if i fell in love with queue

you know what quote kills me?

what if i’ve gone bad?”

harry potter, who was left for years to deal with abuse and neglect, who’s constantly questioning how he’s supposed to feel, how he’s supposed to react to these insanely horrible situations, who has the capability to not let his hand fell the man who sold out his parents

who has had to watch friends and guardians and loved ones die for a cause he never asked to be in 

what if i’ve gone bad?”

there’s too much fear and worry in that question. and that after so much resilience and strength, harry questions this about himself - it goes to show how little support for mental health and trauma there is in the wizarding world, of how large an oversight it was for the adults to have left him to deal with the aftermath of all this by himself. at the very core he’s still a kid. capable, yes, extremely so. but emotionally taken care of?

he’s just a kid. just harry. 

Peaceful Rest

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I watched her as she climbed into one of the motel beds, pulling back the slightly scratchy comforter and sliding into the not so comfortable sheets.

“Night, Dean,” she sighed, her left arm curling under one of the pillows and pulling it closer to her, snuggling into it and pulling the blankets over her head to burrow deeper into the bed, hiding from the light.

I smiled softly at her form in the bed, the smile reaching my eyes as I recalled the countless times she had crawled into a bed without knowing how inviting she was. She had no idea the things she did to me. It was like she wasn’t even trying and that made her sex appeal skyrocket times a million.

Slowly, I began undressing, first my suit jacket, then my tie, and before long I was in nothing but a grey undershirt and my boxers. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to fall asleep with her in my arms. So many nights, sharing a bed, I’d wanted so desperately to reach over and pull her into my arms, but I didn’t.

Tonight that was going to change.

I glanced at Sam’s sleeping body in the other bed before sliding into the bed with Y/N. She didn’t stir, not registering my presence.

Slowly, hesitantly, I wrapped my arms around her waist and nuzzled into her neck, inhaling her intoxicating scent. She sighed against my chest and moved slightly in my arms.

Immediately my arms stiffened around her, afraid she would think I had lost it or something.

Instead, she turned in my harms and wrapped her arms around my waist, burying her head in my chest. I pushed her hair out of her face and realized she was dead to the world. It didn’t stop her from seeking comfort in me and that made my heart swell.

I kissed the top of her head and sighed contentedly. I finally had the girl of my dreams, in bed, wrapped in my arms, and she was passed out cold. I chuckled softly, kissing her temple before hugging her closer to me.

“I love you, Y/N,” I whispered in her hair. “Maybe one day I’ll be man enough to tell you to your face,” I sighed before I fell asleep with her safe in my arms where she belonged.

Do You Remember

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Word Count: 864

A/N: Inspired by the song ‘Do You Remember (The Other Half of 23)’ by The Maine, this is the first drabble of a three-part miniseries. Enjoy :)

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“Hurry up before your parents find out I’m here!” Bucky hissed as you quickly grabbed your backpack off the floor before escaping through the window, thankful that your bedroom was just on the first floor. Grabbing your bag, Bucky helped you out the window, losing his balance when you accidentally fell on him, his body tumbling on the grassy terrain.

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okay so i’m in love with this girl. it’s been two years and i even have a blog where i write poetry and gush about her so you know it’s real.
anyway we were face-timing and just talking. she said she’d be right back, had to get her glasses. now i knew she had glasses, but i’d never seen her wear them before. i look away from the screen for two seconds, look back, and bam. my princess is sitting there, looking pretty and sweet in her glasses. remember i had never seen her in them before.

most girls would have just complimented her and moved on, but not i. being the incredibly useless lesbian i am, i began to cry. i was so overwhelmed by how incredibly beautiful my precious girl looked in her glasses that i began to weep. she laughed and asked what was wrong. i explained and she only laughed more.

that was a few months ago and i still love her in her glasses. she looks so stunning and i swear that i literally fell in love with aphrodite.

When She Fell

The moment Emma Swan realised she was in love with Killian Jones.
Word count: 556
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Author’s Note: Dedicated to @bleebug​ who essentially inspired this fic with this replyThis is my favourite Captain Swan moment and I’ve been thinking about this fic for ages now. I hope you like it!

