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I'm going through a real rough patch and if you want to write something cheerful you have no idea how grateful I'd be.

Flash sidled up to Superman on one of the Watchtower’s mezzanines, leaning against a rail. They looked at each other sidelong, then away.

“Wanna hear my new time?” Flash asked sideways, swaying as he alternated which foot held his weight, hands on his hips.

“There’s no way you beat my time,” Superman muttered, his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes were in the other direction, and both men went silent as the Lanterns walked too close. Superman and Flash gave them a nod of acknowledgment, then waited for them to be at a safe distance.

“Nine seconds.”

“What!” Superman dropped his arms, whipped his head around to where Flash was grinning and bouncing on his heels. “No way.”

Flat,” Flash said.

“There’s no way.”

“Check my heartbeat if you don’t believe me,” Flash said, tapping his insignia with his thumb. Then he frowned. “Actually, don’t, I’m pretty excited about this so my pulse is probably crazy.”

His heart always sounded like an angry hummingbird trapped between his lungs, but Barry was also a notoriously terrible liar, so it wasn’t as relevant as it could have been.

Dangit,” Superman said, crossing his arms again. He leaned back to scope out the area around them. No one seemed to be paying them much mind. “What time?”

“Eleven on a Saturday,” Flash said, looking even more smug. “You know I don’t mess around.”

“Tch!” Superman made an irritated sound, licking his canines. Then he snapped his fingers. “You forgot about–”

“Nnnope,” Flash interrupted. “I’m including the new ones in that, that’s the whole reason we had to reset our times, otherwise I’d still be at seven-point-four.”

Tch.” Superman drummed his fingers against his bicep. “Nine seconds,” he repeated, torn between irritation and awe.

“You know what that means,” Flash said, waggling his eyebrows.

Superman sighed. “Alright, where are we going?”

“I want soup.”

“Uh-huh.” Superman waited. Flash was waiting for him to ask. Superman was not going to give him the satisfaction.

“… in Saigon.”

“You’ve been watching Bourdain again,” Superman accused.

“It looked like really good soup!” Flash said, defensive.

“Fine,” Superman said, “but I am going to beat your time, and when I do–”

“Beat what, now?” Wonder Woman asked, having managed to approach them while they were distracted by negotiations.

“Nothing!” Flash and Superman said at once.

“We were just talking,” Superman said.

“About stuff,” Flash added unnecessarily. “Private, personal, man stuff.”

Wonder Woman’s eyebrows shot up. She was close enough for her lariat to hum on her hip. She looked Flash over. Flash started to turn red.

“Okay bye!” Flash said, and he was gone in a streak of red.

“Superman?” Wonder Woman asked.

“I should, uh. Hal…”

He wasn’t actually making any definitive statements, just stringing words together, and yet somehow it still managed to ring false. She watched him go, putting her hands on her hips.

She could practically sense it when Batman came up beside her, even quiet as he was.

“Do you want to know what they were talking about.”

“Do you know?” she wondered. He said nothing, so she turned to look at his face. It was as expressionless as ever, but she got the impression that he did not consider the question worthy of dignifying with a response.

He was Batman. He would never be so rude as to say ‘of course’ – but of course he knew.

“I wouldn’t want to invade his privacy,” Wonder Woman said cautiously.

“He’d tell you if you really asked,” Batman said. “They just like feeling like they have a special thing.”


“Flash, especially.”

“I see.” She tapped on her lower lip as she watched Superman talk to one of the Green Lanterns. “So what’s the special thing?”

“Pick me up in the plane on Saturday and I can show you.”

She froze. Slowly, she turned to look at him. As always, being able to see him helped not at all. “Like a date?” she asked.

The corner of his mouth twitched. “More like a stakeout.”

“That could be like a date.” She was mostly saying it to tease him. Sometimes if she did it right, he turned pink and had to find a shadow to hide in.

“It’s usually not.”

“Why not?”

“I’m usually with the kids.”

“Oh!” Her eyes widened. “I didn’t mean–”

“It’s fine.”

She put her hand out to rest on his shoulder. “I would never imply–”

“I know.”

She took her hand back. “I’ll behave,” she assured him.

“You don’t have to,” he said, and she grinned.

“I’ll pick you up at ten,” she said, and she gave him an exaggerated wink as she walked away.

“It’s a date,” he murmured.

Why,” Wonder Woman asked, “are we in Florida?”

Batman was sitting beside her, and the plane was in a low hover. “Because as far as anyone can tell, this is the single biggest and busiest Walmart in the world.”

“I don’t think that explains as much as you think it does,” she said.

Batman held up a phone. A clock took up most of the screen. 10:59. “Watch,” he said, and he pointed out to the parking lot, vast and terrifying and teeming with people. She watched, and she had no idea how she was supposed to see anything in the crowd.

Finally, she spotted it. The motion too quick to be anything mortal. Would anyone on the ground notice anything more than a strong breeze?

“Oh! It’s the–” She snapped her fingers, couldn’t remember the word.

“Carts,” Batman supplied.


In almost no time at all, every cart in the parking lot had been returned to one of the designated corrals. Batman pointed to something that he must have been using technology in his mask to see, because otherwise his eyes should not have been good enough. Wonder Woman was much better equipped to see Superman, standing beneath a tree and checking a stopwatch and scowling. He did some kind of motion with his arms and one leg that suggested he’d have thrown his hat to the ground, if he’d been wearing one.

“They introduced new carts,” Batman explained. “They don’t fit with the other ones, so it slows them down. Ruined their whole system.”

“They had a system?” she asked, giggling.

“No, here,” he said, tapping her arm to point again. “This is the best part. He’s frustrated.”

That’s the best part?”

“Watch what he does.”

She watched. Superman was gone again, more impossible-to-follow motion through the crowd. Things were moving. Large things.

“He’s fixing the cars!” she said, clapping her hands together.

“He’s fixing bad parking jobs,” Batman confirmed. “Because he’s mad.” There was a brief crooked curve to his mouth.

“He moved that one to a different space!”

“Illegally parked in a handicapped spot.”

“How fun.” Wonder Woman watched the people wandering through the lot, wondered how many of them had noticed what was happening and how many had disregarded it as nothing worth noticing. “Flash is the winner of this contest, then?”


“Is there a prize?”

“Clark buys him lunch. Usually somewhere he saw on a food show, since he can’t normally do that.”

“Why not?”


“Barry can run anywhere, can’t he?” she asked. “I see no reason he couldn’t run to these places on his own.”

“He doesn’t like being alone in foreign countries,” Batman explained. “It makes him anxious.”

