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“Im bulletproof but please don’t shoot me”

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“This is all your fault!” (Y/N) complained, the double gym doors smashing the wall and then retreating back in their lock position. “You dirty, ugly, meanie, big fat jerk!” She trailed, a wicked growl escaping from between her lips.

Steve and Bucky just looked around before they stared at each other. Their gazes softly drifting to the seething women making her way to them. “What did you do this time?” Steve whispered, racking his platinum hair to the side, his sweat keeping it in tact.

“Not that I know of…” Bucky trailed uncertainly. It didn’t take a genius to tell Bucky and (Y/N) didn’t get along as ‘best friends’ but it’s not like he had made it his life’s description to annoy the hell out of the towers personal chef, especially since they had a title to withhold.

“You jerk!” She seethed, her white cooking hat being thrown over his chest. He shielded himself, scared of why the girl was attacking him.

“What’s going on?” He grabbed her chef hat and held it high in the air. Pointing his finger her way before talking, “What did I do?” Bucky asked.

“You ate all of the plums!” She cried. “I was going to make Tony tarts for his party tomorrow; I was waiting for the plums to ripe!”

“It’s not my fault-”

“No, it is! You know you should have never even stepped foot into the kitchen if I wasn’t there!”

“Doll, sweetheart,” Bucky cooed, watching as (Y/N) rolled her eyes and walked back to James’s gun stash on the table. She clicked it in and then aimed at him- just like how he had taught her many times… on targets just for her safety.

“Doll face, Im bulletproof but please dont shoot me.” Bucky was slowly walking back, as the angry girl beside him pulled the trigger. Successfully being dodged by Buchanans metal arm. He hissed in pain as one had grazed the side of his flesh arm. Before long, her gun had finished ammo.

“Ha! Your out o-” Before he could say more, she threw the pice of metal towards him. Walking out less stressful then she had entered. “Don’t eat the plums if their not for you.” He nodded aggressively, watching as the girl exited the gym her chef hat back on her head all the while he rubbed his head from the sore spot. Just as the doors settled in their confines, Clint came out from the gym lockers.

“And that’s the girl your dating?”

“She’s not too bad…”

“Man, your whipped.”

“I’m- excuse me?”

“It’s a saying we hav- Never mind.” Clint mumbled before exiting back through the locker room.

Without saying more, Bucky cleaned the slits between his plates and walked back to the kitchen. All the while picking at his slits.

“What now?” (Y/N) asked annoyed once she caught a glimpse of his shadow over her. She was running around like crazy. Gathering things after things before settling them all on the island.

“To make it up for you-”

“You would sleep on the couch for a week-”

“-As I was saying, to make it up for you, I’ll go get you some plums.”

“You’ll go to the supermarket at six in the morning to grab three hundred pieces of week worth ripped plums?” She sasses, “I’ve had those plums for a whole week! You can’t find ripe ones just like that.”


“I changed the desert anyways.”

“If there is any way I can make it up for you, sweetheart.”

“There is, be my personal waiter for Tony’s party.”


“I hope you changed the couch cushions when I told you, our apartment is getting old.”

“Fine, fine,” like that, he walked past his girl and softly wrapped an apron over his waist. Helping the chef with each step. A small smile gracing his features as he watched her grab books and carefully read each step, occasionally editing the book in her hand with the pen that nuzzled between her ear. He knelt down and gave her a rough kiss, she shoved him away then went back to cooking for the party.

Bucky Barnes was going to be the death her. 


Literally took almost a year to finish this request… sorry anon, hope this was good enough. 


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Money Well Spent.

Request - Could you maybe do a SUPER fluffy Happy/Pregnant!Reader one with Happy being super protective and all around involved with the pregnancy to the point the guys want to hit him if he tries to show off his Old Lady’s belly pics ONE MORE TIME??? Kozik being godfather and crying/threatening lives would also be awesome (though I know this is a LOT)

I’ve never been pregnant so I apologise if I got anything wrong, and for it being so short. I also included the baby being born but I can always rewrite it if you don’t like it! - Red_w00dy xoxo


Groaning as you climbed out of the car, you slowly made your way towards the clubhouse with one hand pressed against your aching back and the other resting on your swollen stomach. You were eight and half months pregnant with your first child and were calling in to see your Old Man, Happy, on your way home from the hospital. Much to your surprise, Happy had been more involved with the pregnancy than you’d expected. You’d assumed he’d take a laid back approach to the whole situation but you couldn’t have been more wrong. He came to all your scans with you, spent all his free time decorating the baby’s nursery in anticipation of its arrival and constantly went out of his way to make sure you were comfortable. You couldn’t ask for anything more, he’d been perfect ever since the pair of you had found out you were expecting.

“Y/N, what are you doing? Come on, let’s get you sat down!” Kozik exclaimed when you entered the building, rushing to escort you over to the couch where Gemma and Tara were sat deep in conversation.

