if i need someone

find you someone who looks at you the way mon-el looks at kara

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Just remember, love always wins. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

Okay this doesn’t get said enough
you are not less worthy of anything bc of your mental illness.
You are not a burden.
People dont just ‘put up with you’
You are loved
You matter
You deserve good.
You deserve happiness
You are not less than bc of your mental illness

Yuzu's Training Gear

I can’t believe I haven’t realized/thought about this yet.

Does Yuzuru have a certain preference for UA gear that he brings to competitions? Just like his skating rituals and need to have Poohbear nearby…does he tend to favor certain UA gear? After looking at a lot of photos from practices this season it seems he likes to wear the same UA black short sleeve (the one with gold ‘Yuzuru Hanyu’ embellished on the neck). I think what I have always thought was that it was by random chance or he just liked the shirt. But is it possible that just like other competition routines he follows, he ‘only’ (and I use this term loosely since he could favor a few but it’s the same general idea) brings certain gear to competition? Kind of in the sense that a routine=good luck charm?

I mean it’s known from other photos that he likes black (known for it, really) but he also has red, light blue, navy blue, gray, and who knows what else in his training wardrobe. I just never considered it’s possible role in competition psyching…am I stupid for not realizing this?

I wish people tagging their character hate was a more popular thing? I mean, there’s a difference between valid criticism and “this character is fucking awful and I hate them, let me list the reasons why.” People can use (or not use) whatever tags they want, of course, but I really appreciate the people who are thoughtful enough to give others the option of not seeing that stuff by tagging it.


Mr. Selfridge - 28/? times Lady Mae Madame Rennard reveals cracks in hides behind her façade (4x01)

The urge to go back and buy them tomorrow is unreallll. Chucks on sale and they’ve got the tiniest little reflective strip on the back and some light green accents by the soles they’re so cute 🙈🙈🙈😍

Status Update: Still Alive

Tempted to make some kind of Portal reference now because of the title…

Been pretty unproductive lately, aside from screaming about dumb comics on Twitter and posting about seiyuu here. Sorry about that - I was busy with family stuff this past weekend, and couldn’t really get back into the rhythm of things.

I will see if I can get something done this week though, because data miners have confirmed that the next event on the WW SIF server is the ChikaYou Score Match, from 4/01 - 4/11 (UTC). Since I’m planning to T1 for that, I’m obviously not gonna get anything done once the event starts. I’ll be too busy screaming at the shitty new MMR system that’ll be implemented for this event - not that it really affects me since my teams are weak af and I never do well in song score rankings, but still.

Also, people are also predicting that dodging is finally gonna be nixed on ENSIF (since you can no longer dodge without penalty on JPSIF), so I’m probably gonna get my ass kicked even more than usual. I’ll just keep telling myself that my lack of strong cards is worth saving up for my dream Rin card…it totally is…yup…I have nearly 1700 love gems at this point, and if I don’t get at least a Rin UR during her birthday scout, I’m going to flip some shit. _(:3 」∠)_

The data miners have also found that the 1st year promo URs will be arriving in April, by the way, in case any of y’all haven’t been playing SIF lately. Be sure to log in for 7 days to get that Hanayo (Promo) UR that we’ve all been waiting for!

To iu koto de And with that, my closing remarks…

Yujacha’s “Get at least one of these things done this week or else I’ll smack myself upside the head for laziness” to-do list:

  • “Aqours in Seoul” interview TL. Please. It’s been so long.
  • Finish bulk of TL for the “Aqours in Seoul” GOdocu video so that I can focus on timing/typesetting after the ChikaYou event.
  • Answer 1 ask. Maybe more, if I feel really productive.
  • TL Onmyeon’s KanaMari comic and try not to cry at its angst
  • Possibly ask Pito, yuyu, and KANARIN as well for their comics, JFC why do I keep trying to give myself more work?
  • Do some stalking detective work on Suwawa and Rikyako for a possible future post about certain habits of theirs.

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