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  • [Non-Power AU or just AvAc AU]
  • Peter: What are you doing here?
  • Steve: I'm, uh, looking for Tony. Do you know where he is?
  • Peter: How should I know?
  • Steve: You're taking him to homecoming.
  • Peter: Oh, yeah. Right.
  • Steve: Well, you don't have to worry about me ruining your night.
  • Peter: And why is that?
  • Steve: Because I'm not going.
  • Peter: Hmm. Well, that sucks. Because we're only going together to make you jealous.
The bughead kiss
  • Jughead: I kissed Betty.
  • Archie: ohmygodohmygodohmygod.
  • Kevin: Ok, alright. We want to hear everything. Archie, get the wine. Jughead, does this end well or do we need tissues?
  • Jughead: Oh, it ended very well.
  • Archie: *getting the wine* Do not start without me.
  • Kevin: Ok, alright, let's hear it was it like a soft brush against you lips? Or like a "I gotta have you now" kind of thing?
  • Jughead: Well it was very intense at first,you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Archie and Kevin: Ohhhhh
  • [In the next room.]
  • Betty: And then he kissed me.
  • Veronica: tongue?
  • Betty: Yeah.
  • Veronica: cool.

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German fan here and honestly I really hope some of the Ducktales team see your doodle comics! partly because it might give them a sense of how integrated Gladstone is in a lot of our childhoods and hearts in a much bigger sense than the Barks comics allow for- not that they are bad I adore his comics, but I fear they may be mistakenly limiting character potential due to loyalty

Oh gosh, thanks man I don’t know if they will/have or what I’d make of it if they did, but I do feel the same way. Carl Barks material is absolutely wonderful and I’ll not say a word against him or his stories, but I do agree that there could be a severe pitfall awaiting writers in not allowing for any evolution or emotional development of characters outside of his works. Having said that we don’t really know yet what the new Ducktales take is going to be on Gander or any of the characters, and while a cautious optimism may be best I don’t want to go anticipating it with a negative attitude. Right now I’m just expecting it to be ‘its own thing’, and whatever happens I’m excited for the new show and hope the team making it are having a good time!

Hiatus until April 4th

I’ll pretty much disappear until April 4th. Because exams, you know the deal :’D I have a queue set up actually my entire blog runs on queue? always?? just in case you didn’t know but I won’t be online. Meaning: please don’t be offended/confused when answers to messages come like a week late now^^‘ 


Their body’s a what.

I mean that doesn’t even rhyme so it must’ve been intentional, is their body really an illusion? What if their gemstone is their actual “body”, it’s the thing that contains their consciousness, and there have been gemstones without bodies, hence the physical body of a gem might just be there so they can run around and do different activities, but it’s not the same as human bodies. That might explain shapeshifting as well, if their bodies are illusions, they can change them however they want.




It’s obvious these stuff are too childish for them, but Steven really seems like he put a lot of effort into this party, he really loves the gems.

I am going to meme the shit out of this face after the episode.



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"all I needed was a call"

Authors note: I am so sorry this has taken so long to do, I have just been trying to figure out what to write about and it didn’t just hit me until now. It is a cliche concept but oh well. Enjoy my lovelies. 
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One A.M; no call.
Two A.M; no call.
Three A.M; no call.
Four A.M; no call.

It is four-thirty in the morning, your patience is wearing thing, your emotions beginning to get the better of you as you begin to worry about where he is and if he is okay. It is unusual for him to not answer texts or calls, just as much as it is unusual for him not to let you know when he doesn’t intend on coming home until the early hours of the morning. 

He is the kind of boyfriend that tends to keep you updated, by no means are you acting as a motherly figure and forcing him to text you his every move, or giving him a curfew of when to be home— he does it voluntarily to keep you updated and aware of his whereabouts. 

You call his phone one last time, counting the each ring before you are again left with hearing his voicemail, “Damnit Styles.” you mutter as you hang up the phone call, looking around the dimly light living room, unaware of what you are meant to do. There is a good chance that he is perfectly fine and perhaps at the studio still, or he could be out with friends, or he could also be lying in a ditch somewhere unresponsive… You don’t know, and that is what fucking scares you. Not knowing. 

