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Excursion to the Practice Room

Jimin one-shot

Genre: Fluff, smut kinda

im sorry not sorry

You were abruptly woken up, facing down in your bed, struggling to breathe. After gaining awareness of your surroundings you noticed that you had a flailing boyfriend on top of you. Jimin was furiously rolling around, and jumping on the bed, and on top of you.

Groaning, you reached up and pulled him down into the covers with you, wanting to sleep a little longer. But Jimin was still squirming around, trying to wake you up. “Why are you so persistent today Jiminnie?”

He rolled over and sat on top of you, finally sitting still. “Well, I have a free day today, and I’m not going to spend it doing something boring.” You were about to open your mouth in protest that staying in bed could be fun, but he stopped you before a single word could leave your mouth. “Don’t even start with that. I already know what I want to do, but you have to get up. Hell you can just throw on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, we aren’t doing anything too crazy.”

“Okay, but it’s kinda hard to move when you’re straddling me so…” As soon as you said that he tumbled off of you, almost falling off the bed in the process. “I swear one of these days you’re gonna break something.”

Jimin just rolled his eyes at you and started walking to the door. “I got you coffee, so hurry up and we can get going.”


“So your logic is that, since it’s your day off, you’re going to go where you work anyways?” You spoke sarcastically as you made your way to Jimin’s dance studio. This isn’t the first time you’ve been here. He often calls you to come and watch him practice after all the other members left. Sometimes you get a little, “Distracted”, to say the least.

“Well it’s more fun when I have the place to myself, and we can be touchy without Jungkook’s virgin eyes being tainted,” he said, giggling after. His laugh was so cute, and you couldn’t help but smile.

Once you were both in the practice room, you sat on the floor while Jimin plugged in his phone to the aux cord. The beat to some song you can’t remember the name of started up. Putting his phone down and turned towards you. He dramatically bit his lip, and made a overly greasy face as he did a little dance over to you.

“Stand up, and have fun with me babe,” tugging at your hand, he tried to pull you up. Once you were up, Jimin as swinging himself around, being goofy rather than seriously dance. You did the wave with your arms, ending with a snap and a point in his direction. His eye smile was showing as he was laughing at your antics.

As the song was nearing to the end, and hopped over to his phone. You had a plan. Scrolling through the list of songs, you managed to find it. Hitting the song, you looked over at Jimin, who had a “are you kidding me” expression on as his solo song “Lie” start to play.

“Come on, do the dance for me baby!” He just rolled his eyes as he half-assed the choreography. Though maybe half way through the song, his silly expression started to wear off and was being replaced by a more mischievous one. Biting his lip, he made his way over to you. Pulling you close to him, he brought his lips up to yours, but barely letting them brush past, he started to walk away from you, smirking. You caught him though, and pinned him between you and the wall, kissing him vigorously.

Long after the music had stopped playing, things had only progressed. Jimin’s hands has traveled below your shirt and were gripping your waist as you were trailing slowly down his neck. You could tell he was getting worked up from the small pants coming from him. Reaching a soft spot on his neck, he let out a small moan, but that’s when you heard a voice from across the room.

“Hey guys I left my sweatshir- Holy shit.” it’s was Jungkook. “Oh, am I, uh, interrupting something? Oh my gahd, my bad.” Someone help this boy.

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wampus headcannons

- movie nights, they watch really bad or really old movies on a projector for everyone to see

- quoting corny lines and throwing popcorn at the screen

- making fun of the special effects and doing voice overs

- action movies are a must but the really popular ones are the movies that end up making everyone cry

- the entire wampus house has a soft spot for pixar and disney movies

-  “what’s the plural of wampus?” asks a fifth year in potions “can this wait till after class” “sorry professor, i need to know right now, im having an identity crisis”

- a few of the wampus students are really big softies especially the scary looking ones, odds are the more terrifying they look the sweeter they are