“Oh.” She returned her gaze to the parking lot. “How nice, then, that it all works out.” She frowned. “Is this weird?” she asked. “Spying on our friends like this.”

“I don’t think I’m the right person to ask.”

“Do you do this often?” she wondered. “Watch people have fun without you?”

“Define 'often’.”

Wonder Woman held up a finger in warning. “Zatanna taught me a trick.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“She says that if you ask me to define the parameters, it means the answer is bad.”

Before he could respond, there was a thump.

Superman was standing on the nose of the invisible jet.

He tapped a knuckle on the glass, until Diana opened the hatch. “Hello!” she said cheerfully.

“What are you two doing here?” Clark asked.

“We’re on a date!” Diana said.

“We’re not on a date,” Batman said.

“If you’re not on a date, can you give me a ride?”

“You’re out of our way,” Batman said.

“Nah, just drop me off in Gotham,” Clark said, slipping inside the plane, awkwardly floating between the two front seats into the back.

“You don’t even need a ride,” Bruce said, having to fit himself as far as possible into the edge of his seat so that Clark would have room to get by. “You can fly.”

“Yeah, and you can walk, but I don’t see you giving up the Batmobile.” Clark made himself comfortable in the back seat as Diana closed up the plane. “I’m craving Dimitri’s.”

“You’re too sober for Dimitri’s,” Bruce said.

“I’m always sober. You’re lucky I can tell this wasn’t a real date, or I would be really creeped out by the whole spying on me thing.”

“Don’t tell Barry we know about your special thing,” Diana said, pulling the plane out of its hover to ascend. “I don’t want to ruin it for him.”

“I won’t,” Clark assured her. “Hey, you know where we should go while we’re here?”

“No,” said Bruce.

“Where?” asked Diana.

“No,” said Bruce.

“Disney World!”


Diana gasped.


Clark put a hand on Bruce’s shoulder. “You can’t have come all the way to Florida just to see me,” he coaxed.

“I’m banned from Walmart, strongly discouraged from visiting Disney parks, and my parents are dead. I have no other reason to visit Florida.”

i told my boyfriend how much i weighed yesterday (which is about 5 pounds more than he weighs)

& he just looked at me & said, “okay, well that doesn’t change how i look at you. you are beautiful.”

he’s a lean guy & can have a hard time putting on weight. that being said he kinda struggles with the opposite of what i’m struggling with right now.

i made the decision to get sober a little short of a year & a half ago. this was the best decision that i have ever made in my life- & a very difficult one. food became my vice during this time. i have ibs, so having a vice like this did not make my gut happy.

we talked more about what we are struggling with & why we are. i explained to him how food has become my vice, & he understood that. yet one thing changed here when we moved forward & planned the next steps that we could take (for me it was getting back on the paleo reset diet) & how we will support one another- we started at that moment rather than the next day.

i am the queen of promising myself “tomorrow”. as in tomorrow i will start my diet again. tomorrow i will eat healthier. tomorrow i will get myself to the gym… and guess what? it never happens

so here i am, day 2 on the paleo reset diet

although i am not where i want to be, i know & feel beautiful on the inside & out. we are the creators of our own happiness, & i am taking the initiative to once again carve my own path.

Theory: How Seven Knows It’s a Game+Why He Doesn’t Remember Unknown

This theory is a continuation from V’s Disappearance ft 707, so if you haven’t checked it out, I’ll ask you to do so first before continuing ^^


This post is about a theory that covers the following:

-The Reset Theory

-What happens to V, Rika, and Saeran after each route (why they don’t capture the RFA members) 

-How Seven is able to remember events from the other routes

-But how he’s unable to remember anything pertaining to Unknown

-How the Wizard could be involved *wink wonk* 

-And which characters may have had a wish *nudge nudge* 

NOTE: Keep in mind that this post will contain definite spoilers from MysMe. However, this theory will have Dandelion aspects *cough* the Wizard *cough*. So already, it will be confusing for people who have not played the game. Yet. But for the MysMe-only fans, you can continue reading up until the part with The Wizard/Reset Theory section before confusion starts settling in…    

But it’s highly recommended that you complete AT LEAST ONE ROUTE from Dandelion before continuing with the rest of the post (apart from Jieun’s).   

Credit also goes to Choiipo for working together alongside me in forming this post :)

RECAP FROM MY PREVIOUS THEORY/What happens after each route (except for Luciel’s):

The order of the routes go in the following: Yoosung —> Zen —> Jaehee —> Jumin —> 707

-So remember how we came up with a theory where DURING the parties in Zen’s and Jaehee’s routes and AFTER the party in Jumin’s and Yoosung’s routes, V goes to Mint Eye but has no idea that Luciel is secretly following him?


-But before we carry on with this, let’s make another theory.

-Let’s assume that there could’ve been a deadline Rika set for the RFA members to join Mint Eye. And since Saeran and V are the ones in charge of bringing the RFA to Magenta, they could have failed to complete their mission by the deadline. (after all, V was the one to set the date for the party, right?)

-Really, no one in the party is harmed and no one is taken away. Literally nothing happens to anyone despite Saeran promising the RFA that he’ll take them to Paradise ._.

-Why is he unable to do so? Well, both he and V get PUNISHED by Rika for failing to meet the deadline.  

-And Luciel see this event unfold before him since he followed V. He finds out that Rika is alive, his brother has been brainwashed, V was lying the entire time etc.

-Among the chaos, V dies and Rika commits suicide (as proven by Zen’s prophetic dream where he dreamed they were walking away from him with their backs turned. He says this in the chatroom before the party in Jaehee’s route)

Who Made the Wish:  

-The disciples become afraid and run away, since their savior has died, leaving Luciel and Saeran alone.

-This leads to a fight/argument. As they fight, Saeyoung claims that he didn’t intend to leave Saeran alone with their mom while Saeran claims Saeyoung purposely abandoned him etc.

-As they argue, they become desperate and determined in convincing the other twin is wrong, resulting in having desperate wishes.

-They meet the Wizard.    

The Wizard/Reset Theory:

-So introductions are made.

-The Wizard then asks Saeyoung and Saeran their wishes.

-Saeran’s wish would be something like torturing Saeyoung.

-Saeyoung’s wish would be something along the lines of wanting to go back and change his actions of leaving Saeran for the agency.

