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“Constellation” #wip
Here’s a #wip of Usagi, for post something. Okay this is were i have to say it again, so here it goes. As you can see in here i haven’t post to much these days no just for less time so no inspiration. 0% of ideas and when i try am not proud of it. What i gonna do is try to find proper inspiration and when i can i will post. So sorry guys ,but this was a total mess. And i dont want to post total crap here when i cant draw. A good part is that im ready for tomorrow’s exam. I hope you have a good day or night!

I’m not okay. Im sorry. I dont know if I can post tomorrow. I have things to do and part of that is just convincing myself to breathe.

This is literal trash. I’m sorry.

2k words maybe

No warnings.

The signing had ended and you were lying in the bunk with Pete when the rest of the band was hanging out with friends that they had contacted before the show, there was to be a party later that you and Pete were planning to attend.

The two of you had been talking about every time the other had wanted to make a move. But it came down to the fact that neither of you seemed ready for a real relationship until recently. You were still in the dress that you wore to the show and Pete had probably complimented you 45 times at least just since the signing had ended.

The two of you were enamored by each other and weren’t interested in entertaining the idea of leaving each other’s side. You could see the light tint of your lipstick rubbing off on him and you giggled while explaining the situation.

“It’s because you are so damn hard to stop kissing. Once someone kisses you once, they’re hooked. It’s like some sort of drug.” He murmured as he pressed his lips to yours again. You opened your mouth for him and he met your pace. You feel him move his hand to your side and pull you closer to his body. He shifts so that he is above you. His legs intertwined with yours and one hand holding yours, the other caressing your face.  

You run your fingers through his hair and pull him closer, if that was physically possible at this point. He pulls his hand from yours and begins to slowly massage your breasts. You take your other hand and caress his cheek. He reaches for the zipper on your dress and you have to stop him.

“Babe, we are on the bus, anyone could walk in, let’s not right now. We have to get ready for the party now anyway. I mean you don’t have to get ready, but this dress isn’t all that comfortable.” You say, sounding out of breath. He makes a sound of distress but he still pulls out of the knot that the two of you have formed.

You slip off of the bunk and go to change in to clothing that is more appropriate for a party. You pull on some red skinny jeans and a black fall out boy jumper from a show in Chicago a few years back. You fix your make up and curl your hair in to perfect curls.

You look in the mirror to see Pete watching you, not in a creepy way, more of an admiring way. He saw that you caught him watching you and gave you a sweet little smile you smiled back and went to taking out your earrings.  You passed by him on the way out of the restroom and in to the area where you last left your combat boots. You pulled the boots on over your mismatched neon socks and fastened them.

“Pete, do you need to change? You are wearing your concert clothes still.” You ask softly. He snaps out of his little trance and agrees that he should probably change. He walked to the back and changed in to some black jeans and a Clandestine t-shirt. He looks a little fazed. You pull his hand in to yours and pull his through the door of the tour bus in to the hotel.

The party is in one of the hotel’s ballrooms. Panic! At The Disco are going to be there to see Pete and Patrick. People are coming from all over the country to congratulate the guys on their first show of the tour being successful.

You walk hand in hand with Pete and he takes awkward selfies of the two of you while you walk. He did manage to get one of both of you smiling though. He said that he was going to post it on twitter because you looked pretty and he loved it. You shook your head at his sweet words but kept walking.

He tweeted the picture while the two of you were walking.

“Finally able to show my affection towards the one I’ve been falling for since high school. If you haven’t seen the vid of today’s performance, it explains things. @[y/t/n]”  -@PeteWentz

You and Pete finally reach the party. He wraps his arm around your waist to pull you closer. He presses a kiss to your forehead and moves your hair from your face.  

“If you get overloaded, we can leave at any point. There are going to be a lot of people here and they are going to want to ask you questions and you can just get my attention and I will divert attention from you.” Pete tells you so you know how to get anything you need.