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Skam and toxic relationships

so I just finished Skam and I loved it and all. There’s some pretty awesome things and it adresses important issues, but at the same time I feel like it consents to toxic relationships??? 

all 3 seasons until now have followed this same pattern concerning the main ships: 

  1. it’s a difficult start, with the significant other being a complete asshole
  2. they start to get along and the main character is conflicted because the s.o. is still an asshole but sometimes they are sweet
  3. oh no, the s.o. was only an asshole because of [insert reason here] and they totally love the main character!!!! all’s well when it ends well (if Eva hadn’t decided to break up with Jonas, they would still be a couple so it applies to them as well)

some toxic elements I identified in Skam:

  • Jonas implying Eva is dumb more than once, when it’s clear she’s not comfortable with this 
  • Jonas not going to the party and still asking Isak to go to the cabin, saying “don’t worry, you can ask your friends too” to Eva when he knows she doesn’t have any other friends and then behaving like a jerk in the cabin
  • Jonas lying about speaking to Ingrid when he knows Eva is really insecure about it, specially given their past. So he basically prefers his gf to think he’s cheating than admiting he’s smoking weed, wow
  • William. His whole character is pretty controlling, abusive and manipulative in the beginning of season 2. He kinda stalks Noora and is very persisting about her going out with him, even when she says no in various occasions. He forces Noora to go out with him by using Vilde in a disgusting way. And let’s remember he only apologized to Vilde so Noora would go on a date with him. Yeah.
  • The whole “Even has a gf but still goes after Isak” thing. I understand exploring one’s sexuality can be confusing plus he’s bipolar, but C’MON! You can’t pursue someone and then go back to your gf and then go back to that someone and then bring your gf to the same party that someone is in and then cockblock that someone and then pursue that someone while kissing your gf and at another occasion completely leave your gf behind to hook up with that someone only to go back with your gf two days later??????  That’s just mean. To both your gf and that someone.
  • Even leading Isak on when he had no intention of leaving his gf (because he wouldn’t have done it if Isak hadn’t given him an ultimatum). “Yeah, I still date her, but look at all those drawings I made of us in an alternative universe and realize how much I like you but not enough to leave my gf haha ;)”

I know people change. But when all three s.o. so far are somehow abusive and the main character kinda condones it because they are so so in love, it’s almost like saying “that person may be abusive, but you can cure them with the power of love!!!!” when in reality it’s not quite as simple as that.

I think William was the one who changed the most in order to be with the main character, but it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. He has no respect for women, and suddenly he’s a sweet guy with a golden heart who’s only an asshole because of a sad backstory. I didn’t buy it, but at least he was still an ass sometimes?? anyway.

I really hope this pattern changes in the next seasons. It does add a lot of drama  and “couple development” to the plot, but at the same time it’s kinda hypocritical of a show which is trying to be a good influence to its viewers.

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Glad I could do somethin'. ☺️☺️ Hope you've been having a good day, and wanted to ask what your favorite headcanons regarding Washington and Mulligan were. (Either together or separately, your pick. And feel free to go as in depth as ya want 🙃) lots of emojis today, pretty odd. Ah well. 💙 SMORCH

:0 oh !! thank u ! and ye, here’s some of my favorite hcs for the best boys,,,,

hercules mulligan

  • he’s on the autism spectrum! you’ll often find him making the “brrah” noise under his breath,, he’s stimming
    • his special interest is color theory!! and he loves being asked and he’s more than delighted to tell !! he kind of likes being considered The Expert™
    • (john asks him about color theory often and this makes hercules really excited! john also takes notes while herc is explaining)
    • he has a lot of recipes for slime / floam !
  • he’s taller than laf by one (1) inch and he loves making jokes about it 
    • (”laf probably couldn’t reach this but i sure can”)
  • he likes being creative, be it knitting or doodling or sewing or cooking,, he just really enjoys making stuff with his hands! makes him happy !
  • he doesn’t remember much of his childhood, save for the fact that he immigrated over from ireland when he was really lil,, that’s practically his only memory before the age of eleven
  • herc’s a really positive person!!
    • if he thinks you’re feeling down, he has a knack for knowing just what to say to help you feel better!!
    • he has the most blessed laugh Ever
  • he likes to go to the gym!
  • often comes off as more boastful or cocky, but it’s honestly him being genuinely proud of something he’s done!! he just likes to share,, hercules has done lots of things that he’s got every right to be proud of, and he knows it !
  • he likes to take aesthetic pictures of himself !!

george washington

  • if you call him cute he might actually pass out (wosh.exe has stopped responding)
    • despite the amount of compliments he gets, he’s surprisingly self-conscious / insecure about,, practically everything involving him
      • (he never vocalizes this and you’d only know if you’re good at reading his body language)
      • (he internalizes a lot of stuff)
    • he doesn’t know quite how to react other than just kinda clearing his throat and saying thank you (but he appreciates this v much)
  • he actually smiles more than you’d think he would ! he tries to maintain a certain composure (especially during the war) but he sometimes can’t help himself!!
  • sticks out his tongue when concentrating (don’t comment on this he gets embarrassed and he never really realizes that he still does it,,,)
  • likes to give christmas gifts to everyone he works with!
  • due to his upbringing, he’s quite harsh with himself when he shows any emotions he may perceive as “weak”. he’s learning more every day, though, and while it’s likely there’s always going to be a little voice that chastises him if he ever cries, he’s getting better at telling it to stay quiet,,
  • he likes boxing!
  • sometimes he draws, and he’s honestly better than you’d expect!! he has a super cute drawing style,,

