if i had you would be perf



❝ no one has to know. ❞

❝ i try not to complain. ❞

❝ it was so bittersweet. ❞

❝ wake up i am at your door. ❞

❝ hold me close to your chest. ❞

❝ those years were the best. ❞

❝ i’m a selfish kind of lover. ❞


❝ why can’t you go home? ❞

❝ you used to call me late to pick you up. ❞

❝ i would always call you mine. ❞

❝ you’re still a dream to me. ❞

❝ you’ve got someone new who loves you. ❞


❝ you’re holding on to old memories. ❞

❝ i want to know if it hurts. ❞

❝ i’m not the person you knew. ❞


❝ the words have been misconstrued. ❞

❝ give me one more night. ❞

❝ we could be how we knew we were. ❞

❝ i miss you playing me something good. ❞


❝ is there a place we can go? ❞

❝ i miss the times we spent alone. ❞

❝ you’re the only one who knew me best. ❞

❝ the drugs, they were kicking in. ❞

❝ don’t ever let me go. ❞


❝ does he make you feel like heaven when he speaks? ❞

❝ he’s got the same fucked look as me. ❞

❝ it’s not the best for you and me. ❞

❝ i cut the breaks on his camaro. ❞

❝ never knew that i was so deranged. ❞

❝ a lot of things have changed. ❞

❝ i’m tired of your stories. ❞

❝ does he make you feel all nervous when he moves? ❞

❝ he’s fucked up all just like me. ❞

❝ he won’t make it home. ❞

❝ will you think of me? ❞

❝ i know my timings off. ❞


❝ i wish i could hold you. ❞

❝ for old times sake. ❞

❝ the memory has grown opaque. ❞

❝ i only hear your voice when i’m alone. ❞

❝ i will take the jump. ❞

❝ you haunt these halls. ❞

❝ can you be my ghost? ❞

❝ leave me the same little notes. ❞

❝ no one will ever take you away. ❞

❝ i’m still begging you to stay. ❞

❝ i’m still doing all the things you said you hate. ❞

❝ wish we could recreate every memory. ❞


❝ i always catch you looking at me. ❞

❝ there’s somewhere else you’d rather be. ❞

❝ you’re giving me the shakes. ❞

❝ you always thought that you were better than me. ❞

❝ this is where you belong. ❞

❝ i wanna sing along to your favourite songs. ❞


❝ i felt sick with who i was. ❞

❝ who really knows anymore. ❞

❝ you tried to save me. ❞

❝ it was a swing and a miss. ❞

❝ it kills me to the core. ❞

❝ why don’t you sing anymore? ❞

❝ i swear i’m worth it. ❞

❝ i’m not the person you thought would be perfect. ❞

❝ i could be your only one. ❞


❝ you’re as good as gone. ❞

❝ there’s a void you fill. ❞

❝ i’ll drink wine and think it’s fine. ❞

❝ i’m comfortable with my limbs going numb. ❞

❝ i’m back where i started from. ❞


❝ i wanted to feel you in my bed again. ❞

❝ i wanted to know if i was still in your head. ❞

❝ would you just push me away? ❞

❝ let me know you still feel the same. ❞

❝ now i see your face in everyone. ❞

❝ can you take me home tonight? ❞

❝ i know it’s wrong, it feels so right. ❞

Found What I Need

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Characters: Y/n, Draco, Neville

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Word count: 1672

Warnings: Angst, death of family member, sadness, little bit of fighting, comforting, fluff.

Summary: Draco notices the sadness in Y/n’s eyes, even when no one else does. 

A/N: This was a request from anon​ - Sooo I might totes wanna request a Draco x Hufflepuff!male reader ;v; The reader being a very outgoing, short, slightly chubby and uplifting person. The reader is also close friends with Neville, I’m a sucker for angst and fluff so combining those things would be perf too. Made it gender neutral and didn’t do the whole chubby short appearance, cos I never really use descriptions when it comes to the reader. Hope u don’t mind!! And hope u like it!

Tagged Peeps: @lucifer-in-leather@cubs2019-blog 


“Neville! Wait up!”

You ran to him, holding your books tight to your chest as he smiled back at you.

“Hey, y/n”, Neville greeted, sounding…strange.

You, of course, noticed it.

Neville was your best friend.

Sure, he might have been clumsy, forgetful and just downright ditzy. But he was your best friend.

He had been since you started at Hogwarts.

So you knew when he wasn’t feeling well, or when something was on his mind.

And right now, he definitely had something that was bothering him.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, your tone practically demanding an answer from him, yet still comforting.

