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Catching the Bat’s heart - Bruce Wayne x reader

I’m hopeless, I have too much love for Bruce…So I’m writing yet another thing with him. Don’t hate me. Worst, this is kinda long. Besides, sorry for any grammar mistakes, I’m French and have a bad tendency to never proof read anything…

Summary : The reader is quite a bit younger than Bruce, and thinks she’s just yet another one night stand…She’s completely wrong.

Warnings : mentions of sex…slightly NSFW. Langage. Age gap,  I guess ?


If a few months ago, someone would have told you you were going to be invited by Bruce Wayne to a charity ball, you probably would have laughed in their face and told them they should check themselves in Arkham Asylum. And yet, here you were, on your fifth dates with the famous womanizer. You always had a thing for older men. Always. And against your better judgement, even knowing his reputation, you let Bruce Wayne come into your life. Worst, you let him shamelessly flirt with you. And you flirted back…In your head, every warning sign was flashing bright red, telling you you were going to get hurt. But you couldn’t help it. The man was smart, funny, handsome, and you were sure there was more to him than the public playboy figure he showed…

In fact, you KNEW there was more to him. Even though you had big confidence issues, you knew you were somewhat intelligent, and you always picked up on small details. You had absolutely no doubt that billionaire Bruce Wayne…Was the Batman. It just all made sense. He had the motive, the money, the physique, He often disappeared and re-appeared out of nowhere…You just knew it was him. That’s actually what convinced you to let him come that close to you. You knew he often had one night stands with models, or any good looking girl really. You knew he clearly didn’t want to get attached at all. But you also knew that behind all of this facade, there was a guy so broken by his parents’ death he decided to dress as a bat at night to fight crime. Like, come on, that alone made you very curious. And, since he kept coming to you, kept inviting you out…Your hopes started to get up, and you scolded yourself for it…But you couldn’t fucking help it.

What you didn’t know however, was why he kept coming to you. Simple : you made him feel like he could be himself. Conversations always seemed to flow easily between the two of you, and you never seemed to care for fancy things at all. You made him feel like you just wanted to hang out with him (which was true), and this was so rare, that he felt incredibly attracted to you. So attracted that you were the only one he ever spoke to about his parents, about the pain of loosing them. You seemed to think it wasn’t such a big deal, but to him, it was everything…And against HIS better judgement, he let YOU come way too close to him. But he couldn’t help it either. You were just…So different from the people he usually met.  

It all started a few months ago, you were writing in a cafe when a man tried to stole your computer. Bruce was buying coffee, and was about to come help you when out of nowhere, the small girl you were just whacked the man in the head with your fucking chair ! The thief got away weakly, and your face, fierce and mad, is what first drawn him to you. The second thing that attracted him, was the way you whipped around your H/L H/C out of your face, and the small sway of your hips as you straightened.

-Wow, and here I was, thinking you needed help.

You turned to him, of course immediately recognizing who he was, but ignoring it, and answered with a little scoff :

-I’m a Gotham girl, born and raised. Gotta know how to defend yourself you know. Though I admit, this was pure reflex, I just did it automatically without thinking…

-Even more impressive. I’m Bruce Wayne, by the way.

You gave him a sarcastic look, and went back to sit in front of your computer. That was the moment he knew he was fucked. He just had to know you. After all, it wasn’t often that someone, after knowing who he was, just plainly ignored him ! In fact, he doesn’t remember ONE occurence of that ever happening !

He looked around, as usual, people were staring. He could see paparazzis waiting in the street. He walked up to you, and gestured to the chair in front of you to ask if he could sit. You just nodded, not even raising your eyes.

You two stayed like this for an hour, not speaking, before you simply left. Simply left ? No, you actually wrote your phone number on a piece of paper, and as you raised up, leaving without a word a very confused Bruce Wayne, you let it slip in his lap. He smiled softly, following you with his eyes.


