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Prompt idea: so the girls are hanging in the library studying and zack is creeping behind a shelf and all you hear is him mutter under his breath "ship". 😂😂

Again, I got lazy with proofing, so sorry for any mistakes, I hope my shitty writing suffices your trimberly needs

Trini and Kimberly were in the library, working on their bio project. The project was supposed to be done the night before, but due to…recent developments, trying to focus was very difficult. It wasn’t her fault that her girlfriend insisted on a pillow fight, instead of working on the project, and it wasn’t her fault that her girlfriend had those big doe eyes, which she couldn’t say no to. So the night was spent less doing their work, and more of other..fun activities.

Kimberly was typing something on her laptop, as Trini was reading through a textbook, her legs resting across Kimberly’s lap, a comfortable silence surrounded them. As Trini was reading through the text book, she hears loud scuffling behind the bookshelves around them. She looks behind her, but sees nothing, and continues skimming through her textbook, but not soon after, she hears the scuffling again, and a flash of short black hair. She furrows her eyebrows, curious, staring at the bookshelves, but she is broken out of her thoughts by Kimberly

“Trin, can you look over chapter five again? I think we’re forgetting something.” Kim shakes Trini’s legs, her head snapping to look at Kimberly, whose eyebrows are raised in curiosity. Trini asks, her attention still on the bookshelves.

“Huh…What d’ya say?” She says, her eyes shifting between Kimberly and the bookshelves, the black haired figure moving between the book stacks.

“I asked if you could read through chapter five again and check…are you even listening to me?” Kimberly asks, smacking Trini’s leg again, harder this time. Trini jumps, and exclaims.

“Ow! Okay, I’ll uh, read through it..in, uh, a moment.” Trini is still staring at the bookshelf, as well as rubbing her leg, Kimberly was much more powerful than she seemed.

“Babe, we need to finish this, so stop procrastinating and start reading chapter five.” Kimberly says exasperatedly, her gaze also shifting between Trini and the bookshelf, curious as to what, or who, she was looking at. Trini teases Kim.

“I’m the one procrastinating! I’m not the one who insisted on making out last night, instead of working on said project.” Trini raises her eyebrow teasingly, a small smirk spreading across her face. Kim’s face goes red, her gaze shifting the floor, a bashful smile across her face, Trini never wanted to stop making her smile like that, like her and Trini were the only people in the world. Kimberly teases Trini, trying to be casual, but her tone suggested otherwise.

“I suggested a pillow fight, the… other stuff happened on its own, and I don’t recall you complaining. From my memory, you were quite complacent actually.” Kim’s face is smug, and now Trini is the one being bashful and shy, something only Kimberly could bring out of her. That’s when they heard a voice, coming from behind the bookshelves. The words were jumbled and quiet, but Trini could make out, a “OMG”,“I SHIP IT”, “So that’s why she doesn’t answer my calls past ten p.m.” and a quite girlish squeal. She knew exactly who it was coming from.

“Zack?” She questions. She hears scrambling and a book fall to the ground, loudly, the thud ringing through the quiet library.

“Shit!” Zack whisper yells as he starts to make a break for it, more books falling in the process. Kimberly is just smirking, pitying Zack. Trini hops out of her chair and yells.

“ZACK MIDDLE NAME TAYLOR!!!” Her voice is met with the people in the library shushing her, but she is already out of her chair and chasing after Zack, who had been caught red handed, and was currently jumping down the stairs, Trini hot on his heels. Kimberly sighs exasperatedly, grabbing her stuff, as well as Trini’s, who was currently cursing Zack out for spying on them, and apparently in his defence, he was a just a giant “shipper”. Kimberly starts to chase after them, a smile spreading across her face, because these were her friends, and girlfriend, and she wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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I've seen it been said about how Dan and Phil have no reason to continue to hide phan because the majority of their audience is so for it and basically begs for it therefore it's not real. I just wanted to know your/if you have an opinion on that? (Side note I really love hearing what you have to say about phan and for a while I stopped believing but you have made me see it again and I absolutely love hear what you have to say about this, you are so thoughtful when it comes to this stuff)

