if i had to ship something it would probably be these guys

If you got hurt- Outsiders preferences

Hey guys… i’m currently sitting in the waiting room at the ER and i’m bored so i’m writing. This is what I imagine the gang would do if you got into a fight or something and got hurt bad enough to be put in the hospital. This is probs gonna be bad, but bear with me guys. -Bella

Darry: Darry would try to keep his cool as much as possible but would probably be freaking out. He would be in the hospital before you could even blink. He would show up and sit by you until he got kicked out.

Ponyboy: He would absolutely lose it, even if he was in front of the guys. Even if you had the slightest scratch on you he would already be at your side asking if you were okay and if you needed anything. But if you were hurt bad he would most likely cry and sit and talk to you by your hospital bed all night. He would also probably try to climb into the bed with you and cuddle with you.

Soda: He would be really worried at first, but after he found out you were okay he would be suuuppppeeerrr cool about it. He would always try to cheer you up, and would get you anything, and I mean anything, you needed. And he would probs buy you one of those giant teddy bears and give it to you.

Johnny: He would already be at the hospital the second he got off the phone. He would sit with you and tell you everything was going to be okay, even if he knew he wasn’t. He was really nice to the nurses, unless they tried to make him leave. He would absolutely refuse to leave you there alone, unless you wanted him to.

Dallas: He’d be really mad at first, probably yelling at you for getting in a fight, but after he calmed down, he would try to be affectionate towards you, at least, as affectionate as Dallas Winston gets anyways. He wouldn’t want the nurses to even come near you two, and often yelled at them. He got kicked out but he called you everyday anyways.

Fuck heteronormativity

You know, here’s a real problem for you to think about.
If you’ve ever watched videos about some gay ships - more specifically about proves of the ship being real or something like that, you probably heard something like: ‘If it would be a guy and a girl instead of two guys or two girls, everyone would ship them and they would probably end up together in the TV show/film/book/anything else’.
I’ve always known it was true, it was pretty obvious, because - hello, heteronormativity. But, I’ve never had real examples. I mean, I have a lot of gay ships and I watch a lot of stuff, but I’ve never seen that example with straight relationships, because two straight characters of opposite gender immediately fall in love every time, even if there is no reason for it and no background, because who cares - yet again, hello, it’s heteronormativity.
But, that was until I watched The Walking Dead (and yeah - I’ve just watched it, I’m surprised myself). We have Daryl and Carol. An amazing friendship that can grow into a romantic relationship - I can see that. I don’t personally ship them, but they have pretty much the same amount of 'that kind of’ moments as some of my 'not canon’ gay ships.
The difference is - any gay ship of mine is made fun of, people tell me that I’m ruining an amazing platonic relationship, I’m an idiot and I should stop right now, because 'they can’t be gay - no way’. Some actors and show runners don’t say anything, some shit all over the ship (umsherlockum). When, everyone is supposed to ship Caryl, because 'they’re obviously in love’. Even actors talk about that.
And, you see what’s my problem here. The only difference between Caryl and any ship like Destiel or Johnlock is that straight couples have a dick and a vagina, while gay couples have two dicks or two vaginas and apparently that makes some difference! You know what’s the point, though? The point is - there is actually no difference. We just have a huge problem of heteronormativity and you are blind and ignorant, if you don’t see that.

Kara’s Friendsgiving Invites

I’m in love with Supercorp and Sanvers but…

1. Lena and Kara aren’t that close yet???

They’ve only talked a handful of times. It’s not out of character for Kara to not invite her to friendsgiving… 

Yes, Lena doesn’t have many friends in National City, but it’s actually usually a family holiday. Kara made it Friendsgiving in response to Winn not having family. Lena is probably spending it with her villain mom. 

That said, if Lena actually expressed that she had no one to spend Thanksgiving with, we all know Kara would offer in a heartbeat. 

2. Alex and Maggie are friends, but it’s likely a little shaky right now. And as strong as their connection has been, they haven’t actually known each other that long. (Come on guys, imagine inviting your crush that you met a couple weeks ago, who rejected you, then refriended you, to Thanksgiving. It’s just a bit much.)

Not to mention, Alex’s plan was to come out, which just complicates things more. At this stage, I think Alex’s coming out story is moving away from being about a person Alex likes, and more about Alex’s identity. Something she needs to do on her own, you know?

Also, Lena and Maggie don’t know Kara’s secret, and I feel like it’s not a comfortable Thanksgiving if you have to hide a part of yourself. (Anyone who isn’t out to all of their family knows that it is tiring. That sometimes, if you could choose, you’d prefer to only have the people that know around you.) 

