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I need an opinion. Should I write UF sans like a lady’s man who gets his way with a lot of one heartbreak and short lived relationships OR a very easily flustered skele that has no idea how to love or be loved. 

Im hellas torn between these two ideas and would like an input on what you guys will want. So leave the answer in the tags i guess?

Also im gonna to be very very very slow getting asks out just cause school is a thing that i don’t like to deal with and i end up avoiding everything including this blog. So im sorry if i dont get to ur ask right away, dont worry i didn’t delete any im just slow. 

anonymous asked:

my gf has been recovering for 3 years. we are both really struggling right now and all i want is for her to be ok. she said it would help her get better if i tried to be better too. i promised i would at least TRY cause i dont want to scare her or hurt her. but its SO DAMN HARD i literally cant stop fasting and exercising. i want to reach my goal SO BAD while still being able to protect my gf. idk what to do i just want her to get better. im not ready to get better.

sorry not to post this right away, i wanted to give you the time for a proper answer. how are you doing now? i hope you’re doing okay and so is she, or at least surviving. 

i think your support, i mean even trying, will be better than nothing. it’s about going through the same things, right? if you’re both struggling with something, she’ll feel that much less alone, like you’re right there beside her and with her all the way. you may not be ready to get better, and that’s okay. you don’t need to be. but having your support and going through this together might be the thing, for her, that makes something like recovery feel a little bit possible. that might be all she needs. 

you can manage your own stuff so maybe you’re losing a little less slowly, or maybe this will be a way for you to alter your relationship with food just a bit too. you don’t have to get better, and no one’s going to force you. seeing you try may be all your girlfriend needs. it really could be enough - to me it seems clear as day that you really do care - you’re doing a great job and being caring and considerate and selfless. and even if it’s just from me, please remember that too. you’re enough.

wishing you both the best of luck xox

sorry !!!!!!

hey everyone


i’ve been pretty dissapeared these last days/weeks, and i feel like i needed to explain myself. i’ve been feeling quite anxious and/or down lately, so i’ve tried to stay a little away from social media (i swear i’ll answer everything when i’m not feeling so bad!! im so sorry!!!! pls dont hate me) aaaand i also have been trying to read a little more (i used to be suuuuch a bookworm and now i just… can’t pick up any book and i’m trying to change that and read again) and try to get my life together. school is pretty stressful too (and well, yea, my main source of anxiety). so that’s my life right now

i’m thinking of starting a bujo (i’ll just stay suuuuper simple to start because i wanna see if it works for me or not) and i’ll try to post more often (maybe not as often as before but i’ll do my best) and be more active here. i’m almost at 2k which is AMAZING and i can’t thank you all enough for that!! :,)

Sehun's name be like...
  • <b> saying his name:</b> Oh Sehun<p/><b>saying his name after he surprisingly showed up:</b> Oh! Sehun.<p/><b>saying his name like an answer:</b> Oh~ Sehun~<p/><b>saying his name like you're on a romantic movie:</b> Ohh~ Sehun.<p/><b>saying his name if he does something sexy:</b> Ohhh Sehun<p/><b>saying his name while making love with him:</b> Ohhhhhh Sehunnnnnnn<p/>

Hey guys! So Basically if you have been apart of/heard of the Famous Troyler Tumblr Meetups You will basically understand what this is. However if you havent then im about to tell you :)

So, on the 17th at the time above if you would like to participate then what you would do is search “Phandom Tumblr Meetup” and in that tag is where you can see other posts by other participants. To post in this meetup just make your post and tag it Phandom Tumblr Meetup. That simple! 

This will be a great way to get the Phandom together. You can use this meetup to meet new phan blogs, post selfies and say hello to the  phandom, Follow new phan blogs and even gain more followers!

I hope all you Phan people will come together and make new friends and all that good stuff.

Please refrain from posting anything in the specific tag until the meetups start so it will be a bit more organized

Also, i am starting these meetups only because of Ayetroyler. She created the Troyler Meetups and helped me organize this one! so go follow her or say hey or whatever you wanna do!

Pleasee feel free to ask questions I will answer all of them. I will get to them as soon as possible if i dont right away.  

Pleaseeee Reblog this and spread this around so as many people as possible can join! 

My ask is here

and after this i promise to stop talking 

Sorry for the sooo terrible edit im packing and rushing last minute school stuff and i wanted to get this info out as early as possible!