That’s what you were like. Everyone knew you as the cheery one. The optimist. The uplifting one.

Hell, you even tried to help out Slytherin’s when they needed it.

You were outgoing and tried to be there for everyone whenever they needed someone to talk to, even if they weren’t the type most people thought deserved any sympathy.

But Neville was still your best friend and you’d get to the bottom of this.

He sighed, feeling your stare, his shoulders dropping as he played with his robe.

“I…uh…I lost my wand”, he mumbled, cheeks turning a soft shade of pink as he avoided your eyes.

You smiled at his cuteness, nudging him with your shoulder as you pushed him forward.

“Come on, moron. Time to hunt for a wand”, you said dramatically, making a small laugh escape Neville.

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Relevation (M)

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New gif I thought would be perf for this scenario~

Summary: The Bangtan Boys come to visit you for the summer and you wonder whether you should come clean to Jungkook about the feelings you’ve had for him the past couple years.

Genre: Fluff, eventual smut Bc why tf not :)))

Word count: 7187 (this is the longest scenario I’ve worked on wtf :’) )

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEON JUNGKOOK! So I originally planned for this to be released at 09/01/16 12:00AM KST BUT…unfortunately I had to cut a whole day off on writing this due to me falling ill af :’) BUT. ITS FINE. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Here’s a long scenario I wrote about him and really tried to get done before his birthday! This scenario is based on a dream I had with the little bun so it’s written mostly for me to look back on but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! Not all of this actually happened in my dream, just a very small part of where I’m walking next to him deciding whether I wanted to admit the feels for him which will be depicted here in the scenario as well. Also…this is actually me with Jungkook in 98% of my dreams: me pretending I don’t like him even though I’m dying for him inside (RIP me). ALSO. Some details here like what country y/n moves to, or job or career path she has is left for the reader to interpret on their own so that it becomes more relatable when reading. I worked really hard on this so I hope all of you like it! Please show some love for it! <33

P.S. Here’s a shout out for all my fellow noonas out there who have to struggle with biasing the little man bun who manages to ruin us all, this scenario is for you!

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

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18th Birthday/Ethan Dolan Smut

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want!

Request:  Could you write an imagine where it’s Ethan’s 18th birthday, so he has his first time with the reader who is a couple of years older than him? 😍 If you can, maybe you could make way separate imagine with a similar plot for Grayson too? Just because they’re both perf & it would be cool to see the differences … 😂 Thank you in advance, angel 🙂💘

Grayson: https://superteenwolftrash.tumblr.com/post/156793352937/18th-birthdaygrayson-dolan-smut 

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derpyleafeon  asked:

Clearly you have proven a Zelda Fire Emblem crossover would be perf. If Hoshido is Zora and Nohr is Rito then what is vallite?

This is so late and I’m so sorry! I had to draw this to accompany this answer because I love your question! Initially I thought that Vallites would be Hylians because… Well that’s the obvious one. But then I thought, hey as long as I’m doing what I want and having fun why not make them Gerudo instead?

The parallels that kind of cemented this decision were:

- Most notable Valliets you encounter in Fates are women

- Their king became a monster and is the driving force behind the conflict within the game.

- Said king has magic manipulation over the dead/monsters and creepy things like that.

My reasons: 

- Azura being an 8ft tall spear lady would be kick-ass

- Azura being able to deadlift Xander would be both hilarious and incredible

- I just love Azura a lot

anonymous asked:

For your Friday shipping prompts: Uliro post-war living after Zarkon's defeat (or victory)

So basically this became like. Vacation not quite ‘living’ but. Yes. ANYWAY. THANK YOU. 

Leaning over the railing, Shiro counted the Holans that milled about the courtyard. Vacation was still a word he couldn’t quite grasp; the idea of relaxation for relaxations sake, to not always be on call, to not be itchy and uncertain and three steps from an adrenaline clash, was horribly foreign. Allura had demanded all of them take a vacation after Zarkon, that the quiet would do them good. It was – nice.

A warm palm pressed to the small of his back, trailing up to rest heavy between his shoulder blades. Shiro smiled at Ulaz, kicking out a foot to nudge against Ulaz’s shin. Ulaz nudged back, before he slipped both arms around Shiro’s waist, slotting them together, and rested his chin on Shiro’s head.

“What are you looking at?”

Shiro tilted his head up, grinning wider when Ulaz grumbled at him. “I’m counting Holans. They like to congregate in the central plaza every three hours and I don’t know why.”

