if i get out at 4:30 for my class

I thought I would share the school supply list I created because my high school doesn’t give out supply lists. (leave a comment if your high school also doesn’t/didn’t give out school supply lists, too. Just curious if most high schools don’t give out lists)

Notebooks - One per class, and another for notes

Graph paper notebook - For whatever type of math class you’re in, if you’re in one. Not sure about anyone else but my previous math teachers always wanted graph paper

Folders - One per class, unless notebooks have a pocket in them, and if wanted one for homework

Note cards - 1-2 packs. If you’re taking a foreign language I might get 2-3 possibly even 4 instead

Pencil case(s) - I like to have one for my essentials like a few pencils, pens, a highlighter, white out, etc. and one to keep the rest of the pens, pencils, and highlighters in.

Mechanical pencils - Whatever type you prefer. If you tend to loose pencils easily I might get one of those big packs of like 30. If you probably won’t loose them I might get the pack of two or three that come with the extra box of lead

Pens - 2 black, 2 blue, 2 red. It’s fun to have colorful pens, too, for note taking

Highlighters - however many you want, whatever kind you want. Because maybe you want the Zebra mildliners, or the regular ones from the store idk man it doesn’t matter to me you do you.

Sticky notes - 2 packs, and maybe some cute ones if you want

White out - You might not think you need it but you probably will at some point. Plus it’s only around $1

Clear tape - 1-2 rolls

Calculator - or a graphing calculator, ONLY if you need it. They’re fucking expensive, guys

Backpack - make sure it will hold all your stuff and not break halfway through the year

Laptop Case - Not necessary, but my school gives us chromebooks to carry around and we need to keep them in a case.

Planner - Definitely get a planner. Check out the different kinds and find one that works for you.

Speaking of planners, any planner recommendations? Not sure which one to get

Well, I think that’s about it! A basic school supply list. Pretty sure this was useless but whatever.

How would you guys feel about a “What’s in my backpack” post? Please let me know!

Inspiration <3

A flower starts as a seed. It is small, and may not be seen in the ground. But when watered and given time, it grows. It grows taller and becomes more beautiful. It blooms. Humans are just like flowers.

When you are born, you more or less just cry, eat, and sleep. But then you grow. You grow and you learn. You learn about the world and develop skills. You practice, you devote time. You achieve.

When you learn to ride a bike, you may fall off a lot. It hurts, but you get back up and try again. And again. Then you don’t fall off so much. Then you get good, you go faster and stay on the bike for longer. Before you know it, you’ve learned to ride a bike and don’t need help any more. Life is like riding a bike.

When someone first starts drawing, it might not be a masterpiece - but with time and practice, their art improves more and more.

Give someone a musical instrument for the first time and, chances are, they can’t really play anything on it. But with enough hard work and time, they can end up playing amazing things. 

People that once believed they would never achieve anything have gone on to change the world, or at least change someone’s world.

There are people who once thought they would never meet their heroes, but now have.

There are people who felt imprisoned by their mental or physical illness or differences, but have gone on to achieve incredible things, things that they never thought they would do.

Public speakers may have previously battled with social anxiety.

Athletes may have once been drained of energy by depression. 

Deaf/HoH people can become musicians, blind people can be artists.

People with any mental illness or physical disability can go on to inspire people because, at the end of the day, they are people just like everyone else.

People in the LGBTQIA community can contribute to the world as much as anyone else can, because they are just as human. 

Your ability to do amazing things is not defined by gender, sexuality, or race. It is not defined by your weight or body shape. It is not defined by physical or mental differences like this. These differences purely make us human. Different does not mean less.

People can write off their dreams as impossible, but one day find that they can achieve it if they chase it for long enough. They just have to not listen to the people that say ‘you can’t’ and tell themselves ‘I can’.

Let me tell you my story.

I thought I would never get to see Coldplay in concert. I was wrong, because I’ve now seen them twice, including once in a stadium.

I thought no YouTuber would ever care about me or notice me - but this was not true. I was responded to as recently as last night.

I believed I would always be bad at drawing and could never improve. But practicing it has proved me wrong, as my drawings have in fact got better.

My sleep schedule was non-existent; I was getting up midday or later, and falling asleep at 4/5am or later. Now I fall asleep much earlier, and get up around 9/9.30 every morning.

I was never getting out of the house unless I had a class to go to. But recently, I’ve taken myself out to my local shop on multiple occasions.

When I first started composing, I was writing pieces that were maybe no longer than 30 seconds, and weren’t very interesting. Now, I can write pieces that are 5 minutes or longer, with a vast number of instruments if I want to, and people tell me how much they enjoy them.

I used to hate myself and hurt myself. Now, I’m learning to like myself more and I haven’t harmed myself in years. I used to avoid looking at myself in the mirror, but now I’m able to smile at myself.

I once thought that I would never be mentally strong enough or clever enough to go to university. I’m now a few weeks away from finishing my three-year music degree.

I thought I’d always be hated with no friends. But now I have many friends online, and even a little friendship group in person. 

I believed I would never have the confidence to make videos. But now it’s been nearly a year since my first vlog, I’ve grown in confidence on camera, and I have a wonderful 300+ community subscribed to the channel.

I once hated performing and wouldn’t ever do it. I still don’t find it comfortable, but I do it more now; I’m performing an original album launch in a couple of weeks time.

I used to believe I would never amount to anything or succeed at anything. But I’ve almost finished my degree, I have 300+ subscribers on YouTube, and many people have told me how I’ve helped them and made them happy.

Discovering that I am asexual has not diminished my abilities. Depression and social anxiety have not stopped me achieving those things, even though they tried to. The fact that I may possibly have Asperger’s (self diagnosed but it’s pretty likely), meaning that my mind works differently, hasn’t prevented me from achieving all of those goals. 

There are dreams I have not fulfilled, mountains I haven’t yet climbed…

But my story is not even over yet.

Have obstacles? You’ll overcome them all.

Feel hopeless? It will get better.

Have dreams? Chase them.

Your story is unfinished, you are not on the final chapter yet, and you can’t know the ending because you’ve never read your story before.

