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My ACOTAR Playlists (Yes, I know I have weird music tastes)

Songs in no particular order :)

A Court of Thorns and Roses

  • “The Silence”– Bastille
  • “Dancing Through Life”– Wicked (Lucien in a song)
  • “Inside the Fire”– Disturbed
  • “Unquiet Grave”– Kate Rusby
  • “I Hope”– FT Island
  • “Believer”– Imagine Dragons
  • “The Other Side”– Jason Derulo
  • “The Last Rose of Summer”– Hayley Westenra
  • “Come With Me Now”– Kongos
  • “If I Lose Myself”– Alesso vs OneRepublic
  • “You and Me (But Mostly Me)”– The Book of Mormon (Feyre & Tam UtM)
  • “Evermore”– Josh Groban or Dan Stevens, dealer’s choice
  • “Awake”– Josh Groban

A Court of Mist and Fury

  • “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever”– Galavant
  • “Something Wild”- Lindsey Stirling
  • “Sorry, Sorry”– Super Junior
  • “Higher Window”– Josh Groban
  • “Treat You Better”– Shawn Mendes
  • “Let’s Hurt Tonight”– OneRepublic (NO Tamlin!)
  • “Shatter Me”– Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale
  • “Ashes of Eden”– Breaking Benjamin
  • “Who Painted the Moon Black”– Hayley Westenra
  • “That Man (Album Edit)”– Caro Emerald
  • “Dance With the Devil”– Breaking Benjamin
  • “The Light”– Disturbed
  • “Demons”– Imagine Dragons
  • “In My Head”– Jason Derulo
  • “With Me”– Sum 41 (Tamlin…)
  • “I Bet My Life”– Imagine Dragons

A Court of Wings and Ruin

  • “Somewhere Out There”– An American Tail (Feyre in Spring)
  • “Warmth”– Bastille
  • “Inner Demons”– Julia Brennan
  • “Don’t Fear the Reaper”– Blue Oyster Cult
  • “Confident”– Demi Lovato
  • “The Animal”– Disturbed
  • “Everyone is Gay”– A Great Big World
  • “If You Were Gay”– Avenue Q
  • “Dark Waltz”– Hayley Westenra
  • “The Green Fields of France”– High Kings (Memory Lane Version)
  • “Bleeding Out”– Imagine Dragons
  • “Glad You Came”– The Wanted
  • “Torches”– X Ambassadors
  • “Today We Rise”– Galavant (Cassian’s song)
  • “Warriors”– Imagine Dragons (What Cassian THINKS his song would be)
maddmusic reference

this is what i use, i’m only sharing what i experience as i experience it. it might me different for everyone, but i hope this helps 💙

* paradise / coldplay
* oh ms believer / twenty one pilots
* soon / thumbelina
* astronaut / simple plan

* how does a moment last forever (montmartre)
* shouldn’t come back / demi lovato
* dark paradise / lana del rey [warning: this song tends to trigger extremely depressing daydreams, i only resort to this when i’m already feeling significantly sad)
* colors (stripped) / halsey
* the house that built me / miranda lambert
* danny boy / declan galbraith (can be interpreted as parent and child or separated sweethearts relationship)
* bottom of the ocean / miley cyrus
* talking to the moon / bruno mars
* never grow up / taylor swift

* sorry / halsey
* almost is never enough / ariana grande ft. nathan skyes
* just give me a reason / p!nk and nate ruess
* wildest dreams / taylor swift
* need you now / lady antebellum
* the heart wants what it wants / selena gomez
* she will be loved / maroon 5
* hey there delilah / plain white t’s
* what to do / demi lovato
* the last time / taylor swift ft. gary lightbody
* someone like you / adele
* back to december / taylor swift
* cosmic love / florence and the machine
* heart attack / demi lovato
* daylight / maroon 5