- they hoard girl scout cookies, thin mints and caramel delights are left out in the library so the other houses can have a snack while studying

- very body positive, it they see someone body shaming they immediately step in and kick some ass

- motorcycles aren’t allowed on campus but “if its flying it technically isn’t on school grounds professor”

- the short sweet looking wampus students are the most dangerous, they’re the ones who watch out for their more naive housemates and make sure they don’t get into any trouble

- sometimes a little reckless, there was a parkour phase that ended a little messy, their pukwudgie friends had to knock some sense back into them

- they tried petitioning the school for a jungle gym

- “wanna race to class” *other person already started running*

- “if you don’t want to play quidditch then, tag your it”

- after being caught running in the halls by a head boy “aren’t you a little too old for tag” “no and neither are you, tag your it” and the students run away laughing as the head boy chases after them

-  some of the wampus students like going on health kicks “my body is a temple” 

- “good for you, now pass the fucking gravy” some of the other wampus students don’t care about things like that

- they manage to get pizza from somewhere outside of the school and refuse to tell the other houses how they did it, however they don’t mind sharing

- that one wampus that wakes up before the sun rises to go jogging

- majority of them sleep in till the afternoon on the weekends

- “im in the house of warriors, im scary, right?” a first year asks an older housemate “terrifying” not really

- they can get out of hand on occassion, fights are not uncommon and bloody fists are not unsurprising but the entire house is usually stronger afterwards

Congratulations everyone! It’s been a month since the last episode, and we’re all still here - and better news yet, week 5 marks the half way point of our #shaumondays schedule, and half way to season 2B of Shadowhunters! This week, we’re going back into the unknown, and we can’t wait to see you take on the challenge of:


There’s a lot of opportunities in this one, and remember, there’s no rules on settings or what we expect as long as it fits the theme. Maybe someone takes a trip to Disney World? Maybe someone runs a Disney Movie Marathon? Do our gang end up tangling with characters we know so well? Or maybe it’s time to do a full crossover AU? You decide!

The usual reminders apply: make sure you tag your work as #shaumondays in the first five tags and tag any triggers your work might contain. If you can tag any otps and brotps, that would also help us out with sorting!  Don’t forget if something goes missing, you can @ tag us, or just drop us an ask and let us know! 

We accept all types of fanworks, but please remember all works should be created originally by you! We love seeing what you guys create and watching this blog fill up each week, so please keep your enthusiasm going! We’re nearly there! If you’re in need of some ideas, don’t forget to check under the cut!

If you have questions, just drop us an ask here and remember we have an ao3 collection for all your fics if you want to add them or just take a look at previous creations. Don’t forgot to whistle while you work!

Love, the SHAUMondays squad

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Boyfriend! Sehun

I hope you like it!! (I got a little inspired by EXO Next Door for the first part of the headcanon lol)

Requested By: Anonymous

When He First Sees You

  • Oh Sehun could probably be found roaming the streets after dusk for some fresh air
  • And there’s you who’s coming from the convenience store from across the street
  • The both of you are pretty occupied with your phones, you scrolling through your SNS and Sehun listening to music as he continues his daily jog
  • It’s only until you hear heavy footsteps when you decide to not look up and call your best friend if anything mysterious were to happen
  • “Cmon pick up pick up pick pup”
  • “Sorry, the number that you––”
  • So now you’re left your Plan B which is pretend that your on the phone with someone.
  • The footsteps behind you become closer and abruptly stop when your chips fall out of the bag.
  • “Excuse me, miss?”
  • “Keep walking. Keep walking,” you muttered to yourself
  • “Miss?” That was it. He tapped you on your shoulder. You were over.
  • SIIIKE. You turned around and it was..I actually don’t know what the words are to describe Sehun’s visual tbh (if you haven’t noticed..he’s my ult)
  • “You dropped these. Nice choice btw”
  • “Nice bod––I mean nice job––I mean thank you. Yeah, that’s it! Thank you.”
  • “It’s whatever..hey? Do you need me to walk you to your house or something? Its not safe out here. Besides, I saw you using the ‘I’m pretending to talk to someone method’.”
  • “That’s why you were jogging? Well, if you insist..”