He leads you in to the party and people are dancing and lights are flashing. Music is blaring and people are talking. You turn on your friendly ‘I should try to impress people’ smile. You carry conversations with people that you don’t know so you can stay in good graces of people who know your friends.

Finally Pete finds a small seating area in a quieter corner.

“Stay here for just a minute and I will bring drinks back in a bit. I think Brendon is coming over here anyway.” Pete told you exactly where he was going and how long it would take he knew that you didn’t like parties at all so this was a big thing for you.

Brendon walked over and sat next to you.

“Hey [y/n]. How are you doing?” Brendon was always nice to talk to. He put up an energetic front around the guys but he was usually pretty calm around you. You didn’t know if this was just how he was or if he was worried that he would frighten you.

“I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking. How have you been? We haven’t heard much from you lately. I know that Pete and Patrick were worried about you.” You asked.

“Before we talk about me, I want to know what’s up with you and Pete. Twitter was going crazy but I couldn’t find the source of the madness.” He prodded. You handed him your phone. You had found a good quality of your duet with Patrick and then with Pete and the aftershock of the duet with Pete. You observed as he watched the video.

About halfway through the video he paused it. “Why didn’t you tell me that you could sing? I would totally get you to sing with me” you tell him that he should just watch the video.

“Whoa, heat on stage during a duet between Pete Wentz and [Y/F/N]. Wow. The both of you can sing like no one’s business. Ooh, getting close. Wow the song is goo- WHAT. YOU GUYS KISSED. HOLY FUCK.” He exclaimed.

“Hush Brendon! Yes. We kissed. Listen to what Patrick is saying in the video.” You hush him as people started to look at you. You hid behind your sleeves and waited for Brendon to calm down. You were starting to wish that Pete hadn’t left you to explain this to Brendon.

Speak of the devil. You were curled up in the corner of the couch hiding in your jumper while Brendon made loud noises when Pete walked up.

“I am not sure who to ask about whose behavior right now.” Pete sat down next to you and handed you a drink. You didn’t know what it was but it looked mildly alcoholic so you went for it. Lowering your inhibitions could not do any worse for your anxiety.

Pete started trying to explain the situation to Brendon while you observed. Brendon kept interrupting in his hyper Brendon way but Pete eventually got through to him. The two of them bantered in their usual way as you sit and observed. You saw Patrick dancing with a pretty girl, Andy sitting and looking nonchalant and Joe was nowhere to be seen. You saw Brendon’s band members and two guys who looked like Twenty One Pilots but you had only seen them in photos.

You took a picture of Pete and Brendon bantering and the other people dancing in the background to put on twitter.

“I feel as if a lot of you would internally combust if you were to be put in this situation.”

Most of the replies were pertaining to the onstage kiss from today and the subsequent flee from stage. You saw a lot of tweets talking about Pete looking offstage for majority of the performance after your flee and his dash off stage after the performance ended.

You felt bad for leaving them essentially clueless but you saw that some of them had caught on from Pete’s tweet earlier but of course, not all of them did.

You went back to your observation. You sat quietly and drank the concoction that Pete had brought you. It tasted okay but it gave you something to focus on. Your phone went crazy with twitter mentions but you let it go. You didn’t want to make an announcement until you could do so with Pete.

You had curled in to his side and he wrapped his arm around you. He held your hand and you sat there. You knew that people around you didn’t really know you and you seemed very quiet, but there wasn’t always something in your head that could be said aloud. There were things to scream and cry, but not always to speak calmly about.

You had gotten used to not speaking to people unless they asked you a direct question. You were okay with it. Not everyone around you was used to it, but they got used to it.

The music changed from upbeat to slow in a very quick manner of time. People slowly found dance partners and you were surprised when Pete pulled you from your spot on the couch to dance. You giggled and smiled at him as he tugged on your arms to get you to dance with him.

You gave in and wrapped your arms around his neck as he pulled you closer with his arms around your waist. The two of you swayed back and forth in sync. You didn’t even begin to understand how the way you act around someone could change so quickly and drastically but you accepted it as he pressed his lips softly to yours.