* mirrors / justin timberlake
* summertime sadness / lana del rey
* look at me / carrie underwood
* love alone / katelyn tarver
* if you told me to / hunter hayes
* come on get higher / matt nathanson
* when i look at you / miley cyrus
* wanted / hunter hayes
* everything has changed / taylor swift ft. ed sheeran
* a thousand years / christina perri
* all of me / john legend
* catch me / demi lovato
* fearless / taylor swift
* marry you / bruno mars
* begin again / taylor swift
* i see the light / tangled
* young love / kip moore
* death of a bachelor / panic! at the disco
* ours / taylor swift
* let me be your wings / thumbelina
* more than miles / brantley gilbert
* a year without rain / selena gomez
* bright / echosmith
* state of grace / taylor swift
* without you / lana del rey [warning: comes with feelings of dependence on paras, may break the fourth wall]
* drive / halsey
* starlight / taylor swift
* if i lose myself / onerepublic
* salvatore / lana del rey
* can’t help falling in love / ingrid michaelson or twenty one pilots or céline dion or elvis (the original singer)
* malibu / miley cyrus

* treacherous / taylor swift
* pillowtalk / zayn
* take me to church / hozier (especially sinful vibes with this one, watch out)
* wildfire / demi lovato
* casual affair / panic! at the disco
* lust for life / lana del rey (seriously recommend this song, not only is it aesthetically pleasing and sexy but it’s also full of hope and general positive inspiration)
* miss jackson / panic! at the disco
* criminal / britney spears
* crazy in love / sofia karlburg or beyoncé
* stars dance / selena gomez

* already gone / kelly clarkson
* jar of hearts / christina perri
* paper doll / john mayer
* goodbye / miley cyrus
* mine would be you / blake shelton
* when i was your man / bruno mars

* hold me down / halsey
* ballad of mona lisa / panic! at the disco
* gasoline / halsey
* teen idle / marina and the diamonds
* habits / tove lo
* chandelier / sia

* set fire to the rain / adele
* trouble / halsey
* grenade / bruno mars
* wild one / i am harlequin
* nicotine / panic! at the disco
* dear john / taylor swift
* stay / rihanna ft. mikky ekko
* i’m low on gas and you need a jacket / pierce the veil (super emo, suicidal vibes, highly emotional and poetic lyrics)
* love the way you lie / rihanna (there are 2 parts, i personally prefer part 2)
* teddy bear / melanie martinez (her music generally tends to focus on children’s lifestyle which can be creepy and seem pedophilic and i have mixed feelings about her but this one is kinda okay. just warning you in case you’re sensitive to it)
* dollhouse / melanie martinez (same with this one, i actually really like this one)
* cold as you / taylor swift

* clean / taylor swift
* i’m not a robot / marina and the diamonds
* if i die young / the band perry (it’s a reminder of the aftermath of suicide)
* warrior / demi locator
* human / cher lloyd
* human / christina perri (they’re different songs)
* fight song / rachel platten
* try / colbie caillat (on female body image and standards)
* scars to your beautiful / alessia cara (also female body image and standards)
* wide awake / katy perry
* saturn / sleeping at last
* lovely / twenty one pilots
* carry on / fun

YOU’RE MY HOME + FAMILY OF FRIENDS + PLATONIC ROMANCE + JUST HANGING OUT (with a hint of friends with benefits)
* sweater weather / the neighborhood
* love / lana del rey
* she looks so perfect / 5 seconds of summer
* team / lorde
* we are young / fun
* this is what makes us girls / lana del rey
* tennis court / lorde
* 22 / taylor swift
* LA devotee / panic! at the disco
* holy ground / taylor swift
* forest / twenty one pilots
* royals / lorde
* new romantics / taylor swift
* i’m yours / jason mraz
* house of gold / twenty one pilots
* castle on the hill / ed sheeran

* castle / halsey
* how to be a heartbreaker / marina + the diamonds
* heathens / twenty one pilots
* blank space / taylor swift
* dangerous woman / ariana grande
* control / halsey
* can’t be tamed / miley cyrus
* national anthem / lana del rey
* primadonna girl / marina and the diamonds
* centuries / fall out boy
* emperor’s new clothes / panic at the disco
* circus / britney spears
* music to watch boys to / lana del rey
* defying gravity / idina menzel
* homewrecker / marina and the diamonds
* off to the races / lana del rey

an extra bit of advice:

-follow up a series of dark/sad themes with a few happier themes
-try not to engage in the violent/depressing themes, but i know sometimes it’s just too hard to resist, so when you just *have* to daydream violence and the like, if it gets too intense for your health, cut off the music, take a little break, put on a happier song even if you don’t feel like listening to one yet
-please turn the volume down, darling
-drink water!! take breaks
-if you cry, it’s okay

i hope this helps!! sorry to the boys, these are mostly directed @ girls cause i’m a girl and so is my parame :// if you’d like to request more themes, drop them in my inbox or leave a comment and i’ll see what i can do for you!!

Honest Titles of OneRepublic Music Videos

 Apologize: The Everyday Life of An Introvert

Stop And Stare: Man Clones Himself to Run Himself Over

Say (All I Need): The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like

Mercy: The Tree on the Flag THE TREE ON THE FLAG

All The Right Moves: I Would Give More Than Spare Change If OneRepublic Played a Gig at My Party

Secrets: The Napkin™

Marchin On: Low Key Beats Headphones Product Placement

Good Life: The Grainy Quality I Can’t Do This Anymore

Feel Again: The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like, Part 2

If I Lose Myself: I Don’t Like Graffiti Except If It’s Native Graffiti

Counting Stars: How Did This Reach One Billion Views

Something I Need: *Band’s Name Spelled “One Republic” in the Opening Shot* *Dies Dramatically*

Love Runs Out: Is That Betty White? ft. Garbage Bags

I Lived: *Sniffles* I’m Not Crying No You Do Not See Me Crying What Are You Talking About

Wherever I Go: A Speculative Fiction About What Happens When the Teacher Leaves the Classroom

Kids: Logistically There Is No Way This Was Filmed In One Shot

Let’s Hurt Tonight: New York City Tourism Company Is Not A Sponsor™

space husbands: a spirk fanmix [listen] 

hello!! this is a chronological fanmix detailing the development of spock and kirk’s relationship. pls read underneath the cut, and i hope you enjoy!! xoxo 

01. hall of fame (the script): this gives me such Angsty Teen™ spock and kirk vibes and how even before they meet one another they have such desires to prove themselves (something they encourage in each other) and they are determinedly optimistic and refuse to accept anything less than greatness and asdkjhlkfjsjkafdkjsga they are so Strong

02. shame (hearts & colors): this isn’t an exact correlation to anything but imo it’s when they’re new baby officers and start to work together and spock realizes that he is feeling Feelings for kirk and he’s like no my Supreme Vulcan Logic cannot be failing me but “it’s a shame that i love you” and he tries to convince himself he doesn’t love kirk but he fails miserably

03. flames*** (henri pfr): this song is A1 had me crying ugly tears over spirk i feel like it describes spock experiencing emotions (kind of like 02. but less angsty) and he just is amazed at how much he loves kirk and i Love: “for you I go as far as I can go; when the fire, fire; in my heart, lights up again; higher, higher; and I’m burning slow; fire, fire; feel the flames comin’ up; should I fall in love or let you go” and spock is trying to decide if he should go for it and love kirk or let his emotions consume him and LAKkhsdfgHFnskdgd spock experiencing emotions is my kink

04. more than you know*** (axwell ^ ingrosso): ok here kirk (who’s been falling in love with spock too this whole time (obviously)) is the one to make a move and this is him finally telling spock that he loves him and his eyes are blazing and his hands are shaking and he’s looking at spock with such fire in his eyes because he feels this emotion so strongly and he can’t contain it anymore and NNNGgghgghgUGGH 

05. burn it down (fitz & the tantrums): ok this is spock’s response to kirk from 04. and he realizes that he has to tear down the mental blocks  and all the emotion he’s locked up and just allow himself to feel and that if he just let kirk into his heart he would never regret it and like it works out and now they know they love each other <33

06. to be human (sia): yes i know this is the wonder woman theme but imo this is kirk helping spock come to terms with emotion bc all his life and childhood he’s been taught to stifle his feelings because he’s Logical™ and i just get vibes of understanding and acceptance and spock is growing and learning to embrace his half human side as well and kirk being there for him and helping him through it and they just love each other so damn much