How He Asks You Out

  • “So how far do you live from here?”
  • “In that apartment complex.”
  • “You know what? So do I. That’s why you seemed familiar to me!”
  • “Wait..you live in number 412? Sehun?!”
  • “I was surprised it took you this long to figure out. I take that back; I’m not surprised.”
  • “Shut up omg”
  • “I was only joking. Anyway I was gonna ask if you wanted to go to that pizzeria that I always hear you raving about, but I thought about it. I wouldn’t want to ruin this ‘nice bod’.”
  • “I’ll meet you there at 6pm tomorrow. No take backs.”
  • “I’ll see you then, (Y/N).”

Your Relationship

  • After your date with him at the pizza parlor, the teasing increased but so did the romance.
  • It’d go from “Sehun, you remember that one time you called me ‘miss’? EPIC.”
  • to “Sehun, I think we should live together. I kinda hate not sleeping in the same bed as you all the time. You know what I mean?”
  • “(Y/N), I completely agree and see where you’re coming from. Trust me I do, but I’m not moving across the hall to a room that is the same exact size as mine. Not gonna happen.”
  • “I meant in a HOUSE.”
  • “Oh.”
  • Sehun doesn’t strike me as the excessive PDA type of person
  • Like he’d cuddle but only when he’s had a rough day
  • I view him as being a person who favors full out kisses more than anything
  • Pecks just won’t cut it for him. I guess he’d view it as “leading him on” idkidki
  • Yeah that’s pretty much it. Sehun would mainly focus on the larger things in life, and he is very much a critical thinker even though it comes off as sarcasm (which is why you stuck with him because the both of you are similar). Kisses, pizza, and trying new things are the keys to each other’s hearts and he wouldn’t trade any of his experiences with you for the world.

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Hey Tumblr. So as you can see, I’m suddenly out of commission with a broken arm. And as someone who is right-handed and types 80 WPM, I’m going crazy writing with just my left hand. So I’m gonna have to take a break (haha) from this blog for a while. Im really sorry about that. Thanks for ALL the amazing get well wishes you kids sent me. My phone buzzed during my entire ER visit. I really appreciate all of you and I’ll get back to this as soon as I can. Love you kids ❤❤❤

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Late is better than never so to all the supermoms out there, I hope you had the best of days with your little ones. I feel like this is the perfect description for what I feel and do. We are all of that and many wouldn’t do the job, but we do, and willingly. How crazy is that?? 

Just hope you all got all those beautiful gifts that never made sense to me until I became a mom myself and a little toe printed over a piece of sheet now means to me more than a Hermes bag. The little hugs (finger grabs in my case) even his little hand pulling and sucking my hair… 

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I need someone to cry and yell about Fairy Tail with cause i just saw trailers for dragon cry today and i am so fucked up;0;

