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I translate a little of the Q&A from Alan’s workshop when he talks about Villainous and making Black Hat voice (he is the VA of Black Hat btw)

sorry for the quality, it’s the only one that I can find and if there are some sentences that doesn’t make sense or anything is because Alan was so nervious that he didn’t complete his sentences and he hesitate a lot, and that was so cute! (✿◕‿◕) 

if you have any questions just ask, and sorry if I have some grammar errors, I did it by ear and sometimes I translate very literally.

Porcelain and Window Panes

Prompt: Dan sees a a beautiful man doodling on a foggy window in a cafe and can’t get him out of his head. He comes everyday at the same time to see the beautiful stranger.
Word Count: 3671
Warnings: Cussing, light angst
A/N: Thank you to @philestergifs for this amazing prompt! It took so long to write this for some reason (I’ve been writing it since October???) and I’m so happy I could finally get it out! Special thanks to @theinsanityplays as well for giving me some feedback for this fic ^-^ I also didn’t have a beta so sorry for any errors but I hope everyone likes it!
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To say Dan was having a terrible day was an understatement.

He woke up late, having forgotten to set an alarm for work, so he had to rush through his morning routine. This meant he wasn’t able to take an hour long shower like he was used to and he couldn’t straighten his hair. Thanks to genetics, his hair dried in curly ringlets that stuck out in every direction.

He also had to skip breakfast, which is bad in itself, but he soon found out that his coffee machine had stopped working as well. Dan with curly hair and no morning caffeine? Not a good idea.

So he went for the best option of going to the nearest coffee shop and ordering a french vanilla latte to go.

The wait was nearly impossible to sit through, especially with Dan’s habit of being too impatient for his own good. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, practically quivering in his shoes at each name that was called. His eyes were frantic while he tried to distract himself from the inevitable doom that was this horrible morning.

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Out Of The Woods--Harry Hook x Reader

Request-Request for harry hook x Oc Bailey bad 🐺 daughter of the big bad wolf leaves the woods for the first time. In nothing but ripped clothing nearly covering her body. She bombs into none other than harry hook while sniffing around. Someone around their meeting could you have a scene where… Harry: “don’t worry love I don’t bite” Bailey: “ oh? But I do”

Thanks again to @carmen12053 for requesting this, I hope you like it!

Disclaimer-I don’t own any of the Descendants characters all credit goes to the creators and producers of Disney Descendants.

Summary- You, daughter of the Big Bad Wolf, have never been outside of the Dark Woods before, but decide to explore the village, and meet a certain hook handed pirate.

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It was official. You were lost.

You sighed as you look at any possible signs or hints to tell you where you were, but everything looked the same. There was nothing but alley ways and hanging drapes, nothing like the molding trees of the Dark Woods.

You continued your search, only to still find nothing.

Well, you thought, this bites.

You sniffed around, trying to get some type of scent to guide you in some way, but still no help. All you could smell was the stomach wrenching odors of sweat, smoke, and…..dead fish?

You shook your head, the nauseating scent making you dizzy for a moment. This place was so closed up and musty, walls of metal towering over each side of the road. The different explosions of darkened colors made your head hurt, the new smells only making the experience worse. The change of scene wasn’t much of a surprise to you. This wasn’t the Dark Woods anymore. This was the village of the Isle of the Lost.

Old buildings with broken windows, stoned paths that were unstable to walk on. And the unwelcoming, and most certainly petty, fairy tale villains. You could sense the evil all around, it polluted the air like a plague. You had seen new villains come in over the years, all different, and ridiculous, in their own special ways. But being the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf, it was only natural that you lived in the Dark Woods, away from civilization. However, as years went by, you thought it was about time you “bonded” with your fellow villainous neighbors.
And so, you left the Dark Woods, and started your journey to the village, with nothing but your ripped clothes, and your scruffy appearance.  

But this was nothing you were hoping for, let alone wanting to conquer. In all honesty, this place was a dump!

No one seemed to fear you, or even acknowledge you.

You continue your path through the town, taking a turn onto a dirt path, surrounded with wooden structures, unlike those from the other parts of the town.

Too fascinated with the strange and sudden change of the Isle, you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings, bumping into a stranger, a minion of some type, you assumed.

“Hey! Watch where you’re-” With a low growl, you cut him off immediately. Then with a bark, he ran for his life. You chuckled, that never got old.

“Wow,” you heard someone say. “That was quite a show.”

You turned to the voice, meeting the eyes of a figure in the shadows. His scent was one of a male’s, but it was the thick accent and broad outline that proved your inference.

The look of him alone made it evident that he was nothing but trouble. You didn’t mind a little trouble now and then, but right now wasn’t one of those moments.

You backed away from him slowly, hoping to avoid the hidden stranger, but he caught on to your plan.

“Aw ye scared, love?” He snickered. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite, most of the time.” He smiled, showing his straight, white teeth.

“Really,” you smirked. “Well, I do.”

“Oh, feisty little thing, aren’t ya.” He slowly emerged from the darkness, standing at his full height. He was tan and tall, with eyes blazing blue. His features looked deadly enough to cut through bark, more efficiently than the hook he carried in his left hand. His hat was one you recognized as a pirate’s hat: triangular, with a small, white feather. But what gave it away the most was the abnormally large coat, which hugged his frame with red leather, and followed him like a broken kite, unable to gain enough air to fly.

He smirked again, his piercing eyes staring right into your, compared to his, dull E/C eyes. His index finger slowly stroked the interior of his hook, as if trying to intimidate you with his puny weapon.

You grinned, but only enough to show what little effect he had on you.

It seemed to work.

“I don’t believe I’ve seen yer face around this part before,” he said, examining your torn attire as he spoke. “I think I would have recognized someone with such a…..unique sense of style.” He cackled at his own joke.

“Yeah I’m not from around this part of the Isle,” you countered. “You see, where I come from, we don’t need to pretend our limbs are missing in order to scare others.”

The comment seemed it hit a sensitive nerve, as his laughter halted instantly, only to cradle the hook close to his chest.

Then, with a killer look, he pointed the tip of his hook towards your throat, thinking of the many ways he could dispose of you, most likely.

“I can hurt ye, little girl,” he hissed, tilting the hook toward the center of your neck.

You had to admit, you were a little scared, but you refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had an ounce of control over you. You glanced at the hook and lifted your head to see his serious expression.

With a long, sharp fingernail, you gently lowered the hook from you neck, never letting your eyes wander away from the stern look he held. You watched as his anger melted into complete awe, flashing your award winning, sharp tooth smile.

“That’s Y/N Wolf to you, Pirate.”

His mouth hung open, eyes wide, as if trying to put the pieces together in his head. He fumbled with his words, stuttering, and breathing heavier than normal.

“Aw, you scared, love?” You taunted, using his own words against him.

His features turned grim, knowing he had just been outwitted by a newcomer.

“So seen as how I’ve got your attention,” you spoke, tracing along his defined jaw with the tip of your claw. “Why don’t you lend a helping paw and let every pathetic, no good citizen on this Isle, know that I, daughter of Big Bad himself, has come over for a little…..visit.”

He gulped, and waited until you lowered your finger to catch his breath.

“What’s your name, Pirate?” You smiled with a voice that made the poor boy shiver at your words.

He looked at your small frame, and frowned, “Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook.”

With a nod, you turned on your heel and walked back the way you came.

As he watched you disappear from his sight, Harry thought about how easy it was for you to make him feel so helpless, and with nothing but a smile and a slight touch of your claw. He smiled and chuckled to himself.

Just wait till Uma hears about her!

Okay, I just need to thank you all for all the amazing support I’ve gotten on Night Owls! I am so blown away with how much love and compliments I’ve received from it already, it’s utterly INSANE! Sorry for any spelling errors I may have missed, I made sure there wasn’t any in this, but I’m not the best with grammar and spelling. lol. Thank you all again, I love you all. Hope you liked this imagine!

