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(Request: Can you do a darylxreader where he’s scared to admit he really needs a cuddle and gets annoyed that reader wont pick up the hints that he needs someone but comes to her on the verge of tears because hes desperate to have all her attention, so she slowly takes his clothes off & makes him spend the night with her but he wakes up at crazy early morning like 2am & asks her to lay ontop of him so hes 100% sure shes actually with him maybe a bit of morning smut aswell)

Note: i really enjoyed writing this so i hope you like it!!

warning: mentions of glenns death, mild angst, smut!

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You saw Daryl sharpening his arrows on the front porch. You decided to go and see how he was doing, you knew he was feeling guilty about Glenn’s death and everything that went down in the sanctuary. As you walked closer to where he sat he looked up at you but said nothing.

“Hey Daryl, you alright?” you asked, sitting down on the step below him.

He grunted in response and you thought of another way to get him to talk. “You going out on any runs soon?”

“I can’t, gotta stay out of sight from the saviors” he replied, taking his focus away from his arrows and onto you.

“Sorry, I forgot about that” you apologised, feeling silly for bringing it up.

You sat in silence for a moment, staring out at the secure walls protecting you from the outside world. You thought Daryl was doing the same, but he was actually looking at you, admiring how soft your facial features looked. He wished that you knew how he really felt, he wanted you to be there for him, he needed someone to hold and cry to, he was tired of keeping his feelings bottled up inside, he could feel himself ready to explode soon.

“Yeah, whatever” he said almost angrily.

You looked back at him in confusion, why was he being hostile all of a sudden? “I didn’t mean it like that Daryl, there’s just a lot going on right now” You tried to justify your words.

“Everyone has a lot going on right now. Hell, a lot has been going on for years!” he raised his voice.

“Daryl-” You were shocked by his behaviour change but he interrupted you.

“Na forget about it!” He stood up and you did to. He looked down on you and you felt small considering you were a step lower than him. “You don’t care, no one does, so just leave me the hell alone!”

He stormed into his house, slamming the door shut behind him. You stood in shock, surprised by how easily he got mad like that, you didn’t think he’d take it to heart. You wanted to go in there so badly and just hold him. You knew Daryl since the prison and you understood how emotionally unstable he was, he wasn’t in check with his feelings and it had gotten worse. You stepped forward to open the door but you stopped yourself, remembering that he wanted to be left alone.

You were getting ready for bed after a stressful day. After everything that had happened with Daryl you were exhausted, but then Jesus had come down to Alexandria to warn you guys about the saviors coming to look for Daryl. It was a tiring day and all you wanted to do was sleep. You were about to jump into bed when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. You sighed and made your way down in only a baggy top and white panties. When you opened the door, you were surprised to find Daryl standing there, he was drenched in sweat and he looked like he was about to burst out crying.

“Daryl, what’s wrong?” You asked, moving back so he could come into the house. He walked in and stood by your counter, leaning his hands on it.

He shook his head before talking. “I’m sorry” he said, his voice cracking as the first tear fell down his cheek. He turned to look at you and you got worried that something might have happened. You walked towards him and placed your hands on either side of his cheek as he continued to talk.

“I just need someone, I’m tired of everyone dying and I don’t know how to control my anger anymore” His tears were flowing freely now and he made no move to try and wipe them away.

“I lashed out at you this morning for no reason and I’m sorry” he finished.

He lowered his head and you wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling your bodies as close as they could get. He wrapped his muscular arms around your shoulders and he hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stay here tonight, you shouldn’t be alone” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you led him upstairs. You turned on the shower for him, making sure that the water was to his liking. You stood in the bathroom with him and watched as he struggled to undo the buttons on his shirt. His hands were shaking and he was getting frustrated. You had never seen Daryl like this, he was the strong one in the group, the one who showed no emotion, and now here he was letting it all out. You walked over to him and moved his hands to his side.

You started to undo his buttons for him, going at a slow pace as to not alarm him. You felt his eyes on you as you removed his shirt and vest. You then moved down to his belt buckle and you took his jeans off in a swift motion, leaving him completely naked. There was no sexual tension between you, just one friend helping out another. When you were done, you roamed your eyes across his toned body before looking into his eyes. He was already staring at you; the tears were gone and replaced with the same emotionless glare he always had.

“Take your time, I’ll get some spare clothes for you” you said softly, planting a kiss on his cheek before leaving to go and find him some clean clothes.

You got back in the house and found Daryl sitting on your bed with a towel wrapped around his waist. You both stayed silent as you walked towards him and handed him the fresh clothes. You turned around as he changed, and you slid under the covers on your bed. Once he had the jogging bottoms on you turned to look at him. His back was facing you and you watched as his muscles prominently moved as he put the black t-shirt on. He turned around and saw you staring at him, he offered you a small smile before sliding in on the other side of the bed. His hair was tangled and still a little damp from the shower, making him look gruff and sexy under the moonlight.

You leaned on your elbow and stared down at him.

“What?” he asked.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“Na” he said, looking back up at the ceiling. You ran your hand across his chest and leaned up to bravely plant a kiss on his lips. He didn’t move at first, but he didn’t pull away either. After a few seconds, he warmed up and kissed you back, both your lips working together in unison. It was slow, and meaningful. You and Daryl weren’t a couple, you weren’t anything but friends and you were willing to do anything to help him forget about the pain, even if it was only temporary. He placed his hand on the back of your head and stroked your hair before you pulled away and placed your head against his shoulder. You moved your arm across his stomach to give him some sort of protection and he placed his hand over yours. You were asleep in the next couple of minutes but Daryl lay awake for a long time after you.

You stirred from your sleep as Daryl lightly shook your shoulders. You immediately jolted up and looked around.

“What is it?” you asked, your heart rate speeding up, was something wrong?

“Calm down (Y/n), you’re safe” he replied, his voice gruff from sleeping.

“Oh” you murmured, your eyes almost closing again. “Are you okay?”

“I just woke up, didn’t really sleep well”

“What time is it?”

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and you looked at your watch. “It’s 2am” you said. He looked at you apologetically and you pushed him back down onto the bed slowly.

“You don’t need to worry anymore Daryl. I’m here, you can talk to me and trust me” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you lay down next to him, you draped your leg across his and moved your arms over his chest. “I’m here” you said one more time before he wrapped his arm around you, and you both fell asleep once again.

The feeling of your neck being nibbled on woke you from your sleep. You had barely opened your eyes when you felt Daryl’s big hands roaming your body.

“Morning” he said into your neck. You quickly intertwined your fingers in his hair as he started to suck at your pulse on your neck, making you feel weak.

“Wait” you said suddenly. You pushed him off of you and moved your leg over his waist to straddle him. You could feel his hard on poking into your panties through his jogging bottoms. You knew what he wanted and you were prepared to give it to him. You started grinding yourself against his member while you kissed his lips, taking control of everything. Your arms traced his muscles along his arms before he involuntarily snapped his hips upward against you. You moaned into the kiss as the connection sent a spark buzzing through you. You didn’t make him wait any longer as you pulled the jogging bottoms and boxers down, revealing his hard cock. He moved your panties to the side with his thumb, making sure to lightly brush it against your clit as he did. You grabbed his now throbbing member and slid it along your slit, making his head wet from your juices. You then slowly lowered yourself onto him, throwing your head back at how he stretched you out. You both stayed still so you could adjust to his size. When you were feeling ready you started to lift yourself up again and then lowered yourself down. Daryl saw you were comfortable and he started to thrust up into you when you lowered yourself down, sending extra pleasure through both of you. You leaned forward and kissed his neck, making him grunt and moan. He continued to thrust up into you, keeping one hand on your ass and the other in your hair. You let your hands roam under his shirt, allowing you access to his toned body. You then brought your hands to his hair and squeezed at it, making him moan into your ear.

“I’m close” He barely whispered as the pleasure was too much for him. You carried on doing all you could to make him go over the edge. He didn’t hold back as he yanked on your hair and squeezed your ass cheek, he pounded into you for the last time before holding himself there. You felt his cock throb inside of you as he let himself go. You panted and laughed as he finally came down from his high and looked at you with dazed eyes.

“I haven’t felt that in years” he said, laughing along with you.

“I’m glad I could help” you giggled as you kissed his lips one more time before rolling next to him and rubbing his chest. He pulled the cover over your naked bodies and he finally opened up about what was troubling him.  He sighed as he got it all out, and it felt like a weight off his shoulders.


