if i don't go mad(s) first




Mads “fake it till you make it” Mikkelsen.


“I have a friend who doesn’t get football. He always asks me, ‘Why are countries so proud of their football team? Especially when they score; it sounds like a third world war with all the cheering and yelling.’ I admit, it can be dangerous mixing football and nationalism together. Yet somehow, they go together perfectly. That feeling of pride when your country scores. There’s nothing better, my friend. Absolutely nothing.”

001. vampire!yoongi

001. “you’re really soft.”

If there was a word Yoongi would’ve never expected you to use to describe him (when asked, anyway), it would be - “You’re really soft…”

Yoongi only looks up to your admiration, a couple of sparks too many in your eyes as it covers up your sheer excitement festering from within. The least it manages to do to him is the weak spot of the corner of his lips, curling up with curiosity as he watches you do what your heart desires.

All barriers crashing down at your mercy when you shift closer towards him and it’s odd. 

He doesn’t move away.

His dark eyes follow your every move - from when you’re way far from your side of the sofa for invading his space, too near, too intoxicating, too everything for comfort. He’s unsure of you can tell his discomfort that starts to surface, but he pushes it down for the sake of keeping that light in your eyes so he keeps still.

Yoongi only tilts his chin down to watch as you lay on his lap, head resting on the soft of his skin clothed over velvet but maybe it’s better that way. Because God knows what it’ll do to his self control if he felt it skin on skin - raw and bare until it seeps into the dead of his bones to bring it back to life.

Yeah, this was safer - yet deadly when you don’t realize what you’re doing to him.

“Y/N,” He musters up, as if it’s the only vocabulary in his labyrinth stored in his mind, dictionaries after another, from one language to the other, it seems like your name is the only thing that remains. Synonym: love. Antonym:…none.

“Just for a while… you’re comfortable,” You murmur, subconsciously curling towards his torso, the tip of your nose brushing along the space by his stomach, he prays you don’t hear it cause an uproar from within, craving for more but for now it’ll do. It keeps him full when he watches your eyes flutter shut, eyelids clipped shut without trembling. A silent message that Yoongi swallows in to know you trust him enough to be so vulnerable around him.

With gaped lips, Yoongi uses up the last drop of restraint he has to put his book aside. His free hand comes up - the other used to clutch onto the hard cover that roots him in place - and he only uses a finger to trace it along your cheekbones, in a slow trance as he watches the effect it takes on you. Before he can rest his palm over your cheek, fingers inching to thread through your hair, he traps in a gasp with pressed lips, widening his eyes at the act of your hand darting up to hold onto his.

Even that, Yoongi doesn’t stop you.

Used in a sentence: Y/N… (and that’s as far as it goes, for now)

My Reaction to “Too Far”

Amethyst having fun with and making star-eyes at Peridot 

Me: Ok, alright 

Peridot getting sad when Amethyst ignored her 

Me: I mean, it’s a reasonable reaction 

Peridot hoping that Amethyst was talking about her to Pearl 

Me: That’s nothing 

Peridot covering up the fact that she’s mad 

Me: This proves nothing

Peridot breaking free to save Amethyst 

Me: This proves nothing 



Seth and Kate as Lana Del Rey Songs: Salvatore

“ The summer’s hot and I’ve been waiting for you all this time. I adore you, can’t you see, you’re meant for me? Summer’s hot but I’ve been cold without you. I was so wrong not to tell, I’m in regine, tangerine dreams.”

There is so much going on
-what is that caption, LOL in the face of adversity, LOL? Really? You’re gonna go with LOL? Alright then
-Jon appears normal, but his eyes look like he’s got a dirty idea for what he’d do with Spencer’s mouth
-brenDON IS FUCKING LOOKING RIGHT AT THE CAMERA. THIS IS A CANDID SHOT WHERE HES STARING RIGHT AT THE CAMERA. That’s nOt hoW it woRKS. Plus he looks like he’s dying inside and just wants to blast himself into the sun
-and Spencer just looks adorable af. As always. Look at that sunshine.

