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Can I ask why you ship kamisero? This is not to be mean, I just can't remember a lot of their interactions in the manga or anime and would love to be reminded of why they work well as a couple

!!!!! Ooookay this is kind of a weird question for me and I don’t really know how to properly answer because… uhm… they’re kind of always together?? Actually??? I mean they haven’t really been the protagonists in any arc so it’s mostly background stuff but when they appear they’re more often than not together - here, have some panels I’ve found skimming real fast through the parts I remembered them being there

(+Mina!!! squad moment heck yes!!)

(+Kiri!!! more squad moments!!!!!!!)

(real talk more often than not if Kami and Mineta are in the same place Sero is right there with them, I try to pretend that’s not true but alas)

(+Baku!!! Even more squad moments!!!! This one’s from an extra, I can’t find the translated version anymore - rip - but they’re trying to get Baku to play the thumb game I’m gonna cry this squad will kill me)

also on the cover of Vol 4 👌👌👌

The thing about me shipping them is that as I said I do prefer them as friends, which they are and it’s adorable, but I’m always up for entertaining the idea of good friends in romantic relationships so I’m 👍👍👍 about KamiSero too haha

i got demons to deal with, unsheathe the sword, blue flames ablazeok let’s do this 

You can hear it in the silence, silence
You can feel it on the way home, way home
You can see it with the lights out, lights out
You are in love, true love
You are in love

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Hi Seanan, I'm just dropping by to sincerely thank you for offering your book for free, I haven't been able to afford any books lately and I haven't been able to visit a library where I live. It just brightened my day and I can't wait to read it once my semester finishes. I love your writing style and hope to pick up more of your stories this summer when I'm able to. Thanks again and I hope you're having a lovely day!

Yay, thank you!

But again, lovely as it is to get praise (I love being praised as much as the next author), I didn’t offer my book for free.  As a traditionally published author, I have effectively “leased” that right to Tor.com (or DAW, or Orbit, or…) for the duration of our contract.  I can hand out physical copies until I run out, but I do not have the legal authority to distribute electronic copies of my own work.  I’m okay with that: it’s a trade-off I made in exchange for being able to eat.

This wonderful, amazing, generous giveaway is entirely possible because Tor.com said “hey, we want to do this, are you cool with it.”  So please, thank my publisher for making the book available.  Our publishers often get blamed for things: it’s nice to give them the credit for a change.

I’ve posted so much today but I just wanted to post something and say I’ve honestly never been this happy in such a long time. Like I actually had enough sleep for once and the weather has been so lovely and warm and I got to wear my cute new clothes and rings and I actually applied makeup nicely and I feel so good about myself. I bought some new makeup, paid off some of my holiday, won a 20% off skincare voucher, got myself a free hash brown from mcdonalds, joji dropped his new song and its so beautiful, and I’m going into the city again later to watch a movie with my best friend and her family. I’m honestly just so happy. I’ve had a really lovely day and idk I wanted to write it all down.

Been struggling a lot with, well, everything lately but today I ran a six hour workshop helping final year students with their dissertations and they were all so nice and said how helpful it had been and I had forgotten how good it feels when your job actually makes a difference to people so now I am super :) :) :) and even the train chaos and current hour long wait to get home isn’t bothering me too much

Here’s another art swap I did with @f-lowerprince (Connor and his OC Ashton) and @nimblecivet (Luke and his OC Nola) ! 

For this, we had a different person do the sketch and color (While the creator of the OC did lineart) in order to make the final product look like it was drawn in a totally different style.

(Artists from left to right, top to bottom)

Gloria, Connor, Luke

Luke, Gloria, Connor

Connor, Luke, Gloria