Keep writing it. Keep living. Keep dreaming.


God Dammit Ponyboy Imagine

*A/N*: More fan fiction of characters coming up next. I’m thinking Two Bit next?

Prompt: “Sorry for not being as smart as you.”

Warnings: cursing?

Word Count: 4,793

I looked around the room seeing the tapping of my pencil was becoming a nuisance to the class. I didn’t care though. I continued to tap my pencil a little louder this time.

“Now finals are right around the corner. I expect everyone’s study guide on my desk by Thursday and Ms. Y/L/N, please control your pencil.”

The class erupted in snickers. I rolled my eyes, in a nonchalant way of course, at the teachers “desired” shout out. The bell freeing me from this hell whole. I rushed towards Ponyboy’s locker which was only a few lockers down from mine.

“Hey hot stuff” I said looking up at the greaser.

“I don’t think Talia would be okay with you calling me that.” Ponyboy said with a wink

“I don’t think I care. She shouldn’t be jealous, we’re not together anymore.” I shot back.

Ponyboy and I weren’t in a romantic relationship anymore. I never really understood why he left me for Talia, his new girlfriend. I just don’t see what he sees in her.

“Well I’ll be over to study at 5.” I said going towards my locker.

“Um well actually -

“Can you believe Ms. SmokeDetector had the audacity to embarass me infront of the class by telling me to stop tapping my pencil?” I said cutting Ponyboy off…unintentionally of course.

“Oh um okay but can you -” Ponyboy tried to speak again but I was already walking away.

“See you at five!” I said disappearing into the crowd of impatient students trying to get out the door.

4:30 rolled around and I figured it would be a good time to start walking towards the Curtis’s house. Now they weren’t super far from my house but it did take a good 20 minutes to get to them. I stepped inside greeted by the usual chaos. “Oh Hey Y/N” The guys rung. I gave them all a simple wave and made my way upstairs. It was odd how Ponyboy’s door was closed instead of open how it usually is.

I opened the door and I was a shocked and a little pissed off when I saw Ponyboy and Talia kissing. They seemed on the brink of indulging in sexual intercourse. “Woah kids let’s keep it PG in here.” I said plotting myself on Ponyboy’s chair.

“Oh I didn’t know you would be coming this early and I was trying to tell you tha-”

“Ponyboy you don’t have to explain why you were doing what you were doing I could care less.” I lied. I always loved when Ponyboy got embarassed. His cheeks would become rose, his words would clog up.

“If anything she can study with us.”

“Oh I’d rather not.” Talia said back. I cocked my eyebrow unimpressed at her comment. I bent down to take out my english book. When I rested the English book on Ponyboy’s desk, they were kissing again. I snapped my fingers trying to get his attention. He looked up at me for a second then made his way to the chair I was sitting in. I got up and sat in the other available plastic chair.

“Okay so a Ghazal Poem is a poem form with rhyming couplets and a refrain, each line sharing the same meter. It is a… oh god.” I looked out and boom they were going at it again, in the chair! I sighed in annoyance.

“Do you want me to leave?” I said avoiding contact with him.

“No no you’re good continue.” Ponyboy assured.

“Thank you. So a Ghazal Poem is a poem form with rhyming couplets and a refrain, each line sharing the same meter. So basically they end with the same word?” I said questioning my theory.

“Actually it’s a bit more complicated. If you’re in the “accelerated” class you should know that.“ Talia said questioning my intelligence. Blood began to boil. My leg began to shake. While getting it through my teeth, I said "Well Sorry I’m not as smart ad you.”

I grabbed my books and left. I halfed expected Ponyboy to be behind me. I turned around and all I could see was the dimly lit streets of Tulsa. Out of all people her? Like what the fuck. She is a complete idiot. Yea she may be pretty but she is such a ditz. I turned into the lot. My legs were so shaky I couldn’t continue.

A few minutes past, 15 at the least. I began to hear the pitter patter of feet. I froze not knowing how to react. If I ran for it and it was a Soc, I was gonna get chased after. But if I stay put and hide, I may aswell get beat up. I slowly picked up my backpack as I heard the footsteps coming closer.

“Y/N Wait..” I heard the familiar voice said.

“Ponyboy don’t you have an Albert Einstein girlfriend to interact with?” I said beginning to walk the direction my house is in.

“Wait please. You forgot your book…” Ponyboy said pleading.

I stopped in my tracks turning around slowly. I walked towards him keeping my eyes focused on the book in his hand. When I tried reaching for the book his swiped his hand away putting it around my waist. He pulled me closer and kissed with every bit of compassion in him.

“Can we try again?” He asked. I nodded my head trying to hide my dark red cheeks.

A/N: I didnt know what to name the teacher and in the mist of writing this my smole detector kept beeping. So there you have Ms.SmokeDetector

My personal and exciting news …

Some of you probably don’t know that I am a pre-school teacher. I was an aide when I stated at age 17, and went from toddlers to 2’s to 3’s and 4’s… and I stayed with pre-k, 4’s, for 6 years until I got hired as an actual teacher - but for 2’s.

My dream is to become a full time pre-k teacher but there are teachers there that have been there for 30+ years.

I was starting to panic that the new lady, who has only been on our staff for 3 years, was going to trump me.

But, turns out, I am next in line for pre-k teacher. This is one of the senior teachers last year… and I’m being signed up to take classes to get my teaching certificate / minor degree.

My mother, who is also my boss, told me “this will be your last year teaching young 3’s.”

My dreams are coming true!

+ and -

+ I drug myself to bootcamp in the park last night despite it being about 40* outside.

+ I also ran a couple of miles around the lake before bootcamp.

- My trusty Glycerin’s gave me a blister during last night’s run. I’m guessing it’s because of my stride change. Mother^*%#+~.

+ I also drug myself out of bed at 4:30 this morning for chaos class.

- 3 workouts in 12 hours has made me want to eat the house down today.

+++ Despite that, I’m 100% on plan.

- Despite being 100% on plan for a couple of days, and despite killing my workouts over the same time frame, my weight is up ANOTHER pound and a half. Cute. That’s up 6 pounds from my last check in for those keeping track!

