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Hi, may I request a first time scenario with Woozi?

“What’s up?” you asked Jihoon as you walked into the living room after a nice lunch you had had with a few of your friends.

“Nothing much,” Jihoon answered coldly, keeping his eyes locked on his phone when you talked to him. He had finally had the chance to sleep over at your place, staying in bed when you had left somewhat early to go meet up with your friends. He had been fine last night when he had come - he was his usual self making funny comments and holding you close without saying much. You had no idea what had gotten to him to make him like this.

“Sure…” you answered, not willing to bother with him right now, you had time. So, you decided to give your friend who couldn’t make it today, a call. A call during which Jihoon could not take his eyes off of you, glancing at your direction every few minutes, probably thinking that you wouldn’t notice.

He watched your lips move as you talked, the plump and soft look of them driving him nuts, his imagination running wild. He imagined kissing them at first, which was sweet, but the more you bit them and the more you ran your hands through your hair - his thoughts were getting carried away from that sweet thought to something different. In his mind, your pretty little lips were wrapped around his cock, taking him as deep as you could, nearly choking. Fuck that turned him on.

Jihoon sneakily placed his hand on his crotch, feeling the already building heat and growing erection in his pants. He kept a straight face as he stared at you talking on the phone, completely missing everything you said, merely just focusing on your movements that somehow got him so worked up.

Maybe it was that he hadn’t had any release in a while and the sexual tension between the two of you had just been growing consistently during the month that you had been dating but never coming to a release. He had felt tense ever since the morning - waking up to your ass pressing against his crotch, inevitably causing him to have an erection which he had tried to deal with for the time you were gone but failing, as he needed you. His hand could only do so much.

You noticed Jihoon taking a pillow from the couch and strategically placing it on his lap, his hand following underneath the pillow in no time. This happened quite early on during your call, which made you exaggerate your movements a lot more, making sure to give him a show.

After you ended your call, Jihoon was surprisingly quick to take action. He got up from the couch, not even caring that his bulge was visible. He walked up to you, your face revealing your amusement. “So, this was a plan of yours all along?” He asked, catching up on you as soon as he saw your expression. You nodded with a laugh, telling him that you had also noticed his business under the pillow.

He leaned in slowly, pressing his lips to yours as his eyes fluttered shut, pulling you as close as he possibly could.

The kiss wasn’t needy or desperate, contrary to your expectations, his lips soft and gentle against yours as he sucked and nibbled on your bottom lip, your hands wrapping around his neck as you tilted your head, attempting to deepen the kiss. You wanted more - that had been your plan all along.

His tongue slid into your mouth, twirling with your as he squeezed you tightly in his embrace. Though he didn’t want to pull away, he needed to take deep breaths as he started to notice his excitement getting too much for both of you.  He breathed in slowly, gently placing his lips on the side of your neck in the meantime, making his way down slowly as he nibbled and bit your skin softly.

You turned your head, allowing him more access as your hands ran through his hair, his hands following lower as well, grabbing a handful of your ass. “Bedroom?” he asked in a mumble, and you answered by nodding, breathing heavily as he continued to kiss and nibble your soft skin, but also as you started feeling nervous about what was to come.

“So we are doing this?“ You panted softly, feeling him smile against your neck as he knew you were getting nervous. “Only if you’re up for it, you tease,” he said quietly, letting you sit on the edge of the bed.  “I’ll stop here if you want me to. I don’t want to make you feel pressured, okay?” He said gently, a slight worry apparent in his voice.

You squeezed his hand on your thigh softly, shaking your head as a shy smile spread on your lips. “Stop staring then and help me get this off,” you said finally and already began stripping out of your clothes. He blinked softly, a smirk appearing on his face soon after pressing a light kiss on your hand. “Gladly,” he answered.

Your hands started wandering over his chest, wanting to get rid of his clothes in the process as well. Jihoon’s hands caressed your back in search of your bra hooks, a grunt in triumph emerging from his mouth as he found it and tried to unclasp it, making you giggle. “I got it,” you whispered and unclasped it for him, letting your bras fall on your lap.

You fell backwards to lie on the bed, gesturing him to take off his shirt before he would continue stripping you. He sighed softly, pulling the black shirt off over his head, revealing his milky skin, his lightly defined tummy and visible happy trail causing you to bite your lip.

He noticed your expression and smiled to himself, throwing his shirt somewhere on the bedroom floor. He then helped you get out of your pants, throwing them somewhere with his shirt. After that, he rose to stand up from the floor after kneeling down in front of you and just scanned over your body, his eyes hungry.

“You,” he began, caressing every curve your body up to your waist, “Are so beautiful..”

You felt yourself blush as his hands rose up to your chest, caressing your breasts. He then wasted no time in getting his pants off and crawling on top of you, still caressing your breasts. He looked at you, as if asking for permission and when you bit your lip, he knew he had it. Jihoon kissed the skin of your breast softly, playing with the other one as his mouth worked the other, swirling and nibbling on your nipple softly.

You moaned quietly, eyes fluttering shut as you ran a hand through his hair, pulling him even closer, as his mouth feeling amazing against your skin. He repeated his action with the other breast, nibbling and sucking wherever his lips could reach as his hands travelled down your torso, slender fingers tracing random patterns against your skin.

“Jihoon,” you murmured, “please stop teasing me.”

He looked up at you, pulling away from you as he smirked. “Says you who teased me first.”

You whined softly, sliding your hand from his hair to cup his cheek and kiss his lips before he got off from top of you to slide down your panties down your thighs and doing the same with removing his own boxers. His erection sprung free as he wrapped his hand around his shaft, hissing at his own touch. He was so damn sensitive.

He propped himself above you again, and aligned himself with your entrance. Jihoonw as clearly controlling himself, moving slowly and making sure you would feel as little pain as possible. You felt a slight burn when he pushed inside of you but overall, the pleasure outdid the pain by far.

