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Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start drawing for an online audience? Thank you :) I love deep-dark-fears!

Sure! Draw as much as possible, and make things that you enjoy. If you try to make something just because you think it’ll make other people happy, you’ll just wind up with something that might be popular, but that you don’t enjoy making.

Also, don’t be precious with the internet. You can start a blog for free. Don’t make it into a big scary thing. Make a bunch of things that amuse you. That way, if it’s unpopular, you’ll still have fun.

Here are some of my other blogs that are totally unpopular:

My favorite things I find on Tumblr - 1000% less popular than Deep Dark Fears:


I started making comics about a little wizard named “Loafwizard” and then I got too busy with other projects. Made one zine two years ago and haven’t been able to do anything with the character since:


Skip and Vaxo, a couple of characters I was playing with a few years ago. I want to make more things with them, maybe some day!


Just having fun with a closeup-lens camera:


Back when I was working on Blue’s Clues (a long time ago!) I found a bunch of outtakes from 1960′s porno films in a dumpster in Times Square, so I made some GIFs of them:


I was annoyed that a bunch of my students didn’t have blogs, so I made a blog for a roll of tape that was lying around the classroom, and I challenged them to get more active online than an inanimate roll of tape:


For a little while, I wasn’t sure if I would call my fear comics “Deep Dark Fears” or “Fear Pops” so I signed up for both names. I’m glad I went with “Deep Dark Fears.”


Here’s a blog that’s just photos I took inside the incredible natural history museum in Shanghai - one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I think it may have been torn down since I was there:


Here’s a blog I started with a few images of the band “Chumbawumba” just because I wanted to tweet, “I should probably be humbla, but I have a chumbawumba blog on tumbla.”


So, what I mean to say, is that it’s free and easy to start something on the internet. Try doing a bunch of things that amuse you or make you curious. One of the advantages of the internet, is that if it’s a total failure, NOBODY WILL EVER SEE IT. So what’s the risk, really?

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I'm a simple woman with simple wants; and what I want, is something where Aizawa had permanent damage to his vision after the USJ incident. Do you know of any fic or art or meta or ANYTHING that would scratch that particular itch? (I'm new to the fandom, and randomly came across your blog while browsing AO3.)

Welcome to the fandom, anon! 

I unfortunately do not know anything. But that’s such an awesome idea! Maybe one of my followers knows? 

in the meantime, enjoy this little tidbit I threw together. 

Even in the Dark AU 

It was dark. That was nothing new. Shouta’s world had been dark for the last four days. Thick layers of bandages were wrapped around his face. Hizashi had already made enough mummy jokes that Shouta was going to punch him as soon as Recovery Girl cleared him. 

The damage he suffered from the villains attacking had been extensive. Blood lost, broken bones, his lung had collapse, and a concussion with the injury near his eyes for the cherry on top. 

Everything ached. A bone deep weariness permeate throughout his body. Shouta couldn’t remember the last time he had been so tired. Never before in his career had been so far, so fast.

The silver lining was that none of his students were hurt. 

That alone made every ache, every itchy bandage, every needle poke worth it.  

“I’m going to remove the bandages now,” Recovery Girl said. 

“Alright,” Shouta said. Despite everything, Recovery Girl hadn’t been able to heal everything all in one goal. Shouta had stretched himself too far, barely had any energy left over for her to use to help heal him. It was the only reason why he was still in her care, four days later. 

“There we go,” Recovery Girl said. 

“Hm? You didn’t remove them?” Shouta asked. Everything was still dark.

He heard her turn, her coat whirling. “I did remove them,” she said, alarm slipping into her voice. 

Oh. Oh. Shouta felt his heart plummet, dread clawing it apart. He swallowed thickly, throat constricting. He gently touched his face, feeling the lack of bandages; the darkness never changing. “Oh,” he said. 

Blackthorn Tourists

So this is for @smolbean-hunters456​ who originally came up with the idea of the Blackthorns being really tacky tourists.

It been one of those days in which Julian Blackthorn had simply crashed onto his bed next to Emma groaning “we need a holiday” which made her chuckle. “It’s not funny Em” he mumbled into his pillow. Emma just lay down next to him, and started running her fingers through his hair. “I’m laughing because the day you claim to need a holiday is the day I get a text from Cristina saying she miss’s us all terribly and wanted to know if we would all like to visit her in Mexico City” she said. Jules looked up then and then at Emma. “You said yes right?” he asked, and when Emma smiled and nodded, he leant over and kissed her.

***1 week later***

Emma had been so excited to be reunited with Cristina, and the rest of the Blackthorns (featuring Kit) were just happy to be going on an actual holiday. Diana had decided to stay behind and “look after the Institute” but the Blackthorns suspected that a certain Faerie had something to do with it, not that they minded. Everything had been packed (courtesy of Jules) and they were currently waiting for Tessa to create them a Portal to take them to Mexico.

When the Portal finally opened, Emma was the first though, and on seeing Cristina, the girls turned into stereotypical teenage girls, meaning they just ran screaming at each other and the result was a very over-enthusiastic hug. Once Emma finally released Cristina, the rest of the Blackthorns had come through, meaning Cristina was able to go round, giving them a smaller, less energized hug than the one she’d given Emma (Ty had gone for a handshake, and not wanting to make the boy uncomfortable, Cristina had accepted). Looping one arm in Emma’s, and another in Marks, Cristina lead them to the Institute she called home.