“You left our room to count our hosts?” Ulaz asked, leaning heavier against Shiro so he, too, could survey the Holans. Shiro bowed under the weight, secure and caged in, Ulaz’s palms warm against Shiro’s middle. This too was – nice. An added bonus to vacation time. Shiro rolled his shoulders back, squirming until Ulaz gave in and snuggled him closer. Perfect.

“Wanna play a game?”

Ulaz whuffed against Shiro’s hair. “I would prefer you return to our room.”

“Winner gets to choose our next activity.”

That got Ulaz’s attention. Shiro didn’t have to be facing him to know Ulaz’s ears had quivered in interest. “What is the name of the game?”

Shiro grinned. “I-Spy.”

Send me a ship and I will write you a smol


Whenever she was asked what she saw within her fires, Melisandre would answer, “Much and more,” but seeing was never as simple as those words suggested. It was an art, and like all arts it demanded mastery, discipline, study. Pain. That too. R'hllor spoke to his chosen ones through blessed fire, in a language of ash and cinder and twisting flame that only a god could truly grasp. Melisandre had practiced her art for years beyond count, and she had paid the price. There was no one, even in her order, who had her skill at seeing the secrets half-revealed and half-concealed within the sacred flames.  

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Could you do a smutty Drabble Daddy!kink With Bucky, if your comfortable with that stuff? If not, just a regular Bucky smut Drabble would be perf👌

Originally posted by fuxkbucky

(^ wtf is that gif? Seb, no. Stop. Also, I am terrible at smut, so… forgive me.)

This was so far from how you planned your date ending, it was a good ending but you didn’t exactly think, ‘Yep, he’s gonna end up between my thighs tonight.’

Yet, here you are, laying on your bed with Bucky’s head between your thighs, eating you out as if you hadn’t just finished eating at the restaurant he had taken you to. - He even got dessert, twice, now that you think about it. 

One of your hands weaves into Bucky’s long, thick strands of hair, tugging slightly emitting a deep gravely groan from the back of his throat; sending vibrations straight through onto your heated core, you moaned out of surprise. One of your legs was slung over his shoulder, his metal hand digging into the supple flesh of it. 

You glance down connecting eyes with Bucky, his pupils were blown wide, darker and lustful. You could see a smirk settling on his lips as he made you high-pitch whimper, letting your head fall back and hit the mattress; tightening your grip on his hair and grinding down onto his face. Normally, you’d want to smack that playful smirk off his face but tonight, it was staying. 

His tongue twirled, lightly around your clit, almost feather lightly and the coil in your stomach tightened. He was torturing you, the best kind of course, but it was still agony. His lips attached themselves onto your clit, making your back arch off the bed, he nipped lightly as your other hand fisted the sheets beside you. 

That’s when you felt it, his tongue deep inside of you, twisting and you don’t know why but it slipped out like a fucking prayer to the Gods above; “Daddy!”, it was a soft sigh, very quiet and almost innocent but he heard it… of course, he did. Cause he stopped and so did your breathing, heart and brain. 

“Did you just call me Daddy?” you sheepishly looked down at Bucky, you groaned softly, his lips and chin wet from you and a questioning eyebrow quirking at you. 

“It…slipped out” you stumble slightly, embarrassed and even more so turned on just from looking at him. 

He chuckled lightly for a few seconds before looking very serious again, climbing over your body, like a predator and looking down at you with such intensity that you could have probably orgasmed alone from that very look. 

“You can call me Daddy all you want; if you say that like that every time.” He grinds down onto you, his jeans and boxers still on for some torturous reason, his hard on pressing harshly into your thigh and whimper again as he bites down on your neck.

You helped work his belt and jeans off, smiling as Bucky kicked both his jeans and boxers off, hovering above you with a predatorial smirk and he leant down kissing your lips harshly; you didn’t have Bucky down for being into the daddy! kink but you weren’t complaining. 

“Is daddy gonna fuck me or just stare at me all night?” you nipped his bottom lip, he growled from the back of his throat. 

(Send in drabble prompts/ smut/angst/fluff for the Avengers or Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan- Ro)

my brand-new sickness/whump blog!

Hello ‘dere! I’m evie, and i’ve finally made a sideblog for this stuff - i actually only recently discovered that there’s a whole community of people on here who love sickfics and whump too! 10/10 v relieved, i thought i was the only one haha

anyway, please do message me any prompts of ficlets for me to write, or just general ideas or scenarios and stuff you want to share! i would honestly love that so much

here are some of the main fandoms i’m in, and the characters i like to whump:

  • voltron (lance)
  • yuri on ice (yurio, victor or maybe jj)
  • the infernal devices (will)
  • guardians of the galaxy (peter quill)
  • check please (chowder)
  • star trek aos (jim)
  • hamilton (i think jefferson atm?)

so yeah, feel free to send me prompts, or just come talk to me about stuff!