“Oh my god!” You cried out when he rocked his hips into you the first time, the pain becoming much worse suddenly. Jihoon stopped moving immediately, breathing heavily. He saw tears forming at the corners of your eyes, wiping them away with his thumb. “I’m so sorry Y/N,” he murmured, previous smile turned into a pout. You dug your fingers into his forearm, a silent message that you wanted him to keep going. He kissed you softly in attempt to alleviate the pain you were feeling, and to some extent, it was helping, his soft lips keeping you distracted from the pain that quite quickly faded.

The feeling was foreign, but good nonetheless as you squeezed your eyes shut. As you got a little braver and as he relaxed more, you both started letting out moans and whimpers as you went along. He grunted as he continued to thrust in you, eyes locked with yours as he pecked your cheeks occasionally.

“You feel so good,” Jihoon said with a shaky breath, eyes tightly shut. You moaned his name unwillingly, unable to say anything else. Your hands were tgripped in his hair, your grip tightening as you began to feel the know in your stomach building up, squirming underneath him. Jihoon couldn’t help but to cuss a little, feeling how your heat was pulsating around his cock.

“Jihoon, I -“

“I know,” he panted, head buried in the crook of your neck, leaving kisses (and probably hickies) on your skin, “I am too.”

His panting got louder and he whispered a few dirty things in your ear, making you shiver. He then began thrusting  a bit faster in you, sliding his hand between your sweaty bodies, pressing his index finger against your swollen clit, gently rolling it under his finger. The pleasure was all too much and before you knew it, you came, crying out in mere pleasure as Jihoon reached his climax as well, his release ending up on your lower stomach.

He was breathless, mumbling your name as he came down from his high. He then flopped to your side, taking your face into his hands and pulling you in for a kiss. “That was amazing,” he said in awe, not knowing what else to say.

You were in a similar situation, you didn’t know what to say. You had never felt such pleasure and now that it was over, you felt almost empty and if something, very tired.

But Jihoon took care of that, as he slowly pulled you closer to his body, wanting you to do the final move yourself, and you did. You rolled close to Jihoon, throwing your leg across his body and finding a comfortable position in his arms.

“Thank you,” you whispered and he repeated the words and although you couldn’t see his expression, you could hear his smile through his breath. “How about we take a nap,” you suggested and yawned and Jihoon complied, closing his eyes and stroking up and down your arm until you both fell asleep for a short while.

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Nothing Like Your First Time | [Wonho smut] Part 1/2

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Another attempt at smut
Word count: 6402