-But the Wizard says if he were to grant this wish, he would need to “turn back time” (meaning, travel to another timeline since time can’t physically be stopped). And doing this would mean that the RFA will not meet the MC in the future of that timeline…

-So basically, there’s no chance that the MC will meet the RFA in that timeline because:

1. Saeyoung would continue to look after Saeran and reject the idea of being a hacker.

2. Therefore, Rika wouldn’t have taken the chance to take Saeran away and brainwash him.

3. And if Saeran weren’t brainwashed, he wouldn’t have lead the MC to the apartment in the first place.

-Saeyoung would not want that, since the MC is mainly the reason why the RFA started to hold the party again. Really, she made a difference with the RFA, right? Or… would that truly be the case? Could Saeyoung be thinking she’s just as important as Saeran due to her role in the RFA…? 

-So the Wizard makes it so that he can give Saeyoung another chance to save Saeran whilst being able to meet the MC starting from “Day 1” which is where the reset theory comes into place. 

-This wish is granted and Saeyoung’s memories of “Unknown” are erased in exchange.

-But wait, Saeran has the wish of torturing Saeyoung.

-Well, remember the theory of Seven having feelings for the MC in every route that’s still currently floating around Tumblr right now?

-Now let’s say that the Wizard is aware of this fact because he is the Wizard after all. It’s been proven in Dandelion that he is able to read people’s true feelings and desperate wishes. (Has it been proven….? ._.)  

-He uses this fact to his advantage when granting Saeran’s wish. The Wizard grants this wish by resetting the game after each route and ensuring that Luciel’s memories during each of those routes are kept in his memory. This would be the Wizard’s way of torturing Saeyoung.

-Which is where the line from the opening song: “Someone set us up to play in this secret game” comes into place. In my opinion, I think this line refers to the Wizard (I mean, I’m not the only one who feels it would be strange if this line refers to Unknown, right? ._. From what I know in Dandelion and Nameless, the Wizard is the one who likes calling his competitions, “games”).  

-This is also a bit like “hitting two birds with one stone” because:

1) He’s granting wishes. 

2) He’s having more fun than before since he’s now hosting THREE games at the same time.    

-So keep in mind:

-The only memories that are erased from Seven are the ones revolving around Unknown as payment.  

-And Saeran’s memories of the events in each of the routes may or may not be erased. However, he is able to still remember Luciel.



-Seven wakes up to find that the whole thing restarts and remembers details of Yoosung’s route, and is unable to recall anything about Unknown since his wish was to be able to save Saeran again.

-He also can’t remember following V and seeing Rika and Saeran because it’s one of the memories that’s been taken away by the Wizard since Saeran is a major part of it.


-Basically, the same thing happens over again except this time, this is set DURING the party when Luciel and V aren’t exactly present. Luciel finds out about the existence of Mint Eye from following V. V somehow dies and Rika commits suicide after etc.

-This leaves Saeran and Saeyoung alone.

-Fight commences.  

-The twins are both whisked to the Wizard again, having no memory of him whatsoever since no client is able to remember their meeting with the Wizard after their wish is granted.  

-Or…. is that really the case?

-What about the fact that Luciel actually knows it’s a GAME?

-Such as how he tells Zen to not say his backstory in Yoosung’s route and how in a phone call, he congratulates the MC for reaching Jaehee’s good ending?

-One possible answer: the Wizard chooses to not take away his memories of the Wizard himself. 

-Why? (SPOILERS FOR THE TRUE STORY OF DANDELIONHe wants to show Luciel what it feels like watching the person you love fall in love with a different person each time. He wants Saeyoung to empathize with him and know what it’s like hosting the animals’ competition and “turning back time” after each route. (END OF SPOILERS)     



Seven still remembers everything.


The same process with V, Rika, Saeran, and Saeyoung happens again.



Seven still remembers everything.


He finally breaks down and is unable to control his feelings/true emotions with the MC. At this point, he has become desperate and head over heels with the MC after realizing she has picked everyone else except for him.    

(SPOILERS FOR THE TRUE STORY OF DANDELION/NAMELESS) This is also exactly the same with Nameless’ feelings. In other words, Saeyoung is going through the same emotional state the Wizard and Nameless is going through as well in their own games. (END OF SPOILERS)


The same process with V, Rika, Saeran, and Saeyoung happens again.


DAY 1 (707′S ROUTE)

-So yeah, the whole purpose of this game is to ensure that Luciel is able to get the chance to save Saeran from Rika and V whilst being able to meet the MC starting at Day 1.

-The other purpose is to ensure Saeran’s wish of torturing Seven is granted.  

-And now the time has finally come for the MC to choose him. 

DAY 5/6?

-Unknown arrives at the apartment only for Luciel to also come along and find out Unknown’s true identity. Compared to the other routes, he is able to find out about Saeran quicker.  

DAY 11

-This is when different events start to occur. The whole process with Rika, V, Saeran, and Saeyoung begins to differ from the other routes because:

1. The MC comes along with Saeyoung instead of going to the party.

2. Vanderwood is now involved.  

3. Rika, Saeran, and V are now close to achieving their goal, rather than failing unlike in the other routes.

-These events are occurring because of how Vanderwood and the MC are now dragged into the process with Seven, Rika, V, and Saeran, resulting in leading to a different path altogether.  

-However, despite the plan going down the way it’s meant to be carried out, Saeran loses it when Rika decides to still punish him for the fact that he refuses to make Saeyoung a member of Mint Eye.

-Remember, Saeran doesn’t remember his wish with the Wizard. And he thinks Luciel still needs to be tortured.

-He shoots his gun, killing V.      

-Rika breaks down BUT doesn’t manage to commit suicide because:

-Jumin’s security guards manage to find them in the nick of time and handle the situation.

-Saeran and Saeyoung are unable to confront each other and realize their desperate wishes due to these events.

-This is when the resets stop.

-This is because Saeyoung doesn’t have a wish because Saeran is now safe from Rika and the MC has decided to spend her life next to Saeyoung’s side. He pretty much has everything he needs.  

-However, during the time when Saeran is being hospitalized, Saeyoung would have had a wish where he wants Saeran to be healed from his trauma with Rika.

-And Saeran would have had a wish where he wants to instead, die, if he can’t escape from Saeyoung.  

-But since both these wishes are pretty much opposing to each other, the Wizard wouldn’t really grant these wishes if it means ruining the other twin’s wish.

-And plus, it would mean all his efforts going to waste from hosting the game, so he promises them that they’ll have a happy ending (which they do) and doesn’t grant their wishes.  

-And the Wizard’s role is not needed anymore. But before he leaves the world of MysMe, he takes away Luciel’s memories revolving around the Wizard himself since:

1. Luciel doesn’t necessarily need to remember him. 

2. To replenish a tiny part of the powers he used to host all three games.

-And since the Wizard is a fourth-wall breaker (as proven from Nameless).