+ We’re getting new furniture delivered today. I bought our current couches right after college graduation, so they’re 11 years old. I also paid about $200 total for a couch, loveseat, and set of tables. Obviously they were super high quality. I can’t wait to have comfortable furniture!

- Y'all it was just snowing. No.

+ A project that I didn’t really want to do has been postponed due to an acceleration in the timeframe for an upcoming of acquisition.

- Sadly, that acceleration also led to me canceling a vacation to go see my BFF in Arizona.

+ Due to said acceleration, I may get to go to Oregon for work. I’ve never been!

I hope you’re all having a good day. If not, have a drink at lunch. Tell your boss I said it was ok!

anonymous asked:

Are you ok?

Yes hi I am okay! Sorry if I worried anyone!

I started college last week, and its been stressful! A full course load is 6 classes. I am taking 9 classes (yes, they are all required and I need them all to take the second semester classes), two of which meet twice a week. So I’ve got 11 classes a week and have to get up at 4:30 or 5 am to get to school on time, which has admittedly knocked me on my ass a bit.

(Seriously. On Friday I went to bed at 6:30 pm and slept for 13 hours. I only got up bc I had to pee.)

That, plus the fact that I can only work weekends now and so am saying yes to every weekend shift I get, plus homework, plus I might be moving out for a bit soon and need to find a place near my school looking for roommates, means I’m gonna be a little scattered on here and this may just be more of a weekend blog for awhile. But don’t worry my friend! I’m busy, but it’s a good kind of busy where I’m doing what I love 💛

hopefully i can stick to using my planner regularly!

i had a good second day, i guess. Going from 8 to 4:30 makes for a longggg day. i like both my classes(intro to social work and psychology of gender) but intro to social work is going to be packed. we have four papers/projects…. but yay! first days are over! i was getting a little overwhelmed at my job about school and whatever. i am literally only two days in i am NOT running out of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I drug my sorry ass out of bed at 4:30 this morning for cycling. It took a solid 30 minutes of the class to wake up, warm up, and get in the groove. This is not exactly stellar, as the class is only 45 minutes! But it’s done and I burned a few calories and got stronger. That’s what it’s all about. Now I can just go lift tonight and then go paddle. It’s a hot, hot, hot week here, with temps in the 90-100 degree range every day!

Apparently there was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake near Lincoln, Montana last night that was felt all the way over in my neck of the woods (hundreds of miles away). I was fast asleep and felt nothing. Dang!

Sorry, Not Sorry- Part 1

Imagine Y/n and Spencer are roommates. Y/n really likes Spencer, but Spencer is in a committed relationship. Y/n has no other choice than to get over her emotions or move out. She is then unsure if she should tell Spencer how she really feels. 

I pull into my driveway with a bunch of groceries in my trunk. This time of the month sucks, besides the other thing that girls hate, because it was my turn to buy groceries. 

Every month me and my roommate, Spencer take turns on buying the food. This month, as you can see, is my turn. 

I pop the trunk to retrieve the groceries. I take about ten bags at once and walk slowly toward the door. When I get there, I realize I left my keys in the car ignition. Great move smart one.

Without wanting to go back, I bang on the door with the groceries hoping that Spencer is here. He is always usually here around this time because his classes end at 4. Checking the time to see if I’m right, it’s 6:30. Little fucker.

Banging on the door harder, this time, he finally opens it. I rush inside to put the bags down. Dang, they were hurting my fingers. 

“Are there any more bags?” Spencer asks from behind me. I nod my head, my back still faced toward him as I put the bags on top of the island. 

I get items out of the bags and put them up. While putting the drinks in the fridge, I hear a loud thump causing me to jump and hit my head.

The thump came from no other than Spencer accidently hitting the doorframe with the bags.

Spencer laughs and drops the bags he had on the floor. He’s so damn destructive.

God damn boys.

“Spencer! I have cans in there!” I shriek while rubbing my temple.

He laughs louder, placing his hand on his stomach. “Yo-You should’ve seen the look on your face” his voice wheezy. 

I roll my eyes and throw an apple at him. He dodges and sticks his tongue out at me. 

I love how me and Spencer are so close. We didn’t really talk at first when we met but then it just changed one day. 

Around eighteen months ago, we shared the same Psychology class. Our Professor, Professor Martinez, thinks College is high school 2.0, so he gave us assigned seats.

He sat me and Spencer next to each other and we barely talked during the first semester. Only “What did he say?” or “Did you get the notes from the last slide?” were exchanged. 

Then one day, Professor Martinez assigned a partner book project to where we had to read an entire book and make a PowerPoint to see if we can discover pieces of information to who might be a sociopath, psychopath, etc.

Turns out, the book was Pride and Prejudice, which was my all-time favorite and Spencer was my partner. When we worked on the project, it appeared that was his go-to book as well.

We quickly bonded over the book and got an A on our project. Professor Martinez said we did the best in the class and spotted clues that he didn’t see.

Ever since then, we became really close. Late night sleepovers, introducing each other to new books, binge watching Netflix, you name it. 

Spencer and I then decided to move in together about 4 months ago. Best decision ever. 

I mean, getting to live on your own and share an apartment with your crush, I’m living the life.

I mean best friend. 

Well, I might as well tell somebody. 

Spencer has been my crush for about 9 months now and my feelings grow stronger each and every day. 

What’s not to like about him? He’s intelligent, funny, down-to-earth, gorgeous, has a sense of style, has a sexy voice, has sexy hair, and has the most perfect plump lips.

His smile makes my day as well. His perfectly aligned teeth exposed. Can make any girl swoon.

My thoughts were interrupted by him throwing the apple back at me hitting my boob. 

“Ow, you jerk!” I grabbed my boob and groan. He has an audacious look swept across his face.

“Don’t make me wipe off that look” I threatened. He throws his hands up in the air with the same expression.

I chuckle knowing he is going to be stubborn. His face in the little smirk of his makes my knees weak. 

“Just come and help me unpack the groceries, you dork”

He smiles and picks up the bags he dropped, he walks to the kitchen and places it on the counter. 