Giving them time to unpack, Cristina insisted on giving them a tour of Mexico City. Ty had slipped his hand into Kits, having gotten a little overwhelmed by the amount of people, and Kit had started rubbing his thumb over Ty’s knuckles to calm him down. Livvy and Dru had created a “selfie competition” on who could take the best selfie. Jules was trying to take some photos of his siblings, and the scenery, which was very hard when Tavvy was asking for for every bit of cheap and tacky souvenir he saw. Emma and Cristina had linked arms again and were gossiping like it was no ones business, with Cristina every so often giving bits of information. Mark, it seemed, sun burnt incredibly easily, and when he burnt, he burnt. By the time they had returned to the Institute, he looked like a walking tomato. Needless to say, when the Blackthorns went on holiday, they turned into the trashiest tourists known to the Shadowhunter kind

  • Anpu: I saw you eat that caramel. I wanted some.
  • Me: Okay, I'll get you one.
  • Anpu: No, not caramel.
  • Me: Then what?
  • Anpu: Dark chocolate?
  • Me: I'm out of dark deliciousness, sorry.
  • Anpu: Let's go look in the fridge.
  • Me: (opening fridge) You usually don't want cool snacks, what made you--
  • Anpu: Apples! APPLES! APPLE PIE!!!!!
  • Me: By the Gods, you're like a kid!
  • Anpu: (suddenly very formal) Would you please be kind and make some apple pie?
  • Me: .... How can I even say no?
  • Anpu: You can't.
  • Me: I know.
Corrupted Youth

Warning: Demons, demons and more demons. Also non-explicit torture. Dark is, as usual, kind of a dick.

Masterlist: Right here, and updated whenever humanly possible.

Based on an anonymous request. One person requested the first meeting between Darkiplier and Dark Ethan, and another made a general demand for more of the little demon boi. Who am I to deny my readers? :)

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The Hellgod turned away from His work when He heard three individuals heading His way. One set of footfalls carried the distinctive click of feminine heels that He knew was His daughter, Meg. The second had the rushed patter that was easily identified as Anti.

But the third was new, a barely audible shuffling that scuffed in stop-and-start fits.

Dark placed His hands behind His back, watching with unblinking eyes as Meg and Anti dragged the third party in. They each held the arm of a brown-haired young boy, who could not be older than twenty, with a thin face and large childlike eyes. He was visibly straining against their hold on him in an effort to break free, and failing miserably.

Dark raised an eyebrow. Oh, this would never do.

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Zodiac Faerie - Virgo

The eighth in my new set of zodiac faeries. I was looking through some of my old pieces and my Zodiac Faerie pieces from 2009-2011 were looking very… dated. And sad. So I felt that they needed to be updated and that I could do them far more justice now than I could then.

Virgo is the virgin. This one needed a severe overhaul because I just really did not like the old one. And neither did my Virgo spouse. For the posing I tried to make her look shy and introverted but with a clever look in her eye. The gemstone is sardonyx which, as always, you’ll find in her wings. The wings on the last one were entirely made of vines and that was a nightmare to colour so this time they are rimmed with vine-shapes and are instead made of flat polished surfaces. The flower is a buttercup which is on her necklace and earrings. The colours are blue and dark green, which are in her clothes. In my last one I put her in white robes for the ‘virginal’ look but that isn’t the most conducive thing to pin-ups. Nevertheless, she is more covered up than some of my other ones. At the bottom right is Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo.

Virgo is intelligent, perfectionists, hardworking, and introverted.

Picture completed in September of 2017.

Media: Watercolours and ink on paper.


I wasn’t going to post bc I’ve been so worried about Hurricane Irma but I just wanted to remind ppl that it’s hitting the carribean right now and I hope you guys will keep them in their thoughts and prayers. I was born in Texas but I grew up in the Virgin Islands as well and that’s where my family is from. They’re the ones who first taught me what pride looks like and to love my blackness. Embracing my heritage and culture is what ultimately made me the confident person I am today and I just hope and pray to God that they will make it out of this alright.
Happy Blackout.


All life is born from chaos. The world doesn’t always adhere to logic. Sometimes down is up. And sometimes when you’re lost…you’re found.


The droid looked down at her. “Jyn,” he said. “I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.”

She held back a laugh and looked to Cassian. And she remembered that while Cassian—and Bodhi and the Guardians—had seen her at her worst, she had seen them broken, too. Bodhi, who had been tortured; the Guardians, who had lost their home; and Cassian, who had betrayed himself as easily as he had Jyn. They all had their shame.

With one another, at least, they had no vulnerabilities left.

  • Jim: I like your pants.
  • Spock: Thanks. They were 50% off.
  • Jim: I'd like them 100% off.
  • Spock: Stores cannot just give away free merchandise.
  • Jim: That's not what I-
  • Spock: That would be an illogical way to run a business, Jim.

saturday night | the girls in their dresses from sparks ch. 11

these sketches have been lying around in my hard drive for MONTHS. i’ve always wanted to draw the outfits from that chapter! can u tell…. that i like girls… and clothes…


Lipstick Prince - Cha Hakyeon 💄