-He tampers with Saeyoung’s door and uses it to communicate with the player by thanking them for participating in the game.

-Which is why Saeyoung doesn’t understand why the frick the door would suddenly say that since his memories have been taken.    

-The Wizard then continues to observe the other games’ progresses in Dandelion and Nameless.

But that’s just a theory. A game theo- ok, I’ll stop.  

NOTE: This has to probably be one of the most important theories out of the rest of my other ones simply because it took quite a while to form this whole theory with the assistance of the wonderful Choiipo. It was a tad difficult making this as we had to ensure there would be no flaws and questions that needed to be answered (from what we could find) ;;; But thoughts/opinions are appreciated so I would really love it if anyone reblogs ^^ Criticism is also most definitely a plus, as it helps me develop my thoughts and learning as I make these theories :) So for anyone who feels the need to tell me that this has flaws or doesn’t make sense, DON’T HOLD BACK. (but make sure you have evidence, if any).  

But before you ask any questions, you may want to first check out my other post just to make sure that one of your questions will be similar to these (and that I’ve already answered them): http://cherrychipheart.tumblr.com/post/152720752118/remaining-questions 

Thanks to @choiipo @ayasunrise @777jewelrose777 for collaborating in this theory with me and seeing if there are any flaws in it :) You girls are amazing! 

@melizbeauty No idea if you’ll see this, but if you have time to spare, I’d really like to hear your thoughts :) 

@pixeledatom You haven’t yet replied to the theory that I messaged you XDD But that’s okay so I hope you won’t mind that I posted this before hearing your thoughts :)   

If anyone has any thoughts, theories or pretty much anything else relating to any Cheritz games, please feel free to share them/tag me ^.^ 


It was just another quiet and rainy day for London. Shawn had just finished two concerts in Europe, and today was his day off. Of course on a cold and rainy day like this there wasn’t much to do outside. So, he stayed inside the tour bus, with a guitar in hand, trying to figure out some new melodies for his next album.

Thankfully he wasn’t alone. Geoff was with him trying to help him figure out the lyrics, while his girlfriend was at the table finishing up her final paper for the semester. As for his best friend Brian, he was completely bored out of his mind that no amount of filming crazy snapchat videos could suffice the boredom. That was until he suggested a simple yet deadly game to you three. A game that could break all friendships and relationship. A game that goes by the name UNO. 

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To the maladaptive daydreamers who can’t talk about their paracosms, either because it feels too personal or they feel like they’d betray their paras by doing so– You’re okay, and lots of people feel this way! You don’t have to reveal such a private part of yourself if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, and I completely understand.

To the madd’ers who love talking about their paracosms– Keep doing that! Whether you write them down or draw them out or do something else– you’re incredibly talented and brave for sharing your worlds!!! You aren’t being obnoxious or annoying! Please tell me more, I love learning about them!!! 

To the madd'ers who want to talk about their paracosms but can’t find the words to describe something so important and complex or the ability to draw what they see so clearly in their minds– It’s okay! I’m there too, and I know how incredibly frustrating it is. Keep going, keep creating, and one day you will be able to share your paracosms with the world.

To the madd'ers who’s paracosms are only filled with already existing fictional settings and characters and feel like they aren’t as creative as other md'ers– You’re still valid!! So many of my paracosms are filled with nothing but characters from tv shows and books!!! It’s perfectly fine to do so, and your stories are just as good as ones that include original paras!!

To madd'ers who use real life people as paras in their daydreams– I know how it hurts when you realize that the person you interact with in your head every single day isn’t even close to their real-life counterpart. I know the guilt and frustration, and I understand. You aren’t a bad person for daydreaming about real people, and it’s okay. 

To the madd'ers who’s paracosms don’t have a linear story, or feel like they don’t have a set paracosm at all– It can be intimidating when you see so many other md'ers describe at length their neat and organized plots and extremely developed paras. But lots of my daydreams that are some of the most important to me aren’t connected to anything at all!! Just because your daydreams stand alone rather than in a linear plot, or aren’t continuous, or simply can’t be placed in neat categories of separate storylines doesn’t mean they aren’t as valid!! 

To the madd'ers who have daydreams that scare them, who daydream about violent and/or taboo subjects– This is common for a lot of us, and you’re not alone. I see you, and I’m one of you. Having paracosms dealing with disturbing subjects doesn’t make you a bad person, I promise. 

To the madd'ers who don’t have long-term paracosms, whether you reset your worlds constantly or jump around from universe to universe so often you feel that your stories don’t get developed as well as other people's– I’ve personally never kept a continuous paracosm for more than roughly a year at a time. And some I scrap after mere months or weeks! Just because your paras haven’t been with you for years and years doesn’t mean they can’t be well-developed or important to you. 

For any madd'ers who feel like the content of their daydreams or paracosms doesn’t fit the common descriptions of MaDD– There is no wrong way to daydream because MaDD isn’t about *what* or *how* you daydream, but how your daydreaming affects you! You aren’t any less valid than anyone else, and your experiences with MaDD are just real and important as anyone else’s. <3<3<3

The Debunked Headcanon Anyway

You asked, but I was gonna post it anyway lmao.

…So I was just talking about the soul jars.

And I was thinking:

  • We get hints that the other children were able to reset.
  • We know that the souls still have consciousness because they reject Omega Flowey to help you in a Neutral Ending.

So why, if you’re a resetting child, do you settle for getting killed by Asgore? Certainly even if you can’t go home or get a happy ending, going back to the beginning to live the rest of your life with a nice goat mom is better than dying?

So imagine, then, that the soul jars aren’t just to preserve them. But to trap them.

The jars are specially designed to prevent the souls from resetting. They’re time-travel resistant.

But who created them? Someone studying souls. Someone studying time.

Someone who was apparently around to use them on the previous six children, but isn’t around to use it on you.

Here’s where it begins to fall apart:

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(This is part two! Make sure to read part one first, linked below!)


Yeah this…might continue on! This was just going to be a one-off, but then I kept thinking on “what if Frisk and Flowey learn about Dr. Gaster, and decide to try and save him…but without resetting the timeline?”

So yeah, if you are really into it and want to see more, then please let me know!

(Sorry for the lack of color, but if this does continue and gets as long as I’m suspecting, then I definitely won’t have time to do full color.)


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

yoursummerfrost  asked:

Kiss prompt: 5 for Nursey/Jack?

Kiss Prompts 

Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss - The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick pecks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling each other back for more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away.

