if i get five then i'll do it

My partner woke up at five thirty in the morning, read the results of the election, and rolled over to hold onto me. What else can we do? We’re all we’ve got. Xy’s all I’ve got to hold on to.

Our vice president elect supports conversion therapy. Our president elect is a rapist. Our options are limited. I want to get married. I want to adopt a child. I want, gods, I want to be safe.

We are not safe.

In five months from now,
I hope you’re okay
In five years from now,
I hope you can say you’ve found the one
In ten years from now,
I hope you can say you have one on the way
In fifteen years from now,
I hope you buy that house you’ve always dreamed of
In twenty years from now,
I hope you get that promotion
In thirty years from now,
I hope you and your family are doing just fine
But right now,
I hope you’re falling apart,
Just like me
—  m.n // “I (will) wish you well.”
Happy Hunk/Lance things if you need happy things right now:

-Hunk always manages to wake up five minutes earlier than the alarm so he can turn it off and wake Lance up himself with kisses because he knows how annoying Lance finds the alarm

-Lance learns how to cook Hunk’s favorite meals just because he doesn’t want Hunk to be the only one cooking for them.

-Lance is the nerd who celebrates all the little anniversaries, like a week, a month, three months. He gets Hunk little things or makes sure they get to spend an extra few hours alone together because he’s so happy they’re together and he gets to date his best friend.

-Hunk packed Lance snacks back at the Garrison when he knew he was going to be in classes all day. Lance now finds snacks in his lion when they go on long missions and he knows Hunk put them there.

-When home, they go out onto the ocean and sit on paddle boards to stare up at the stars and get lost in the vast ocean and sky that mirror each other while holding hands.

-Hunk likes candles and Lance loves blankets, so their living room is so cozy, they have a perfect big couch to snuggle on.

he’s got his sights focused on the door in front of him, with every bit of focus one can have while looking. he’s knows that just by looking at it, it won’t fix his dumb mistake. because to who did things like this happen to nowadays? to shun obviously, that’s who. he looks side to side but only being met by the empty hallways once again, just like the previous four times he did the same movement. a big sigh escaped his lips, as if all his troubled thoughts & worries were in it. ( if only it was that way, maybe then live would be a little more bearable. ) shun slowly lowered himself down to sit in front of his door, leaning his head against the wooden door & staring up the ceiling. he didn’t realize he closed his eyes until he could hear footsteps growing closer & closer in the hallways & he was opening his eyes again, eyes feeling much heavier than it before. shun slowly turned his head towards where he heard the sound, giving the other a LAZY raise of his hand as a greeting.  ‘sup ? ––– you ever got locked out of your own apartment ?


MUTUALS like for a lyric based starter !


watch TFP accelerate from “i need to see him” to “why don’t you turn around and look?” to crying to embracing to “i’m afraid, i don’t know what to do!” to shocked kissing to eager kissing to chasing for more kisses to “i got rid of romantic obstacle!” to “we’ll i’ll just move in with you!” to “say, why don’t we get married?” in five minutes flat


Hey, I am kind in a mood to write, so I’m taking prompts. Short ones, simple ones…like very very small plot or one word (I guess)

Why? Because when you send me a prompt I’ll write a short three to five sentence fic for it.

So, spend me a prompt, pairing/characters via ask, reply, reblog, or however you can get it to me, and I will write you a short 3 to 5 sentence fic. I think it will be fun!

guys my birthday is like less than a week away

but then i have to have surgery five days later so i can’t really celebrate it like i wanted to (getting lit in new orleans)

so now i’m just bummed about it :( maybe i’ll do something on here for it tho?? like just drink at home and do some writing and talking and stuff? ya’ll wanna join me? haha

Hermione, that’s not how you put books away.

someone: you have to deal with your problems you know
me: i do! this is all part of my simple five step plan. step 1: ignore the issue. step 2: vague about it. step 3: get super distant. step 4: have a breakdown. step 5: decide i was overreacting all along and drop it completely except for the occasional burst of bitterness every now and then.

Kung-Futopia Update

Hey guys, I’m just letting you know that due to a metric crapton of schoolwork over the past week, college interviews, and a five page research paper due on Tuesday, the next chapter will not be out until next week :(  I sincerely apologize for the delay, but I’m only about 3/8 of the way through the chapter and have an unreasonable amount of work to get done this weekend. I’ll do my best to get it out earlier if I can, but worst case scenario is the end of next weekend. Here are links to the two previous chapters if anyone’s looking for them



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nebulacacti  asked:

I've been meaning to listen to new music lately and so I was gonna try out Bright Eyes so like what kind of music do they make?(like is it like other bands or??) Also, have you got any other music suggestions?

omg hey dude!!! this is such a great ask for me to get, it makes my day when ppl ask me about bright eyes..ok i’m gonna try not to ramble here,

as for kind of music - according to wikipedia - bright eyes is ‘indie rock,’ ‘indie folk’, and, uh, ‘emo,’ apparently. it’s hard for me to give an un-biased opinion of if they’re like other bands because ofc i think they’re The Most Amazing Thing To Grace The Earth and also They Changed My Life but i really do think they’re exceptionally amazing. though there are, y’know, lots of other indie bands out there. every album sounds really different and some songs are more traditional sounding and then some are just..weird, but weird in a good way. i guess i would recommend the album ‘i’m wide awake it’s morning’ if you wanna get a nice introduction, it’s probably the most well known album and there isn’t a bad song on it i don’t think !

sidenote, bright eyes isn’t together anymore, but the lead singer (conor oberst) has his own solo thing going now, and his solo stuff is equally amazing (if not a little different and more polished) and is definitely worth a look

ok i hope i’m not rambling. other random music suggestions from lil’ old me, mostly stuff i’ve been listening to a lot lately: the strokes, the moxies, against me!, dandelion hands, flatsound, blind pilot, cottonwood firing squad, the blue van, the libertines, saint motel, the young veins, why?, vinyl theatre, electric light orchestra, coma cinema, her space holiday

other sidenote, i have a ton of bright eyes stuff as well as other stuff in my music tag, and also a whole separate bright eyes tag, if you wanna dig around in there. ok sorry this got super duper long thanks!!!

geez, Loki, get yourself together.

What have I unleashed Okay so I got a bunch of NSFW HC requests for the clones after doing Rex, so this is part one! Hopefully I can post part two if my internet doesn’t crap out

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