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PSA for 5H Management!!! Here's brilliant and cost-effective promo! Book a studio with a live band and Spanish guitar. Set up gorgeous lighting with candles and the girls wearing flowing white outfits. Hair / Make up on point! Here comes a sexy acoustic Despacito remix bishes!!! They'd be the biggest and most popular artists to do a full female cover. I want Lauren's sexy ass voice on the hook. I want harmonies. I want Spanish Normani. This shows off their talent as four and their diversity. Yw


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[BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI I love the fact that you change your coloring with your mood okay like bless u do you, as RM says <3] Jiminie Crickets, okay, I gotta know. WHERE did you get your hair done because it's adorable. If you did it you should hook me up because I want purple hair. -Pinocchio Anon <3 [your adorable btw as always and don't let anyone ever get you down. Again. Do You.]

JM: He said it was for sure to make someone f-fall for me, which is silly, right?? But he said next time someone said.. that about me, he’d knock their teeth out. He did pretty good on my hair though.. Taetae makes really weird friends-

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do you think there will be romance between the leads on secret forest?? I still love their dynamic even if they stay just as partners

Chances that the story will get to actual romance seem very low. The leads don’t have the time to spare on hooking up (they even skip meals for the sake of investigation). Si Mok has a long way to go till developing romantic feelings as is, and things will keep getting harder for him since the details about his surgery will soon become public. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get even a hug. Not that kind of hug where one of them is unconscious or bleeding, but an actual hug. I ship the two to the moon and back though, and I’m pleased with this pairing anyways no matter how far their romance goes.

Vacation Reading List

So I’m going to be MIA for the next week while I’m on vacation which means no updates from me until after I get back. So if you’re looking for something to read until then here are some recommendations for while I’m gone:

For some canon compliant hole filling awesomeness start here and work your way through the entire collection. The characterization is awesome and all the stories do a great job at filling some of the canon annoyances. 

If you’re looking for some AU suspense head over here it’s also pretty perfect if you like exploring Noct’s guilt complex

If you’re looking for a cool take on a NG+ story step right over here and get hooked.

Annnnd if you want some Noctis and Prompto hurt comfort with mostly Noct hurt for a fun change up in the fanfiction norm you need to check out this one right here

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do guys care about how a vagina looks? every time I have sex I always turn off the lights or whatever because I don't want whoever I'm hooking up with to look down there

I’m sure some do but they shouldn’t and pussy is amazing they’ll probably just love it

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Gag! Jungkook #3 pls :)

#3. “I’m not jealous.”

You didn’t know why Park Jimin was always your go-to fuck when Jeongguk was gone. Especially when you could settle for literally anyone else on the face of the earth. But it felt good to brag. It felt good when Jeongguk returned from his summer vacation in Cabo and asked you what you’d been up to, and your answer was: “Jimin and I hooked up again.”

You ground yourself in the hot satisfaction that came along with watching Jeongguk’s cheek bulge as he prodded the inside of it with his tongue. Looking through you like he wanted to say something, but couldn’t. On his first night back, he was too exhausted to even call you, but the second night was absolutely wild. You fucked like old lovers, like you couldn’t get enough of each other, although he’d only been gone for two weeks.

“Does he fuck you like I do?” Jeongguk said through gritted teeth in the middle of sex like that was his intention all along—to make you forget Jimin’s name, to make you forget the name of any man you’d ever fucked before him.

Of course Jimin didn’t fuck you like Jeongguk did. But you’d be lying if you said the thought of Jeongguk moralizing competition didn’t make you drip from between the legs.

You finished hard that night, collapsing onto the sweat stained sheets next to him. “You jealous that I fucked him?” You asked him playfully in the heat of the moment, wearing post-sex on every inch of your skin.

“I’m not jealous.” Jeongguk said. “Just offended you’d settle for someone like Park Jimin.”

Feel free to request any of these for any character.

I think i might finally finish @mindfulwrath’s Powered series just to get that good good robo action.

wrath your the only good andro rep i got I dont care if I’ve moved on from fandom I need that lorg evil robo husband, can you attest to their presence

(and Five is there right???? Shes cool right!!???)