07. ritual (marshmello): just super emotional spirk vibes and how they’re so grateful they found one another and are in love and they each feel truly happy and can’t remember how they ever lived without the other 

08. send them off! (bastille): ok this is 100% from jim’s pov and i feel like it perfectly describes the insecurities he tries so hard to keep hidden from the others and the crew but it’s hard for him to deal with so much responsibility all the time and spock’s presence is just so comforting and he feels so much relief when spock watches over him and i especially love: “close those green eyes; and watch over as i sleep; through my darkest of dreams” bc in my mind spock = green and i get such a vivid mental picture of jim sleeping and spock watching over him see also: when this literally happened in sha ka ree

09. the anchor (bastille): just like,,,, loyal devoted comforting spirk vibes idk also the subtle lyrics that i choose to interpret as referencing telepathy and mild melding 

10. bleeding out (imagine dragons):  the mood i get from this song is like,,, when the enemy has captured the ship and it looks hopeless and the enterprise is facing death and the crew is resigned to go down fighting and this song is That Moment when either kirk or spock sacrifices himself to save the ship and to save the crew and he’s doing The Noble Thing because he cares so damn much and he refuses to die a wasteful death and is determined to save his space husband agh i’m not explaining it right but i feel it very strongly someone pls tell u me feel the vibe i’m tryna capture here 

11. maps (maroon 5): (for some reason not included in the apple playlist ??) ok super extra but like,,, if spirk ever broke up this is 100% their break up song like this is kirk being sad and angry and not knowing how to cope without his first officer and getting drunk in the med bay with bones and trying to understand what just happened and realizing that this heartbreak would be far more painful than his others,,,, and on the other side of the ship, spock in his quarters attempting to turn to reason and sense but coming up short and being lost without either logic or jim to guide him and just wanting so badly to hold his t’hy’la and the two of them not being able to take being separated and running panicked through the ship to find one another in the middle of the night and finally finding each other and holding each other so tight and not even remembering why they broke up in the first place that was stupid sarah stop being so emotional this is why you don’t write fanfic  

12. wherever i go (onerepublic): (for some reason also not included in the apple playlist ??) jim and spock realizing in light of their recent (failed) breakup from 11. that they love each other so much and that they never want to be separated and vowing to follow each other forever and realizing that they would never find another love as great as the one that they have nnnahaGGJAJFHAKJSHFA they’re so in love and i’m so emo

13. mama (jonas blue): this isn’t an exact science but this song just makes me think of the space husbands standing on the bridge together holding hands vulcan kissing and gazing out into space and wondering where they should explore next and reveling in the sense of adventure and traveling the universe together <33

14. if i lose myself (onerepublic): i can’t think of any particular scenario for this but it’s just very Spirk™ in general and i think it’s sung from kirk’s pov and they always always have each other’s backs and if there’s one thing the space husbands have learned is that they can always count on one another and that they make a Pretty Good Team

15. thunder (imagine dragons): once they have established careers as the illustrious captain and the esteemed first officer of starfleet’s elite starship they look back on all the #haters and they realize how much ass they’ve kicked and they accomplished all they’ve ever wanted and everyone finally recognizes their greatness and talent and determination and in my humble opinion the lyrics “i was dreaming of bigger things; and wanna leave my own life behind; not a yes sir, not a follower” are Very kirk and the lines “kids were laughing in my classes; while I was scheming for the masses; who do you think you are?; dreaming ‘bout being a big star” are Very spock

16. kids (onerepublic): ok so this song takes place at the end of the five year mission and jimothy and spocko are looking back at all they’d done on their mission and they’re sad it’s ending but they know it’s not The End,,, my personal headcanon (maybe this is a fic or someone else’s hc idk lol) is that spock becomes the ambassador like spock prime does in aos and i think that jim becomes a professor at starfleet academy (to the mixed horror and delight of many) and they have a nice life in san francisco and they’re happy and in love and most importantly they still have each other and they know that although their greatest adventure is coming to a close they still have so much to look forward to