          A heavy sigh escapes your lips as you finally manage to unlock the door of your apartment. Kicking your shoes off, you wiggle your sore toes that are finally free from their confinement. After such a long, hard day of teaching, you could really use a foot massage at the moment. Just the thought of your feet being caressed and massaged made you almost weak in the knees and your eyes close in absolute bliss where you stood. You knew just the person for the job too, but, as life would have it, he was busy at work and wouldn’t be home until after 9. Frowning softly, you enter the kitchen, deciding you could use some tea after you took a shower. Your eyes suddenly narrowed at the empty ramen container sitting atop the trash and the half filled kettle of water. Your legs were suddenly planted firmly on your kitchen floor where you stood as reality  began to set in, fear creeping up from the tips of your toes and spreading throughout your body. Two questions began to linger in your mind. Was your boyfriend home? Or was somebody else in your house eating your ramen and waiting to kill you? However, you began to lean more on the first option as the front door was locked and intact without any sign of  breaking and entering and your home seemed to be just the way you had left it this morning. You knew in the back of your head that it could be a well set plan for the burglar to capture you, however, just for reassurance, you began to hope that it was just Hoseok coming home early. With the uneasy feeling still settled onto your stomach and all thoughts of relaxing with a warm cup of tea is drained from your head, you grab your phone from your laptop bag and begin tiptoeing your way around with the police dialed just in case.
        ‘They must be in my room.’ You quiver in your head as you found door to your bedroom ajar. As if you were walking on air, you manage to creep your way to the door. Your throat suddenly became dry, as your fingertips became cold, your hand clutching your phone tightly as you leaned in to catch a glimpse of whoever was trespassing their way into your home. All bodily functions froze as a low moan seemed to echo throughout the second floor followed by a soft hiss and another moan. Your mind was totally blank as you immediately recognized the voice. You could identify Hoseok’s voice anywhere.
“Mmm, that feels so good.” He rasps out loud enough for you to hear, both rage and sadness beginning to bubble from within your frozen body. You felt a rush of emotions hit you at once at the thought of Hoseok cheating on you. Your rage began to overflow like boiling lava in a volcano but was coated by the rain of absolute betrayal and washed away by the whirlwind of sadness that was forming in your chest. How could he do this to you? You two were best friends for three years and lovers for two. You didn’t think he’d give up on you that easily. What was worse was that he had the nerve to disrespect you and bring his outside lover in the home you both shared. Among all the questions stirring in your mind, you couldn’t help but wonder if she was prettier than you. Closing your eyes, you took a several deep breaths to calm yourself down  and clear your mind of all the bad thoughts before trashing the cheater and his whore. You weren’t about to let either of them see you cry.
        Pushing the door open slowly, you were silently thankful that the hinges didn’t creak at all, therefore giving you the element of surprise. Opening your eyes, you were shell shocked for the third time for today. You stood there with your eyes wide and your jaw hanging open slackly whilst a deep red blush began filling your face and spreading to the tips of your ears. Your breath was stuck in your throat as you stood there with your hand on the door handle. Nothing in the world could have prepared you to see your boyfriend with his cheeks flushed a soft pink and his upper body fully exposed whilst leaning against the headboard with his eyes closed. His hand was enclosed around his rather thick shaft that was standing hard the head a glistening red as he pumped it slowly, his breaths coming out in dreamy, ragged pants in time with his movements.  You couldn’t bring yourself to peel your eyes away from the sight. It was the first time you’d ever seen him this naked before. You two had agreed that sex would happen when you were ready. You weren’t ready to have your virginity taken and Hoseok had agreed to wait until you were ready. However, you were beginning to question yourself now that you had caught Hoseok in the act. A foreign feeling began to pool at your stomach as you licked your now chapped lips.
“Ho-Hoseok?” You breathe and his eyes slowly open with a soft ‘mm?’ as though he hadn’t taken a grasp of reality just yet. There was a solid seven seconds of silence after his eyes opened that he stared at you. You could practically see the wheels of his mind turning through the windows of his eyes.
[Y/N]!“ He shouts, scrambling to cover himself with the sheets as reality finally slapped him across his face. You could almost see his entire body turning red with embarrassment as he looked everywhere in the room but you.
        A loud and very thick silence rung in the air between you two, neither of you able to properly able to come up with a way on how you should approach the subject. 'C'mon [Y/N] you’re both adults you can do this.’ You urged yourself on as you shuffled awkwardly on your feet still rooted to at the frame of the door.
“Were you thinking about me?” You blurt out, resisting the urge to plaster your hand over your mouth. You didn’t know what had taken over you but that was completely different from the sentence, 'It’s okay, we’re adults right?’ Reasoning with yourself now, you thought it would be kind of hot if he was thinking about you whilst pleasuring himself. There mere thought of it made you feel really powerful, not to mention, sexy.
“Ye-Yeah.” Hoseok stutters out and you tuck your black locks behind your ear as you make eye contact with him.
“What were you fantasizing about?” You ask, feeling braver and more confident now that he had confirmed that he was thinking about you. You began to shed your blazer and tie your hair up as the room suddenly became too hot for you. There was a sudden throbbing between your legs and all you could think about was touching him and making him feel good.
“Ja-Jagi what are you doing?” He questions, completely ignoring your previous question as he watches you begin to undress, your articles of clothing being discarded carelessly on the floor as you approached the bed.
“I wanna make you feel good too.” You confess standing  at the bedside and making a quick  move to straddle his thighs. Alarmed that you would try to make any more moves on him, Hoseok gripped your hips to keep you in place.
        "How should I do this?“ You ask innocently, as you lean forward, your hands sliding along his arms, feeling his muscles tighten under you touch. Hoseok drinks in the sight of your half naked body before his eyes trail up your yours, a concerned look overcasting his features. He was feeling as though he had somehow pressured you into this.
"Babe, stop.” He commands, swallowing thickly despite your lips bring a hair width’s apart from his. “We shouldn’t.”
“What do you mean we shouldn’t? Don’t you want me?” You frown, leaning away from him and placing your hands on his.
“I do. It’s just that, this isn’t how things should be.” He tries to explain, only succeeding in confusing you more. “Look, if you hadn’t caught me in the act you wouldn’t want to do this.”
“But I did. And I do, so-”  He cuts you off with a heavy sigh, his head shaking in obvious disagreement.
“But nothing. I already had something planned for when you were really ready. We’ve never even fooled around before.” He almost scolds if it weren’t for the current position and situation you were both in. You sigh and looks away from him. He was right. Throughout your two years of being in a relationship with Hoseok, you two had never gone past heavy making out and some boob groping. Hoseok had respected your wishes for all groping around to be strictly above the belt.
“But I wanna help..” You pout, glancing down at the obvious tent in his boxers before looking up at him again. Biting his lip, he arches a brow up at you before catching your pleading gaze and sighing in defeat. Hoseok was internally screaming in hopes that he wouldn’t regret his decision as well as a bit in excitement. Not that he would ever admit that in the first place.
“Alright.” He agrees and your face almost lights up before he opens his mouth once more. “But, under no circumstances will I be penetrating you. Not even if you beg.” He states clearly  and you nod in understanding, trying as hard as possible not to blush at what had come out of his mouth but  you were miserably failing.
