Elena Radionova (Russia) - 2015 World bronze medalist, 2-time European silver medalist, 2-time GPF medalist, 2014 Russian National Champion
  • Wakaba Higuchi (Japan) - 2-time Junior World bronze medalist, 3-time Japanese National medalist
  • Maria Sotskova (Russia) - 2016 Junior World silver medalist, 2016 Russian National bronze medalist
  • Mai Mihara (Japan) - 2016 Japanese National bronze medalist
  • Karen Chen (USA) - 2017 US National Champion, 2015 US National bronze medalist
  • Mirai Nagasu (USA) - 2016 4CC silver medalist, 2008 US National Champion
  • Mao Asada (Japan) - 2010 Olympic silver medalist, 3-time World Champion, 4-time GPF Champion, 3-time 4CC Champion, 6-time Japanese National Champion
  • Gracie Gold (USA) - 2-time US National Champion


  • Meagan Duhamel/Eric Radford (Canada) - 2015 & 2016 World Champions, 2014 GPF Champions, 2-time 4CC Champions, 6-time Canadian National Champions
  • Wenjing Sui/Cong Han (China) - 2015 & 2016 World silver medalists, 3-time 4CC Champions, 2-time GPF bronze medalists
  • Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov (Russia) - 2016 GPF Champions, 2017 European Champions, 3-time Russian National medalists
  • Aliona Savchenko/Bruno Massot (Germany) - 2016 World bronze medalists, 2016 & 2017 European silver medalists
  • Ksenia Stolbova/Fedor Klimov (Russia) - 2014 Olympic & World silver medalists, 2015 GPF Champions, 3-time European medalists, 3-time Russian National Champions
  • Vanessa James/Morgan Cipres (France) - 2017 European bronze medalists
  • Xiaoyu Yu/Hao Zhang (China) - 2016 GPF silver medalists
  • Cheng Peng/Yang Jin (China) - 2016 Chinese National Champions
  • Natalia Zabiiako/Alexander Enbert (Russia) - 2016 Russian National bronze medalists
  • Julianne Seguin/Charlie Bilodeau (Canada) - 2015 Junior World silver medalists, 2-time Canadian National medalists
  • Lubov Iliushechkina/Dylan Moscovitch (Canada) - 3-time Canadian National medalists

Ice Dance:

  • Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir (Canada) - 2010 Olympic Champions, 2014 Olympic silver medalists, 2-time World Champions, 2016 GPF Champions, 2-time 4CC Champions, 7-time Canadian National Champions
  • Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron (France) - 2015 & 2016 World Champions, 3-time European Champions, 2016 GPF silver medalists
  • Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani (USA) - 2016 World silver medalists, 2011 World bronze medalists, 2016 GPF bronze medalists, 2016 4CC Champions, 2-time US National Champions
  • Madison Chock/Evan Bates (USA) - 2015 World silver medalists, 2016 World bronze medalists, 2-time GPF silver medalists, 3-time 4CC medalists, 2015 US National Champions
  • Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje (Canada) - 2014 World silver medalists, 2015 World bronze medalists, 2-time GPF Champions, 2-time 4CC Champions, 2-time Canadian National Champions
  • Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte (Italy) - 2014 World & European Champions, 3-time European silver medalists, 2015 GPF bronze medalists
  • Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev (Russia) - 2013 World bronze medalists, 2013 European Champions, 6-time Russian National Champions
  • Madison Hubbell/Zachary Donohue (USA) - 2014 4CC Champions, 4-time US National bronze medalists
  • Piper Gilles/Paul Poirier (Canada) - 2014 4CC silver medalists, 5-time Canadian National medalists

I ought to be drawing Chopin instead, what with it being his birthday-ish and all, but instead I got hit with the visual equivalent of a drabble, so. Because, even though Erlkonig actually translates as Alder-king or (often) Elfking, the Japanese kanji (Ma-O) actually could be read (I think) like ‘King of Evil’. And well, as some stories go, the king of hell was once upon a time the brightest and most beautiful angel. And Schu’s music tends to manifest in light. And I only just realized that his composer baton sort of looks like a sword. And then I wanted to draw him with a flaming sword/baton and wings. So. Anyway.

I doubt the anime will look anything like this.