Emma had known since Neverland that Killian had been in love with her. He didn’t exactly make an effort to hide it. After all, he had come to New York for her; he flirted with her incessantly until his lips had been cursed – during that time he’d tried maintaining his distance; he followed her into another realm, not to mention back in time and now they were in the book together. Hell, he had even traded his ship for her. That was the moment when Emma realised exactly how important she was to him (and how important he was becoming to her). And that was the moment that Emma had kissed him, allowing herself to be open to something new that she had a feeling would last.

While they had shared many kisses since, the main one she remembered was how he had kissed her after she put his heart back – as if he was seeing her for the first time. She had never wanted to stop that day.

It was also the first time she had thought “I…” and trailed off, not allowing herself to complete the thought.

The Queens of Darkness (as Emma referred to them in the privacy of her mind) arrived, turning everything upside down. They provided some distraction from the thought that had scared the hell out of her. She knew Killian had a history with Ursula which led to the talk they had about it. She reaffirmed her faith in him. She remembered the conversation word for word:

“I’m going to choose to see the best in you.”

“And I with you.”

And again, she thought, “I…” and trailed off in her mind. She was glad when her parents interrupted them almost kissing after that – it took her mind off what she had been thinking.

Now they were standing in the cabin, waves of relief still washing over her at seeing Killian alive and having him by her side. And him giving Ursula her happy ending only fueled her pride in him. It was then that she noticed he wasn’t quite as happy as he should have been.

“You have no idea how easy it is to fall back into the darkness,” he explained, making her brow furrow at this. She wanted to tell him that it was okay; that whatever darkness he had, they would fight it together;

That she…

“Whatever mistakes you made with Ursula, you fixed,” she said, instead. While she understood his fear, she was a little upset that he thought he had to do this by himself.

“I was a villain,” he said, vocalising his greatest fear and worry. He even used Regina losing her happy ending as an argument, leaving Emma without a response to this.

“If we are to believe the rules of the book, then it’s only a matter of time before I lose mine,” he explained. Emma’s head jerked up looking at him, wide-eyed in curiosity.

“Wait. If you’re afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. What is it?” She realised the answer while asking the question, her tear-filled eyes meeting his.

“Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.”

She hadn’t even realised that she had been holding her breath until that very moment. She felt herself exhale and it was as if, with the release of air, the wall blocking the thought came down too.

I love you.


lietoncis requested:

There’s a moment in the denouement of Grace of Monaco that I would love to have gifs of and haven’t been able to find or make. During Grace’s speech, she says people ask her why she came to Monaco, and then they cut to Rainier’s face, and he looks like he’s worried what she’s going to say, and when she says it was because she fell in love with a handsome prince, he does this wonderful surprised/delighted grin. If you could add that to your “to be giffed eventually” queue, I would be indebted 😁

The Maiden

The Maiden or the Maid is one of seven aspects that makes up a single deity. She represents innocence and chastity and worshippers tend to pray to her when they want a maiden’s virtue to be protected. 

A passage of the Seven-Pointed Star states that she brought Hugor of the Hill, King of the Andals, a bride as supple as a willow with eyes like the deep blue of pools.

Legend says that Galladon of Morne’s was so great that the Maiden herself fell in love with him. She gave him an enchanted sword, the Just Maid, to demonstrate the depth of her devotion.


  • Momo: I'm such an idiot.
  • Moonbyul: You just figured that out?
  • Moonbyul: ..Sorry, sorry, I meant, what did you do now?
  • Momo: Ignoring the first bit, but, alright, so,
  • Momo: I walked into the dorm, and Jeongyeon and Mina were chatting together.
  • Momo: And as soon as I saw her, my heart fell out of my ass.
  • Momo: So I ran up to Jeongyeon and said, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
  • Moonbyul: aND WHAT DID SHE SAY??
  • Momo: Well Jeongyeon was pretty quiet, but Mina defientely said yes.

And so we danced. We danced like it was the only thing that mattered in the world. Our minds were connected, we knew exactly what we had to do, and we never even said a word to each other. I wish that moment never ended. I can’t really put it in words, but that was the moment. The moment I knew I fell in love with Helena Reed.

