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I feel like my parents are really old fashioned, im a 14 yrs old girl, and they won't let me go to sleep overs, or get WhatsApp or Instagram (which i don't really want tbh). They say, "You must treat me with respect"when im just saying what i think to defend myself. They favour my brother over me & he gets away with anything. Im good at hockey & they should be proud im in the team but i they don't really care, as they threaten to stop taking me to matches. My mum calls me fat (i am)What do i do?

Okay so before I start would just like to disclaim that I am not properly qualified as a counsellor, so I can’t give professional advice or anything. But since you have asked, I don’t want to leave you hanging <3

  • Yeah I grew up with quite strict parents too, so I understand the frustration. I was never allowed to go to sleepovers and only got a laptop when I was 14 and a phone when i was 17 (keep in mind this was like 5+ years ago when technology wasn’t as prevalent and my little brother had his own technology heaps earlier, but was still hella frustrating not being able to keep up with everyone else my age). There is the temptation to go behind their backs but I wouldn’t advise that because it could make things worse. I mean you could try telling them how you feel in a really kinda calm way but idk I found that this never really worked, especially if they don’t want to listen 
  • I agree that they should be proud of you for what you do and what you love doing, and it sucks that they’re not 
  • In regards to your mum’s comments about your weight that is honestly the worst and I’m so sorry that you have to go through that. Please let her know how it makes you feel, and hopefully she’ll see how harmful it is 

I think it would be good to maybe talk to a close friend about everything. It can be really good to get frustrations and concerns off your own chest and have someone else listen. Also (I don’t know how bad it is) but don’t hesitate to talk to a trusted adult or counsellor or someone. The idea of talking to a counsellor might by scary af, but your well-being is the top priority!! 

Take care of yourself hon <3 <3 

about last night (m)

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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: enemies to lovers | explicit smut, fluff and angst

length: 15k

summary: you had promised yourself; if you were to ever hook up with that asshole park jimin, it would be just a one night stand.

a/n: dis was a monster to write im so tired. i stayed up until 12pm to finish this and now its finally done :) also how does every new fic i write get dirtier and dirtier?? idk. 

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Recent JPN Teen Magazine Situation

when i first saw the translations of the new jpn teen magazine here i saw ppl being upset (which i dont blame) but i already knew right away it was fishy and figured those are all old interviews/festa from the past. and looking into it, i was right lmao, so no we gonna go into the details right now and compare the old to the new

part 1. sexy or cute question 


pt.2 describing the members







Pt.3 KBOYS x smart Magazine 2015 SS issue 



the text segment, i highlighted the things they said that was used for the new magazine

what hoseok “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
q: pants or skirt
“one piece (dress)”
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable (w.e the fuck this means)
 "high heels and fancy looks are no good"

old interview

what yoongi “said” in the new magazine 

q: long/short (hair) which do u like? tall/short?
“doesnt matter”
q: pants or skirt
“skinny pants" 
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“dressing up in different fashion”

old interview 

what jin “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
q: tall or short?
“doesnt matter”
q: pants or skirt
“skinny pants" 
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“clothes that dont match ur age is no good”

old interview 

what tae “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
“short or long black hair”
q: tall or short?
“doesnt matter" 
q: pants or skirt
"skinny pants/skirt”
q: sneakers/heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“fashion similar to mine”

yall get the idea, im too lazy to do the other three lol you can find the old interview here

as for the ugly skin type preference question, im just gonna assume they used old interviews as well like i mean…thats what they did for the other questions so like lol namjoon, jin and tae said they liked pale skin back in the old days, jimin and hoseok never said anything which is why the magazine said it didnt matter, yoongi was fucking weird bc im pretty sure vato said he didnt care at all abt appearance multiple times and as for jeongguk, early 2014 he said he preferred pale skin and then after ahl he said he preferred tan skin which is why the magazine said he liked both

so BAM none of this shit is new, thank god, its all old shit piled up together, modified and then got called “new”

HOWEVER with the skin preference question i didnt appreciate how some of ya tried to defend bts smh what was said was ugly but luckily its in the past, just be aware of the things bts said before and know its wrong, you can still support them while doing that


Harry Potter Remake

In all likelihood, one day, there will be a remake of the Harry Potter Series. Just thinking that sentence makes my nose wrinkle and my insides twist uncomfortably; I have mixed feelings about this, but nevertheless I’ll be right there to watch it along with all of the other then fifty and sixty somethings that grew up on Harry Potter.