        "Look at you. You’re so cute.“ He chuckles, sitting up to press his body closer to yours. You mumble a 'shut up’ just before he connects your lips in a deep kiss, your eyes closing and your arms draping around his shoulders as his tongue simply glides into your mouth. You giggle softly into the kiss as you feel Hoseok’s hands fumble a bit with you bra before finally getting the clasps undone. Pulling away from him, you note his reddened face as you help him remove it, your hands immediately moving to cover your breasts as the article of clothing hits the floor.
"May I?” He asks as he takes your wrists into his hands. You began to feel a bit foolish now that your over confident persona had totally disappeared. But you nodded and closed your eyes as he began to remove your hands.
“Hey, jagi, look at me..” Hoseok calls out to you as he presses a kiss to your jaw, his lips trailing lower and lower. Your heart began to viciously thump in your chest as he cupped your bare breasts, your stomach stirring in both excitement and fear. Forcing yourself to open your eyes, you quickly took in a deep breath before looking down at him. You’re met with the sight of the crown of his head, his forehead pressed to your chest, feeling the erratic beating of your heart.
“Do you trust me?” He asks quietly and you murmur a 'yes’ in reply as your hands are unable to resist combing through his hair. Hoseok waits for you to calm down before moves again, the pads of his thumbs ghosting across your sensitive nipples before he kneads both mounds of your chest in his hands, his gaze straining to meet you yes as his head begins to lower to your right breast. You let out an audible gasp as his tongue darts out to give your now hardened nipple a long, slow lick. Your hair began to stand on end as you drink in the sight of Hoseok taking your breast into his mouth, your eyes involuntarily closing whilst you savor the foreign feeling. A pleasurable tingling began surging through your veins and your core began to throb , never in your life would you imagine you’d feel this way. Closing your eyes, your head rolls backwards gently as your back arches towards him, your mouth opening to allow small whimpers to escape when you feel teeth graze and sink into the flesh of your breast. As Hoseok sucked on the skin, your fingers combed through his hair, down to his shoulders and the flesh of his back, sharp fingernails digging into his skin in warning as he switches breasts and begins sucking and pulling on your nipple a little too roughly. The man below you hisses softly and places a kiss on your abused chest in apology before  you feel his teeth bite onto your skin a couple more times, littering your chest with bright red hickies.  
        As Hoseok’s lips began to wander between the valley of your breasts and planting sweet kisses down to your abdomen, your body slowly begins leaning backwards and your find yourself stopping him. Your head shakes as you cup his face and he pulls you back up with a questioning look.
“What’s the matter? Not having fun?” He asks, genuinely wanting to know if he was pleasing you or not.
“I wanted this to be about you.” You mutter, scooting up further until you’re straddling your hips as he reclines onto the pillows, your lips pressing against his forehead in a soft kiss. The purpose of all of this was to make him feel good. Unsuspectingly to Hoseok, you drop your weight onto his pelvis, an audible groan emerging from his throat, his body flinching and his eyes closing. The small friction had seem to done him good. You bit your lip to muffle your giggles at his reaction before taking a quick glance down. His clothed length was wedged between your legs, your womanhood pressing against it heavily. It was a strange feeling really but you had an urge to do it again as you wanted the short but thrilling rush of pleasure to return, however, you were a little concerned that you had hurt him as he was still quiet.
“Move your hips baby.” Hoseok commands in a whisper as he places his hands on your hips again beginning to guide you. Slowly,  he helps you rock your hips to and fro, both your breaths coming out in small gasps as you could his thick cock was wedged between your outer lips. Your underwear was soaked, slick with your juices, the thin material doing little to prevent your clit from being simultaneously stroked against his hardness. You fight the urge to close your eyes  and enjoy the ride as your eyes focus on Hoseok. At the moment, his eyes were closed and his grip on your hips seemed to be tightening as his hips just barely moved in time with yours. With a small wince, you take clutch his wrists and tug them upwards to guide his hands up your body to cup and grope your breasts. You begin to whimper and moan freely as his large palms massages your mounds, tweaking and pinching your sensitive buds roughly enough to pleasure you.
        Hoseok’s mind was muddled as he cracked an eye open to stare at you. His erection was throbbing with need and he wanted so badly to remove the clothes that separated the two of you. Hoseok wanted so badly to take you. He desperately wanted to bury himself between your legs, for you to wrap your legs around him and squeeze him in pleasure. He wanted to watch you writhe under him and hear your soft voice moaning his name sweetly. Hoseok’s mind was buzzing with what thoughts of being inside you felt like, his forehead beginning to glisten with a light sheen of sweat. He watched near breathless as you moved forward, coming closer to him. Your delicate hands traced the outline of his toned stomach, his muscles rippling and flexing under your touch as your hips began gyrating.
“Oh God [Y/N] you’re torturing me.” Your boyfriend nearly whines as he grips your hips again in guidance as you place kisses on his chest, your eyes twinkling with mischief for a second before your mouth encircles his right nipple, pulling at the small silver piercing as you briefly suck on it. Hoseok isn’t able to resist the loud groan clawing it’s way from his throat accompanied by the intake of breath afterwards before his eyes snap open.
“You’ve never touched a penis in your life right?” He asks gruffly despite already knowing your answer and you nod as a shiver runs down your spine at his tone, a feeling of excitement along with a tinge of nervousness beginning to linger in your body. For a brief second you his face flushes a darker red before he looks between your legs where you’re grinding against him.
“Do you want to?” He asks smoothly, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he tries to salivate his throat, a smile gracing his lips as you eagerly nod.
“Ye-Yeah..” You mutter, your cheeks ablaze as you completely avoid his gaze. You were totally embarrassed to have to admit that.
“Help me take these off then.” He instructs, his voice faint as his thumb hooks in the waistband of his boxers. You comply and begin tugging them down past his hips, a rush of heat flooding your body as his cock comes into sight.
        "Are you nervous jagi?“ He chuckles as he watches you with an arched eyebrow as you discard his boxers on the floor and scoot your way back up to his thighs. Taking one of your hands he motions for you to take the base of his member into your hands and you follow suit. His cock was thick and painfully hard and on instinct, you copy his motions from earlier, casually stroking his length from the base to the top. He inhales sharply and tucks his lower lip between his teeth as he feels you touching him. God, he wanted this for so long.
”[Y/N] that feels so good.“ He moans out, encouraging you to increase your pace. Your hands automatically do so,  as you lick your lips. His moans begin to become less breathy and more pronounced as he feels himself come closer to his orgasm. Unable to resist your urge anymore, you lean forward and run your tongue along the vein of his throbbing erection, Hoseok’s body jolting, toes curling as he forces his eyes open to stare at you, his face a strange mixture of surprise and immeasurable pleasure. You only smile up at him deviously before taking the head of his cock into your mouth, your cheeks hollowing as you suck him in further. Your boyfriend writhes in pleasure, mangled moans of your name falling from his mouth like a chant. Your tongue teases his shaft, rubbing and massaging it to the best of your ability, the taste of what you assumed was his precum faintly dancing on your taste buds. As your head bobs, Hoseok brushes the hair from your face, both your eyes locking as he grips your neck, guiding you on how to please him. You can’t help but blush immensely as he smiles at you briefly, his lips beginning to mumble how close he is to cumming.
"Babe, I’m gonna cum.” He manages, a good few seconds before his face contorts strangely. His jaw tightens and his eyes screw shut and if it weren’t for the blast of lightly salty fluid in your mouth, you would have called him cute. You silently thanked the Gods for using your common sense and not having him in the back of your throat or else you would have choked.  Removing his member from your mouth you sit back and clasp your hand over your mouth.