“I can’t wait to get this baby out of me, I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my entire life” You yawned, relaxing into the soft leather and smiling at Gemma who had began to run her hand over your large stomach.

“I can’t wait either, I’m so excited to meet my godson for the first time” Kozik grinned, perching himself on the edge of the pool table. Ever since you and Happy had asked him, he’d made it his mission to be the best godfather he could be.

“What makes you think it’s going to be a boy, Blondie? For all you know it could be a girl” You enquired, raising an eyebrow at your husband’s best friend and smiling when you felt your baby kick inside of you.

“I have to agree with Kozik, Y/N, you’re definitely having a boy. I’m even willing to bet money on it” Gemma interjected before Kozik could reply, dropping a ten dollar bill on the table as Tara and Kozik did the same.

“You’re all gonna be shit out of luck when I give birth to a beautiful little girl then, aren’t you?” You smirked, adding to the small pile of notes in front of you. Happy would kill you if he found out you were betting on the sex of your unborn child again.

You continued to argue about the baby’s gender for another hour, maintaining that you were going to be having a girl, not a boy. The conversation soon turned to Happy becoming a father, the other two women coming to the conclusion the baby had no hope of being normal with Happy as the child’s father and Kozik as it’s godfather. You pointed out that Abel was fine despite having grown up around Happy and Tig of all people. Tara simply replied that they had only ever left Abel alone with Tig once, and had decided never to do it again after Abel had returned home wanting to grow up to have as many girlfriends as his Uncle Tig had. You made a mental note not to leave the baby with Tig when it was born, deciding that having Kozik for a godfather would be enough craziness for the child.

“All I’m saying is that I’ve already seen the pictures today, Hap. I didn’t mean any offence by it” Juice rolled his eyes as the guys entered the room, referring to the maternity shots that Happy liked to carry around everywhere with him.

“You saying my girl isn’t beautiful or something, Ortiz?” Happy growled, clutching a photograph in his hand and blissfully unaware of the fact you were stifling your laughter in the corner.

“She’s stunning, hottest pregnant chick I’ve ever seen!” Juice stuttered, backing away from the Tacoma Killer with a fearful look in his eyes. “I just mean you could show someone else instead, maybe someone that hasn’t seen them a million times”

“Good luck with that, Juicy,” You laughed from where you sat, attracting the attention of the members of the MC. “He’s shown them to everyone, including the mailman, the guy that came to fix the boiler, the old lady that asked to borrow some sugar…”

“Why do I not find that hard to believe? You should have seen Romeo’s face earlier, I thought he was going to shoot himself when Hap started telling him about your birth plan” Jax chuckled, the guys seating themselves in various chairs around the room.

“You told a guy you barely know about me giving birth? What were you thinking?” You scolded, motioning for Opie and Bobby to pull you out of your seat so you could storm over to where Happy leaned against the bar.

“Thanks a lot, brother,” Happy muttered under his breath, moving to rest his hands on your bump when you finally reached him. “All I said is that we weren’t having an epidural if we could help it”

“And you think that’s something you say to someone that you’ve met on a handful of occasions? You’re ridiculous, Happy Lowman” You shook your head in disbelief at your man’s actions, covering his calloused hands with your considerably smaller ones on your pregnant stomach.

You both fell silent when Kozik mentioned the bet behind you, your face indicating your embarrassment as Happy shot you an amused look. All the guys voiced their own opinions of what you were going to be having whilst adding ten dollar bills to the pile. Bobby, Juice, Opie, Jax and Clay agreed with Gemma, Tara and Kozik that you were going to have a boy, leaving Chibs, Rat, Tig, Phil and Piney to support your firm opinion that it was going to be a girl - a little SAMCRO princess as Tig had expertly put it.

“It can’t be a girl,” Kozik frowned, directing everyone’s attention to where he was standing. “I don’t want to spend my final years chasing guys away with Happy. They’re called the golden years for a reason”

“Tough shit, ” Happy growled, resting his hands on your hips when you turned around to face the rest of the room. “If it is a girl, all of you better be prepared to scare any potential boyfriends away”

“Happy, we’ve talked about this” You sighed, resting your head against his chest and allowing your eyes to flutter shut, feeling his lips press softly against your forehead.

“I don’t care, babe. She’s never going to have a boyfriend, not if I have anything to do with it” He replied gruffly, tracing circles into your hips as you fought back the urge to sigh at his behaviour.

“Our daughter will be allowed to date whoev-” You snapped before a sharp pain in your stomach cut your sentence short, followed by a damp feeling in your underwear and water trickling down your legs.

“Babe, what is it?” Happy quizzed frantically, moving to stand in front of you and stare down at the floor where a puddle of water had began to form on the ground by your feet.

“Hap, my waters have just broken” You breathed, his eyes widening as Gemma immediately took control of the situation. She sent Happy to go grab the bag from his dormitory, threw her car keys to Kozik so he could drive and beckoned Tara to come help her lead you outside.