Watching the NIS America Press Livestream, Here are Details

Danganronpa Stuff:

– Oh god, the way they had to delicately help the poor boy/girl inside the Monokuma suit onto the stage… so sweet/pathetic. Of course, Kodaka and his translator come out with Monokuma, and Kodaka promptly does a Monokuma voice (in English!) into the microphone.

– The translator is too nervous to actually translate the first lines Kodaka says about DRV3, she stumbles and struggles while giggling, and Kodaka hilariously points out “But she doesn’t have to listen to me at all! She only has to read the monitor next to mine! I could say anything in Japanese, honestly, and it doesn’t matter. So maybe I’ll just make up some lies about competing games.”

– DRV3′s new school is now called Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles in the English translation. … I like it. Much better than “Gifted Inmates Academy,” the initial rough translation.

– The demo version IS coming to North America. It’ll be the same demo they had in Japan with Makoto and Hajime.

– September 26, 2017 is the official release date for Danganronpa V3 in North America!

– In fact, the worldwide releases will all be in September 2017, evidently, across Asia/Australia/Europe, although he doesn’t provide more details beyond that.

– Kodaka acknowledges that there’s a bit of time between the Japanese release and the others, but he says they’re going to be using the time to optimize the game further.

– Honestly, even the trailer for the Reload and UDG re-releases got my heart pumping. You give me that theme music, and I have an immediate reflex action of “OHMYGOD DANGANRONPA”

– The new teaser for DRV3 isn’t really… anything to speak of. Just some sprite art and text promising that stuff will be all-new.

Not-Dangan thoughts:

1) Is this press event all happening in someone’s basement? Why does it look like I’m in my old elementary school’s cafeteria?

2) Who is this Pewdiepie Lite-lookin’ host?

3) Tokyo Tattoo Girls looks embarrassing…

4) I’ve never heard of Touhou before, but it sure is… prolific, evidently. Some of the games shown look pretty cool. I need to look into this.

MAGI 346 Full Spoiler Translation

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

@sayakakat2012 @maumauxmau

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts ^^

UPDATE:  added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

*The color page is an image of Alibaba and Hakuryuu. The text says something like this:

“They are friends and were also enemies. Along with the conflicting years, Here is the testimony of having lived on.

To the heart of the fierce fight’s final chapter!!! The confrontation is against the one who became god, Sinbad!!

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Alibaba spent time in the world after death. Is the experience of that time foretelling something? 

Alibaba: As i told you, i revived.

Arba: Are you saying that David’s “convictions*” always materialize without exception?

TN: Conviction/Belief.

Alibaba: Yes, to take over Sinbad-san and reach the seat of the King at the sacred palace was David’s conviction. It seems that he was also aiming to take “Solomon’s wisdom”, I revived in order to stop that but…

Alibaba: He didn’t materialize either of those things.

Arba: That’s right.

Arba: Far from taking over Sinbad, Elder David was won over* and became his subordinate.

TN: persuaded

Alibaba: Really?


Night 346 “Neither future”

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Victor’s conversational Japanese is far, far better than Yuuri’s Russian will ever be.

Yuuri can say ‘hello’ and ‘good luck’ and ‘how do I get to the airport from here’ and ‘do you have any advice on my combination jumps?’ in adequate Russian, though Yakov always lowers his brows and answers in gruff accented English. Victor can say all of those things in Japanese, but also things like, ‘I love the sound of the seagulls on the shore,’ and ‘Mama, tell Yuuri and Makkachin to stop ganging up on me,’ and ‘Axel! Lutz! Loop! Make sure you film this for the skating nerds, okay?’ Victor can manage a conversation with just about anyone, up to and including bearded grandpas who have never left Hasetsu and only speak in a Kyushu accent so thick that even normal tourists from the city have to ask them to repeat themselves. He fills in the gaps with hand gestures, asks for new words with total unselfconsciousness, and soaks up Yuuri’s language like a sponge.

On the other hand, Yuuri can reliably read street signs in St Petersburg, so he’s doing a lot better than Victor there. Victor’s way is to just do things and work it out as he goes along. He doesn’t do nearly as well at anything he has to study. Yuuri only got his head around English by studying and studying, and putting in hours of practice with a Russian primer comes easily to him. Victor gets bored after ten minutes of Japanese reading lessons.

“Show me your name, Yuuri,” he says at last. “I don’t need anything else.”