Like 90% of the conversation topics would be out the window if Lena and Maggie came. No Supergirl saves, no DEO, no “there’s this cute girl I met”.

As for the boys, Winn and James are rather close friends with Kara, and Mon-El has no one else. So they’re just all gonna be there. Obviously.

The real question is, “where is J’onn?”

Okay guys here me out I had the best and angstiest Sherlock whump dream last night! I might fic it at some point I really need to tell the story now:

Sherlock had been kidnapped by a rogue military cell who wanted revenge on something that had caused them nuisance, probably Sherlock solving their crimes and exposing them or something. They took him to a war ship and away from British seas to make it harder for Mycroft to recover him. 

To Sherlock himself they told that he’s there to create a new scientific formula/weapon/whatever evil a military organisation could want. To stop him from escaping they broke his hips and his hands so he could barely move. Whenever they didn’t make him work they kept him locked in a tiny cabin at one of the bottom decks of the ship. I was the one furthest away from the power room and it was so cold there. 

Sherlock  would just lie there, in pain and desperate to go home. ‘If I’m good’, he would think, ‘If I’m good enough and do what they want they’ll let me go home.’ And when he thought of home he thought of the living room of 221B, warm, heated up by the fireplace, himself in front of it and John holding him close. And that’s what he kept dreaming of when he curled into himself, broken and cold and so alone. 

Then one night his cabin door opened. The soldiers hauled him up and told him they needed him to go back to work immediately. Sherlock deduced this was not true but a ruse to get him to go peacefully. But it’s not like it made any difference, he was hurt and overpowered. They dragged him out of the ship and onto the land, where he was handcuffed and left kneeling on the rocky shore. The leader of the organisation stepped up and told him they would have to kill him because his brother and the British forces were getting too close, and they didn’t really need him anyway, they had all the evidence they needed to execute him for his crimes against the organisation - eye for an eye. 

A gun was pressed to his forehead, and there he was, kneeling and cuffed and about to die, and for the first time in his life Sherlock knew he would not make it home. And so he cried silently. 

But the shot never rang. 

Meanwhile in a British army base John, Greg and Molly were waiting for the recovery team to return from their rescue trip. (Here’s a good spot to stop and tell that Molly and Greg were married and had a school aged daughter, yayyyy!) Before leaving they had confirmed that they had a positive identification about Sherlock’s location. John was giddy and strung up, because finally they would have news, they could even have Sherlock back. So there he stood when the team plane landed, and after all these weeks of looking he finally allowed himself to smile a little. 

The smile on his face fell when Mycroft stepped out of the plane, grim faced and without his brother. And John could not stop himself from curling inwards like a beat dog, nor could he stop his eyes welling up with tears he would not cry. His face was truly heartbreaking to watch. But he didn’t break. Instead he held it all in, walked with Mycroft to the command room and discussed strategy to find his friend. 

When he stepped out Molly was waiting for him. This time he couldn’t keep it in - he folded himself into Molly’s embrace and began sobbing. Big, white hot tears kept falling when he cried and cried and cried, and Molly rocked him from side to side, hushing him like child. ‘We’ll find him’, she’d say, ‘We’ll find him and bring him back home to you.’ John wanted to believe her but he couldn’t help doubting. What if not?

But Sherlock proved himself once more miraculous. Somehow (dream logic) he had managed to escape his execution and find the army base on his own. So there he suddenly was, exhausted and crashed on the floor, and the base around him simply exploded into action. Someone brought the word to John, and let me tell you, he ran. When he saw Sherlock he didn’t stop to think for a second: He fell to the floor in front of him and, mindful of his injuries, gathered him on his arms, stroked his hair and kissed his forehead as they cried together. 

And then my goddamn alarm went off and I woke up. WHY?? This was the most perfect Sherlock dream I’ve ever had!

@addignisherlock @savedbyholmes I thought you’d appreciate some angsty dreaming. 

caareless-whisperss  asked:

ok guys. im not even gonna put myself on anonymous cause i don't give a shit bout all the hate i would probably get. i wanna start of by saying that- all the things I'm about the say r not coming from a negative/hateful place. im not trying to be rude to anyone. but this shit is gotta stop now. its really upsetting to see lauren like this, and i bet even if camila doesn't address this as much, im sure she is just as uncomfortable and feels just as uneasy as lauren-

cont. u can ship camren for as long as u desire but please stop getting the girls involved. its clear AF that EVEN IF they had something in the past, its more than over now. stop adding the girls, its disrespectful to both and rude. lauren was outed and camren was pushed infront of her face constantly. imagine if that was u, imagine u feeling uneasy with ur sexuality and have people screaming LESBIAN. ive been there and its terrifying. ship it, but please be respectful, this is enough

a little short of breath

read it on ao3

Something about pre-season is inherently silly, okay? It’s a bunch of guys, basically alone on campus, playing hockey. In August.