“Oh fuck, what are we supposed to do?” Kozik panicked, helping you into the back of the car with Tara as Happy jogged across the lot. “Happy, do you have everything? You got your toothbrush? Y/N’s toothbrush? The baby’s toothbrush? Wait, the baby won’t have teeth… will it?”

“Kozik, just shut the fuck up and drive me to the fucking hospital already!” You screamed when another wave of searing pain coursed through you, causing you to grip Happy’s hand in an attempt to block out the pain.


Nine hours later you found yourself gazing fondly at the baby girl in your arms, Happy perched on the edge of the mattress with his arm draped around your shoulders whilst smiling down at your newborn daughter. Tufts of black hair poked out from underneath the little pink hat she wore, her big brown eyes that resembled Happy’s so much staring up at you both. You couldn’t fight the overwhelming amount of love you felt for the newborn. You looked up to meet Happy’s gaze, nodding at him to signal that you were ready for him to bring in the MC that you knew were waiting outside the room.

“Guys,” Happy grinned when they entered, waiting until they had all come in before he spoke again. “I’d like you to meet the newest member of the family - Isabella Sofia Lowman”

“That’s a beautiful name” Tara commented, both her and Gemma pushing through the crowd of men to stand next to you and look down at the baby in your arms.

“We named her after Happy’s Mom and my Aunt Sofia” You informed them, nodding your head towards Kozik to come forwards so that he could meet his goddaughter.

“I don’t want to drop her,” The blonde fretted when you handed her to him, stray tears falling down his cheeks when he caught sight of her properly. “She’s gorgeous. Hey Hap, we’re going to have trouble keeping the guys away from this one”

“You’re telling me, I’m going to have to send her to an all-girl’s boarding school or something” Your husband joked, moving to stand at his best friend’s side and gently brush his hand across Isabella’s cheek, Kozik rocking her gently in his arms.

“Oi Kozik,” You said after a couple of minutes, blue meeting brown as he raised his head to look at you. “You owe me ten bucks”

“Best ten bucks I ever spent”

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I’ve seen numerous people talk about how Rick and Michonne have made each other weaker and more vulnerable going into “All Out War”. When I see people say I refer back to the conversation Rick and Michonne had in the van in 7X12. Yes, the way to break Rick is through Michonne but she assisted him in rediscovering his strength to never be subservient again and fight for their family no matter the circumstance or obstacle. Yes, the way to break Michonne is through Rick but he has helped her accept the possibility (lord forbid) of his demise because the stakes are so high. She has his strength and ability to pick up and lead FOR HIM and the family if he doesn’t make it. I never like to hear them discuss losing each other but that conversation in 7X12 prepared them for this moment. It’s not “weak” for people to have found something worth living for, worth fighting for, and ultimately worth dying for. The thing that sustains them through this tumultuous world…..their love.

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Following from that Bob's Burgers post, have you ever watched Archer and if so, what's your opinion on it. In an odd sense, I find it like one of those comfort shows, something that's good to watch every now and then and you feel like of relaxed when watching it, which is strange considering I like maybe 3-4 of the main characters and the rest I wish would just die in a horrible Scott Tennerman's parents-style way

I enjoy Archer quite a bit, but it’s not in my lineup of shows that I tune into regularly, haha.  Like, I’ve been around people who put it on as background noise while they work, or for stay-in date nights, and I’ve always found it pretty funny.  The writing is sharp and the delivery is really funny.  And I like the characters just fine, but I don’t care about them an awful lot.  Which isn’t a bad thing, not every show sets out to make you care about characters or whatever and I still enjoy plenty of shows like that.  I’m just not super compelled to keep up with it. I guess I’m kind of in the same boat with you… it’s nice to watch every so often!  I enjoy it when I do.

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everyone talks about their hilarious ace realizations about other people having sexual attraction, but i distinctly remember when i first realized how OFTEN people in relationships had sex. like i thought it was just kind of a thing every few months or something like why would you have it more often??? doesnt it get in the way of sleep??? lmao and it STILL took me until i was 20 to realize im ace... (also i know many aces want and enjoy sex, im just not one of them)

I can relate a little too much honestly 



Callout post for @reylo-halo

Not a real blog but a burner created by @bentheanti so that he could prove a lie he made, every single post on that blog was made within a minute, and the post with the slur was made AN HOUR after ben’s post claiming a reylo had called him a slur.

As you can see I’ve set up the time stamps and highlighted them. The post in question on reylo-halo is the second post down from the top and bentheanti’s is first and third. You can tell the times don’t really line up the way he says they do.

I’m only posting this because this is a stupid thing to lie about and I think you should apologize and move on with your life. This is a stupid, hurtful thing to do with no reason to do it other than you can. You’re still young and I think this is just a youthful mistake, but it’s time to own up to it. 

P.S. ANYONE and I mean fucking anyone who harasses bentheanti will be blacklisted in reylo communites, I am not fucking kidding. I will wipe your face off the surface of the reylo community.