Yuuri writes it for him on the back of an old receipt from the onsen restaurant, and then, when Victor insists, talks him through each character. Victor exclaims over every one (cute! perfect! that’s exactly you, Yuuri!) until Yuuri laughs.

If, Yuuri thinks, he had stopped Victor stealing that receipt with a wink and slipping it ostentatiously into his wallet, he could have avoided a whole lot of embarrassment later. But at the time it only made him blush and laugh and avoid Victor’s eyes. At the time he still didn’t understand just how serious Victor was about him. It’s not until the time they’ve upended both their lives, moved Yuuri halfway across the world for the second time in a year, kissed and cried both in public and in private, and whispered promises to each other over the rings Yuuri bought them, that Yuuri is prepared to face up to the fact that Victor is truly as serious as a heart attack about him.

Of course by then he’s forgotten all about the receipt.


Really Yuuri should have been suspicious when Victor wouldn’t show him his costume for his comeback free skate, especially after the string of transparent excuses. “It’s not finished,” says Victor, and then, “It’s gone back to the costumier for tailoring, because your mama’s cooking made me gain weight, Yuuri!,” and finally the totally unconvincing, “no, it’s bad luck.”

“Isn’t that for weddings?” says Yuuri, and then, “Victor. Are you skating in a wedding costume?”

“No!” says Victor.

“You can’t wear a veil to hide your bald spot, old man,” says Yuuri.

“You’re so cruel,” says Victor. “Of course I’m not skating in a wedding outfit. That’s for our wedding skate.”

“Wedding skate?” says Yuuri, and eyes Victor suspiciously. Unfortunately it is completely impossible to tell the difference between Victor’s joking grin and his I-am-deadly-serious grin. “Victor, are we doing a wedding skate?”

“When you win gold,” says Victor airily. “Which you won’t if you don’t practice that flip, by the way, because you’re competing with a genius from now on. Go on! Listen to your coach!”

“You’re not so much of a genius that you don’t also need to practice, Vitya!” yells Yakov from across the rink. Yakov, Yuuri’s discovered, has incredible hearing.  “Get over here! Flirt in the off-season!”

Victor smirks and tosses his head and touches Yuuri’s hand tenderly and skates away to see what Yakov wants, already radiating who me? from every line of his body. Yuuri covers his giggle with his hand and goes to practice the quad flip.

He realises later that Victor successfully dodged telling Yuuri anything at all about his free skate costume. Yuuri’s seen bits of the program, and Victor’s played him the music, but he’s being secretive about how the whole thing fits together. Yuuri decides to let him get on with it. He knows how much Victor loves creating surprises. It makes something inside him melt when he thinks that Victor’s getting up early and practicing for hours before Yuuri gets to the rink just to make a surprise for him.

They’re a - a thing, now. A something. Yuuri doesn’t want to put words on it in case he ruins it. ‘Boyfriend,’ which is what the sports press is going with, doesn’t seem big enough anyway. Boyfriend is what Georgi is doing with his beautiful snowboarder Katya, and it’s about going to restaurants together and him bringing her flowers - not that Yuuri and Victor aren’t doing that, they went out for Italian last week, but it’s different. They’re just them. Victor is Victor and Yuuri is Yuuri, and together they’re together, and that’s all that matters. Victor kisses Yuuri’s ring and makes jokes about getting married, and Yuuri skates for him.

He’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life.

And on top of that they share a bed, and they share… other things. Things Yuuri finds hard to talk about unless he’s actually in bed, with Victor, and then the filth that he can whisper and mean shocks them both. His understanding of Eros is certainly improving.

“Don’t forget to make notes, Yuuri,” says Victor afterwards, once, while Yuuri is still panting. “You’re going to need all of this to beat me at Worlds.”

Yuuri very calmly picks up a pillow and puts it over Victor’s face and keeps it there while Victor kicks and laughs and protests that he’s being murdered, murdered! underneath him. He thinks that’s more than fair.


In the end Yuuri doesn’t get to see Victor’s free skate program until the Russian Nationals, and even then, thanks to the terrible timing of their respective national competitions, he’s watching it on a livestream from Tokyo instead of in real life. And he almost misses what Victor’s done, too caught up in the beautiful, beautiful skating to really look at the costume. No one, no one, skates like Victor Nikiforov. He’s beautiful; he’s more than just beautiful; he’s mesmerizing. And in the secret depths of his soul, Yuuri thinks that even the old Victor Nikiforov couldn’t skate like the man he’s watching on his phone’s too-small screen. He lets himself imagine that it’s because of him, and his heart is full.

