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Oh hey another Overwatch edit, what a surprise. (Don’t repost please)

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I’d LOVE to read a fic of them just- satisfying their power and professionalism kinks because you know they both have it. Example:

Magnus: “Mr. Lightwood, Congratulations on being the Head of the Institute. How does it feel to be the man on top?”

Alec: “I love it. But not as much as I love having the High Warlock of Brooklyn under me and begging for it.”

Why else would he look this smug and aroused?


OMG is there something wrong with me?? I can’t stop reading fanfiction stories! All day I read and read and read. I… I can’t stop, they’re all just so wonderful. What have you done to me writers?!


I feel and look horrible but Snapchat makes me look somewhat okay

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Hi Josie! I love your art so much! I just got my first Wacom tablet a few weeks ago and am brand new to digital art (and art in general tbh). I usually hate everything I draw but I've decided to just keep drawing anyway! Do you have any tips or advice for brand new baby artists?

Hi there! Thanks so much, and YAY FOR VENTURING INTO DIGITAL ART!
I’m really happy to hear that you’re plugging away even if you’re not happy with where you are right now. I know it can be really discouraging trying to get the art out of your head and onto the paper, but every single drawing you make gets you one drawing closer to where you want to be. Every single one.

Tips or advice… I guess I’ll just start with the obvious–Don’t give up! When I got my drawing tablet, it took me a LONG time to get used to it. Like, I don’t have anyone to compare it to, because none of my friends really liked art or digital art the way I did, but it felt like I was suddenly speaking a different language, and I was speaking it badly. It was like I knew what I wanted my hands to do, but the stylus was weird and I had to look at the screen instead of my hands and–it was hard.
But I stuck with it (mostly out of pure spite, which is unfortunately what motivates me the most) and now it feels as natural as breathing! So if it’s a little tricky at first, don’t despair, okay? It just takes a little time!
(Or not. Maybe you’ll get it right away and I’m just. REALLY BAD. At learning new things.)

I don’t know what drawing program you’re using, but I’d suggest trying to get comfortable with all the different features it has, even if you aren’t going to use them. (I’m such a hypocrite I have no idea what mine is capable of omg) It could save you a TON of time–I had no idea what clipping layers were for an eternity and now I’m filled with this senseless sort of bitterness–think of all the TIME I could have saved!
Just kind of mess around with it, look up some tutorials and stuff, play with the features. See what they’re intended to do and how you can use them, just in case. You never know!

This isn’t a digital drawing thing as much as it is a regular drawing thing, but: DON’T BE SHY ABOUT USING REFERENCES. I just. I hear so many people say that they think they’re cheating for using references and I just. NO. NO NO NO. IT’S NOT CHEATING. IT’S LEARNING. Make a bunch of pinterest boards, or secret pinterest boards, or a folder on your desktop or whatever, and save pictures of hands and animals and art and faces and whatever, and USE THEM. When you’re bored and you don’t know what to draw, open the folder and draw a page of poses, or feet, and YAY! You’re one page better at drawing feet! U rock!

Drawing is SO MUCH FUN but it’s easy to start comparing yourself to other artists. Do not do that. Nope. Don’t. Don’t do it. It’s easy. But it’s a bad idea. There are a lot of artists who I look at and I just. I just die a little inside because they’re so talented and they’re so good and they’ve put so much effort and time into it and you can SEE it in their work! But you gotta channel that inner death into motivation! That art isn’t there to discourage you–that art is #GOALS. It’s INSPIRING. Clench your teeth and grin and whisper get ready set GO, but remember that those artists aren’t your rivals or your competitors. They’re running the same race; they’re striving to improve too, and they have just as much self doubt and they struggle just as much as you do! 
Never compare your beginning with someone else’s middle, but don’t compare your middle to anyone else’s middle, either. Everyone learns at a different pace. There are going to be weeks and months where you hate everything you draw, but there are going to be weeks and months where it feels right, where you look back and whisper, “Wow. I’ve come pretty far.” 

One more thing: Draw because you want to.
 It’s fun to post pictures on tumblr or instagram, but between likes and reblogs and looking at other people’s art, it can be easy to forget why you started. Why DID you start? Why do you draw and learn and try, even when it’s hard? 
Draw because you love it. Draw because you want to learn. Every once in a while, just. I don’t know. Close your tabs, put away your phone, and just draw something for you, something you aren’t going to post. Something entirely self indulgent. Yes, you should strive to improve, and yes, you can definitely post your art and get feedback and talk to other artists! But remember that it is, first and foremost, something you do because you want to. 

I wish you all the best! <3 Good luck with your tablet, and I hope this vague and rambling reply helps at least a little!

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i was tagged by @19kwan. ty 💐🌷 this was a lot of fun n i was so so happy that u tagged me ! 💕 

1. always post the rules 
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1. what is your zodiac sign?
2. milk before or after cereal?  
after for sure
3. what was your favourite cartoon as a child?  
teletubbies - still holds a v special place in my heart 
4. places you would like to visit?  
tokyo, riga, budapest, and busan to name a few
5. do you like pizza with pineapple? 
yes !!! i will shamelessly spread pro-pineapple pizza propaganda
6. talking on the phone or texting?  
texting texting texting asdfksl its so much easier for me n apparently my voice sounds weird over the phone ? like much lower than usual idk ??
7. favourite kind of weather?  
a bright n sunny day w lots of clouds, a lil warm but not too hot
8. do you easily get along with people?  
im v bad at approaching people but i think that im ok at getting along w them after i let down my emo forcefield of self-isolation 
9. are you a cat or a dog person?  
DOGS i love both but id devote my entire life to every dog !!!!
10. any hobbies?  
not rly aslkdjf i used to do all this Cool Stuff like ballet, swimming n karate, but now its just the occasional game of overwatch or trying to develop a form of sign language w my pets
11. band/artist you would like to see live?
uhhhhh maybe these guys called ???? Monster X ???? u should all check them out they’re pretty cool 

my 11 questions are:

  1. do you prefer the ocean or the sky?
  2. favourite candle/perfume scent?
  3. name(s) you would want to give to your kids if you were to have any? 
  4. being able to read minds or fly? 
  5. favourite word(s)? 
  6. a book/tv/film character that you’re similar to?
  7. favourite song about love?
  8. hot chocolate or iced tea?
  9. opinon on the prospect of extraterrestrial life?
  10. can you describe your sense of humour?
  11. if you were a performer, what would you want your stage name to be?

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Ok but the best part of The Freshman book 4 was definitely Becca

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for some reason i assume you like ambient music, like not even the chiller stuff but the stuff that's like electronic screeching noises mixed with the sounds of machinery and stuff. maybe it's because your art makes me think of that sorta music?

tbh youre not far off there my pallio but still in reality I am much more of a pleb than ambient music

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