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Besides Loras is there any other evidence that Renly looked down on Brienne?

I don’t think and don’t remember that Renly ever treated Brienne with open contempt; he gave her the public honor of a rainbow cloak the moment she asked for it without sneering or even batting an eyelid at her being a woman, he let her carry his standard and help him don his armor; in other words, on the surface, he was courteous and respectful of her dignity and role as a member of his kingsguard. So I’ll credit him for that. This is also why it’s hard to find objective evidence of Renly looking down on her, since we don’t have his pov.     

We have however Catelyn’s impression of the Brienne/Renly dynamic, and it’s not positive:

The way she looked at the king - looked down at him, she was a good hand higher, though Renly was near as tall as his brother had been - was painful to see.

Brienne dropped to her knees. “If I must part from Your Grace, grant me the honor of arming you for battle.” Catelyn heard someone snigger behind her. She loves him, poor thing, she thought sadly. She’d play his squire just to touch him, and never care how great a fool they think her.

Brienne was on her feet as well. “Your Grace, give me but a moment to don my mail. You should not be without protection.” King Renly smiled. “If I am not safe in the heart of Lord Caswell’s castle, with my own host around me, one sword will make no matter… not even your sword, Brienne. Sit and eat. If I have need of you, I’ll send for you.His words seemed to strike the girl harder than any blow she had taken that afternoon. “As you will, Your Grace.” Brienne sat, eyes downcast.

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I saw exo by myself after their concert and freaked

Okay so after exo concert on February last year. They let the fans out of prudential center first. Most fans had left but there were a handful that stayed. So tell me how the security tried to give us the slip (me and my friend) saying that they were going out through the closed gate which was on the other side of the building. So, we went over there because the van was actually facing that way. We saw them come out and they waved before getting in.

Then, to my utter and complete horror, the van proceeded to reverse and then go out through the other gate. My ass was like hell no. So I bolted like the Usain Bolt down the block to see if I could meet them at the corner. (Mind you I have asthma and it was raining and them blocks are long as shit) so then, I stopped at the end of the block because the van was at the stop light. And I was the only person at the corner. I ain’t know what to do. I just waved like a goofball and cheese really hard. Chanyeol waved back, Kai was staring and sehun too. My ass almost fainted.

But this ain’t the end of it yall. So my friend had to leave and I had to go back home so I had to take the NJ transit train back and I was also lost a couple times. But I made it to 32nd street. My train is at the corner of 32nd, right in front of this hotel. So, I walked up to it and stood in front of the train sign, pulled out my phone and proceeded to call my mom, however my phone died mid call.

So, a van pulls up directly in front of me but I ain’t think too much on it. Until I was hearing korean. I looked up so fast and almost shit myself. The boys came off the bus and we’re standing right in front of the entrance. I can see chanyeol, Kai and sehun watching me. I actually thought they would recognize me and I swore they did but I pretended to not know who they were and faked an entire phone call with my mom as they stood there talking for what felt like forever. Before they walked in. Now, I broke down crying the moment they stepped foot inside the hotel. The manager saw me, looked at me like he wanted to say something but didn’t and followed them. I can honestly say I went home crying heavy! 

Wish You Were Here (Final Part)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your high school sweetheart moves back into town, and you reconnect for the first time since college.  You both have gone your separate ways, but a series of events places you back in each others lives.

A/n: Final part hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

WYWH MasterList

You had been back from Fiji for two months, you were finally getting settled in your and Bucky’s new place.   That was a strange concept, your and Bucky’s place.  You sneak a peek at the diamond placed on your left hand.  Grinning at it you think back to when Bucky gave it to you.

Standing on the beach you look into Bucky’s eyes, while the Justice of the Peace spoke about love and commitment.   This wasn’t how you imagined your wedding.  Bucky seemed to be the only part that was accurate to your daydreams.  When it came down to it, all your daydreams didn’t matter, all that mattered was the fact that Bucky was by your side.  So with the breeze in your hair and the sea behind you, you and Bucky professed your love for each other.

“You lookin’ at that ring again?”  Bucky chuckles shaking his head at you slightly before placing the box in his hands down.

“I can’t help it. It’s perfect.”  You move over to the box he just placed on the floor, pulling out your old yearbook.

Bucky comes to stand behind you and places his chin on your shoulder pulling the book out of your hands and tossing it back in the box.  Kissing your neck he wraps his arms around you.  “Why did you have to invite them over tonight?  Why can’t it just be you and me.  I have waited over 10 years to have you as my wife and I have to share you with our friends.”   

You laugh and turn in his arms wrapping your arms around his neck before kissing his nose. “10 years huh?  So you’ve wanted to marry me since we were 15 years old?”

“Sure did sweets.” Letting you go and walking to the box behind you, he digs through it, and pulls out what your recognize as his old yearbook.   Flipping through it quickly he hands you the open book.