Oh jeez. Why did I do this. I’m writing this at 4 AM when everyone is asleep so I can have time to mourn over the fact that I actually posted this and wait for replies. But anyway, because my birthday is coming up, I’m doing this. Have fun reading this long ass paragraph.
But anyway, I’m not good with this sentimental shit, so bear with me here. Before I met you all, I wasn’t doing so well. Hell, I don’t know if I can say that I’m doing well now. But all of the people whom I’d thought to be my friends had walked out on me, and I was basically alone. I was a sad and angry fuck, and my mental and physical health were suffering because of it. But, I’ve made two really good friends of mine through these blogs (and many more, these two just being the closest), and oh jeez am I grateful for it. I’ve made so many friends in just this past week and I just wanted to thank you guys. For dealing with my annoying ass, and most importantly, making this shitstorm a bit more bearable.
I’m sorry for how long this is but I needed to get this shit off my chest. You can kill me later. You’ve all been getting a lot of shit from anon’s and I just want you all to know that they aren’t shit and you’re all 10x better.
@robertsheldon (Yes, even you, Noodlebitch. Even though you probably find me annoying I really don’t care.)

And there are so many others that are fucking great like @ask-cherryvalance , @umbrella-lady , @askrandyadderson , etc., but we don’t talk much or at all because I’m Annoying™

That is all. Carry on.

"Oh.. So I'm not cute?"
Could you do a TomxReader where he falls for the hair stylist and whenever she runs her fingers through his hair, he has to hold back a moan but one escapes. He goes all shy and nervous about it but she thought it was cute since she likes him as well. They kiss and some fluff??

I was rushed into wardrobe as soon as I got to set sue to the suit having a small tear in it. Okay I lied… It had like four. But it’s not my fault. The director was examining in and it somehow got caught on something resulting in the cuts. It took about 30 minutes since Gina, bless her 50 year old heart, is a wizard with a needle and thread. I went over to hair and makeup, feeling a bit nervous to see Y/N.

She was beautiful. The way her glasses fell and her pushing them back up, her lips seemed to be in this…mesmerizing pout that made you melt, and the way her fingers ran through my hair, the soft tugs making me-

“Tom? You uh…ready?” Y/N asked, tying her apron on. I swallowed, shook my head and smiled. I sat down in the chair, Y/N examining my face and Linda looking through the makeup bag.

“I forgot the cleanser. I’ll be back. ” she groaned. Y/N laughed and I blushed.

Her laugh was adorable.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, bouncing my leg in nervousness.

“Linda parked all the way down by Set 5.” Y/N said, pushing my chin up with her index finger and leaning down to trim some excess hair, her eyes leveled with mine. I made a face. We were in Set 2 which meant Linda had a long way to walk.

Y/N continued to trim a bit and brought out her comb and hairdryer. I wanted to make conversation but didn’t know how. She made me nervous. I’m glad Harrison isn’t here to point it out. She blew out my hair, removing the little hairs that fell whilst she was trimming. Her fingers ruffled my hair, turning me on a bit. I shifted in my seat and let out a small moan, knowing the hairdryer would block the sound.

But no. She turned it off as soon as it slipped out and stared at me. I stared back at her, blushing.

“I-I uhm. I-I. The thing is-” I stuttered. She chuckled and shook her head.

“What.” I asked, feeling a bit stupid.

“That was cute.” she said, covering her mouth once she said it. I smiled and scratched the back of my head.

“That was an accident.” she said.

“Oh.. So I’m not cute?” I teased. She looked down at the ground then smiled at me.

“I didn’t say that.” She said. I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

“Yeah right. I’ll admit… I find you attractive.” I said, looking down at my feet.

“So do I…” she said, placing her hairdryer down and taking off the little coat that was wrapped around me. She shook it out and I grabbed her hand, softly. She looked down at it and I saw a light pink start to grow on her cheeks.

I brought her closer to me and leaned in, hovering above her lips. She seemed taken back a bit until I stopped.

“May I?” I whispered. Her lips met mine and I wrapped my arms around her waist, bringing her even closer. Her arms wrapped around my neck and played with the back. I lifted her up so she was sitting on top of the counter.

My hands gripped her waist as her hands were entangled in my hair. I nibbled on her neck, sending her head back and a sigh escaping. We continued to kiss for a while more, before breaking apart to look at one another.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” I said, searching her eyes.

“How long?”

“About a month.” I admitted. She smiled and ruffled my hair.