“You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to.” He pants, barely recovering from his previous orgasm whilst leaning up a bit to rest on his elbows. Shaking your head, you sit contemplating whether or not you like the taste. It was a bit strong and a bit on the salty side but slowly, you downed the liquid anyway.
        There’s a small moment of silence as Hoseok catches his breath. 'It’s not as awkward as I thought it would be.’ You say to yourself as you watch the beautiful man before you brush his hair back and smile widely with a look of complete adoration in his eyes.
“I didn’t think you’d do that.” He smiles, motioning for you to  come closer. Returning his smile, you do so , crawling up against his chest and kissing his jaw.
“There’s a first time for everything right?” You shrug squeaking as he rolls you both over, his body now hovering above yours, his two arms on either sides of your head to support himself.
“What are you- Wait, this is embarrassing.” You whine, throwing an arm over your face as in less than a blink of an eye, Hoseok is looking up at you from between your legs. Clenching your thighs together, you try your best to keep him out, quite bashful of him seeing your most intimate of places for the first time.
“You got to see me. It’s only fair.” He laughs at your flustered state as he sits back, waiting for you to relax. He wasn’t about to force you into anything you didn’t want to do, however, Hoseok knew that you were undoubtedly turned out and only wanted to return the small favor.
“Relax [Y/N] it’s only me. Don’t be shy.” He tries to soothe you as he strokes your legs and thighs, massaging and squeezing the supple flesh before him gently. He was right, you reasoned. You were trusting your body with the man you loved, not a stranger.
“[Y/N]?” He questions, his voice dropping an octave lower making you peek through your fingers at him. He only ever used that tone when he was serious.
“Have you ever had an orgasm baby?” He investigates as he manages to work his way in-between your legs without a struggle. His brow arches as you manage to shake your head, a small frown forming on his lips. You remove your hand from your face, resting them against the bed on either sides of you as you relax. You don’t stop him as he throws your legs over his shoulder, his lips planting lingering kisses on both your inner thighs as his eyes never break contact with yours, your stomach burning once again with an  unknown sensation.
        "You trust me right?“ He asks between kisses and you nod. "Lay back baby, you’re gonna enjoy this.” He smirks cockily as his tongue darts out to press against the wet fabric of your underwear in a slow lick, causing your breath to hitch. Taking a deep breath, you begin to grab fistfuls of the bed sheets  as Hoseok moves the crotch of your underwear aside, fully exposing your sex to him for the first time. Your eyes widen, mouth forming in an 'O’ shape as Hoseok wastes no time in latching onto your swollen clit, sucking relentlessly on your little bundle on nerves. Within seconds, Hoseok had you like putty in his hands. Your toes began curling as our back arches off of the bed, his name being repeatedly uttered from your mouth in breathless moans. What he was doing to you was absolutely sensational. Instinctively, your hips began rocking against his face, his broad tongue flattening against your womanhood from your opening to your clit in long almost rhythmical licks. You grunt as you feel pressure against your hips, one of Hoseok’s arm laying across your hips as his other spreads your leg out wider. You’re barely aware that you’re almost bent in half as Hoseok’s tongue enters your quivering hole, burrowing your nectar out of your body.
“Fuck Hoseok~” You moan loudly, dragging his name out as your eyes squeeze shut, a string of curses falling from your mouth as your cheek presses against your pillow whilst your hands forget the sheets in favor of finding purchase in Hoseok’s hair. His hand unwraps from around your thigh to rub a finger against your wetness briefly. His eyes look up at yours for silent permission for him to enter you and you not without hesitation as you look down. You whimper softly as you feel his middle finger enter you womanhood. His digit was slowly being pumped in and out of you quickly becoming slick with your juices. Hoseok enters another finger, this time thrusting a bit faster and curling his fingers upwards inside you as his tongue begins flicking against your small gem. All too soon, you find yourself near screaming his name once more as your thighs wrap around his head after the built up pressure from within you releases, your fingers massaging his scalp as you see white. Your body shakes with your first orgasm, your juices coating Hoseok’s chin. His fingers stop their assault on your now pulsing hole but his mouth doesn’t let up from sucking on your clit.
“Babe, babe, babe, babe, please, please, please, stop. Ho-seok- No!” You whine and beg as you desperately try to push his head away, your chest heaving and your legs shaking from the overstimulation.
“Ah!” You shout as he detaches his lips from you with one last suck, your hand smacking his shoulder as he emerges from between your legs to kiss his way up from your hips and abdomen. A scream and a giggle erupts from your throat as Hoseok blows a raspberry into your tummy, before resuming his kisses trail up to your chest and neck.
“Don’t, I’m sweaty and spent. That was amazing. I could get used to that.” You sigh heavily as you use the back of your hand to wipe away the sweat from your forehead, your chest rising and falling whilst intaking huge gasps of breaths whilst you continue to slowly come down from your high.
“Should I run us a bath?” He inquires as he wiggles his eyebrows at you and chuckling softly. You consider the idea for a quick second and nod, he’d just seen you naked. There was nothing to be shy about now.
        "You know, I got really scared when I came home.“ You confess as you worm your way up to Hoseok’s side to place your head against his chest. You lay your head against his naked chest and listen to the strong beat of his heart as he carelessly drapes an arm around you. After your bath, which you very much enjoyed as you two spoke about the intimacy you two shared, he helped you dry off and put lotion on your body, much to your liking  and even helped you get dressed. Now, here you two were, laying on freshly changed sheets, snuggled together in near silence before you broke it.
"Hmm?” You hear his voice rumble in his chest at your statement. “Why would you be scared?” He asks as if it wasn’t probably already clear enough.
“You were supposed to be at work. I thought some crazy fan of yours found out and was going to murder me.” You deadpan at him as he busts out in a roar of laughter. You sit up and stare at him.
“Jagi, I don’t think that would happen.” He shakes his head at you, but you knew you could never be too careful with those kinds of situations. “Our manager said we could get some extra time off since we’ve been working extra had lately..”
“So why didn’t you tell me?”
“Cuz obviously I wanted some time alone to myself.” He snorts. “I’m a man jagi, I’ve had enough boners popping up and harassing me when I couldn’t do anything about it but take a cold shower.” He sighs heavily at the memory and you feel bad for him. He looked so relieved when he’d finally released and let out all of his pent up frustrations.
“Alright, but now you don’t have to hide.” You both grin at each other briefly before you lean up to peck his lips, your feet swinging off the side of the bed. “Let go Hoseok.” You command in a whine as you try to pull yourself away from him.
“No, stay here with me. Where are you even going?” He whines back as he keeps his hand clasped around your wrist.
“I have some papers to grade and I wanna get it out of the way now.” You reply, even though you’re reluctant to leave his side. Chances were that if you didn’t complete grading these assignments now, you’d most likely have work backing up on you for the weekend and you hated doing that to yourself.
“Okay, okay, but just ten more minutes and I’ll take a nap so I won’t harass you.” He bargains and you shrug, not really arguing to that idea at all. Usually when he was home and you were doing anything work related, he’d end up poking you or trying to convince you to watch a movie or go eat dinner with him. It was a win win situation as he’d get some rest and you’d be restless Hoseok free.
“Alright, but only until you fall asleep.” You nod, laying on your back for him to come snuggle up to your side. As Hoseok placed his head on your chest, you kissed the crown of his head, your fingers weaving though his hair to help soothe him to sleep.

