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CS FF: Houseguest from Hell

Summary: Wish Realm Hook sneaks through the portal and ends up in Storybrooke.  This results in Emma and Killian getting an unwelcome houseguest and Emma an unwanted suitor.

Rating: PG

Note: I just thought it would be funny if Wish Realm Hook ended up in Storybrooke and met his counterpart, while stirring up some trouble.  This is the result.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

….Houseguest from Hell: Part 1/1…

Killian kicked the front door closed with his boot, as his lips remained fused to Emma’s.

“I missed you so much,” he breathed into her mouth.

Emma pulled back for a moment, caressing his cheek as she met his eyes. “After that portal closed, I was scared I might never find a way back to my family.  Back to you.”

Killian offered her a smile. “I never doubted for a moment that you would find your way back to me.”

Emma grinned as she captured his lips again.  She began to maneuver them to the couch.

“Henry is staying at Regina’s tonight, so we have the house to ourselves,” she managed to mumble between kisses.

Killian moved his lips to her neck.  “I want to take my time with you.  Let’s go to our bedroom.”

They didn’t stop kissing all the way up the stairs, nearly falling several times in the process.  By the time they made it to the threshold of their bedroom, Emma’s jacket had been shed, as had Hook’s.  Emma was hard at work on the buttons of his vest.

Killian wrapped his arms around Emma’s waist as he pulled her flush against his body and backed them into their bedroom.   Emma felt the back of her legs hit the bed and she felt onto it, Killian landing gently on top of her. She clawed at his back, a moan escaping her lips.  

“Do you mind? I am trying to sleep,” a voice sounded behind them.

Emma and Killian’s eyes flew open and they quickly parted, scrambling to their feet to face the voice.  Spread out on Killian’s side of the bed, was Wish Realm Hook.  

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‘Thwarted’ Chapter 54

The next chapter is up!  Galactic Idiot faces the music with Galactic Rock-and-a-Hard-Place and Galactic Middle Management gets a bit of revenge. Then Galactic Cool Aunt shows up unexpectedly. The meeting with Galactic Worst Mom Ever did not go well.


He’s turning to Hux, opening his mouth to say something when his cheek explodes in pain. He’s so shocked that he doesn’t even try to defend himself. It takes him a moment to understand that Hux just punched him. The surprise is so utterly total that he can’t even find anger. He cradles his cheek and looks at Hux.

“You will never hurt Shree again or I will find a way to kill you,” Hux snarls, his pale eyes flashing with fire.

Kylo nods his head dumbly and watches as Hux flexes his hand, straightens his uniform and strides from Kylo’s office.


   i’ve been thinking about this since the beginning of this blog and finally decided to write out my view on it. 

    if you feel like i’m pushing you into a ship between sherlock and molly, i can assure you that i’m not. of course, it’s a relationship that i want to explore because i find it interesting, but i would never force you into anything you don’t want. but the thing is, if your sherlock has no interest in molly whatsoever or does have it, one thing will remain as it was in the show.

   molly loves sherlock. i cannot erase that part, make her uncaring of how sherlock behaves, feels or make her not react to his touches, softer words. it’s a big part of her as a character and making it disappear would change her radically. if you want to keep your sherlock disinterested in her that’s fine with me, but i cannot make her disinterested in sherlock. unrequited love is something i have a first hand experience off ( yes even with the object of my affections being aware of what i feel ). and i’m more than ok to keep it as unrequited between your sherlock and my molly. but erasing her feelings for the man would make me write her as out of character ( not concerning any alternative universes ) 

   in my main verse she loves sherlock, she earns for his touch or a compliment. she keeps her hopes up that maybe, maybe, someday something might happens. she waited for so long and she will keep waiting. whether it will happen or not is up to you but one thing will remain unchanging. molly will want sherlock. 

    i hope you understand that and i hope that you don’t feel like i’m forcing a ship onto you. it’s not my intentions. i’m just trying to keep molly as close to her characterization in the show as possible. 

the monday morning clip in episode 4 s3 was so wild like isak and even were trying to have a casual conversation “are you going to party?” “lol no… I MEAN maybe are you   going  to party?” “yeah i thought    yeah wanna pre drink together?” “sure sure sure coolcoolcoolcool” as if they didn’t almost kiss three days earlier

i mean look at them. these nerds are terrible at playing cool


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun

anonymous asked:

Where do you find anatomy references? I can never find any good ones

I have a Pinterest just for this!! It’s open to public and I never go anywhere else to find references (because Pinterest is just too good to me ww) so feel free to peruse my whole account to find whatever you need! Here are the anatomy specific boards that I have:

(Potential nudity warning for almost all of them, pretty much!)





General Anatomy tips:












Additionally, here’s some other stuff I’ve also done in regards to anatomy:

Posts I’ve made on anatomy:



+ a masterpost I made with links to figure drawing websites:


Have fun Anon!!

@ all dmab/masculine agender/nb people: you matter. You absolutely matter. Your identities are real and valid and nobody but you is allowed to determine your worth. It’s a hard world out there but you are real and loved, and you can make it through.


i think we can safely assume that oikawa sings in the shower, but i’d like to think that whenever they shower together, he gets exceptionally into it, and while it starts out as a sweet serenade for iwaizumi, it quickly turns into him belting the song at the top of his lungs (and it usually ends in either a whack on the back of the head or a totally awesome make out session)

related to these things:



It started out small. First I made excuses to why I had been crying, then when that didn’t work, I just ignored whatever questions I was asked. After that came feeling drained emotionally and physically. I slept off however I felt in hopes to feel better… but that led to headaches and pills. Getting over you is no simple task.. it’s one I hoped I’d never even have to try to commit to. Yet, at the same time, I knew we’d never last.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#43)
But Like

why doesn’t Adam (AKA the Beast) turn into a human sooner.


She learned to love him way before he was about to die.

Major plot fail, Disney.

I want Adam running into the library in human form one random day.

And Belle’s like “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

And Adam’s just so excited that she loves him that he just stands there, breathing heavily (because he’s run through the entire castle to find her) and says softly, “You love me.”

And Belle says, “Um, I’m sorry. I’ve never met you. How did you find this castle? Who are you?”

And Adam just comes up to her, practically gliding across the room because of all the height and weight he’s lost. “It’s me, Belle,” he says, gently hugging her.

She fights it only enough to look him in the eyes (because he’s still strong despite him not having a hulking figure anymore), and that’s when she can have an actual “It IS you” moment that makes sense.