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Part 9 - The Boy from New York

Recently I got off from Grindr for quite sometime. I met this guy from Instagram actually..He liked some of my pics from my IG so I returned the favor of course. He texted me. 

Dylan : Hey hey :)

Me : Hello there

Dylan: you are cute. Are you in KL ?

and on and off we texted. We talk about music and beaches. He asked me out to grab a coffee nearby a famous cafe in KL. And so we met yesterday late afternoon. The conversation was pretty good. He’s actually a Chinese, born and raised oversea and studying in New York now..came to KL just for travel purposes. He’s 21 , cute with a good looking face and charming personality. Despite us being 21 and 20, we talk about politics, recent news : United, music and even about my relationship status etc. 

Dylan : Hey do you wanna talk some where else ? maybe we could hang at my place, I could show you some of my books and i can make you some tea too

Me : yeah sure. Since I don’t have any plans tonight anyway (I was doubting that maybe he’s hinting for my ass but Im okay with it)

When we reach his apartment it was pretty cozy and decent with a view of the KL city. He continue our deep conversations about ‘Open Relationship’ and he knew that I am in a relationship currently. I was sitting on the floor leaning against his bed while he was sitting on the bed giving me a massage on my shoulder while we’re talking. Until I rest my head on the bed looking at his eyes (purposely just to act cute haha sorry if it sounds too slutty) and he was shy 

Dylan : dont look at me like that haha. Im shy

Me : ( I didnt said anything but just smile and laugh at him while looking at him)

Dylan : you’re so cute you know that ?

He gave me a kiss on the lips and the next thing we knew was we’re kissing passionately on the bed. I was on top of him while he’s lying on the bed. His hands were grabbing my ass and slowly removing the buttons from my shirt. And the moment when I remove my shirt his hands reaches for my chest and squeeze my nipple, licking it slowly as i moan because it felt so good. And before I remove his shirt he said

Dylan : hold on I need to check if I still have it (rushes to the drawer)

Dylan : i still have the condoms. (Gladly Smiling)

Me: Hey but I havent wash it tho…

Dylan : do you wanna go take a shower ?

Me : (moving towards him and gave him a kiss) Sure :) gimme a some time

As I was washing my ass in the bathroom. I was thinking, ‘holy shit I didn’t thought of getting a dick tonight !) After I finish washing up. he turned off the lights in the room but he lighted up a candle along with the view from the window. It definitely sets up the mood for sex even more ! He held my hand and lead me to the bed start kissing me from the lips to the ears and neck. God I love his deep English Accent ! it turns me on so much ! all the way to playing my nipple I was in cloud 9. he took the lube and started touching my hole. As I lean next to his ears.

Me : You’re lucky. I just shaved yesterday :) (Whispering next to his ears)

Dylan : Fuck I love your ass. So Smooth !

as he finger me slowly and I moaned. And we were in a 69 position so that he could play with my ass while I suck his cock. As usual tops loves the blowjob that I gave. he was pretty impressed with my skills too.

Me : fuck me now please. I want it now

He took the condom and wore it we were in a military sex position as he slowly put his cock inside of me it felt so good. He was holding my legs up in the air kissing it and thrusting his cock inside of me..as I moaned shyly looking at his handsome face. He loves my ass so much that he moan too while fucking me. Running his hands all over my body while fucking me. While Im stroking my own wet cock I told him I’m close Im gonna cum soon. And I did. I know its pretty fast but it was just TOO HOT !

Me : I am sorry I just could not hold it anymore.

Dylan : its okay. Do you still wanna continue ?

Me : of course. let me make you feel good too.

Dylan : Alright. How would you like me to fuck you ?

Me : (Smirking) Doggy hehe.

I was in position ready for him to fuck me from behind. As he slaps my ass while fucking me gently in and out of my hole. While my face is just lying on the bed enjoying his cock in me. I swear the sex was so good.

Dylan : God I fucking love your ass. 

Me : yeah fuck me from behind.

Dylan : Fuck yea.

As he moaned as he cum in the condom. My ass was so wet. Like really wet. We cleaned up in the shower room together, help him out to change the covers of the bed sheets.

Dylan : Hey you wanna grab dinner or something ?

