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The Moon Signs as I Know Them

Hi!! This is my first ever original astrology post, so bear with me!! This is also from a Virgo sun/Leo moon POV.

Aries moon: My great grandpa & best friend since 4th grade. Both are hard headed & stubborn. Aren’t necessarily argumentative, but if someone tries to start an argument with them, they’re not gonna let it go without having the last word.

Taurus moon: My mom & great grandma. Both are homebodies & enjoys the comforts of their home. Loved comfort foods. Likes being alone. They’re both only nice to you if you’re pleasing them in some way. Passive aggressive. Can be the best person you’ve ever met when you get on their good side.

Gemini moon: I don’t know any but I’ve heard that they’re very talkative & fun. Could be moody when they feel like they’re not being taken seriously. Doesn’t feel close to many people, but when they end up getting close with someone, they feel understood more than ever.

Cancer moon: One of my best friends. Can be very odd, sweet, and repetitive. Hates confrontation. Takes everything seriously. Hates not being listened to. Feels doubted a lot. Loves pleasing people without wanting any favors returned, but are the type of people to get will passive aggressive about it even though they say it’s alright.

Leo moon: One of my sisters, dad, & me. Loves entertaining their family & people who they’re close with. Likes a close friend group. Knowing that they have something or someone to always come back to when slighted in any way, makes them feel emotionally secure. Is overly dramatic. Surprisingly, they prefer being complemented about how smart they are rather than how beautiful they are. Generous.

Virgo moon: I don’t know any, but some of the celebrities that I like have a Virgo moon. They’re very talkative when nervous. Keeps things to themselves and are usually quiet. Likes being minimalistic & hates taking up space or getting in the way. Will make their opinions known in debates. Also hates being interrupted.

Libra moon: I also don’t know any, but in the placidus house system, my moon is in the 7th house so I have a little knowledge. Relationships make them feel secure, but can get tired of being with one person for a long period of time. Likes variety and beautiful things. Sometimes indecisive with how they feel. Can be petty and are those one types of people to think hating on someone’s appearance makes them funny.

Scorpio moon: My boyfriend, ex best friend, and current best friend. Feels very slighted when people know how they’re feeling. Are sometimes very easy to read depending on their sun sign. Likes to feel powerful & in control of their emotions & gets pissed when people say that they’re unoriginal. Can treat people bad but then play the victim role. But are also the most protective over people they love. Gets jealous very easily. Comparing themselves to other people are one of their biggest weaknesses.

Sagittarius moon: My oldest sister. Bossy, but only when they know what they’re doing/what they’re talking about. Will not make a fool of themselves. Thinks that they know everything. Will blame other people for their mistakes. Argumentative. Very happy in general. Picks up on other peoples mood’s. Hates routine.

Capricorn moon: Ex best friend & someone I used to flirt with. Very funny & likes doing things for themselves. Hates coming across as rude. Will get things done. Can sometimes play the victim role. Never misses a day of school. May do things that they normally wouldn’t do just to impress their friends. Likes being well liked.

Aquarius moon: one of my good friends. Individualistic. Tends to keep to themselves and are very minimalistic like Virgo moons. Sometimes feel like they’re more special than others. Are very creative, especially when alone. Doesn’t wanna be seen as petty or childish. Represses emotions.

Pisces moon: A friend since kindergarten. Very mysterious but open at the same time. Relationships are taken seriously with a Pisces moon. Can over-exaggerate, but it’s only because they want everything to be perfect. Hates being at the center of attention. Can romanticize things that are friendly in nature. Thinks highly of other people. Are prone to being manipulated easily.

Keep in mind this is my first ever post!! Also I based this off of the best of my knowledge and of personal experiences so some people may not agree and that’s totally okay!! 💖💖 - astrohannah

Discord… was so fun. 

I love listening to everyone speak they are all so cute and nice and supportive. Azura wailing about a spider and Cam staying up till sunrise and Aki making more AUs and Danny being a sweetie reciting Chariot lines and Rae being supportive sending me stuff from Alex and Ray laughing so hard at Neon’s gif they literally stopped breathing and had to lie down and Neon crying for like an hour straight.

Everyone. Is so cute. I am in heaven I am blessed with all of these angels.

when will there stop being articles about millennials tho they write these pieces like millennials are seventeen years old but like bruh i’m almost thirty,,,stop saying i ruined the economy cause i won’t buy laundry detergent let alone a whole fucking house and instead why don’t you write some nice shit about changing the culture on us living our lives and living with roommates and normalizing shit that used to be taboo, stop making me feel like im still in high school wtf

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He never gets angry? I mean all the people describe him as the polite type, always nice. But there's an incident or something that shows him angry or being mean? It's safe to say that he is free of negative feelings in his persona? I read it somewhere that he seems to be so free of angry, hate and all that kind of feelings even tho he's in jail. He's like a child when coming to being revengeful? I mean he's just quiet and polite and "neutral"?