- imagine-publisher

Fic: View From the Top

My submission for the @olicityhiatusficathon “Get down” from the lovely @thebookjumper.  For some reason, I’m really into writing alternative endings to the clock king episode lately. LOL Sorry for any errors, I don’t have a beta. Read it on Ao3 or below. I hope you enjoy loopy Felicity! 

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View from the Top

“Felicity, please come down from there!” Oliver called up to the water tower on top of his IT genius’ building.

“No!” She returned, her voice defiant.

“You’ll pull your stitches and you are probably pretty dizzy from the aspirin I gave you,” Diggle called. “Please come down so you can stand on two solid feet.”

“Never!” The voice said from above.

The three people on the roof slumped their shoulders and sighed.

“This is my fault,” Diggle said. “I never should have given her that much pain medication. I know how she can’t even handle liquor all that well.”

“No, it’s mine. I’m the one who brought her home, I should have stayed on the couch or watched outside to make sure she made it safely through the night.” Oliver’s voice was gruff, but it held a trace of panic in it as he watched the blonde above him hold on for dear life at the top of the water tower.

Sara Lance shook her head at the two idiots next to her. “Well, if we are really going to play the blame game, then I’m the one she took a bullet for tonight, so this is really my fault.”

“Or maybe ‘she’ is a grown woman who makes her own damn decisions,” came the slurred voice from the water tower.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh. Felicity Smoak was such a unique creature.

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Good Boy, Bad Boy? | Taehyung (m)

Prompt: Taehyung was always seen as the good boy, but you quickly realize that that is not quite the case.

Word Count: 7.4k

Genre: Smut

Warnings: This piece contains sexually explicit details. Read with discretion.

Disclaimer: An intoxicated person cannot give sexual consent. I have chosen to include a party scene that includes drinking but the characters portrayed are NOT drunk. I do not condone behavior that includes a person under the influence giving ‘consent.’ Also: always use condoms, kids.

A/N: This is literally 100% unedited because I’m posting this while I still have wifi at this café. I’M SORRY FOR ANY ERRORS IN GRAMMAR AND OR SPELLING.


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Kim Taehyung was always seen as the good boy. You saw him that way, and frankly, so did everyone else. He had straight A’s, a kind demeanor, and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. To everyone on the outside looking in, it was a mystery how he had ended up with the six other delinquents that he was always surrounded by.

However, things had drastically turned around in the span of one night, and as Kim Taehyung himself plowed into you from behind, whispering dirty little things into your ear, everything seemed to make more sense and things clicked into place.

Kim Taehyung was not the good boy that everyone had always thought.

So how exactly had you gotten yourself here?

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The Arrow Necklace: Legolas Imagine

Legolas fluff imagine for: naryamirie

Legolas x reader

Word count: 670

A/N: Sorry it’s so short, but I hope you like it! :) Remember, requests are open! :D (Also, I have not read through this, so sorry for any errors. I’m not from an English speaking country, so please be nice) This is the first time I have ever written something about Legolas, so if it’s crap, please be nice.

You stood on a rock out in the forest nearby Mirkwood. You liked being out here, you knew you were on duty to look after the royal family, but it was so nice out here. The sun was shining and you sat down on the rock and looked out at the river next to you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You lived for days like these. Just as you were about to lay down you heard a movement behind you. You were quick to get your bow ready with an arrow and you turned around. It was Legolas. You put your bow and arrow down.

“Good.” he said and walked towards you. “You’re getting quicker.” You smiled at him.

“Thank you.”  You said while you put your bow and arrow back. He sat down next to you. This was nice. You liked Legolas, you really did. You had grown up together, always been good friends. However, you knew Legolas liked you, really liked you. One time you had overheard a conversation he had had with his father, Thranduil, where he had admitted his love for you, but Thranduil was not so happy to hear that his son had fallen in love with “just a simple guard”. Ever since then you could not stop thinking about it. It was always in the back of your mind. You liked him too that way, but you knew you could not be with Legolas because of Thranduil.

None of you had said a word. Legolas didn’t know you liked him. You had tried to figure out a way to tell him, but no time was right for that kind of confession. You bet your lip. Ugh, if I could just tell him already… You thought to yourself. You felt Legolas looking at you. You turned your head to him. For a few seconds you were just stirring at each other; you took a deep breath. Now or never.

“There is something-“ you both said at the same time. You shook your head slightly. “You first” you gestured to him. You looked at him while he was taking out a small box from his pocket. He opened the box. Inside there was a small golden arrow necklace.

“I got this made for you.” He said and handed the box over to you. You slightly blushed as you received it.

“Legolas, it’s- it’s beautiful. Thank you.” You smiled and picked the necklace out of the box.

“Here, let me.” He said and took the necklace and put it on around your neck. You felt the arrow with your fingers.

“It’s a very nice gift,” you said. “But why?” you asked. He looked at you with his clear light blue eyes. He sighed very slowly or took a deep breath; you were not sure which one. He looked out at the river.

“Well, I have wanted to tell you for a long time now about my feelings for you.” He said and you could feel your heart beating faster.

“When I got that necklace for you, I thought as well I would give it to you and tell you.” He continued. “I really like you, no, forget that. I think I actually love you, (Y/N)” he said as he looked back at you again. Your were sure that your heart was about to jump out of your chest. You felt your cheeks heating up, you wanted to turn away from him but you couldn’t, you just couldn’t.

You looked him in the eyes. “I think I do too, I think I love you too.” You said, not even knowing you had said it. It was like your heart was speaking by itself. Legolas’ eyes lit up. You moved closer to him, and he moved closer to you until you were so close to each other that you were sure he could hear your thoughts and your heart beating. Then you kissed. It was sweet, but passionate.

Behind The Scenes 3 (18/21)

Author’s note: Okay, guys I actually finished my BTS 3 rough draft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! I have been working on this for months, like since I started posting BTS2, I have been writing BTS 3 (yes, that long). Now I just have alot of editing to do, so I still have alot to do. Sorry for any errors and sorry for any cultural and environmental inaccuracies. (if I was inaccurate about anything please correct me, I did my best to try and research some stuff and all, but there is only so much I can grasp)

Genre: Fluff (Jungkook)

Word count: 3934

City: Kuala Lumpar (3rd day)

Summary: Despite y/n’s current mood, she and Jungkook still go out on their “two year anniversary” date. 

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You lay in bed staring up at the ceiling just listening to the rain hit the large window besides you. The weather in Malaysia seemed to represent how you felt at the moment. Somehow you knew that it was the third day you all were in Kuala Lumpar even though you couldn’t recall anything of the last few days. Ever since Singapore, all you could remember was the feeling of being empty.

In actuality a few things did occur over the past days. You didn’t at all eat, drink or even speak and it terrified the maknaes. The three of them even turned to Jin to try and get some advice from him. Your days had been filled with V, Jimin, and Jungkook taking turns trying to get you to react to something. At night, Jungkook stuck by your side reassuring you that nothing was your fault when it came to the girls, telling you how much he cared for you and how much you meant to everyone. The only times you weren’t in his sight was when he would have to shoo away a drunk Suga that kept coming to your room to try and talk to you. When it came to Suga and Jhope, they were almost as bad as you. Suga wasn’t eating, even in public. He drank at all hours of the day making good use of the flask Jackson got him. He even drank during the concert. He was so drunk during the second Malaysian concert that he almost passed out and he was taken off stage. As a way to not make the fans feel too bad and to not schedule another concert for the next night, V took over Suga’s parts. It was fun for ARMY and things just barely went by smoothly. Jhope was opposite of Suga in terms of energy. He took too many pills and he was starting to go crazy. He was starting to say thing that weren’t making sense. During the performance, he was constantly off beat and slurring his lines and replacing them with random lines and phrases. Rap monster made the decision to have his mike turned off and Jhope was forced to lip sync through most of the concert. Despite all the dancing and running around on the stage he did, he never ran out of energy. After the concert, Rap monster had noticed he was trying to take more pill, pills Jhope nicknamed “happy pills”. Rap monster had to stop him in front of everyone backstage and you all rushed to the hotel so that Rap monster could force him to take some downers and try to even things out. Both Jhope and Suga were put in Minho’s room so that Minho could look after them and Jin had offered to help look after them if they got out of hand.