There’s also something dumb about drinking hot chocolate when it’s ninety degrees outside, but Bitty had insisted on trying out a new recipe that came his way, and Derek never said no to chocolate.

And it’s not like he means to spill.

He just does.

He backhands his mug off the counter while illustrating (not hand-talking, illustrating) the climax of a story about a businessman in line in front of him at a Starbucks who actually lost his mind about soy milk.

And it’s not like he means to spill on Dex either, although, if he had to choose between spilling on Dex or Bitty, the only other people in the kitchen, he’d probably choose Dex. Not to be an asshole or anything, just because it’s the lesser of two evils. He thinks Dex would understand.

So Derek empties a mug of hot chocolate into his d-partners lap (by accident!), with a belated,

“Shit, sorry!”

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to hear that your beautiful drawing was destroyed!! :( I love your musing on Hiromi. I agree she's such a goddess and badass queen to the bladebreakers! Who do you see her having a romantic or brotherly relationship with (or maybe a mother/son relationship!) :p

Not to worry, my love! I’m going to be starting something new for her once I get my new markers, so I really can’t wait to share it with you guys! ♥ 

Ah, good question! Straight up, I ship the hell out of Kenny and Hilary, he’s an intelligent, computer noob, and she’s a motivating, no nonsense ‘I will kick the hell out of your arse’ noob, and together they would be so? Cute? Together?! Let’s be real, Kenny and Hilary are probably the very reason why Tyson and co., lasted so long as a team and why they’re still friends, the amount of times Kenny has had to come to the rescue to build them new blades and whatever, and the amount of times Hilary has had to dive in and be the voice of reason. I just find these two naturally calming together.

I don’t really ship Tyson and Hilary together. I say I don’t really, but to a small extent, I could ship him and her. The only reason I saw them being romantically invested in one another was through the use of fanfiction, and it was a really good, well rounded fanfiction, that explored them as friends, and then a couple, rather than two teens that suddenly got invested in one anther, over a long night of sex. With that being said, I really can only ship it through good fanfiction, that really explores them. Tyson’s constant belittling and just general childish behaviour towards Hilary within the anime, (typically season 2) just prevents me from seeing them romantically invested in one another? If you ship it, hell, you ship it, you ship whatever the hell you want! ♥

I can totally see Hilary mothering the hell out of Max. Sweet little Maxie would be her number one boy, and Hilary would fight anyone to look after Max, we all know it. If Max had a problem, or needed advice (whilst I imagine that he can also go to Kai aka big brother Kai who will fricking squash anyone who even breathes in the wrong direction for Max) Hilary is no doubt, the one who has always got time for anything he wants to talk about, and when Judy isn’t there, Hilary will definitely mom the hell out of him. To be honest, Hilary moms the hell out of all of them, but mostly Max. So really, I can’t see Max and Hilary romantically invested in one another, though I have seen people who do ship them together, (which is okay, by the way.) I just, Max not being confident in himself, and whilst he knows that his friends will reassure him, Mum Hilary to the rescue, who buys him cookies and shifts his hair out of his eyes, and tells him to go kick some bloody ass, but in a polite way, of course, because Max is sweet and polite.

I definitely do not, and cannot ship the idea of Hilary and Rei together. I just don’t see it, in fact, I don’t see them. I see them as more of Rei acting as a big brother to Hilary, and being brave enough to tell her to chill her beans, whilst she replies through gritted teeth and balled up fists: I AM CALM. Rei probably the one who is brave enough to tell her when she’s being too tough on Tyson, whilst Kai is mentally cheering her on to tear Tyson a new asshole, but Rei is also one of the first people to Hilary’s defence. If someone’s got a problem with momma Hilary, you’ve got a problem with Rei, and if you’ve got a problem with Rei, well now you have to deal with the entire gang. Rei and Hilary probably exchange numbers and then share silly jokes through text messages when the moment is tense, or Rei sends her morning texts of wisdom, whilst Hilary responds with: I am wise, Rei. In fact, these two probably rebound off of each other, with words of wisdom to encourage the boys. Big brother Rei who will fight anyone who even looks at Hilary wrong, lmfao ‘You got a problem with Hilary, bro?’ ‘Rei, he’s wearing sunglasses, you can’t even see his eyes.’ ‘So?’