The two of you continued to dance and let the world melt around you. You never realized how your body was the perfect size to fit in his arms. You were just a little bit shorter than him so your body fit perfectly against his. He gave you a small smile that, in that moment, made you thankful for being alive.

Soon enough, the music faded in to pop rock again and the two of you meandered to a small group of people that Pete knew and they knew Pete. As soon as the two of you approached the group, Pete’s grasp of your hand tightened a bit. He spoke loudly and with a different cadence than usual. He was talking to people that he wanted to impress and they were already awed by him.

“I’m at an after party for the show and my people have wandered away and are deep in conversation. Send help ASAP”

You tweeted while almost hiding behind Pete. You almost immediately received a text from Patrick.

“Hey you. Come over here and we can walk back to the bus. I don’t want to be here anymore and you look like you’re gasping for air.”

You read the text and immediately found Patrick on the other side of the room by the door. You whispered to Pete that you were going to go back to the bus with Patrick and for him to enjoy himself. He told you to text him when you got to the bus so he knew that you were safe. You smiled at the protective side of Pete that flared up every once in a while and headed for Patrick.

“Paaaatrick! You are my knight in shining armor.” You said once you got to him. He smiled and laughed as the two of you began to walk down the hallway that led to the parking lot.

“You know that I am really happy for you, right? The two of you make sense together. You always have made sense together.” Patrick said to you. You smiled and pulled Patrick in to a hug in the middle of the corridor.

“Thank you for everything, Patrick” you mumbled in to his shoulder. He hugged you tightly and replied:

“Anything for my best friend. Anything in the world.”

You slowly walked through the doors and by the barricade that kept excited fans safe. Patrick stopped a few times to sign and take pictures with fans but you guys were almost to the bus.

The two of you got on the bus and sat on the couch together. You had been with Patrick constantly for the past few days but you hadn’t gotten to talk to him without the other guys hovering around.

The two of you didn’t need to have small talk, you just talked. You talked about anything that existed or was speculated about. The two of you laughed until you cried and talked about the serious things. You and Patrick had always had an easy relationship.

“Hey [y/n]; why don’t you perform with us at the next show? We could even talk to our manager about making it a full time thing. This could be how we employ you for the tour. You could get a cut of the ticket sales like the guys do. You have a gorgeous voice and everyone loved your energy on stage.” Patrick said suddenly.

“I’m not sure if they loved my voice or energy, Pat. I think that the crowd loved the sexual tension. Everyone has been going crazy over the idea of me and Pete being more than friends for months and it was obvious that we were both going crazy over it at this point.” You pointed out.

“They loved your voice. They were going crazy when you sang Young Volcanoes and that was without the thick sexual tension.” He corrected.

“I will think about it. There will probably be twitter and alcohol involved in my decision so take it as a tentative yes until I can talk myself out of it.” You muttered as Patrick let out a little ‘hooray’. You smiled and he told you to smile as the two of you took a picture. You repeated the process and took a picture of the two of you as well.

You and Patrick had an agreement that both of you took as many pictures of each other smiling throughout the year and then made a collage at the end of the year every year. You had four collages in your apartment.

The both of you regressed to your phones. You took to twitter with your picture with Patrick.

“At last, my knight in shining armor seems to be @PatrickStump. He saved me from an overwhelming party and made me laugh until I cried, what a lovely day overall.”

You texted Pete; “Hey there, got to the bus safely. Was too overwhelmed to text you right away but safe and sound.” He responded with a simple smiley face emoji.

You went back to twitter and noticed Patrick staring at you.

“What’s got you all interested?” you questioned.

“I’m waiting for your reaction” you felt awkward in scrolling through twitter so you just looked up his account. You weren’t expecting what you saw. The photo that appeared was the sweetest thing you had seen. It was a three pane collage of you and Pete dancing, the first was of the two of you smiling at each other. The second pane was of the two of you kissing and the third was of Pete smiling at you while you giggled at something he had said. The two of you looked enthralled with each other.

