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“But you know as well as I, patriotism is a word; and one that generally comes to mean either my country, right or wrong, which is infamous, or my country is always right, which is imbecile.”

- Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian

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hey!!! do you wanna talk pansexual trans girl ginny weasley headcanons


  • She’s closest to Fred, so he’s the first person she goes to him. He just shrugs it off and says of course he’ll support her and he hugs her tight and says sorry that he can’t help with girly stuff and panics a little bc “oh god how can i help you am i the only one who knows wait no i sweAR I CAN DO THIS” and ends up tossing nail polish at her like “here you can have this i use this sometimes you can have it that’s a a girly thing right? what else do you need i aM CRAP AT THIS” and ginny just takes the nail polish as she laughs fondly and explains to him that that isn’t how things work and tells him to calm down and she’s a crying a little bit out of relief and tells him  ”jfc i don’t even wear nail polish but thank you anyway, you nerd. all i need is for you to be here for me so calm down.”
  • When she tells her parents, she’s nervous. She’s shaking and trying to fight back the tears. She almost asks the twins to steal Veristaserum for her just so she can let the truth slip out, but she knows she has to do this herself. When she finally tells them, they remain quiet for a long time, registering it. Then, Arthur takes her hand and Molly just smiles and says, “You know, we always wanted a daughter” and Ginny is crying tears of joy she almost doesn’t hear Arthur and Molly talking about how the transitioning is going to be tough and expensive, but they know a lot of people who can help and Pomfrey will of course take care of her at school and because of Arthur’s job, he knows a lot of good Healer’s at St.Mungo’s and “Ginny, dear, of course we can make this work.”
  • Ginny first learning Quidditch on her own because she keeps stealing her brother’s brooms when they aren’t around. Eventually, she becomes so good at it that she doesn’t feel the need to hide that she’s been practicing. She comes home one summer night after self-training declaiming that one day, she’s going to be a part of the Holyhead Harpies. Percy frowns and asks, “Don’t they just hire girls?” And Ginny just raises her eyebrows and says “Yeah, exactly.” “So how are you-” but before he can finish, Fred tosses his Beater’s bat at her. The sight of an armed Ginny with a set of angry twins by her side is enough to shut Percy up and make him see sense
  • Outside her siblings, Hermione, and Harry, the first person who really accepts her is Luna. Ginny’s got a lot of friends but Luna is the one who really understands her. They became good friends in third year because they have Care of Magical Creatures together. Luna starts talking about these different creatures that she’s never heard about, but she nods and listens, because, hey, this girl might be on to something for all they knew. So when Ginny comes out to her, she’s surprised that Luna accepts and understands and respects so easily and quickly. Luna just hugs her and says, “you’re the only one who ever took me seriously, now i’m here to take you  seriously.” They’ve been close friends ever since.
  • By fourth year, she starts dating around. However, many of the boys just don’t seem to get her and how she identifies herself, so she usually just has fun with them, but the minute they get offensive or problematic - not just to her, but to other queer students as well - she breaks it off immediately. Finally, she meets Dean - who is obvs bisexual - was a good one though, and he made her feel good and they had fun he really took care of her and vice versa. They played Quidditch together and made out and went on sappy dates. The relationship came to an end eventually though, because even good romances don’t last, but they were both cool about it and remained friends. 
  • When she joins Dumbledore’s Army, she becomes fascinated the minute Harry starts teaching them about Patronuses. She’s one of the first few to really get it. The memory she conjured in her head was the first time she ever looked into the mirror and laughed. Laughed out of happiness and disbelief that she actually loves herself and the way she looks and an overwhelming surge of happiness takes over her, and it’s so powerful that she can barely even register saying the incantation. But before she knows it, there’s a a figure of horse, galloping around in the air, head on and being carried by the wind. Luna informs her that “One of the most prominent symbols of freedom is a horse”. Freedom. Ginny smiles to herself and thinks of how right that sounds.
  • She went out with Harry for a while too. She had fun and Harry was a good person and her friend and of course it’s amazing. But she feels like, as someone who’s in the middle of this war, he has a lot on his plate and a lot to do and work through without a relationship in the picture, and it was great while it lasted but she knows it just won’t work out. So when he breaks it off, she’s okay.
  • During her 6th year and they’re under Snape and Carrows, she finds herself scared and anxious, but it gives her all the more reason to fight back. Mostly, she found her courage in Luna. Then suddenly, she’s finding more than courage. And at first she thinks it’s because she’s starting to feel desperate and lonely or maybe she’s confusing it with just being happy her best friend is there. But she really starts falling hard and realizes “ok i like people who aren’t boys too and that’s okay but i like my best friend and i am still trying to figure out if that’s okay too. shit” After one night of vandalizing the walls, the run away from the Carrows and they duck into an empty classroom and they’s laughing and huddling into a corner and they’re out of breath. Suddenly Luna leans in, kisses her, and then they’re out of breath for a different reason.
  • People bother her with “So you’re with a girl? So, like, you’re really a boy again right?” and Ginny just rolls her eyes and hexes them and leaves them alone bc honestly they’re in a middle of a war, she doesn’t want to deal with that shit she has more important things to take down and revolutionize with Neville and her girlfriend for fuck’s sake
  • At Fred’s funeral, Luna is holding her hand as Ginny’s tears silently fall because she’s all out of sobs. she’s wearing the nail polish Fred gave her for the first time and she’s thinking the same thing she was saying all those years ago all i need is for you to be here

ok so this ended up more like a general headcanon post for Ginny Weasley and also ended up with me crying so idk

I don't know why I do this to myself.

When Alec died Magnus stopped wearing bright colours.
When Alec died Magnus stopped spiking his hair.
When Alec died Magnus stopped wearing glittery make up. 

He only wore black.
Black eyeliner.
Black nail varnish.
Black boots.
Black hair.
Black shirts.
Black jeans.
Black hoodies.

Even a hundered years down the line people asked him why.
Even a hundered years down the line he replied: 

“I’m in mourning.”