The fact that people can go from a state of ‘not having sex with each other’ to one of 'having sex with each other’ in a short amount of time with minimal discussion and mutual agreement is… hard for me to digest. How do you have the conversation that leads to that decision? Or, if there’s no conversation, how do people just… nonverbally end up on the same page?

CHRIS: Eva, that thing you said to Emma about taking care of each other was nice. You’re so mature

EVA: Seriously?? Shit, that’s good to hear, I felt really awkward

EVA: Did you know they have a thing?


EVA: Because Jonas and I hooked up last Thursday


CHRIS: You fucked?

EVA: dont tell anyone

CHRIS: Ofc not

EVA: So I was a bit stressed

CHRIS: I didn’t know you were fucking

EVA: We’re not, first time since we broke up. It just happened.


EVA: But I feel bad for Chris because he’s home from the military and we’re doing stuff

CHRIS: What’s up with Chris?

EVA: Chris is Chris

CHRIS: No emotions?

EVA: I don’t know, he’s totally random. yesterday he came to my door with flowers and I totally cringed


EVA: I know he’s trying to be romantic, but it’s like it’s not for real, like he’s faking it

EVA: It’s a bit like, once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy

CHRIS: I don’t really see a fuckboy. I see a boy who always wants to hang out with you

EVA: ❤

EVA: Maybe you’re right

EVA: You’re cute tho, Chris

SKAM S04E08 Clip 6 - Happy Birthday to you

ADAM: We’re fasting. We’re not having hotdogs.

ESKILD: Is that Fedon Lindberg, or who is it?

LINN: I’ve probably had chlamydia like thirteen times, it’s like.. Just take some antibiotics and it’s gone.

VILDE: Yeah.

LINN: But in the eye? I haven’t heard that one before.

EVEN: You can just do it from your side. Should I do it now? Bad hit!

ELIAS: Awesome! Look what he did now.

EVEN: Hey, guys!

MAGNUS: Hey! Hey. I’m Magnus.

ELIAS: I’m Elias.

MAGNUS: You know my girlfriend.

ELIAS: Oh.. The blonde one?


ELIAS: Right! Yeah, yeah, yeah. She has talked lots about you.

MAGNUS: She did?

ELIAS: Yeah, she talked about you a lot.

MAGNUS: What does she say about me?

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Do Not Go Gentle

“This is all a game to you, isn’t it? Well, it’s not for me. This is a real life or death situation,” Louis says, spitting the words at him. “And I just don’t think you’re cut out for it.”

For a moment, they stare at each other in complete silence. Harry can feel his blood thrumming between his ears, can see Louis glaring at him, feels red-hot anger. And then all he feels, oppressively and desperately, is lust.

Suddenly Louis is surging up to him to press his lips against Harry’s. Harry walks the two of them backwards, pressing Louis back against the door. Louis oomphs in surprise and brings his hands under Harry’s scrub top, scratching at his lower back.

“Lock — oh — lock the… fucking door,” Louis mutters.

When Harry Styles starts his first day as a surgical intern, he expects a lot of things: to treat patients, to observe a surgery, to feel a bit overwhelmed. What he definitely doesn’t expect, however, is that the handsome guy he kicked out of his bed this morning is also an intern.

A Grey’s Anatomy AU where tensions are high, Harry and Louis are hooking up in secret, and no one has time for love. Or do they?

harry/louis | 70k | explicit | read it here

part of the @1dbigbang
moodboard + playlist by @iwasfinebeforeonedirection

If I tell her [Emma] what I did, she’s not gonna want to marry me.


When I heard this line I literally burst out laughing. Of she’s going to marry you H00k (whether she stays married to him by the end of the season is anyone’s guess)! Obviously attempting to murder the family she spent years searching for wasn’t enough to deter her from being with you so why should killing a grandfather she never met take marriage off the table? So you lied to her by omission, it’s not like you haven’t lied to her many times before, what’s one more time? She was able to sweep all of that under the rug without so much as breaking a sweat so I don’t think there’s too much worse you can do. For some reason she still insists on being with you despite how much of a bunghole you are so I don’t think you’re going to have any problems. Lol, who do these people think they’re trying to fool with this faux angst with C$. 