Maybe it wont be movies, maybe it’ll be a tv show.

Maybe it’ll be directed by someone who grew up reading the books under their bedcovers with a cheap plastic flashlight that you could hear the batteries clacking around inside, until the light started flickering at 2am. Someone who waited on their eleventh birthday with wide eyes searching the skies for their letter 

Maybe Harry will have green eyes and messy hair, and Hermione will have brown skin, buckteeth, and a big gorgeous afro that makes her tiny eleven year old self several inches taller.

Maybe Sirius will have a leather jacket, wear classic rock t-shirts, and be played by someone who is 35 

Maybe the wizards will all wear gorgeous robes, robes that are spangled and brightly colored along with strange and somehow alien hats. I mean, Cornelius Fudge in a lime green boulder hat? Dumbledore in purple boots? Tonks with shifting rainbow hair? Purebloods in intimidating, immaculately tailored robes with high collars and billowing overcoats or capes? How much fun could a costume department have? Maybe Harry Potter season 1 will get an emmy for costume design.


Maybe Ginny will have time to become a well rounded and developed character in the remake, often seen hanging with Luna and Neville, hexing bullies, kicking ass at Quidditch, getting much better grades in potions than any Weasley should, loving small fluffy animals (her pygmy puff was named Arnold!), being comfortable in her sexuality and refusing to be slut shamed by anyone, least of all her big brothers, burning all her old diaries after Tom, growing up at Hogwarts with the specter of 16 year old Tom Riddle hanging over her after first year, leading the DA with Neville and Luna in her sixth year, whispering “fuck you Tom” whenever she does something to defy Voldemort’s reign

Maybe it can be addressed that Neville’s family dropped him out a goddamn window and pushed him off the Blackpool pier to prove he had magic and how incredibly damaging that was maybe we can address Harry’s abuse while we’re at it

Maybe the tv show will employ a couple of classics majors to research and create new spells to supplement the relative few we see in the books

Maybe they could build languages for the magical creatures like the Game of Thrones team did. Gobbledygook, anyone? Mermish? 

And MAYBE the actor playing Dumbledore will have the chance to calmly deliver the line: 

“Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fiyah Fire?” 

We Got Married (M)

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8.8k words. Arranged Marriage AU. Min Yoongi.

Warning: Fingering. Phone sex. ft Kim Namjoon.

It’s hilarious, laughable, pathetic even, how love could either build you or ruin you and yet knowing this, people still chase after it like the rise of golden light beyond the horizon, or the last drop of dew in twilight, or the flutter of that one coral blue butterflies in buttercup paved meadow.

It’s frightening, daunting, startling even, how love makes your hands clammy like you’re being interviewed by the very man who founded the big shot company you’ve applied to.

And it’s utterly, impossibly, unbelievable how love comes in many ways like a bump and a spill of coffee on crisp white shirt, or a brush of hands upon a dusty leather brown book spine or an envelope obtained from a mailbox on one’s way back from grocery shopping.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to Min Yoongi, second son to one of the well-known elite families in Seoul. Most of the time, he couldn’t care less about family matters; business deals, dinner with alien faces and empty conversations─ those things he’s entitled to attend with mildly bored eyes and champagne he’ll never finish in one hand. But this particular matter, he can’t just not care. One, because it directly concerns him (as if the cursive letter of his name engraved in bold black against crisp white isn’t enough indication). Two, because it’s from a certain someone in his family who he’s fond of.

Dear Yoongi,

Is written on the top of the not so neat written paper.


I know you might hate me for this.

