if i dont answer right away im so sorry

anonymous asked:

sorry to bother you and pls know that you dont have to answer right away i know you get a lot of asks, i really appreciate your advice. i have a friend who is always coming to me whenever theyre feeling suicidal or having anxiety/panic attacks. its hard because i do my best to help but i really struggle with those same issues and i feel like im carrying the weight of our mental illnesses for both of us. i feel awful if i dont say anything to help them but its so overwhelming idk what to do

remember that:

-self-care is important.
-you can only help someone so much.

don’t feel bad if you can’t think of something to say. sometimes thats going to happen and there’s nothing wrong with you and it doesn’t make you a bad friend.

words that have helped me (and some of my friends) through hard times are:
you are loved.
you are appreciated.
you are important.

i hope they help you too.
please take care my friend.
i love you so much.
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