“Did you get the last of the bags?” I ask putting the rest of the drinks in the fridge. 

“I don’t know did I?” The sass in his tone was so forced. 

I look over to him with a Don’t-Mess-With-Me look. 

“Yes, I did. Gosh”  

I laugh and continue unpacking. I would take glances at him once in a while to see if he was putting the food in the right place. And to also see his face. His perfect jawline and face. 

I realize I each time I stared, it was about a good 10-15 second. He’s going to notice. (EDIT)

“What are you looking at punk?” 

Crap he noticed. I flushed and look at him abashed.

The way he says punk is so satisfying. I like the way he pops his P’s. Everything about him is just so perfect. 

“You.” I tease.  

He gasps and puts his hands over his chest in an overly dramatic way. “Oh my gosh, no way.” I walk over to him to slap his hand but he catches it and twisted it behind my back. Oh wow.

“Spencer! Let me go!” I struggle to get out of his grip. He twists my arm tighter causing me to whimper in pain. “No.” His tone sounding somewhat serious.

About 5 minutes later, I convinced him that if he let me go then he wouldn’t have to put up the groceries. He, of course, obliged to that and literally ran off into the living room to watch some educational show on the history channel.

Oh, he’s so adorable. I love how he is such a nerd for everything. The way his eyes dilate when he’s interested in something. How he bites his lip at a dramatic scene in a movie or TV show. All the little things that make me fall harder for him.

I finish putting the groceries up and head to the living room. I was about to plop myself down on the couch until I heard someone knock on our door. I grunt and drag myself toward the entryway. Without looking through the peephole, I simply open it to find the one and only, Spencer’s girlfriend, Jennifer.

I almost forgot about her. She didn’t appear in my mind prior and I wish she wasn’t in my head by any means. For, I hope she never existed.

I know it’s not good to say since she is one of my good friends.

She has shoulder length, blonde hair, her body is perfectly toned due to owning a Zumba studio, her fashion sense is goals and her nose is even perfect. I mean C'mon I might as well say her eyelashes are perfect. Even her name is pretty.

There are a million reasons to be jealous of this girl but the only main reason is that she’s Spencer’s girlfriend. Someone I will never be for as long as I live.

I mean who can compete with that? She is basically a walking goddess. 

“Hey Y/n” She greets me with a hug. 

After we pull apart, she lifts her hand up and I see that my keys are around her index finger. Crap I never went back to get them out of the ignition. 

“Be careful love, you could’ve been car jacked” She says as she hands me the keys. 

Jennifer was one of my good friends that I met in my English class. I then introduced her to Spencer and he swooned over her.

Sometimes I do regret my decision. Then other times, I’m glad he’s happy.

It’s not that I don’t like her, because I do. It’s just because I’m jealous. She has something I don’t have.

It does take a lot of courage to admit to being jealous of someone. People are so stubborn and hard-headed nowadays. 

I laugh at her comment and invite her in. “Spencer is right over there being a nerd.” She goes and sits next to him, surprising him. 

“Hey, baby.” 

Oh, my god. My knees jiggled from him saying that and it wasn’t even directed at me. I’m legitimately a weirdo. 

He leans in to kiss her and I immediately turn my body around to walk to my room. 

Yes, it hurts enormously to see your crush kiss another girl. It’s inferior when he’s your best friend because that is all he will consider you to be. It’s for and way more terrible when you can hear them “make love” in the room right next to yours.

Don’t you have that feeling where you can literally feel your heart rip out of your chest? The unpleasant feeling happens to me daily. Every time I see them together, it constantly reminds me that I will never be in that position. 

Never be able to sit on his lap. Never be able to kiss him and say “I love you.” Never be able to have an emotional or physical connection. He says I love you to me casually but I know it doesn’t have the same meaning as to when he says it to Jennifer.

I’ve wanted him to have more meaning behind those words ever since I realized that I liked him.

9 months ago


The holidays were around the corner and everybody was packing to go home. I, on the other hand, was not. I couldn’t retreat home, for I don’t have a good relationship with my parents and my siblings all live elsewhere. They don’t want me to be in their lives.

Therefore, I was lying in bed having to lie to my roommate as to why I wasn’t going home. 

 “My parents died when I was little.” was my response ever since I came to college here. Her face had a look of sympathy which I despised. 

 I know it’s terrible to say that about my parents but I needed something believable to explain to noisy people. 

 She left with a goodbye and Merry Christmas. Leaving me here to have another Christmas alone at the coffee shop surrounded by happy families and friends. 

 I take out Sense and Stability to re-read while the time passes to only be interrupted by a knock on my door. 

I get up and walk to the door to patent it.

 There lies my best friend, Spencer. “Hey” 

 I give him a wide smile. “Hey, I thought you were already leaving?” 

 He stays silent for a little bit. Putting his hands in his pockets. 

 “Why aren’t you leaving, Y/n?” His face has this look as if to know that I’m hiding something. I look to the ground with an ashamed look on my face. Can I tell him? He is my best friend. He won’t judge me. Right?

 “Y/n, you know you can tell me anything.” He reaches for my hands assuring me. I remove my hands from his embrace and sigh, walking back toward my bed.

 He follows me in and closes the door behind him. I sit down on my bed and put my head in my hands. He sits down next me and hugs me. 

 “You don’t have to tell me.” He says acquiescent. 

 I shake my head looking up. “No, I want to tell you. I haven’t told anybody and I think I may explode if I keep it in.” He nods signaling for me to continue. 

 I take a sharp breath before continuing. 

 “When I was 16, I went out with this 25 year-old-old guy named Dylan.” I stop, taking another breath. “He was the dreamiest guy and I felt so lucky to have him. My parents, on the other hand, didn’t like him very much due to his age. They thought he was bad for me and felt a very negative feeling when he was around. Me, being the typical 16-year-old, ignored them and thought they were just being paranoid, for he was my first boyfriend.” I look at Spencer and he looks concerned.

