if i do hook it up with

  • Ginny: What have you done now?
  • Hermione: Why do you just assume it's my fault?
  • Ginny: Because I've known you my whole life!
  • Hermione: Draco and I... sort of... hooked up, briefly and barely, after his birthday party.
  • Ginny: How could you be so déjà-stupid? When are you gonna learn? Old boyfriends are like chips: No double-dipping.

So here’s my angsty new SQ fic premise:

It’s called “Take it on the Run, Baby” (yes, like the REO Speedwagon song… whatever it came on the radio tonight and I like it)

Anyway… it assumes a previous sexual relationship between Emma and Regina during season one, which unofficially ended when the curse broke. They never decided, they just kind of stopped. Mostly. They hooked up randomly throughout the years following, and they never discussed a possible future. It was just something they did.

Cue Emma’s engagement. Regina then realizes that she doesn’t want to lose Emma to h00k. Emma doesn’t know what to do because she always has to please h00k and her parents and feels compelled to be their perfect princess. But she wants to be with Regina. Angst angst angst until Emma really wakes up and sees just how dangerous h00k is and how unhealthy their relationship is.

SQ endgame. Lots of pining. And a lot of smut since Emma and Regina can’t be alone together without fucking, so…

i was playing comp a week ago as mei and one of my teammates (he was playing mccree) was hooked by roadhog and before he could kill him i put an ice wall in front of him, blocking his attack. the guy was so happy, he went on voice chat and screamed “mei i love you thank you for protecting me.” and sent me a friends request.

idk why i’m sharing it now, it just makes me smile whenever i think about it.

And while I’m feeling verbose, I was sitting outside the hotel smoking (shh!) and this woman walked by with her little dog Charles. I gave Charles an ear scratch and we started talking, turned into a 45 minute chat about American politics, the film industry and life in Vancouver among other things. Stellina Rusich. She’s a former actress turned acting coach and was in the first season of Monk. Beautiful and very friendly, she mentioned her friend works with someone in OUAT, a woman… I started naming off names…. Jennifer Morrison, yes that’s her. I was like hey do you think your friend could hook me up, maybe a cup of coffee with Jen??? I gave her one of the little cards I made, I’m not holding my breath however. Ha, wouldn’t that be awesome though? A girl can dream :D

It’s Arranged, a snippet of Chapter 18:

“Alone…-?” Moana’s turn to shot him a disapproving look.

“Of course! Do you think I can’t handle those guards?” Maui replied, feeling affronted. Truthfully, he didn’t plan to confront those guards, but rather to sneak in and returned the pendant without anyone noticing. It would be an easy task considering he could morph into anything and sneak in. Even when it sounded coward, he knew that coming up against numerous of ferocious guards was like digging his own grave. Worse still, he couldn’t explain his noble intention of returning a plunder that he didn’t steal. But of course, in order for his plan to work, Moana couldn’t join him.

“No… It’s not like that.” Moana’s shaky voice caught him off guard. “It’s just…. I am worried about you…. and your safety,” she added. And like magic, her words healed his wounded pride.

Maui smiled.”Don’t you remember? I told you that I don’t have the solution for all of your problem,” he said. And since the moment seemed perfectly fitting, he scooted closer and enveloped her small hand in his, holding it firmly as determination glinted his eyes, “…but I promise that you won’t face them alone.”

To his surprise, the girl didn’t flinch nor appear perturbed by the invasion of her personal space.

“We go together then. Sound better?” Maui initiated, making up for the lack of vocality.

“I like that,” she replied. A resplendent smile touched her lips that made Maui’s heart race wildly in his chest.

Moana could feel a strand of renewed enthusiasm, courage and hope bloomed in her chest as Maikai’s warm hands wrapped around hers. Time had a strange way of changing someone’s perception. A few weeks ago, Moana would reluctantly fell asleep, always observe Maikai with a suspicious look in her eyes, and analytically guess the inner intention behind his words. But now, Moana couldn’t imagine what would she do without him.

“Maikai.” Her voice suddenly turned serious.“Why do you have to be so nice to me?”

Moana squeezed his hand slight, her fathomless eyes pleaded for reaction. Maui paused letting his racing heart rested for a while before taking a deep breath gathering his confidence.

“It’s because I….-”

As for some question you all have prompted, the reason why I let Maui disguised himself slightly longer - it’s because I wanted to give a chance for more fluff. 