Drunk Calls

Hank McCoy x Reader

Prompt Idea : 126. How drunk are you right now? -Request by anon. 

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His phone rang, which caught him by surprise. It was late, real late, and he had no idea who would be calling right now. 

Hank glanced at his screen, your name was shown at the top with a picture of you displayed on the back ground. He was more confused now but grew worried. Maybe something happened? 

“Hello?” He breathed, feeling himself panic. “Y/N, Are you okay?” 

“Y-Yeah!” You hiccuped. “I’m awesome! how are you, Beasty?” 

He furrowed his brows, looking at the wall, and mumbled the word ‘beasty’ under his breath. “A-Are you sure you’re okay?” 

“Yes Hank! I am fine! I just wanted to hear your voice because I miss you.” You confessed. 

For weeks you had been trying to come up with a way to tell Hank, the man who brought you to the school for the gifted and tell him how you feel about him. but every time you got near him, you were a flustering mess. 

But tonight, you had drank a lot. So much, you wouldn’t even remember this tomorrow morning. Which also gave you the courage to call him up at 1:30 in the morning. 

“Y-You miss me?” He asked, growing even more confused. “Y/N, I saw you a few days ago.” 

“I know! I just, I miss seeing you everyday. Because–”

Hank noticed the way your words slurred, which made him realize something. “How drunk are you right now?” He asked, cutting you off. 

You let out a long breath, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Let’s just say I had a few too many shots.” You chuckled. 

“Y/N, where are you? maybe I should–” 

“Hank, for the love of God, let me talk!” You exclaimed. 

He took in a sharp breath, clenching his jaw tight. Once a few seconds passed of silence, you made that your queue to finally tell him how you feel. 

“I like you, like a lot. I like your dorky nerdy personality, and the cute little facial expressions you make when you are concentrating on something. I like how patient and calm you are. I like you.” 

Hank felt his stomach flutter as he hung on every word that fell from your lips. He couldn’t help but smile, wishing you were there with him just so he could show you how he felt as well. But of course, you were away for spring break with Jean and the others. 

So, he had to wait until you were back at home. 

“Crap, what the hell am I doing?” You groaned. “I’m sorry, I’m drunk. I shouldn’t had–”

“Y/N!” Hank cackled. “For god’s sake, let me talk.” 

You sucked in a breath and waited. 

“I like you too.” He smirked, though you couldn’t see him. 

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Them realizing they’re in love with you


  • I feel like Nate wouldn’t realize it until a very private moment between you two. Maybe you guys were cuddling on the couch, with his arms draped over you, half asleep. He would look down at you and just stare, admiringly because you’re just so beautiful. And not just in the physical sense. He loves your personality and your heart and he feels safe around you, which is an important part to him because h was always so on edge around his family before.
  • When he realizes the specific emotion he has towards you is love, he blushes a lot, not out of embarrassment though. Just from the warmth of the feeling that you give him cause he’s just so happy around you.
  • Probably wouldn’t even tell you for a long time, he would keep this information to himself for a while because he doesn’t want you to feel like you HAVE to say it back. He would be way too afraid that you aren’t there with him yet, so he’ll more than likely wait a bit longer.
  • When he does tell you though, he’s very nervous but determined. He would hold you close to him and kiss your forehead, and just force himself to say it. “I love you, Candy. So much…” If you return the feeling, he’s going to hug you even tighter with a warm smile on his face.



  • When the realization hits him, it’s going to hit him so hard. Like a punch in the face. He’ll just be on his own somewhere, maybe in the courtyard or in in his room, thinking about you and then he’s just kinda like “Well shit…” He doesn’t know how to react to it at all, cause it really just takes him by surprise. He’s definitely happy about it, but he doesn’t know how to go about it.
  • The love he feels for you is definitely way stronger than anything he ever felt with Deborah. With Deborah, he felt more of an attachment than love. He cared for her yeah, but like compared to you it’s just…. Woah.
  • He’d probably be really scared tbh. He knows you’d never hurt him like Deborah did, but what if he does something to screw things up with you? What if you don’t love him back yet? Lots of ‘what if’ questions going through his head at the moment.
  • As cliché as it sounds, Cas would probably tell you during an argument. After you both calm down, he realizes that he dosnt even remember what it was about in the first place, and he feels horrible about it. He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you so that you can’t go anywhere. “I’m sorry babe… I-I just love you a lot okay?”


