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Richie : So wait, you thought it was “gazebos”?

Eddie : Growing up. Making mistakes. Learning lessons. It’s part of life. The past is the past. It doesn’t define me. Living true to myself and being real is what it’s about.

ok billy would totally be the kind of person to throw literal rocks at steve’s window at like 1:00 in the morning. and it would cause steve to wake up and feel completely panicked at first because ‘what is making that weird tapping noise?’. and then he’d go through all of the trouble of digging his bat out of his closet because he can never be too careful, only to realize that the sound was coming from the glass windowpane. he’d sigh and then open up the window, only narrowly missing another rock that had been thrown up at the window just when he was opening it. he’d find billy just standing on the grass underneath him, looking almost annoyed and exasperated that steve wasn’t quicker. billy would then say something like a smartass, along the lines of “took you long enough.” this would prompt steve to start a long rant about how he was going to “scratch up the glass” or give him “a concussion” if he kept that up for long. their conversation would end in billy just smirking up at him and saying “are you gonna let me in or not?” steve would close the window with an eye roll but billy would know that he was going to let him in anyway. and, of course, a few moments later, billy would hear the front door of the house open up and he’d rush to the front of the house only to see steve in the doorway, arms crossed and leaning his side against the doorframe. “christ harrington, you need to learn how to be faster. i was freezing to death out here.” once more, steve rolls his eyes and reaches out a hand to grab billy’s forearm before shutting the door behind the both of them. “wear a jacket next time you decide to show up this late then,” he would respond, and as soon as the door was shut, billy would pull him even closer to him and gently, softly kiss steve harrington. and steve would never actually admit it, but he didn’t mind these late night visits, or interruptions.

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Thank you! You’re too kind! Hopefully more story posts soon! c:

I won’t, I won’t, this is just something I’ve been battling for a really long time but conversation with some lovely people here, who took the time to reach out to me, really helped kind of breakdown everything and find the root to some of my issue(s) here. Constantly a learning experience!

Some things I did learn are I’m blunt and honest (doesn’t excuse bad behaviors) but it can be misinterpreted as malicious intent or insensitive. The other being I take my blog really seriously and my relationships really seriously, just as seriously as if I was creating art on traditional media while sharing the room with others. Working on not being so sensitive because other people aren’t seeing situations like I do. Are theses parts of me good or bad? I mean, they have pros and cons. Luckily I have found people who appropriate these aspects of my personality.

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All those Kusanagi's "All my friends are dead" posts made me sad ;< ....How about one day Kusanagi find a pair of children playing in the park who look just like Mikoto and Totsuka. They instantly attach to him, following him around and wanting him to play with them days after days

Aw, I feel like this would be sort of bittersweet, Kusanagi spending time with these kids who only remind him of what he’s lost. But maybe this helps him work through his grief too, like with everything going on Kusanagi’s really been keeping a lot of his sadness inside because someone has to be strong for everyone else, someone has to keep moving forward and support Anna and the rest of Homra and his own loneliness tends to be kept below the surface. Then one day Kusanagi’s just out walking on his own, like maybe he’s picking up some supplies for the bar or something and he’s on his way home when he takes a shortcut through the park. He’s enjoying the warm summer day and the sound of kids playing when suddenly this cute blond kid runs up and starts pulling on his pants leg, telling him he dropped something. Kusanagi bends down to pick up the can he dropped and thanks the kid, the kid just has these sparkling eyes and wide smile as he asks what the can is for and is it for a new game because the kid has a new hobby today and he could use a can for it. Kusanagi stops for a moment, the talk of new hobbies giving him pause, and then the blond kid waves to a red-haired kid asleep under a bench and is like ‘I found a new can to play kick the can with’ and he’s all excited. Maybe he doesn’t necessarily call the red-haired kid King but he doesn’t call his friend by name either, like he’s ‘Boss’ or something and Kusanagi is so struck by the resemblance that he doesn’t even stop the blond from taking a can of beer to play with.