However, for you this was the first moment in days where you actually felt like you were “coming to”. You continued to watch the heavy rain. After about half an hour, the sun started to break from the clouds and the rain started to lighten up a bit and you yourself couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit better for some reason.

You could feel Jungkook rustling next to you. It took a while but eventually he was “awake”. You could feel his eyes on you, but you tried to block him out and kept looking out the window.

Jungkook got up and propped himself over you, examining you much closer now. “Morning Jagi.” He smiled sweetly in his soft but low morning voice. His fingers gently moved your strands of hair out of your face.

You looked up at him. His hair was sticking up at all angles and you saw a smile grow on his face. He surprised you and he dropped down on you giving you a tight hug. “Finally you look at me.” His voice vibrated into your neck. “Please don’t be sad anymore baby.” He whimpered.

His reaction threw you off. His use of the word “sad” was rather odd when you couldn’t even say “sad” was the correct word to what you were currently feeling. Maybe you were sad and you just didn’t even know because in the moment you were in more so in a daze. But then again, now that it was brought up, “sad” wasn’t exactly the worst word to use. As you filtered your emotions, you lifted your hand up and lazily patted his back. “Jungkook… you’re heavy.” Was all you managed to say.

You knew he was smiling without even having to look at him. “Finally you said something!” he slid his hands under your back and kissed the side of your head. Again, he did something that took you by surprise. He flipped onto his back, bringing you along with him. He kept his hands on your sides to keep you on top of him.

“Is this better?” he asked.

You gave a tiny nod, curling up in his arms, appreciating the effort he was putting in.

For a long moment, he stayed quiet and you were glad he was. You could feel bits and pieces of the last few days rushing through your mind and it was a lot to take in.

You only still lay on his chest hearing his heartbeat while his fingers lightly traced figures on your back. For the first time you felt like you were having a genuine moment with Jungkook, a moment where you were glad you decided to be with him.

“Jagi?” his voice was soft

“Huh?” you grunted.

“Do you feel any better?”

You just shrugged at him.

“Do you want to talk about it? What was it that made you so upset?”

You let out a heavy sigh and sat up, still staying on top of him. “I’m just… I don’t know.” Your voice was weaker than you anticipated now that you actually tried to speak. “Nothing makes sense…” You didn’t realize how hard it was for you to talk.

Jungkook sat up also “How so?”

“These last few days, I think I have just been replaying everything in my head. like trying to see where I went wrong. And I just- I don’t get it. I don’t grasp how anything is really happening, how any of this is actually real… I look back at everything and nothing seems possible… Like Jin, he was so – sweet. Like he was like so chill and understanding and well, like, he’s actually not! He’s like not! He’s a fucking asshole! And he has a kid no less, like how does he even get away with that?!? How does no one know?!? And like what life does that make for Jinjin, you know? And just, ugh, like I just I hate Jin. And then Namjoon… In the beginning, I thought he was the most normal person, but… I don’t know how he is even real! Like how the fuck is he an actual human being?!? Like he is a crazy ass mother fucker and I despise him! I hate him with every ounce of my soul because I am so scared of him… I hate him! I fucking hate him! Absolutely fucking hat-te h-him!” your voice cracked. Jungkook grabbed your hands and pulled you closer. “And then there is you. When you and I first started talking you were cool, but then I really got to know you and you were such a piece of shit!” you said poking his chest aggressively, tears already forming in your eyes. “You were so cold and manipulative and I hated you just as much as I did Jin and Namjoon…”

Jungkook grabbed your hands and brought them to his lips giving them kisses. “Y/n I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

You pulled your hands away and wiped your eyes. But then you grabbed his hands again and traced the veins on his arms as if to comfort him from your harsh words. “But knowing you more… you aren’t that bad. Not perfect obviously… but I like you. I actually really like you. You have your good sides… And Jimin, he was an ass with me since the moment he laid his eyes on me, but he goes through s-so much.” Again your weak voice cracked just thinking about Hiro and what he does to Jimin, and how now you were betraying Jimin after what he’s done for you. You still felt horrible. “I really hated the four of you all for a long time. Tae was okay I guess. He’s been nice, but I hated that he always sided with you guys, even when he didn’t want to…” you let out another sigh, letting all the built up anxiety out of you.

Jungkook tried to pull you closer, but you still had more to say. “A-and for the longest time Yoongi and Hoseok were my go to guys. They were the only ones that ever cared about me… They were the only ones th-that made things bearable. I-I thought I knew them, but I don’t! Like how could they do what they did to Aiko and Meihui?!? And, like don’t they care about me? Why do they never have time for me? Don’t I mean something to them? Even now, should they be the ones here with me instead of you? Shouldn’t they be the ones that were happy that I “finally looked at them”? Huh?” As if you were back in Singapore, you began to cry hard. “I don’t know anything anymore! It just doesn’t make sense! Nothing makes sense!”

Jungkook comforted you though your “little” breakdown. He held you tight as he said, “Don’t worry Y/n, I care about you. I care about you so much. You can always come to me.”

You wiped your eyes feeling as though a weight was taken off your shoulders. Again you stayed in his arms and it was the first time in a long while that you felt safe with him. That’s when it hit you. As of right now, Jungkook was the only good thing in your life. And you even had Jimin that you felt you can turn to. Even if it hurt you to hurt Jimin, Jungkook was your only real emotional escape at this point. Maybe if you balanced things out well, you could find a right way to tell Jimin everything one day.

“Y/n, I hate to say this, but I never cancelled the pans I made for the date…”

“You didn’t?”

“No, but don’t worry, we don’t have to go. I don’t give a fuck what Namjoon says.”

“… No, we should go…” you really didn’t want to go, but the last thing you wanted was for Rap monster to get mad.

“No, it’s okay. We can do something else and just say it’s for our “anniversary”.”

“…No… you planned it, we should go…”

Jungkook looked down at you. “Baby, are you sure? You’ve barely been out of the room in days. We really don’t have to do this.”

You grabbed his hand, your thumb gliding over his fingers. “Let’s just go with it. I don’t want to be in any more trouble.”


Not even two hours had passed and the intense rains returned and along with it came two stylists. Jungkook had informed you that they were going to help you both get ready for your “anniversary” date.

“Is this really necessary?” you asked nervously.

“Not really, but I had wanted you to feel like a princess today!” He smiled. He went ahead and opened the door for them.

In came the two stylists that had worked on Jungkook and Jimin the last few nights for the concerts. They both held their rain coats and were followed by a bellboy who rolled in a rack of clothes protected by a plastic sheet cover. “Hello!” they both cheered as they made their way into the room.

Jungkook greeted them first. “Hello! Thank you so much for doing this on such short notice. We really appreciate this!”

You came up after him, attempting to hide the depressed feelings that still consumed you. “Hello! Yes, thank you so much!”

The stylist that did Jimin’s makeup was the one to quickly take charge. She removed the plastic covering from the rack to expose about fifteen different dresses, one black suit, and many bags and boxes that were organized under them.

“Ok Damia, what is the game plan?” The second stylist asked.

Damia thought for a moment as she looked between the three of you and the rack of dresses. “Ok first, Jungkook, you go with Zara so she can do your makeup and help up fix your suit. I’ll get started on Y/n and Zara when you are done with him, you can help me with Y/n’s hair.” She said with much determination.

Jungkook walked off with Zara to the bathroom while the bedroom was where you got ready. Damia came up to you and pulled you closer to the rack of dresses. “Ok, so before we do your makeup, you pick out your dress for the night!”

You looked at her a bit in shock. “I-I can choose whichever I want?”

“Yes! Then we can pick out the shoes that match the dress!” she smiled.

