if i get rocked this shit is for my kids

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How old are you?

What’s your current job?
- Staying alive and getting a 4.0 (I’m going to be blind by the end of the quarter, WAAAY TOO MUCH reading) 

What’s your aesthetic?

-I’ve been told that I rock the “don’t give a shit but will get shit done” aesthetic AKA I am trash 23/6 but get it together when I really need to. I wear flannels jeans, bro sandals, and caps 6.5 out of 7 days of the week you do the math lol. 

Do you collect anything?
- Nope, not even my thoughts. Lmao kidding, I used to collect stamps and foreign currency aka COIN COLLECTION ++++

What’s a topic you always talk about?
-Hockey, Scandinavian countries and politics

What’s one pet peeve of yours?
- Unpunctual people, y’all are literally my nightmare. 

Good advice you have to give?
- Go for it. (whatever came to mind as you read that UNLESS it’s something that directly jeopardizes your or others’ well being) oh and don’t cry over people, trust me, people come and go and are VERY replaceable. 

Three songs you would recommend?
- Ashes of Eden by Breaking Benjamin (this song had me SHOOK when I first heard it, the nostalgia is REAL AF)
- Handwritten by The Gaslight Anthem (classic emo)
- Katherine Wheel by HIM (I love me some EMO Ville Valo, pardon me please)

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How old are you? I’m 18. I feel like a grandma compared to you youngsters

What’s your current job? Broke college student. Please buy me shit

What are you talented at? Writing, photography, dancing, being a lil shit-head, stuffing pizza in my mouth, sneaking food out of the dining hall

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? To get into med school is the dream atm but also to be more positive

What’s your aesthetic? Depends on my mood. It’s either leather jackets and red lipstick or pale blue and silver or warm colors and silk or … you get it

Do you collect anything? I still have my rock collection from when I was a kid and wanted to be a geologist

What’s a topic you always talk about? Feminism mainly, politics, race, wealth divide, dogs, and anything I can complain about

What’s a pet peeve of yours? Girls who act dumb to impress someone they have a crush on

Good advice to give? Dress and act for yourself; if it makes you happy then that’s all that really matters, and people in your life will align accordingly

 There’s a line between people pressuring you into doing something against your morals and pressuring you into doing something you’re scared or would never do without a push. Learn the difference and watch how you can change while still holding onto your beliefs

Don’t go to college in Montana because the fire alarm will go off while you’re showering and it will be -20 degrees out at night with two feet of snow and you will want to die 

What are three songs you’d recommend?

Youth by Troye Sivan

Radioactive by Marina and the Diamonds

Break the Fall by Laura Welsh

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honestly i was rock climbing today when suddenly

davekat rock climbing au where karkat is this short little being of pure strength that muscles his way up entire fucking climbs. like, he will fuck u up. and then theres dave who just is this lanky flexible shit that balances his way up things. 

meanwhile dave is just working on some route like this is his route are u kidding he’s been at it for weeks and one day he’s walking up to his route, good feeling, mb he’ll get it today idk man when some asshole is climbing it like this fuckface isn’t even wearing any gear he’s just scaling the goddamn wall. and he fucking gets the climb in like two minutes. dave is torn between getting pissed and asking for help when oh no he’s hot


Growing up as a mixed kid I would often find myself trying to “pick a side”. Never quite fitting in on either I had to learn to exist as something other than a biracial kid stuck in the middle. From rocking FUBU gear that was terribly oversized to putting shit in my hair to make it “more manageable”- 30 years in and I think I get it. I’m not one or the other. I AM both and it isn’t a burden…it is an identity. Learn to love that identity whatever it may be as long as it is YOUR identity. Representation is necessary and empowering, therefore, I’d like to shout out to all my beautiful boys and girls searching for that gloriously particular identity. You ain’t the only one 🙏🏾


Things that make you go: ‘dafuq?’

The drain in the shower needs to be cleaned AGAIN; I mean, how is it even possible? If I lost that much hair I’d be bald ages ago. And not to mention how things tend do clutter up in general; and WHEN will they change that blinking street light outside my living room window, someone should have reported that by now – and with the holidays coming up… I think I’ll be stuck with my own personal strobe light. Unless I break it, yes! Throw a rock at it or something… But it seem like such hard work; and besides, it is getting a tad cold. And I am 40 years old. I am getting to old for that shit. And no kids in the neighborhood that I could bribe into doing the deed – just as well. No money. What to do, what to do… The eternal question of the egotistical mind: how to get what I want without raising a finger to get it. 

I thought I’d have gotten further than this by now. I wasn’t really expecting a family, I wasn’t even expecting a dog. As far as those life goals go: success. But I did expect a little bit of direction in life. As it is now I got nothing. No fixed income, no career – which is not surprising since I don’t know what I want to do with my life – no significant other. I have realised recently that I only want people that don’t want me. And it is most likely a safe guard. Keeps the complications to a minimum and the internet porn sites well visited. But not as much as could be imagined. I don’t really know how to take my photography further. Should I give this a serious go? That would mean to learn lights, get a studio – or at least rent space at one – and that seem so very grown up. Should I go the other way and give everything up? Just work as a madman for two years, pay off whatever debts I got and just… leave. Travel. See the world before it is to late. Live somewhere else. Learn languages. There are places in Norway, far above the arctic circle, where you can make good money gutting fish. I could do that. I know knifes. Should I learn Chinese and start working with China? Should I move to Berlin and try to become an artist. 

Should I get myself into shape; get a haircut and a job and get on the slow train towards death?

Todays picture is another selfie. A self portrait without the self. We leave impressions; imprints on the people we meet in life. With some we live large, with others small and with the vast majority we leave a brief whiff of an impression. We must realise that we are nothing; that what we do have no meaning – no meaning to anyone but ourselves. What has relevance is the impression we leave, their interpretation of us. If that impression is true or false based on our idea of ourself is irrelevant. Like a photo or any work of art we are left open to interpretation and the truth is always in the eyes of the beholder.

Solna, Sweden.

The Angry Birds Movie is so fucking important. Angry Birds is serious shit. I don’t want to see anyone on my Dash talking shit about it. Capisce? It touched on themes of war, genocide, xenophobia, the economy, infrastructure, the environment, culture, ethics, speciesism, love, hate, death, rebirth. Before hating on it, why don’t you fucking watch it? Like they fit so much deep shit into that little movie and I came out of the theater a better person, like more worldly and cognizant, and yes, disclaimer, I did exit the theater in handcuffs, okay, because, yes, I was primarily there to masturbate in a crowded theater because that’s the only way I can get my rocks off now. But I actually watched the film while fondling myself and I learned so fucking much and it’s not just a “kid’s” film. It spoke truth to power. So don’t you DARE fucking talk shit about it if you haven’t even experienced it yet.