17. laughter lines (bastille): ok since it’s canon that vulcans live longer than humans spock outlives jim :’( and this song is so melancholy and sad i imagine it as the two of them at jim’s deathbed and they’re whispering about how they’ll see each other again soon and i love the lines “i’ll see you in the future when we’re older; and we are full of stories to be told; cross my heart and hope to die; i’ll see you with your laughter lines” because it doesn't even matter which one of them says it they both have laughter lines from all their years of love and adventure together among the stars and it’s not a goodbye it’s just a see ya later until they’re reunited and can go galavanting off together for eternity and i’m deadass crying as i write this 

18. bad blood (bastille): i debated including this but i just couldn’t not so here we are lmao so it’s not an exact correlation to the lyrics but more so to the vibe of the song and as we all know,,,, william shatner and leonard nimoy were best friends for years because of star trek until they had a falling out before nimoy died and they never spoke again. sooo this song reminded me of them particularly: “if we’re only ever looking back; we will drive ourselves insane; as the friendship goes resentment grows; we will walk our different ways; but those are the days that bind us together, forever; and those little things define us forever, forever” and it made me sad because it seemed to fit so well so i though i should share my sad epiphany

[*** = absolute fav] “lyrics” = lyrics

hello!! sorry this is so long and so emo lmao i know most fanmixes don’t come with analysis of each song but i felt like some of my choices warranted a little explanation :)

as this is a brand new blog (and my first original post!!) i’d like to mention my absolute fav star trek blogs:

@practicefortheheart @toastybumblebee @leifor @thetwelfthpanda @onedamnminuteadmiral @federations @mccoysbi @spockoholic @starspirk @bravemccoy @talk-nerdy-to-me-thyla @boldlygoingnovvhere @greenjimkirk @spockiosexual @lieutenant-sapphic @bottomkirk @capt-sulu @mccoymostly @spirksspork @captaincrusher + many more 

thank y’all so much for welcoming me into this fandom!! 

pls let me know if u know/like any of these songs or my mix as a whole!! hope you enjoy!! if you actually read this whole thing thank u so much this is me being 100% emotional about these dorks so thank u and i love u <3

xoxo sarah ( @starmapstudies )

Songs to Listen to When You’re Having a Panic Attack

Try singing along to these, too, if it helps.

Try any of these, cause not all of them will work; everyone’s different and your emotions change every other millisecond during an attack. People who have panic attacks know what I mean.

“If I Lose Myself”- OneRepublic

“This Is Gospel” Panic! At The Disco

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” -Green Day

“Somebody To Love”- Queen

“Sugar, We’re Goin Down”- Fall Out Boy

“21 Guns”- Green Day

“Breakeven”- The Script

“Sweet Annie”- The Zac Brown Band (breathe slowly to the tune of this song)

“Unwell” -Matchbox Twenty

“Waiting For Superman”- Daughtry

“Won’t Go Home Without You”- Maroon 5

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”- The Rolling Stones

“Dream On” -Aerosmith

“Out On The Town”- Fun.

“Apologize” - Timbland ft. OneRepublic

“Paradise” -Coldplay

“Demons”- Imagine Dragons

“Ghost”- Ella Henderson


“Hysteria”- Def Leppard

“Keep On Loving You”- REO Speedwagon

~(more to come)~

OneRepublic – Singapore, 15 September 2017

I was upset that OneRepublic didn’t do gigs in Indonesia, but my trip to Singapore for them is thankfully something I do not regret. I love Formula One, I watched Singapore GP back on 2014 and I thought, “Nah, one time is enough. I won’t be coming back (to Singapore GP). The expense wasn’t worth the whole package”. So when OneRepublic decided to do gigs in Singapore GP, my first response was, “Aw hell. I should tighten my wallet for next few months”. Anyway, I survived, I went there and ended up really happy with my decision.

I rarely watched live performance of OneRepublic on YouTube, so I definitely came to be surprised. They are four albums deep, lots of bangers, makes you wonder how they’re going to build the flow for a two hours performance. And this is how it went..