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Hanazawa Teruki (Sunflowers & Goth)

Collab Art I did with @condraws

I did the Lineart and Con did this REALLY MARVELOUS coloring! This is just so beautiful and I can’t stop staring at it! I’ve never seen my art in this coloring style before, so I’m just in a total AWE~! The clothes was supposed to have more frills or details in it, but as I was linearting it, I totally forgot about it and ignored them completely LOL! I hope you didn’t ‘suffer’ too much when coloring this :”))  

Still, thank you for doing this collab with me! It was really fun!! :”DD 


8 gifs per episode | criminal minds; 1.15 unfinished business

      “It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.”

Overwatch Kissing Headcanons (Gentlemen)


  • Pre-cyborg Genji? All fucking over the place
    • French kisses, neck kisses, lots of groping, always in control
    • And most likely will be followed up by sex
  • But present Genji? Much different
  • To start, kisses from him will be rare since it requires him to remove his entire faceplate, and he’s still a little self-conscious of the scarred flesh beneath it
  • So if you ever did get a kiss from him, it would mean something—it would only be at the right time
  • His lips are soft, but also have a good amount of scarring on them
  • Favorite kind of kiss to receive would be a kiss on the eyelids
    • Because all he has to do is remove the one part of his face plate and close his eyes, then you can move in and carefully smooch him
  • Favorite kind of kisses to give…
    • With his mask, an eskimo kiss; doesn’t require him to remove his mask, all he has to do is nuzzle you
    • But with his mask off, probably single lip kisses
  • If it’s one of those meaningful kisses that he’s been holding out for, he’ll whisper a sweet nothing into your ear in Japanese (fuck yes!)
  • Ok, just one more thing: leave lipstick marks on his faceplate! He won’t notice and it’s hilarious to see other people’s reactions (especially Zenyatta’s!)


  • I hope you don’t mind the slight flavor of nicotine and tabacco
  • But as long as you don’t, things should be fine!
  • Favorite kiss to give is one right on the jawline or the cheek
    • Favorite to receive is when his s/o comes up behind him, wraps their arms around him, and kisses his neck or shoulder
  • And if you kiss him well and hard enough, you may even get him to swear (“Damn, darlin’”)
  • When he’s being a dork, sometimes he’ll sneak up on you, go “It’s hiiiiiigh noon” and surprise kiss you
  • A bit of a tease, as well


  • He’s not too into the overly affectionate sides of relationships anymore
    • Especially since he has a mask now and hates showing his face
  • Isn’t too pleased if his partner tries to force any PDA on him
    • So don’t try to smooch him on the mask while he’s busy
  • But, if and only if you’re alone, he’ll occasionally indulge you and take off his mask
    • Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get to just kiss him; he always has to be in control
    • 90% of the time you’ll be up against the wall with your arms pinned (he’ll only get rougher if you try to get away)
  • But his s/o will have to initiate almost every kiss, he won’t actively seek one out even if he wants one…y’know cuz he’s edgy and stuff
  • Starts at the bottom, then trails his kisses down, down, down…
  • Definitely not for the faint of heart

Soldier: 76

  • Such a fucking gentleman
    • He was even more so back when he was the Strike Commander
    • But those chivalrous instincts are still there, although he will be more hesitant to kiss simply because he doesn’t like showing his face
  • So first, you’ll have to get him comfortable enough with you to take off his mask
    • Ok, now move in!
    • Give him a lingering kiss right on the corner of his mouth, those are his favorite
  • If there’s no time for him to take his mask off, he’s ok with a forehead hiss, too
  • Favorite kiss to give would be a French kiss, but he likes it best when he’s holding you, letting you melt into his arms
    • If you’re shy or sensitive, he’ll check if you want him to stop
    • So flexible and careful with what his partner likes and doesn’t like. Again, he’s a gentleman


  • Like Reaper, he isn’t into PDA either
    • Finds it distasteful, so only try to kiss him when you’re alone
  • Oh, and it’ll take a while in the relationship before he’s even ready to begin physical contact
    • I’m so sorry, he’s so hard to smooch in the beginning!
    • So the first time you kiss him, he’ll be so stiff!
  • But once he gets used to it, he’ll take his partner’s chin gently and carefully place a kiss on their lips
  • Favorite kiss to get is the shoulder and back kiss
    • This guy is a sucker for massages at night (once he’s at that level with you, that is), so go ahead and smooch him on the back during those times
    • It’ll take him totally by surprise, and he may just quit the message all together to snog you


