if i make it in life

what am I fucking doing with my fucking waste of life

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Sobre los dibujines de la tabla ésa... ¿Podrías hacer a Aulë en el 3A? Me lo imaginaba así cuando Ilúvatar le mete la bronca por crear a los enanos y luego él intenta exculparse de alguna forma vaga... xD Si tienes tiempo... gracias guapi :3

Translation: Concerning the drawings of the meme table… Could you draw 3A Aulë? I imagined him like that when Ilúvatar admonished him for creating the dwarves, and then he tried to vaguely apologize… xD If you have time… thanks cutie :3

Stuff I learned from watching Voltron Force
  • Force Keith is VLD Shiro

I can’t even say Force Keith is what inspired Shiro’s character because they are literally the same person. I felt like I was watching Shiro and for some reason everyone just kept calling him Keith haha.

  • Force Daniel is VLD Lance 

Just close your eyes and it’s him.

  • The rivalry between Keith and Lance apparently also comes from Force, because it didn’t really exist in DotU or Golion.
  • The bayards idea comes from here also (although I have to say the wrist thingies are way cooler, they should have kept those)
  • The Garrison trio was inspired by the Voltron Force Cadets

Maybe not so much with Pidge and Larmina, but Daniel and Vince are definitly what inspired Lance’s and Hunk’s friendship and characters in alot of ways.

  • Allura’s powers were inspired by Vince’s powers

He’s the only one that can really fight Haggarium.

  • Haggarium is basically the purple quintessence
  • This thing is that thing from the rift

And there’s like alot more that I’m gonna expand on and what I think it means for VLD, because seriously they took so much from Force, watching it felt almost spoilery…

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So according to 1theK (translations my bulletproof_sg on Twitter), Hoseok's fav perfume is Hermes Terre d'hermes... Idk anything abt fragrances but... Transference came to mind ๐Ÿ‘€

I’ve used sandalwood to describe his scent in the story, so to see that he’s wearing a woody/spicy/citrus blend….😍😍😍

(warning) not a relatable picture of gilgamesh:

whenever gil moves his head in the fate zero anime and his earrings make that wind-chimey noise/sound effect reblog if u agree

@jasperstudies made this really wonderful post about studyblr honesty that’s stuck with me for a while, so here’s a “behind the scenes” picture of what my homework normally looks like. 

As a Classics student, I do a lot of translation work, and it’s fun to share some of the pretty, polished translations that I do every week. But behind every picture I post, there’s a messy first draft (or two or three) covered in my corrections. I never write out a first draft in cursive - it’s not worth it! I also do most of my day-to-day classwork with cheap pens that I’ve had for years. 

So I met with a tutor to help me with my Spanish and she actually said that I speak it well, considering that I’m learning through Spanish classes. I need to work on my patience and not roll my r’s with every word with an r in it. 

I haven’t posted a lot about what this semester has been like, but for once I’m having an easier time in math than I am in Spanish. The Spanish class has has a Spanish Only rule (with no Spanish/English dictionary use) and there’s only nine of us and like five of them are native speakers. So I feel really out of place and it’s been a struggle.

But Imma get it. I’m gonna learn to speak Spanish, dammit!

so I’m going to write a book  and when that happens you’ll all be able to see my antagonist OC who I’ve devoted my life to, and when you all make him your husbando the only thing I hope for is that you will make him happy

idk it just rlly feels like a big step for me to not be on tumblr everyday 24/7 nd to not feel the urge to be caught up w my favs in every single thing they do nd to be apart of every broadcast or show like it’s just nice to casually log on reblog some gifs slobber over jjh nd log out nd move on w my life ????? #wild

what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: niall james horan really defied all of the odds and went to harry’s show last night AND he did it lowkey. he didn’t attract too much attention, didn’t really take pictures, took a couple of friends but stayed by himself in a corner and he just watched, like he was truly only there for harry. it wasn’t the first time he saw him perform but it was the first time he watched harry from the outside, from the crowd, where nothing he was doing was really directed at him, and yet he still had that same fond smile on his face which he gave harry so many times over the years before.