(A/N) So, I finally collected my favourite drabbles. Most of those below are from another blog, but I just can’t find him/her. So if those are your drabbles or you know the user those drabbles are from, please let me know, so I can give them the credit they deserve!
How this works: Choose one or more prompts and a character and send me your request. You can do it as an anon, but if you do it non-anon like, I can tag you. And if you’d like any more details to be added (who says the line, for example) just add it to the request. You can find a list of characters I write for down below.
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1. “Close your eyes.“ – „I swear, if you’re doing something strange, I’ll kill you!”

2. “Are you…flirting with me?” – “About damned time you notice!”

3. “Please stop smiling at me. I keep messing everything up when you look at me like that!”

4. “You look so comfy and cuddle-able!”

5. “I can’t believe, how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re eating breakfast in my shirt.”

6. “No…it’s just like…I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

7. “You can hurt yourself with that.” – uses weapon skilfully – “You were saying?”

8. “You know, to be a smartass, you have to be smart. Otherwise you’re just an ass.”

9. “IS THAT PAINT?” – “Nope, just my blood.”

10. “That looks infected.” – “It’s fine.” – “You’re dying!” – “Well…that’s fine too.”

11. “I can save you.” – “No, you can’t.”

12. “Do you think at all before you speak?”

13. “You know, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.”

14. “Promise me you’ll take better care of yourself.”

15. “I’ve made so many mistakes, but you’re not one of them.”

16. “You, didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you!”

17. “Hot, gorgeous, beautiful…whatever you want to call me.”

18. “Who are we ignoring?”

19. “I love sarcasm! It’s like punching people in the face with words.”

20. “You’re one insult away from starting a war.”

21. “I love you from the bottom from my heart, but I don’t trust you cooking. So stay out of my kitchen.”

22. “I have nothing to apologise for.”

23. “Don’t judge because I’m quiet. No one plans a murder out loud.”

24. “Why aren’t you worshipping me, mortal?” – “Not interested, thanks though.”

25. “I’m going to kill you!” – “Daring/Dude, I’m already dead.”

26. “It’s hard to have a heart, when you stopped so many others.”

27. “I’d like to apologies to everyone, for what’s about to happen.”

28. “Death is the only god, who will come if you call.”

29. “God damnit!” – “You can’t say that!” – “Okay. Satan bless it!”

30. “I hate you.” – “Why? I’m lovely!”

31. “Why were you trying to kill me?” – “I was hired to.”

32. “You’re…” – “Beautiful, gorgeous, immensely talented-“ – “…dangerous.”

33. “I know the voices aren’t real, but man, they come up with some great ideas!”

34. “All that blood looks good on you. It really brings out your eyes.”

35. “You see, my idea of ‘help from above’, is a sniper.”

36. “You’re a psychopath.” – “I prefer creative.”

37. “Excuse me? Which level of hell is this?”

38. “Fuck an apology! I’m not sorry for anything!”

39. “Who are you? Death?” – “Sometimes. Not today though.”

40. “I’d rather be spilling blood.”

41. “Spoiler alert: everybody dies.”

42. “No! I’m not feeling violent. I’m feeling creative with weapons.”

43. “Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?” – “Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s world?”

44. “I may have, accidently adopted five cats.”

45. “The problem is: if I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

46. “I can lose everything! But not you, oh god, not you!”

47. “Kill me if you must, but I will not bow to a king, who wears a crown studded with jewels of every life he’s taken.”

48. “I am the monster you created.”

49. “Why should I apologies for being the monster I’ve become? No one ever apologised for making me this way!”

50. “The chains may be broken, but are you truly free?”

51. “The devil’s got nothing on me, my friend.”

52. “Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.”

53. “Can I stay in the reality of your universe? Mine sucks.”

54. “So, what’s your plan?” – “My plan was to follow your plan!”

55. “I do what I want and you’ll do what you’re told!”

56. “This is my life now. I climbed that hill and I’ll die upon it.” – “Shut up! We’ve only been hiking for like five minutes!”

57. “I’m getting the distinct feeling that I’m not welcome here.”

58. “Don’t bleed on my floor!”

59. “…I think I broke him/her.”

60. “You’ve got to believe me!” – “Sorry, but I tend to not believe compelling liars.”

61. “I’d take a bullet for you, you know that.” – “You’re immortal. And I’m going to kill you if you keep saying that.”

62. “I know it’s three in the morning, but I can’t find my cat.”

63. “If you walk out that door…don’t you ever come back.”

64. “Will you just let me think for a minute and let me think?!”

65. “Ignore me. I didn’t see anything.”

66. “I’m in love…shit.”

67. “You look…” – “Beautiful, I know. Can we please move on now?”

68. “I’ve never stood a chance, did I?” – “That’s the sad part. You once did.”

69. “I thought you forgot about me.” – “Never.”

70. “I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”

71. “We have like five people trying to kill us. What are we gonna do?” – “Well, it’s more like nine.” – “Oh well, I’m sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”

72. “Oh, look at all the pretties!” – “Can you please stop talking about assault rifles, the same way you talk about shoes?”

73. “I am way to sober for this shit.”

74. “Stop that.” – “Stop what?” – “That thing you’re doing with your face when you’re happy. It’s making me nauseous.”

75. “Take my hand.” – “Why?” – “I’m trying to ask you to marry me! So, take my damned hand!”

76. “Well, do as I say, not as I do.”

77. “Come here.” – “Why?” – “Just come here!” – “No, you’re gonna hit me!”

78. “I’m fine.” – “You don’t look fine.” – “Then stop looking.”

79. “You need to stop doing that!” – “Doing what?” – “Things that make me want to kiss you.”

80. “I’m not a doctor, but I think he’s dead.”

81. “I’d love to insult you, but I’m afraid I won’t do as well as nature did.”

82. “Want to come over? Nobody’s home.” – “On my way.” – “I’m here, where are you?” – “Told you nobody’s home.”



  • Eric
  • Four

Hunger Games:

  • Peeta
  • Gale
  • Finnick

The walking dead:

  • Daryl
  • Negan
  • Rick
  • Glenn


  • Gibbs

Criminal MInds:

  • Hotchner
  • Spencer

Lord of the rings:

  • Aragorn
  • Legolas
  • Frodo
  • Sam
  • Merry
  • Pippin

The Hobbit:

  • Thranduil

White Collar:

  • Neal

Percy Jackson:

  • Percy
  • Luke


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Harry Potter:

  • Harry
  • Ron
  • Draco
  • Fred & George
  • Tom Riddle
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  • Loki
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  • Captain America
  • Iron Man


  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Jai Courtney
  • Tom Felton
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Bill Skarsgard


  • Dan Howell
  • Markiplier
Inheritance | Pt.4

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
hybrid!au, fluff (is it even there? who knows), smut (later later),
none?? a surprising lack of tears in this one
We get to know a bit more about dear sweet Yoongi in this next sad installment. What a time to be alive. I forgot to mention when I first posted this that this is for those anons that requested a hybrid!Yoongi !!! Here you go babies 💖

After your grandmother passed she left everything to you. Her house, her fortune, and apparently… her cat? The grumpy male hybrid you encounter at her house is anything but the tame housecat you’d expected to find. Fulfilling your grandmother’s last request to look after him becomes a lot harder when he seems to be avoiding you, and your dissatisfied relatives start stirring up trouble.

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Chest To Chest With Your Lover

Pairing/Character: Steve Rogers x Reader
SMUT, choking, slight Captain kink, oral sex (FR)
When your insecurities get the best of you and you begin to get mouthy, Steve shows you how beautiful you are to him… In Steve’s way.
Word Count:

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monster ♡ mysme imagine

a/n: ok me @aquariumprincess23 were talking abt rika and we got soft™ and i started writing some random stuff about her and this happened djdjdb lol im not crying my eyes are sweating,,

Rika couldn’t stop her hands from shaking.

She stood in front of the front door with a plant pot in her grip, looking down at the small flower that only bloomed this morning. Rika wasn’t sure what MC’s favourite flower was, but she hoped that the pink tulip growing in the soil of the ceramic pot would suffice. She hadn’t met with MC since just before her recovery, and truly, she wasn’t in the best state. She apologised for everything – for the troubles, for the pain, for the fear, and she knew that it wouldn’t be forgiveable – although she was blubbering and sobbing and sitting at a table at a mental institution. Now, three years later, she was about to see MC again, who now took the surname Kim and lived in a row house with Yoosung.