  • Oooooh, boy…so messy, sooo sloppy
  • I hope you know what you’re getting into with Jamison, he ain’t letting you go until he’s done with you
    • He’s clingy, and he loves his PDA
  • Making out with him will probably some of the loudest, wettest, sloppiest kissing you’ve ever had
    • He will leave soot smears all over your face when he’s done, and you’ll smell like explosives
    • “Hooly dooly!” (after making out with his partner)
  • Loves being on top of them during all this. He’s skinny, so he isn’t too heavy, don’t worry hon
  • Not one for the slow and sensual
    • If you try and take it slow, he’ll just speed it right up!
    • So his favorite kind of kiss to get would be out of nowhere, forceful (bruising lips), and full on
    • Loves it when his s/o can reciprocate the same kind of passionate force that he can
  • Sometimes, Junkrat will nibble your ear, too
    • Where did that Trashmouse get sharp teeth?!
    • So I suppose he’d leave bite marks, too. Gotta let people know you’re his.
    • Go ahead and bite him back. Again, loves it if you can reciprocate


  • You can’t kiss Torbjorn because he’s too busy snogging a turret and his undeserved Play of the Game


  • Sweet old man! Loves to give pure little pecks to the check and lips~
  • All the better if his s/o is short, that way he can scoop them up in his arms and smooch them
  • I don’t think he’d be up for total make outs, though, he likes classy and old fashioned kisses
    • Too old for the more hands on stuff
  • Great to give him a smooch right before a fight! He’ll get even more pumped up!
    • Just when you think he’s gonna give out, all his s/o needs to do is give him a peck and bing! He’s back in it!
  • Just don’t try leaving lipstick marks on his “Precision German Engineering” armor. He does not like that.


  • Getting an actual, real, involving-lips-kiss with Mako is rare
  • He constantly wears that mask which I think might even help him breathe
  • So most of the time, he’ll give you little eskimo kisses with the snout of his gas mask
    • Might go “oink, oink” as he does to make you giggle
  • Smooch his tummy, he loves that!
  • He isn’t too big on PDA except for holding hands. Oh God, whenever you’re out with him, you’ll always have a big, meaty hand around yours
  • But for the rare occasion he gives you a real kiss (and most of the time he only lifts up his mask enough to see his lips), It’ll only linger for a few seconds before he pulls away
  • Oh wait, almost forgot! He might surprise hook you on occasions and yank you right over just so he can give you one of his snout kisses!
    • “Here, little piggy” (Mako as he hooks you)
    • He will stop this if you’re not ok with it, pouting from behind his mask as you scold him


  • Don’t say you can’t kiss an omnic, of course you can!
  • His favorite is when you’re so close to him that his orbs surround both of you (so it’s like you’re in perfect harmony~)
  • His favored kiss to receive is a lingering kiss right on his face (where his nose would be)
  • Despite his zen, calm exterior, he’s the most likely candidate to start giggling while you’re kissing
  • And since he can’t really reciprocate the kiss (no lips), he’ll find other ways too, such as running his fingers through your hair or massaging your palms or back while you smooch him
  • Unlike Genji, he’s more attentive to any lipstick marks you leave on his robotic face and will clean them off before seeing anyone else
    • Doesn’t mean he won’t notice a mark on one of his orbs
    • Genji might point out one day, “Master, you have something on your right orb.” “Which one?” “The one on the—oh, it’s behind you now.” “This one?” “No, over to the –” “Point to the one, please.” “The one with the lipstick on it.” “W-what?”

i’m currently experiencing the pleasant side of surgeons being absolute tactile jocks and as a touch-starved nerd i am living

i’ve only been working a week and already:

  • the head of a department ruffled my nape after i joked with him in a way that surprised him cause i look ten yo and i decided to joke with who i did not then know was the head of a department
  • after joking about tight spaces forcing us to tango around each other a colleague has taken to humming and briefly touching my waist before grabbing whatever i’m in the way of as i swerve
  • (social anxiety can eat me. i got inside jokes with people)
  • i was patted on the head in way of greeting. it was weird but amusing
  • and there have been so many times when they just acknowledge their passing with a little pat on the back or whatever
  • a surgeon almost knocked me over cause she backed into me and then proceeded to grab my flailing form around the waist and straight up kiss my cheek like we’d rehearsed a dance move. she wasn’t even the one i have the inside joke with
  • (no but seriously there is no space)

it’s like working with a bunch of slightly condescending puppies 

“locked in a room” starters
PART II is now available here


The “locked in a room” trope forces characters to spend time together, often characters who normally wouldn’t. It can help them learn about each other and develop their relationship in a positive way, or it can be disastrous. Feel free to add more! Send one for our muses: 

♬ : stuck in an elevator together
✎ : trapped in a room together during a quarantine
✘ : in a waiting room while they have loved ones in surgery
♢ : alone in a train car when the train gets delayed
♕ : adrift in a life raft
☾ : sitting next to each other on an international flight
✂ : stranded by a roadside together
☀ : sharing a jail cell
☂ : stuck in a basement after an earthquake
☮ : sharing a run away hot air balloon
❤ : locked in a closet by a friend who just wants them to get along (or possibly hook up)
₪ : touring an historical (possibly haunted) building, and they get locked in overnight
☹ : on a bridge; traffic has stopped completely due to an accident, and nobody’s going anywhere for a few hours.
Δ : stuck on a roof together
♒ : trapped by a spell or supernatural object (bonus points if you specify what the spell/curse is)
ஐ : pretending to be married because this quaint old couple’s bed and breakfast is the only shelter for miles, they only have one room, and they’re a bit old fashioned.
♘ : sharing a hospital room
✿ : stuck in a spaceship escape pod together
☢  : on a deserted island
❂  : in a bunker after the apocalypse

Can I just point out how much of a respectful, old soul Jughead Jones is? He’s this kind of tortured writer, composing a novel with an Agatha Cristie aura, obviously influended by Hitchcock in regards to scenery and event setting. He appreciates arts and glorifices the past with every chance he can get. He holds on old, classic things; old hollywood, old cinematic means, old photographs, old print journalism. He agrees on being this detective duo with Betty, trying to solve a murder like another version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, again through old-fashioned ways like in detective fiction back in the 20s and 30s. He appreciates classic beauty; Betty Cooper who her whole persona is straight out of a Jane Eyre book and her looks are a match with ones of the old starlets of the Golden Era is the only girl he takes interest in, not to mention his old-fashioned ways of stubly letting her know that he caught his eye. The suit he wore wasn’t because of society and its norms regarding the event they were attending; I can’t even fathom Jughead taking a second to consider what people would think of him. Anyone like him, quite apathetic and snarky on the outside, would have gone with an attire worse than Archie’s letterman jacket. That suit he chose though represented his true self within, the old ways his character was shaped around, making him think that taking care of his appearance in such an occasion was the right thing to do, like gentlemen did back in the era of chivarly. Opinions vary that Jughead is asexual or aromantic or both, and he might actually be, we’ll have to stick around to see about that, but one thing is certain; Jughead Jones is a romantic at heart and that is one, if not the most, charming element of his character.

So last night I got a weirdest dream part, where in Overwatch there was a new line for McCree where he says ‘I like my men like I like my coffee…’; and the other character’s had responses, but my dream only showed me ‘Strong and keeping you up all night?’ with Reinhardt. 

And when I told this to @linuana and then @fonbless, I realised that I really want to see/hear what other characters would like to say about it. So! Full post of reactions we gathered together!

McCree: ‘I like my coffee like I like my men…’

Reinhardt: ‘Strong and keeping you up all night?’
McCree: ‘Well, if you put it like that, haha…’

Sombra: ‘Strong, hot and black?’
McCree: ‘And here I thought you knew everything! But yes.’

Widowmaker: ‘Ground up and in a freezer?’
McCree: ‘…what a way to ruin the mood.’

