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everyone's worrying so much about future scenes and here i am just praying for alec to wear his head of the institute blazer again!

OH. MY. GOD. I KNOW? How does it work? When does he get to wear it? On mondays? Clave meetings? During roleplay with Mr. Bane? I need to know.

When is the next downworld meeting because I need to see him in this jacket AGAIN.

Hey guys! I need your help!

Recently I got the idea to doing animations, and I’m starting to get! And now I want to try to make a full animation. 
I want to make animation for the song {DAGames - Left Behind}, and I need your help!

Guys who know the universes Undertale, help me!

Please make reblog this post and write all the “bad” Sans which you know {if you heard this song, you have to understand me}

for example : Error!Sans

I don’t have the opportunity to draw on the tablet, but I can still start the storyboard and “assign each character on the scene”.

I hope for your support and help! ^w^

it won’t happen, but i would absolutely love to see a scene with sansa and bran, where sansa is telling bran all about everything that happened when he was gone (even though he already knows) and when she gets to the bit about ramsay, she just kind of trails off… but then bran takes her hand and says “i know, sansa. i was there with you. i know.” because bran is the three-eyed raven now, having seen everything that’s ever happened, in a way it’s like bran was there with sansa through all of it… that she wasn’t alone.

Okay so yesterday I was talking with a friend and suddenly she said “can you stop talking about Park Jihoon for three damn seconds?” And I was like “yeah, sure. One, two, three. So did you see Jihoon…”, and she screamed “fFS JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM”. I smiled, nodded and quickly changed the topic to Wanna One in general.

I swear, for a second I thought she was going to kill me.


2moons season 2 sneak peak

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oats: the witching soul of music 

Just for reference: in my head, this happens in the same Island Mode universe/timeline as shelf sea.

(Leave a character/pairing + flower(s) in my inbox, and I’ll write you a thing!)

Souda and Mioda figure out how to rig up the outside speakers around the hotel pool. It takes three days to get Mioda to agree with the rest of them on what constitutes “pool party music”; down to the wire, but just in time to make good use of their next day off.

He lays himself out on one of the lounge chairs on the pool deck. He’s not interested in swimming, but the sky is clear and the sun is bright. He’s content enough to tan while the rest of them take turns shoving each other into the pool.

Peko hoists herself out of the water in one smooth, effortless motion. She bends to pluck her towel from the end of his chair, and he scoots to give her room to sit on the edge beside him. She’s diligent about her sunscreen, patting herself dry and reapplying every two hours, on the dot.

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[8P/Eight Piece] Jumping Smile

Jumping Smile - Hatanaka Tasuku, Nogami Sho, Yashiro Taku, Enoki Junya, Arthur Lounsberry, Kousaka Atsushi, Masuyama Takeaki, and Chiba Shouya, for the seiyuu variety show 8P (Eight Piece)

Even if you’re hugging your knees and worrying, I’ll reach for your hand and never let go;
From here on out, you’re not alone.

Full translated lyrics under the cut!

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So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.