From there, it just went downhill for the both of you. Stolen kisses there and there, amazing dates…You thought he was too good for you, he thought you deserved better. You thought he was going to hurt your feelings, he thought he was going to get you hurt period. You thought once you stopped resisting him, once you’d finally have sex with him, he’d just be done with you. He thought you were going to finally realize he was too old for you, and just dump him soon because he knew you were the kind of girl that liked her freedom, and entering a relationship with…He scolded himself. He shouldn’t think of a relationship. He could never had a normal life. He could never give her what she deserved…and that’s how stupid Bruce Wayne stopped answering your calls.

You weren’t one to chase after men. If they didn’t want you, then so be it, you weren’t going to harass them and force them to love you. But you got a bit insistent with him…until you realized you were just another one of his little toy. You sighed, you didn’t even sleep with him. You were such a looser…


Alfred knew something was wrong with his Master, and he knew it was because of you. And he wasn’t going to let that happen, when he started talking about you, and Bruce shut him up, he simply said : “You think she doesn’t deserve you and that you’ll never be able to give her a normal life…but maybe you should let her decide for herself, Master Wayne”.

Those words resonated in his head and refused to leave.


You were walking home one night from work, when three thugs attacked you. You hit one violently with the cover of a nearby trashcan, but the two other didn’t let you move further and pinned you against the alley wall.

You spat in their faces, not giving up. They hit you. Hard. Multiple times. And then one slid his hand in your pants, and you couldn’t hold your screams.

You felt like everything lasted for hours, while it was only a few minutes before a shadow knocked the two men out.

-Are you OK ?

You heard a gruff voice say. And you knew who it was. The Batman. When he approached you, he confirmed what you always knew. It was Bruce. You could recognize that jaw anywhere. Threw your swollen face, you smiled at him, but before you could answer, you passed out.


You woke up in the hospital, and he was there, next to you.

He hesitated for a long time before coming, but Alfred’s words wouldn’t leave him, and hell, he was almost forty, and he was tired of being alone. He didn’t know where you would lead him, but he knew he would let you do it. You, the twenty something year olds that stole his heart without him realizing it.

You were, and weren’t surprised he was here. You were surprised because you hadn’t talk in months. And you weren’t, because you somewhat felt you guys were just made for each other, as cheesy as this sounded.

You smiled weakly at him, he returned it.

-Y/N, I’m sorry I…

You shushed him with a finger on his lips, and dragged him down to you for a kiss. He kissed back. He knew he was fucked a long time ago anyway, why resisting again and again ?

He resisted Julie Madison, his first love.

He resisted Vicki Vale.

He resisted Talia Al’Ghul (minded, she was a psycho).

He resisted Catwoman even though he used to be completely in love with her.

He just couldn’t allow anyone in his life, any distraction to his purpose…And yet, here he was, kissing you passionately. He couldn’t resist anymore. He couldn’t resist you. You smiled in the kiss, and he melted.


You woke up and was utterly surprised to feel his arm around your waist, and his chest against your back.

You had finally gave in. After you were released from the hospital, Bruce asked you out again, and after a fancy dinner…he took you home. This time, you didn’t say anything, you just followed him in his bedroom, and spent one of the most wonderful night of your life.

But you were expecting him to be gone in the morning. To wake up alone. You thought his butler would come in, bringing you your freshly washed clothes, a little breakfast, and basically telling you to fuck off. He had his way with you, from what you heard, that’s what was suppose to happen. You weren’t suppose to be still in his arms when the morning was coming. Not that you minded much.

You rolled on your side so that you were facing him. He was awake, as you felt the hand that was resting on your hips caressing you lightly, though his eyes were still closed.



He felt you were uncomfortable, and opened his eyes.

-Are you OK ?

You nodded slowly, averting his gaze.

-Ok, what’s the matter Y/N ?

You didn’t answer right away, pondering what you could say without sounding too pathetic.

-It’s just…It’s just I thought I was going to wake up alone.

-Now why would you think that ?