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So, based on that sneak peak, I'm asuming that Henry knows Hook's crew. Maybe... Hook took him to hang out with them? At the rabbit hole? Under the promise that his mothers must never know? Maybe they call him "the Captain's boy" now? And they teach him everything about ships (and other things, you know. Violet will apreciate that. Emma and Regina not so much)... Can someone please write it? Please???

Well… I think if Hook took 13-year-old Henry to hang out at the Rabbit Hole, to be taught sea shanties with naughty lyrics and how to do shots and how to “know his way around women” by a bunch of pirates, it’d be a race whether Regina or Emma flayed him alive first.

Besides, his crew isn’t around. They weren’t on his ship when he got it back and we haven’t seen them in ages. They’re probably holed up in the pub, mumbling about how Hook’s neglecting them to make time with his girlfriend, the traitor. That’s why there was no serenade on the Jolly Roger. Killian asked them to, but they all said, screw you cap’n, you haven’t bothered with us in like two seasons, serenade the lady yourself you faithless bastard.

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i've been hooking up with this guy and i know he likes me but the thing idk if he wants to date because he's a freshman in college and in a frat soo idk im catching feelings fast af. do i ask him what we are or what help pls

oh goddddd well i dated a frat boy and it didn’t go well but that’s jus me. Id be honest! tell him how u feel ask where y'all stand, better to end it now if he’s jus fucking around than later and be hurt

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Will we ever stop revisiting Superman Red/Blue and reviving and rekilling Gwen Stacy? I'm liking the spider and super books in general (ironically I love spider-gwen), but it's tiresome to see these wells tapped at least once or twice a decade.

Probably not. There’s a canon of acknowledged major stories, and creators, even ones not trying to just coast on acknowledging better comics, are going to tap into that to put their own spin on it or add a new context, whether through references or even straight-up reimaginings or revivials. Granted you can roll with that too far - yes, I have my own take on Superman’s origin, we all do, but that doesn’t mean we need to see another one for the next 15 years or so.

Red and Blue’s a funny example though, since you can’t reference that one directly. It seems like you should, it’s a seminal Superman story with an obvious and easily repeatable visual hook, but not only was it ‘imaginary’, it can NEVER be allowed to happen. It doesn’t just end Superman as we know him, it concludes the entire DC Universe as we know it. But it’s too well-known and too easy and obvious to not reference at all, so people keep finding weird new ways of bringing back the basic color symbolism while dancing around the story itself (and everything that actually made it interesting, but like I said, they can’t do that). And then those homages, built to actually fit into the structure of the ‘real’ DC, are easier to bring back than the source material, until you get Superman Reborn where it’s visually homaging the homage with no explanation, because the reader can at least in theory be trusted to know what it’s getting at at this point.

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is it true that JFK and bobby hooked up with Marilyn or is it a myth? because in a lot of documentaries they talk about it, yet marilyn fans and kennedy lovers claim it's fake. what is the truth? also different "experts" who talk in those documentaries talk bout that relationship, so i'm really left confused

I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I think only JFK had a one night stand and nothing more. Bobby didn’t do anything with Marilyn (Marilyn didn’t seem like Bobby’s type)

ok but I need a fake dating!klance fic in which shiro off-handedly mentions that lance/keith have the worst dynamic out of anyone in the team and they get together to Spite Him

If I tell her [Emma] what I did, she’s not gonna want to marry me.


When I heard this line I literally burst out laughing. Of she’s going to marry you H00k (whether she stays married to him by the end of the season is anyone’s guess)! Obviously attempting to murder the family she spent years searching for wasn’t enough to deter her from being with you so why should killing a grandfather she never met take marriage off the table? So you lied to her by omission, it’s not like you haven’t lied to her many times before, what’s one more time? She was able to sweep all of that under the rug without so much as breaking a sweat so I don’t think there’s too much worse you can do. For some reason she still insists on being with you despite how much of a bunghole you are so I don’t think you’re going to have any problems. Lol, who do these people think they’re trying to fool with this faux angst with C$. 


Cuz you’re not fooling anyone, except C$/H00k fans that’s not very hard to do.

Locker Rooms Have Sound Proof Walls

1547 words of pure gay.

I apologize for nothing

Punk!Top!Phil, Jock!Bottom!Dan

Dan Howell was not straight.

He realized this as he stumbled out of the boys locker room, dragging his equipment from the game behind him, with what he thought was probably cum running down the back of his leg and dark bruises littering his neck.

