if i had a tail

So basically, I’ve been having a lazy day and watching Netflix in my room all day and I’ve had my tail in.. So my mama calls me down for dinner and I have no time to take my tail out so I have to quickly pull on some baggy jarmie pants to cover the secret tail coming from my butt which I’m trying to hide from my family🙈 but at least I looked kinda cute before hand?🙈🙊

Hello there, everyone!! I wanted to share a few more of my favourite photos of my Grand Magic Games inspired Beach! Aries the Ram with you all this afternoon! These were taken by the wonderful @lovelyabyss95 during the We Rise Mag July Cosplay Beach Day 2016 Event! I had a great time representing the Fairy Tail fandom at the event and cannot wait to bring this version of my Aries to Colossalcon 2017 next summer! By then I will hopefully have her actual bloomers done! Thank you again to @iron-rose-revolution for helping me out with my swimsuit for this cosplay!! The celestial key and ram horns were both made entirely by myself, but I had some help modifying my swimsuit!!

Photographer | Beach! Aries the Ram


All four of the Queens of the Stone Age-inspired makeups I’ve done over the last couple of weeks! Here are the Boneface characters from I Appear Missing, If I Had A Tail, Kalopsia and Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

Mehron paradise paints 

Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??