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I am so stressed I might die. I had two projects land in my lap yesterday that needed to be done RIGHT NOW, so instead of packing and cleaning today as planned (since, you know, I’m moving on SUNDAY), I spent the day glued to my computer writing code. On the other hand, I have a brand new hopefully-maybe long-term client if I play my cards right, AND I earned a nice-sized totally unexpected chunk of money. AND, that client came to me because one of my existing major clients pointed them my way, so even better.

But omg the stress. 

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Bulletpoint for breaking up with Shawn. It's sad but you know. All the feels

  • The I love yous stop meaning as much as they used to
  • Shawn being gone on tour for long periods of time
  • Not being good together anymore
  • A lot of silence
  • No longer going out of your way to make the other happy
  • “This is for the best.”
  • Not knowing where you stand with him
  • Arguing
  • Learning to depend on yourself instead of him
  • “I think I’ll always love you.”
  • Him picking up everything he had left at your place
  • And returning all of your things
  • Deleted instagram pictures
  • Trying to force yourself to forget
  • “Maybe one day we’ll be better for each other.”
  • Hearing Shawn’s new single on the radio a few months later
  • Breaking down in tears because you know it’s about your breakup
  • Still being reminded of him every time you eat his favorite food
  • Or pass by the spot you had your first kiss
  • Or find one of his tshirts he forgot to take
  • Missing his voice
  • And the way your name sounded on his lips
  • Bumping into his friends at the mall
  • Them telling you he misses you
  • And things haven’t been the same without you
  • Wanting to text him
  • But stopping yourself every time
  • Reading old text messages
  • Wondering what went wrong
  • Missing his smile
  • It takes a while, but you realize that the sun still shines
  • Even when he’s gone
  • Coming to terms with the fact
  • That maybe it just wasn’t meant to be

themonotonysyndrome  asked:

How would the people of Lucis feels about Prompto being Noctis' Consort or co-King(?). How would Regis feel also? I'm really into this idea where Prompto officially become Noctis's husband! The drama! Angst!

The Sun King is probably my favorite AU (I haven’t written shit for it though :D Oops)

Regis is a cinnadad in my head, but realistically I think he would have a lot of reservations about this common boy who his son was in love with. It would take some time for him to believe that Prompto truly loved Noctis, though I think he would be one of their supporters because he knows that Prompto does care about his son. When he’d let himself believe though, in the way the two of them felt about each other and watched how happy they were together and what giant nerds they could be, he would be papa bear Regis and he, Cor, and Clarus would scare the shit out of anyone who tried to step on the happiness the boys had found. Also he and Prompto would bond over silly things because I firmly believe Regis likes pranks and chocobos and things.

The people would gossip about it and there would be a lot of turmoil, but nothing highly serious in most of the population. Most of the backlash there would be between the ideals that their marriage represents. The LGBTQIA+ community in Insomnia would feel empowered but there might be those that were angry about the marriage and started targeting others. Basically there would be some serious shit that happened but with the functioning government system it would be taken care of. The glaive and local police would work together and because the kingdom has run under noble kings the people would feel safe reporting attacks and things and the perps would be caught and dealt with pretty well. (Can you tell Im a salty American who’s really sick of so much of our shit from this post yet or?)

Eventually I think the people would warm to the two Kings a great deal, especially because we know from some of the announcements on the radio in game that Noctis is already known for being kind and volunteering and loving animals and things. With Prompto beside him they would grow to be pretty honored by their people.

if i had my way, tumblr would be neatly composed of only the following

-dog pictures

-dog stories

-cat pictures and stories

-one meme a year, ONE meme a year

-small lizards. 

-aesthetic pictures that don’t involve property damage 

-two, maybe three fandoms 

-porn blogs that double as aesthetic blogs 

-company blogs like denny’s but no other kinds 

The Safe One

Simon Lewis/Raphael Santiago, Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood (mentioned), Meliorn/Raphael Santiago (mentioned), Simon Lewis/Clary Fray (mentioned)
summary: Simon thinks that Raphael is dating Meliorn and Meliorn figures it ut and starts being a little shit and Simon’s a little bit jealous.
notes: co-wrote with the amazing and co-captain of the saphael ship, @soft-saphael

Simon can’t ask Raph this so he asks Meliorn even if they’re not that close, they’re  not even close  at all and Simon feels a little weird asking Meliorn about this but he needs to know. So when he sees him, he grabs him by an arm and takes him away from the others. Meliorn frowns in confusion. Raphael’s fledgling had only ever spoken to him a few times.
“I know this may sounds weird and creepy but i really need to know… are you and Raph… mh.. a thing?” Simon knows Meliorn is enjoying this conversation way too much.
“Define a thing” The seelie smirked.
Simon regrets speaking to Meliorn, but there’s no turning back now.
“Are you and Raphael dating?” Simon asks, nervously.
He fidgeted with the zipper on his jacket, a habit Raphael had scolded him for time and time again.
Meliorn smiles. “I don’t know if he’d like me telling you.. but we spend a lot of time together, yes. But what do you care? Aren’t you dating valentine’s daughter?” Meliorn says and then he leaves Simon alone with his thougths. For the first time, Simon doesn’t correct that nickname with “Clary” and he wish it was the first time he drops a tear for Raphael Santiago, but it’s not. Too many tears had been shed over their ‘maybe’ and ‘what if’s’.