His hands were still on you, still lightly caressing your sides, and it made your brain work slower than usual.

-Well…it’s just that…You’re Bruce Wayne…You’re…I mean…

-You think you’re just another woman I wanted to fuck, don’t you ?

You winced at the blunt way he put things, but you nodded once again, keeping silence. It was exactly what you thought.

-Do you also think I talk about what I think with every women I’ve been with ? That I tell them about my parents ? That I take them out more than once ? That I wait that long before actually sleeping with them ?

You just stare at him, and the way your eyes shine, so un-confident, makes his heart drops. He sits up.

-This is my bedroom. The master’s bedroom. It used to be my parents.

You stayed silent, not knowing what to say.

-I never took anyone here. When I…When I bring a girl home, I fuck her in one of the guest bedrooms. Never here. Here it’s…It wouldn’t be right.

You sat up too, and he turns to look at you. What you saw in his eyes made your heart beat way too fast. What was happening ?

He shyly put one hand on your bare knee.

-I didn’t fuck you.

You raised an eyebrow, your natural sassiness coming back even in this situation. You were pretty sure you had sex, and even more than once, in a lot of different positions. You were sore in enough places to remember. But before you could say anything, he kept going.

-I made love to you. Here. In my bedroom. In what used to be my parents’ room.

The enormity of what he just said hit you like a tsunami. His hand on your knee squeezed a little bit stronger at your lack of reaction…but you were too stunned to say anything.

-…I know it sounds crazy. You probably think I’m a sad old man. I just…I just really like you. More than like you, actually. I…hum…I know it sounds nuts, we’ve known each other for less than a year but…I can’t help it. You’re…You’re just…I feel like a fool…

He lowered his head, and gestured to take away his hand from your knee, mis-interpratating your silence. You caught his hand, and, after swallowing with difficulties, you placed it on your heart. You couldn’t say anything, but you could show him. He felt the crazy fast beating of your heart, and raised his head again, locking his eyes with yours. You were mouthing silent words, not being able to actually tell him.

Tell him that, yes, it had been less than a year. Yes, you were quite younger than him. And yes, you both were complicated beings. But you’ve never felt anything like it before. You never felt feelings so strong for someone else. But you just couldn’t speak. So you showed him.

You raised on your knees, his hand still on your heart, and reaching for his face (he was quite taller, bigger than you), you pressed your lips on his. He responded immediately, his free hand going in your hair. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and climbed on him (again, taller you know).

You couldn’t say a word, but you could show him. As you rode him on his bed, in his bedroom, you tried to convey all your love to him, to make him know he quickly became your everything.

He returned all of your feelings, and you never felt so happy in your life. Your orgasms came at the same time, in perfect symphony, and you collapsed back in each other’s arms, panting heavily. You had tired out the Batman. Which made you think…after catching your breath back, you softly said.

-By the way Bruce, you don’t have to worry about your secret.

You felt him stiffen slightly.

-What was that ?

-I know you’re the bat. I actually figured it out years ago. And it’s OK. I understand. I just wanted you to know I will never try to stop you, no matter what happens. You need this, Gotham needs this, and you’re doing good. Really. So…Yeah, you can count on me.

He was stunned. Slowly but surely, a smile came across his face. One of his biggest worries just lifted from his shoulders. You already knew. You already fucking knew.

-…I knew you were different the moment I saw you.

He went back to kiss you, trapping you under his gigantic body.


It was 2 pm when Alfred knocked on his door and entered, a tray full of food. Bruce quickly covered your naked sleeping body with the blanket and turned to look at his butler, and “adopted” father.

-Hello master Wayne, I’ve come to…oh. You’re not alone. Sorr…Wait, you’re not alone ?

Bruce smiled and looked tenderly at your figure. You were deeply asleep, unaware of what was happening around you. He was sitting in bed, chest naked, blankets stopping at his waist.