You looked through all the dresses, only barely touching a few because they were too precious to be ruined by your hands. You noticed that all dresses were short cut, only barely reaching the knee. It made you a bit upset because you had basically sworn off dresses and skirts ever since Osaka, but the last thing you wanted to do was have a tantrum on Damia, who was being so generous with you, and ruin a night that Jungkook had planned for two of you. You looked at all the dresses and you were mesmerized by their different colors and fabrics and styles. Of all of them, there was one that stood out to you. Your heart was stuck on a cute red dress with thin straps. Compared to the other tight-fit dresses this one looked the most comfortable but just as elegant as the others. “…I like this one…” you said softly, pointing to the dress.

“Oh, that would look so great on you! I know exactly what shoes you can wear to go with it!” From under the dresses Damia rummaged through various shoe boxes before she pulled out a pair. “These would be perfect!” she exclaimed as she pulled out a pair of black heels. “And I know just the earring to go with this too!” Next she pulled out a pair of gold earrings. “Oh, Oh! I just thought of the perfect make up for you! Let’s get started!”

Damia pulled out large boxes from under the clothes and pulled out a portable mirror with lights within the frame and a huge case of makeup. “Don’t worry y/n, I’ll take good care of you!” she said cheerfully.

Damia, in comparison to the other stylist who did your makeup those many months ago, was so gentle and the conversation between the two of you was so pleasant.

Since Jungkook only had one suit to choose from and Zara already knew how to do his makeup, he was done in a flash. He came and sat on the bed and watched as Damia continued with your makeup and Zara began working on your hair.

As Damia worked on your eyes, Jungkook couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer. “Jagi you look so amazing already!”

“Aw, miss y/n has such a cute boyfriend!” Zara grinned.

“Ha, I know!” you smiled warmly.

After finally being done with your makeup, Damia and Zara let you go off and change into your dress. When you stepped inside and got a full look at your face you almost wanted to cry. Damia had done such an amazing job on your makeup and Zara had given you a beautiful updo, even accenting it with a thin gold headband. You couldn’t stop staring at yourself, you felt like a walking art piece.

You carefully put your dress on and once again stood in amazement. Your faded collarbone scar was not enough to break your spirits. You felt more overwhelmed as you slid your heels on. You hadn’t seen yourself look so good in such a long time. There was not a visible bruise on you, your makeup was on point, and magically the dress faltered your body so well.

As you stepped out, Damia and Zara were all giggles over the great work they did and Jungkook was in awe over you.

You deeply thanked both of them, bowing to them and giving them hugs before they started setting up to leave.

You made your way to Jungkook who sat still on the bed. “So, what do you think?” you asked shyly.

“You look… beautiful.” Jungkook finally said. “No! You look more than beautiful. You look stunning… gorgeous… breath taking!”

Your face got hot as Jungkook jumped up from the bed and pulled you close as he continued to throw compliment after sweet compliment at you. “Jungkook stop.” You giggled. “You’re making me so shy right now.”

“Jagi, I can’t help it, you look so amazing.” He whispered.

Before leaving, Damia and Zara walked up to you for one more thing. From behind her back, Zara pulled out a little white box that housed a thin gold chained necklace with a small and simple gold heart pendent. “Don’t worry about returning this little thing, consider it an anniversary present gift from us to you!” Damia smiled.


A very nervous Minho navigated the rainy streets of Kuala Lumpar to reach the restaurant. With the help of Jungkook and Google maps, he brought the two of you to the restaurant just in time.

You were about to make a run to the entrance to avoid the rain, when Jungkook pulled you back into the van. It was only after doing a video update and, in a not-so-subtle fashion, giving the restaurant a shout out, did you and Jungkook make a run for the restaurant.

“So that’s how you got us a reservation on such short notice, isn’t it?” you asked as he handed the umbrella to the doorman.

“Well it was either shameless advertising or we were gonna be having this date at a McDonalds!” He laughed.

Reaching the highest floor and opening the door to the restaurant was like walking into a different world, a very elegant world. Even the hostess was dressed so beautifully. Her black dress made her gold hijab and gold jewelry pop out and gave her a simple yet sophisticated look, matching the rest of the restaurant.

Looking past the hostess, you could see the other patrons. They were all gorgeous and their attires equally so. You couldn’t help but immediately feel so underdressed in comparison to the other women who were practically wearing red carpet gowns. Your simple necklace did not compare to the precious metals and rocks the other men and women wore.

Jungkook pulled you close and whispered, “Let’s go to our table.”

You two followed the hostess to a table by the surrounding window that allowed for total view of the city.

You were suddenly self-conscious of your scar and possibly bruises on your back as you felt judging eyes follow you. Still after the hostess left and the waiter took your order, the anxiety didn’t leave you.

“So, what do you think of the place?” Jungkook’s question broke you out of your thoughts.

The waiter returned with the bottle of white wine that Jungkook ordered and your glasses were poured.

“Huh?” you looked about the restaurant again, still feeling eyes on you. “Um, yeah, beautiful, so beautiful…” you trailed off with a slight frown.

“Well I could say the same about you.” he said reaching for your hand across the small table.

You gave him a fake smile.

“What’s wrong?”

You hated that you couldn’t be believable. “… I don’t think I’m dressed right… I feel people staring…” you whispered.

“Well good! People need to see us!”

“But a bad staring!”

Jungkook looked about the restaurant to the people who couldn’t care less about the two of you. “Of course they are staring at you. Look at you! You look… stunning!” He said lovingly.

You could feel your face heat up again and you took a sip of wine to hide your smile. You took a look out the window. The city lights were so beautiful. It all felt like a dream. Jungkook being so sweet, the two of you in such a fancy restaurant, and just being in such a city. “This must be a dream. Hell, I even feel like we are moving right now.” you said softly.

“Baby, we are moving!” He laughed. “That’s the whole sky dining experience! We are slowly rotating to get a 360 view of the city.”

“Oh shit!” you said in wonder.

When the food came out you were amazed by the presentation and every single bite was to die for. Course after course was better than the last.

Over the course of the dinner, you and Jungkook had a bit too much wine, because the two of you were in a buzz by the time you finished dessert. By now he had moved to your side of the table so that both of you could have the same view of the city.

“Hahaha, I don’t know… but this dinner was fantastic! I’m so glad you brought me here.” You said giving his upper arm a hug.

Jungkook gave your hand a squeeze. “And I’m glad you’re having fun.”

Suddenly, the sounds of two cellos filled the dining room and your attention was drawn to the center of the floor. A cello duet began to play Canon and the sounds filled the room ending all conversation and stealing everyone’s attention.

“I love this song.” You mumbled as you swayed along with the movement of the bows.

“Let’s dance then!” Jungkook suggested.

“What?!? No!”

“Yeah, why not? What is music if you can’t dance?”

You laughed “Baby, this is not music you dance to.” You caught yourself by surprise. This was the first time you genuinely call Jungkook by a pet name.

The celloists continued their lovely performance for a few more songs, but sadly they were gone from the room too soon.

“So, what else do you have planned for us tonight?” you asked.

Jungkook frowned and lean in close to you. “Well, unfortunately, I didn’t get to plan anything else because the evil dickhead made me pay for the damages and I didn’t have enough to pay for anything as great as this…”

“Ah ok.”

“But I did tell Minho to drive us around the city. So if there is anywhere you want to stop and visit, we can check it out. Like I said, tonight is just you and me… and a little bit of Minho.” He laughed.

“That sounds fun, but will Minho really do it? He seemed so nervous driving us around… or driving in general… Actually, he’s nervous almost every time I see him. Why is that? Shouldn’t he be used to all this?”

“Eh, Minho is a bit… different. According to Tae, Minho’s got some anxiety issues or something like that and that’s why he didn’t make it as a real nurse.” Jungkook explained.


Suddenly, you heard a ring of Jungkook’s phone. “Oh he’s here! Now let’s go take a look around the city!”

Okay, so what do you guys thinks of this whole Y/n and Jungkook and Suga thing so far? Have any of you changed your minds of who she should be with? Do you guys think Suga even actually has any real romantic feelings towards y/n?