“You’re gonna have to do it again.” I said. She shrugged.

“I have to do it between takes anyways.” she said, hopping off the counter.

“Would you like to go out for lunch later on today?” I asked her, sitting back into the chair. Linda came in, breathing hard.

“What did you do? Run?” Y/N said, the spray bottle in her hand.

“No. I took -huff- the golf cart. But it broke -inhales- down near Set 4. So yes technically, I did run. Running uphill sucks- huff-” She said, drinking some water after. Y/N and I laughed and Linda stuck her tongue out at us.

“Hurry up so I can de oil his face.” Linda mocked.

“Oh ho! Ouch.” I said. Linda stuck her tongue out again and I did so as well.

After Y/N finished styling my hair and it was Linda’s turn, she bent down and whispered in my ear,

“Meet me by the set door before lunch starts.”

I really like those kinds of comics and fanfics with the Disney princesses acting like housemates or the like, but you know what I would really like to see? Something like that, but with the Disney villains.

It could sort of be like the evil alliance they had in Kingdom Hearts or the Legion of Doom, mixed a bit with those Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged’s “Evil Council of Doom” videos and the appearances of the Disney villains in House of Mouse and that “Whiners Can Be Losers” Cartoon Network promo, as well as those “Villain Pub” moments from “How it Should’ve Ended” series.

I just want to the Disney villains hanging out and being their usual villainous selves, while also being humorous and having their personalities bounce off each other. It’d be fun to see Gaston, Frollo, Jafar, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Maleficent, the Evil Queen/Queen Grimhilde, Scar, Mother Gothel, Hades, and other such villains to interact with each other.

And just for fun, I’d like it if Bill Cipher came into the picture and made himself de facto leader, and also acted pretty causal around villains like Maleficent or Chernabog (it could even be implied that they know each other).

This concept needs to be explored more.

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the fact that rachel was in that courtroom, mike having not showed up yet, and she didn't think a damn thing. harvey turns up, finds out mike's not there yet, and he /knows/ what mike's gone to do. harvey knows mike on a far deeper level than mike's own fiance. like. rachel was totally oblivious?? it took harvey less than a second?? they know each other intrinsically.


Oh poor Rachel. 

But it’s true hahahahaha. Harvey knows Mike inside out, knows how his mind works, because Harvey’s works the same way. They have the same urge to sacrifice themselves for the other so as soon as Harvey realized, what did he do? Ran like fuck to Gibbs’ office to try and a) Prevent it, and b) beat Mike to the punch.

Who the fuck are they.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, though, there’s nobody in the world who knows Mike as well as Harvey does, that’s something I 100% believe. I know they say that Rachel is the closest person to him, etc, etc, but I couldn’t disagree more.

And it’s the same with Harvey. There’s nobody who knows Harvey as well as Mike does.

(Ms. Awesome™ can fuck off)

Like I always think about the fact as well that Mike went to prison for Harvey, leaving his life with Rachel behind for however long, too.

Because I know she promised to be there for him when he got out, of course she’ll want to marry him, and to be honest, she probably would’ve. I’m not saying she would’ve left him the second he walked into that prison but she was under the impression he’d get out earlier. They all were.

But there’s every chance that had he served the full two years, he wouldn’t have been coming out to the same life w/ her, and Donna even alluded to that at one point, too.

There’s every chance that, naturally as the world works, her life would’ve moved on, she might’ve met someone else, while I’m under no doubts that she does love him, I’m not entirely 100% sure she would’ve waited for him and Mike risked that for Harvey. I don’t think they have that “You’re the one” kind of love at all. It’s not that intense.

Like what the fuck are Harvey and Mike, fam, seriously.


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Can you do England, China, Russia, Germany, and Romano reaction to seeing a girl entering the world conference and opening a secret door. Like for example while their doing a conference they notice a bored looking girl carrying a butch of groceries going across the room and open a secret passage. Sorry if it doesnt make sense😖 I was curious to know what would they do? Would they follow her or ignore her.

England: “nEVER Fucking mind, I might as well just follow them as I have nothing to lose-” He would go after them. Partially because of the reason the conferences always end up in a mess, but also because he would want to see where the door led to.

China: “I am too old for this kind of madness - but then again, here I am surrounded by idiots… WAIT FOR ME, SALVATION.”

Russia: “Oh, this is rather unusual… I want to know where this door leads to! Maybe I can use it for something… Or find a friend behind it! ^J^

Germany: whAT HAVE I DONE TO LIVE TO SEE THIS. But who is he kidding, Italy would run after the Girl (yes, for many reasons) So bear-like babysitter Germany would have to run after him.

Romano: Similar to his brother, for many reasons, he’d follow the Girl. One reason being to annoy the hell out of Spain. He’s a little troll.