thank you for the lovely words!!! you are too kind :( i’ve said this a number of times and i’ll continue to say it forever but there are literally hundreds of possible reasons for ppl in a queer relationship to want to remain closeted and those reasons are amplified a hundredfold for people who are in the spotlight in front of millions of people and whose professional careers are inextricable from each other. those who claim that there’s no reason for dnp to continue to hide their relationship strike me as not understanding what a big deal it really is to “come out.” also these conversations always rest on a v limited understanding or expectation for what “coming out” actually entails. imo dnp have been sharing plenty with us (especially in the last few months) about the extent to which they love and respect each other and the extent to which they are actually inseparable (and will be into the foreseeable future). i feel like these black-or-white conversations that imply that anything short of a dramatic statement/announcement of their relationship status is “hiding” only serve to discount all of the loveliness dnp already do share with us in the present. and, to me at least, it’s a lot more fun and uplifting to focus on all of that than to focus on some hypothetical statement from them about what they are to each other.

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ok so i said i never knew what jjba was, even when i followed you bc A+ art - i kind of always assumed that Kira had some ability to switch bodies or shape shift to that of his victims - i just thought that was one of his powers besides his Killer Queen stand (also that he was somewhat immortal too) and it's how he sort of lived his life, pretending to be someone else but I watch DIU like two weeks ago and i was like 'what?' Still good tho I love it, would watch again

omg i love hearing peoples expectations, that’s a pretty good one! im glad you liked it though, and im super flattered you’d follow me just bc art ahaha

[redacted] reblogged your post: not gonna say it again!!!!

Ok so I hear you but I don’t have any litmus paper with which I could check the acidity of any wetlands I come across so…        

if I could kill every single one of you I would

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I love the soundtrack during the scene where Maurice and Belle are trapped in the wagon and they talk about Belle's mother and how Belle has to go and save the Beast. You can hear the motif of 'How Can A Moment Last Forever', it's so beautiful but I don't think it's included in the deluxe soundtrack. Do you know if it is or where it's possible to hear it? Thanks :D I love your blog btw

I don’t know if it is possible to hear that. 

Well, now I just want to go see the movie again to try and listen to that part!

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Hmm...me thinks the Anon doth protest too much... and owns a lot of large spoons...It's really not rocket science.

If I hear from her again… I’m going to think Anon is a TROLL….


My name is Meredith Jameson, Everly’s birth-mother.

How long has it been? Nine years, nearly? Since the day Kyle rushed me to the hospital and I delivered a baby girl. Three months later, Social Services taking her from us because we couldn’t afford a child. Put right into the foster system from family to family. With no true home. Never really knowing who her parents are.

The drinks.. Oh, the drinks… The late night fights, the tears, another shot. Kyle left me with nothing but a tiny shack I couldn’t afford. I haven’t seen him since he left so many years ago.

But my child. I lost all custody of her – sweet, precious Everly. I would never be able to see or hear from her again. But I am determined. I must find out where she is. Or atleast, get a glimpse at the girl she has become. Maybe, just maybe, I will tell her the truth…

I don’t do groups and for one main reason: I’m always the one who gets shoved out and forgotten about. It’s happened so many times in my life and I just come to the point where I’m waiting for it to happen again. And this is what a lot of my cryptic posts have been about. 

I see friends of mine getting on and I just back off. I can’t deal with the hurt of being shoved aside and forgotten about. I’d rather go it alone than face that again. When I hear the saying, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd”, it’s usually me who becomes the crowd. I still have a really awful, heart breaking memory which springs to mind when I think on this; and the memory is so vivid, but I remember feeling so much hurt in that moment as a kid when it happened to me. 

I like the idea of being included in groups, but I just don’t function properly. I sit back and go quiet…unless it’s a big group of people and no one knows each other, then I don’t feel as bad. We’re all on an equal level. However, in a group of people who already know each other, or when my friends start getting to know each other….I can’t handle it. I walk away before I get hurt again. 