  1. Opening: They went with intro of NbHD, which is what could be more kicking than this?? I saw they opened once with Love Runs Out, which was cool choice, but back then, they haven’t released Oh My My yet. So this pick is awesome. I realized by third quarter into the show that this choice is fit perfectly to the whole set list.
  2. Stop and Stare: It started a bit shaky, not really a smooth transition from kicking intro to moderate beat of Stop and Stare. But, everybody was singing anyway, so no fuss here. And Ryan began to show off his vocal skills from here to … end of the list I think.
  3. Secrets: Another track that everybody can’t help but sing along. The original track is full on strings, right? I am grateful that they don’t take it away from the live performance. In fact the strings was enhanced, which I find it remarkable. Kudos to Brent and Zach!
  4. Kids: I like how they play the echo at Ryan’s vocal at some of end verses. I missed it from the original track, but I find it on the live gigs. Wasn’t that amazing?
  5. Good Life: So this gig is part of OH MY MY tour. The album’s ambiance is kinda dark. But Good Life is a happy song. Successful single as well. They have to make it work into the theme somehow. So they did this creepily nice transition with synth (if I hear correctly. Kisses for Brian!) and it fit!
  6. Wherever I Go: This song was really fun to sing along. I love the second chorus part where they’re jamming between “..but I won’t lie to you-jeng jeng jeng jeng-wherever I go, you’re the ghost in the room..”. I was laughing over it.
  7. Better: I don’t really enjoy the original track of this. But it’s nice to see they brought it live. Brent was kicking ass here and Zach and Eddie played well together back there. Oh, and Brian synth was eerie!
  8. Feel Again: But those eeriness is locked well with intro of Feel Again. Cleverly played.
  9. Halo: So Ryan brought this to live on piano with Brent on cello. Okay, I got a confession to make. I am not a fan of this song. So there’s some tiny bit of disappointment here that they made time to perform this song, when I think they still got their own other hits that I’m sure somebody’s rooting for to be performed live. But it seemed I’m the weirdo here, so yeah. We moved forward.
  10. Happier: I like Ed Sheeran, I listened to Divide, though without putting all my mind to it. So apparently I miss this gem. Foolish me. I don’t know Ryan wrote this until he told us. He sang it like he owned it, which was heavy on piano with Brent on guitar. But when I listen to the original track, it doesn’t really show Ryan Tedder’ trace there. I’m not sure why. Anyway, you learn something new every day! [put Happier on daily playlist]
  11. Come Home: This is one of OneRepublic song that didn’t do well on chart but I love it #personalreason. Allegedly there’s glassy eyes involved here. Thankfully they played it without the bridge and in jamming style. So no tears fell down.
  12. I Lived: This song could also be a tearjerker, but they brought it in upbeat way that you feel like celebrating life is always worthy. On technical notes, I am a sucker for a performance where the artist plays things in loop? They played few beats, record it, then layer it with another bars, all did on stage? I think Drew did that here. Yeay, Drew!
  13. All the Right Moves: At the end of this song, that I realized that they really want the dark, creepy theme of OH MY MY album to dominate the whole performance. So lots of synth play when they move to the next song. Keep the audience on their toes to guess of what’s next. I dig it.
  14. Let’s Hurt Tonight: All passion was pouring over this song. Start from the kicking intro to shaky vocal from Ryan. I thought the highlight of this song is Eddie Fisher. It really felt cathartic to watch Eddie here. Seriously, I thought if this track brought out to live, it’s going to be a jamming song. But, what a nice surprise we had. And Ryan Tedder’ endurance is like a pro athlete! I don’t know how he didn’t collapse with all those bangers, and this one is like over the top
  15. Zach Filkins solo guitar as intermission. Man of the day! Birthday guy! I got another confession to make. If I were asked to do Sexiest Men Alive list, Zach will be on top 10 rank. #blush
  16. Apologize: no additional notes needed.
  17. Rich Love: Seeb is one of my favorite DJ/Producers. So when this song came out, I actually felt afraid that something bad gonna happened to me (I’m a believer of `you cannot have too much of a good thing`). Because all my favorites in one track?? C’mon!! I thought they’re going to bring “No Vacancy” instead of this one, because it’s not easy to bring heavily influenced-EDM track to live performance. But they did! And they nailed it! They don’t erase Seeb’s vibe there! I’m really happy with how it turned out. 
  18. If I Lose Myself: I forgot that OneRepublic has nailed it before (bringing EDM track to live performance). They brought If I Lose Myself Alesso remix to live and it was superb. What I love the most is that they bring the bridge as well (which Alesso didn’t bother with). “Take us down and we keep trying..”. The track is full of percussion, which is like a candy land for OneRepublic. They smashed everything! Ryan took place in one of the percussion at first, then he threw the stick to the audience, Eddie came forward filling in, Zach moved back to hit the other drums. It’s really fun to watch. Definitely losing myself there.
  19. Counting Stars: You think “Apologize” bond the audience together? You’re not entirely correct. We got more attached on Counting Stars by making our own stars. #1Rfamily totally gorgeous
  20. Rumor Has It: This might be Ryan’s favorite song to write for Adele, but I know Eddie had too much fun in here. Ryan’s falsetto was terrific and bold if I may say so. Zach also seemed to have fun at the coda.
  21. Love Runs Out: big number to end big gigs. Period.