Lifting up her head, Rika stared directly at the front door, and she was proud of herself because even that seemed too much for her, right then. She felt some leaves swirl around her ankles as a wind brushed by, and she shivered, suddenly regretting not bringing a cardigan. Swallowing, she brought her arm up and knocked twice on the door, toeing the threadbare doormat below her feet. Home, it read, a heart replacing the ‘o’. Rika’s heart swelled, but her nerves were singing. What if she ruins this home they made? What if she’s really crazy like everyone says she is? What if she really is just a monster? She tapped her foot, and stepped back to look at the curtained windows. Why weren’t they answering the door? Maybe they changed their minds, maybe they realised it was a bad idea to invite her, maybe they–


There was a doorbell.

Exhaling, she pressed it, and her trembling fingers made her stutter and ring twice. Swearing under her breath, she clutched the plant pot tighter. She hoped they wouldn’t find her slip up annoying. She really didn’t mean to ring more than once.

If Rika heard the footsteps behind the door, she was sure her heart would’ve stopped. The anticipation was killing her, and she didn’t realise it until the door opened, but a scowl formed on her face as she stared at the bottom of the door. Why does she have to be so jittery all the time? Stop, stop, stop! MC stood in the doorway with a smile, and Rika met her eyes, and her pulse was in her throat. She nearly lost her balance, and she was glad she didn’t, or the plant pot would’ve dropped. Wait, did MC say hi already? Geez, if only she could pay attention for once.

“Oh, Rika!” MC exclaimed, and held the door open wider. “Ah… I hope this isn’t too soon, but is it too much to ask for a hug?”

Surprised, Rika’s first reaction was no. What if she hurt MC? Everything she touched broke, first Sally, then… V… Biting her lip, she looked up, and nodded. Just slightly. It was all it took before MC was tugging her into an embrace. She gasped in surprise, caught mid-hug, looking down at the plant pot in her own hands over MC’s shoulder.

It’d been so long since somebody hugged Rika. She forgot how it felt.

It was comforting. She could feel MC’s heart beat against hers, and smell the hot chocolate clinging to the woollen sweater she wore. MC’s hand rubbed her back, and Rika closed her eyes. She wanted to stay like this. She could live like this. This feeling of affection and the presence of somebody else who wasn’t ready to call her bad names or make her feel crazy. She didn’t want to let go, and she was so glad when MC didn’t pull away. So, so glad. Relaxing, she looked up into the house, and watched Yoosung approach the doorway wearing a pair of mismatched socks and a hoodie. His eyes lit up, and Rika’s heart contracted. Yoosung. Her little baby cousin. He’s so grown up. She only ever saw Yoosung once without brown hair, and now his head was full of blond, clips nowhere to be seen, and his fringe falling over his forehead. He had grown taller, and his face had matured. She saw his graduation photo hung up on the corridor wall, and she couldn’t believe it. Was this her Yoosung? The little boy that would follow her around at the first RFA part because of his shyness? MC let go of her, eventually, and ushered her into the house, saying something about ‘not standing too long at the doorstep.’

“N-noona?” Yoosung stuttered, and Rika swore she’d never felt so relieved to be called something in her life. She was scared to death that she lost him – that after everything, she lost the appreciation that Yoosung had for her. But, she didn’t. Tears fought for room in his eyes, and she could tell he was trying to swallow them back. She stepped foreward, and hugged him, and she felt the feeling again; the one she had when MC embraced her. He held her, and she noticed how much taller than her he was. His chin could rest on her head. She heard him sniff. “I missed you. I missed you so much.

Inhaling, she knotted her fingers into the back of his shirt. This was the only part of her old self she had. She cherished Yoosung. He gave her a reason to recover, because nobody other than Yoosung looked up to her anymore. Nobody other than Yoosung thought she was much more than just a madwoman.

“I… missed you, too.” Pulling away from him, she surveyed his face, trying to mark every one of his changes. No more baby face. The scar over his left eye. The glasses. The maturity. Biting her lip, she suppressed any tears, and shakily brushed his hair above his hairline, before reaching down and gently pinching his cheek. “How’d you grow up so quick, huh? How’d you grow up so much without me to see?”

“I could say the same for you.” Reaching behind her, Yoosung carefully touched the ends of her hair, which now reached her neck. It was cut choppily, and Rika was meaning to get her hair styled at some point. It was only just growing back after she shaved it in her last few months in recovery. “Your hair… it’s so different…”

She caught his hand and stepped away from him. Guiltily, he quickly moved away, muttering an apology, but she stopped him. “No, it’s just… too soon…”

Sensing the change in mood, MC stepped in. “A-ah, Rika, do you want to see our kitten?”

Turning around, her lips parted. She felt Yoosung gently take the plant pot from her hands as she faces MC. Softly, she asked, “Y-you have a kitten?”

“Yeah!” Yoosung smiled. “Her name’s Lisa. She’s still small. Do you wanna meet her?”

Rika bit her lip, and looked down at her beige shoes. Shutting her eyes, she knotted her fingers together. Yoosung and MC were welcoming them into their home with so much love, it was almost too overwhelming for her. After three years of pills, and psychiatrists, and a vacant mind, Rika didn’t think she remembered how it felt to be loved. Now there she stood, fresh from one of the two first hugs she had in over three years, surrounded with soft carpets, and wine red sofas, and a spice perfumed kitchen. She didn’t want to get rid of this feeling.

"Yes,” she said, and followed Yoosung into the living room.

MC walked ahead, and Rika watched as she kneeled down in front of one of the sofas and peered underneath, murmuring softly and running her fingers along the carpet in front of the mouth of the gap beneath the couch. Rika waited with her breath held. She hadn’t been this excited in a long time. MC laughed gently, and waves Rika to sit by her, to which she complied. She gasped when white fur peeked out from beneath the sofa, and when MC reached out to touch it, it darted back in. Rika looked at MC, and saw the mirth dancing in her eyes as she chased for the kitten with her hand again, until it slowly peered out and stretched, sitting just in front of the two girls.

Rika stared. The kitten was still tiny, barely any fatter than the width of her hand. It was white and fluffy, and blue eyes which gazed up at her curiously. They blinked, and she wanted to stroke her so badly, but she was scared. What if she hurt this, too?

MC wrapped her hands around the kitten’s spine and lifted her up, running her thumb along her soft temple as she closed her eyes and nuzzled into her owner. Rika’s heart nearly melted, she barely heard Yoosung sit next to her.

“Would you like to hold her?” MC offered, reaching over to touch Rika’s hand. She froze under the other girl’s touch. Her hands were so warm.

“Y-yes, please,” she responded, but when MC went to hand Lisa to her, she panicked. She didn’t know how to hold a kitten! What if she dropped her? What if she held her too tight? What if something… bad happened… What if Rika–

“Noona?” Yoosung said softly, touching her shoulder. “Do you want me to show you how to hold her?”

Bowing her head, she nodded, keeping her hands in her lap. Yoosung took Lisa from MC and turned Rika to face him, letting the kitten rest against her forearm. Rika looked up at him, hovering her hand over the cat’s fur. He nodded, and she stroked Lisa, scared that she might touch her too harshly in the meantime. She wasn’t breathing. All she could feel was the kitten against her chest, and–

“Oh, my God,” she whispered, feeling Lisa hum against her body. “Is she purring?”

“She likes you,” Yoosung said.

Rika exhaled, rubbing Lisa’s cheek with the tip of her thumb. She was so soft, and so warm. She was alive. The trust that something so vulnerable and so tiny put in her made something clutch her heart. This kitten… Lisa… Lisa trusted her with something as valuable as her own self. Lisa didn’t think Rika was a monster, or crazy, or dangerous. She bit her lip, and didn’t feel the tear run down her cheek. When would she ever feel this much love again? Sniffing, she scratched the cat behind her ear, before Lisa stilled. Rika begun to panic Did she do something wrong? Why wasn’t the kitten moving? Th-this is Sally all over again, how could she–

“Oh,” MC said softly.

Rika couldn’t hold in her sob, and held her hand over her mouth, crying into her palm. They were painful cries, painful and racking her whole body. Yoosung stared at her, alarmed, and so did MC. She cried harder, unable to breathe in properly without hiccuping.

“I-I’m so s-s-sorry… y-you shouldn’t have let m…me touch her.” She touched Lisa’s fur. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

MC leaned in, and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Ssh, it’s okay…”

“N-no… Lisa isn’t m-moving…”

“Hey, Noona.” Yoosung reached for the kitten in her lap, and nudged Lisa’s nose. She woke up, and sniffed, meowing softly. Rika stared at her lap, the kitten now awake and kneading at the skirt of her dress. Her lungs were worn out. Oh. Yoosung smiled. “See? She just fell asleep.”