A couple days later Kusanagi’s walking through the park again and he runs back into the blond kid, almost knocking him down. Kusanagi apologizes and the kid’s like 'it’s fine, it’s fine,’ and then he recognizes Kusanagi and gets all excited, dragging him over because the new hobby today is flower crowns and he could use a hand. The red-haired kid is still asleep under the bench, the blond has covered him in flower crowns. Kusanagi suggests they let the redhead sleep, the redhead looks up and grunts that it’s okay, the other kid is energetic and they just have to let him get it out of his system. Despite himself Kusanagi ends up staying there and playing with them for an hour or so, afterward when he gets back to the bar Yata expresses surprise that Kusanagi was so late getting back and he was worried. Anna’s totally calm though, saying she knew Kusanagi was fine even as she looks at him with a slightly worried look.

After that Kusanagi starts stopping by the park often, looking for the two kids without even really realizing it. The blond kid always comes running whenever he sees Kusanagi, wanting to play with him and Kusanagi finds it unexpectedly calming to just sit and play with these two kids. He knows exactly who they remind him of and he kinda just avoids thinking about it, like if he thinks too hard he might think it’s pathetic to be clinging to two little kids in the place of the best friends that he lost. He really does find himself feeling lighter somehow though, like spending time with these kids helps heal something he wasn’t entirely aware was broken. Then one day when he stops by the blond tells him that they won’t be in the park anymore, like he and the redhead are step siblings and they were just in Shizume for the summer and now they’re going back home. The two kids give Kusanagi a flower crown made of daisies before they go, waving at him as they run off together and Kusanagi finds himself just standing there staring at the flowers in his hands. He eventually goes and sits on a bench as the sun goes down, smoking and clenching a flower crown in one hand and maybe he puts a hand briefly over his eyes, murmuring that it’s really unfair, isn’t it, that those two idiots left without him. He stays that way for a long time before finally getting up and going back to the bar, Anna’s there waiting even though it’s late. She asks Kusanagi is he’s okay and Kusanagi looks at the flower crown in his hands for a while before nodding. He goes back over to the bar and puts away the two glasses he had set out for people who won’t be able to drink them ever again and sets the flower crown next to a picture of himself and his two most important people back when they were young, feeling like maybe something that was bleeding has finally started scarring over, just a bit.

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Hello. Today is a good day to ask about Elly?

… no anon, today is not a good day to ask about Elly. No day is. Ever since @ka-za-ri dropped a box set of DVDs on my doorstep with his fucking name all over it, against my better judgement, I’ve watched over 3 hours of premium Blu-Ray Elly content and gone through every emotion on the planet during that time.

I guzzled half a liter of wine that night trying to keep it together. It wasn’t very effective.

I had to watch that mother fucker go through daily life and order katsu curry (also, how dare he, that’s my fave, and now I fucking miss Japan), get his hair did, make questionable fashion choices in which I yelled repeatedly at the screen for him to “PUT IT BACK IN THE TRASH, ELLIOT”, go to L.A. and hang out with brothas and make me feel all lowkey happy that he’s openly embracing his blackness along with his Japanese side, be in awe of just how talented and hardworking he is, giggle at his obsession with those fucking metallic bears he accosted a damn dispenser for like a child…

I saw his MVs in HD.

They were pretty. 😑

You know what else is pretty? Elly in white.

I just wanna unwrap that Hershey bar of a man and-

… anyway

I watched his concert and attempted clawing my face off because he even sweats pretty? How? And the way his shirt clung to his upper body…

And his fucking THIGHS, MY GOD

*screams into a pillow*




I just had thoughts on making a Servamp cover group and I would but I’m scared in general I don’t think anyone else would like/help out with the idea so jssjksmsks I’m just gonna crawl back into my corner goodbye.

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Ooh we droppin rarepairs? I like Breakdown and Dreadwing together (KOBD more of course but Dreadwing is so underrated and needs some love too)


With the release of Jonghyun’s album, I just want y’all to know that I love y’all. Take your time with listening to it if you need to. Maybe you’re ready now or maybe you’ll be ready a year from now or maybe you’ll never listen to it and that’s ok. Everyone moves at their own speed. If you start listening and feel like it’s too much then take a break. Take care of yourselves, ok?


Mental health in South Korea needs to be talked about

South Korea has had the highest suicide rate in the industrialized world for eight consecutive years. Suicide is the biggest cause of death to those in their 10s, 20s and 30s, and the suicide rates for men are twice as high as for women. These statistics only prove that the stigma surrounding mental health has to be changed - too many lives are being lost. 

Jonghyun was talented, and kind, and open, and was fighting so hard, and for so long. From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry to him, to anyone who knew him, and anyone who was his fan.