There’re some incidents that can help to show how Dylann used to express his anger, for examples:

  • Laura P. described seeing Dylann drunk, crying and hitting himself, as a teen” 
  • “Laura P. said that a year or two before the offenses, she went to Dylann Roof’s mother’s house and found that Dylann was drunk and crying and he remembered him throwing himself on the floor and smacking himself in the head.”
  • “Chris Scriven described that Dylann Roof was “weird, schizo and would flip out and calm down just as quickly”

I don’t think that’s possible to never get angry, we all have our way to express it. Same of the negative feelings. Also he rarely uses facial expressions, even when talking about something that upset him. Same for the tone of his voice. 

Announcement: Mini Hiatus

Starting tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be going on a mini hiatus from tumblr for a week or two - I’m leaving my ask box open but I’ll be closing my messages to people I don’t follow. Also: I have a queue that will last for a few weeks so don’t worry about lack of content from me, I just won’t be on for a while.

My reason: tumblr fucking sucks. it’s toxic, and constantly makes me feel like shit, so I’m taking a break until I can get my shit together. I also need to stop being nice to people who are rude to me. I’m always fake online for fear of being called problematic, and it’s draining. 

So yeah, don’t unfollow, I’ll only be gone a few weeks, and there will still be posts on this blog, I just wont be here.

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I feel like I'm sadder about the ending of something I like rather than being sad that the show is over? If that makes sense. Anyway, I feel like something better should've happened , even tho I'm not sure what that is. It was kind of just underwhelming and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way 💕

me too!! underwhelming is the word

but its ok, we have to remember the good skam brought us, which is toooons of it <3

So for anyone saying bashing Harry for needing a break from the band…nice bashing a guy RIGHT after he had a death in the family, real nice. You should feel oh so proud of yourselves. What compassionate hearts you have. 

This is why I don’t want to be a part of a fanbase that will turn on a member in a minute, for something that doesn’t even concern them. It’s Harry’s life and Harry’s career, and he had a right to want a break after being worked like a dog for years, getting only a three-month break every year. 

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one thing you want to change about damian? jon? billy? colin? (aside from colin not well, existing lol. let's assume he is here)

For sure I wouldn’t want them to be straight but if we’re saying that’s a given because it’s me and 9/10th of what I write is fluffy stories of them being all gay and stuff 

I’d like Damian to be nice to Tim

I want Jon to have a brother (i.e. Kon, or Chris, or both) 

Billy? hm I like the idea of Billy living on his own in an apartment in a weird 1950s feeling city (with a fucking Tiger) 

Colin is perfect, give us a canon li’l Gotham version of Colin and I’ll cry tears of joy 

I think the main reason I never vent on here is people are too nice. Like I appreciate everyone reaching out but I need someome to tell me to grow a fucking pair and get over myself. Complaining about things I have no control over won’t change the outcome. And pity is probably the worst thing a human being can feel.

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damn I didn't know you were this smart. also I can't believe you didn't go off on that anon for mocking you, you're a lot nicer than I thought you were too. ❤

I’m not actually anywhere near as nice as I seem, at least not intrinsically, but I put on a good show of it, and from an external perspective that is often indistinguishable from the real thing.

Being publicly and flagrantly dickish may feel good, but even when I feel it’s warranted it rarely gets me what I want, and it usually brings me more trouble than it’s worth.  Being nice, or more specifically, being perceived as nice, is incredibly useful for a wide spectrum of reasons (I highly recommend it, if it’s within your repertoire).  When responding to anons, being nice greases the wheels of interpersonal interaction, makes people like me more, makes people more willing to listen to what I have to say - ideally, polite eloquence shouldn’t add any weight to a rhetorical position, but it certainly seems to, so I’ll absolutely take advantage of that - and gives significantly more power to the comparatively rare times that I am harsh or rude.  I’m strategically nice, not genuinely so, but most people seem happy with the results of that strategy, myself included.

I’m glad you think I’m smart.  Predictably, so do I.

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I would just like to say that I feel like you and I have a lot in common and I would love to be your friend but I'm anxious and I don't know how to approach you and I'm not sure how you would want me to or if you would even want me to anyway :-( so I guess I'll just admire you from afar!!

*blinks* listen anon — i’m anxious too!! i feel u!! and honestly: i’m a social butterfly and it’s hard being that with anxiety but. i love talking to people. even if it’s through replies, asks, etc, and even if the conversation’s only like two lines - it’s just nice. 

hm hm idk about approaching me becos - admittedly - most ppl have to come to me first … and they usually do that by replying to my stuff a lot!! until we have common ground and all!! then sending me asks or messaging me through im (which is always open!!) if u feel like we have a lot in common and u eventually wanna try and approach me, please do!!

honestly i don’t bite and i like to think i’m nice and my sense of humour is … ?? not there ?????? bad ??? weird maybe??? but. i’m p friendly and i’ll definitely wanna talk so u don’t have to admire from afar!! ok!!