A Peek into the Future

AO3 Link

Genre: Oneshot, fluff, domestic fluff, talks about the future, and a dog

Summary: Fiction. Moving was a hassle, and not something they were keen on, but they’d been putting it off for literal years. Perhaps it was about time to get kicked into the future - and maybe that kick pushes them farther than they thought. Essentially, some mostly plotless reality fluff.

Warnings: Literally nothing if you’re ok with talks about moving house and dogs and the future

Word Count: A little over 5k

A/N: Happy birthday, @mecaka! I found out yesterday that it was her birthday recently, so I wrote her a fic. She wanted fluff, I hope I have delivered. Also sorry for any typos/errors, this was for my beta so I couldn’t exactly ask her to check it over for me :P

Reminder that I don’t know Dan or Phil at all and I’m not suggesting this in any way reflects reality. This is a work of fiction

“This one?”

“Nah, too small a kitchen.”

“How would you know, you’re never in the kitchen.”

“I cook,” Dan argued indignantly. “Sometimes.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi :) First off, I really enjoy seeing your beautiful art on my feed, you're really talented and I really think you're one of the best KS artists, and just artists in general on here! :D Second, if you don't mind me asking, do you have any tips on how to get used to using a Wacom tablet (I recently got one, also sorry if I have any errors on here I'm a little nervous talking to you hehe)

//////OMG THANK U SO MUCH ❤❤(_´ω`) ur so nice (/ω\) sjsjbsjs i have no words

Of course ;w; i have something i wish i did when i started

❤1. Dont turn ur tablet

(T▽T) this is the worst habit tbh, when i started i had it skew because i draw like that on paper, it didnt work well for the tablet tho

Doing this causes drawing to lean and be skew, 99% of my drawign have a lean to the left, its best to keep ur tablet straightforward 👌

❤2. Wear protection glasses !!!

!!! When is started using my wacom i was infront og the screen alot! And my vision went reallly bad, there are these glasses called blue light blocking. And they help ur eyes not become sore or damaged, please take care of ur eyes love ❤❤❤❤ also take as many brakes as possible 

Being infront of the screen for to long is bad, ❤❤❤

❤3. Play with the stability 

Wheni first started digital art i thought using the stabilizer was cheating and i never used it, but its there for a reason ❤❤❤ USE IT, it makes drawing so much easier and fun 

❤4. Practice

Draw a bunch of randome lines everyday to train ur hand to get use to the tablet❤ dont push urself to do MASTER pieces, ull get there aslong as u practice , do doodles for the beginning, dont do a full on painting with shading and background, take it easy. Do a quick sketch and than try some lines and when u feel uve had enough take on a bigger project

It tooke me about 2 week to get use to my tablet 😘 some people take longer than others, 

Also, please dont be scared to ask me anything (○´3`)ノ im alwasy happy to help 

I hope this helps u (/ω\) good luck dude 

Dark Storm Klaroline Prompt Fill

Prompt: Any ship u want + “what the hell are you doing in my room?”

***ok so I ended up turning this into a scene shortly after Hope was born and Rebekah took her (ya know for safety reasons), Klaus was really struggling with himself and not having her and paid a visit to Caroline who really just calms his darkest storms (also I am still without a Beta so I apologize for any errors)

“What the hell are you doing in my room?” Caroline asked, dropping her bag just inside the doorway. She had just gotten back to her dorm after attending what was quite possibly the worst party of the year. It was just after finals and meant to be a celebratory one but it was dumb, in her opinion, possibly because she didn’t plan it. So she had decided to cut out early and head back to have some alone time and maybe shower. But as she pushed open her door and seen none other than Niklaus Mikaelson sitting on the edge of her bed, she couldn’t help the irritation that flared up. “Don’t ignore me. What in the hell are you doing in my room?” She repeated, stepping into the room and shutting the door. Klaus sat on the bed, resting his head in his hands and elbows on his knees. She sighed and moved close enough to him to be in arms reach, feeling a headache settling in and just not in the mood to play games. “Heeelllooooo?” She drew the word out as she crossed her arms, standing in front of him. Eventually he stood from the bed, shaking his head. It was clear to see that he was distressed from the redness around his eyes and the downward curve of his lips.

“I shouldn’t have come. My apologies.” He said, turning towards the door and beginning to walk towards it. Caroline felt the frown come to her face as he did so and couldn’t stop herself from reaching out and grabbing his arm, which he pulled away quickly as he turned to face her. Only then did she get the full effect of him. From the messiness of the hair atop his head to the wrinkles in his henley shirt that told her he had probably worn it for few days. “I’ll be going. I’m sorry for bothering you, Caroline.” He said, turning again to walk towards the door.

“Uh uh” She started, using her vamp speed to slide into the small gap between him and the door before he could open it, hands out against his chest. “You don’t get to come here after years of no contact and then try to disappear because it shocked me a bit to see you in my room” She said, gently pressing her hands against his chest to push him back a few steps, which he obliged to. She put her hands on her hips and just examined his face, which looked , for a lack of better words, broken. And as much as she tried to pretend it didn’t upset her, it did. She was a mixture between wanting to comfort him and very upset that he broke his promise and came back to her. “Why did you come here?” She asked. The room was silent for a moment before Klaus lifted his shoulders in a small shrug.

“I don’t know” He answered, looking around the room and reaching up to place his hand on the back of his neck before turning back to Caroline. “I guess I just needed to see you…” He directed his eyes to the ground and his voice came out as a whisper. Caroline stood still for a few moments before stepping forward and slowly wrapping her arms around him.

“Whatevers going on.. I’m sorry for being rude. But you could have called first” She said, resting her head on his shoulder and squeezing him a bit closer into the hug, her gut telling her that he needed it. Klaus stood still for a few moments as he listened to her heart beat and let the familiar warm smell of her rush over him before he caved and wrapped his arms around her. The more he relaxed into the hug, the closer he felt himself slipping towards the edge of breaking down fully. “What’s going on?” She asked feeling the slight shake in his body as he opened his mouth to speak but shut it again. Caroline pulled away from him enough to look up at him and move her left hand from behind him to his face, resting it on the rough stubble that covered his cheek. His eyes opened and locked with hers and she gently rubbed her thumb along his cheek bone in a comforting motion. “You don’t have to speak” She said, realizing that it was likely he wouldn’t say a word about what was bothering him because he would end up crying and he thought too much of his reputation to let that happen. “Just nod your head or shake it or..something. You’re kind of scaring me” She said, honestly. “Is everyone ok?” She asked. After a brief moment of thinking Klaus nodded his head and Caroline felt a flood of relief go through her, at least no one was hurt, or worse - dead. Part of her really wanted to push him away because the hug had been going on for long enough that she was getting a bit hot and uncomfortable. Like he could hear her thoughts, he loosened his hold on her and swallowed hard as he stepped back. She sighed softly and moved her hands to her head, rubbing at her temples and trying to battle the headache that was threatening to take over. “Do you want to stay here tonight?” She asked, dropping her hands to her side and looking back up at Klaus. “I really want to send you away but you look like a kicked puppy who hasn’t slept in a week. And I’m too tired to fight you right now.. so come on. It’s a small bed but I feel like you could probably use the rest” She said, grabbing his hand and moving over towards the bed.

She toed the boots off of her feet and dropped her jacket on the chair by the bed before pulling the blankets back and motioning for Klaus to lay down, which he obliged to after taking his shoes off. Once Caroline laid next to him, back against his side to avoid any snuggling, he found himself drifting to a peaceful sleep for the first time in nearly a week. He woke early the next morning, still on his back but this time with a weight against his side. Caroline had her head on his chest, blonde waves tickling his nose. He laid there a few moments, relaxing into soft sound of her breathing a few moments before carefully untangling himself from her and sliding out of the bed. He slid his shoes on and before bending by the bed next to Caroline who had curled into the pillows where he laid before.

“Thank you, Caroline…” He whispered before standing and making his way out of the room, quiet so as not to wake Bonnie who slept soundly in the bed closest to the door. When Caroline woke a half hour later, she had almost convinced herself that Klaus coming to her for comfort was a dream, almost.

