if i forgot you do you kno

(I haven’t posted in ages)

I hope to those who see this, that you are doing well.

It felt nice to color a little bit more detail again… I almost forgot how fun it was. Quick, but stress relieving! 

I haven’t played KuroKuro in a while too. I think I still have “Happy Birthday Akashi” up as my avatar! I’m a disappointment! I hope Akashi’s story will be up with more reflection of how the Rakuzan team is according to the game team! I wonder what will the story center around~ (I hope for more Shintarou interaction… and Mayuzumi of course. AND MURASAKIBARA. Ugh. I hope it won’t just revolve around Seirin. We have other storylines for that… And ahh, of course, I hope they talk about how they must deal with Touou with Aomine as well… I’m just dreaming but hey! T_T)

Lmfao it’s been so long since I’ve been here that I sound so awkward as I type like I’m typing in some shitty diary (when it’s just a shitty blog) but pfft……

okasian: listen. the reason why u never get pussy is because you don’t have a cool signature pick up line
keith ape: what is yours
okasian: baby it doesn’t matter where or when you want me because.. baby. i am ready on any okasian
keith: shit that’s smooth
okasian: now you try
keith: alright *walks over to the next girl that passes him*
keith: hey
her: what do u want
keith: *looks over to okasian* what matters is what u want and im just here to say that it doesnt matter where or when u want me . bc i am ready on any okasian
her: what
keith: shit wait my name isnt okasian

❄ ❄

excuse the gif but yeah hi this is just so i can acknowledge all my favourite people especially everyone i’ve made friends with recently.

there are so many names of friends and so many blogs i love and with my shitty memory i’m bound to have forgotten people so if i have forgotten to write you i want you to know that i still love you ok.

everyone below is either a good friend or a gorgeous blog or maybe both:

A-C: aguamanti ameliawillaimsarrogantbullyingtoerag aryastarki beauxbatonsblacklakesblueboxs casteiel charlieweaselyclarahoswin comealongpondpleasecomedraco 

D-H: districtmockingjaydonnanobel durmstrange ellioswaldgendrywaterginnysweasleys goldendrachma grindelwaldinghagriddhermionies

I-M: ianwander imdraco jarodhowe jaseherondalekaraoswald lilypotterlilyspotter maisiewilliams marlenemckinnons misteriddlemliakunis

N-P: oliwerwoodoswhin owdair percstielperseas pondeliapondfairytalepotterandevans potterdursleypotteroprimirose primrsepureblood-

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T-V: theongreyjoystimelordemorttriwizardry tyronlannisters veelatrix

thank you all for being perfect and making my procrastination worthwhile xoxox