Cloud play-fighting with the bfs though They see him sort of like a harmless kitten, who bats his adorable little paws at you and is generally harmless. He likes to tap his hands against things when he’s bored, and if he’s close that can mean Angeal’s scruffy jaw and cheeks, Genesis’s shoulders, Zack’s arms and Sephiroth’s hips. Angeal scrunches his face up in a way that’s cute when that happens which just encourages the violence, really, so if he’s sitting on the couch Cloud will climb onto his lap and harass him a little. Genesis and Sephiroth tend to grab his wrists when he starts to gently whack at them - they get locked in a struggle where Cloud will growl in his throat and try not to laugh as he attempts to overpower them. Sometimes Genesis will switch both Cloud’s wrists to one hand and use the other to tickle him, the asshole - then Cloud will try to get him with his knees and feet and anything he can flail, really. Sephiroth always, /always/ uses kisses to distract him, making Cloud’s arms go from lax copies of what he learned in hand-to-hand to winding sweetly around Sephiroth’s neck, his cheeks turning pink. Zack, as the one primarily in charge of Cloud’s training, can get rough - they roll around on the floor and Cloud does his best to force the SOLDIER into submission. Zack lets him get close but always slips out of his hold, usually to turn the tables and make Cloud wriggle out of his own, usually with a murmured praise or two if he manages it (or even if he doesn’t). They indulge him and never hurt the infantryman (with a few small exceptions that led to Cures, apologies, shaken SOLDIERs, and lots of talking as a group). Cloud is occasionally too awkward or quiet to initiate intimate moments on his own so sometimes this is his way of getting close and getting those kisses he was after all along, and other times it’s just fun to make the four super SOLDIERs stay on their toes And eventually the day comes that Genesis does something stupid, and Cloud rolls his eyes, laughs, and hits him–and Genesis says “Ow!” and the four of them stare wide-eyed at their young man and realize soon he’s going to be a SOLDIER too.

Okay I’m sorry. Feel free to unfollow but I have to talk about this freaking supposed birth that Briana had because I’m honestly livid.

Giving birth in general is freaking dangerous. Yes it can be beautiful, but a lot (and I mean a fucking LOT) can go wrong. There are numerous ways in which not only the child’s but the mother’s lives can be threatened even in today’s world of modern medicine.

My first birth was fairly boring outside of she came so fast at the end that I tore in two places. Outside of that tearing I was able to recover quite quickly, but it still hurt to sit or move too much for over a month. A. MONTH.

My second birth was far more complicated and almost ended up in a c section. He wasn’t breech, thank goodness, because that alone would have been cause for a cesarean, but his heart rate was dropping surrounding the contractions as they worsened. It got so bad they had my husband scrubbed up and ready to get to surgery when Jarren stopped having the negative responses he did and the rest of the process (the final six hours of the 24 hour labor) went smoothly. In this case I physically felt fairly normal about a week after the birth.

In both cases the epidural did not take and in both cases I was in severe pain. Both times I would describe as beautiful though the second was distinctly terrifying because I was so worried about Jarren not making it through. Whenever I tell my stories I of course say it was incredible. I got my children out of it! But I also talk about the other feelings and emotions I experienced. Fear, pain, discomfort, confusion, etc. during my birth with Jarren my mom got so worried for me because the nurses weren’t listening to me that she had to leave the room. She later told me she didn’t think I was going to make it because I had gotten so pale and shaky.

This was before it was even time to push.

Both times I was pushing for less than five minutes. Both times there was no way I saw that baby coming out of me. First of all, my belly was in the way. Second of all I was overly focused on pushing and following the instructions of the nurses. They wanted me to focus on them and not on myself, the baby, the doctor, my husband, no one but them. I didn’t see the baby until the doctor laid them on my belly.

Just. I wish she would respect mothers in general enough to do some research. Yes, it is possible to birth a breech baby vaginally, but it is so dangerous for all parties it is rarely attempted. It is generally a sign for a c section. If she was “ripped open” as some are reporting she had said, we would never have seen her wearing the clothes she wore so soon after the birth. As I recall, we had said maybe she had an easy birth and didn’t have to worry about the healing so much down there, but this obviously goes against that. Just STOP LYING. IF YOU CANNOT SAY SOMETHING THAT WOULD MAKE EVEN THE SMALLEST BIT OF SENSE THEN DONT TALK.