         Ever since you and Hoseok had started being more sexually open with each other, your relationship had seem to become twice as sexy and even more interesting. He started teaching you new things and you both explored what worked and got each other aroused. Needless to say, Hoseok still looked at you with complete love in his eyes regardless of the new direction your relationship had headed. Most importantly, Hoseok never pressured you into anything past his very talented fingers and tongue that never failed to send you into overdrive and what you were doing seemed to keep him happy. Though, in the back of your mind, you kept wondering when he would finally want to take your relationship to the next level. Although he seemed comfortable where you both were, you were beginning to wonder when he would actually want to have sex. You had given him the opportunity to take your virginity many times, but he declined all of them, saying that now wasn’t the time. You began to become a little weary of him, thinking he could have someone on the outside, but, that wouldn’t add up as he was either promoting, practicing, at the studio, visiting his parents or with you. To him, it didn’t seem important, but you loved him so much and you wanted him to be your first and hopefully last.
        "What are you thinking about princess?“ Said man questions as he places his hands on your thighs to spread them apart, his body standing between them. Smiling, you pucker your lips in a good morning kiss, your fingers drumming on his shoulders and down his back as his arms snake around your waist and he pulls you in for a hug. The sound of his laughter filled the kitchen for a brief couple of seconds before he pulls away, trying to keep a straight face. Your eyes roam over your boyfriend from head to toe, drinking in the sight of his toned muscles and creamy skin. He looked so intimidating sometimes that you often forgot what a ticklish goofball he was. You place a kiss on his nose and watch his face scrunch up before he pouts. You hadn’t answered his question.
"Thinking that I’m lucky to have you.” You reply with a huge grin on your face. Hoseok only rolls his eyes, playfully of course as his hands rests on your thighs. Of course he wasn’t buying that answer however, if you didn’t want to talk about it now, he would let you be. He never liked having to force information out of you if you didn’t want to tell him. You would always come to him to talk when you felt the time was right.
“I don’t wanna go to practice.” You hear him whine as he places his cheek on your shoulder, nuzzling his face into the junction of your neck. Of course he didn’t want to go. After returning late last night he was probably exhausted. You frowned at the idea of him having to make his way from their dorm over to you, a frown playing on your lips as your fingers instinctively combed through his hair. It was a miracle he was up this early .
“Did you shower? You smell good.” He adds whilst deeply inhaling your scent from your neck. You nod and giggle in response before he resumes his position comfortably against you.
“You have to jelly bean.” You coo like a mother cooing at her baby as your hand reaches down to pinch his cheeks and stroke his jaw playfully, your lips pecking his forehead repeatedly. Hoseok pulls away  and looks at you  with a smile.
“C'mon, you have to be there by 11 right? I already made breakfast so go eat.” You instruct, his eyes following your pointed finger to the table behind you, not wanting him to be late. You begin to gently push him away, only to realize that his fingers were tugging at the waistband of your underwear under your oversized shirt. Shaking your head, you give him a stern look almost not believing what he was hinting to.
“May I? Please?” He asks in his most alluring voice as his lips ghost across yours. A familiar feeling began stirring in your stomach as he tugs on your lower lip with his teeth and sucking on it gently, his thumbs massaging your hip bones as they slipped past your underwear. All protests and denials began to die down in your throat as you give into your selfish desires.
“Fine, but, you’ll eat everything I put on the table.”
“I’ll start with you then.” He smirks as you lift your butt to help him slide your underwear to the floor in consent of his lewd early morning request.
         The second his lips meet your lower lips your eyes close and you body reclines onto your elbows. Whilst one foot is placed over his shoulder, the other is resting on the counter. Your breath hitches as his tongue comes into contact with your clit, a soft hiss of pleasure leaving your lips as he sucks your small bud into his mouth. Your hand immediately grips his hair as your head falls backwards against the base of the cupboard above you with a soft thump. You shudder softly as Hoseok’s tongue circles your clit gently, alternating between sucking and soft stroking it in slow licks. Your fingers massage his scalp as he does so, your fingers threading through the locks of his hair and brushing his hair out of his eyes whilst his middle and index finger prod your entrance. As his fingers lazily enter your wetness, breathy moans of satisfaction fall from your lips as he begins to pump them in a rhythmic motion. You feel your body begin to beg him for more as he curls his now soaking fingers. Feeling a third finger slide in with ease, you grunt softly as your body adjusts to the extra finger thrusting in and out of you.  You moan his name as you look down, his eyes coming into contact with yours as he lowers himself some more, almost whining as he removes his fingers. His tongue dips into your wetness teasingly, a soft tinge of pink appears on your cheeks whilst your hips  begin bucking against his face as he sucks on your labia.
“You always look so good between my legs.” You find yourself rasping out in short, breathy moans, your eyes never leaving his. As his hands circle your thighs, you gyrate your hips as his thumb  strokes the hood of your swollen clit slowly, your eyes closing in pleasure whilst his tongue enters your now dripping womanhood.
        "Oh Hoseok~“ You  sigh, pressing against he back of his head as you feel his tongue stiffen. His head bobs at a slow pace as he tonguefucks you, drawing your moans and pleasurable cries of his name out.  Your breathing began to quicken as you felt your orgasm beginning to pool at the pit of your stomach, your walls beginning to clench around his wet appendage. Hearing him groan softly you swallow thickly as your throat begins to become dry.
"You gonna cum for me already [Y/N]?” He teases as you feel soft puffs of his warm breath against your opening. You can’t help but desperately nod, huffing out a small please. You were so close to your orgasm, you didn’t want him to stop.
“Please don’t stop.” You whimper, trying to urge him to continue and Hoseok easily complies. His tongue resumes taking you to bliss as his thumb rubs your clit in quick circles. In no time at all you’re panting Hoseok’s name with your eyes closed and your thighs wrapped around his head. You see flecks of white in your vision as you close your eyes, the fire in your body dying down shortly after as Hoseok drinks in as much of your nectar as he could. You’re left breathless and lightly twitching as he pulls away, you body feeling like jelly as he pulls your hand around his waist as he stands.
“You alright?” He chuckles and kisses the crown of your head as he tucks your head under his chin, rubbing your back. Nodding, in response, you tap his lower back and mumble for him to go eat breakfast.
“But I just had breakfast.” He teases and you reach down to pinch his butt. You almost laugh as he flinches in surprise.
“Don’t pull that shit with me.” You grunt,  almost in a scolding tone before pushing yourself away.
“Go eat. I don’t need the boys saying I don’t feed their hyung.” You smile at him lovingly, kissing his cheek and pushing him away towards the table.
“Yes ma'am.” He replies dryly and turns away, sitting at the table to eat.