Oh, and real quick, i just wanna mention some of my favourite sickfic/whump blogs that have inspired me to make my own: @ya-nurse, @taylor-tut, @beloved-whumpage, @ithadtobesneezing, and @whumpdump!! honestly all these blogs are 10/10 perf and i would honestly bake them cookies if i had any idea how to bake

anyway yeah, thank you for reading, and i hope you enjoy!

Workspace: Part Two

Part One

A/N: I’m currently working pt 3. I took my time with this one because I wanted it to be good ! Love ya babez.

“Then I had to go to Warren in accounting and he stared at me for fifteen minutes while I sent a fax.” Lydia groaned.

“Gross!” Kira shuttered.

It was 12:30 and I sat in the break room with the girls, Lydia, Kira, and Malia. So far my first day had been uneventful, besides the whole Stilinski thing. As much as I didn’t like first days, this one had to be the best. Just a normal, average day.

“He’s so disgusting. How did he even get hired?” Malia asked interrupting my thoughts.

“Seriously! He’s like ancient. He’s been here forever.” This came from the same boy I had seen before Stilinski in the copy room, the guy with the crooked jaw. He’d just walked in holding a small brown paper bag and a water bottle. He was very handsome now that I had a proper look at him. Maybe not my type but handsome.

“Scotty!” Kira practically squealed. He smiled warmly at her and they awkwardly stared at each other until someone cleared their throat kicking them back to reality. Kira pulled a chair from a table behind us and squeezed it between her and I. She patted the seat and smiled, gesturing him to sit next to her. He smiled back and obliged. The whole interaction was awkward at best and strange at worst. But no one seemed to noticed or at least they pretended not too. Conversation started up again and I sat back quietly eating my tuna salad pretending to listen to them. All the while I was observing the people coming in and out of the break room mentally forming an opinion on them all. As I watched a petite blonde women exited the room I saw the Stilinski guy standing a few feet away from the break room entrance talking to some girl. Her hair was up in a pony tail and she wore a long black maxi skirt with a plain white shirt. I couldn’t see her face from the angle I sat but I could that she had HUGE BOOBS. Which is the only reason that stupid Stilinski boy was probably even talking to her. At first I thought it was casual encounter, he moved his hands around a lot and she nodded her head in agreement. But then she gently placed her hand on his arm,

Changing everything!

Stilinski licked his bottom lip and blushed. Actually fucking blushed. Like he was human or something.

“Stiles!” Scotty yelled startling me out of the death glare I was sending…


Stilinski wasn’t his actual name? But honestly Stiles wasn’t much better. No wander he was such an ass, his name was terrible.

Stiles looked over at us and smiled, obviously not to me, giving us a wave then raising his pointer finger to signal he’d be there in a second. He turned his focus back to the girl and pulled out his phone. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could only guess his was getting her number. I rolled my eyes and let out any annoyed deep breath.

“That dog.” Malia chuckled lightly and everyone nodded they’re head in agreement. Looks like his charade has caught everyone’s attention.

“So anyways Y/N, what do you think?” Lydia smiled leaning in closer to me from across the table.

Shit. I hadn’t been paying attention ! What had she said to me?

“Yeah, cool.” I said playing off the fact that I wasn’t listening.

“Perf. We’re all going to go around 8.”

“You don’t have to come. Lydia has a way of being very pushy.” Scotty joked.

Lydia shot him a look.

“Scott’s right. It’s just a bar and you just met us.” Kira offered with a sweet smile.

Ahhhhhhhh, so his name was just Scott. Man, I wish these people would stop using nicknames. It was getting hard to keep up.

“Yeah, you probably don’t even like us.” Malia said flatly. I hoped she was kidding but had a feeling she wasn’t.

“Fine. I guess I’ll come.” I said with fake angst trying to lighten the mood.

“Sorted.” Lydia beamed triumphantly.

“She coming?” Stiles said finally joining the group. He sat down next to Malia and draped his arm around her shoulders.

“You know on second thought-” I started with grit in my voice but was interrupted.

“Don’t mind him,” Scott said shooting Stiles a look. “You’re coming.” I nodded but stood up grabbing my lunch.