It was funny, because he was about the straightest person he knew. He was quarterback of the football team, and he had dated/hooked up with just about every girl on the cheerleading squad.

But he was sure of one thing. Straight people don’t do what he just did.


One hour earlier.


Dan was usually the last person out of the locker room. He was fine with it, he liked showering alone because he could hum and collect his thoughts, plus no one saw his curly hair when he got out. They had won the last game of the season, and he had gotten about twenty invites to celebrate, Dan Howell never missed a party.

He smiled to himself, running his fingers through his hair and stepping out, wearing only a towel.


The low voice came from behind him and Dan jumped, whirling around. Phil Lester was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, smirking at him.

“Fuck, don’t do that.” Dan pressed a hand to his heart, taking a deep breath. “You scared me.” Phil laughed.

“Oh, did I?”

Phil was the school’s notorious punk, and everyone knew he openly had a crush on Dan. Dan just ignored the rumors, he was straight, it didn’t matter. But now he could feel himself blushing as Phil looked him up and down carefully.

“You’re all big and tough, surely I couldn’t scare you?” He looked around the room, smirking. “Do you think this place has sound proof walls?”

Dan ignored his words, frowning.

“Why are you in here? I don’t think-” Phil stepped forwards, and Dan shut up real quick, taking a small subconscious step backwards.

“I came to see you.” He smirked, walking forwards until Dan was against a wall, the cold tiles startling his wet skin. Phil drew a line up Dan’s arm, and he shivered. “You looked so good out there, Dan. You have such a perfect ass.” To emphasize the words, Phil placed his hand on the wall next to Dan’s head. “God, I’d fuck you so hard. Make you feel so good, baby.”

Dan swallowed.

“I’m straight,” he choked out, finding it hard to speak while Phil was this close to him.

“Mmh,” Phil grunted, leaning just a little bit closer so that his breath was tickling Dan’s ear. “I think you’re lying to me.”

“W-why would I do that?”

“I dunno.” Phil shrugged. “Maybe you don’t want people to know you have a weakness.”

“I’m not lying.”

Phil raised his eyebrows, grinning.

“Prove it.”

Before Dan could say anything Phil was kissing him, pressing him against the wall and connecting their mouths roughly. Dan melted into the kiss, letting Phil take complete control. Phil grabbed his hips, pulling them together so that Dan could feel his erection through his jeans. Phil ran his fingers along the top of the towel. Dan let out a small whimper against his lips.

“Don’t you have a cheerleader girlfriend or something?” Dan asked, pushing him away lightly, his head fuzzy. Phil connected his lips to Dan’s neck, his tongue piercing flicking against the sensitive skin.

“I dropped her,” he muttered, biting softly at Dan’s throat, making him gasp. “It’ll be worth it if I get to fuck your tight ass.”

Dan let out a shaky breath at the words, not realizing he had been holding it in. Phil chuckled softly against his skin.

“Drop the towel, baby. I wanna make you beg for me.”

Dan felt frozen, his legs weak from Phil’s words but he let him pin Dan’s wrists above his head and pull the white towel away.

Phil immediately dropped to his knees, taking Dan’s hard shaft into his hand and licking a stripe from the base to the tip, making Dan moan loudly into the empty bathroom.

“F-fuck,” he stuttered, letting his head fall back and hit the wall, tangling his fingers in Phil’s hair. “God.”

Phil took Dan’s tip into his mouth, humming quietly and sending shocks of pleasure through Dan’s body. Dan tried to pull Phil’s head down on his cock, but he didn’t budge, pulling off with a soft pop.

“Mmmh, did you want something, Dan?” Phil stood up, pinning his wrists again. “Ask for it,” he growled.

Dan whined under his breath, bucking his hips trying to get friction. He didn’t care anymore, he wanted Phil so bad.

“Please,” he practically whispered.

“What was that, baby boy?” He nipped at Dan’s earlobe, laughing softly. “You’ll have to speak a little louder.”

Dan moaned loudly, feeling himself go weak from Phil’s touch.

“Phil! Fuck me! God, please, daddy, I need you!”

As soon as the word daddy left Dan’s mouth Phil had grabbed his hair, practically dragging him to the sinks and bending him over the counter. In seconds his shirt was off, bent over Dan’s body so that his mouth was close to his ear.