She held her hand out for Lisa to sniff, her eyes still spilling tears, and the kitten stuck her tongue out and licked her hand. Rika’s chest contracted.

“I… don’t want to hurt things anymore.” She choked on a sob.

Leaning in, Yoosung let her rest her head on his shoulder. “You won’t, Noona. You’re a wonderful person.”

She paused, inhaling deeply. She listened to the clock tick on the opposite wall, and the cat’s purrs. “Am I a monster?” she asked softly.

“No.” The other two said immediately.

“Then…” she breathed, another tear slipping down her cheek, “why do I feel like one?”

She wept, her tears falling on Lisa’s fur. Her shoulders trembled as Yoosung tried to lull her, and MC reached out to hold one of her hands in both of hers. Rika sniffed, and sobbed, and she was glad Yoosung said nothing about the tear patch she left on his shirt. He stroked her short hair, running his fingers through the choppy strands. She pressed the side of her face against his chest, before sitting up, looking down at the kitten.

“I-I swear on my l-life…” She covered her mouth as she cried, still looking at Lisa. “I swear on my life. I will never h-harm y-you. Ever.”

Rika felt stupid. She felt stupid for crying over a kitten and she felt stupid for walking into her cousin’s home and bringing her messy brain with her. She felt stupid for feeling so much just by embracing Lisa, but she had no room to hate herself, since she could hear Yoosung crying from above her, and MC inclining towards her for an embrace. Other than stupid, all she could feel was how much she loved this family. MC, and Yoosung, and Lisa. And she cried more because she knew this was a love that she’ll only ever know once, and a love that she’ll never have back. She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, and took in a quaking breath.

“Th-thank you,” she said, “for accepting me.”

“Rika…” MC whispered. “Welcome home.”

return || stiles stilinski

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 706

authors note: another one of my reposts lmao. again, i apologise for the poor quality of writing. 

summary/request: “so i was thinking a stiles imagine that’s just complete fluff? ty bby.

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My Girl // ThatcherJoe

(Set in late November/December time.)

(Your POV)

Curse words fall from my lips quietly, but not at all calmly. I stalk the path to Joe’s place I know so well and it doesn’t take me long. Despite the freezing air surrounding me, hot angry bubbles and churns inside me like an inactive volcano. Forcefully, my hand shoves into my pocket fishing for my keys to his door. Forcefully, I stick the key into the lock. Forcefully, I open the door. The sight that greets my eyes causes the inactive volcano to suddenly erupt. 

“WHERE THE FUCK IS JOE?” My voice thunders through the house. Six heads immediately rotate to face me in the doorway, cold and wet and angry. Caspar drops his jaw to speak but is cut off. 

“Here.” Joe’s words travel across the room. “Hey love, what’s the matter?” His tone is so calm. I glare at him, furious. 

“What’s the matter?” I repeat the question as though the answer is obvious. Joe’s face becomes one of confusion at my choice of tone. “Do you not remember what tonight, today, was? Do you not remember that you were supposed to meet me at the restaurant 1 hour ago?” I take a step further into the room not breaking my icy glare; a short silence follows. “No, of course you didn’t. Instead you chose to have all your friends over and forgot all about your girlfriend. Well actually your 1 year exactly girlfriend.” I spit. Suddenly, terror panics Joe’s eyes causing them to stare at me, his eyebrows to tilt, his bottom lip to fall and his hands grip his hair. 

“Oh my fucking god! Shit!” Is all Joe exclaims. He races over to me, the other boys all watch. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” His voice reflects actual apologies, but my brain rejects the idea.

“What. no.” I take a step back from him. “I can’t believe you forgot about me again. You said it would never happen again. I thought I meant something to you, Joe. Tonight was supposed to be so much fun and I wanted to actually be able to keep a boyfriend for longer than a year. But no, you just left me sat by myself waiting, without even calling or texting. Nothing. And now look what you have done!” I say throwing my hands in the air. Joe attempts to reach for one. Quickly I pull it behind me. “You’ve gone and got yourself dumped on your one year anniversary.” My heels turn me away rapidly. The door slams behind me as I wrap my coat back around me. Joe… ugh!

(Joe’s POV)

My mouth drops as I see the door slam behind her. I feel heat behind my eyes, but determined not to cry in front of the boys I turn to them. Caspar has his teeth sunk into his bottom lip. Conor’s eyes are full of sympathy. Jack avoids my eyes as I glance around the group. Josh bites his finger nails pretending not to notice anything. Mikey mutters small apologies. Oli wets his lips before standing. 

“Mate what are you still doing here?” He questions. Me and all the other boys stare confused at him. “Come on, stop looking at all of us and go, chase after her. I know you want to. We all know that you love her. Go, go!” Oli looks around the rest of the lads. Their faces immediately fill with spirit.

“Yeah/ come on/ go get her/ win her back!” They scream at me as I shut the door behind me, now determined to get back my girl. 

(Your POV)

The cold bites my burning cheeks. Lava flows out my eyes in the form of tears. The street lights around me glow as I walk past them. My anger level is bright like a flame. Finally I get out to the main road, however what I see turns my lava tears into tears of sadness. A couple in front of me kiss each other, holding hands. My heart throbs. Joe why did you have to forget? Why did you have to make me angry? Because I don’t want to hate you, I want to love you. I want you to know that I still love you. I pull my scarf tighter around my neck. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” I hear a voice yell my name. I turn and see a cold man running towards me. Joe. My tears begin flowing more and more frequently the closer he gets. I want to turn away and carry on walking. But I also want to forgive and kiss him. My mind takes over my body before my heart can speak. I swivel around on my heels and walk away, pushing through the crowds. 

“No! Y/N!” Joe yells again this time nearer. A hand wraps around my arm and spins me around. Joe stands in front of me now. I look into his eyes. They are glassy, just as I would imagine mine to be. 

“Y/N please don’t go. Don’t carry on walking. Let me just apologise for tonight.” I am too cold to protest against him, so he continues. “Baby look I’m so sorry. I know I’m a complete dickhead for forgetting that today was our one year anniversary. And I completely understand if you want to leave. But please, I beg you don’t because I need you. Like I need you. I have lived for 25 years and the one I have spent with you as my girlfriend outweighs the rest of the 24 by so much. I need you in my life and I love you so, so much, please don’t walk away now.” He takes a loud gulp. “I know I have promised before and now I have broken that promise, but please forgive me and let me try again?” Joe looks down into my eyes, I notice the layer of water over them, thick and pronounced. He takes my hand. “Please don’t leave me.” I try to swallow the lump in my throat to speak but what do I say? My head is telling me no, but my heart is telling me yes. ‘Don’t he will just do it again!’ ‘Stop it, you love and need him’ I look up into his hopeful eyes. My sight notices something behind him. I glance over his shoulder, a smile appears on my face as I see six boys holding signs. 

“He loves you” Jack’s one says. “Please forgive him” Josh’s says. Mikey’s reads “Joe needs you.”  “Buttercreams plus Y/N all the way!” Conor’s says. Caspar’s sign has mine and Joe’s ship name on, and Oli has the cutest picture of me and Joe. 

“What is this Joe?” I ask. Joe turns to look where my eyes are directed. He chuckles slightly at the sight. 

“Sorry, I didn’t tell them to do that.” Joe explains. I laugh slightly as well. Then turn my attention back to the blue eyes I am still falling for. 

“Ok.” I say. 

“Ok what?” Joe asks me. I roll my eyes and giggle, almost. 

“Ok, I wont leave.” A smile graces his lips as my words tumble out. 

“Really?” He asks. I nod my head slowly, but surely. 

“Yeah just don’t forget about me again, please it does hurt a lot.” I tell him. Linking our fingers together he smiles down. 

“Yeah I am sorry, but will you be my girlfriend again?” Linking our other hands together, I nod. Slowly I lean in to kiss him. Joe reacts quickly copying my action. His warm lips burn my freezing ones, and they tingle once we part.

Suddenly, a mob of young lads pile over. They surround me and Joe, cheering and hugging us all. 

“Did you like our signs Y/N?” Caspar asks me. 

“Oh yeah they were great.” I reply with a slightly sarcastic smile. We all begin to walk back to Joe’s. 

“Whose heart drawing did you like better, mine or Caspar’s?” Jack dips into the convocation. 

“Mine obviously.” Caspar says, flicking his hand around. Jack glares at him, narrowing his eyes. I laugh at their petty, childishness. All the lava that was inside of me has now evaporated. 