Part 2


Nightmares and Munchies

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: You’re just up to get a snack until a distraught Sam runs into the kitchen. Who would have thought something like that would change your life?

Words: 1,184

Pairing/Characters: SamxReader, mentions of Dean

Warning: Some angst, some fluff, nothing too extreme.

Author’s Note: Love me some sweet Sam. Hope you people enjoy this thing that popped into my head at 2am.


Careful, so not to wake the other light sleepers in the bunker, you tiptoed down to the kitchen. Luckily, your fuzzy socks made the stealthy movements easier. The only trouble came from the floor creaking under your weight. A symphony of cracks would cry out randomly, during the only time you ever cared about the noise you made. Never had it sounded that loud during the day.

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Bite Your Friend Like Chocolate


Summary: Sirius feels like he’s suffocating, so he and Remus spend an evening alone outside. Some confessions take place.

A/N: Oh hey, a fic I’m actually proud of.

Warnings: Smoking, alcohol, intoxication

Words: 1 502

Cigarette smoke filled his lungs, but that wasn’t what was suffocating him. The room, the people, the general atmosphere. Sirius felt as if he was choking to death.

“Hey, come on.” Remus waved his hand in the air as the smoke surrounded him. “Put that out. We’re inside.”

Sirius shot him a bored look. “Let’s leave then.”


“This party sucks. Let’s go out and do something.”

“Such as?”

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Fic: A tale as old as you and I (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: Stefan Salvatore meets Caroline Forbes aged eight years old. And not one of them knows.

Author’s note: So big thank you for all the positive words of encouragement at my mini meltdown and bout of anxiety over this piece yesterday. I’ve decided, after much thought, to keep this as one piece and leave it as how it should be read. All 11K+ words of it. I hope you like it.






June 22nd 1856

Mystic Falls, Virginia






He’s answered by the sound of birdsong and buzzing insects.

The summer heat has the thin cotton of his shirt sticking to his back, his throat is parched and his small legs are aching from however long they have been out here. He can’t tell the time, Father having not gifted him a pocket watch yet.

Too expensive and not for little boys, he’d been told.

And besides, he’d laughed, “You boy? Know how to tell the time, do you?”

Why yes, he does. Damon had taught him last winter when they had been trapped indoors with little to do and much time to while away. But he hadn’t told him so, knows Father would have considered it an impertinence.

“Brother?” he calls again, “Please come out, I do not wish to play any more.”

Again, nothing but the sound of summer bringing the woods of Mystic Falls alive meets his call.

He tries not to panic.

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You, Me, & the Little Things in Between (V, OC) Part 3

“If you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. And to you, I shall be unique in all the world…” - The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Part 1 | 2 |

Yuki woke up with puffy eyes and a severe headache. The room was still dim with only sunlight seeping through the cracks of the closed curtains. Yuki lay deeper against her pillows, closing her eyes tightly.   She couldn’t remember the last time she had cried herself to sleep.

When Taehyung left last night, Yuki felt an undeniable pain against her chest like something had drilled a hole through it. It’s almost like Taehyung had punched his fist through her chest and grabbed whatever’s left of her emotions; taking every piece of her heart with him. Yuki felt hollow and empty, unable to do anything other than open her eyes and stare at the ceiling.

For the first time since she met Taehyung, she realized, she actually felt like she was dying.

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Fighting // a Louis Tomlinson Imagine


He had been messing up a lot lately and while you have tried to forgive and forget, tonight was your breaking point. You returned home and let the front door slam behind you. You stomped through your flat loudly as if to make a point, though you knew he wasn’t there to hear you. You undid the back of your dress and it fell to the floor, pooling at your feet. Just a few hours ago you were putting it on, waiting for him to come home. But he didn’t. So you called and you texted, but all your messages and voice mail recordings went ignored. At first you worried that something had happened. But your fear quickly turned into anger when one of his mates posted a photo of Louis at a bar with a group of friends over Twitter.

He was supposed to be home for eight o’clock. You told him at least several times that morning and he promised he would be there. You invited him to come along to a meal out with your co-workers to celebrate the holidays and he told you that you could count on him. You had told all of your colleagues you would be bringing Louis - Louis, who had just returned home from his world tour just a few days prior and you were undeniably excited for some of your friends to finally get the chance to meet him. So, when you showed up at the restaurant alone you felt awkward and embarrassed. When you sat down for dinner, next to an empty chair, you had to keep reminding the dinner servers that no one was sitting there, every time they sat the next course down. You did not bother to stay for dessert.