“Want me to fuck you, Dan?”

Dan moaned as Phil nipped at the back of his neck softly.

“Yes! God, daddy, please!”

Phil grabbed a fistful of Dan’s hair, pulling his face up and aiming it at the mirror.

“Want you to watch,” he mumbled. “Want you to watch while I ruin you.”

Dan kept his head up, watching carefully as Phil unzipped his jeans and took them off, pulling down his boxers as well. He smirked, leaning down and pulling a small bottle of lube out of the pocket of his jeans.

That fucker came prepared.

He took his time dipping two fingers into the bottle, keeping eye contact through the mirror.

“Ever done this with a boy before, princess?”

Dan shook his head, biting his lip. Phil chuckled.

“Didn’t think so.” He rubbed one finger over Dan’s entrance, and the boy beneath him gasped. “Good. You’re mine now, got it?”

Dan nodded again, not sure he could speak as Phil pushed a finger inside him.

“Fuck, Phil, daddy, GOD!”

Okay, he could speak.

Phil pulled the finger out and pushed back in, taking his time and rubbing Dan’s insides, driving him insane.

“M-more…” Dan stuttered, covering his red face with his hands, embarrassed. Phil reached over him, grabbing his wrists and pulling them away.

“Don’t hide from me, baby,” he muttered softly. “Wanna see you fall apart.”

He added a second finger, pumping slowly and deeper, and Dan couldn’t help but let a loud moan rip from his throat.

“Phil! Oh god, oh fuck, please fuck me.”

Phil grinned, pulling his fingers out and wiping them on himself, getting more lube from the bottle.

“Okay, baby. Since you asked nicely.”

With no preparation Phil pressed against Dan’s entrance, pushing in slowly. Dan whined loudly, clawing at the counter beneath him, desperately trying to find something to grab onto. Phil groaned quietly, pushing in all the way and waiting a moment before moving.

He gripped Dan’s hips, digging his fingernails into the soft skin and thrusting into him hard. Dan practically shrieked, moaning continuously as Phil began to thrust into him steadily, roughly.

“God, Dan…” Phil groaned, reaching up to grab a fistful of the boys hair, curly from the shower and sweat. “You’re so fucking tight, you feel so good… fuck, this is what I wanted since I first saw you.”

Dan was just a moaning mess at this point, squirming under Phil’s touch and screaming every time he pounded into him. It felt so incredibly good that Dan couldn’t imagine why he had never done this before.

Oh, right. Because he’s straight.

Phil suddenly quickened his pace, and Dan fucking lost it, begging and curses streaming from his mouth with no control.


Phil laughed, his breathing ragged and leaned over to bite down on Dan’s neck.

“God, you’re so loud…”

Dan could feel himself getting close, and he let a loud whine rip from his throat as Phil thrust into him harder than ever.

“Phil, oh fuck, I’m…”

Phil reached around him, taking his cock in his hand and stroking in time with his thrusts.

“Cum baby, go ahead. Wanna see you let go.”

With those words Dan lost it, cum splattering his stomach and a loud stream of moans along with Phil’s name escaping his lips. Phil groaned loudly, thrusting a few more times before doing the same deep inside Dan.

Phil slowly pulled out, breathing heavily, and carefully turned the other boy around. Without a word he leaned down, running his soft tongue over Dan’s stomach and cleaning up his cum, swallowing it all. Dan could feel his tongue piercing as he lapped at his skin.

Dan didn’t speak, watching Phil with wide eyes as he tried to collect his thoughts and control his heartbeat.

Dan looked at himself in the mirror. There were bruises littering his thighs and hips from Phil gripping them, and dark love bites covering his neck. That was gonna be hard to hide.

Phil caught Dan looking at them, and pulled him into his arms from behind.

“Don’t hide them, baby,” he muttered, placing a gentle kiss to his neck. “I want everyone to know that you’re mine.”

In stream the other day, we started talking about an Avengers Mall AU, and now I can’t stop thinking about it, because I have so many years of bad retail stories built up in my head and non-powered AUs usually don’t work for me, but the longer I think about it, the funnier this gets.

Steve and Sam are two guys who retired from their military branches and teamed up to run an artesian bespoke candy shop.  Steve has no idea half of their sales comes from the fact that Sam put the candy pulling hook in the front window and teenage girls just stand there, drooling.  Sam is totally aware of this, and uses it to ALL his advantage when he’s doing the sugar work.  

