if i found a man like ben stone hiding behind my bed

Through The Dark (Ben Solo x Reader)

Summary: Jedi training was difficult and it didn’t help that every time you closed your eyes, you felt the darkness seeping inside your head. Lucky for you, you had Ben Solo.

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gif not mine // warnings: panic attacks, anxiety

The panic attacks that plagued you during the night were beginning to become unbearable. As you writhe around in your bed uncomfortably, a layer of sweat forms over your body and you squeeze your eyes shut. You just want it to be over. You want the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach to be gone once and for all, but every night as you try to sleep your thoughts would hold you hostage. All you could do was rock yourself back and forth until the tears stopped and you could finally breathe again. 

You sat up in your bed, eyes raking along the dark walls of your quarters as you wiped your eyes. Usually these episodes would have ended by now, but something different was happening. You were seeing things this time, right before your open eyes. 

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