if i don't nail myself down

Okay, blunt truth time: I’m really baffled by the posts that are like, “Oh man, ended up with another kintype!” or “Just went to the zoo/Just watched this new movie/etc. and came home with five new kintypes!” like they’re cropping up like weeds or something?? It took me years to nail down what my theriotype was, and even now I’m not 100% positive. I scrutinized myself hardcore when I briefly thought I might have two theriotypes, and after much deliberation and self-examination, I ultimately ruled out the second one.
But now I see people listing their kintypes and it’s 15, 20 different things and they’re adding even more, like how do you even keep up with that? I feel like at that point you’re just trying to define and categorize every single aspect of your personality and that’s not really what otherkinism is. If you end up with a bucketload of new kintypes every time you watch a new TV show, maaaybe you should reevaluate your concept of what being otherkin/therian is. :|