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Hey guys! I just finished my first semester of college, and with personal life getting rocky and my family preparing to move away, I figure it’s time to bring this up again!

If I am asked to draw an OC, please send a detailed description of your character (include scars, birthmarks, etc). Pictures and written descriptions are perfect! If they’re from the WoW universe, send me a link to their armory if applicable!

See more examples and information on my art blog and website!

Estimated Time for Completion*:

  • Lineart = 1-2 week
  • Bust/Waist Colored = 1-2 weeks
  • Full Body Colored = ~3 weeks

*Estimation is based off how much free time I have. Art can take longer if I have less access to a computer due to my personal household life.

I will notify you with constant progress of the WIPs as I work to ensure your satisfaction with the drawing!

Interested in buying? My PayPal is neolasunblade@yahoo.com

I only accept payment through PayPal. No exceptions.

Contact me by email or here on Tumblr! You must pay first before I draw. Do not pay until I let you know that I accept your commission. I have every right to refuse any commission.

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anonymous asked:

The OW comics are great was just wondering if wore going to do full draw of like mercy or someone in color n all that?

[[I sort of fall under the list of people that don’t think their full stuff is really good to really draw them all the time >u>;; (like holy crap theres so much amazing OW arts???!!! <3) Plus I’m not very great at colouring >A>;; If anything I’ll probably be doing black and white traditional when I get the inspiration. Otherwise I’m pretty much sticking to shitposting OW stuff.]] 

[[Anyway have this casual mercy that I took a few hours to complete. Thanks for asking!]]

Please direct OW related asks to my OW ask blog instead! Unless you’re asking about art like this in general! Thank you!

I’m just finishing up the asks that were sent to my main blog first!


AHAHA well I was dumb and spent a lot of money on a snake today, so BUST COMMISSIONS TO DO OVER TURKEY BREAK.

I’m putting Tuesday and Wednesday to the side to finish my two YCH pieces I owe, and these! For now they’ll be unlimited, just keep in mind that I do have school, and school projects come first. But I’ll do my best to get these out in a timely manner and keep you updated!

If you’re interested please send an email to cargorabbit@gmail.com and tell me your username, and give me refs of your OC and if there’s anything particular I need to be mindful of! 

These are $25! I can do any species!