-No Alfred, I’m not alone. Sorry, I should have told you. I just…got caught up in things. But, yeah, I’m not alone…

And something was telling him he would never be alone anymore. He knew things weren’t always going to be easy, but right now, he couldn’t care less. 

He didn’t notice the single tear slipping from Alfred’s eye. The butler already loved you.


i love the despair designs !

Fantasy Iwaoi



Let’s take a time to talk about this part of the movie?

First of all, let’s appreciate how they laugh together. Adorable.

Let’s remember, Gaston was going through a bad time after being rejected by Belle. He was frustrated, and his (stupid) huge self esteem was shaken.
But then comes Lefou and cheers him up until he’s laughing again. We can see how Lefou affects Gaston’s mood (later, on the nose-booping scene, he even tranquilizes Gaston for a moment - which doesn’t last,but still).

What I mean is: no one has THIS power over Gaston. 
Gaston even says “You’re the best” to him (can we even imagine Gaston saying that to anything besides a mirror?).
And I don’t think this was a “you kiss my ass, so I like you” compliment. I mean, Gaston even asked how Lefou wasn’t dating any girl, so I understand he really saw the boy as a good company even when he was not singing about how great Gaston is.

Then I’m here to say
No one makes Gaston love a person (other than himself) like Lefou.


(Where Bucky panics if he can’t find Steve next to him when he wakes up in the middle of the night.)

Blanket Burrito

“Percy. Psst, Percy.” Annabeth curled her hand over her boyfriend’s shoulder and shook him gently. When he didn’t respond, she shook him not so gently. “Percy.”

He mumbled something unintelligible, turning his head away from her and smearing his cheek through the small puddle of drool on his pillow.

Annabeth sighed exasperatedly and punched him in the arm. “Percy!”

“Whaimawake!” He sat bolt upright, Riptide in his hand, blearily looking around the room for the threat. 

She allowed herself a second to be impressed with his reflexes before saying, “You’ve taken all the blankets.”

He slowly turned his attention to her, blinking a few times. His mouth was open and he looked like he was about to drop back onto the pillow without another word, but eventually he frowned and asked, “What?”

“The blankets,” she said, gesturing to the blankets pooled in his lap. She grabbed the closest edge and flipped it up, demonstrating how thoroughly he’d managed to roll himself up in them, leaving none for her. “You’ve taken all of them.”

“Just take them back, then,” he grumbled, looking thoroughly put out.

She wouldn’t blame him, if this wasn’t his fault in the first place.

“I tried, but you’ve made herself a blanket burrito. There was no way I could unroll you from that.” 

He stared dumbly down at the blankets, seemingly uncomprehending. Just when Annabeth was about to lose all patience and push him off the bed, Percy mumbled, “Sorry.”

“It’s fine,” she said, pushing her hair off her face with the back of her hand. “Just - roll over, would you, so I can get some blanket and we can both go back to sleep.”

He clumsily rolled onto his side, lifting his hips so that she could tug the blankets out from under. She hadn’t bothered to turn any lights on, so they were doing this in the dark, and it was an entirely uncoordinated affair. 

“You’re still sitting on it!” she growled, pulling violently at a corner.

“I’m not! You’re just pulling the wrong bit!”

“No, would you just - oh, get off it -”

With a great, inconvenienced sigh, Percy rolled over in the other direction - and landed flat on top of Annabeth.

“There,” he said, voice muffled by her collarbone. “I’m off the blankets. Happy?”

“You’re squashing me,” she complained, pushing at his shoulders and then his sides.

He didn’t budge. “Who needs a blanket when you’ve got a Percy?” His voice was starting to slur, the ends of his words blurring into the start of the next, and Annabeth curled her toes and tried to push him off of her before he became a completely dead weight.

“No, Percy, don’t fall asleep on me!”

He lifted his head slightly and pressed a sloppy kiss to her cheek. She stuck her tongue out and wiped the drool away, swiping her hand across his shoulder to get rid of it entirely.