And now I’m done.


Kira Manning + probably being the most important character tbh

I’m actually so livid that Joe is the one who has to go around and individually apologize to everyone that Dex insulted. Not only should that responsibility not fall on Joe, but it’s about time Dex learns how to take responsibility for everything he does. Even with things as little as accidentally breaking Aron’s glasses, he refuses to ever acknowledge when he’s done wrong. I was very iffy when Dex first joined, for obvious reasons, but I eventually decided that his addition was out of my power and welcomed him to the family. I looked over lots of messed up things that he did and said in the process, but this is the last straw. I’m sick of him acting like it’s our privilege to “be able to” watch his videos, to see him on the livestreams, to not look at a single thing from the group without him being there. The group needs to talk to him and make sure that he actually listens this time. This has gotten so far out of hand. I can’t believe it’s gone on so long that people still have to say this.

hahahahahahahaha okay 

y’all wanna like the likes of shane walsh or negan????

but wanna go mad at strand

who is helpin the family in the first place

cos let’s be honest he was only interested in nick (saaaame fam)

he is kinda cold time to time ngl

but he’s also realistic, he is smart, he is cautious and he don’t trust a bitch

so fuckin sue him it’s the zombie apocalypse

let him live

thank u this has been a psa

protect victor strand at all costs

TatsuBlog - 2015/07/03 “I don’t know why but...”

Sometimes when I update my blog from my cell phone, it posts the same entry multiple times.

I found this out for the first time when my manager called me yesterday. 
They were rather seriously worried.
“Have you gone mad?” they asked. 
“At the moment, I’m normal.” I answered.

Well then, today’s the Kawasaki live. 
Let’s go out in full force.

Some of you may have noticed this if you check his blog but when he posted on his blog after the Fukuoka live, his phone(?) posted it like 5 times in a row (or more or less). At first I thought “Well, someone had a blast”  But when I checked all of them, they were the exact same thing XD. 

Manager-san, いつもお疲れ様!!!Thank you for always worrying about this guy XD even though I know it’s part of your job and he probably gave you enough reasons for high blood pressure LOL. 

I feel like everyone accidentally became Sebastian Stan fans.

Like, first, when there were pics of him all over your dash, you were all, “Oh yeah, that dude. He’s the guy from Cap America 2 and OUaT.”

And then it turned into “Huh. Well - I don’t normally reblog pics of him, but that one’s a pretty good one, so.”

Then those instances started happening more and more until it became, “Oh, look at the adorable little shit, he’s so cute.”

And then it was “Hnnnggh, how is this guy even a real person, he is so good looking i think I’m gonna faint.”

And then all of a sudden you come to the realisation that your blog is now 10% other shit and 90% Sebastian Stan, and you honestly have no idea when that happened.


Ok first of all i’m sorry about this, you know i am unoriginal and this is so obvious i don’t know what i had in mind. I bet you’re still going to be mad at me for the next ten minutes or something because you always get angry at me whenever i edit and it’s rude btw. I always talk a lot but when it comes to events i don’t know what’s the right thing to say. I only wanted to thank you. Thank you for submitting me interesting stuff, thank you for your stupid tags, thank you for all the ’ i hate you’ whenever i send you gryles pictures, but the most important one thank you for being my friend.  For being always here for me, and you’re still being here for me even if i can be an annoying and boring friend sometimes. I told you this before, i will forever be greatful to you for messaging me one year ago. You knew i was shy ( i wrote it in my about me page how ridiculous was that) but you messaged me first  then we started talking and talking and now here we are. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend.  I’ll stop talking now because i’m getting quite emotional over there but ehiii happy birthday again babe. I love you ♥♥ 


reminder that there’s a lot of people that just listened to twenty one pilots for the first time and genuinely want to get into their music, if you go into the 21 pilots tag (yes i know it’s spelt wrong, they’re new potential fans, just be nice) you can find them and even link them to the vessel stream if you want. i’ve spent the last hour doing that and even if you don’t get a response from most people if you get even one to listen i think it’s worth it