 “Everything was perfect for me and him. He would take me places, expensive dates, though I didn’t care for his money. I cared for him a lot. Then one day I came home really late, like 3 am late. I tried explaining to my parents what happened but they didn’t want to hear it. They forbid me to see him. They said if they saw me with him or even mention him, they would move me across the country to another state to live with my grandparents” I realize I’m dragging the story. “Sorry it’s pretty long” 

 He rests his hand on my thigh. “It’s okay, continue.” 

 I flicker my eyes across the room and let out a breath. “So, when they said that, I went rebellious and snuck out to see him every night. I started skipping school. My grades were dropping drastically. But I didn’t care. As long as I was with him my world was complete.” I smile at the memory. I remember being hopelessly in love. The way he made me feel so beautiful. 

 “Then, when I turned 17, we got intimate. He made me feel so beautiful and so loved. Until, I realized my parents were right about him.” I look down ashamed at my actions. My eyes are burning, tears threatening to fall but I don’t let them.

 “Turns out the first time we did it, he recorded it. I had no idea he did this until my friends told me that a video of me was going around social media. When I got my hands on it, I couldn’t stop crying. He had exposed me to everyone I went to school with, my parents, my siblings, and everyone in my city.” Tears fall from my face onto the ground. 

 Spencer puts his arms me and embraces me. “Shh, it’s okay. He’s not here to hurt you.” His hands run through my hair.

 “Worst part is, when I confronted him about it his exact words were ‘I did it for a bet of who can get into your pants and record it. Because you were such a prude and you needed some in your life’ I remember those words so vividly because it’s crazy how 29 words can ruin your whole perspective about a person who you thought you knew so well.”

 I can feel Spencer’s tears fall on my head. I pull away from his embrace with a puzzled look. “Why are you crying?” 

 He wipes his tears. “Because, it hurts me knowing that someone has hurt you in the worst way possible.” 

 I was in awe of how much he cared. Even though I know people have probably been hurt worse, but the sincerity was enough to make me smile.

 “If you don’t mind me asking, where did you go after that happened.” 

 “I moved to my grandparents for my senior year of high school. It sucked but it was better than being known as a slut or “porn star.” 

 He just nodded his head and formed his mouth into an “O” shape. 

 “Hey, why don’t come with me? Come and spend holidays with me and my family?” I thought about it for a second. Going to meet my best friend’s family and spend Christmas with them? Is it a good idea?

It would be the first Christmas in three years that I wouldn’t be alone. 

 “Sounds great,” I smile. 

 The look on his face made me smile so much. His eyes lit up and he gave me a wide toothless smile. 


When I went to his hometown I was amazed. I have never been to Las Vegas before and being here for the first time with my best friend was a great way to spend it.  

 I met Spencer’s family and they were total sweethearts. They thought I was his girlfriend at first and kept re-asking us throughout the night because they wouldn’t believe us.

 He would be my little tour guide and tell me the facts about this city as we pass by casinos or important architecture. The way he looked so proud to be here telling me about it was so adorable to me.

 The way he was there for me and by my side when I had nobody made me realize that I like him. The way he didn’t judge me about my past and brought me along with him. How he shared his emotions with me.

 Not many guys would do that. 

 But we all know that Spencer is a rare species. 


I throw myself on my bed and smile remembering the times me and Spencer have had. 

We still have good memories but we can rarely make some with Jennifer in the picture. He’s still the same guy but minus the time. 

When he first met her, he wouldn’t stop talking about her. He was constantly saying how beautiful she is and how is was going to make him hers. 

He got what he wanted. 

“Hey, Y/n” Spencer walks in without knocking. “You left your phone downstairs and it keeps going off.” He says throwing the phone on my bed before walking back to the living room.

I retrieve it and see I’m getting a call from my girl best friend, Emily. 

I slide the answer button. ‘Hello?” 

“Finally, you pick up bitch.” I laugh. Emily is my old friend that I met my senior year of high school.

“Anyways, how have you been? How’s Spencer hmmm hmmm.” Emily knows about Spencer and my crush for him. She was the first to know. 

“I’ve been good. Spencers been well. How are you? How long has it been? 6 months?” I say ardent. 

“It’s been 7!” She exclaims. “You never talk to me anymore.” Well, I guess she’s been good too since she didn’t give me a definite answer.

“I’ve been busy. School, Moving in with Spencer, Jobs…” 

I hear her shriek over the phone. “YOU MOVED IN WITH HIM?? ARE YOU TWO A THING NOW?” Her voice almost made me go deaf. 

I sigh. “No, but we decided to move in together so we can spend more time with one another.” 

“Sounds like he wants you alone.” 

I wish. 

“Well, I would've guess that too until he got a girlfriend.” I pull my phone away from my ear getting prepared to hear you scream again. I’m surprised when I don’t hear it. 

“Awe love. He’s retarded.” Ugh, I hate sympathy. 

“Eh, it’s okay.” 

“Where do you live at now? I want to see you.” I can hear her getting into her car due to the door slamming and hearing an ignition going off.

Wait, No. Does that mean?

“Oh my gosh! Are you in Virginia?” I exclaim. 

“You guessed right love.” 

I shriek again before giving her my address. I haven’t talked to her in 7 months so, god only knows how long I’ve seen her. I cannot wait to see her face again.

I run downstairs to wait for her arrival. My heart is beating so fast out of my chest I forgot what the hell I was down about earlier.  

I make my way to the living room to find Spencer and Jennifer having a hardcore make out session. 

Oh. That’s why.

So, I decided to make this into chapters. It may be only 3 parts but hey I write a lot into one Imagine.  

Hope you enjoyed. xx

queeniedear  asked:

Ohhh! How about number 4 then? 😊

How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?

Ooooh, that’s a loaded question, isn’t it?

I got an idea for that last POV prompt which will take place about 30 years in the future. I’m a little busy over the next two days (including doing this thing for my school where we have to go to the local outdoor market square and advertise our classes and I would, quite frankly, rather be run over by a cart and horse, but I can’t really get out of it for Reasons) but I am hoping to get that out there ASAP.