“Here, Annabeth,” he said drowsily. He moved against her side for a few moments before the comforting weight of the blankets were draped over the top of her. “I gotcha blankets for you.”

Thank you,” she said happily, snuggling down under the covers and into his side. “I don’t understand how you sleep all curled up like - oh.”

She fell silent as Percy draped an arm over her chest, pulling her in close to his side. He nuzzled his face into her shoulder, planting a soft, open mouthed kiss on the exposed skin before taking a deep breath in and a shallow breath out.

A warm comfortable feeling spread from Annabeth’s stomach all the way through her body. She felt him breathing against her neck and smiled into the dark. Because even if he was definitely going to drool all over her, he’d been right - she didn’t really need a blanket when she had Percy.


I saw one of these powerpoints in the sp tag but i wasn’t satisfied with it so i got inspired. what year is it

i wanted to go into more detail especially about craig and those guys but i spent WAY too much time on this already so WHATEVER HERE IT IS


I tried to make Calvins travel photos look like polaroids but i’m not sure whether they look alright ): also ignore my messy handwriting!

it actually makes me so sad to see that clary and isabelle are so slept on in this fandom, at least compared to most of the main male characters, because they are such well-written female characters! and the ratio of fanwork for them separately compared to fanwork for the (EDITED after gowri made a great point!) white males is abysmal.

let’s start with clary. here we have a newly eighteen-year-old who is thrust into a whole new (and very dangerous) world, surrounded by people she has no choice but to trust, forced to make really difficult decisions, while also finding out a genocidal bigot is her father. and yet she is strong with her beliefs, powerful, and she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. but! there isn’t just one side to her, oh no, because she is also allowed to be weak and uncertain and worried. she has flaws, makes bad decisions, and doesn’t always think about how her actions will affect other people. however, she always tries to do the right thing for everyone and she has such a close connection with simon and her mom that her passion is not only understandable, but admirable. she doesn’t give up no matter how many times she may fall down or get beaten or scared. she is the definition of a hero! she is also one of the kindest people on the show and is ultra loyal to anyone she cares about. not only is she a multi-faceted character but she doesn’t put down other girls for being different (cough the books cough). all of these things are traits that people on tumblr are always asking for and yet i see a lot of people calling her ‘whiny’? you don’t have to like every single female character, nor everything clary does, but you can’t deny she’s an amazing role model and a great, strong, well-written and developed character. and i cannot wait to see how she’ll grow in season 2

now on to isabelle. she is not only amazing latinx representation, but she defies all stereotypes and boxes people attempt to put her in. she is the best forensic pathologist in the city which goes to show not only her intelligence but also her determination and work ethic. no one gets to that level that early without having a strong mind. speaking of her mind, she is very logical and uses that to her advantage, but is also on the other side of the spectrum (because guess what? duality is in human nature). her passion is supposedly ‘dangerous’ but it ends up aiding the group with meliorn and sure it gets her into trouble, but doing the right thing often does that. she uses her strong moral fibre and wit to get out of tough situations (ex: the trial) and is able to be persuasive and convincing when she speaks, her evident belief in equality shining through. she also has many complex sides to her, she cares so much about her brothers, and is super proud of her body, not even being slightly ashamed of it. yet, we also see how she still feels as if she has to please her parents, caring about what they think no matter how much she may not want to. but when it comes to other people she isn’t hesitant at all to stand up to them (ex: about alec marrying). and she isn’t a good cook and yes it’s made out to be a joke, but not in the ‘you’re a girl you should be able to do this’. she also flirts but she’s terrified of having her heart broken. she is an amazing warrior too and would do anything to protect those she cares about. as well, she doesn’t hate on clary for showing up out of the blue because she’s understanding and has a good sense of empathy. i cannot wait to see her journey in season 2, watching her make mistakes and growing from them

both of these lovely young women aren’t just one thing and are everything people on tumblr clamour for when talking about female characters in media 

just… clary fray and isabelle lightwood deserve to be appreciated and recognized okay