if i do or will owe you something leave me a message!


YOU GUYS, WHAT! THE! HECK!!!!! This is amazing and I swear to each of you that I never EVER thought I would even have a following when i first posted on this blog. I honestly made this just for my own amusement. 

I cannot thank you all enough for sticking by and leaving sweet comments on my work and sending me nice messages all the time. I don’t think I would’ve kept this blog if it weren’t for all of you. 

I want to do something in return for all of you, but i just don’t know WHAT. If you have any ideas of what I should do to celebrate my first 1K, LET ME KNOW! I owe you all so much! 

Sooooooooo from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I love you all very much! .xx

- Sadie.

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*Curtsies* Duke, may I ask your advice? There's a guy at my college (5 years older than me - I'm 21) who hit on me at a party. I made it pretty clear I only wanted to be friends and he backed off (but while trying to make it pretty clear what I was "missing out" on - he told me how much he earns, his academic plans, gym routine, etc. etc.) Last week he spent ten minutes explaining postmodernism to me (I'm doing a PhD in Literature). How do I deal with this? I feel bad ignoring his messages.

*Curtsies* Oh my God. Ew. No. Do not engage. This guy sounds like a grade- A asshole and let me be 100% clear about something: you do not owe him your time, attention, or anything else. If you don’t want to talk to him, don’t. Eventually he’ll get the message and leave you alone (hopefully). If you do want to actually be friends with him (though I’m not sure why you would based on this) I think you need to tell him that that’s only an option if he stops hitting on you. Tell him it’s not flattering and it’s making you uncomfortable. If he can’t take that like a grown-ass gentleman, he is probably not someone you want to waste time trying to be friends with. 0/10 would not recommend.