yuuri headcanons
  • loves hugs and cuddles but also hates them aka there’s only like two people whose touches he’s okay with at more than a handshake level
  • innuendos just fly over his head he never notices shit
  • also, lots of comments in general cause he gets lost in thought
  • “huh? im so sorry, i wasn’t listening”
  • coffee > tea
  • can actually cook p well but he doesn’t bother so he lives off cup noodles when left on his own
  • tends to go all or nothing on things like. he spends 72+ hours awake then passes out, has periods of binge eating then goes days barely eating anything at all
  • cranky af when he wakes up but it doesn’t really show, he just. doesn’t want to communicate at all for the next hour or so and gets way more blunt than usual if someone tries to
  • has such a hard time getting up in the morning. sets up like a hundred alarms and sleeps through every single one
  • once, viktor tried to nudge him awake and yuuri muttered something like ‘fuck college’ and punched him in the face, somehow still asleep
  • can sing really well? hits all the right notes without even trying
  • never in public tho he’s 2 shy
  • listens to artists like woodkid and gotye, instrumentals and very melodic stuff
  • also, songs with nice rhythm that you can dance to
  • cried to hearts a mess at least 17 times
  • trying new food is fun and all, but when there’s something he knows he likes he’s way more likely to order that
  • pan and demisexual fite me on this
  • low blood pressure. gets dizzy if he stands up abruptly
  • less nervous without his glasses on, bc if things are blurry it’s easier to forget about them and not fixate on people’s facial expressions and negative things they might mean
  • people always walk up to him asking for directions, even when he’s abroad and has no idea where he is
  • those street sellers and advertisers too
  • he avoids eye contact like the plague but it’s no use
  • sleeps with his socks on, under like a thousand blankets

viktor yurio

Watch_Me (Wrench x Reader) [1]

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//I have a thought. Just a thought: Assassin!Reader x Wrench.

“Okay that’s enough,” I said as I jumped from the roof to another one. The hard drive I stole from Blume were safe in my bag, all I had to do is to reach back into the hideout, destroy any bugs and retrieve the data.

What I didn’t know is that Blume had sent Fixers to kill me. What they didn’t know that I am a trained Assassin, a skilled killer and the master of stealth but this Fixers are annoying as hell. “Welp, time do it in the old fashion way.” I mumbled as I landed safely in a dark alleyway. I hang up and make my way to hiding spot.

“Where’s that bitch?!” A Fixer shouted. I could hear two more footsteps. Hm, just five of them. This will be a quick one. I thought as my brain build a battle plan.

I whistled, to take one of the Fixer to come to me. And he did, I make a cover assassination. Four more to go. I climb the nearby ladder to make an air one. Two in one assassination. After that, I drag the bodies to a hiding spot. Hidden from the other two. The other two were closed like a pack of wolves.

Remember the animus. Remember your ancestor. Remember their ways. I take a deep breath before running out from my spot and did a quick slice at the first one and the second one, and stab with the hidden blade, to the neck.

Once I loot the bodies, I throw them in the trash can, making them hidden from the public. I laughed silently as I hack the cameras, hiding my scene from ctOS and Blume.

I checked my bag when I climbed the roof once more. The hard drive was safe. I sighed for a relief. “Thank god,” I dialed in the number and wait for the caller to answer.

“Oh look, its (name),” Shaun sarcastically greeted me. “How’s the party? Boring?”

“Yes, yes it was,” I reply back with my own tone. “It was lovely, they had a tea party. Too bad you weren’t invited.”

“Oh, ha ha,” I can imagine, Rebecca, hiding her laughter upon seeing Shaun’s reaction to my own remarks. “Now then, let’s get to business.”

I sat down at the roof, pulling out my laptop and place the hard drive in. While I did what Shaun said, typing incoherent things on the screen.

“Is it complete?” I took a sipped from my flask. It took a few hours to let the hard drive to open up, the firewall were tough but that did not stop me to break it and replace it with my own firewall.

“Almost there…” I heard Shaun sipping his tea.

“How’s San Fran doing for you?” Rebecca asked. I was sitting at the edge of the building, watching the sun, rising. Its light emits a golden glow, radiating the city. Making it to look like it as an angel.

I shifted my leg. It was getting numb. “So far, so good. If you minus the Fixers, cameras and Dedsec..” I watched another of Dedsec videos, at the screen, spreading their words to the citizen.

“Y’know, if only Dedsec knew…” I muttered. “We could invite them to join us, hack Abstergo, exploiting their dark secrets, learning their plans, knowing who and where the Templars at…”

My laptop rang, signaling that the data transfer have been completed. “I got it!” Shaun exclaimed. “Thanks (name), we will contact you if we need anything from San Francisco.”

