if i don't fall asleep while making them


My head canon is that Inuyasha is an insomniac, meaning he can’t sleep all the time or just refuses to. This started up after his mother died and he was chased by demons. To paranoid about dying as any child would Inuyasha wouldn’t sleep unless he he knew that he couldn’t keep going. Even then his sleep wasn’t good only getting a few hours at the most.

When he met Kikyo he got a bit better with sleeping, once a week he could sleep all night, but that changed after he was awakened after fifty years of sleeping. He was fine for a few months without sleeping but as the time went on he got back into the habit of over exerting himself, his human side needed sleep and he had to give into it. So he would sleep a few hours restlessly when the group was still up and keep guard at night for a few days without sleep.

His secret was found out by his group when he started to fall asleep while walking, making them worried but Inuyasha would just blow it off. Making up excuses, but they had their doubts. They finally made him something to help him sleep which it did but sometimes he just refused to drink it…not wanting to sleep and saying that he was fine.

It got worse when Kagome was gone for three years, Inuyasha became almost a zombie with bags under his eyes, but he still stayed up, his paranoia keeping him up even now.


8x16 “Remember the Titans”
9x22 ”Stairway to Heaven”
9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles”
The Simple Question Between “Us or Them?

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There isn’t really much to be said about this as I think the gifs speak for themselves. And it also doesn’t really matter if you read this as Deancas or not as I think it is absolutely and completely obvious how Artemis is basicaly a really big Castiel parallel and that without any shipping agenda attached at all. Artemis who fell for Prometheus the traitor, the one who chose humanity over his divine family, who sided with them. Artemis, who later would join in his footsteps and sided with them against her superior, her own father, her own family. The way Artemis fell for Prometheus and with that in extension for humanity, it was Dean as a stand in for humanity who Castiel fell for. Castiel fell for humanity and sided with it. And he was forced to make a choice between Heaven and Earth and the Winchesters more than once. Whether it was Naomi wanting Castiel to make a choice between “us and them” or a season later Hannah and the flock. And Cas decided, every single time, to stand with humanity, with Sam and Dean.

ok but consider these

  • thiago teaching david how to speak french even if his own french is still rusty as fuck
  • david wanting to impress thiago by ordering pizza by himself but ends up mispronouncing “deux” as “douze” and thiago comes home to 12 giant pizza boxes spread everywhere in the kitchen
  • both of them arguing over which cereal brand is better at the supermarket
  • david stealing one of thiago’s shirts after a shower because he’s too lazy to fetch one of his own
  • both of them watching a movie with david resting his head on thiago’s lap and taking ¾ of the couch
  • thiago making cafuné in david’s hair to help him fall asleep
  • david babysitting thiago’s kids and them calling him “uncle david”
  • thiago getting punched in the nose during a pillow fight and pretending to be hurt then bursts out laughing as he hears david apologizing to him over and over again with a worried squeaky voice
  • david tickling thiago until he struggles to breathe
  • both of them dancing samba and singing over brazilian songs in the kitchen while cooking dinner

listen okay, alec and magnus would be the most fun parents ever like I can just imagine them jumping from couch to couch with their kids because “the floor is lava” or sneaking up behind their children lifting them up and tickling them until their babies are wriggling around in their arms, letting out high pitched giggles saying “no papa, stop I can’t breathe”. imagine them carrying their kids around on their backs, running around the loft making airplane noises while their children laugh and laugh until their little eyes droop closed so they’re tucked into bed but before alec or magnus can leave the room, there’s a whispered “bedtime story, daddy?” and their kids fall asleep to the funny voices alec and magnus are using to read out their favourite fairytale.

Deserved Rest
  • *Saitama get's ready for bed as Genos sits on the futon with his head bowed*
  • Saitama: Eh? Genos, are you still upset about the packages of crabs?
  • Genos: ...*lowers head more*
  • Saitama: Hmm...Oh! I know why you're slouched! It's because you're tired from stopping that train today.
  • Genos: *lifts head a little* sensei...
  • Saitama: that train was probably going full speed and you were slowing it down just by holding it. That would definitely make someone tired. *sit's down on the futon and pulls the blanket up over their legs.*
  • Genos: ...*blinks and watches Saitama cover them*
  • Saitama: You should lay down, you don't want to fall asleep sitting up, that's bad for your back which has gone through enough stopping a train today
  • Genos: ...*lays down as Saitama pulls the covers up over them while laying down next to him*
  • Saitama: *smiles at a confused looking Genos* You did a good job today, Genos. You deserve some rest.
  • Genos: ...*smiles as he curls up beside Saitama* thank you, Sensei.
  • Saitama: *closes his eyes with a smile* Good night, Genos.