Tracer: ‘Ohhh, I gotcha! They gotta be full of energy and go down easy, right?’ ;)
McCree: *snerks*

Hanzo: ‘I like tea better.’
McCree: *gasp* ‘You ruined the joke!’
(BONUS ZENYATTA): ‘So Hanzo, you like them sweet, warm, and green?“

Genji: ‘All over yourself?’
McCree: *starts laughing and can’t stop*
Genji: *chuckles in answer*

Lucio: ‘Black, with spoonful of sugar?’
McCree: ‘You get it ;)’

Reaper: ‘Dark and bitter?’
McCree: ‘Perhaps.’

Angel: ‘At least once a day?’
McCree: ‘Wouldn’t be against that kind of prescription.’

Pharah: 'Bland, tasteless and often easily forgotten?’
McCree: 'Whaaat’.
Pharah: 'Sorry, being realistic here’.

D.Va: ‘Finished in a minute?’
McCree: ‘…how old are you again?’
D.Va: ‘Old enough to question your taste in fashion, food and men!’

Soldier 76: ‘Sweet and creamy?’
McCree: ‘W O W, old man. Just. Wow.’

Torbjorn: ‘With a nice cognac, after dinner, while relaxing in the armchair?’
McCree: 'Someone here is a romantic of old… or just old.’

Roadhog: ‘In large amounts?’
McCree: *sweats*

Junkrat: ‘Wait, what? How could you even like this fuckery of a drink, eh?’
McCree: ‘Nevermind.’

Ana: ‘Steamy and in bed?’
McCree: ‘Both at the same time, you got it!’

Winston: ‘First thing in the morning?’
McCree: *laughs* ‘Well, I did not think of that, but would love it.’

Zarya: ‘In your mouth?’
McCree: *starts coughing like a dying man*

Mei: ‘To keep you awake at night and help in work!’
McCree: ‘Not usually my type, but sometimes…’

Symmetra: ‘Rich, with a good taste?’
McCree: ‘Don’t mind if I do!’

Zenyatta: ‘Readily getting you up?’
McCree: ‘…how do you even know these things.’

And finally, if no one is to response…

McCree: ‘I like my coffee like I like my men…’
McCree: ‘I just– I just really like them. I like coffee. I like men. Period.’

Thank you for reading!!

James March: “If you were to die outside of the hotel, I will never see you for all of eternity.”

James is sitting on the edge of the bed smoking out of his pipe watching you get ready to go out tonight with your girlfriends. It has been a weekly thing lately. James was never comfortable with you going out, especially a night out drinking. But, the both of you made an agreement that he can have his ‘hobby’ as long as he lets go out and do as you pleased. You never cheated on James and the thought has never occurred to you. You just enjoyed hanging out with your girlfriends instead of being stuck in the hotel all the time. 

James always worried for you every time you stepped foot out of the Hotel. He would always think the worst. Many scenarios would go on through his head, from someone harming you, or even worse, killing you. If anything, he’d rather have you die on the grounds of the hotel so that he would have you forever.

“Darling?” James looks at you with a worried look on his face.

“Yes James?” You reply as you’re putting on your ruby red lipstick wearing nothing but your light pink silk robe.

“What sort of mischief will you and your lady friends be getting into?”

You start walking to your closet to put on your dress. “I told you yesterday. We’re going to that nightclub that’s two blocks away from here.” 

James sighs. “You know that I feel the most vulnerable when I’m not there to protect you.” He stands up and starts slowly pacing as he’s still smoking out of his pipe. He was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable about you going out.

“Yeah I get that but I’ll be fine. Like, what do you expect me to do anyways? Just stay in the hotel all the time?” Once your dress was on, you straightened it out, then grabbed your heels so that you could sit on the edge of your bed to put them on. As you walked out of the closet, James noticed the dress you had on which stopped him from pacing. His eyes grew wide and he clenched his jaw to help control his anger.

“What on earth are you wearing?” He looks you up and down repeatedly with a disgusted look on his face. You were wearing a short black dress. It was short, but it wasn’t THAT bad. James is just really old-fashioned.