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Petition appeal follow-up: so the verdict was they wouldn't accept my appeal because I was doing "unsatisfactory " before the deadline. I wound up getting an f in the class & haven't told anyone. I'm so confused and must do well this term to get back up to a 3.0. I'm mortified and I'm not even sure who I am. I feel so odd, and to top it off in not even sure I want to be a bio major anymore, or what I'm going to do with my life.

Hello again, beautiful! I’m so sorry to hear this, I was hoping your petition would be granted :(

First and foremost, I can understand that this setback has you a bit rattled. You wanted to do really well, and getting an F can not only be embarrassing, it can also really knock you for six. If you haven’t done so already, it might be a good idea to just allow yourself to be upset about this. Cry, yell, confide in a close friend or a parent and work through your emotions. Even though it sounds a bit cookie-cutter, failure is a part of life. We all fail. But working through your emotions and realising you want to do better is already a step in the right direction - you’re going to get through this.

Secondly, confide in your student advisor about how you’re feeling right now. If you really don’t like your major - and that was the reason you were doing badly in the class in the first place - perhaps it might be better for you to switch majors or see if there is a way you can re-take this subject with a different teacher.

Have a really big hug. Don’t forget - you’re amazing and you can do this! xxx

Dear Charlie,

It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you. Somehow you always end up answering me, whether I want you to or not. Most of the time I never want to hear from you again. But sometimes I do. I guess it depends on the weather.

Anyway. I’m on my spring break from uni and so far it’s been okay. You’re not even in the same state as me, so that’s always good. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw you somewhere. Probably die.

But yesterday and today, especially tonight have been a little bit rough. I drove around today since I had the car and I went to a monument you took me to before I left. I also went to the lake that we walked around when the weather got nice last spring. It was so much different without out you. The monument was quiet. I took a Polaroid picture and sat there for a while. And then I left when I got too sad. I wonder if things would have turned out differently if I would have loved you harder before I started school. I wonder if instead of letting you cry in my lap without touching you, I had stroked your cheeks, whispered how much I was going to miss seeing you every week, would things be different?

And today after all of that, as I was driving up my street I thought back to every single moment you dropped me off at my house, your speakers up a little too loud, your subwoofers almost all the way off because you knew I didn’t like the bass too high, your hand on my thigh. Looking back, I wonder whether it was a sign of aggressive possession or real love. Maybe it was both.

But I was never really yours, was I? I pretended I think, the whole time we ever believed we’d amount to something bigger than what we were, that you really really did love me. Now, I know that it was all a front. I was an easy fuck, someone who would let you kiss them and let your hands wander into my throat and down into my chest so that you could grin and whisper in my ear how much you loved me, even as my heart was nervous for what could happen.

When you told me that the reason you chose me was because she was already taken, I couldn’t breath for a little while. Call me over-dramatic, call me a sap, but it really sucks learning that I was just a second choice the whole goddamn time. You loved her the whole time you claimed it was me instead, and I never even knew she existed. You went to that summer concert with her, the one my mom’s friend saw you at, and you said it was someone different. My parents never told me about that, not until they were sure you had extracted your claws from me. Man, it’s even worse when you find out that it wasn’t just you and I the whole time. It was you and her, with me tossed in the way.

But I guess now it doesn’t matter because you have her. She has a ring you found somewhere embedded on her finger because she truly believes that you’re the perfect man. I would warn her, but she’s probably figured it out by now and decided, just like me, that it was worth the personal suffering. I hope that she pulls the same stunt you pulled on me.

And by the way, I accept your non-response as a sign of defeat, because you knew I was right. And I’ve come to terms with my feelings of contempt towards you. It feels damn good to tell people what a dickhead you are.


Adverbs aren’t evil; said isn’t dead
Please stop hitting the wall with your head

Active is grand but not always the best
Sometimes it’s passive that passes the test

Some write with style, others write plain
Let’s all agree that writing’s a pain

The ‘rules’ can be broken, twisted, or bent
All that matters is that you are content

Make your own story and write your own way
This has been a writer’s PSA