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Moonflower: part one

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Hoseok Soulmate AU

“What the hell Amora?” you question angrily into the phone. “What happened to, you know, getting coffee and spending the day with me, your best friend?” You had planned earlier in the week to have a day out together. A small coffee shop had opened the other month near by, yet you hadn/t had the time to go and check it out. So having your plans cancelled out of the blue like this was frustrating to say the least.

“I’m so so so sorry Y/N, but I totally forgot it was flowering month for me,” she said in a giddy voice. “But you know how much this means to Kevin and I.”

You rolled your eyes at the love-struck girl’s words. Everyone had a birthmark of a colorless flower somewhere on their body. The birthmark acts very similar to the flower that it is projecting, such as mimicking its flowering times. The birthmark is completely unique, matchless to any other of it’s kind. All except for your soulmate. Every petal and marking of your flower is identical to your soulmate. As soon as you meet them, the previously empty outline, is filled with vivid colors. “Oh it’s already that month already,” you said sarcastically. Amora has a rose covering the top of her hand, which had been bloomed to its bright red when she met her lover, Kevin.

“Y/N, you know this is when we met. It was during the rose flowering season and to see are matching flowers, full of color, it.. It was just..” She finished her sentence with a long dramatic sigh. They were so stupidly in love, that it was hard to believe that they were a real couple.

“I know, it’s so important to spend a whole month together. Going out on so many dates that I can hear your wallets crying.” You winced at the thought of how much money those two spent going out on dates. “But you really do have all month to spend time together, can’t you just go to this stupid coffee shop with me,” you begged. “Please, I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the month if you do”

Amora sat in silence on the other line for a moment, debating with herself. “Fine,” she groaned. “Only for a little bit though. I’ll give you no more than a hour.”

You gave yourself a mental high-five for persuading her. You were about to hang up when a quick thought crossed your mind. “Don’t. Bring. Kevin.”

“No promises!” she quipped before hanging up quickly.

Goddammit Amora.

You walked into the cozy cafe, and took in the aesthetics of the place. It had lots of natural light, and bookshelves lining every wall. Your eyes landed on Amora, and her curly haired soulmate beside her. They were sitting in a small corner of the shop, gazing into eachothers’ eyes. It was almost nauseating how in love they were, and you doubted that when you found your soulmate, if ever, that you wouldn’t be that cheesy. No, you hoped you weren’t.

Your friend had only looked up after you called her name three times. “Hey, did you guys order yet?” you asked while pulling out a chair to the table.

“Yup,” Kevin said in his soft voice. His voice had always given off the impression that he was shy, but give him five minutes around you, and he’ll talk your ear off. “We ordered for you as well, you know, to save time so that we,” he glanced over at Amora, “would have more time for our date after this.”

Of course, you thought to yourself. The conversation continued pretty lightly after that. Mainly mindless banter amongst the three of you.

“So you found your apartment Y/N?” Amora questioned.

Finally, a relevant topic. You were moving to Seoul in three months to study further in art, and get a job in animation. “Yeah,” you responded happily. “It’s a cute little place, right near at least three coffee shops. Me, as coffee addict, I’m going to be in heaven.”

“Well, we’ll definitely come in visited,” Kevin jokingly proposed. “Wouldn’t that be fun babe, to go crash at Y/N’s for a month after she moves.” Amora nods excitedly.

“There is no way in hell,” you scoffed, “that I am spending a month with the both of you. One of you sure, but not together.” Having those two love-birds stuck near you all day, every day, for a month? You would die.

“You know what Y/N, you might your soulmate there, then you’ll understand why we’re so like this all the time,” Amora said, shifting the subject.

You couldn’t help but make a face at her. Your birthmark was a moonflower, on right side of your chest, cheesily right over your heart. Moonflowers only bloom at night, and then closes back during the day. Which is cool and all, minus the fact that everyday, your flower is bloomed during the day, then closes at night.

“Amora we all know my flower is broken, and I probably don’t have a soulmate. Either that or they are off dying somewhere.”

“I don’t know Y/N, this might be your chance.”

Sure it is.

One Month Later

Sitting on your bed, you carefully sketched out the line work for the next frame of the animation, when a loud shriek from the other side of the room caused your hand to jerk. “Now what Amora,” you grumbled while calling up the piece of paper that was now ruined.

“BTS. COMEBACK. MUSIC VIDEO.” She sat there gasping dramatically between each word. Amora had been a hardcore fan of them for quite some time, and you always seem to be around when she flips her shit over them. “Oh I’m scared,” she stammered with her finger hovering over the video on her phone screen. “Y/N I can’t do it press it for me!”

You rolled your eyes and plopped down on the floor next to her and tapped on her screen. As the video began, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. While, you may not be a hardcore fan such as the hyperventilating girl next to you who looked like she might cry, you still enjoyed their music from time to time. At first you thought Amora was crazy for obsessing over seven korean men, especially since she’s found her soulmate, but you get it now. While they are all charming in their own way, one specifically, Hoseok, had made your heart flutter every time his face appeared on screen.

After Amora had caught her breath and, “Collected her feels,” a question popped into my mind. “Do they have their birthmarks?”

“Well duh,” she quipped, “everyone does.” You rolled your eyes at her because, that isn’t what you meant. “If you want to know what they are, your outta luck. They cover them so they can’t be seen.”

“That’s stupid,” you grunted. “How is their soulmate supposed to find them? Also why?” Were they just supposed to find their soulmate by chance, like it’s not always that easy. Do they even want to find them? If not they should just get them tattooed off, even though it’s disapproved of.

“For a few reasons actually, but two main ones really.” Amora sat up while collecting her thoughts. “The first is so that if they have found their soulmate, it can be kept a private matter. You know, they don’t need more hate for finding the love of their life.”