Bucky took a part time job at the Hot Topic across the way because hell, he was spending all his time hanging out with Sam and Steve, might as well get paid.  He was the only reliable employee over the age of seventeen; he is now the manager and he’s FURIOUS about it.  His staff is made up of Nico, Kamala and Sam Alexander and various people who get hired and then don’t make it through the training because Bucky glaring at you while you take register training is just SO HARD TO HANDLE.  No one is sure if he’s after Sam or Steve or both.

The SHIELD crew runs a pretty decent mall restaurant, but yeah, used to be a Golden Corral and Fury reserves the right to yell “Do you see a buffet here?” at anyone dumb enough to think it still is.  He doesn’t actually do it, because most of the people who are confused enough to ask are retirees who remind him of his grandma, but still.  He reserves the right.  Nat is a truly terrifying line cook, Maria’s front of house, and Phil’s the head waiter.  Clint doesn’t actually work there, but he’ll put on an apron and belt out an impressive rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ in exchange for free food, and no one else on staff wants to do it, so he eats there A LOT.

Clint is always in the mall.  In the back corridors.  Hanging out in the food court.  Wandering up and down the anchor store escalators.  Everyone thinks he works somewhere else.  No one knows where he actually works.  There is a betting pool.  It has been building for YEARS.

Jan runs the sort of high end boutique that has like, four outfits in two sizes on six gigantic racks.  There are no prices.  You do not ask how much it is. You know if you can afford it.  If she likes you, you can afford it.

Thor runs the hardware store.  No one knows why the hardware store is there.  This is not the sort of place one would see a hardware store.  Thor says he inherited it from his father, and it was there before the mall, and no one really wants to look into it.  Mostly, they seem to get by on selling knives..  Big knives.  Little knives.  Knives as long as your arm.  They get by on selling knives, because who’s buying screws at this place?  Oh, right, anyone Sif TELLS to buy screws.  "You need screws.“  "Oh, no, I-”  "You can always use more screws.“  "Y-yes, ma'am.”  She might be domming half of their customers without knowing it.  The Warriors Three run the stock room.  Badly.

Bruce runs the used bookstore down on the lower level where he can’t really afford the rent but the mall management like saying there’s a bookstore, and no one else is going to rent that hole, so he gets to stay, hiding in his piles and piles and piles of used books.  Mostly science and history, but he does a brisk business in romance novels and murder mystery paperbacks.  He likes it down there.  He wishes people would stop trying to get him to come upstairs to socialize.  He also kind of wishes people would stop coming down TO socialize.  His cousin Jennifer runs the register and helps the customers most days, she’s very quiet and very mild mannered and wears very lumpy clothes and giant eighties style glasses, so no one recognizes her when she goes to her second job, as a crossfit instructor for the gym on the top floor.  Jenn is, as they say, RIPPED. Put her in a leotard and her whole personality changes, it’s like she’s a different person.

Carol is a recovering alcoholic ex-pilot who runs the bar at the ‘bad’ chain restaurant down on the far end of the ground floor.  Other than the SHIELD place or the food court, it’s the only place to eat in the mall, and honestly, you’d be better off in the food court.  The food is trash, but she can mix a mean mojito and she knows every secret of every worker in the place, and she’s paid double on Saturdays because she’s her own bouncer.

Jessica Drew runs the arcade on the main floor, one of those stupid ones with 'glow mini-golf’ and games that constantly spit out tickets, you know, legalized gambling for children.  It’s a chain, but the give out far too many prizes and she and her staff (Peter, Miles, Anya) would be fired if they also weren’t the highest grossing location on the eastern seaboard.  They throw the best birthday parties in the state, and have a waiting list that’s like, months long.

Wanda’s shop sells… Something.  No one knows what any of this stuff does.  Or if it’s legal to own.  But when you find something you want, OH GOD YOU REALLY WANT IT.  She mostly sits and reads, and drinks tea from Hank McCoy’s tea shop. 

Stephen Strange quit his job as a surgeon and retired to run a magic and joke shop.  If you ask him why, he just shrugs and said he made some very bad choices.  A relative somewhere oversea, Asia, Clint says it was somewhere in Asia, died and left him some sort of inheritance.  So now he just sells fake rubber vomit and teaches slight of hand.  Buy him a drink, and learn more than you wanted to know about card tricks.  Walk into his shop, and be prepared to sit through at LEAST four card tricks before you can escape.