  • It would hit Lysander at a really random moment. He’d be doing one of his everyday things, and would start thinking about you. He’d just kinda be like “Oh…” He’d definitely be happy, but he wouldn’t quit know how to react either because I feel like he hasn’t had a first love yet. He liked Rosa a lot but she was just a really big crush.
  • He would spend a lot of time thinking about it after that. He’d definitely write about it in his notebook, and try to get his feelings out into a song but that still wouldn’t even do it justice. He wants to tell you but he just has no idea how to get all of his emotions out.
  • He keeps it to himself, only because he doesn’t want to scare you away and he still isn’t even sure how he should tell you. He’ll become more affectionate towards you in the smallest but sweetest ways. A kiss on your hand or forehead, holding you closer than usual… Small gestures like that.
  • When he tells you, it will definitely be in private. He would just be staring at you and would pretty much just come out and say it. “I love you…” It would be kind of quiet and unexpected so you would be caught off guard for a second, but he would maintain eye contact with you until you responded. He doesn’t care if you don’t return the feeling, he just wants you to know how he feels. When you do though, he’ll just smile. Like an actual grin kind of smile. And then he’ll kiss you.


  • See, Armin is pretty bad with his emotions. Not a bad as Cas, just in the sense that he doesn’t give it much thought until the last minute. So like he honestly wouldn’t even realize he is in love with you until he blurts it out one day.
  • You two were probably playing video games, or maybe even play fighting each other. He lets you win, which pisses you off to no end and he finds it hilarious. After seeing your face look so determined to beat him he just explodes in laughter and hugs you. “This is why I love you, dork.”
  • It takes him a few seconds to process what he just said. And when he does process it he’s honestly just as shocked as you are because WHERE DID THESE FEELINGS COME FROM AND WHY ARE THE JUST NOW RELEASING???
  • Him: “Umm…”
  • You: “…”

  • Him: “…”

  • You: “You love me??”

  • Him: “I… Yeah, I do Candy.”

  • *queue really intense cuddling session*


  • Kentin fell in love hard kinda earlier on in the relationship. He always knew he was in love with you but he just never put a lot of thought into it. And now he IS putting a lot of thought into it. And now he’s mentally screaming because HOW is he supposed to tell you.
  • He’s like, head over heels for you at this point. There’s no turning back after this, you’ve basically entered a black hole and now you cant get out, you’re trapped in his heart forever.

  • He’ll start to act pretty nervous around you after that. You catch him blushing and staring at you like all the time now, and he starts to get very flustered around you. Stutters over his words sometimes too, poor baby. He tries telling you multiple times but he always chickens out, and ends up lecturing himself later because “Why the hell is it so hard??”

  • When he does finally tell you, it’s when he’s at your house getting ready to go back home. He honestly just can not take it anymore and at this point he could care less if you return the feeling or not. He’s willing to wait for you if you aren’t at the same page as him. He kisses and hugs you, but before he lets go he speaks into your ear in a gentle voice. “You know I love you, right?” When you return the feelings he pretty much just refuses to let go, and will probably stay for another few hours or so.
Tells Your Story, Part 2/5, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape.

Words: 1309

Author’s Note: Heavily inspired by how much the West Wing and Hamilton crossover, specifically Bradley Whitford’s love for it. Kind of filler, but shit still happens. Let me know what you think! There’s still three more to come…eventually…I don’t have another off day for a bit…

Warnings: Slow burn…is that a warning?

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He was struck by how easy it was.

Growing up, he read books and plays about the struggle of love and the turmoils everyone would inevitably have to face for it.

It was so goddamn easy to love you.