“Okay I get that.” Privacy, that’s understandable. I guess being famous and having someone realize that they really can never be with you would definitely piss at least a few people off. “And the second?”

“The second is kind of messed because it’s happened before,” she sighed. “So basically, they don’t want anyone seeing them because there are some fans who go as far as getting tattoos, trying to identically replicate them, in hopes of like, artificially becoming their soulmate or whatever.”

“That’s fucked up that someone would go that far.” But there really are those people aren’t there. “What about those people’s real soulmates? They would feel like trash I bet.”

“Oh yeah, it makes a giant mess every time,” Amora noted. By the look on her face she was recalling stories of it happening too. “But who knows Y/N, you might be the real deal,” she raved, elbowing you in the side playfully.

Giggling at the thought, you played along, “Yeah sure, then I’ll fall in love with one of the world’s most famous idols.” It was a fun thought, but you knew it was unrealistic, and highly unlikely. “And how would I even meet them or run into them?”

“I don’t know Y/N, just keep your eyes open. One day it’ll just hit ya!”

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Imagine: Dean wakes up as a female. (can be smutty or not) — Anonymous

Word Count: 2.715
Warnings: SMUT, TERRIBLE SMUT, Rated XXX, 

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Could you please explain the personality of each creepypasta to me? Thanks

Okay sorry this is kinda long but I tried to separate stuff in paragraphs so it’s easier to read.

Jeff is literally just a scumbag asshole who wants a boyfriend but every time he sees a hot guy he vomits. He smokes which is why he has no money. He goes through like 2 packs a day.

He lives in a gross motel with cockroaches and moldy pizza stains everywhere and the guy who owns it is too scared to ask him for rent. He’s pretty much a sarcastic asshole who doesn’t realize when he over steps someone’s boundaries (or maybe he does)

Ben is a smol with freckles. His eyes bleed because I guess that’s how ghosts have allergies ( he’s allergic to his four cats but he love them so he deals with it ) he had an entire closet dedicated to cosplay and cross dressing.

Works for Nintendo. Has a nice house with his room mate Jane. Who is equally as gay. He probably wears leggings for a living and also wears glasses or contacts to make his eyes look like he isn’t a fucking demon or some shit

Toby is hells smart actually but loves to be a sarcastic asshole (especially to Ben) and makes bad jokes on purpose.

He has perfect timing and is obsessive with finishing his work on time and keeping it organized but his room is a total mess. He wears goggles for aesthetic but on the job he actually needs them.

Is tol Paul and has long legs. Probably drinks coffee black than Jeffs depression. Always fiddling with something or clicking his pen. Probably has Ben cut his hair for him (Ben has to stand on a stool even if Toby is sitting down)

Jane is a complete lesbian feminist complete with her own vintage flower crown and Starbucks latte. She only has eyes for women and loves to dress in anything you’d see on vampirefreaks dot com.

Is the mon friend. Has spell books tarot cards and crystal for aesthetic but has no idea how to use them. Used a Ouija board once. Nothing happened but she always tells people bad things will happen if you do.

Runs a goth body positivity blog and shaves her eye brows and draws them in with eyeliner. Tried dread locks once. Didn’t like them. Has thicker thighs than Texas.

Listens to minor key opera music but has no idea what opera it’s from. Only reads Edgar Allan Poe or buzz feed articles.

Nina is that 10 year old that reblogs your fan art on tumblr dot com or maybe reposts it quotev. She role plays with astrics unapologetically. Has a YouTube channel where all she does is talk about how much she hates her mom for not accepting her gothness well also fan girling over Ed gein.

Rites lik dis n refurrs 2 herselth as goffic. Unironically reads my immortal. Scratch that she wrote an entire trilogy to my immortal putting herself as the main character. Once handed in a fanfiction as an English project.

Jack is pure and did nothing wrong. He ran away from home and ended up having a complete break down ripping out his own eyes (he was albino and had major DPDR problems and he couldn’t take it anymore) yeah but he’s homeless and eats people to survive.

I have this Headcanon where he doesn’t really see things but kinda knows what everything around him is. But more on sensing the reality of somethings physicality?? Maybe?? Some spooky supernatural crap.

He has white hair and he loves birds. Even though he’s blind he still tries to take pictures. He sleeps behind a dumpster in the back of an alley and when it rains he flips the lid and sleeps under it.

Kagekao is a str8 boi who drinks wine and thinks he’s fancy because he had an art show once. Oh btw he paints vaporwave if it was done by a highschool art teacher with natural tones and dull purples and then slapped Japanese words on it. Has a book club with jane probably. They like to talk about girls and the latest artists in Newyork city. His first language is Japanese but he fakes a French accent sometimes and wears the same scarf everyday. Drives an expensive car and has an expensive house with two garages

Masky although is not a creepypasta I’m still gonna write about him because I reference him a lot. He’s frankly annoyed over very thing and wants to kick it and die.

He’s just trying to do his things well taking a little to many pain pills. He’s a complete party animal and loves to drink and snort Coke. Kinda like Jared from super jail I guess. Has side burns bigger than Jeffs ego. You could compare him to choromatsu probably has an anime girl body pillow. And faps it to anime girls. Maybe boys idk.

Hoody is also not a creepypasta but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Hoody is quiet and doesn’t say much. He’s just a listening kinda guy trying to soak in what everyone’s saying. Trying to analyze who they are and who is reliable.

He doesn’t want to just trust anyone. He usually lays low and watches the situation out Before acting. 100% has a body pillow and an amiibo collection next to his gun rack. Might do some drugs that aren’t prescribed. But mostly just weed.

Loves fire. Has a secret desire to have a family and wishes none of this ever Happened.

Totally send me creepypastas and I’ll give you descriptions of my versions of them