Greer run’s “Tigra’s Treasure Trove” on the second floor, it’s the anime and manga and gaming and comic shop.  She wears cat ears and a tail.  Every day.  No one’s sure if she does it to bring in the otaku, or if it’s a lifestyle choice.  No one wants to ask.

Tony owns the mall.  Owns like a hundred malls across the country.  No one knows, Obie does the day to day running of the management company, but Tony owns them.  He’s mostly in it for the buying and selling, but he likes this mall.  This one.  He likes it here.

He has a Sharper Image type store on the top floor.  It’s him and Rhodey and Pepper and Pepper will kill them both one of these days but he sells the sort of stuff you do not need but God you want it.  You walk into his store and it’s all apple store chic, white and chrome and gleaming surfaces, collapseable tablets and robots and holographic projectors and all the geek chic that you want and everyone in the mall wants something from him, they’ve all got something on layaway (he only does layaway for other retail workers because he doesn’t want to keep track of this stuff) except Steve and it makes him insane.  He spends far too much time trying to figure out what he can stock or create or build that will get Steve into his shop.

Pepper calls them “Steve-Grabbers,” Like 'grandma grabbers’ but designed to attract the most sincere hipster she’s ever met and she’d kill Tony over adding this stuff to stock without telling her, but it all sells.  It all sells.  In his desperate attempt to attract Steve, Tony misses and attracts EVERYONE ELSE.

like ok

junkrat came up with the “you’ll hook em and i’ll cook em!” catchphrase when he first met hog, and he was so excited about how cool it sounded that he’s been repeating it non-stop

hog, not used to junkrat being junkrat, gets all huffy puffy about the damn line, because its so cornbally, and he cant stand listening to him say it over and over, and just tells him to shut the fuck up for fuck’s sake

one day, though, probably after months of teaming up with each other and getting to know one another better, they get in a real tough spot, and junkrat’s having a panic attack, not sure how to handle the situation, mumbling “i don’t know what to do???? what do we do??!?!? i dont have a plan for this!!!!”

then suddenly, a big hand rests on his shoulder, and roadhog is looking right at him

“I’ll hook ‘em…” he says, and then stops there.

junkrat’s still for what seems like forever, and then cracks the biggest smile he’s ever done his whole life, and just screams, “AND I’LL COOK EM!!!”

Marvel Masterlist

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Steve Rogers x Reader:

- Doing What’s Best

- “Your music sucks and you suck. Get over it.”

- “Quick kiss me.”

- “Quick kiss me. Wait you want me to do what?”

- One Sided Feelings?

- Bubbly (COMPLETED)

       Part 1   Part 2

- Serenade

- Goodbyes Aren’t Always Forever (COMPLETED)

        Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

-  Shattered

- Close

- Grenade

-  Hooked On A Feeling

- Run

- Stupid Enough

-  2 Poor Kids

- Cake

- Would You Stop Being So Tall

- Miss Me? (NSFW)

-  Christmas Morning

- I’ll Pick You Up Anytime 

- There’s a Difference!

- Wait and See

- Not Fair

Bucky Barnes x Reader:

- A Bad Dream

- Break Down The Walls

- Playing Dress Up

- Relief

- A Helping Hand

- Perfect

- Mine

- The Only One

- The Skirt Is Short On Purpose

- Conflicted Feelings

Realizing The Truth

- Wow You’re Getting Pretty Good At Lying

- Lost Soul

- Bucky/Reader’s Death

- I Don’t Share

- Addiction

- Too Late

- Crush

- Motivation

- A Distant Memory (COMPLETE)

         Part 1      Part 2    Part 3

- Light Of My Life (COMPLETE)

        Part 1   Part 2

- One Last Time (COMPLETE)

        Part 1     Part 2

-  Better or Worse

- One

- Get Together  

- 3am Sandwich

 - Talking to the Moon

-  I’m Sorry

-  Absolutely

- Just The Backup

- Just A Little Push

Drunk Tired

- You’re Adorable

- Silver Blood

       Part 1   Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

-  Speak

 Late Night Snack

- Life Isn’t A Fairytale

- Roommates Masterlist

- Baby Doll

      Part 1    Part 2

- “Guess What?! I’m not pregnant!”

