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Blue Haze / A Lance Fanmix


(1.) Not Today - Twenty One Pilots (2.) Errors - K.I.D (3.) So Sad, So Sad - Varsity (4.) Here Comes The Anxiety - The Wombats (5.) Tell Me Who To Be - Cosmo Jarvis (6.) Gb Eating Gb Whilst Listening To Gb - CW (7.) Touch Up - Mother Mother (8.) Waving Through a Window - Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen (9.) Happy Pills - Weathers (10.) Masterpiece - Meg & Dia (11.) Lifeboat - Heathers The Musical (12.) Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance (13.) Happy Ending - Mika

“Jim, buddy, come on, let’s go. Forget these pipsqueaks, leave them to live whatever crackpot of a life they have stirred up.” Harvey tugs his partner away, but not before pelting Ed’s phone at his stomach, forcing out a wince.

Ed wants to sass back some retort, perhaps even perplex them with a riddle, but in favor of ending the dispute, he forces himself to remain quiet. It’s over…and no one died.

When the parasitic pair disappear from his line of sight, Ed closes his eyes and breathes out a sigh of relief, before snapping them open in distress.

“Oswald!” he exclaims, finally giving into his panicked state, as he turns his attention to the man in his arms. His hands flutter about checking Oswald’s pulse, the bleeding lump on the back of his head, and the temperature of his skin. They are all within normal range for the injury he received, yet Oswald isn’t speaking and he still holds that dazed look in his eyes as he peers up at Ed, unblinking.

“I was so worried about you. When you failed to show, when I thought Jim was going to kill you…I—I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” Ed rambles as he crushes Oswald to his chest in a firm hug. Too close—he had come too close to losing one of the most important people in his life. “You need to keep yourself safe. I—I need you to stay safe.”


Overcome with emotion, Ed drops his lips to Oswald’s forehead, pouring every ounce of his concern and reverence into it. His eyes water as he lingers for moments he cannot be bothered to count, only to draw back when Oswald shifts and sharply inhales, slowly sinking to the pavement, losing the strength to stand.

@heartpoisedfanarts I love you!

@flux–and–flow and I cannot thank you enough for illustrating one of our favourite scenes from “Just One Look at You.” 


Michael A. Taylor leaps to rob what would’ve been a homerun in the second inning.

me: okay so i didn’t make it quite all the way home today but i made it back to hamlet and that’s the important thing

me: i don’t even care that the kid gave me her cold and i can’t breathe through my nose because

me: at last i can listen to the last episode of taz

taz music: deedeedeedee deedeedeedee deedeedeedee 

griffin: hey!

me: [already asleep]