Cuz you’re not fooling anyone, except C$/H00k fans that’s not very hard to do.

one more time (m)

genre: fuckboy au + smut

words: 5.5k

member: jimin 

you can’t resist jimin, even if he is a fuckboy.

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You woke up to the sound of your ringtone blaring into your ear. You huffed, screwing your eyes shut and hoping it would stop; it didn’t. Reaching out, you grabbed your phone and squinted at the bright screen, your eyes needing time to adjust.


You sighed through your nostrils, closing your eyes and ignoring the impending headache that you could already feel starting in your temples. You debated not answering, and the call ended. You nearly let a smile form on your lips, but your phone began to vibrate in your hand again, Jimin’s name popping up once again as the sound of your ringtone kept you from sleeping.

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Alright so this is a question I ask mostly for selfish reasons so I totally understand if you dont answer it. Also it's a hella personal question. That said. I just finished listening to that thing from P4A (AMAZING and I can't wait for more), and I also just noticed your last post... Are you bi? I ask because I am but I'm not fully out and I'm in a long-term hetero relationship and feeling like I'm a fraud.

Am I sometimes attracted to dudes? Sure. But I’m not sure I would claim the label because I don’t think I’m effected by the same frustrations and difficulties as out bisexual people. Even before I was in a long-ass-term committed relationship, I was straight enough (and society either confused or upset by bisexuality enough) that I didn’t hook up with dudes. 

I think that would have been a really confusing thing for me to confront when I was coming of age in the 90s (not having much experience with bisexual people (especially out bi men.)) I don’t really regret this because, honestly, my sexuality and sexual expression aren’t a huge part of my identity. That’s just me though.

So I think it’s an interesting question, but don’t feel like a fraud. Your sexuality is yours to do what you want with. It’s up to you how you express it and how you share it. 

Tantalizing: 07

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Dom!Jungkook, Intercourse, Oral, Blowjob, Hair Pulling, Tons of Fucking Angst, Masturbating, Exhibitionism, Overstimulation, Slight Degrading Names?
Word Count: 6,631