- Worst Christmas Party Ever

 - Accomplice

Pietro Maximoff x Reader:

- Party Pooper

- The Death Of Pietro Maximoff/Reader

- A Blind Date

- Daddy’s Little Princess (DISCONTINUED)

         Part 1  Part 2    Part 3

- I Really Don’t Care (COMPLETE)

      Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

- Neither Dead Nor Alive (COMPLETE)

      Part 1  Part 2

- Only Fair

- Karaoke Night

- Distraction

- Always Safe

- April Fools

- Yes

- 5 Minutes

-  Wheelchair

- I Don’t Dance


Tony Stark x Reader:

- A Big Old Teddy Bear

- Being A Rock star

- Let Go Of Me

- “You think you know everything, don’t you?”

- Worth It?

-  "What do you mean you thought I hated you when we first met?“

- What We Ain’t Got

- Fine

-  Old

-  Fuck Up

- I Thought I Could Keep It

Bruce Banner x Reader:

- “Please stop petting the test subjects.”

- “She’s taking my pillow, I need reinforcements!”

-  Books

- Bad Spell


Clint Barton x Reader:

- “Could you ever truly forgive him?”

- Cupid’s Arrow

- I Wouldn’t Call It Love

- “Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”


 Natasha Romanoff x Reader

- “No not happening”

- Fuck you Catwoman


Loki Laufeyson x Reader:

- Returning the Feelings

- Casual

- You Whom I Love


Avengers x Reader:

- A Little Pick Me Up

- Valentine’s Day Head Canons 

- Being On Your Period

- Sick Day (Science Bros)

- Bad Blood (Stony)

 - Stop Whining

- Special Rule


Natasha Romanoff x Steve Rogers:

Something Off


Marvel Actors:


Chris Evans x Reader

- I’ve Always Hated That Lamp Anyway

-  Not All Bad

- The Hug and Roll


Sebastian Stan x Reader

- Almost Too Bad

- Make It Work



Charles Xavier x Reader

- Stop Thinking

Peter Maximoff x Reader

- I Want To Help You

Team Skull Headcanons

I love these boneheads, even though I can’t play my game yet.

•If you’re headphones are leaking music, you have to unplug/disconnect and hook up to the speakers.

•Plumeria’s words: “Y'all ain’t ‘bout to ruin y'all ears with loud music, so if we hear it, you gotta let EVERYBODY hear it.”
•This is almost never a problem and sometimes the grunts do it on purpose so everybody has an excuse to dance and be happy together
•Guzma’s more guilty of this than anyone
•If a Grunt wakes up and sees that two other grunts are cuddling, they have absolute permission to climb over and cuddle with them.

•It gets cold at night, so who wouldn’t want to cuddle?
•This is the start of the cuddle pile
•Guzma and Plumeria wake up to all the grunts just in one big comfortable pile on the floor
•If either is still tired they just pick a grunt and cuddle up to them, ready to go back to sleep
•It’s a right of passage to develop a crush on Guzma and/or Plumeria.

•And get over it, of course
•Or don’t get over it, your choice. Nobody’s stopping you.
•Guzma and Plumeria are fully aware of this and even humor it sometimes, but they would never lead the grunts on in believing that they returned the feelings

“Boss’ pretty hot, huh?”
•If you start singing, everybody starts singing

•A Grunt *quietly to herself*: “Cause you’re hot then you’re cold…”
•The Rest Of The Grunts: “YOU’RE YES THEN YOU’RE NO!”
•Guzma and Plumeria walk in and everybody thinks they’re in trouble, but they just clap once and start singing and dancing
•Music tastes are shared so often, it’s impossible not to know the words to whatever song is being sung
A Grunt: “Aw shoot!”
Guzma: “'Ey, watch your fucking language.”
•Guzma carries around extra skull beanies while Plums has extra bandanas
•Whenever a grunt gets the hair colors wrong, everybody changes

•Boys are pink and girls are blue until it’s time to redye their hair
•Guzma dyes his hair pink and yellow and Plums bleaches hers white when they notice
•It’s all to make them feel better about their mistake and everybody’s just like:

“Yikes, I got the wrong dye! Guess you and me are stuck like this. But it’s no biggie, cause we look hot in pink!”

“Looks like I grabbed your hair dye, Plums. Sorry 'bout that.”

“Woah, did I grab the bleach by accident? Guess I’m stuck with white hair.”

•And just hamming it up to make that person smile. Ain’t nobody sad in the Team Skull family

For real though Sam needs to be dating this guy (12x11)