“Uh? A dress? God James, I forget sometimes that you’re so old-fashioned.” Your heels are on so you stand up to grab your perfume from your vanity. James stops you before you could grab your perfume and tightly grabs you by the wrist. His face raging with anger. “This is nonsense. I can’t have my lady wearing such vile clothing!”

You weren’t phased at all from him yelling. “Well you’re gonna have to get used to it. Unless you want to retire from your hobby.” 

James was about ready to yell at you again but instead, he took a deep breath because he realized that you were right. There was also no way in hell he would want to give up his hobby.

“Very well then, dear. You may do as you please. But from now on, I need you to protect yourself.” James lets go of your wrist. He inhales from his pipe, then grabs a pocket knife from his drawer to give to you.

“Really, James?” You say to James as you’re rolling your eyes holding the pocket knife in your hand.

“This is for your protection. If you were to die outside of the hotel, I will never see you for all of eternity. I cannot have that. I will not.” He quickly shakes his head in disagreement.

“Okay fine.” You put the pocket knife in your small purse then you go to your vanity to spray your perfume on while James is still standing there with a concerned look on his face. He just kept telling himself that he needs to stop worrying and accept it. 

Your phone goes off and it’s one of your girlfriends texting you: ‘be outside in 5′

“Okay, I have to go now baby.” 

“Ah, yes.” James rolls his eyes.

You put your phone in your purse, then you grab James’ face to give him 3 kisses on the lips. “I’ll be back around the same time as usual. I love you!” You rushed out the door, with James replying, “As do I.” His heart dropped a little as he watched you walk out of the bedroom door.



As it turns out, they have their first fight about what to name their eventual first dog before they have their first fight about where to go on their first vacation.

They’re naked and they’re cuddling and Maggie’s body is wrapped around Alex’s because it’s been days but she still can’t get close enough, still can’t touch enough of Alex’s skin.

Still can’t fall asleep without her head on Alex’s chest.

Without her ear to Alex’s steady heartbeat.

Her fingertips are tracing patterns on Alex’s side and her lips are pressing gentle kisses along Alex’s neck, and suddenly she smiles into her skin, because suddenly, she’s both heartbroken and amused.

“What, babe?” Alex half turns, still languid, still hazy, still sated.

“Nothing,” Maggie soothes, not wanting to disturb her if she was drifting off to sleep. 

Because sleep has been hard to come by the last few days.

“No, it’s okay – what?”

Maggie grins again and presses a few more thoughtful kisses to Alex’s neck.

“Why Gertrude?” 


“Dog name? Gertrude?”

“Oh.” Alex chuckles to herself. “You know I honestly couldn’t tell you? I mean, the name means strength. Well, spear, more specifically.”

“So you want a homicidal dog.”

Alex giggles, and Maggie wants to bottle the sound and listen to it for eternity.

“No. A strong one.”

“But Gertrude, babe? The other dogs on the playground will mock her.”

“What’s wrong with Gertrude?”

Alex is sitting up, now, and Maggie whines. Alex concedes, and lays back down, but facing Maggie this time.

Because Maggie’s not the only one with a sudden addiction to the other’s closeness.

“Nothing, babe, I mean, if that’s what you want. It’s just a little…”






“Old fashioned!”

“So you mock one of the last things I could have said to you as old fashioned?”

Maggie stills and Alex regrets the quip immediately.

“No, no, Maggie, I’m sorry, I didn’t – that was stupid, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not funny, Alex.”

“I know – ”

“You can’t treat it like a joke, because it wasn’t, Danvers, I almost lost you! I almost lost you and then I would have had to go out and get a dog and name the poor girl Gertrude and it would have been your damn fault!”

“…. Maggie.”


“Are you laughing or crying?”

“I don’t know. Both?”

“Both is okay. Both is good.”

“You don’t think I’m crazy?”

“I think you’re crazy about me.”

“Oh my god, Danvers.”

“Am I wrong?”

“I love you, Alex. I’m more crazy about you than I could ever describe.”

“So we can name our first dog Gertrude?”

“Absolutely not.”