A/N : What do you think? Let me know! Also I am so sorry for any spelling errors, I don’t have a Beta, sssssooooo if you’re willing, I am looking for a new one! And as always, I am taking prompts!

anonymous asked:

can i get uuuuhhhh some angsty kolivance please and thank u

I just realized this was here so hell to the yeah <3 ye welc, hope you don’t mind, it’s gonna be headcanons, but I’m planning on writing a one-shot later one based off these 

Here’s a few canon(?) headcanons for ya

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thninjadospiki  asked:

Você pretende fazer uma fanfic ou comic? Are you planning to make a fanfic or comic? (I'm Brazilian, and I'm using Google Translator, if you have any errors, sorry!)

It’s alright, I understand :D I’m planning of making a comic about my ocs ;w;

Winchester help

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Relationship: Platonic TFW

Reader Gender: Not Specified

Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, anxiety, a few cuss words, MAY BE TRIGGERING PLEASE DON’T READ IF SENSITIVE TO THIS CONTENT

Authors note: This is the first fic I have ever written, sorry if there are any spelling or punctuation errors.

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request for: @spn-idea-machine

pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Sam

word count: 254

once again, sorry for any errors I don’t have my laptop.


You, Sam and Dean, had been driving around for hours looking for a motel to sleep in. The three of you had been hunting all day and now you wanted nothing more then to sleep.

“Guys I’m calling it.” Dean sighed and pulled off to the side of the deserted road. “Let’s just sleep here for tonight.”

The three of you looked back and forth between each other trying to figure out the unanswered question that stood in between you guys and sleep.

“So,” you began. “Who’s going to sleep in the back with me?”

“I will. You can just sleep on my chest.” Sam shrugged, getting ready to climb to the back. Dean quickly stuck his arm out, stopping his brother.

“It’s alright, Sammy. You’re bigger then I am, so you should take the front. I don’t mind sharing the back with Y/N.” Dean said nonchalantly.

“It’s your baby,” Sam argued. “You should be the one to take the front seat.”

“How about Y/N chooses.” Dean said. “Y/N?”

You smiled and said, “Sam.”

Dean gave you a judging stare to which you simply shrugged in reply. “Don’t give me that look. Sam has a very comfortable chest.”

“So do I.” Dean fought back.

“Listen to the girl.” Sam smirked and climbed in the back with you.

You crawled onto Sam’s chest and snuggled into his side as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m very comfy.” Dean mumbled as he shuffled in his seat, trying to find a comfy spot.

anonymous asked:

Any predictions for the new DuckTales reboot?


i’m gonna point this out first. English isnt my Native Language.. sorry if i have any errors from spelling to grammars. #peace 

also, this is only for FUN.

i only have some predictions for HDL& Webby personalities since they have drastic changes from the original show. as for the other main characters mainly for scrooge and donald i really hope that they’ll be at least close to the original mixed up with the Carl Barks & Don rosa comics. 

okay, so…

one of my reason why i would totally watch Ducktales reboot is to see HDL& Webby back on TV  + with their new personalities. so, what i’ve been doing for about 1 years is actually pretty much weird, but fun to do lol. i’ve been looking the details between Huey Dewey, Louie and webby from the pictures we’ve got  so far and guess what traits they’re gonna have later on the reboots.

so here’s what i predict for each of the triplets and webby personalities.


*in most of the pictures we’ve got so far, huey’s always bring the book that what i expected to be the junior woodchucks guidebook (which is confirmed in the latest picture) so, what i’m guessing here is that he’ll be the one who holds the Book. 

*also, he’s a bookworm :p 

-Picture above is from Frank Angones (co producer) tumblr-

*He’s the oldest, So what i expected is that he act as a leader towards Dewey, Louie and even Webby. 

*He’s a great big bro (i want this to happen plzzzz)

*He’s the smartest between the kids… don’t get me wrong, all of them (including Webby) probably gonna be smart as heck.. what i’m saying is that huey’s the smartest from the smarts

Having Danny Pudi as Huey is a perfect choice since he played a bunch of Nerdy Characters like, Abed Nadir (community) and Brainy Smurf (Smurf 2017)


-Picture above is from Frank Angones (co producer) tumblr-

*of all the pictures we’ve got, dewey looks like a High-Spirited, energetic kid who Really enjoys Adventures and Challenges. 


*probably gonna be the jokester between the kids 

*escape planner just like the original series.

*Troublemaker master, he’ll probably get his brothers on all kinds of trouble.

Dewey’s confirmed that he’s gonna get an arch nemesis. what i’m guessing why is because of him causing trouble to someone

-Picture above is from Frank Angones (co producer) tumblr-

Ben is a perfect  for a kid like Dewey. Ben him self sometimes also plays an energetic character such as Jean Ralphio (Parks and rec) and Randy Cunningham (Randy Cunningham)

oh, and also i wouldn’t be mind if Dewey always brakes into a song without any reason XD 


*Louie’s probably the hardest one to guess, but by looking at these pictures.. i’m guessing he’ll be an easy going kid.

*Calm and Collected 

Bobby Moynihan voicing Louie is a great choice, since he have a really calm and adorable voice which is fitting for the role. 

There’s also a Picture that Matt Youngberg (Producer) posted.

-Picture above is Drawn by Matt Youngberg (producer)-  

*looking at Louie’s expression, he kinda looks like he pissed of very easily (?) or maybe he’s a type of person who liked to be left alone (???) :p 


here’s a screenshot how  Dana Terrace (Director) describing Webby on an interview by  Fulle Circle Magazine.. 

i actually interested to see how is Webby gonna be like…one thing for sure, she obviously going to have a Character development.

* by looking at the pictures we’ve got so far…it seems like, she’s totally gonna be active and enthusiasm in every adventures

*she’s clever and highly skilled on whatever she do

*webby will be a very telanted kid

If you know already, kate micucci is a  telented voice actress… She’s the current Velma (scooby doo), saddie (Steven universe) and many more. 

she’s also a VERY telented singer…and most of her characters that she played are also sings.

*sooooooo, why not a singing webby too?? :D

Welp, I’m done…this is honestly fun to talk about~ 

again, sorry if i have any errors from spelling to grammars….this is hard for me to write since english isn’t my native :’

and of course, this is obviously not gonna be accurate. 

Behind The Scenes 3 (1/???)

Author’s note: As mentioned before, I am not done writing BTS 3, but I have become impatient with myself over the series. I will not be posting BTS 3 as regularly as I have the other BTS parts as a way to buy myself more time to finish the rest. What I am posting is from what I have of my final draft so far. Sorry for any errors. Sorry if this part comes off as “slow” or “boring, it is this way because I am trying to introduce alot of details of how the rest of the tour is going to go down.

Genre: angsty? microscopic fluff i wanna say (all members basically)

Word count: 3021

Summary: You and the boys have begun the tour and have just arrived in the first city in China. 

City: Dalian, China

WARNINGS: a rather dark description

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this series.

You all had just arrived in Dalian, China. Upon exiting the plane and walking into the airport, there was a huge sea of ARMY waiting to so much as even set their eyes on one of the seven boys. Jungkook grabbed your hand as you walked past the roaring crowd that screamed their greetings and you all headed out to the van waiting outside.

               The van was a bit larger than the one usually used in Seoul; there was enough space to place all your bags and still more room for you to not have to sit on Jungkook’s lap for once. The only ones not in the van were Minho and Eunhee. From what Rap monster was saying, the two of them each got their own taxi rides to the hotel.

               “So, the plan for the hotel is,” Rap monster continued. “There are only going to be five rooms for tonight. One for Hiro, one of Minho, one for Eunhee and I, but honestly that’s just be for me. There is also one room for the hyungs and the last for the maknaes.”

               From where you were sitting, you could see Jin looking confused. “But I thought Eunhee wasn’t going to be around too long. Why are you getting a room just for the two of you?” He asked.