Kinda a preview for my big bang fic: Now or Never

They’re in Jack’s bed. That’s where Derek finds himself more often than not nowadays. It’s not like he doesn’t have his own dorm or that this is the only room in the Haus where he’s welcomed. But Jack let him in, they were negotiating boundaries as they went. Jack hadn’t told him to stop coming by, and Derek wasn’t planning on it. It’s eight in the morning, Nursey can tell by the way Jack’s phone squeals obnoxiously. He groans, reaching out for it on Jack’s desk.

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Why Soriel Works

I’ve seen a lot of anti-Soriel posts lately. I would like to do my best to counteract them because I think that there is an argument to be made for Soriel in the canon. I’ve given it a lot of thought and have got some screenshots for the game so without further ado, allow me to present the most overly in depth pro-Soriel post I’ve ever written.

Let’s break it down into the 2 major characters: Sans and Toriel, and how their individual personalities and tendencies make them such a natural match.


What do we really know about her, personality wise? Quite a bit, actually. She’s protective. She’s kindhearted. She’s compassionate. She’s hardworking. These are traits she’s always had but they are magnified through her struggles and her pain. Toriel copes with the immense heartache, emotional agony many of us could never imagine, by working extra hard to protect Frisk. You’ll notice that her house is very safe for them, with sharp objects hidden or filed down to keep them from getting hurt, even accidentally. She’s had years to prepare her house for the presence of children and even goes as far as to set up a curriculum for their education. Toriel begs Frisk not to leave the Ruins because King Asgore will kill them. She knows this because she has seen this six times before. Now, we all know this. But I think it bears repeating since all of this will become important at a later time.


We know less about Sans’s history but we do know quite a lot about his personality. Sans clearly suffers from depression, caused by being forced to reset over and over. “You can’t understand how this feels,” he says as you fight him, “knowing that one day, without any warning, it’s all going to be reset.” This knowledge also helps explain why his dialogue as a Lost Soul reflects hopelessness and pain: “just give up. I did.” But I think a lot of people misunderstand Sans’s character.

Many people call him lazy. But Sans isn’t lazy. In fact, Sans is one of the most hardworking characters in the entire game.

Preposterous, you say! But allow me to explain. What can be construed as lazy is actually a lack of motivation and a feeling of helplessness. But we know from the game that he loves his brother and actually puts effort into keeping him happy. He helped Papyrus make the costume that he now wears everywhere. He encourages Papyrus’s hobbies and friendship with Undyne. He berates you for calling Papyrus uncool. Little details that I don’t have time to map out here imply that Sans works very hard to keep Papyrus happy, from telling him his friends are on vacation when Papyrus is the only survivor to paying all of their rent to getting Papyrus the best books and toys while living in a very barebones (pun intended) room himself.

And if you don’t believe me about the rooms, see for yourself. Notice how Papyrus’s is full of toys and a nice bed and lots of decorations, even a computer:

Not notice that Sans has a much smaller room with the bare necessities:

Sans doesn’t even have bed sheets. No bookshelf. No computer. Absolutely nothing. He has worked hard to ensure that Papyrus is happy all while taking very little for himself. He may sleep on the job but Sans will work extremely hard for those he loves.


So what does this have to do with Soriel? Quite a bit. Both clearly will work very hard for those they love. But while Sans is a bit more standoffish, Toriel is warm and welcoming. Where Sans stops working when he feels things are hopeless, Toriel works harder. This balances the relationship quite a bit.

But here’s where things get interesting: their meetings with each other already change the other for the better. You can see the effects in the game if you’re looking.

Considering how much pain Toriel has endured, she seems oddly jovial when you meet her. She smiles a lot and even suggests you tell the Dummy a joke. Considering we do see Toriel’s pain when we spare her (”Pathetic, is it not? I cannot save even a single child.”), we know that the happier exterior masks her inner heartbreak. But the fact that Toriel is able to smile at all is, in part, due to meeting with Sans. Sans has helped her enjoy life a bit more and has staved off the depression.

Now how has Toriel impacted Sans? Well we know from what I said above the Sans will work extremely hard for those he loves. Therefore, we don’t see him working hard for anyone except two characters: Papyrus and Toriel. Papyrus is fairly obvious; he’s Sans’s little brother and he is the one thing keeping Sans sane through all the resets. But his interactions with Toriel have cause him to respect and even love her enough to spare Frisk in every single route except Genocide. In fact, let’s look at his Genocide dialogue. Before Sans fights you, he expresses his sorrow that he couldn’t keep his promise to her:

This has clearly been on his mind for a long time. He followed you, watched over you, tried to find any good in you to justify keeping his promise. He failed in that endeavor and makes the conscious decision to break the promise he made to save you from yourself. One could argue that he kept the promise in that he did try to keep you from having your soul taken. I wouldn’t call this laziness, I would call this motivation, which, as I said before, he usually lacks.
Time to address the elephant in the room: the old lady comment. A lot of anti-Soriels assume that this makes that possibility null and void. But I think if that’s the best argument you guys can come up with, it’s pretty indicative that you don’t have much to stand on. Toriel frequently  refers to herself as an “old lady.” Why wouldn’t Sans use this terminology when she uses it on herself? It seems more like an affectionate term rather than him actually seeing her as an old lady.

Another piece of evidence that Sans is absolutely nuts about Toriel is the fact that she and Papyrus are the only characters to get a mention during his fight:

The Genocide fight reveals not only that he knows you’re resetting the timeline but that he remembers the resets. Don’t believe me? How’s this for an example:

Now where would Sans have heard the part about special attacks? No one mentions them in the Genocide run. He would have to remember Papyrus talking about them in a Neutral run. This just makes all the resets even more depressing. How old is Sans, anyway? Well we can assume he’s much older than he looks. He can’t age when he’s been reset so many times. That means, for all we know, he and Toriel could be the same age or within a handful of years of each other. The age argument really is a lame one because we know nothing about them in terms of their ages.
So… okay. I can hear you guys out there asking “that’s all fine and dandy but what about your argument for them becoming a romance? Why can’t they just be friends?

Well of course they can. But there is evidence for romance and it all comes from body language.

Let me break this scene down for you. First of all, look at what Toriel says here to Asgore, for whom she has nothing but disgust and contempt now:

This is a romantic nickname because Alphys and Undyne both address her as Toriel after the ending (Alphys in one of the dialogues after the True Ending and Undyne while calling for her to talk to you on the phone). But Sans?

Sans is the only character to call her that other than Asgore. Her former lover. This is not a coincidence.

Still not convinced? Okay, I’ve got more.