“You’re the most dramatic person I’ve ever met in my life.” Chris told him after hearing this, exactly one day after Lin had been formally introduced to you.

I know.” Lin said, exasperated at himself. He fell into his chair, the front legs tipping off the ground as he lounged back, keeping his balance.

“Settle down, man.” Chris slapped his knee with a comfort that only he could provide, “Take it slow, you just met her. She could totally suck for all you know.”

As if on queue, Lin’s phone dinged and he immediately looked on the off-chance that it was you. It was.

From: Y/N

Finally splurged and got tickets to your show for tonight. Know anyone that could get me backstage?

Shit. You were coming to the show tonight, practically unannounced. He needed at least a week to prepare for this, he had about five hours.

They were spent in a practical panic for Lin. He had no idea what to do with himself - and people started to notice. He was late getting dressed, something he always did at least ten minutes early. He nervously fidgeted with his phone all night, either playing a game to kill the time, or un-cooly replying to any of your texts five seconds after you sent them.

The cast turned to Chris, who was always in the know with these things. He simply made a motion with his hand while making a whipping sound. The cast giggled as places were called and Lin looked as if he had seen death.

Meanwhile, your day went along as planned - there was the occasional text as you shopped for groceries or hailed a cab, but your mood was overall unaffected.

That changed while you were getting dressed to see the show. The buzz of what you were about to see put a certain skip in your step. You had never been friendlier to a cab driver, you had never smiled at so many strangers, you had never been so excited.

Sitting anxiously in your empty row for the show to start was a whole other experience. The theater was a little smaller than you had thought it to be, which emphasized how many bodies were in proximity to you. Some people came up to ask for a picture or to chat for a moment, but otherwise no one had claimed the seat next to you.

“Sorry, I think that’s my seat.” A familiar voice called to you, removing you from your head space. Your head snapped up as you stood to get out of the way.

Josh Lyman.” You spoke before you could stop yourself, the words coming out in a jumble. It was most certainly him. Older and wiser now, but he still carried the same aura he did when he was playing Josh Lyman on The West Wing.

“Y/N.” He answered back as he shuffled to his seat, which happened to be the one directly next to you, “You can just call me Bradley - or Brad. Or, you know, Josh if it’s too hard to remember.” He grinned at you with the same charm he carried when he was opposite Allison Janney. Head slightly tilted down, just the corners of his mouth curled up.

“You know me.” You breathed, unashamed at being starstruck.

“Big fan.” He said, “I saw you and him-” He gestured to the stage, referring to Lin, “-on Twitter. Are you dating?”

“Collaborating.” You corrected, dodging the idea of dating Lin as fast as you could, “Have you seen the show?”

“Six times.” He nodded as you gaped at him. Your phone dinged, and you politely excused yourself from the conversation for a moment to read the text.

From: Lin

An usher will show you where to go after the show. Don’t be too harsh with the criticism, the show still has a few kinks.

You laughed. Yeah, a few kinks. And a few Tony’s.

“Not dating?” Bradley asked, peeking over your shoulder at the slew of texts between the two of you. You put your phone away before he could investigate further. “Hey, I’m not here to judge. Just meddle.” He winked as the lights flickered, the signal for the start of the show.

Everyone felt Lin’s confidence as soon as the show started. He walked with a certain air, and his head was tilted up in strength. He was showing off. He was pretty suave when it came to performing Hamilton to begin with, but tonight was a different him.

As promised, an usher was at your side the second the lights were on at the end of the show. You barely had time to wipe away your tears as Bradley and yourself were both escorted through the crowd and to a hidden door.

Bradley greeted everyone as if they were old friends. He knew names, what to say in appreciation of their performances, what kids to ask about.

You hung back, still stunned by the show and in a daze as people passed by you. It took a few minutes for everyone to strip out of costume and to greet you - and Lin was the first person to emerge.

He made a beeline for you, still in awe and blankly staring at a wall.

“You alright?” He asked, hand comfortingly placed on your back.

“Josh Lyman is here.” You mumbled, to which Lin laughed at, “He’s so cool.” You mused.

“I know!” He giggled, eyes shining as you glanced up at him.