“Well actually, sorry to rock the boat, but I like Joe’s heart over all of yours.” I tell them. Joe’s arm slides around my waist, resting comfortably on my hip. 

“Ayyy. That’s my girl.” Joe laughs, loving that I mugged them all off. My heart warms within his grip, he’s my boy and I’m his girl. 

Black Or White

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/n: This is the first Bucky piece that I’ve ever wrote and posted on this account (so apologises to my TW followers) but I have talked about writing for the MCU fandom for a while so now is the time. This is an AU.

Word Count: 1916

Warnings: Angsty

This is my entry for @jurassicbarnes’s writing competition, I really hope you enjoy it, I’m super nervous to be posting this. 

My prompt was “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress.”

Originally posted by bovaria

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Stockholme Syndrome: Missing Part

Reader x Klaus

Synopsis: Elijah brings you back to New Orleans to help Klaus deal with Freya’s arrival. 


Word count: 1073

“What is up with you Mikaelsons that you always have to kidnap people, huh?” You asked, squirming and trying to free your wrists from some weird kind of rope.

Ever since your sire, Klaus, released you, you left New Orleans without looking back, travelling through Europe, visiting all its famous spots, meeting new people and enjoying life like never before. Of course, although you did meet lots of people, built a life and beamed with happiness, something always seemed to be missing. An important piece of your heart. One you forgot back in the city that caused you so much misery.

“I needed your help.” Elijah’s voice replied, calmly.

“You could just have asked me.” You said, rolling your eyes, clearly annoyed by his actions.

“Would you have come if I did?”

“No, but…”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Tell me in what do you need me.”

“Niklaus have gone mad.”

“And where do I fit?”

“He needed you back then and he needs you now. You had no right on leaving him like that.”

“That’s not how life works, Elijah, I had to leave!”

Elijah forced you to remember that cold afternoon, the one you ran away from the big bad Hybrid. It was late, about six or seven o’clock in the evening, a thin rain was pouring outside, you were laying half asleep on Klaus’ chest, still stuck in a bliss provided by him. It was perfect, everything. Like he had planned this all along. That moment changed your mind a little bit, making you wonder if it wouldn’t be better if you stayed. Just to see how things would go and if your relationship would work. However, staying probably would mean he owned you like a pet or that Niklaus could manipulate you to do whatever he wished. Then, you realised why you couldn’t be with him: you would never feel safe by the man’s side. So you left. Not writing a letter, not saying goodbye. You thought it would be better this way.  

Your heart broke that day and the scars still lingered till this very day.

“Why did you do it, Y/N?”

“I don’t know, okay?” You yelled, feeling the tears run through your face. “I just had to. I couldn’t stay. I had to know how was life without a crazy maniac tracking me down.”

“But you love him.”

“I do, Elijah, I can’t explain this sick twisted feeling, but I can’t deny it either.”

He sighed.

“I am sorry I dragged you back into this. But if you can’t work this out, I guess nobody else can.”

“That’s okay, I’ll help.” You nodded. “Just… Let me go and tell me where he is.”

Elijah ripped the ropes around your wrists, which made you let a small sigh of relieve slip. His hands landed onto your shoulders, guiding you to the way out. You realised you were in the Compound, a huge mansion that belonged to the Mikaelson family. It fit them anyway, with all that darkness and mystery. Your legs trembled a little, nervous to see Klaus again and scared that his rage would get you killed.  

“Now, get in there and put some sense into his mind.”

“Tell me, what exactly am I walking into?”

“Uh, he refuses to let out sister Freya in, Klaus doesn’t think she’s trustworthy to be part of our family.”

“You have a sister named Freya?”

“No time for explaining!”

Elijah pushed you to enter the room, the same one Klaus rambled about for you. He was facing a window, probably already aware of your presence, after all, the man was still a scary hybrid, the mixture of a wolf and a vampire. The exactly same thing you are, after he turned you.

“Well, my brother is just adorable, huh, darling?”

“Klaus, wherever you are up to now, just don’t do it.”

“He actually thought you, at everyone else, would stop me from doing whatever I want?”

“You know you don’t fool me.” Your look was firm and intense. “I know how your mind works, remember?”

He approached you, backing you up against a cold wall.

“Now do you, love?”

“You don’t scare me at all.”

“I can kill you right now. Rip your little heart and suck the blood out of its veins.”

“Well, if you were actually going to do it, you would have done it already.”

His hands clutched your throat, which made you cough breathlessly.

“Come on, Niklaus, stop with these sick games.”

You stroke his cheek, biting your bottom lip and noticing that everything on that scene had happened because he was hurt. Klaus slowly let your neck go and just stared at you, his eyes showing every ounce of feeling he had inside, which made you blush, quickly looking away. That blue would always get to your core and wasn’t a good thing when it did that.

“Why did you left?”

“Because I couldn’t stand the idea of you manipulating me.”

“I would never do that, Y/N!”

“Sure you would, that’s exactly what you do to people.”

“But you are no ordinary person. I bloody love you and you left.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just scared.”

“Talk to me. Yell at me.“ He grabbed your arms, squeezing them tightly. “Running away is never an option.”

“I know… I am so sorry, Klaus. I shouldn’t have done this to you.”

“No, you don’t have to apologise.” He raised your chin, so you looked directly to him. “I am sorry I made you run.”

Klaus leant over, softly touching your lips with his. A hand on your waist and another one on your neck, outside you could hear the wind blow, leaves fly and all nature speaking for that moment. It was cliché, sure, but in that second, you felt whole again. Like the missing puzzle piece was finally set in place and the drawn was finally completed. Niklaus Mikaelson was everything you wanted and everything you shouldn’t have. Tell me, though, how you are supposed to live eternity without the one your soul truly loves?

“Are you feeling better?” You whispered, against his lips. “Because I can keep doing this until you are perfectly fine to forgive anyone out there.”

“For me to forgive all of my enemies, love, it’s going to take a lot more than that.” He giggled.

“Let’s start with a sister named Freya.”

“I believe Elijah filled you in.”

“Oh, yeah, now come.”

As your small hand grabbed his, Klaus, too, felt whole, in a way he had pursued for centuries and never really archived. Oh, until he met you, anyway.

The Ghost of You // part one. (kyungsoo au)

Summary; whilst running from your ability of seeing the dead, you stumble upon a handsome man with wide eyes and a heart shaped smile, who just so happens to be what you’re running from.

prologue part two

You tried your very best to ignore his large eyes as he stared at you. You even averted your eyes, focusing on gathering up the various bags at your feet. You contemplated leaving, and telling the landowner you changed your mind and you wanted to leave. However, this was the cheapest apartment and you signed a contract, so technically, you couldn’t leave.

“You’re ignoring me. You can’t ignore me. You looked straight at me, not through me,” he continued to speak as you continued to do your best to ignore him. “Don’t ignore me. Please.”

You shuffled inside, dropping your bags by the sofa and glancing around the apartment. It was nice, very nice, and very cheap. You were sceptical at first, due to the price of such an amazing apartment, but now you knew why it was cheap. There was a ghost. It was haunted, something the landowner forgot to mention.


You wanted to ignore him, you really did. However, you could hear the desperation in his voice as he spoke. You could just about feel how desperate he was. You weren’t awful. You didn’t completely shut out ghosts all the time, you wanted to, but you didn’t have the heart. If they were desperate for help, you would try and help them.

“Hello,” you whispered in a small voice. You fiddled with the bottom of your jumper slightly as you spoke. They frightened you, the fact that you could see and talk to dead people frightened you, even though you had been doing it for many years.

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Dark Obsessions- a BTS Jungkook X Reader imagine PART 1 OF 4

Dark Obsessions~ Jungkook fanfic

Part 1

Part 2 is here <<<<

part 3

Part 4

This is my first tumblr post and the first time I have ever wrote  anything like this so I apologise if it sucks idek.


NOTE: Hiii Zinny here, this is a Jeon Jungkook imagine/fanfic where you are both playing at a risky game, him being your brothers best friend and also your “ FWB ”/fuckbuddy type thing that nobody can know about but what he doesn’t know is that you have always loved him and what you don’t know is what dark fantasies he has planned for you tonight…but what happens when your secret gets let out and your two different worlds start to fall apart…Enjoy ;)

Rated: M read at your own risk.