Notice how Asgore is depressed when Alphys and Undyne introduce themselves to Toriel:

He’s not crying. He’s just depressed. He acts this way from Undyne through Papyrus’s introductions. But check out how he reacts when Sans shows up:

Wide eyes. He’s surprised. Who is this strange man? Why are he and Toriel so chummy? He knows what’s going on. Check out Papyrus as well, he can tell something is up.

But check out how he continues to react:

He’s crying. Toriel has obviously found someone else. Look at the way they’re staring into each other’s eyes. Asgore isn’t stupid. He knows this isn’t just her meeting a best friend. This is her meeting someone she obviously likes a lot.

And the next thing you know, Undyne’s telling him to find someone else.

Look at the animation here. Sans and Toriel are standing right next to each other and staring into each other’s eyes. They’re positioned in such a way that it looks like they’re holding hands. This is not a coincidence because Alphys and Undyne also maintain that eye contact. And it’s not like they became a thing, right?

But here’s something else I noticed, and it’s definitely intentional. Sans and Toriel make eye contact again for a very brief section just before Flowey shows up.

And Papyrus is back to eyeing Sans suspiciously.

Now this eye contact thing may not be all that important but again, this is a device Toby used to imply a ship since Alphys and Undyne are the only other pair to stare at each other during this particular scene. You can even see it if you scroll up at the screenshots I already put down! So why would Sans and Toriel have the exact same body language as Alphys and Undyne in this scene, even to the point of making that eye contact again just for a couple of lines and having Asgore and Papyrus obviously react the way they do?

Come on, guys. It’s simple. Soriel may not be strictly canon but there’s a lot of evidence to imply that their interactions are headed that way.

One person who shipped Asgore and Toriel shipper claimed that Sans and Toriel don’t talk about anything, they just tell jokes. We know that’s not true. Look at this line right here:

Now you could argue that she said this after all the events. And she probably said she baked pie for Frisk after the final fight of the game. But she definitely was talking about baking before that scene. Check out this little part of the hangout/date with Papyrus:

Sans? Lazy Sans decided to bake something? Why would he do that? And Papyrus goes on to say that the thing Sans bakes was like a quiche but filled with a “sugary non-egg substance.”

Sounds like a pie to me. And where would Sans have gotten the idea in the first place? Toriel.

Still not convinced? How about this line?

Looks like it wasn’t just jokes. She was talking about her baking. Sans was talking about Papyrus. I think the evidence speaks for itself. Also, you could say that they only talk about superficial things. Sure. But please give me your evidence that they definitely don’t ever talk about the superficial. You have none. Just has I have none that they do.

We know they don’t know each other’s names. But that’s about it. Sans can even tell if she’s upset without seeing her face so I’d say he knows a bit more about her than “she bakes.” As for why he doesn’t know about the human stuff, that’s some pretty dangerous information. Toriel has her reasons for not revealing herself to Sans and it’s mostly to do with the fact that she wants to be separate from the world. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have deep conversations. But they kept things to themselves that they kept from everyone else. You can’t fault Sans for not telling Toriel things he won’t even tell Papyrus. And you can’t fault Toriel for not telling him things she wouldn’t even tell you. That doesn’t mean they didn’t get to know each other. Only that anything related to their identities were kept secret, as they were from everyone else. If true love means spilling every secret you’ve got, I’ve got quite a few Alphys and Undyne criticisms to talk about too… But the fact remains that deep discussions can be had and two people can get to know each other very well despite not knowing their true identities or every single secret they keep. This is a nonsensical argument, to be honest.

Oh I could go on about why Soriel is far more likely to be canon than Asgore and Toriel. Let’s talk about the fact that Toriel became disgusted by Asgore’s actions and left him as a result but that he still continued to do what he did even though he wanted Toriel back. Why’s this important? Because Sans keeps his promise, even when you kill both Papyrus AND Toriel. This proves that Sans’s devotion to Toriel is even more important to him than the entire Underground where Asgore selfishly refused to go back on what he said when he realized that what he was doing was so wrong. He was unwilling to sacrifice anything for Toriel where Sans was willing to sacrifice everything. Additionally, as I said before, it could be argued that Sans does keep his promise in Genocide since he’s trying to save Frisk from losing their soul. In a twisted way, killing them kept them safe.

So, with all this evidence laid out in front of you guys, how about the shippers of Asgore and Toriel stop accusing Soriel shippers of having no evidence or no deeper reason to ship Soriel. There’s plenty of evidence and there are plenty of deep reasons to ship it. And the evidence suggests that Soriel is, or at least will be, canon.

EDIT: If anyone can tell me how this has been showing up in the tag for the Asgore and Toriel ship, please let me know as I have scoured this post and have found absolutely no mentions of it by name, even going as far as to change all slashed out ship name mentions to avoid it even remotely coming out.

Also, I love Asgore. This is not a bash post. Do not use it as such please.

anonymous asked:

You've mentioned dogs that have a "sense of humour" a few times before. I'm genuinely curios as to how they act (maybe some examples?) They sound very interesting!

This is one of those things that’s hard to explain over text for me.

Creed has a big sense of humor- he does things purely because he thinks they’re funny and wants me to join in on the action. If I laugh at his antics, he will wiggle and become even more enthusiastic in whatever he’s doing. For instance: Wednesday was beautiful and so I spent a significant portion of it outside with him and he found a stick (branch, really) that was as big around as my arm and about twice his body length and began to parade around the yard with it. Head held high, trotting like a trick pony, with this big old stick in his mouth. Then he looked at me and dropped it and I cackled at him, so he picked the stick back up and repeated his actions with more and more enthusiasm. He enjoys being silly and doing silly things for the sake of just a little laughter from me. It seems that he frequently tries silly and exaggerated things just to provoke a positive reaction from me- and the more laughter the better the reward.

If he gets something wrong in training, especially if it’s something where I have to approach and reset him such as a long stay, he will playbow and toss his head a couple times (and usually spin) before settling back into the position I’d originally put him in. He has done this since I got him so it is not a defusing conflict/anticipating punishment behavior- it seems he just gets silly for a moment before settling back into serious when he’s told to try again. Creed has always been very serious about his obedience- one of the reasons we switched to shaping once he figured out how exactly to do that. It seemed to bring out more silly and happy from him, which is a better mindset imo than ultra serious all the time.

This is occasionally not so great because sometimes he will do Bad Dog Things ™ that I can’t help but laugh at, so of course that makes him do it more. When I first moved to MD he began to full body tackle me and bite my nose after eating or after we ran around together out in the yard. Now he does it every morning after he eats his breakfast and I hate him 5ever for it. He will tackle me, push me into the bed, and then rub his head all over my head and chest while licking me. All because I laughed at him once for doing it.

