if i ever do i'll replace it

It scares me how easily you forgot me, how quickly you replaced me. Tell me, did I ever matter to you?
Giving In to 2009

Giving In to 2009 | It’s been a couple days of flirting, and teasing incessantly, and neither Dan nor Phil have any clue why 2009 Phil has replaced 2015 Phil, but they don’t really care with how busy they are trying to get the other into their pants. Who’sgoing to give in first? Part of 2009x2015 Phan Series | Phan | Mature | Smut, Riding | 4,584 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do Ipretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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I was bored at work so I entertained myself by replacing all references to Irene Adler’s name with “this nugget” and it was the best decision I ever made:

“This nugget, professionally known as ‘the Woman.”

“I assume this nugget has some compromising photographs.”

“This nugget is no longer any concern of yours.”

“The photograph inside, I believe it is this nugget.”

Probably should try and explain this by saying that I use nugget as a term of endearment (ask @ardenly all about it) and I thought it would be entertaining to imagine sherlock referring to people he cares about…as nuggets…this explanation made it worse didn’t it? yes yes it did