Genre: Smut, (quite rough) fluff, angst

Word count: 5,568




He was coming, you sensed it as you peered at yourself through the reflection of your mirror. You stood in the bathroom in nothing but red knickers/panties and his large black t-shirt that fell down to your knees like a dress. Jeon Jungkooks t-shirt. The forbidden image of him panting next to you, naked with beads of sweat glistening down his face flashed into your mind and you squeezed your thighs shut, goosebumps appearing on your bare arms. Please hurry.

It was wrong, so damn wrong. Of course it was, he was your brothers best and most trusted friend. But he wasn’t just that…he was your own personal fuck buddy that you had just happened to completely and utterly fall in love with. You loved him. With every ounce of your vulnerable heart you loved the dark eyed boy and you always had since that first time you touched; it was obvious that you possessed a love for him that was perilous and unwanted which grabbed you tight around your foolish heart and drew you in  deeper until you could no longer escape it.

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Companion piece to: x

Regulus tries to cope with the aftermath of Sirius running away from home. He finds solace in a certain black leather jacket

He shouldn’t have kept it.

Regulus doesn’t know how but that stupid, fancy, heavy black leather jacket that Sirius adores so much somehow got left behind in 12 Grimmauld Place the night Sirius ran away.

Though in hindsight, Regulus supposes that Sirius didn’t really have much time to pack.

But when their mother waltzed into Regulus’s room the evening after Sirius left home and asked if he had any of Sirius’s belongings, Regulus had to make a split second decision.

“No” Regulus stated calmly, subtly kicking the jacket sleeve further underneath the bed, “I don’t have anything of his.”  

Walburga smirked, patted him a little too harshly on the cheek then turned sharply, leaving the door open as always.

That night, Regulus watched ashen-faced as his father burned every last one of Sirius’s possessions left behind from his old room.

Regulus’s heart ached as he stared at the darkening edges of Sirius’s favourite muggle records, the rotting wrappers of old Honeydukes’ sweets, a beloved Gryffindor scar once the vibrant colours of gold and maroon, now just multicoloured shades of grey and of course the beaming faces of James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin from a photograph that was already turning to ash.

Thankfully Walburga had been too busy cackling with joy to notice the unshed tears in her new heir’s eyes.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chariotdunord 

The family computer is finally free so here’s your belated (ish?) present, hope you enjoy it! ^_^ 

Summary: Instinct is: 1-a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. 2- a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind. 3- The reason why Akko meet Diana. (Photographer!Akko, Modern Au)

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One of the boys ~ Part three

Pairing ~ Hoseok x reader

Rating ~ angst/fluff/smut

 Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

Originally posted by btsumari

It was exactly a week since the night Hoseok confronted you and you hadn’t seen or heard from any of them, you knew they were just giving you some space after what happened and you thanked god that they did, your week had been tough enough as it was. All your co-workers started to avoid you after the girl that you yelled at that night told them what had happened and how much of a bitch you were, you knew she had because you overheard her telling someone when you were in the bathroom one day, but you couldn’t really blame her. When you heard her say what low lives the guys must be to hang out with someone like you you got angry, you couldn’t help but intimidate her. You opened the door and walked to the sink to wash your hands staring her down the whole time, her face reddened instantly and she tried to avoid your scowl but you walked straight up to her and glared directly in her eyes for a minute before scoffing and walking out. You couldn’t believe you had done that but she bad mouthed the boys and you couldn’t let her get away with that.

You sat in your cubical and stared at the blinking cursor on the computer screen, lost in your own thoughts when you heard a bunch of whispering and girls giggling, you stood up and looked over your cubical wall to see Jin walking around looking in cubicles and politely apologising to people when they weren’t you and you couldn’t stop the smile spreading over your face at his actions. He stood there for a second scratching his head as he looked around the room, a smile appeared on his face as soon as he saw you and gave you a goofy wave before heading to you.

“I found you, how are you?” he asked as he hugged you.

“Jin what are you doing here? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” you asked trying not to smile, you always had a soft spot for Jin because he was such a genuinely sweet guy.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if you would answer your phone. Here, I made you lunch” he said happy with himself as he handed you a bag filled with containers, the smell hit you as soon as you took the bag and it smelt so good your stomach grumbled, you couldn’t eat much during the week.

“Thank you but you didn’t have to” you smiled at him.

“Apparently I did, did you hear your stomach? Noona your so skinny, have you been eating?” he asked with a stern look and you blushed as you put the bag on your desk. “That does it, your coming around tonight and we are going to feed you till you burst” he chuckled.

“Jin, you know I can't” you said with a sigh.

“Yes you can and you are, even if I have to come here when you finish work and kidnap you” he teased and you shook your head as you smiled at him.

“Miss _____, do I have to remind you that you are in office hours and no visitors are allowed in that time?” Mr Kang appeared from behind you.

“I’m sorry Mr Kang, I forgot my lunch and he was dropping it off for me, he was just about to leave” you lied bowing to Mr Kang out of respect and he looked at Jin, eyeing the younger man up and down.

“Ah I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble, she is just so forgetful. Sometimes I wonder how she is able to get through life with the amount of things she forgets” Jin jokingly played along.

“And you are?” Mr Kang asked.

“My name is Kim Seokjin sir, nice to meet you” he said with a smile as he shook the older man’s hand.

“Are you Miss _____’s boyfriend?” Mr Kang questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“No, no, no…. we are just good friends” you quickly chimed in, but Jin was having to much fun watching you squirm.

“What? I-I thought we were dating? How could you mislead me?” he said dramatically as he grasped at his shirt where his heart would be and your boss raised his eyebrows.

“Jin please don’t do this” you asked quietly but he wasn’t done having fun just yet.

“What do you mean don’t do this? You have been leading me on for the last two months, how could you? And I let you……. touch me” he stated placing the back of his hand over his forehead as if he was stricken with grief and you couldn’t help but chuckle at his over acting.

“Miss _____ please take this outside” Mr Kang said sternly before walking away.

You grabbed Jin by the arm and dragged him out the door as he pretended to cry holding his hand over his eyes as he did so. As soon as you got out the door he started laughing and you hit him in the chest but he continued to laugh.

“Stop it, your going to get me fired” you said folding your arms against your chest.

“Ok I promise I will stop IF, you promise me you’ll come around tonight” he replied mimicking your stance, you let out a sigh and he grinned back at you. “What about the night we sp….” he started to yell but you placed your hand over his mouth stopping him from continuing.

“OK, I will go. Are you happy now?” you asked frowning at him.

“I knew you would see it my way, see you tonight” He said nudging your arm and before you could stop it you smiled.

You sighed as you approached the front door of their dorm, you were hesitant to knock, you were contemplating about weather you should leave when the door swung open and a shocked Jungkook appeared.

“You came?” he smiled brightly at you as he dropped the bag of rubbish out the door. “Come in, we were just about to eat” he said grabbing your arm and practically dragged you through the hall to the kitchen.

“See I told you she would come” Jin said proudly as he stirred a large pot in the kitchen.

“Why’d you have to do that Noona? Now I owe him money” Yoongi said coldly from the table and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Noona, come sit next to me” Namjoon called with his best aegyo making you giggle until you saw the other person you would be sitting next to, Hoseok. As soon as your eyes met he got up, walked to the fridge, got out a beer and started to leave the room.

“Hey, where are you going? I was just about to serve dinner” Jin called to him making Hoseok turn around.

“Suddenly I’m not hungry” he said looking at you before leaving the room and you heard his bedroom door slam, the sound making you jump slightly.

You bit your bottom lip as you made your way to the table sitting next to Namjoon and he placed a hand on your head rubbing your hair, you smiled at him and he smiled back but his eyes portrayed something different, like pity.

“Alright, here you go” Jin said as he placed a giant bowl of spaghetti bolognese on the table accompanied by a lot of garlic bread. “I made this especially for you, I remembered you saying your Mum would make this for you whenever you were home” he said with a smile as he picked up a bowl and scooped a large amount of spaghetti in it and handed it too you.

“Jin this is to much food” you said your mouth slightly open in amazement of how much he had filled the bowl.

“Just eat what you can” he smiled sweetly at you.

You didn’t eat much just a couple of mouthfuls to appease Jin’s ever watching eye, no matter how good it tasted you couldn’t eat, you felt sick every time you tried to force yourself and it was hard enough trying to swallow the few mouth fulls you did have.

The boys were laughing at Jungkook’s face covered in pasta sauce and hurling insults at him as you absent-mindedly played with your food, lost in your own thoughts when a figure entering the room caught your eye. You looked up to find Hoseok grabbing another beer out of the fridge before leaving the room just as quickly as he entered not caring to even look in your direction, you pursed your lips together as you felt your eyes filling with liquid. Namjoon placed his hand over your own making you look up at him.