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Ouat Con Chicago 2017 - Colin’s Panel
  • The girl who asked the 1st question just started crying because she was so excited & Colin was like “we’re off to a great start!” (x)
    • This girl was crying while asking Colin a question and ran down to hug her (x)
  • Most awkward scene with Jen:When he knocks himself out. W/ his stunt dbl. He had to kiss her I had to kiss her. It was awkward lol (x)
  • If he didn’t find emma, killing rumple would be his happy ending (x)
  • At the start of the panel, someone said “hey, gorgeous!” & Colin looked around & said “who are you talking to?” (x)
  • Colin said he’d be in Les Mis if he could be in any musical (x)
  • Colin knows a few bits and pieces about s7 and wants to see his relationship with Henry (x)
    • Colin said he’s most excited to see how Killian and Henry’s relationship has developed since becoming his step dad (x)
  • Hook and belle have a good friendship, he would look out for belle (x)
  • “Gideon……he tried to kill my wife.” (x)
  • Hook and Rumple……its complicated (x)
  • If Captain Hook had a Starbucks drink, what would its name be? Colin: “pirates booty?” (x)
  • The rings he had for the wedding were more for the sincerity of the moment (x)
  • Hook would be a dog person (x)
  • Colin started talking about how much he loves Buckley and how he brings him to set (x)
  • “Have I pulled any pranks. No, I’m a consummate professional.” (x)
  • Josh Dallas is apparently a prankster according to Colin (x)
  • Colin likes the guyliner over the leather pants (x)
  • His fave scene with Josh is where josh attacked king George (x)
    • Colin’s favorite scene with Josh was when Charming tried to attack George and Hook stopped him (x)
  • “But one thing is for sure love, with you I have everything.” Is his fave line from that song (x)
  • He didn’t think he would play Hook. He sees Hook as the Peter Pan disney version (x)
  • Colin thanks us for supporting the show, what an amazing (x)
    • Colin is thanking everyone for getting Once to S7 (x)
  • Colins fave episode is his first episode (x)
  • Colin said Robert Carlyle is one of his all-time favorite actors! (x)
  • Colin was a bit shocked when he found out he killed Charmings dad (x)
    • Colin liked the killing charmings dad plot because it shows how much he changed (x)
  • Colins fave Hook to play was old fat hook (x)
  • He loves playing pirate hook and he enjoyed playing dark!hook (x)
  • He would like to be remembered as a good father and husband outside of acting (x)
  • Colin said his grandmother’s love of theater influenced him to become an actor (x)
  • Colin did his Hook voice ahhh (x)
  • Colin said he had a great time working with Jen (x)
    • He likes working with everyone on the cast (x)
    • “Who’s your favorite actor/actress to work with?” “You’re going to get me in trouble” -Colin (x)
  • Colin said no to Hook having a mustache (x)
  • Colin says he stands differently when he wears Hook’s pirate outfits because the jacket is “so bloody heavy” (x)
  • If he wasn’t an actor, he would like to he a musician or an artist/painter (x)
  • Colin sometimes forgets to take off his make-up after filming so he’ll like go to the grocery store with his eyeliner still on (x)
  • “I’ve been lucky I’m playing this hugely layered character. I’ve been blessed I’ve been able to do that.” (x)
  • “What things do you have in common with Hook?” “I look like him.” (x)
    • “I have more in common with Emmas hook.” (x)
  • Colin’s advice to his kids and younger people is to always be honest. And believe in yourself. (x)
  • Hook’s defining moment to from villain to hero was when he sacrificed himself when he was Dark One (x)
  • “I should get my own line (of eyeliner)” - Colin (x)
  • Colin sings the musical songs in the shower (x)
  • “Emma helped him most of all because he changed for her,he wanted to do everything he could so he can be a better man and husband.” (x)
  • Colin likes making people cry  speaking about acting (x)
  • He likes being able to transport people from their lives and into a completely different place (x)
  • He’s speaking french now (x) And speaking irish! (x)


(x) credits pic to @captainswansource


I Trust You

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of accidental injuries, angst, swearing, smut, nsfw, unprotected sex

Word Count: 1630

Summary: Bucky accidentally hurts you the night before and you try to keep him from finding out. 

Request: Hi I just found your blog and I fell in love, could you write a request where Bucky accidentally hurts Reader during sex, maybe he is thrusts too rough and he mistakes her cries for moans of pleasure and doesn’t realized he hurt her until after his orgasm, but he makes it up to her

A/N: I deviated a little from the request but in essence it’s all still there. Also It’s late, this is unedited. All mistakes are my own so please forgive them. 

You didn’t want to tell him, didn’t want him to know.

Bucky hadn’t meant to do it and you knew that, but accident or not if he ever found out you were sure he’d never touch you again, hell he would probably stay as far from you as he could get, and that was something you didn’t want to risk. He’d been making so much progress over the last few months, only recently becoming comfortable with you being on his left side.

During the first stages of your relationship Bucky had kept you on his right side at all times, worried that something might happen if you got too close to the gleaming metal plates. It was only after patience and months of showing him he wasn’t about to lose control of himself that he slowly let himself relax. There was no way that you were about to back peddle all of that persistence over a bruise he didn’t mean to make. All you had to do was keep it covered until it healed.

Honestly you hadn’t even felt it to begin with, way too lost in the feeling of Bucky’s sharp breaths and hard thrusts. It was only after you’d come down fully from your high and Bucky had fallen asleep that you felt the dull throbbing around your wrist.

There was no mistaking the perfect outline of Bucky’s fingers in the dark, blotchy skin; the imprint of where metal had met flesh. He had pinned your wrist above your head as he pistoned his hips into yours, and fuck, had it felt amazing. Your orgasm had slammed into you so hard that you felt your eyes tip to the back of your skull, your throat raw from how hard you had chanted his name. You really didn’t want to taint a memory like that.

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