Okay, now Kai and Hilary, I’m torn between shipping the hell out of them, and seeing Kai as the big brother to Hil, but Hil would mom the hell out of Kai occasionally. I found the little things Kai did when it came to Hilary rather sweet, especially when the rock face crumbled, and Kai placed himself between Hilary and the rocks, and also being the first to catch her when she fell, not to mention how he was the first to be supportive of her ideas, but that’s really all I got from the anime, so I’m torn between shipping the hell out of these two, and otherwise. In the anime, I think it’s more big brother/sometimes momma Hilary, whereas I’ve read really good fanfiction about these two, that made me want to scream about them being canon.

In terms with big brother Kai Hiwatari, lmfao, no one wants to fuck Hilary about when they realise she’s friends with Kai, they can probably imagine him looming over them, and he doesn’t even need to say anything. Big brother Kai who constantly fights Hilary’s side, and is constantly on her side, though at first, Tyson totally thought it was because most of Hilary’s issues were with Tyson, then realised, that no, Kai actually cares about Hilary. Rei and Kai probably team up and have probably plotted the ten thousand ways someone can die and be punished if they hurt Hilary. Kai and Hilary who team up to prank Tyson, and then brofist one another when Tyson has fallen for it. Kai and Hilary who exchange looks across the breakfast table, and whilst Kai is better with his plotting face, Hilary smirks to herself, and Kai claims she’s lost it. Momma Hilary who knows when Kai is being hard on himself, or in a state of depression, and coming to the rescue. Hilary who knows not to push Kai too far and respects the fact that Kai really does need distance sometimes. Momma Hilary who holds Kai’s hand and tell him to stop being a big baby, get his butt into gear and get out there and show his stuff. MOMMA HILARY WHO DRAWS ON KAI’S WAR PAINT WHEN KAI’S FEELING DEPRESSED. Momma Hilary who is the only one who can say when Kai is being an a class douche, and gets away with it.


i. la vie en rose ; louis armstrong. everyday words seem to turn into love songs

ii. if i walk away ; josh groban. and if I walk away please follow me

iii. high ; lighthouse family. ‘cause even the impossible is easy when we got each other 

iv. gamble everything for love ; ben lee. tell me the truth and i’ll tell you the truth. if you gamble everything for love you’re gonna be alright

v. not a bad thing ; justin timberlake. don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me

vi. if i had a gun ; noel gallagher’s high flying birds. if i had a gun i’d shoot a hole into the sun and love would burn this city down for you

vii. amnesia ; guy sebastian. i wanna know how it feels not to need you

viii. love will come through ; travis. i can’t live alone in this lie

ix. my favourite faded fantasy ; damien rice. i’ve hung my happiness upon what it all could be

x. gorecki ; lamb. if i should die this very moment i wouldn’t fear for i’ve never known completeness like being here

xi. youth ; troye sivan. a truth so loud you can’t ignore

xii. ‘til him ; nathan lane & matthew broderick. he filled up my empty life, filled it to the brim


What is love? - Part 4 (You & EXO OT12-You decide who you end up with)

A/N: It’s finally here! I’m sorry for making you guys wait soooo long, that won’t happen again, hope you guys like it as much as I loved writing it <3

Part 1/ Part 2/Part 3

Chapter 4: “ Did I ever imagine?”

I was woken up by my aunt; I was hoping she would let me sleep in today, but no. I had some clothes on and tried to eat something, but I was never a breakfast person so I just skipped to the car. As we got to the boys dorm they all came out sleepy, probably tired from the long practice they had yesterday, Chanyeol, as always, greeted you happily, “Y/N! We missed you after you were gone yesterday” You smiled and said “yes, sorry, I wanted to say goodbye but your choreographer probably wouldn’t be too pleased with me if I did” He laughed and said “Yeah, but it’s okay, come to the van with us” He nodded his head for you to follow him, that’s when Chen appeared right beside you “hey Y/N!, good morning” “oh hey Chen! Good morning” you answered and he smiled. ”Why don’t you come with EXO-M today? The other guys want to meet you”, that’s when Chanyeol said “what? No, she’s coming with us, right?” “I…” You began saying but Chen stopped you, “come on, Chanyeol, let the girl meet all of us” “He’s right” You Said to Chanyeol, He looked at you for a few seconds and sighted in defeat “fine..” he said as he pouted  , “ at least you’ll know how boring they are and how much better it is to come with us” Chen laughed loudly at his comment and you smiled at Chanyeol.

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