I am in the middle of writing Wu and Qi’s families exchanging betrothal gifts. It is set in the private dining room of Kwong’s Cuisine and Su drags her husband along to unapologetically horn in on the action because Su. I need to finish this, I have no excuse. Well, okay, it was making me feel sad to write it and there’s this period in the summer where the anniversary of my late wife’s death, my kids’ birthday and her birthday as well just sort of clumps itself into a snarling sad mess, so that’s my excuse. But I will finish it.

I was trying to write a smutty fic that involves Wuqiko and it is just not working. At all. It’s pissing me off and it is on the back burner for right now until it decides to behave. I appreciate that there are writers who can just push their way through this kind of thing and whip their story into shape but oh my lordy, I am not one of them. 

There is the Royalist fic but it is not going to happen until IDNAtNfE is finished. Because I just can’t. But there is lots going on with it.

Also, there are things that are going to happen with IDNAtNfE (who did tell Kuvira where Baatar was?) and I just need to wriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Happy Healthy ME

As you know, I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome for over two years now, and prior to that I had glandular fever, chronic tonsillitis and a whole host of ongoing health problems. By this point, after years of abusing my body and putting up with so much ill health, I’m understandably very frustrated and fed up with always being sick! It’s time to take charge of my health and finally be HAPPY HEALTHY ME!

So, I’ve starting drafting a little plan to help get my health back on track. It’s a work in progress, I’m going to trial this for a few weeks and adjust it as I go. I also need to make allowances for when I am feeling sick and tired. The key to recovering from chronic fatigue is to know when you’re at your limit and allow yourself to rest. Pushing yourself just doesn’t work in this case! I need to work on creating structure and routine within my days, especially my days off from work. 

Morning Routine

  • up by 8am (unless I really need a sleep in)
  • 1 litre of lemon water
  • 2 tbsp blackstrap molasses, vitamin B12, vitamin D3
  • 20-30 minute walk
  • stretching, physiotherapy, strength work (about 30 mins)
  • 10 minute meditation
  • HCLF fruit-filled breakfast
  • shower, wash face, clean teeth
  • studying by 9:30-10ish


  • currently trialling a HCLF, high raw diet. At this point I’m still working out what works best for me nutritionally. I LOVE eating lots of fruit, but am open to adjusting my macros depending on what I feel works best for me. Also being winter, I’m definitely craving hearty, warming meals! So this will be one I’m working on over time. 
  • eat some raw veggies every day
  • [mostly] gluten free. I always eat gluten free at home, but will occasionally eat it when out - and only in small amounts! I have a mild gluten intolerance, but a little seems to go okay.
  • fresh pressed juice daily


  • 20 − 30 minute walk daily - this is as much about getting me out of the house on my days off so I don’t become a hermit as it is just getting me up and moving. Plus I love walking! It’s so calming, refreshing and just feels so dang good.
  • 4 x dance classes per week
  • 1 − 2 yoga classes per week
  • stretching, physiotherapy and strength work daily - one thing I REALLY need to focus on, is getting my strength back up! Obviously dancing helps a lot, but I still have very little upper body and core strength, and with my many injuries (back, shoulders, foot, knee) building up some muscle is the best way to heal and prevent any more from occurring. 
  • in a few weeks I will also think about getting another jazzercise membership. It’s so much fun, so good for fitness, and it’s something that my mum, sisters and I all do together. Family bonding AND fitness?! Yep. I just need to be sure I’m not going to be overdoing it by taking on too much first.


  • 10 minute daily meditation/mindfulness
  • 10 minutes of reading each day
  • write in journal daily


  • do a little each day
  • study like Hermione

So basically I’m hoping my days will go something like this:

  • get up and do Morning Routine
  • study from 10am til about 4 or 5pm
  • have a lunch break but NOT take a nap like I usually do - this makes me sleepy and ends in a very unproductive afternoon! It’s also not good for your night time sleeping habits/sleep quality
  • stop studying by 5pm at the latest
  • eat a wholesome, nutritious dinner
  • do some reading before bed
  • be in bed by 10pm - structured, regular bed times are really important to create good quality sleeping habits

BUT in saying all this, I’m aware that some days I will just not feel up to sticking to this. Some days I will be tired and feeling unwell, and will just need a day on the couch binge watching Pretty Little Liars and napping. And that’s a-ok too. Slowly building up consistent, healthy habits is my ultimate goal, but I need to take it slow and not rush. There is no quick fix for chronic fatigue, and pushing myself will only be detrimental. Some weeks I will probably not exercise at all except for my dance classes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Slow progress is STILL PROGRESS!

I wrote a gratsu thing for Anna :)

Based on a prompt I saw on here a year-ish ago. Person A is drunk and breaks into the wrong apartment to sleep. Person B freaks out. Person A cries and needs to be comforted.

— — — — —


“Shit!” Gray hears his roommate hiss from their living room. The window slams shut and heavy feet stagger their way to the couch.

Ugh. He does not have the patience for Lyon’s drunk ass breaking in and being loud at… he peaks one eye open at his alarm clock, 3 AM. Nope. The bastard better pass out quickly and lord help him if he snores.

Fuck. He’s probably going to get cold during the night. Lyon’s skin is always like ice. Not that Gray’s isn’t but at least he has a blanket. Whatever, serves him right for forgetting his keys and not having the energy to stumble the rest of the way to his bedroom.

Gray presses his palms to his eyelids. His conscience is screaming at him to help the man who is basically his brother but his eyes are coaxing him to forget the silver-haired idiot and fall back asleep.

“Damn it,” he grumbles as he rolls out of bed. A quick pitstop in the hall closet to grab a spare quilt and a few blind steps later he’s in his living room, squinting at the figure draped across the couch.

Did Lyon get shorter or is Gray just that tired? And where did he get a scarf? Oh, god. Did he steal a scarf from someone? He can be such an idiot when he drinks. He just –

“Hold the fuck on.” Lyon doesn’t have pink hair. “Who the hell…?!” Gray demands, dropping the blanket before grabbing the nearest solid object – his huge ass history book – and clubbing the intruder with it.

“Ahh!” The stranger wakes with a screech, curling up into a ball and spewing senseless questions. “What the hell, Lucy?! Why are you hitting me? Why are you so mean?!”