Meliorn walks into the downworlder meeting and smirking at Raphael.
“I think your  baby has a crush on you” Raphael stares at him with wide eyes and Luke and Magnus nods in unison.
“It’s true” Luke says and Raphael turns to stare at the warewolf.
“but he’s dating Clary” Raphael states and Magnus slaps him in the head.
“he’s only with Clary because for years that’s all he’s wanted but he’s not in love with her nor is she in love with him” Luke points out.
“Was the slap really necessary?” Raphael asked and rubbed his head, double checking his hair in the process.
“Yes, it was.” Magnus says. “Because you two are so stupid and blind and need to talk.” He adds and summons four glasses.
“He’s in the boat house, go Raphael” Luke urges him.
“What about the meeting?” Raphael inquiries, or rather stall.
“Valentine is a bad guy, his son is an evil asshole, shadowhunters still don’t know what they’re doing” Meliorn summaries.
“Except for Alexander. He always knows what he’s doing.” Magnus says with a fond smile and Raphael rolls eyes and hopes he doesn’t sound like this when he talks about Simon. 

Raphael uses vampire speed to get at the boat house and once there, he doesn’t have the gut to knock. What if that’s not true? What if Simon doesn’t want him anymore? What if everyone is wrong? He can’t lose Simon again. When Simon betrayed him and left him he thought his heart was going to explode. He trusted him and Simon betrayed him. Raphael’s thoughts ran wild, the fear was crippling.
“HOLY SHIT RAPHAEL I WILL PERSONALLY DRAG YOU IN THERE” Maia yells from out nowhere and Simon hears and rushes to open the door. When they’re finally face to face and they don’t try kill each other, Raphael doesn’t know what to say and for the first time in his life, Simon is speechless. With the silence between them it physically hurts to think about the pain they caused each other. Simon can’t face Raphael without thinking about the betrayal. He knows they were so close to become.. something. And he knows Raphael felt it too. He’s been a stupid and a coward. He’s not in love with Clary because he never felt the feelings he’s feeling right now for Raphael for her. Raphael is the first to apologize, it’s a choked out “I’m sorry” only audible to Simon because of the enhanced hearing. It’s always a start, right?
“I’m sorry for the killing order on you. I’m sorry for all the pressure, i’m sorry for.. i shouldn’t have went to your mother. I’d have never take a hair from her head, i want you to know that.”
“I actually want to thank you for going to my mom, now she knows I’m safe” Simon looks at his shoes like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.
Raphael doesn’t know what to say because there is so much to say and they both don’t know where to start.
“Would you.. i mean, would you like to come in?” Simon asks and Raph nods.
“Listen um Simon about me and Meliorn” Raphael began but pause, he doesn’t know how to say what he wants to say but he thinks this might be the best way to get a reaction from Simon. Suddenly Simon turns to face Raphael. Raphael can see in his face that he’s worried about what he can say next but he’s also full of hope and a part of Raphael would like to tell him that yes, he and Meliorn have… something? That they’re a thing. A part of him wants Simon to suffer like he suffered when Simon chose Clary instead of him. But haven’t they suffered enough?
“We aren’t together, we’ve been friends a long time, he’s one of my best friends” Simon deserves to know the truth and that’s exactly what Raphael tells him.
“Oh” Raphael can see the relief on Simon’s face and he really hopes it means something. “Mh, that’s.. good. I mean, you and Meliorn being friends, that’s really cool. You should have a lot of friends and Meliorn seems nice. So yeah, it’s definitely really cool. Friends. Friendship.. isn’t a wonderful thing? I’m happy you and Meliorn are friends. Like super bros, you know.”
“Mh, what?” Simon asks, nervously. “You’re babbling.” Raphael says and tries to hide the smile on his face.
“Yeah, you’re right. Mh, sorry.”
“Don’t be, it’s” Raphael paused and vaguely waved his hand around “endearing.”
After that, the silence again. It never was like this with them and it’s kinda.. weird.
“Mh” Raph says and looks around embarassing. “Maybe i should go. Yeah.”
But when he turns around, Simon vampire speed in front of him and blocks his way.
“That’s why you came? To tell me you’re sorry and that you and Meliorn are besties?”
“I was hoping you’d have something to say” Raphael grunts and pushes him aside “have a nice life with your shadowhunter, I can’t believe I’m love with you” Raphael spits out angrily, he doesn’t realize what he had said until it’s too late. Raphael closes his eyes and curses himself mentally. Fuck, he whispers.
“You what?” Simon asks, shocked.
“I what what?” Raphael is nervous and he knows Simon can smell it.
“You’re in love with me?”
“No” Raphael shakes his head and crosses his arms around his chest. “That’s not what i said.”
“Yes" Simon says “That’s totally what you said” and he.. smiles. Wait, is Simon smiling? Why is he smiling?
“No. I said 'i can’t believe i’m still here with you’.” Raphael says in a grumpy tone.
“Well I guess I won’t tell you that I’m in love with you too” Simon smirks.
“You.. you what?” Raphael says and his voice is so low Simon couldn’t hear it if it wasn’t for his vampire hearing. Something grows in Simon’s chest.. Raphael asked it like he couldn’t believe it. Like.. he can’t believe someone loves him and Simon cannot not think it’s in part his fault too. Simon slowly backs Raphael up against the wall.
“I am in love you Raphael Santiago, I don’t know when but I know why, because you’ve been there for me, helped me even after I hurt you, helped me when you didn’t need to, gave me a home and a position by your side.”
Raphael looks at his shoes. “What about.. what about your redhead shadowhunter?” Raphael says and stifles his nose when he mentions Clary and Simon can’t hold back a smile.
“I broke up with her. We talked a lot and we decided it was for the best. Also, i knew she wasn’t in move with me and she just wanted someone to replace Jace. And of course, i was the easy and safe choice since i’ve always been there for her. Thay’s ok, by the way. I wasn’t in love with her either.”
“Then it makes no sense, why’d you choose her over me?”
“Because she was the easy and safe choice for me as well. I’ve known her since my whole life but i didn’t realize until now that she’s not who i want.”
“What if it’s too late? What if I can’t love you after everything you’ve done?” Simon is shocked. He didn’t expect this answer so he steps back.
“Y-you can’t?”
“Don’t ask stupid questions, kiss me” Raphael said and grabbed the front of Simon’s jacket. Simon smiles and kisses Raphael. He puts his hands on Raphael’s neck and feels Raphael’s hands on his waist. The kiss is so soft and they don’t know how much they’ve stayed like this.