“I have never seen two people so happy to be in each other’s company in my life and it is my utmost pleasure to see them realize the happiness that they bring each other. They are not two parts of a whole but two wholes that when together make an amazing thing.”

“Patrick, this is so cute. I think that twitter may explode, but it is adorable. Thank you. For everything you have ever done, thank you.” You smiled sweetly at him as he sat awkwardly, not knowing where to look as you thanked him.

You looked through the comments on the picture and came to the realization that you were going to have to come out with the official ‘we are in a relationship’ kind of thing pretty quick. You realized pretty quickly how extremely exhausted that you were.

“I am so tired. Oh Jesus. This has been the most physically and emotionally taxing day.” You say as you essentially wilt like a flower.

“Go to sleep, silly.” Patrick tells you as he pushes you lightly. You nod at his suggestion and walk to the back of the bus. You take off your make up and change in to pajamas, consisting of sweatpants and a hoodie and crawl in to the bunk.

Love you the mostest.


Jojo’s surgery is still possible but it turns out he has it in both legs!!! So thats actually 2 whole surgeries that need to be paid for!!!
In other words Ive literally entered a state of depression rn where Im dead inside I dont want to even talk or think about this anymore tonight because I know when I wake up tomorrow Im not going to be alright at all!!! I just want tonight to be okay and not think about whats happening to my son whose only 2 and I really really just cant Im sorry I just need tonight

theres only 10 mins left of my actual bday in my timezone so heck im goin to bed so i can spend the entirety of tomorrow doing all the homework ive been procrastinating 8′”)

thank u all for bein so kind n sweet i dont deserve ths and i have no words to express how happy uve all made me n i rly needed it aa thank you a million times over!!

i have like 250 screenshots of all ur bday msgs on my phone and ill treasure them forevr n ever (if i didnt reply sorry maybe i forgot to post the screenshot but i read it and love u!!)

and ty for the ppl who made gifts gosh ur the sweetest i cant take this aa!! idk what to do w so many drawings of myself but ill keep them in my phone n treasure them in my heart forever

gnight and have a nice day everyone love u all u all deserve the best!!


@anon after spending 3 days in an amazing country i only got 4 photos which didnt turn out blurry or shit, 2 of which were from the plane window.

im so sorry

okay I’m as disappointed as the next person that we aren’t trending - i really am i got a little sassy on some posts earlier and im sorry if it rubbed anyone the wrong way… but if I see one more post or get one more anon about how we’re losing this fight or we’ve already lost i’m gonna go postal. 

no. it was not the best night to have a failed trend. but some of you are acting like we’ll never have the opportunity to trend again or make noise again. we dont accept his lame ass “apology.” and we are gonna let people know. wondercon is this weekend and he’s gonna get his ass dragged. we can trend tomorrow if we want. we can WIN the zimbio poll. we can keep writing campaign postcards and sending sponsor letters. our fight isn’t just on twitter. and it’s fucking far from over. so chill out and get back on the horse and pick up your damn sword. 


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everyone is getting so hype about the update tomorrow like “omg jacks gonna go all the way sameell for bitty so cute” and not that i wouldn’t LOVE that but like,,, i wouldn’t be surprised if he… didn’t. NOT bc jack is a bf, bc he ISNT AT ALL, but bc he a life yanno? like he has things he had to do. and ofc jack will talk to bitty over the phone or skype or whatever but i just dont want the fandom to be mad or disappointed in jack if he doesnt show

sorry for the downer post but im just trying not to get my hopes up

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im gonna go to bed now bc i feel
tired and dizzy. thank u guys for the love and support and letting me vent here. i know most ppl dont like it when all i do
is just post. but i feel like i can genuinely talk abt my feelings here. tysm for listening to me and sending me asks and liking my posts. it really really means a lot to me. im sorry today I wasn’t very excited or entertaining but im trying to stay positive and happpy. thank you again. im gonna go to bed happy and looking forward to tomorrow!!! gooodnight everyone!! sleep good when u do!!