“See you at 8.” I waved and stormed out of the room.

Stiles. Such an ass.

I stood outside of the bar for almost twenty minutes before actually entering. The place couldn’t really be called a bar. It’s was very much a new age Irish pub. There were tall tables with equally tall chairs scattered around, where people either stood or sat. The whole room was warm contrasting the cold outside and everyone was close to one another. There was a bar but as I looked it over I was sure it only served beer. I was still at the door when Lydia spotted me.

“Y/N!” She shouted over the music and chatter. “Over here! Hurry.” With her sat Kira, Maila, and Scott.

I waved over to them with a smile and stripped myself of my coat, hanging it up on the rack next to the door. I squeezed through the crowd trying to get to my group. Accidentally, I bumped into someone and heard their drink slosh onto the floor followed by a few choice profanities.

“I’m so sorry.” I apologised sweetly stopping to make sure I hadn’t done too much damage.

The stranger turned to me anger striking his face which quickly changed into a smile when he saw me.

“No, you’re okay.” He chuckled. He was taller than me so I had to look up to see him. He smelled vaguely of peppermint and honey and I noticed his green eyes where glued on me. It wasn’t in a creepy way, though. It’s like something about me transfixed his self to me. His eyes gave me a once over, briefly stopping at my lips then flicking back to meet my hazel ones.

Nothing was said for a long moment, so I smiled apologetically and turned to pushed back through the crowd but I could feel his eyes watching me as I went. Finally I was at the table and my pack all greeted me with smiles and a raise of their glasses.

“This place is packed.” I said scooting on to one of the tall stools.

“You came just in time! We need another player.” Kira said and I could see a slight glossiness in her eyes.

“Player?” I pulled my brows together questioningly.

“Trivia.” Malia explained for Kira. “Lydia usually answers all the questions and we just sit back and look pretty.”

Scott laughed and raised a finger at the pretty waitress behind me in attempt to catch her attention. She took notice and walked over.

“What can I get you guys?” She said only to Scott, batting her lashes at him.

“Another round of beers, two for her,” he nodded at me. “She needs to catch up.” He whispered loudly to the waitress earning a chuckle from me. “And a round of shots too, please.”

“Shots too?” Malia giggled.

“Hell yes!” He practically shouted.

“Comin’ right up.” She smirked looking at Scott brightly before turning and leaving. Kira let out something that resembled a grunt mixed with snort. I giggled to myself, Scott and Kira sure didn’t try to be inconspicuous out their feelings for each other. The pair started whispering to one another and I looked around trying not to ease drop.

I surveyed the packed pub. We were towards the back of the place near a small stage and dance floor that had no occupants, from here I could see almost the entire room. My eyes wandered across the faces and fell upon a familiar one. Stiles’s. He was leaning on the with with one arm his head tilted in to hear the girl in front of him better. I rolled my eyes. Another girl? I never took Stiles as much of a player. But as I examined the girl closer I realised she was the same girl from the office. Now I could see her features better and I was very confused because she wasn’t all that pretty. She wore thick rimmed glasses and the same slicked back ponytail was before. She was, in my humble opinion, too skinny with not a lot of curves to fill out her jeans. She was wearing a neon pink shirt that made her big boobs ten times more noticeable. I watched as her and Stiles talked and it was obvious she was drunk. She swayed a little when she moved her hands too much and she laughed too hard when it seemed Stiles hadn’t said anything all that funny. I couldn’t hear them of course but he seemed bored or was he just drunk too. The bartender slid him a bottled beer and he raised it to the girl and began walking away. As he did, he caught me staring and I whipped around in my chair so fast I was sure I’d given myself whip lash. I could see Malia eyeing me. I blushed hard feeling my whole body heat up, why was I even looking at him in the first place, I asked myself. I don’t care what he does. Then, a burly man with a long beard and long hair tied behind his head into a bun stepped on the tiny stage with a microphone.

“Welcome Ladies and Gents to this weeks Trivia Showdownn.” He announced over pronouncing the word down. “I’m sure you all know how this works. But for the newbies here I’ll explain it.” The crowd groaned, making me grin.

As he began explaining the rules, Stiles joined us then. The only spot available was next to me, and to my surprise Stiles took it without complaint. I glanced over to him nonchalantly and he was…glaring?

No, looking?

No, admiring?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell. He seemed to be pretty drunk and it was really hard to read his expression. I noticed now he wasn’t wearing his glasses and his caramel coloured eyes pierced into me.

“Want a picture?” I asked challengingly perking up a brow.