Standing before your bathroom mirror, you made a start to take your makeup off but the sound of your front door being closed made you look away. You heard the floorboards creaking under his weight as he made his way through the flat and you heard the sound of the bedroom door being open. He tossed his denim jacket aside and popped his head into the bathroom.

“Why are you all dolled up, love? What did you get up to tonight?” He wrapped an arm around you, but you shrugged him off. You can smell a faint trace of alcohol in his breath.

“Tonight was the party for work.” You replied shortly, your voice like ice. In the mirrors reflection you could see Louis had come to the realization that he forgot.

“Babe, I’m so-” He started to apologize but you didn’t let him finish. You left the bathroom and he followed closely behind, still sputtering out apologies.

“I don’t want to hear it!” You shouted, stopping him dead in his tracks. “You promised you would be home and you weren’t. You ignored my, what? Seven phone calls and countless text messages because you were too busy having a laugh with your mates?”

“I apologized, what more do you want?” He asked, raising his voice now, too. “I lost track of time. I was having a good time with my friends who I haven’t seen in months. I just got back from tour, I thought you would understand.”

“Louis you know perfectly well that I have no issue with you catching up with your friends. You have gone out every night since you’ve been home and I just wanted to be able to have you there with me tonight. I told you how important it was to me!”

“You’re overreacting!” He yelled over you, throwing his hands up in the air. “So, I missed a stupid dinner out. You work in a bloody cafe, is it really a big deal?” He stops for a moment to catch his breath. “If you had a serious job maybe I would have made more of an effort, but come on! You can’t really expect me to hang around with a bunch of your work friends and discuss which fucking scones are better sellers than others! I’ve got better things I can do!”

His words were like a slap across the face. He knew he has crossed a line. As the last few syllables left his lips, his eyes widened. It was as though he couldn’t believe that those words truly belonged to him. Keeping calm in an argument was not one of Louis’ strong suits. As much as the fans adored Louis’ often sassy attitude, you couldn’t help but be repulsed by this behaviour. You were quite aware of his short temper, you had fought countless times in the past. But, not once did he ever say such things to you. No matter how bad your fights had been in the past, he never dared to hurt you like that. You could feel tears stinging in your eyes, but you blinked them away, praying they wouldn’t come flooding down your cheeks. You didn’t want Louis to see you cry. You look at him for a few short seconds before turning away and getting into bed silently.

“Well, I guess I’ll go sleep on the couch!” He said, his voice still loud and angry.

“Maybe you should.” You replied quietly and you looked on as he headed towards the door. He pushed the door open but his feet remained firmly planted on the spot.

“Actually,” He said as he turned back around to face you. “I bought this bed, so I am going to sleep here tonight. You can take the couch.”

“Are you sure that’s okay?” You asked, peeling the duvet away from you and getting out of the bed. “I mean, you did buy the couch as well.” You grabbed your pillow, glaring at him.

“I’m feeling generous, love.”

You knew he was just trying to get a rise out of you. He was all riled up now and wanted a proper argument. He was unsatisfied with your silence and was attempting to rouse you.  He stood at the foot of the bed, starring down at you as he undressed. He was waiting for you to shout at him, throw something at him or at least curse at him for being so disrespectful.

As you headed towards the door, he flicked off the lights leaving you standing in total darkness. With the lights off, you felt somewhat braver.

“You promised.” Your voice was quiet, but it cut through the silence in the room like a knife.

You heard him sigh loudly and the bedsheets rustled. He switched lights back on.

“Promised what?” He demanded. Where his voice was normally friendly and melodic it was now harsh and unsettling. You turned back around to face him, a soft but sad smile on your lips.

“When we first started to date and I was worried about all of this,” You waved a hand airily around you. He knew what all of this meant. It meant being in the spotlight, his fame and all of it’s downfalls. “You promised me that everything would be okay. When I worried about not being good enough for you, you promised me you would never make me feel small.”

You saw his face soften and you watched as his eyes grew sad. He opened his mouth to speak but you held out a hand to stop him. You didn’t want to exchange any more words with him, at least not tonight. You shrugged a shoulder sadly and turned back around, making your way down the dark hallway.

To be continued.

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Say it Ain't So, Part 7

Hey everyone, sorry it took so long to get part 7 out. It’s just a bunch of rambling again to me. Please forgive the typos. Smut alert. Let me know what you think. The other parts are here 

Tag: thisissomefreshbullshit irish-girl-84 kneekeyta katywright340 areyousad8118 audisodd celestev31 chrryblsms cincinthoughts ch1darkcy darlingdiver bitchy-broken learningacceptanceme luckyemceellexis lou882 milymargot curvygirlonabudget madness-0f-a-w0nderland jellytotsies raernundo rinncincin rebrazil pigeonfarmrace myfinnnelsonpls superjessiex perfecters candybell80 veeemel nutinanutshell bebelievelive tinakegg mmfdfanfic mmfdiaryfan sey77 bnayy amandapanda809

Say it Ain’t So 7

All Rae could see was white. She could hear people shouting and she heard herself mumble strange phrases, “you with your stupid hair…ant-man called and he wants his antennas back…” She huffed as she squeezed and pulled on something in her hands. Stacey’s arms were flapping around desperately. Rae was starting to register what she was doing as Stacey’s face started to come into focus. She looked terrified and sickly. Rae wondered why the color was draining out of her face. Suddenly strong arms wrapped around her and she was being lifted to her feet. She didn’t even know she was on the ground. As she was being dragged away she saw Stacey sitting up coughing and holding her neck. Lois and Vicki were jerking away from Chloe and Izzy as they ran over to help their friend. Rae found herself in an alley between the cinema and a bakery just as she saw the girls look around to see where she had gone.

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