Additional notes:

  • Ryan’s vocal acrobatic is incredible. It might be hit and miss in some places, but I salute his bravery and boldness to go with it.
  • The whole package of the performance was outstanding.Great sound quality, no disturbing noise and unwanted echo. I don’t really hear any sound troubles and the lighting is great. I’m grateful that there’s no pyro, because I stood close to the stage and I can’t stand the heat. Confetti, I can do. I don’t mind with papers sticking to my sweaty skin (in fact I took them home as souvenirs #weirdo). Overall, kudos for all the crews!
If I Lose Myself

Artist: OneRepublic

Relationship: Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: You can feel there’s something wrong, but you don’t know what.

Warnings: CURSE. Heartbreak. 

Word Count: 1,471

Want a Song?

So, you weren’t the best at living. You kind of really sucked at it actually. You never said the right thing. You never knew what you wanted to do. Your future was all but a blur. You finally decided that you were going to start living for people, because making people happy made you happy. It gave you a purpose.

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Nothing can stop us if we believe

Bastille - Oblivion

Foxes - Glorious 

Foxes - Night Glo

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

M83 - Wait

Kodaline - All I Want

Birdy & Jaymes Young - Best Shot

Birdy - Not About Angels

Birdy - Tee Shirt

Ed Sheeran - All of the Stars

Grouplove - Let Me In

Indians - Oblivion

Tom Odell - Long Way Down 

Jake Bugg - Simple as This

Ray LaMontagne - Without Words

Charli XCX - Boom Clap

Lykke Li - No One Ever Loved

Radical Face - We’re On Our Way

Foster the People - Waste

Foster the People - I Would Do Anything for You

Foster the People - Miss You 

The 1975 - Robbers

The 1975 - Settle Down

Foster the People - Fire Escape

Foster the People - Nevermind 

Foster the People - A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon

Foster the People - Don’t Stop (Color On the Walls)

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Foster the People - Pseudologia Fantastica

Grouplove - I’m with You

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Grouplove - Ways to Go

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Grouplove - Spun

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Grouplove - Love Will Save Your Soul

Grouplove - Lovely Cup

Grouplove - Tongue Tied

Grouplove - Betty’s a Bomb Shell

OneRepublic - What You Wanted

Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love

Of Monsters and Men - Sloom

Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light

Of Monsters and Men - Your Bones

Of Monsters and Men - From Finner

Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound

Of Monsters and Men - Six Weeks

Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart

Of Monsters and Men - Lakehouse

The 1975 - Anobrain

The 1975 - Me

The 1975 - Haunt // Bed

Capital Cities - Love Away

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Capital Cities & Soseh - Chasing You

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Capital Cities - Safe and Sound

Foxes - Night Owls Early Birds

The 1975 - Woman

The 1975 - Facedown

Bastille - Overjoyed

Bastille - Flaws (Acoustic Version)

Bastille - Poet

The XX - Angels

The XX - Fiction

The XX - Our Song

The XX - Reunion

The XX - Swept Away

The XX - Try

Lana del Rey - Lucky Ones

Lana del Rey - Serial Killer

Lana del Rey - Without You

Lana del Rey - Radio

Alesso vs OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself

Empire of the Sun/Zedd - Alive

Ed Sheeran - One

If I lose myself...