I have a client on Thursdays who has a doberman that, when she feels training is too hard, throws herself to the ground and yips. She does it most frequently when she is being asked to be still and quiet for long periods of time, or if she offers one of her shaped behaviors (unbidden) and then doesn’t get a reward for it (because I didn’t ask you for it you terrible beast). She will lay flat on her side and yell high pitched “ARF!!”s until she gets tired of that and tries something else. Why? Because her owner thought this behavior was hysterical when she was a puppy, except now she’s a year old and the funny is gone. We’ve been pairing the throw-yourself-to-the-ground behavior with our place command via shaping and her bed so now she bodily throws herself down on her bed when her owner asks her to “go to your room” and he also thinks that behavior is hilarious and laughs when she does more and more exaggerated forms of it.

There is a face that dogs with a sense of humor make that tells you they are very happy and very proud of themselves when they make it. Current science does not know if dogs laugh or even understand laughter, but we recently figured out that rats are not just ticklish but also laugh, so it’s very possible that these dogs also have their own laugh vocalization or behavior and that’s why they consider human laughter at such high value for rewards.

Just testing things out.

Opened up the last file where I tried to do this, it’s a mess. Working on cleaning it up and getting things going again.

She gets a ledge grab like Sugar, because why not(her looking at the camera is amusing but may not stay >.>). 

She’ll also have a long jump, wall jump and double jump later, but nothing more than that.

Enemies there to test damage sprite. 

Bun cannot fight anything, she’ll have to run away as everything kills her in one hit. 

There may be a few little things that just knock her around though, so I wanted to test it out.

The plan is to recreate all of the original levels first, then experiment with some new things to make it more interesting. 

So far I’m just trying to get her movin’ around though.

The camera will be the fun bit, as the rooms will not all be vertical this time.

Your very own fail-proof plot resetting guide for ACNL! (with pictures and stuff, ooo, fancy)

OKAY so due to popular demand, here’s my very own tutorial for plot resetting! It has worked for me 100% for my latest villagers. It’s no quicker than any other, but I wanted to make my own since a lot of the ones I used were unclear on stuff, and naturally I messed up a couple of times. Time to get my own show on the road!

Plot Resetting - a way to get your new villagers to move where you want them to move to in your town. Warning: it’s going to be super time consuming 90% of the time, unless you’re super lucky! Also, no, you do NOT need to hack your town for this!

See how nicely these houses line up? I did that with plot resetting!

A summary? Plan spot, adopt villager, reset x3000 until you get what you want, re-think your life aaand profit! Sound good? Then keep on readin’ this super long guide! <3 I suggest reading the whole thing before starting to reset anything! Have fun and hope this helps!

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So last night I tried to have some lore-based backstory for these Nuzlockes. The idea was that after the White Nuzlocke, the bad dudes were to reset the universe to reset the randomizations, but Isabelle, the Mew that survived the entire series, survived and made it to the next universe as our starter for White 2.

However, the DS emulator was acting up, so we ended up playing Crystal for a one-off stream and making more lore.

The story we came up with was that something went wrong with the universe recreation, and Isabelle was sent back in time to fix things in “The Dark Timeline”

There, we started with Isabelle the Mew, and later made friends with a Wooper named Christypus, a Starmie named Bunndule, a Remoraid named Winque, a Cloyster named Chevanch, and a Weedle named Neezer.

In the first Gym, the crowd favorite Christypus was lost, however she was swiftly replaced with an Egg containing an Ampharos (randomizers are slick) named Tortilla. Later, Neezer the Weedle died, but no one cared.

The next battle, the enemy had a Weedle that was a higher level than anyone on our team, and killed Chevanch and Bunndule. We considered this Neezer’s Revenge and fled, sending the remaining three Pokemon, Isabelle, Tortilla, and Winque back to the future, where they will be the three Pokemon Bianca gives to our protagonist. Neezer is now the antagonist.

Fortunately we got White 2 working so we’re ready to start for real now. See ya tonight

Meditation: Why is thinking of nothing SO HARD (or 7 days with a total beginner)

When we mods started talking about the idea of starting a bookclub, one of the first discussions we had was around what we most wanted to achieve, and what we thought we’d struggle with. I (Rose) said that I wanted a way to turn down the noise in my head before the moments it makes me explode in a negative way. Julie instantly said “meditation”, which was bad news, because meditation was my answer for what I thought I’d struggle most with.

I’ve tried it before. Chanted “om” at the end of yoga, counted ceiling tiles from the giant silk cocoon of an anti-gravity pilates class (don’t ask), I’ve lit candles, downloaded apps, sat in the garden but it always seemed doom to fail because while my body became still, my mind would pick up the slack, galloping though random associations until I found myself mentally exhausted and drained.

So I stopped trying, and even when we started WE, I didn’t attempt that practice until a week ago, wanting to cling on to the small successes I’d found with gratitude, and not start a practice that I felt sure was not compatible with my mind. But meditation week arrived, and I wasn’t busy. For once work seemed to be under control, I had friends cheering me on and absolutely no good reason not to have a proper go at meditating. So I promised myself I’d do it for a week, wholeheartedly and with as little baggage as I could muster.

Here’s what happened.

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The Friday Rundown 4-21-17

On the Docket for the Weekend

  • Cat. It’s this weekend. Tomorrow, in fact. Hopefully, the cat we scouted is still there, but I’ll be happy to adopt any shelter cat that needs me! If it goes according to plan we’ll be picking up an orange tabby. LOVE!
  • Grocery shopping is tonight, and I cannot wait. It’s time to meal prep my food again! Oh, glorious Gods! I thrive much better this way!
  • Gym. Two visits up for this weekend. Going to do a full leg day even though the lower half of my body wants to rebel. I’m the boss of my own ass, though.

The Successes

  • No sleep aids this whole past weekend and this week. One of the best parts of going to my sister’s house is I get so thoroughly exhausted that it tends to completely reset my circadian rhythm. I certainly try not to need any, but frequently I have to pop an OTC sleep aid one or two times a week to prevent episodic insomnia. We’re good here for now! 
  • I’m down from the sugar high. I tell you, the first few days after a holiday feast it’s like you get “crack itches” for more sugar. I’m sure many people do this, but I find a day or two of especially carb-lite meals does the trick. Then, I resume my more common eating habits and meal planning.