“Ada? My, I never thought I’d actually hear back from Ada Shelby. I called you like three weeks ago.” You giggled into the phone, slightly relived that your best friend from school had not in fact, forgotten about you.

You had known each other when you were kids, and because of who she was, Ada didn’t have many friends in school. But why should that ever stop you? You were like her in more ways than not, having grown up with your own 3 younger brothers terrorizing you accordingly. But you had both grown since then, moving up in you’re developing careers and growing further apart.

It was only a week ago when you ran into her at a club in London and chatted for a while before she was whisked away to some family business. “We’ll have to do a proper reunion, maybe tea?” she had offered to which you responded with “I’ll give you a ring.”

Which you had. Three weeks ago.

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Jealous Eyes - Steve Ending

Words: 1121
(Part One) (Tony Ending)
Steve Rogers X Reader X Best Friend! Tony Stark
Request: Hello beautiful! I have a request. Can you make a Steve x reader imagine where they fight because he is jealous of her and Tony’s friendship thanks!” -Anon

The night that had started out as one of your happiest, had turned into one of the longest in your recent memory. You’d been best friends with Tony since you were kids. You’d met in middle school, where even then he was mentally years ahead of everyone else your age. You had always admired how he could make the best out of any situation. Things didn’t affect Tony the way they affected other people. He didn’t hold grudges, at least not petty ones, and he tried to never take anything personal. Being his best friend meant you eventually learned how to do the same. You really were a better person with him in your life.

The Avengers had been an official group for a total of three months before Tony threw them a party. Of course, you were expected to attend. How else was he going to introduce, and set you up with one of his new teammates? You’d tried to weasel your way out of going so many times. Tony was always trying to set you up with people he knew and none of them ever worked out. None of them until Captain Steve Rogers.

“Hey Rogers!” Tony called out to the captain as he dragged you through the apartment. “Have you me [Y/N]?” He smirked, borrowing the incredibly cheesy pick up like from How I Met Your Mother. Steve being completely oblivious to any modern pop culture at the time just smiled you politely.

“No, I haven’t.” He offered out a hand for you to shake. “Captain Steve Rogers at your service.” He introduced. You shook his hand softly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, uh officially, Captain.” You told him awkwardly.

“[Y/N] was at the battle of New York.” Tony interjected.

“He makes it sound like I contributed at all.” You frowned.

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anonymous asked:

How do people tell which ghoul is which? Do they have symbols highlighted on them? Cause i can not find anything to distinguish them from each other!

Hello anon,

I know it’s pretty confusing at first but once you get the hang of things you’ll be able to point them out a mile away. 

Everyone has their own way of pointing them out. With the previous members, it was pretty easy. 

Alpha the lead guitarist as half a heart on each hand. 

Omega had the pretty obvious Omega symbol on his guitar but when ever he did acoustic performances you can tell it’s him because of his rings.

With those two singled out, it was easy for me to tell which one was which. Water on bass, Earth on drums and Air on keyboards. But if all else failed I looked for their symbols on their costumes or instruments –Air had an Air symbol on his instrument–. 