This is a beautiful request from the ever beautiful @yourtropegirl

Lovely Bonsey and reader with a pink ribbon…

I’ve been listening to If I lose myself by OneRepublic to get in the mindset for this one. Enjoy

Warnings: Fluff abounds!

Running your hands over your console you were able to see the edge of your beautiful hot pink ribbon on your wrist. Working in communications was a very important but daunting assignment. “Shuttle 3 is at 44,000 km and falling. Do you copy Enterprise?” You jumped at the sudden action in front of you. “Affirmative Shuttle 3, Enterprise reads you loud and clear and patching you through to Scotty now.” Your fingers flying over the controls getting the stranded crew to the one person that would be able to help. You wiped your brow from the sweat accumulating there. You heard the turbo lift doors whoosh and looked over to meet the eyes of your “crush” Leonard McCoy. He quietly nodded to you and approached the side of The Captain. 

Trying but not succeeding to ignore the pull he had toward the Ensign, Leonard made his way over to Kirk to see where he was needed. He pulled at the sleeves of his tunic while he waited for his orders. “Bones we have a shuttle that has been hit by a piece of “space junk” and has lost propulsion. We have Scotty trying to lock onto them but they are falling too quickly. They have about 40,000 km before they collide with that asteroid. Any ideas?” Leonard gave him the highest eyebrow lift any person could have managed and replied “Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor not a shuttle repairman.” 

Watching the exchange you couldn’t help but giggle at the doctors response. There he goes with his metaphors again, you thought to yourself. Keeping an ear out for anything you need to pass onto the captain you randomly began to scratch and rub at your ribbon. Looking down you notice that, yes indeed you were beginning to get your swirls of your soulmate. Who could it be? You watched as your swirls began to settle to their equal halves. Oh wow this is exciting. You have always wanted to meet your soulmate and even planned your future life with said person many times over. Watching your ribbon you noticed it had settled. What you saw was unbelievable… That blue. You would know that blue anywhere. You snapped your head over to the two arguing men and caught Leonard’s astonishingly 4 different color shaded eyes. (Seriously what color are they?!) You slowly raised up your wrist to show him. He sighed and nodded his head yes and motioned for you to join him in the hallway outside of the bridge. You called over to your relief and let them in on the situation at hand and quietly made your way out the door to wait for him to finish with the captain. 

It’s been 2 years. I’ve been around them for 2 years and they just NOW get their ribbon on the right schedule? Unbelievable. Leonard stomped out to the hallway to meet you with a grumpy look on his face. But as soon as he saw your face all grumpiness and anger went out the window. He saw you practically vibrating with excitement. “Well better late than never.” He said with a little smile. You look at him confused? He held out his wrist to see your beautiful pink already mixed with his astonishing bright blue. “When did your’s change Leo?” He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and said “The cargo ship for our first load out” Your mouth dropped open in shock, “Leo that was 2 years ago. Why didn’t you tell me? How did you keep this from me?” He sighed,”Well you know these things take time, of course I knew it was you but I wouldn’t dare do or say anything until you knew it was right. Why today?” You blushed and looked down at your feet shyly replying, “I’ve seen you at your best and worst, I’ve thought of this day my whole life. We have been spending so much time together and I started seeing you in a new light recently. I was listening to some classical music last night and it hit me. One verse… I woke up just to see, with all of the faces you are the one next to me. That’s when I knew.” Leonard reached over to place his hand on your chin to lift your head up to look in his eyes. “ If I lose myself tonight, It will be by your side.” With a smirk he leaned in and you both enjoyed your first kiss of forever. 

The end!! Hope everyone enjoyed it…

Umm forgot to fix the shuttle stuff umm they good… lol 

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