“Depends on the picture.” A twitch of a smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.

The sudden change of character caught me by surprise. I felt my body warm up and I was sure I must be crimson but I hoped I wasn’t.

“You couldn’t be so lucky.” I said coolly recovering quickly.

Stiles lips disappeared into a straight line as he tried to stifle his smile that dared to break through. This was very strange Stiles had showed me nothing but animosity not a day before and now he’s flirting? What a change of events. But was this permanent or was he just tipsy with clouded judgement? The pretty waitress from before reached over me and set down two beers, I hadn’t even noticed she’d been there. She also distributed the tiny glasses full of clear liquid. The shots.

“To winning.” Lydia whisper shouted trying not to interrupt the announcer on stage who was still going over the rules.

“To winning!” We all said in the same tone lifting our small glasses to one another’s allowing them to clink, then drinking the alcohol. We all laughed watching the faces we all made. Stiles’s was the funniest, he looked like he was calmingly thinking about throwing up. I laughed extra hard and he shot me a playful look sticking his tongue out. The action making him look almost sweet, and I wasn’t yet convinced that he was.

Trivia started and as promised Lydia answered all the questions for us. Surprisingly enough, Stiles and I were teaming up within our team and answering a few.

“The largest volcano ever discovered in our solar system is located on which planet?” The burly man, Nade, asked the teams.

“Mars!” Stiles quickly shouted out.

“Mars is correct! Another point for Team Wolf.” Nade noted with a humorous expression.

“That’s another one!” I yelled raising my hand for Stiles to high five something we’d taken up doing every time our team scored a point. He bypassed the high five for the first and enveloped me into a huge hug. I was caught off guard and did not return the motion. Stiles stepped back quickly, eyes wide, registering his mistake and immediately withdrew. We looked at each other awkwardly before being brought back by Nade’s voice.

“All right Trivists. Last question this is for drinks on the house they’re next visit.”

This caused the crowd to cheer wildly.

“Okay guys! We got this! Let’s think before we answer and win this shit!” Malia coached her words slightly slurred. We all nodded or smiled in acknowledgement. The room fell into erie silence, everyone trying to concentrate and after as many beers as I’ve had so was I.

“Who is credited to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe?” Nade quizzed looking over the crowd for someone to answer.

Instantly, I knew the answer, I’d written a whole term paper on it in high school. I looked around at my group and they all seemed a bit stumped. Even Lydia, which was a bit odd but I understood why when I saw her downing another shot. I whirled my head around to Stiles, who jumped doing some weird karate move.

“I know the answer.” I whispered with a wicked smile.

“Are you sure?” He challenged but seemed amused.

“Oh ye of little faith.” I pouted gaining a smirk from him.

“Well answer, before you cause me free drinks.” He scolded playfully.

I rolled my eyes and turned to the pack grabbing their attention. I nodded at them my way of wordlessly telling them that I had it. Though warily, they nudged me to on. I took a deep breathe before answering.

“Ferdinand Magellan!” I shouted and for a second all eyes were on me. Quickly, they all turned to Nade as the whole room wonder whether or not I was right.

Nade was quiet for a beat, and left the room swelling with tension and anticipation.

“Sorry Team Wolf,” he paused giving us a dejected look. My whole team slumped down disappointed that, although so close, we hadn’t won. I was very confused, that was the right answer. I contemplated in my head if I had actually said the right answer out loud or only thought I did. My head was a bit fuzzy making me unsure.

“Sorry that…the other teams won’t be drinking for free!” He yelled smiling into the microphone.

It only took us a second to digest his words until we erupted into cheers. I ran around the table to hug Lydia, who squeezed me tightly. Immediately after, Kira and Malia pulled me into a double hug, jumping up and down throwing me slightly off balance. Scott and I bear hugged and he peck my cheek adding a overly excited ‘thank you’ with it. Stiles just finished doing a weird handshake with Kira, when his eyes lite up at the sight of me and inthralled me into yet another hug. This time I hugged back. His arms snaked around my waist and mine around his neck. I noticed he smelled of cigarettes and something else I couldn’t quite pinpoint. It was warm and sweet and I got lost in it.