With the new ones, for me, I use their instruments to point them out.

Fire (lead guitar) has the white guitar

Aether (rhythmic guitarist) has the black one. Which when you think about it, it’s the same colour as Alpha and Omega. 

The new Water on bass is easy to point out for me because he’s so TINY!!

Then you have Earth on drums and Air on Keyboard. The new Air sits while playing the keyboards while the former Air did not.

But like I said previously if all else fails you look for their symbols and they’ll be highlighted. You can see here Water (left) and Fire (right) symbols are filled in. 

In time you’ll start to notice one member wearing rings, or one member’s personality on stage and those things can help you distinguish who is who. 

You just do whatever you do to help you figure it out. It takes time and no one is going to jump down your throat for getting it wrong because it is confusing and it is also hard to tell because the symbols are so tiny. 

You’ll find your own way pointing them out eventually. 

I hope this helps :D

If any of you lovely people have their own way of finding out who is who, please feel free to share.


Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: We regard each other fondly, near livewires at the hands of each other, as always.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

The surprise had gone well for what was probably weeks. It had only gotten spoiled roughly fifteen minutes before it was set to take place, which was much better than the last two years combined. Bayley sits in the front seat of the car, her arms are crossed and she’s pouting guiltily, hoping to avoid the glower Charlotte is sending her way. I smile at the two of them from the backseat of the car, pondering where I’d be without them, even with Bayley’s poor secret keeping skills.

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At the same time, Aidan had made his way over to Scarlett’s, and was more or less just venting about what had just happened. It wasn’t unusual of him to do this, but she was growing tired of it.

“Sure.” she muttered under her breath, “Go on. It’s not like I agreed to have you over for any other reason than being a trash bin for your feelings, anyway.”

“Err.. Did you say something?”

“Huh? No, go on. I’m listening.”

the little things

for @fyeahspiritassassin‘s ship week - April 25: Alternative universe/timeline

The other day I heard about this couple that were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary and they were offering Life Advice. I flip flopped between making this a modern AU or a everyone lives/post Scarif AU and I honestly don’t know which one this is but enjoy! (ft. roguejedi) 

“How long have you guys been together?” The question tumbles out of Luke’s mouth in the way such questions do: it was something that had been nagging him for a long time, but there was never the right opportunity to ask. 

Apparently, Luke thought this was the right time. He was right: he and Bodhi were effectively sprawled across the couch, Bodhi looking relaxed in what appeared to be the most uncomfortable position ever, and Luke resting on his side. 

“You could’ve asked me that,” Bodhi says, hand idly running through Luke’s hair. 

“Really?” Luke turns in his seat to look at Bodhi, then at the smiling Guardians, then back at Bodhi. “How would you know?” 

Bodhi’s eyes drift over to Chirrut, who smiles. “The Guardians’ lives… we didn’t know much about them. But something as important as a marriage… that’s hard to keep quiet.” 

“Ah, right. So how long was it?” 

“Before I was born,” Bodhi says with a smile. 

Luke’s jaw drops. “That long?” Bodhi punches him lightly as Baze chuckles. 

“I’m not that old.” 

“Thirty-three years,” Chirrut says with a smile. “If you’re counting from our legal union.” 

Baze huffs. “You make it sound like we got a fancy certificate, Chirrut.” 

Chirrut dismissively waves his hand. 

Luke’s still looking at them in awe. “That long? Man, I don’t know many people who lived much longer, much less were in relationships that long. Wow… How….?” 

“I ask myself that every day,” Baze says. Chirrut lightly punches his shoulder. “I’m kidding. I mean, the… I… I guess I followed Chirrut wherever he went and he kind of adopted me like a stray,” Baze chuckles. 

Bodhi grins. “It always looked like you were trying to keep him out of trouble.” 

“Me? Trouble?” Chirrut says incredulously, a grin blossoming across his face. 

“But seriously,” Luke interjects, “How? Do you have like, any advice for u-I-uh just any advice?” The colour rises in his cheeks. Baze pretends not to notice. 

“He infuriates me most of the time,” Baze starts, “but I like him too much to let that get to me.” 

“Not silently, though,” Chirrut says wisely. “I don’t hear the end of it.” 

“Communication,” Baze nods. “That’s where it all is.” 

“Huh,” Luke says, lost in thought. 

“Sure, the little things can get annoying. Like how Baze refuses to trust in the Force-”

“That’s a little thing?” 

Chirrut shrugs. “Like I was about to say. Don’t blow things out of proportion. The only little things you should be caring about, are the good ones.” 

“Moments like these,” Baze’s voice softens. “They’re hard to come by.” Chirrut nods. 

“You’ll appreciate them later on. When you don’t have the chance.” 

Luke’s eyes flicker over to Bodhi, the losses of their families still fresh in their minds. 

“That makes sense,” Luke says, solemn. “We-I’ll keep that in mind.”