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as also a polyam lesbian (since you asked us to share our opinions on why or why not For Discussion!!), i believe that poly folk are inherently queer. the fact that many arent accepted and frowned upon and the fact that polygamy is illegal make me feel like it deserves a space. although i feel like it could definitely be argued against? we as poly people do not face the same violent oppression that lgbt people do. i wont be murdered for being poly. i started writing this p sure but now idk!! lol

this is how I feel!! I completely understand the reasons why polyam may be considered LGBT but also, the fact that we haven’t been violently oppressed as others have? Thank you very much for the opinion sharing, i can’t express my gratitude for the nice explanations people are sending!! xo

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The fetishisation of trans men/trans mlm in fandom honestly disgusts me so much. Im a trans guy and I just wanna read some nice fics with trans characters/headcanons but it's 98% fetishisation (a big one being the huge focus on 'man with a vagina' and a lot of sexual violence) and makes me feel so uncomfortable and gross.

Oh man oh man I know its so fucking bad and somehow half the ones I read end up using really cissexist language too like wtf

livielovesbatman  asked:

hey! I finally figured out I'm probably a demigirl if anything, but I really just don't care what pronouns people use?? Like I'm afab so I get she mostly and when people mistake me for a guy I'm like okay cool and they is always nice.. I just? Don't give a shit???? Like what the hell


congrats on figurin urself out!!!

as i’ve said many times here, pronouns don’t equal gender so being okay with any pronouns despite having a femme-aligned gender is totally cool!

i also feel the ‘being mistaken for a guy’ thing like even tho im not male at all it feels nice 2 be seen as something other than my birth gender i guess?? gender is weird man

have a gd one my dude!!

 - mod daria

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I know everyone says like give and you'll receive and be kind to others but don't expect it back but one day it'll add up! Like no I want it now. I'm sick of being so nice and loving to everyone and putting on this mask and I do all this stuff and ALL I WANT IN LIFE is to be loved like I love them. Instead I continue to love on them and put on that mask. Like I want it back but idk what to do. I can barely express proper emotion (long story) and I can't just go up to my friends and say lovemepls

It’s a fine line between loving everyone and being there for them and feeling being taken advantage of whether its true or not.  It might be a healthy step for you to step back a little and just do what you need and what you want for a bit, and not put so much care and emphasis on the needs of others.  It’s not selfish to take care of yourself first.

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dude, first and foremost, you're really really cool. secondly, i feel like "young enough not to know what to believe in" might relate to you sorta? i hope it gives you a bit of consolation and makes you feel like you're not alone with being lost. i get those feelings too, dude. but we're gonna make it, even though it might seem we won't right now.

Thanks anon, i bet youre really cool too! and this was a nice thing to say

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So, I seem to have this sort of money complex? I feel like my parents are spending too much money on me; someone just gave me an expensive gift and while I'm enjoying it I almost feel bad about it. I wish I didn't feel so uncomfortable receiving gifts, and I don't know why I do either. It's like people are spending too much on me, and even though it's a nice thing I feel like I can never repay them. (tag as "money anon" please!)

Hi there,

What you’re experiencing isn’t uncommon. I think to some degree, many of us can feel shy to accept expensive or generous gifts. It’s a sign of being humble, which isn’t a bad thing! But if taken to the extreme, it can have negative effects.

It’s very unpleasant to feel bad or uncomfortable about receiving gifts. I’m sure it doesn’t personally feel good for you to feel as though you can’t “repay” someone for their gift or that you don’t deserve to have someone give you something generous. There’s a point where it’s not really about being humble but rather it becomes self-negativity and believing you aren’t worthy of receiving kind gestures from others. Unless it’s an exception of a toxic situation where you know someone is giving with strings attached and manipulative motivations, people give gifts and nice things to others because they care! When people give you something nice, it’s because they want to express love/care for you and are doing so through a generous gift. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a gift someone gives you!

It’s also important to remember that another negative effect that can come from this sort of thing is that the person giving the gift may be able to pick up on apprehension or discomfort from the person receiving the gift. This could potentially lead to confusion - they might think they did something wrong because they don’t understand that the feelings of the person receiving the gift who feels uncomfortable.

You don’t understand exactly why you feel this way and I am not sure either.. the only guess I can make is maybe you have some struggles with confidence? Or is this mentality is something that say your parents may have and it was passed to you as well? Or has anyone in the past made you feel indebted to them for doing nice something for you and maybe that instilled an insecurity in you?

No matter what the reason might be, there’s nothing wrong with accepting a gift or kind gesture from someone.. Like I said, except for the exception of someone giving with underhanded intentions, people give because they want to and it’s a way they show affection. People who genuinely give from their hearts aren’t looking to be repaid. So find joy in the fact that people care and want to express that to you!

If there’s anything else you want to talk about, please don’t hesitate to message me.

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Ever want kids?

I can’t really say for sure Yes or No. it’s not really something I think about since I haven’t even had a boyfriend for 6 years now. There are times where the idea of having at least one kid sounds nice to me. But then I feel like I don’t wanna deal with the headache of the parts of parenthood that aren’t exactly enjoyable hahah Friend of mine who has a couple kids told me “if you’re not completely psyched about the idea of being a mom… DONT have kids” hahaha I have plenty of friends with kids now though so until the time comes where it feels right for me to be a mom, I’m perfectly content being an aunt to all my friends’ kids. And to my actual niece and nephew of course haha