He pulled back from the embrace but our arms stayed in place. He gave me that same look as before, the confusing one, and I searched his eyes for some kind of clarity. But all at once, I watched the beautiful amber color in his eyes turn dark and cold and felt the tension radiate through his body. He ripped his hands away from me and stepped back, frowning. My eyebrows knitted together in bewilderment. Stiles called out Scott’s name, who was wrapped around Kira buy quickly released her to aid his friend. I watched as the pair headed out of the now seemingly suffocating bar. As the door shut behind them, my mind raced. What was his fucking problem? First he hates me for no apparent reason then he’s flirting with me, and now he hates me again. He was so exhausting. The alcohol taking its toll I felt my blood begin to boil and fit of rage course through me. Malia walked over to ask me something, but I didn’t even acknowledge her as I moved through the cramped room. Finally reaching the door, I snatched my coat from its perch on the rack and bustled out the door. I whipped my head in every direction looking for the two boys. I caught sight of them half way down the block. Stiles hadn’t brought a jacket, and he had his hands stuffed in his pockets with a cigarette lazily between his lips. Him and Scott seemed to be in an intense conversation but I didn’t care. I was going to find out what his problem was.

“Stiles!” I shouted stomping towards them. They both turned around surprised and I assumed it was from the angry tone in which the name was being shouted. Stiles rolled his eyes and spit out his cigarette stomping it out on the ground. I was to them in seconds and I was huffing out of breath but more from my anger then the walk over.

“What do you want, Y/N?” Stiles groaned as if I was a pest he couldn’t get rid of.

“What do I want? What I want is for you to tell me what your fucking problem is. I’ve worked with you for all of a five minutes and you hate me. I don’t know what I could have possibly done for you to treat me with such disrespect but I’m truly sorry and hope you get over it very fast. Because like it or not we have mutual friends now and I’m not going anywhere. So straighten up or ship out.” I jerk my thumb over my shoulder for emphasis. I was a bit winded after my rant not remembering taking a breath, and I forgotten Scott was standing there. After a beat of no one saying anything, I spun on my heels and retreated opposite of them towards my apartment. I was fuming, mad with rage and in my hast I realised I was walking the wrong way. To get to my apartment I had to walk back in there direction. I knew there was no way I was getting back to my apartment this walking in my current direction. So, reluctantly and, admittedly embarrassed, I turned not meeting there’s gazes as I pushed past them heading in the correct way.

“Godddamn,” I heard Stiles say in an almost impressed sort of way. “Aren’t you something else?”

And it may have been my imagination but I swear I could almost hear his smile.

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for some weird reason i was having a live perf binge of different bands and decided to google stuff and had to give like an A+ to Green day because they've played most of their stuff live (according to their reddit). what songs would you love for them to play/bring back? some for me: Snitches and Talkers, get busy living, twin skeletons, fav record, Bang the doldrums, G.I.N.A.S.F.S., &pros and cons of breathing.

god i wish i was a green day stan. Id kill to hear miss missing you live– i’m okay if they never played their old stuff again i just want them to bring back the deep cuts from srar :( Where did the party go/death valley (god)/just one yesterday/mmy… theyre all so good and its so sad fob stopped playing them after 2 tour cycles which is :-( also favourite record!


Jasper fans: I love Jasper, she’s a great character. I understand that she’s done some AWFUL stuff, but hey, everyone has a problematic fave! And you know, Lapis wasn’t exactly perf–

Rest of the fandom: no jASPER WUZ BADD!!1!!!11!!!! She waz meen to steevin!!! She WUZ MEAN TO THE PERFECT BABY CINNAMON ROLL LAPIS!!!! LAPIS WAS JUST DOING IT IN SELF DEFENSE!!1!!!2!! God, were we even watching the same show?!?1! smh!!1!1!

Jasper fans: but if lapis had just gone back and fought Jasper with the crystal gems instead of fusing into Malachite, they could have easily defeated Jasper! I’m not saying she’s perfect, but it would be really cool to get a redemption arc for her (after some serious work). In fact, Jasper’s lack of redemption sort of conforms to the stereotype of muscular women being bad guys, evil, or dehumanized. I know she would need a lot of work, but maybe a redempt–


Jasper fans: Didn’t lapis admit to being equally at fault?

Rest of the fandom: uh ya, but didn’t u hear steevin? He said she was rong and that she is perfict ((:

Asking Out Their Crush (EXO)

“Heyaaa~ How would Exo ask their crush to go on a date for the first time?? Thankss”

(all gif credit to the original owners)

I can’t imagine him being shy. He would start off awkward, approaching you with a slight smile that could not be replaced. Then, he’d start up some small talk and it’d almost be completely natural. But, he still sounded a little off so you asked him whether anything was wrong. He’d chuckle a lil’, avoiding your gaze for a brief moment. He wouldn’t be able to contain his smile once you answered him “yes”.