Me : No sorry. I need to head home.

Dylan : sure. You in a hurry ?

Me : not really but just wanna be home at this hour. Just in case if my boyfriend ask me my whereabouts :)

Dylan : Sneaky. well I really enjoyed. Hope you do too.

Me : See you next week :)

PS : please stop asking if the stories were real or not. Its real. xoxo

After Midnight

Summary: Dan is a bit upset about not being able to spend New Year’s Eve with Phil, so he goes to Louise’s in hopes of lessening his sadness. Just when he thinks that wasn’t going to do the trick, there’s a small surprise waiting for him at midnight, making his sadness vanish completely. 

A/N: Just a little fluff to brighten up your day! ^~^

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,516

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New Year’s Eve, 2016

Dan couldn’t remember the last New Year’s Eve he spent without Phil, but he supposed tonight would mark the first time in awhile since it’s happened.

It wasn’t uncommon for Phil to be around less and less during the holiday season, as he usually spent a lot of time with his family up North, while Dan spent very little time with his own family. He visited them for Christmas Eve and stayed through Boxing Day, and after that, he would go home and wait for Phil to come back about a day later.

This year, however, Phil was only back for six days before stating that he wasn’t going to be able to hang around this New Year’s Eve with him.

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Ashton Irwin Smut

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(Note: there is more to this, but I cut it off bc it wasn’t smut and it got a bit well.. Deep. If you wanna read it just request pt 2 of the ashton in my ask)

He stood at the same place as where I had last seen him in the book shop. I looked at him questioningly, realising, that every time I had seen him, he was standing at the same place. I had never spoken to him before, but today was different. Gutting up the confidence, I walked over to him. He was rather tall.

“What are you looking for?” I blurted, mentally kicking myself. Why couldn’t I just say hello?
He looked up at me, startled. His blonde curly hair covered his face as it slowly dropped and he returned to scanning the bookshelf that stood before us.

“A book called ‘After Forever Ends’.” He whispered. His eyes still scanning the shelf.
“By Melodie Ramone?” I whispered back. His eyes wide, glaring at me. His head was tilted to the side a little bit. It was cute and it made me smile on the inside.
“Yes, by Melodie Ramone.” He spoke. His voice was soft and full of hope.

I led him two rows across and down until we got to the third bookshelf. I knelt to the floor and grabbed the book that I had read many times and it to him. His eyes never left the book.

Just as I was beginning to feel like my presence wasn’t needed anymore I began to turn when my small body was caught by the large man. His embrace caught me by surprise yet it was so sweet.
“Will you let me buy you come coffee?” He asked one releasing me from his grip and pointing at the cafe that coubled with the bookshelf.
I nodded and followed him to a table. A waitress soon arrived and took our orders. A part from that he sat there speechless and I remained the same.

“I’ve been looking for this book for a long time.” He mused. “How did you know where it is?”
“I’ve read it before.” You stated.
“My mum asked me to read it before she got sick so I figured I would.” He said looking at me.

We talked for most of the day, about nothing in particular, just things we had struggled through in life and from there onwards. It was weird that I was telling a complete stranger about my life. But I somehow trusted him.

I learnt his name was Ashton and that he was in a band that wasn’t well known. Yet. He told me. The other boys and him had needed some time a part to focus and finish school before getting out into the music world. But he was 2 years above them and had finished school last year, so he spent his time with his mother, looking after her as she slowly lost memory of her son.
We had an instant connection and as the day progressed, he became more open and bubbly. He was so sweet and really listened to you when you spoke, unlike most of the other people you had managed to surround yourself with.

He made you feel alive and happy. And the dimples that rigged his face only made you feel happier. His smile was one that was hard to miss. It made you smile whenever you saw it.

I looked out into the street noticing it was now dark and that your boyfriend would call soon you made an excuse to leave.
“Oh my god, it’s dark out, I better get going.” You smiled, “it was great to meet you.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry for keeping you out so late. We should do this again. Do you want my number?” He asked carefully.
I handed him my phone to put his number into it when the sound of hell flooded our ears.

It was Trent.

Ashton passed the phone back to me, as I answered, he began packing up the papers he had pulled out earlier.