The Not as Successful

  • A wee bit inactive this week. Not terribly, been more concerned with sleeping and eating well but I’ve walked plenty. I only made it to the gym Tuesday and am about to head out after I post this for a little cardio. The week back is always tough and we still have the weekend.
  • Had two massive migraines over the Easter weekend. It was not the right time to have migraines so my mom, uh–shared some “premium” nausea drugs with me. I’m usually not into sharing people’s medicine but if my doctor is too stubborn to give me Zofran, then yeah. MOMMY!

I forgot my Fitbit charger, so it died. I used a friend’s to resume life on Monday. LOL.

So, actually, I was having a hard time coming in to my hospital shift tonight. My elementary school kiddos had their zoo field trip, and it was a blast, but I’m exhausted. I’m working a lot over the next five days, and I just know I’m going to continue to be exhausted.

I’m so close to summer, and I just have to keep pushing. That’s something I tell myself hourly, it seems.

My anxiety was so high coming in here, because I was on sensory overload from the zoo (it was a beautiful day to be there and it was a free admission day) and I could not imagine eight more hours on my feet with human interaction thrown in. I was incredibly close to making a Funky Town post.

And then a serious patient came in, and I was the first one with this patient. It took a turn from concerning to serious while this person was in my care, and it completely reset everything.

Being exhausted sucks. Being busy all the time sucks. Having anxiety sucks. But you know what doesn’t suck? Knowing that I’ve found a passion for something that can overcome all of that.

I encourage all of you to do the same. Find your passion and follow it; dream big and don’t for a second let anyone tell you that you can’t.

Cursed Child Review - 3/5/17

Just remembered I needed to do this…. better late than never.

So, as a result of the play being recorded for archive purposes, I had a complete full cast for the first time since I was first saw the play in June. It also meant that the entire cast was on top form and it was, for me, probably the best performance I have seen from them.

Honestly, the best thing about the entire performance was the audience. Again, they had to be most responsive audience I have been a part of since the first I saw play. They gasped in all the right places, so much laughter, additional applause and cheers at certain points. To know there are people attending this play who genuinely have no idea of what happens, having managed to avoid spoilers for nearly a year, is brilliant and I hope there are people who continue to avoid spoilers if it means having a responsive audience.

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anonymous asked:

are there any decent sonadow fics you can recommend? i feel like you would be one of the better qualified ones to answer this question.

im a very picky reader so i only read like 2 yet but i really want to read good sonadow too hhhh

here’s the fics i know:

  1. He is my master: that one has its really weird and uncomfortable moments thx to the prompt. I enjoyed the beginning because it is very well written, but lost interest after a while because it drifted off my character and became very uncomfortable for me to read (considering ive always been seeing myself in there so? yeah. its weird.) there is an option to skip nsfw scenes, but that doesnt make it not happened and thus i wouldn’t really rec it if u want something enjoyable? i mean telling u what to avoid is advice too? cause i see a lot of ppl say its one of the best sonadow fics??? i really dont know why they think so? because it was very long ongoing like over years? or maybe because those people are straight girls lusting over their yaoi pairing.

    ( tldr: dont read this if u know whats good for u)

  2. list of multiple fics,  i really cant say much i never got to read them casue im a horrible reader

  3. Advent of Equinox: one of my fave fics ever read! it’s unfinished though so disappointment time™. its VERY in character and well written though so its def worth the read. (my inattentive ass got hooked and didnt fall asleep or swich to another task midsentence so)

    (also one of the authors was who inspired me to just go and write my own fics so yeah check out this fic of them for a good read on shadow. you should quickly notice my own fic was inspired by that one.)

  4. Requiem of a Poisoned Knight: (i did not read this yet) a satbk thing ive wanted to read for ages casue it sounds just like the fic ive always wanted to write myself

  5. TACHYONIC EXISTENCE: i really dont know how to describe this and they arent neccessarily in character and they are super short but if ur into literature i think its worth the read because i find these interesting in an artistic point of veiw? at least the few i have actually read lmao

  6. Foolish.: (super short) This ones angsty and pmuch about death lmao but its also kinda wholesome? idk how to explain it haha (i wrote that)
  7. Forbidden act: (even shorter) this is. super old. but its kida? cute? i wouldnt write like this anymore but if you ignore that this was written by me its fine

i cant think of more right now and i dont have the ones i saved since i reset my laptop some time ago without saving all the recs lmao also excuse my selfadvertizing ass


found more stuff that ppl reccomended to me but i never got to read them



New Scream
New Scream

Turnover | New Scream

Can I stay at home? I don’t want to go
I don’t want to wake up till the sun is hanging low
Stay up through the night, sleep away the light
Just another dream I had that’s better than my life

Adolescent dreams gave to adult screams
Paranoid that I won’t have all the things they say I need
What if I don’t want a pattern on my lawn
All I know is somethings wrong because everyday

I’m craving that new scream lusting for more than just, old dreams
I’ve been dying to feel alive
And I’ve been wasting all my time, chasing the high

Can I reset my brain? If not I’ll go insane,
I swear to God that I don’t think I can go another day
Am I the only one? Is this in all of us? I hate the thought that I’m alone
But I hope that you’re not

The Fires Within (Yoongi x Reader), 1

A hellhound AU in the spirit of halloween.

You joined the League in search of adventure. What you found was a flaming scarecrow and a cold-hearted, emotionally-torn guy who you end up, well, quite literally running away with.

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (M) | Part 6 (soon)

Hellhound AU, 5.6k words, Yoongi/Reader

The envelope is small and simple.

In fact, it is so utterly plain that you almost pass it over as you sit at your desk, sifting through the pile of junk mail. Luckily, the shimmering gold seal of the League catches your eye: the letter is, in fact, anything but ordinary.

Immediately, you open it up. A single notecard slides out. You look inside the envelope to double check, but see nothing else–no ostentatious congratulatory letter, no phantom fanfares, no miniature pixie dust fireworks. Just a white notecard, as plain and simple as the envelope itself.

You take that as a good thing, though, since the last time you opened up a letter with celebratory fireworks, you were five and ended up lowkey pissing yourself and splitting everyone’s eardrums with your scream.  In your defense, you’d never seen anything close to the bright sparkly dust before, and you’d always been taught that anything that explodes is bad, and when things are bad, you die.

(And, you suppose, when five-year-old-you felt the shock of imminent death, the survival instincts of screaming and pissing yourself overrode just about every other reasonable action. For example, getting up and running the fuck out of the room, or away from the “dangerous” explosions.

Five year old you did not have very good survival instincts.)

In any case, the card in your hands seems relatively safe. You think. Hopefully.

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