“She’s not, but I gotta keep the illusion alive.” Rap monster explained.

Like Jin, V also looked a bit confused. “What about y/n? Where is she gonna sleep?” his question directed to the leader.

“With Jungkook.”

“Why isn’t she going to be in our room?” Jin asked. “You trust her?”

“Well, they are “dating”.” Rap monster said matter-of-factly.

“They aren’t actually dating!” Suga reminded.

Rap monster turned around and face all of you. “Either she sleeps with me or she sleeps with Jungkook” he threatened

Everyone stayed quiet.

“Now that’s what I thought! She will be with Jungkook like I said so! Besides, Tae will keep an eye on her. Won’t you Tae?” Rap monster’s eyes landed on the now silent boy.

V nodded, accepting his new order.

“Oh! That’s reminded me, all you maknaes gotta charge your phones in my room at night. I don’t want y/n trying anything.” Rap monster finished.


You were all greeted by the August air as you came off the van and walked into the hotel. The bellboys of the hotel unloaded the van while the Hiro checked you all in.

The five rooms were clustered on the second floor. Once you were given the key cards, you all dispersed and situated yourselves before having to head off to the stadium.

The room  you were to share with the maknaes was just an average hotel room. It was quite a large room. It had two full sized beds on either side of the room, separated by the bathroom. The beds were decorated with towels folded into dogs and pieces of chocolate on the tops of the pillows. Large flat screen TVs were screwed on the wall across from each bed, with small dressers under each. There was a small “kitchen” area with a microwave, a coffee maker and a mini fridge stocked with drinks and candies. The other pieces of furniture were only a standard desk and computer chair.

Jimin threw his bag on the bed by the door, claiming it for he and V. You and Jungkook went to the other side of the room and placed your stuff down on the bed by the window. Exhausted by the boring plane ride, you flopped onto the middle of the bed, eating the piece of chocolate that landed on your face. The bed was so big and so soft, especially compared to the sad excuse of a mattress you slept on. This one reminded you of your old bed in your old apartment. “This bed feels like home.” You whispered to yourself.

Jimin came over with arms crossed. Although he felt a bit stressed, he couldn’t help but smile when he saw how comfortable you looked. “You know, you don’t have to share the bed with Jungkook if you don’t want to. I’m sure you’re tired of having to pretend with him. I don’t see why Namjoon is making you guys take things this far.”

“If you want to share the bed with Jimin or something, that’s fine.” Jungkook said, scratching the back of his head. “I’m sure you’re used to sharing the room together, so sharing the bed won’t be too different.”

You sat up and grabbed the towel dog, cuddling it as you thought about their offer.

“Actually, I think they should still share.” V said coming over to the rest of you.

Jimin didn’t look too happy about V’s protest. “Why?!”

“Namjoon took the extra room key from me. I think he is planning on coming in here whenever he wants, probably to make sure y/n is still in here. If he sees that they aren’t sharing the bed, he is going get pretty mad.”

“Well then… Oh! You guys can sleep with one of the sheet separating you.” Jimin suggested. “That way you just have the comforter on top and it’ll still look normal.”

The conversation was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. By the cheerful rhythm, it was easy to guess who was at the door.

Jhope was let in, followed by a drowsy Suga. They made their way into the room until they found you and plopped down in either side of you on the bed.

“ Ah, I was really hoping you were going to share the room with us.” Jhope pouted.

“Me too.” You peeped.

“You’ll be leaving me alone with the monster, the mom and the grandpa!” Jhope snorted.

Suga cringed his face. “Shut up! Y/n should feel sorry for me. I have to share a bed with a fucking horse!”

“Ha! Well, she has to share the bed with Mr. International Playboy over here.” V said.

“The Golden Maknae.” Jimin added. “That’s a handful right there. You guys should feel sorry for her!”

The light mood quickly changed. “You better not pull any stupid shit!” Suga said sternly to Jungkook.

The youngest was taken by surprise. “Woah, chill. Y/n and I are cool now.”

Suga looked at him suspiciously. He was about to go off on him, but remembered Jungkook was the one that helped you from Hiro, so he kept his mouth shut for now. However, his gaze targeted Jimin next. “You better not pull any stupid shit either!” He growled.

Jimin jokingly threw his arms up in the air. “Yo, cool down grandpa. Y/n and I are cool now too.”

Suga didn’t seem to believe him and you could tell he was about to go off on him.

“Yoongi…” You whispered to get his attention off the poor boy. “Can I talk to you real quick?”

His expression was a lot softer as he turned to you. “Yeah.”

You grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom. You closed the door behind you, it being the only way to get some privacy from the rest of the guys.

“What’s up?” He asked, as he leaned over the countertop.

“Can you cut the guys some slack? They aren’t lying when they say we are good now. Ever since what happened with… him… they have been really good with me.”

Suga went back to looking unhappy. “Don’t trust them. They have been nothing but assholes to you. How can you look past all that so quickly?”

You crossed your arms. “Because, they were there when I needed them. Jimin and I talked and now I know everything. I’m still trying to sort everything out, but he’s been genuine with me so far, both of them have.”

“I would have been there for you too you know.” he said staring down at his feet. “If I had known sooner.”

You went over to him and placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. “I know… Look, you know them better than I do, you are their friend, you know they have a good side.”

“That’s right! I know them better and I know how they are! That’s why I’m saying don’t trust them so easily!”

You frowned and pulled your arm away from him. It really upset you that he was being so stubborn.

“Aish, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to come out so harsh y/n.” His hand reached out to you and he gently pulled you closer to him. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He said softly.

You let him wrap his arms around you. “I know, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so controlling!… Ah. I’m sorry. I get it-“

“Look, you’re scared it makes sense.” He whispered.

You could feel yourself melting in his embrace and you couldn’t help but feel safe with him. “I just want all this to be over. Better yet, I wish this all wasn’t even real.”

“I know, I know… So… um… There is something in need to tell you… I had a little talk with Hiro…”

You pushed yourself out of his arms. “What?!?” you hissed as you moved away from him. “Don’t tell me you brought me up!”

He tried to get close to you, but you backed away from him. “Listen, I didn’t do anything bad. I just took care of a few things.”

You moved over to the counter and hid your face in your hands. “What exactly did you do?” your voice was muffled by your hands.

“I talked- I made a deal with him. He’s promised not to be alone with you when we are all together, he will give you your space. When we are performing, you will stay behind backstage. There may be a stylist or two, but there are going to be guards that won’t let you leave the room. Hiro will be with us on the side of the stage.”

“Pft. You tell me not to trust Jimin and Jungkook, but you’re going to trust Hiro just because you made a “deal” with him?!? What the fuck are you even offering him?!?”


You couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing sounded. “Yeah, because money is going to take care of everything!”

He stayed quiet for a while. “I’m just trying to do my best…” he said softly.

You put your head down. “Yeah, I know…”

Without even a knock, the door opened and V popped his head in. “Guys, Namjoon wants us all in the other room.”

Suga threw him a look and with a bit of attitude said, “We’re going.”. He quietly made his way over to you. “Let’s go.” He said with a gentle tone.

“I don’t want to.” You whimpered.

One hand grabbed yours and his other patted your back. “Y/n, it’s going to be okay.” He whispered.

You didn’t fight him as he tried to get you out of the bathroom.

Once he got you out, the other guys were gone and it was only Jhope that stayed behind to wait for the two of you. “So what’s up?” Jhope asked immediately.

“I’ll tell you later.” Suga whispered to him. Suga still held your hand as he led you to the next room with everyone else.

The hyung room was identical to your room, the only difference being the guys’ stuff. Rap monster stood in front of the members as they were huddled along the bed past the bathroom. “Eunhee should be here any second. When we get the shit, we’ll head off for the sound check. We are only here one night so after the concert, we sleep, then head off to Beijing in the morning.” He said.

Without trying to interrupt him, the three of you quietly made your way next to the other members.

“Jungkook’s birthday is on the first day at Beijing. Are we going to do anything in particular to post for ARMY?” Jimin asked.