“Hello” I tried to sound cheerful but it came out quiet and cold.
“Where are you?” He yelled.
I cringed at the loudness of his voice.
“I’ll be home soon. I was just at the bookshop today. Nothing major.” Tears started to flood my eyes.
“Get your fucking ass home. I never gave you permission to leave. You’re mine and you do as I say.” He was only getting louder. He sounded drunk
“I’m walking now.” I said before listening to the beeping of the call that had been hung up on me.

I looked up to see Ashton wide eyed at me.
“Who was that?” He asked softly.
“Uhh. It’s c-complicated.” I stuttered.
“Your boyfriend.” He stated.
I nodded.
“You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. You’re a woman and you deserve to be treated like one.” He said with a serious matter.
“It’s okay. I’m used to it. I better get going.” I pointed at the door and stood up taking the small bag I had brought.

As I walked toward the door, I felt a hand on my waist. I turned to see Ashton with a concerned expression.

“That’s not okay that you find yourself okay with that. And two things: one being, you are not walking home at this time of night and two, you are not going back to him. He sounded drunk and you know it Y/N.” He looked into my eyes.
“Well, one, how am I meant to get around. He has my car. And two, where else am I meant to go?” I snapped.
“Do your parents live nearby?” He asked. I shook my head. He paused before he finally responded. “You could stay at my house tonight at least. I have a couch that I can sleep on and you can sleep in my bed. But please don’t go back there. I’ll drive you home.”

I trusted him and myself so I agreed. I knew Trent would probably hit me tomorrow but he would do that tonight anyway. So I agreed and followed Ashton to his car. He was a real gentleman, opening the car door for me and shutting it too. It was weird having someone treat me like this. But I liked it.

His car smelt of vanilla, unlike Trent’s car which smelt like alcohol and puke. We sat silently in the car until he turned up the music.

“Sorry I really like this song.” He looked at me apologetically.

It was Ignorance by the one and only Paramore. One of my favourites. I lent over and turned the music up and began singing the lyrics as loud as I could. When the song finished I looked at him to see a grin had crept upon his face. His dimples were the most adorable thing I had seen.

We pulled into a small flat that sat on the other side of town, there were pink and purple flowers surrounding the garage, it made me smile to think that he probably planted them. Ashton was such a carefree spirit and that’s what I aspired to be too.

“Well this is my place for now. I’m just renting it until I move back to Sydney for music in January.” He said opening my door for me and helping me out.

He unlocked the door and held it open, gesturing for me to walk in. He was a true gentleman and I loved that. I walked in, taking in my surroundings. I examined the beautiful paintings the hung among the walls of the living room while he put his bags on the kitchen bench.

“Do you want a glass of wine?” He asked.
I didn’t want to be rude and decline so I accepted and took the glass from his hand, clinging my glass against his before taking a sip. The alcohol immediately went to my head. I never really drank because I was usually the designated driver for Trent and his friends, but tonight I didn’t have to worry about that. I had Ashton to take care of me.

We sat on the couch and continued talking, refilling my glass twice. By the time I finished my third drink I felt the uneasy settling of the alcohol in my head. I knew I was a little drunk, but nothing to bad, I thought.

I began to stand up to take my glass to the sink when I felt myself falling, falling hard. And just a I was about to hit those cold hard tiles, I felt myself being caught by a pair of warm hands. I opened my eyes to see Ashton’s grin.

“How about a shower?” He said, his smile never leaving his face.
“Are you joining me?” I blurted once a again before smacking myself in the face and grabbing my mouth.
“I don’t think that would be the right thing for me to do Rose. I don’t want you to walk up tomorrow thinking I took advantage of you.” His smile still resting upon his lips. “But tomorrow, tomorrow morning. If you still want me, I’ll be here.”

He put me on my feet and led me to the bathroom before filling a glass with water and insisting I drink. I swallowed the water before he left me to shower.

I stripped and turned on the water. Standing there I thought about him. Ashton had been so kind to me. I wished that Trent would treat me like that, but I knew that he would never.

Once I finished showering I stepped out into the hot, humidified air that surrounded the bathroom. I looked down at my clothes.