“Go talk to him Noona” Namjoon pleaded and the room went silent.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I will just end up making things worse” you said as you focus went back to playing with your food.

“He’s a mess Noona, all he does is drink all day” Taehyung stated from across the table.

“And he barely talks to us any more, when we try to talk to him he just yells at us and shuts himself in his room” Jungkook added and you noticed him chewing on his bottom lip, a tell tale sign that he was worried about something.

“Just go in there and tell him you love him already so we can all go back to being friends and forget this shit ever happened” Yoongi said coldly not even looking at you.

“Fuck off Yoongi, how do you even know how I feel?” you bit back at him staring him down.

“Because I saw you dancing with that guy at the club just like how you danced with Hoseok that night……. and as soon as you heard his voice over the speakers you started to cry. Also the fact that you had a panic attack when he walked away from you after he confessed his feelings. I don’t know about anyone else but I would probably call that love” Yoongi said with raised eyebrows. You bit your bottom lip as you looked down at the bowl of food in front of you again. “You guys were in love with each other long before this happened, you just didn’t know it or chose to ignore it”.

“Please Noona, talk to him……. for us” Jin asked as he slowly pulled your bowl away so you could no longer avoid their pleas.

You all sat in silence for a few moments while you internally fought with the idea, was this a good idea? He did look like he has had just as rough a week as you and needed someone to help him out of the hole he seemed to be digging himself into. Could you do that or would you just make things worse? It hurt to see him the way he was and to know that it was all because of you. You used to be so close before that night, he was your best friend and you ruined it as always. You let your emotions get in the way and now you had hurt the first person you had cared about in a long time. The guys were right, you needed to try and at least fix this, you had to try and help him get over you and get back to his life.

You slowly stood up and made your way out of the kitchen and knocked on Hoseok’s door.

“Fuck off” he yelled.

“Hob-Hoseok, it’s me….. can I come in?” you asked chewing on your lip in anticipation of his answer, but there wasn’t one.

After a few minutes you decided to open the door, he was laying on his bed with his hands over his face and a pang of guilt hit you in the chest. You sheepishly stepped inside closing the door behind you.

“I thought I said to fuck off?” he said coldly, his hands still covering his face.

“I-I didn’t….. you didn’t answer after I asked if I could come in so I just….” you spoke quietly trying not to provoke him.

“So you just came in? What do you want?” he sat up running his hand through his hair before grabbing his beer and chugging it back.

“Hobi please stop” you asked grabbing the beer out of his hand and placing it back on the bedside table.

“I thought I told you not to fucking call me that, now what the fuck do you want?” he asked angrily looking at you for the first time since you entered the room, his eyes were red and puffy. Another shot of guilt hit you in the chest as you realised he had been crying, an inner desire to reach out and hold him raced through your body but you ignored it, it was a bad idea.

“I-I just…..” you lost your train of thought as he gave you that all to familiar stone cold expression.

“You just what?….. hmmm?….. Are you gonna spit it out or just fucking stare at me again?” he asked as his eyes began to welt up before you.

“I-I….” you stammered as you own eyes began to mimic his and he chuckled.

“Let me guess…… you can’t do this? Am I right?…….. your sorry but you have to go?……huh?” anger was evident in his voice as he got off the bed and walked over to you trapping you between him and the door as he locked it, he cupped your face looking you directly in the eye. “Now that you can’t run away, just tell me one thing……. Did you feel anything at all for me or was I just another idiot you fucked?” he asked as a tear rolled down his check and you had to stop your hand from reaching up and wiping it away.

“Hobi please stop, you’re making this harder then it needs to be” you pleaded with him but he shook his head.

“Answer the fucking question, did you even feel anything for me?” he commanded as his tears began to flow freely his eyes still locked on your.

“Yes” you finally admitted and it felt like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

“Then why?……why did you leave? Why did you ignore me? Why didn’t you tell me that when I asked you a week ago?” he asked as his voice broke and he stroked your cheek with his thumb.

“Because I was scared…… That night we spent together was so intense that I knew that you would just end up breaking my heart….. so I left…… I left before you could leave me” you confessed, this time it was your turn to cry. Hoseok crashed his lips against yours with such passion and intensity that you forgot that you were crying, your hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they grasped at Hoseok’s shirt pulling him in closer but Hoseok pulled away.

“I can’t promise that neither of us will break the others heart but I can promise that I will never intentionally hurt you” he said softly caressing your hair.

You pulled him in and kissed him, you had missed him so much you just couldn’t help yourself, you needed to feel him again. Your hands dropped to the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up breaking the kiss to bring it over his head and throw it off to the side, you went to kiss him again but Hoseok stopped you.

“Are you sure?” He asked searching your face for any hint that you weren’t.

“I’m sure” you answered softly and with that Hoseok lifted your own shirt off before placing his lips against yours.

Your hands trailed down his bare stomach, your fingers rippled over ever indentation of his abs to his sweat pants and slowly pulled them down as you crouched before him, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. You took him in your hand and slowly pumped your hand around him, you looked up watching as his mouth dropped open before sucking in his bottom lip at your actions and you couldn’t help but think how perfect he looked at this exact moment.

Hoseok’s hand suddenly grabbed your arm stopping you from moving it.

“I want to touch you” he said softly as he pulled you up. His hand ran back up your arm, leaving a ghosting burn in it’s wake, his arms reached around your back and unclasped your bra. He placed his hands on your shoulders and slowly glided your bra off and down your arms before letting it drop on the ground between the two of you. One of his hands gently grasped the hair at the back of your head pulling it to the side, the other on your waist as he kissed you behind the ear and trailed it painfully slow down your neck. Before you even realised it you were moaning his name making him sigh as he lent your back against the door, his kisses now on your bare chest. One of his hands cupped your breast as his mouth finally reached the other taking it in and lightly sucking as his tongue played with your nipple, you arched your back off the door and moaned running your hands through his hair.

“Ahh I can’t wait any more, I wanted to take my time but I need to feel you” Hoseok whined as his hands ran around the back of your thighs lifting you up and wrapping your legs around him.

He carried you to the bed and let you drop on the soft mattress, he undid your jeans and pulled them off placing them on the floor as he stared at your naked body laying before him, taking in every inch as if it would be the last time he would ever see it. Honestly he wasn’t sure if he would, he didn’t know if you would even be there in the morning, it hurt him to think how you might leave again but he couldn’t help himself. No matter how much he tried he couldn’t get you out of his head, every time he thought about your lips against his or how beautiful you looked when you moaned his name, it hurt. He knew that this could be a mistake but he needed you, he needed to feel you, to see you, to hear his name fall from your lips.

“Hobi….. please, I need you” you said softly breaking him out of his thoughts.

Hoseok hooked his hand under your knee and lifted it as he placed himself between your legs and entered you. He began to slowly roll his hips into you as he gently placed kisses over every inch of your face and neck and you dug your nails in to the flesh of his back as the pressure built inside you. He felt so good, just as tender as you had remembered. You missed this, you missed him. All the the moments you two shared began to race through your mind. The way he smiled at you when he caught you staring at him from across the room, your head resting on his lap as he stroked your hair, the way he would look at you before he kissed you on the cheek when he dropped you home late at night, how your bodies moved perfectly in time with one another the first night you spent together, the look in his eyes right before he walked away from you that night. You closed your eyes as they played and tears began to fall from them. Suddenly you felt Hoseok stop and you opened your eyes to find him staring at you, worry written all over his face.

“Are you ok? Did I hurt you?” He whispered.

“No it’s ok, I just……… I love you”

“I love you too jagiya” Hoseok smiled sweetly at you.

You placed your hands around his neck and pulled him down kissing him passionately as he started to roll his hips again. Your bodies glistened with sweat as you approached your highs, it never took you long to orgasm with Hoseok, he knew exactly how to move.

“I wanted it last longer but I can’t hold it…… the way you moan makes me melt”

His words made you moan louder and the feeling in the pit abdomen became more intense and as soon as your name fell from his lips you came with a primal like scream as your body shook making Hoseok come just seconds after.

Hoseok laid down beside you and wrapped his arms around you, you closed your eyes as you snuggled into him.

“Promise you won’t leave while I’m asleep” He asked softly and you just hummed in response as you drifted off.

The next morning Hoseok rolled over to hold you but when he reached out there was nothing there. He sprung up looking around the room only to find his bed was empty and there was no sign of you. ‘Not again’ he thought as he ran his hands over his face when the smell of something delicious wafted over him, 'it must be Jin making breakfast’ he thought as he got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen rubbing the sleep form his eyes.