“Your welcome,” I destroy the hard drive with a stomp of my foot and don’t forget, to burn it. With one last look at the burnt device, I stuff my bag and make my way down to a nearby cafe. Ordering a cup of hot mocha and a tuna sandwich, I check my other phone for some news of anything interesting.

San Fran is boring without any drama from Dedsec. The way they get information and release it to the world, is interesting. Better than us, hiding away. I scrolled away, reading the news. “Hmm…” I sipped the beverage, letting the caffeine to work its magic to my tired mind. 

I took out my novel and started to read where I left off. Only to know that my sunlight were blocked by someone. “Hey!” I looked up, glaring at the person who dare to disturb my reading time. 

My glare drop when I scanned the figure. “Oh, hey…” 

…should I continue 

[part 2 is up]

anonymous asked:

can you give an example of a time when you were really depressed during your teen years? like when you knew you were really depressed. when did it start, how did it happen. did it have any significance to you? like what did you learn? sorry im doing a paper on how depression starts out in people's lives

when the guy i loved left me it was painful. lasted a long ass time & pretty much i learned to not depend on someone for your happiness & don’t ever put someone before yourself & also that you don’t NEED anyone but yourself.

Unfinished Business part 2


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material 

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count: 1145

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 “when you love something, let it go. But if that something returns,

keep it.”

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I saw this and all I can think of is a modern AU where the macusa has a twitter. Every year Graves is somehow left in charge of the holiday greeting and it’s become a tradition for him to fuck it up. He doesn’t have enough time for it but he’s not about to let someone else take over. No one has the heart to tell him graphic design is NOT his passion. They find out Grindelwald was impersonating him the one year the company greeting is a well done piece commissioned by a professional artist.

I know shits different now but I hope you’re well and you’ll always have a special place in my heart and I know that doesn’t mean much to you because your heart is sitting in the corner of my room where you left it.
I know it’s different between us now and you don’t understand why I walked away but you deserve someone who can love you as much as you love me. 
When shit hits the fan I know you expect me to stay and work through it with you, but darling I’m a runner and I’ll always be looking for a way out.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you needed but thank you for loving me.
—  (170/365) by (KJ)
BTS Group Texts - Savage
  • Hoseok: Bitch ass Jin drew on my face during his broadcast.
  • Jungkook: Yeah that turd herd did it to me too.
  • Jin: Did you just call me a turd herd?
  • Yoongi: ffs y'all are so crusty
  • Jungkook: SHUT UP YOgurT
  • Yoongi: YOGURT
  • Jimin: o shit
  • Namjoon: I hate this group chat
  • Hoseok: If anyone should be fighting right now it should be me and seokjerk
  • Jin: jfc i'm going to kill you
  • Hoseok: all u gotta do is make that nasty chili you concocted last night and your're all good.
  • Jin: I HAT E yOU
  • Namjoon: is2g
  • Taehyung: wait i want to fight someone
  • Jimin: stfu no one wants to fight you
  • [Namjoon has left the group chat]

im literally in hell omg. back pain is fucked up today so my executive dysfunction is also out of control. barely any w**d, barely any food left in the house and zero capacity to make it or go get it. both of my roommates are at work and i have no friends in this city except for one who has finals rn and i literally just need someone to perform tasks for me in exchange for minimal eye contact.

also im off spiro again rn cause thats been the only thing thats ever helped my back

sorry for blogging about this, i have an mental illness

part 4 is all fluff and im happy with it

AU in which you comfort 10k after Cassandra’s death, but it doesnt go as planned. (AKA fluff, fluff, and more fluff)

part 1

part 2

part 3

“Feeling better, princess?” Murphy asks as 10k walks into the living room of the house you’re squatting in.

“I think I vomited all my organs.” He mutters, rubbing a hand across his face.

“As the person who dumped your puke bucket, I say that’s accurate.” Addy says.

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