Rap monster didn’t have a chance to answer because there was a knock on the door. “She’s here!”

You quickly made your way over to Jungkook and wrapped your arm around his to get into character.

Rap monster opened the door to reveal Eunhee standing on the other side. She still looked exactly the as she did a few hours ago. You began to wonder how exactly Rap monster hide the drugs on her so well.

“There she is!” Rap monster smiled as she stepped in. “What took so long?”

“There was just a ton of people and it took a while to get a taxi, but I finally made it!” she smiled.

Rap monster pulled her in for a kiss. “Thanks for doing this for me.” He whispered.

“It was no big deal!” she smiled brightly

“Now, why don’t we get this stuff off you?” he pulled her in for a kiss before turning to the rest of you all. “Just give us a few minutes.” He said as he playfully dragged her into the bathroom.

You couldn’t help but feel bad for Eunhee. Sure, she made the decision to traffic drugs, but so would many other girls if their bias one day told them to do so. Heck, if Jungkook told you to do this back when he was your bias, you would have done it too. You would have done anything for him or for the other guys for that matter. So yes, Eunhee is knowingly doing something extremely illegal, but what she doesn’t know is that she is just a pawn in Rap monster’s plan and soon he’d be done with her. It was that aspect that upset you the most. From the little bit you had seen of her, she seemed like a nice and confident girl. She seemed like a great person, someone who had a lot going for them. You felt so bad for her.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Jungkook whispered.

“Huh? Nothing.” You mumbled.

Rap monster and Eunhee soon came out of the bathroom. There was a huge stack of duct tape sacks in Rap monster’s hands. He tossed them on the bed and told Jin, “Give Hoseok his shit and keep the rest in the tape.” Then he led Eunhee towards the door. “We have to get ready for the sound check right now. You go back to our room and in a few hours a car is going to come by to pick you up and take you to the stadium. Do you wanna see the show or wait for me backstage?”

“Hhhhmmm… I wanna see you guys perform!” she said cutely.

“Then a front row ticket is what you get! You’ll just have to go to the ticket booth to pick it up. Now, go relax.” He gave her a deep kiss before letting her go off to the room. His demeanor changed the second the door clicked shut. “We got ten minutes then we got to go.” He said to the rest of you.


During the sound check, you and the manager sat in the stands as the guys did their thing. Hiro, as he always did, sat casually with his phone as if nothing had happened. The only thing that was different was that he was actually giving you your space, sitting about 7 seats away from you. When the guys were getting ready, you sat on the couch and he stayed by the door the whole time. Things had gone on as Suga had described. Rap monster had become suspicious when the manager was leaving with them to wait by the stage, but then Hiro whispered something to him, and Rap monster let it pass.

The next few hours were a bit boring. Surprisingly, the stylists didn’t stay in the room they went off the same time they finished with the guy, leaving you alone the whole time. All you really did was watch the guys perform from the small TV in the corner of the room. A few times here and there, a stylist would pop in, grab a few things, then walk right out. Other than that, it was just you and you enjoyed the alone time.  


After the concert, the boys came back exhausted and drenched in sweat. By the time you all got into the van, they were a bunch of zombies.

In the van, all was quiet. Everyone had fallen asleep except for Rap monster. For most of the drive back, you could feel him staring at you through the rear-view mirror. You tried not to look, but you kept glancing up only to find him still staring at you. His face was illuminated by all the controls in front of him, giving him a more demonic look. “You know she’d dead now, right?” he asked, breaking the silence.

You knew better than to not answer him. “What?”. You could feel your heart race. He could have been talking about Eunhee, but for all you know he could have been talking about your mom or your best friend.

“Eunhee… She’s dead now.” his expression was blank. “One of my guys here was the one to pick her up after we left. Poor girl, she really thought she was going to the concert.” He smirked. He turned around to face you. His expression was gone again. “He drove her to an area about an hour outside of the city. He pulled her out of the van and beat her cuz she just wouldn’t stop crying.” He chuckled at his own words. “He forced her on her knees and shot her execution style.” He reenacted the shooting with his own hand. He brought the tips of his fingers to the spot in between his eyebrows and pulled the “trigger”. “Then he stripped her down, stuffed her in a barrel and filled it with acid. Her clothes and her papers were burnt. There is no more trace of her.”

“Wh-why are you t-telling me this?” you whimpered. You wanted to wiped away the tears on your face, but you were too scared to move.

“Just a nice bed time story… If you dare cross me, you’ll wish you died like that.”


Imagine #25 || Request #9

Another Kolvina gif ♥ :”> Hope you guys like it! I also considered this as an imagine where Isaac also tells you that you’re his anchor :”> (boy, I’d like to be his anchor T_T) I love you guys that’s why I try to update with new imagines everyday-or maybe every few hours LOL ;D Don’t forget to vote on the imagines on wattpad, kay? Sorry for any errors! I have my own imagines already cooking ;) Hope the end is fluff enough.

btw! Doesn’t Brett Talbot look hotter this season or is it just me?Hope they bring Isaac back because my heart is still broken coz he left. 

another btw! I just noticed we’ve reacked 1k here omg happy 1k guys! I’m gonna try and post the next imagine as soon as as a celebration ♥ ILY PEOPLE!


You were in so much disbelief right now.

Looking at the angry werewolf in front of you, you tried to keep your breathing calm despite being in so much pain-emotionally. You didn’t know what made Isaac so angry because usually when you talk to other people-specifically guys-he wouldn’t mind at all or he won’t even take notice of it. What was so different with today?

“Isaac, you know I don’t flirt!”

“Right,” Isaac agreed sarcastically. “I can see you doing it from afar, you know.”

“Hey!” You snapped at him. “You of all people should know that it isn’t in my nature to flirt when I’m in a relationship.”

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Let’s see, im here to analyze why I ship sasuke and sakura :3c .

So let’s introduce my babies:

We have Sakura:

and Sasuke:

Let’s start from season one.

So we meet a little (fan)girl, she has nothing special but as soon  

as i see her i fell in love, i was like:

but then something happened, in her class there was a guy, Sasuke.

I didn’t expect it at all but as soon as i saw them together my kokoro started going doki doki. I said goodbye to my parents and i sailed with this ship.

But let’s get started.

Sasuke is such a Tsundere ahah.

Their relationship wasn’t very nice at the start of the serie.

Sasuke was hurt badly, he was alone in the world, or he thought so, and Sakura felt it she wanted to share his weight she wanted him to lean on  her, to trust her.

She was the first person sasuke told about his revenge. 

Time passed on, and even though she tried her best she was always the one to be saved.

He was always near her, watching her, protecing her


he got even pissed when kakashi saved them xD

He's jealous of the ralationship between Sakura and Naruto

naruto’s reaction: 

Naruto is our great commander xD

One of my favorite parts was this

He was and he is the only one to acknowledge her power, Naruto usually sends her back to the kitchen, okay he does it because he care about her, but obviously he doesn’t know what she needs and what she wants.

On the other hand Sasuke is intuitive he always notice when she’s strange and he always know what to say or to do.

You can’t tell me he doesn’t care about sakura :

Yep surely he doesn’t care.

But he’s a human after all, and a good part of the fans tends to forget it, for exemple when Sakura wanted to tell Kakashi about the mark 

everyone would stop her. And ( flash forward xD ) when Sakura wanted to kill him 

Dear god what have you read here?

something like:


just saying.

And we arrived at one of my favorite pannels

THIS “ thank you” means more than everything he could ever say.

He could kill her and leave but no! He thanked her. Do you even know what this mean?

Let’s skip and move to the new chapters.

Well what can i say? 

Kishimoto-sama is really making us happy! 

All the eye-smex and everything!

just look at this 

And you know …

fufufu :3c 

They are so cute. My dear fandom-mates (?) can you feel it? it’s just a metter of time.

Ah i forgot something

Ah and have i already said …

… *cough cough* 

Sorry for any error xP and for annoying you, and for these drawings xD im not an aritist. Adieu!