if i got a dollar for every time i read that


Fairy Tail Chapter 449 Reaction

edit: Apparently a lot of people didn’t understand that this was supposed to be a comic of the Fairy Tail Guild reacting to different parts of Mavis’s story. I just find it hilarious that to us there are these beautiful manga pages but to them they’re literally standing around listening to Mavis talk.


  • My sister and I haven’t had time to read Fairy Tail Zero but I read spoilers so I know what’s going on. She was confused when reading this.
  • When I read Ankhseram all I could think of was the Ankhs from Dog Island
  • I still remember eqqlo turning me into Zervis trash with her art. Now she’s not on tumblr anymore.
  • Holy Shit Yury was hot. Do Dreyar men just become ugly or did it skip two generations.

Side note: I got a lot of new followers lately so let me explain, I do chapter reactions of the recent Fairy Tail chapter, aka stupid jokes I think of after reading a chapter. I started this since chapter 385 and I get a dollar for every chapter reaction without Juvia. I think I have two dollars.

if i got a dollar every time i read a post here on this wonderful website with blatantly wrong historical “facts” with comments like “READ THIS NOW” and “never forget!!!!” i would use my newly required fortune to send every single one of you back to elementary school