Part of him is also wondering how on earth Victor expects him to beat a program like this at Worlds. He hasn’t held back at all. He’s been telling Yuuri this whole time that he’s going to win gold, while preparing a program like this for him to compete against? Once Yuuri would have assumed Victor had been lying every time he encouraged Yuuri to aim for the top of the podium. Now he knows better than that. He puts his hands over his face. Victor has so, so much faith in him.

And then through a crack between his fingers he sees the camera for the stream pan down Victor’s body as he holds his final pose.

“Victor has been inspired by his experiences in Japan, where he coached the supposedly washed-up Yuuri Katsuki to his astonishing silver medal in the Grand Prix,” says the English-speaking commentator in Yuuri’s headphones. “It’s clear that Japanese culture means a lot to him! We do not have a translation yet for the Japanese characters he has chosen to, er, include in his costume, but this acknowledgement shows the graciousness we have come to expect from Nikiforov -”

“Victor!” Yuuri squeaks. 

The little Victor on the screen is smiling as he waves, in a way that probably looks enigmatic to anyone who doesn’t know him. It’s like he knows Yuuri is watching. The cameraman zooms in on the characters the commentator is talking about, and Yuuri wants to die.

That’s Yuuri’s name, ‘included’ in Victor’s costume. Included, in that there’s a sparkling mesh window over Victor’s hip, and Yuuri’s name is quite clearly tattooed there.

Yuuri suddenly remembers Victor taking that receipt.

At exactly that moment he gets a text from Minako which is nothing but a keysmash.

Victor wins his Nationals, beating Yurio by a hair. Yuuri turns off his phone screen, lies down flat on his back, and tries not to die of blushing.

His phone beeps with another text. Yuuri scrambles to pick it up. It’s from Yurio.

😡😡😡😡😡👎‼, it says.

“Haha,” says Yuuri faintly.

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Hey I was reading chapter 126 and there's something engraved on the gun but it could also just be scratches? Have you perhaps already made a post on this topic?

It reads “BULLDOG” and the gun is most likely the “Charter Arms Bulldog” :D

The only problem, however, is that this revolver was first introduced back in 1973, i.e. almost a century later (it’s currently 1889 in Kuro universe). That’s why some people in the Japanese fandom suspect that there might be a shinigami (*cough* Undertaker *cough*) at play since they seem to have access to tools and items that have been invented way later, like Grell’s chainsaw or Ludger’s adidas shoes!

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I wish I could translate things, but I only know like....5 phrases in Japanese ;~; Oh well ~◇●)/ keep up the good work and you are doing gr9!

THANK YOU!! 🌈 🌈 🌈

You know, before I started this group I was feeling the same. I was like “ugh I wish I could do something” so I started messaging the groups of the manga I liked and told them nice things and fangirled at them (I still do that ^^). 

Whenever you guys read a manga you really liked, look at the credit page and message that team. Or leave a nice comment at the page where you read it.
You dont even have to write deep and meaningful texts. 
I’m sure many groups appreciate a “ASDFGHJKLDIOFNHOAIUGASDUAFV OMFG GREAT JOB” just as much, if you know what I mean lol
Because we do. 
It’s like our payment, a reward, extremely motivating. ^^
So… everyone can do something in scanlations :3


MAGI 345 Full Spoiler Translation

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts ^^

@sayakakat2012 @maumauxmau

UPDATE:  I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^ 

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Even if he dies, he won’t give up!!
How did he came back to life?

*Netabare text: Wahid, Setta and Tess are piling up stones. Lethargic people are floating around them.

Alibaba: I want to come back to life!

Wahid: Again, with that? Come do masonry too, Alibaba! Everything will be fine among us anyway!

Alibaba: Nothing will be fine!

Wahid: Since Alibaba came here, he has been investigating around and listening to everyone’s conversations nonstop.

Tess: Hey big brother Setta

Tess: What kind of feeling is “to want to be alive again”?

Setta: Who knows, but Tess was also alive a long time ago.

Tess: Hmm.

Night 345: Magical Connection

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