“Hey sleepy head” a sweet voice called to him and he smiled instantly, you were still here.

He walked over and hugged you from behind wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you in tight, resting his chin on your shoulder as he watched you cook breakfast.

“Hmmmm, good morning to you too” you hummed leaning your head back on his shoulder.

“Good morning my jagiya” he cooed turning you around placing your hands around his neck and returned his own to your waist as he leaned in and kissed you deeply. You returned the kiss swiping your tongue across his lip asking for entrance and he complied. You were so caught up in the kiss that you didn’t notice that someone had entered the room.

“Oh for fuck sake, is this what I’m going to have to put up with now? I wish I never helped you sort your shit out” Yoongi grumbled but the smile on his face said different. “And I swear to god if you make her burn my breakfast I will fucking end you” he threatened as he sat at the table.

Rockabye Baby

Based very loosely around this song and the relationship between the mother and son in the music video which I was already working on and a request by the lovely @sarahpanda65 so I really hope you like what I did with this fic my lovely, please let me know what you think x

Request: Hey can you do a request where the reader has kid from a previous relationship and how Bucky would react to this news

Warnings: The struggles associated with the life of a single, working class mother. Some asshole slaps her butt without permission- Bucky sets him straight!

Words : c.3,002

*gif is my creation*

You pulled your coat tighter around your body ignoring the catcalls and whistles that followed you, rolling your eyes as you crossed the street to the bar and grill you worked nightshifts at.

It was an old style place that required you to wear an old style uniform which is why you always attracted attention when walking the streets at night.

The shifts stretched way into the early mornings and you were always in a zombie like state on the walk home. But the tips you earned from this job were helping you to save for your son to go to the soccer summer camp he begged to go to every summer, the one that made your stomach sink and heart heavy every time you had to say no.

Tonight hadn’t been a bad night, only a few messy regulars that liked to flirt with you but never dared touch you, you were fond of these men and you knew them all by name, they were good men, even if they did always drink too much.

When your shift ended and you dragged yourself home, you climbed the hundred or so steps to your apartment (the elevator was always broken) and you were looking forward to putting your feet up with a cup of tea before bed.

You were shocked to meet Lilly your babysitter at the door before you even put the key in the lock.

“Don’t freak out,” she urged and you instantly began freaking out, “but Milo was in a fight today at school, with Christopher Little.”

“What?” you shrieked, Milo was the sweetest kid ever and fighting was so unlike him, but the same could not be said for the Little Kid.

You thanked Lilly and watched silently as she gathered her things, with a final sympathetic look she turned to you and sighed “Don’t be too hard on him,” and then she was gone.

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anonymous asked:

companions react to getting caught cheating on sole, by sole? Merry Christmas!


-Dances around- annggssssttt angst~ -sprinkles angst all over this post- lalala~  (Hancock’s made my heart weak and I wrote it! ;; Jeez hah)

Danse: Danse knew what he was doing was wrong- he doesn’t even know why he is doing this with someone other than Sole. When Sole walked in on him and some other person Danse felt like a huge lump formed in his throat and all he could manage to get out was “I-I can explain..” but before he could say anything more Sole glared him down and ran off. Danse knew there was a good chance that Sole was never going to speak to him again. After all Sole had done for him. After all, they’ve been through Danse had betrayed Sole’s trust forever and that made Danse feel worse than dirt.

Hancock: He was high off his horse and hadn’t realized he was making out with and touching someone other than Sole. So when he heard sole from across the room yell out “What the hell is this!?” Hancock looked at Sole and then to the person he was with and his eyes widened. “Perfectly good explaination..” He said as he let go of the person he was holding and stood up. “You can cram your explanations. We’re done!” Hancock, of course, chased after sole even though sole didn’t respond or say anything. “Please, just listen to me. I-I..” Hancock looked pained. “I can’t lose my sunshine..” His voice cracked when he said that and all he was met with was a door slammed in his face.

MacCready: When Sole caught MacCready in the dirty act they wasted no time in crossing the room and cracking MacCready a solid punch across his jaw. MacCready was instantly pushed off his temporary lover. He yelled out and grabbed his jaw before staring up at a very angry looking Sole. “Wait– this isn’t what you think it is!” MacCready stumbled over his words as he composed himself and stood up. “How could you!? Were you just using me so I’d help out your son and then you’d just throw me away? Is that it?” Sole was furious and MacCready could honestly say he was a little scared. “Please, just listen to me..” MacCready pleaded but Sole was already walking out the door. “Save it for someone who cares.”

Nick Valentine: Sole stood in the doorway they were biting their own bottom lip to stop the tears from forming in their eyes but it wasn’t working. “How could you Nicky?” Sole’s voice broke and cracked as tears rolled down their cheek. “I’d expect it from anyone else..but you.. you..” Nick’s heart instantly broke at the sight of Sole breaking down. A lot of things ran through his mind at that moment. What possibly possessed him to do something like this? Why would he betray Sole like this? It wasn’t right and he knew it wasn’t right. Nick hurried himself to get proper and rushed over to Sole, he placed his hands tightly on Sole’s shoulders. He explained he had doubts about them and that maybe Sole was just saying they wanted to be with him because they felt sorry for him to which Sole had already said many times before, they never cared what Nick looked like, they loved him for who he was. “I-I have to go now..I’m sorry..” Sole swallowed loudly and walked out the door.

Curie: “Curie!” Sole yelled and Curie’s head snapped up to the direction of Sole’s voice. “Ah, w-what are you doing here?” Curie asked in shock and Sole, shook their head in disbelief. “Nothing.” Sole turned on their heel and was about to walk out the door when Curie called out. “P-Please do not leave. I can explain. I did not know that we cannot have multiple lovers.” Curie frowned. Sole didn’t know what to think in that moment. They didn’t know if Curie was telling the truth or if she was lying to save her own ass. The only thing Sole knew right now was getting the hell out of there. They needed time to blow off steam and think. Sole said nothing and walked out of the house before Curie could get anything else out of her mouth.

Deacon: It wasn’t until after Sole kicked out the other person that they started to speak. Sole was angry and the fact that they were actually speaking calmly scared the hell out of Deacon. He swallowed loudly as they stood in silence for a few moments. “You know, I should have expected this. You’re always willing to lie so effortlessly. Why should I be any different right? Why should you be honest with me?” Sole inhaled sharply. Deacon felt less than nothing at the current moment. He couldn’t speak or think properly. He wanted to say he had an explanation for his actions but he knew Sole wouldn’t hear of it. “If I were you, I’d stay away from me for a very long time.” Sole said lowly, there was a small growl to their voice before they walked out.

Piper: “Wait, blue!” Piper ran after Sole, She was only wearing her bra and panties so she got some gasps and murmurs as she tried to catch up to Sole who was now on their way out of Diamond City. “This is for work I swear.” Piper pleaded and Sole actually had to laugh at that because it seemed so unbelievable. Apparently, piper had a big news break but the only way to get any information out of the person was to seduce them. Piper couldn’t stand the look on of disbelief on Sole’s face, though. Of course Sole didn’t believe that garbage Sole rolled their eyes and walked away but not before telling Piper to never speak to them again.

Look At Me (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by amjeth

A/n -  Inspired by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan asking each other questions but I flipped it around because that’s what my exhausted 2am brain wanted.

Warnings: Love, romance, angst, troublesome Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie

Word Count: 1566 (give or take a few)

“What is the one question that you both would like to ask each other that you haven’t been asked before?” The interviewer asked.

You smiled at the genius behind the question and jumped at your chance to tackle the one thing that had been plaguing you since you got to these junkets with Sebastian.

“I’ve got one.” You said, turning in your seat to face him. Taking note with how rigid he became. “Why don’t you look at me?”

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You belong to me (Charles Xavier x reader)

Request by @anyfandomimaginex ! I am so so very sorry for this delay :c A few last days have been really hectic for me. But I still hope you will enjoy reading this one! (sorry no proofing since just Poland - Germany match started and i am off to cheer for my country :P)

Originally posted by roberta-paulson

Request: Can you make a Charles x Reader where they are dating and he doesn’t spend much time with me anymore and one day I go to his office to asks what’s wrong and he snaps at me and I cry and later on he apoligizes and I think he doesn’t love me anymore and that he has someone else (Which he hasn’t) and we fight and again make-up with smut? ^^

Warning: language, smut

Rating: M

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