“Ahh look (Y/N). The truth is, I like you and I wanted to take you out some time, is that okay?”

Originally posted by britamin-graphics

This boy would be blushing from head to toe. He knew he had to do it; it was his final chance. However, such pressure can easily affect a boy. He would take a deep breath, approaching you slowly in which he’d try his absolute hardest to act casual. Yet, as soon as he saw your pretty face, he would melt inside and lose all focus. He’d manage to sheepishly stumble over the words, feeling at ease once you giggle and agreed.

“Um, I know this sounds a bit, uh, strange but I really like you.”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

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Laying the Groundwork

It’s my birthday and I’m giving you a present! Some Ford fluff

Read here on ao3 (x)

r u available later? Ford types out, her eyes narrowed. my shitty lead just broke half the set and ofc the guy who built it is gone for the wknd

The message comes back almost instantly. wanna do it tomorrow morning? I can finish my piece now and then you don’t have to rush

that would be perf. thx Lardo. Ford sticks her phone back in her pocket and surveys the stage. The lead actor was supposed to slam the door, but he slammed it so hard it had jammed, and then he yanked on it to try and enter again and managed to rip a hinge out. Not only that, but the door had swung open so violently after the hinge broke that it had banged a dent into the adjacent wall. She resigned herself to spending the night in the theatre and headed to the back to find some tools, a can of paint, and if she was lucky, the snacks she’d stashed back there once upon a rehearsal.

Less than fifteen minutes later, she was walking back into the theatre with a few tools, paint, and some questionable but probably still good chocolate, when she saw someone up on the set.

“Hey! You aren’t supposed to be in here!” Ford yelled, her voice echoing in the empty theatre.

“Holy shit-” the other person cursed and something fell to the floor. They turned around and Ford realized it wasn’t some idiot fooling around, it was Dex.

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My current “ride or die” items for placement. Aka life would be 13739362x harder without them!)

> Nurse pouch: praise whoever decided to modify the bum bag for nurses because this thing holds all of your stuff AND you can organise it too (well at least before a chaotic shift when you’re just cramming things in at frantic speeds!
> Haemostats: these things come in handy ALL THE TIME especially for stuck fluid lines to take doggos for walks
> Stethescope: I know people froth over the littmans and it’s a perf Christmas present idea for your parents, unfortunately mine got stolen and I had to swap it with a dodge cheap one but so far it’s just as good as my littman :) so if you can’t afford the 2-300 littman a 80-120 Stethescope can get you through :3
> Vial opener thingy: after I cut myself opening a vial of Valium one time I brought this straight away, you put the top into the end of it and it opens the vial with no risks of cuts or glass shards in your fingers :D
> Calculator: I am guilty of whipping out my phone for calcs but it does look unprofessional so carrying a calculator is a good way to get out of the habit
> Penlight/thermometer: because I kept accidentally stealing clinics pen lights and thermometers and so far this has been the best way to prevent me nicking stuff!
> Cheat book: this is a GODSEND for smallies, even for studying. It fits in your pocket and has excellent flowcharts and summaries for absolutely anything dog/cat related
> Hand cream: I honestly didn’t realise how much your skin can dry out from scrubbing/washing your hands until I had to scrub for surgery like 5/6 times in a day and my hands aged like 500 years. This one from lush is so rich and creamy and hydrates your skin in a flash! Also there’s something calming about rubbing some nice smelling lotion into your hands

What are your ride or dies??

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Lets fucking talk about johnnyboy (ship name)

(Ok thats the ship name? Cause I call my friend that also)

Ok so they are like perf for each other, but, as in all other 50s era ships, its very hard for them. I mean if Darry found out, I don’t know what he would do. He would be able to kick Johnny out of the group because of his home situation, and would just be confused (and hurt Pony had been hiding it for so long). But Dally would not care what so ever. He’s probs slept with some guys before. Sodapop would just tell them to be safe, because he loves Ponyboy, and you know what, this makes him happy so he doesn’t mind that much.

But then when Johnny dies, Pony feels like he died with him. His other half, his Johnnycake, is gone. They never had a proper relationship, and that hurts. Ponyboy would never have a lasting relationship after, because he’s afraid of  them leaving him.

Ew the feels for this ship


first set of pics ouo

The Cronus is jeanmarcopol0, the Dialga is scarlet-s2, and the Gogo in the BH6 group is finalgenesiss!

I had to get a second pic of that Dialga when they got that sign bc yes

If you see yourself tell me and I’ll tag you! And if you would rather I not post your picture please tell me!