“Why are you in my apartment?!” Gray demands, grabbing the man’s leg and yanking him off the couch.

“Oof!” He’s met with bright green eyes and he insists that his heart is pounding from swinging his heavy text book around. “You’re a man,” he states, one eye closing to focus on Gray.

“No shit,” the raven snarls.

He hears a small sniff and his eyes widen. “This… this isn’t Lucy’s house. And you’re even meaner than Lucy,” he whines as his tears begin to fall.

“Are you seriously crying? You broke into my place!” Gray is on the verge of hyperventilating. He never deals well with snivelling people.

“I –” the man hiccups, wiping his eyes, “I thought this was my friend’s house. My friend, she…” he trails off, sobs really racking his frame.

“Whoa, dude. Calm down.” Gray waves his hands back and forth. “Listen, I’m sorry I hit you, okay? I just… it seemed like the appropriate thing to do considering.”

“She lives in this building. I crash on her couch all the time. I’m so drunk. I just wanna go home,” he sniffs.

It takes some left over pizza, a glass of water, and 2 arguments (what an ungrateful little drunkard) but the stranger, whose name Gray learned is Natsu, is finally settled on the couch, blanket wrapped around him as he murmurs words of thanks.

“Shut up and sleep already. I have class tomorrow and you need to leave when I do.” Gray huffs.

“You’re so… cute when you’re mad,” Natsu slurs. He catches the blush Gray hoped he wouldn’t see and adds, “and dumb,” for good measure.

“I’m not the dumb ass that broke into the wrong dorm room to pass out.” Gray rolls his eyes.

“Whatever, Ice Princess,” Natsu yawns.

Gray opens his mouth to retort when the front door flings open, “Where is he?!” Lyon cries, pepper spray keychain in hand. “Sherry called and told me she heard yelling! Where’s the robber? Let’s kick his ass!”

Natsu begins screaming somewhere during Lyon’s speech and bursts into tears again.

“Damn it, Lyon! I just calmed him down!” Gray groans, shoving him back out the door.

“What do you think you’re –”

“If I don’t shut him up, I’ll miss class tomorrow. You’ve done enough. Go sleep somewhere else!”

Lyon snorts. “Just come get me when you have his number.”

Gray gapes at him. “I don’t want –”

“Please. You would have kicked him out by now otherwise. Make it quick, Gray. I’m tired.”

“767-54–” Natsu begins from the couch.

“Shut up, Ash Brains!” Gray hisses.

It’s 4:30 am and he’s surrounded by morons. A smile adorns his face when he realizes he doesn’t mind.

luisamchapman  asked:

hey! my school is on trimesters so we have exams coming up next week and I was wondering what your tips are for studying/cramming for multiple subjects in a short period of time (2-4 days). Thanks so much! 💞(love your blog btw😍)

hey hey hey!!! wowow good luck to you friend! 

oh boy do i love cramming!! (and by that i mean not at all, but i often find myself in your boat hehe) keep in mind, these are just my tips, so they may not work for you, but take what you need and leave the rest!! 

step 1: write everything down. 

write all the stuff you need to study for by class. like so, for example

  • physics
    • thermodynamics
    • kinetics 
    • electromagnetism 
  • english
    • romantic writers
      • john keats 
      • shelley
      • wordsworth
      • coleridge
    • focus on significance of romantic lyric 
    • connect main themes of era to individual works

and so on and so forth! you can get specific as you like – i like to hit the big points just so i know how to divvy up my chunks of studying. helps to clear out my head and get me a clear plan for the days ahead.

step 2: prioritize!!!

when it comes to cramming, it so easy to just spend ages going over the stuff you already understand cause it’s easy and makes you feel confident and such, but!! don’t worry about that right now. leave reviewing the stuff you know to the hours/day just before your exam. attack the stuff you don’t know! figure out where you need to devote the most amount of time in order to understand/retain the material. like, if you’re pretty confident about english, but feeling totally lost in physics, focus on physics!! and just review your english stuff the hour or two before your exam.

step 3: scheduling ! 

this is always the bit i fall out of touch with, lol. but try your hardest to stick to a schedule! in your planner, bullet journal, whathaveyou, figure out what your available hours to study are, and plan them out meticulously, including breaks. be specific in what you’ll be studying during each chunk. you’ll study thermodynamics from 2-4, review math equations from 4-5, have a dinner break from 5-6, and then get to electromagnetism from 6-8. or something like that. 

do you do better with longer chunks of studying the same subject? do you like to change it up? do you prefer tiny breaks or one big one at the end of a study session? however your brain tends to work, listen to it!! i find i work best in two hour chunks (with little 5 minute breaks every like 30 minutes), and then i have to take a 30 minute break before getting back into things. however you work, schedule it all out, and challenge yourself to stick to it!

step 4: study!! just do it!!

now just to do the studying!! i wasn’t kidding when my study method literally consists of me rewriting my notes – i’m lucky in that i have a very good memory, so i find that carefully rewriting my notes and then reading over them is the most effective way of cramming for me. like for my english class, since the lectures get a little sporadic, i’ll collect all the information for one author on one note sheet – helps me condense everything i need, so i just have one sheet to look at. also, writing it by hand just engraves it into your brain i find. it’s magic!

if i have time, i’ll make my rewritten sheets very very pretty and stuff, but if i’m proper cramming, then i will just make headers with the author’s name, and read through my notes while copying over all the significant points. nothing fancy, but i find it’s very effective. i pay really good attention in lecture, so revising is never too painful of a process for me. 

do you like mind maps? reading your notes loud? flash cards? self-quizzes? whatever works for you, just do it. 

write it down, prioritize, plan it out, and get to it! time is of the essence!! 

also, sleep!!! sleep sleep sleep. get 7 hours a night – i know it’s tempting to stay up super late to just cram those last few equations into your head, but an exhausted brain is no use to your studying. sleep, hydrate, and eat proper!! take care of yourself! 

i really hoped that helped! also, for MORE STUDYING FUN, here are some awesome study tips:

best of luck!!! you GOT THIS! 