“My friend.” Bradley approached, as if his ears had been burning. He brought Lin into a hug, “Great show tonight.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Now, what are your intentions with Y/N?” He asked, perfectly playing the role of ‘concerned dad’.

“W-What?” Lin stuttered, caught off guard as his face began to heat up.

“She was telling me about your guy’s project. Just wanted to know more about it!” Lin let out a relieved sigh, “Why? Did you think I was suggesting you two should date?” Lin tensed up again as Bradley provided a shit-eating grin, “Because if I was suggesting that, it’d just do this.”

He gently pushed you towards Lin, causing you to stumble forward. Lin’s arms wrapped instinctively around your waist to keep you from falling, faces only inches away from each other.

Bradley stuffed his hands into his jacket, casually whistling as he waltzed in the direction of Chris, who was grinning just as smugly.

The two of you jumped away from each other, muttering half-assed excuses about needing to ‘pack his things’ or ‘meet the rest of the cast’.

You parted with an awkward glance in separate directions. You made your rounds with Lin on your mind, trying your best to engage in conversations. You swapped numbers with people you clicked with, you posed for pictures, you tried not to think about his arms around you.

You failed.

Lin emerged with his bag slung over his shoulder, seeing you tucked away in a corner of the stage, deep into a conversation with Chris. He crossed the room casually, smiling as his cast mates practically gushed over you and how you needed to be a permanent fixture at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

He finally made it to you and Chris, your conversation ending abruptly as soon as he was in earshot.

“You’re heading home?” You asked.

“Actually, I was thinking about heading out to dinner. Join me?”

Your eyes shot to Chris, as if asking for permission. Chris shrugged in response, shuffling over to Renee, who was not-so-sneakingly spying on the conversation.

The hesitation killed his confidence.

“Sure.” You finally answered, “I’d love to.”

Alright guys

This is it. This blog is coming to an end. Not like, deleting-end but probably more like keep-it-as-an-archive end. I completely fell out of love with the ship. I just….it just is. The ride was intense and beautiful, and I won’t forget SQ, ever. I think I just needed to move on from them at some point, and finding a new ship was helpful. I won’t ever compare SQ to any other pairing because each one is unique, but I do have to admit it’s refreshing to ship a canon ship, because it gives you material. And a positive feeling about representation.

Anyway. I just wanted to warn you all that the queue will run until the end of the month, but then I’ll stop blogging. The blog will stay open as an archive, for how long I can’t really say. I’m quitting step by step.
So…thank you for sticking with me all this time, thank you for almost hitting 4k followers.
If you want to find me AND if you ship Sanvers, I’ll be here now. Thank you.

At one point after they got together Combeferre asks Courfeyrac when he realized that he was in love with him and Courfeyrac smiles and is like, ‘You remember that time it was like 2am and you wanted to go stargazing and we got drunk and then you started pointing out constellations of my freckles?’

And then two seconds later, ‘No, wait, it was earlier, Gavroche’s, what was it, nineth birthday? When he scraped his knee and you only had those patches with the dinosaurs on them and started explaining the magical power of dinosaurs until he stopped crying and told you that was total bulshit.’

And ‘Oh no, wait, it was before, when we graduated and you did the speech and were like, we’re going to start our life now, and looked at me and I thought yes, OUR life…’

‘No, shit, remember in eighth grade…’

‘Wait, when did you get your glasses?’

And after half an hour of rambling he just realizes that he doesn’t remember exactly when he fell in love Combeferre because maybe, probably, he totally has always been in love with him.  

And Combeferre just takes his hand and smiles because, ‘Well, we did get married in kindergarden, didn’t we?’


Who knows Tolkien’s elvish (Sindarin mode) should understand what Oilell said (And I hope I didn’t screw it, cause I learned it so long ago omg).

4th panel: I love you

9th panel: (that) I love you, dumbass (spelled on “Dumb one”, since all elvish insults using adjectives seem to be built this way :v)

Oilell’s truly speechless lmao

And I think I fell in love with chibis *v*

tbh idk what I’m doing. And now as I look at it, this comic feels shitty. But whatever… xD