“Ash..” I called.
“Yeah?” He called back.
“Can I borrow a shirt please?” I asked, embarrassed.
It was silent for a minute until I heard foot steps coming towards me.
“Are you decent?” He asked.
I grabbed a towel and put it around myself, tucking it in at the front. “Yeah, come in.”

He walked in, handing me a tee. His eyes widened at the site of my barely covered body. I smiled. He was staring at my body. He half smiled and turned and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I quickly slid my underwear on and then his shirt. His shirt was massive and the the hem reached halfway down my thighs and the hem of the collar showed my collar bones. I piled up my clothes and walked out.

Ashton greeted me in the living room on sitting on his couch his phone. I went to my bag that I had left on the bench to retrieve my phone.

5 missed calls from Trent
4 new messages from Trent.

I cringed. I didn’t want to talk to him, but I knew I had to. I typed in his number and walked into the next room.

“Hi.” I whispered, trying to avoid Ashton from hearing me.
“I’m staying at a friends house.” I whispered trying to keep calm.
“I can’t. I’m already going to bed. Please just let this wai-” he cut me off
“NO, YOU SLUT. GET YOUR FAT ASS HOME AND STOP BEING A BITCH.” Tears began to roll down my face, but I couldn’t find the strength to end the call.
By now I was crying really hard. He continued screaming and yelling, so I out the phone on the ground and hugged my knees, hearing the words that he called me.

I felt a hand on my back and I flinched. It was Ashton. He looked concerned. He lent over and pressed the dreaded red button that hung up the call. My face was buried into my knees, crying, in total distraught. He put his long arm under my knees and the other around my back, lifting me up. I tensed as he carried me to his room, setting me down on the bed.

“Don’t listen to him. Please. You’re so beautiful and lovely.” He said, his voice was sincere.
I looked up to him to find his expression blank. He didn’t have a shirt on. “I’m serious.”
I sat up and crossed my legs, pulling his shirt down. A tear escaped from my eye, which was caught by his hand swiping it away from my cheek.
“Don’t cry sweetheart.”

Before I could stop, I found myself pressing my lips against his. He was startled but returned the kiss. I gaped at his softness and he took advantage of that, sliding his tongue into my mouth, kissing me. He pulled me closer, placing his hands on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck, lacing my fingers in his curly hair. He moaned into my lips before parting and moving his lips down my jawline and onto my neck making small love bites. His hands slowly moving up towards my boobs. He played with them through the material. I knew he wanted skin and I wanted him to be happy like he had made me, so I parted from him briefly pulling his shirt over my head. He took it from my hand and threw it on the floor, returning to my mouth and pushing me down. I played with his buckle until I finally achieved undoing it as his lips slowly made his way down my neck and to my boobs. I moaned at his roughness as he gently tugged at my nipples with his lips. While I still tried to get his trousers off, he helped me, throwing them too, onto the floor. He was controlling, in a comforting way. He ensured I was okay, unlike Trent. Who was both controlling and demanding. He made his way down to my hips grabbing my lace underwear with his teeth, smiling as he took them off. His underwear had disappeared while we were kissing. He made his way down to my legs, kissing my inner thighs, I moaned and he took that as a sign that I wanted more. He slipped a finger into me and shortly after he slipped another in.
“Ash, I’m gonna-” I yelped as he cut me off.
“Hold on. Just a little while longer.” He grinned, pulling his fingers out and coming up to me to kiss me again.
His thumb played with my clit, pressing and rubbing it as he kissed me hard. He looked to me for approval as he lined his member up.
He looked to me for approval again, and once I nodded, he thrusted into me, hard and fast. Waiting for me to adjust, he kissed my neck making the love bites that he had made earlier bigger. His thrusts were hard and deep, he made me feel amazing. I moaned loud. He lifted my leg up over his shoulder with his hands on my hip, moaning my name. His thrusts became sloppy and I yelped as I came, he followed soon after. He pulled out of me and lay next to me.
“Y/N. That was fucking amazing.” He whispered before grinning.
“You’re fucking amazing Ashton.” I whispered back while rolling on my side.
Ashton grabbed my but and pulled me closer, bringing his mouth closer to my ear.
“How about another round?” He smiled, as I nodded.