Četiri Sobe Gospođe Safije (Four Rooms of Mrs.Safija) is probably Sarajevo’s most popular and most known restaurant. It used to be a house, Austrian noble, built for his Bosnian wife, who was from a rich Muslim family from Sarajevo. Their story is Bosnian version of Romeo & Juliet, only it is real and there are still portraits around the house/restaurant. The restaurant features Austrian and Bosnian menus.

Safija was the only daughter of the wealthy Sarajevan bey, Ahmed bey Magbulija. She was known in whole Sarajevo of her beauty and elegance. nderstanding the power of her beauty she used to wear blouses of the sheerest silk to show off her bosom, and waistcoats embroidered with gold to show off her hourglass figure. But this was nothing to the bright smile she showed when greeting friends and neighbors. She was learning to play piano at an Austrian Countess. Those were the years when Bosnia just came under Austrian rule. The story says that she was dreaming of a man with golden hair. When she told to her mother, her mother would explain it, saying, that it is probably the sign for improvement since people believed and heard it would get better now once Austrians came in the country. Safija loved the new “influence” that arrived in Sarajevo. Austrian-style buildings, carriages, new fashion and customs. Then one day she saw, what she believed to be the man she saw in her dreams. She ran off to her piano class. She first played Mozart’s sonnata and then continued playing a sad Bosnian love song. Her teacher believed she was sad since she learnt to play “real music”. She described the man she saw, and his two sisters. She told her those were Baron Von Herberstein and his sisters and that they should come to visit Countess (Safija’s teacher) any time. There she met the Baron, who also spoke Bosnian and she continued meeting with him and his sisters for a while. His sisters showed her dresses in Austrian style, gave her new hats and shoes, she loved them. “In the next room someone stood by the window listening. He had been there the day before and the day before that… He knew everything. He saw everything. Each day, he stood there quietly and listened to Safija talk or sing one of those lovely old love songs that she sang for his sisters. He watched and listened … every moment … every second. He knew that there was no one else, and there would never be anyone else only Safija. He was in love with her. But he also knew that she was the only daughter of very religious Muslim Bey.” Baron was in love and he had decided to marry Safija, although he was worried about the reaction of her father. He asked his sisters to bring her a letter and tell her to meet with Baron near Gazi Husrev Bey’s spring. “He knelt and gazed up into her eyes. “I have been looking at you for a month; I have followed your shadow; you have burned my heart more deeply than the sun. I have called to you in my dreams; I have called you my own. You are not destined to live or die here. We will run away … far away from everything. I will give my life if need be to fulfill your desires. I will build you a paradise … a house with four rooms and each one of I will sprinkle with silver and gold. Everyone will know that you are my queen … a bird of paradise.”
They married and lived on relation Bosnia-Austria, but they were also known for traveling the world together, they traveled all the way to Americas. Safija was 16 when she marrid him. When she came to Vienna at age of 17, as a wife of a nobleman, many thought Vienna would never be the same. Bosnia was a new occupied, dark and unknown province, and he brought home a Muslim wife from there. However, Safija soon started talking about her city, singing and playing Sevdalinke for the noblemen, she later on, took them to Sarajevo for a visit. Once while she was traveling without her husband, she came to Sarajevo after full years, in her letter she mentions: "I have returned to Sarajevo, which I imagined as a spot in past I’ll never have to get out of. My present is in Sarajevo now. I write from Sarajevo, from street Čekaluša, from house with 4 rooms, which I fill with my memories. It is spring and there are two cats on a tree. Between them is space and a spot which means -present”. Safija opened the first European classical dances school in Sarajevo, and classes took place in hotel Europe. During the 20’s and 30’s, Safija was knowning for bringing different kind of spicies, chocolates and pastries from the countries she visited to Sarajevo.  Safija and Johan traveled the world together, and although her mother was well known for her cooking, Safija was probably the first who gave Bosnian dishes an “unique” twist. She cooked when she’d spend her time in her Sarajevan house. She wrote down the recipes and the restaurant even today uses those, probably most famous is the soup, the one Safija used to prepare for Johan. One of the chronicles from the Austrian court (he was of Hungarian roots), in 19th century wrote: “Safija isn’t  only a favorite of the Vienna, but of all people in the whole Empire. It would be wrong to believe that it was because of her beauty, even though, this Bosnian woman is one of those you see once and remember forever. I believe it is because of elegance and easiness with which she just takes the hearts of everyone.



Gooooodmorning! Breakfast this morning after teaching my GRIT+ABT class at @edgehealthclubs is 4 weetbix with almond milk topped with banana, strawberries, honey and @mayversfood stella seasoning!!! Sorry I haven’t been updating a whole lot, have been super busy and haven’t been making my food pretty and have just been focusing on other things rather than Instagram+tumblr 😌 I think I’m going to make some changes to this Instagram soon too 😊 keep an eye out!! I’m off to go get my eyebrows waxed at 8:30, then teach body attack at 9:30 at @myfitnessclub_broadbeach and then spend the rest of the day with the boyfriend before teaching again 6-7 tonight! Have a lovely Tuesday 💕


A brief message for the many people desperate to inform me that my scars are in fact, red:

I had absolutely no idea! Wow! If only there were some kind of reflective device installed somewhere in my house that would allow me to gaze upon the apparently “angry,” “garish,” “bright,” and “wide” lines on my chest! I thank you from the bottom of my “deformed” torso for your countless acts of charity that are messaging me in an effort to enlighten me about my own body.

What’s more is there are so many of you surprising me with the fact that these lines are going to be on my chest for the rest of my life! Like, damn… I wish my surgeon had told me that beforehand! Who knew? Obviously I rushed into this decision and neglected to do any research. Of course, as humans we have the ability to immediately regenerate skin, muscle, and nerves within hours of undergoing medical procedures; you would think they’d mention something like red lines being visible 4 months after large amounts of tissue are removed!

A very special shout-out to the person who suggested seeing a doctor to “cut the scars off.” I will get right on that, because that is the most sound medical advice I have ever heard in my whole 20 years on this planet. Seriously dude, did you go to Johns Hopkins?