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New Rules | 2

After the incident at the bar you decide to confront Yoongi.

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pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: smut, angst
word count: 4K
cw: smut, dirty talk etcetcetc

chapter song: First Fuck - 6LACK, Jhene Aiko


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Istg, American (and probably global) politics revolve around mainstream media asking deliberately leading questions to make you think about injustice but only in such a capacity where the ruling class can make you follow the question that has heavy implications in such a way that you arrive to the conclusion that serves the ruling class best. The whole time you might think you arrived to the answer all on your own and that it was so self-evident, and you say, “Holy shit, we need to change things adopt this new policy! We have to do it to help the people who are disproportionately suffering in the current system!” The truth is you’re caught in a web, doing the ruling class’ dirty work and keeping them in power.

It’s like someone who sells you a really shitty machine and convinces you of all the amazing things the machine is supposed to do to make your life easier. You figure you could use the help. It says it’s supposed to do all sorts of household chores for you. You start the machine up to do some dishes and laundry for you.

The exact opposite of what’s supposed to happen happens. Your dishes break and your clothes shrink.

The salesperson then convinces you, “Oh! I see. Well, that’s your problem right there. It’s overheating. To fix the problem, you should buy this fan attachment that should keep your machine from heating up too bad.”

So you buy the fan attachment, and you hook it up to the machine. You run it again to vacuum your carpet and dust your entertainment system. It runs for an hour, and your carpet and entertainment system look untouched.

You talk to the salesperson again. “What? Let me take a look…Oh, I see. Well, it looks like the belt on your machine is flimsy, it snapped. Don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing. I’ve got a sturdier belt, and this belt is specially textured so it shouldn’t slip off.”

Fair enough. You buy the new belt and replace the old one. You run the machine. You hear a crackling sound and see a spark. It shuts down and you smell smoke. Everything is just getting worse. You don’t understand, you followed all the instructions and replaced the belt and bought the fan attachment. You talk to the salesperson again.

“I promise you, it’s very rare to find a machine such as this malfunctioning so much. But I heard that there’s been a recall on one of the parts of your machine. Faulty wiring. I’ll tell you what—since I know replacing this part is expensive a pain in the ass, how about I offer you a discount on the replacement part and throw in free installment?”

Sweet! This might solve everything.

Someone comes by to remove the piece of your machine that’s been recalled and install the new one. “It should be good to go!”

You run your machine. The duster arms start moving, but the machine stays in place. You’re getting suspicious. The salesperson is taken aback, “Certainly you aren’t losing faith in the machine! Why, it’s the best machine in the world! How many people dream of owning such an amazing piece of equipment as this? Millions! I must say, I do believe your problem is a simple matter of replacing the wheels. They’re quite outdated.”

Your machine with new wheels, a fan attachment, a new belt and brand new replacement for a piece that had faulty wiring hasn’t accomplished any of what it was intended to do. It’s only been expensive, time-consuming and stressful. How long before you realize someone sold you a lie?

TL;DR Ya world governments is bums.

Tripping Over the Blue Line (39/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: Welcome to Los Angeles, hotbed of NHL drama. At least in this version of the NHL. It gets real dramatic guys, but Roland Locksley is here to be painfully adorable in front of media hordes, so there’s some give and take. We’re closing in on the end of this whole story and your continued feelings and thoughts and clicks just absolutely blows my mind. You’re all incredible. Screaming the praises of @laurnorder, @distant-rose & @beautiful-swan forever and ever. 
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“Is it always sunny here?” Will asked, squinting up at the sky like he was actually in pain.

Killian rolled his eyes and Roland laughed softly next to him, tugging on the bottom of his jacket and while he certainly wasn’t about to complain about sunshine, it was fairly hot. And they couldn’t take the jackets off.

He wouldn’t complain.

He’d just sweat to death. Probably.

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thewisemankey  asked:

Hey there. I'm the one who mentioned you during NicoB's stream. I recommended you because Nico hooked up with Haru during his LP of Persona 5 and figured he would like all your Joker x Haru stuff. Also I feel like you'd do some of his funnier skits from said LP artistic justice. Anyway, glad to have been of some help, if you got more followers.

Oh man I’m glad they ended up choosing Haru! Hopefully they’ll get a chance to look at my Haru stuff one day~ Thanks again for suggesting me, buddy!

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why is Billy Hargrove always flirting and hooking up with people? he's completely touch starved, someone please give this piece of shit a hug goddammit.

As they get used to each other, as he starts to soften, Steve braves touching him. Light brushes against his hand, a gentle squeeze of the shoulder.

One evening, Billy’s volunteered to do the dishes and tentatively, carefully, Steve slides his arms around Billy’s waist and presses a kiss to his cheek when he relaxes into his embrace.


I think what interests me most about Maedhros as a character is how he has traits that would make any other character heroic, but in his case, actually make him something close to a villain.

I don’t let him off the hook for the kinslayings, and on top of that I have Theories about the conquest of Beleriand in which he and the rest of the Noldor exiles don’t come off so hot, but I do believe that Maedhros has a conscience.  Cf. the part where he stood by while Dad and the bros burned the ships, the part where he looks for the El Twins, First Edition, and on top of that Fingon clearly cares deeply for him, interpret as you will; people don’t climb up cliff faces to rescue total assholes.

But Maedhros’ conscience is the problem.  He’s loyal.  He’s honorable.  He loves his family more than anything.  He’s so much of all of these things, that when Dad makes him swear a stupid oath and sends him on a pointless quest, he can’t walk away.  He values people’s lives (see again the Elured and Elurin part) but when forced to choose between keeping his word and not killing people, he takes the first option.  No matter how much destruction it causes.

This isn’t a mustache-twirling villain.  This is someone with some kind of moral code, put again and again in positions where he has to violate at least one tenant of a moral code.  And despite being tested over and over again, he chooses to keep this code.  He doesn’t become Celegorm or Curufin, screwing around Beleriand figuring out how he can get what he wants and damn the torpedoes.  Maedhros is honorable to the end, see his last conversation with Maglor, when he tries to convince him to give up the oath.  But Maedhros won’t–I believe because doing so would admit that all the killing and destruction he caused were pointless, and Maedhros wouldn’t be able to live with himself.  He wasn’t able to live with himself as it is, hence suicide by lava.

Props to Tolkien for creating such a complicated character.

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hypothetically.... what would be your thoughts.... on writing some jeremichael... possibly with the theme of dares? asking for a friend (its me im the friend i love jeremichael & i also love ur fic)

Hypothetically…I would…absolutely write some Jeremichael…with a theme of dares, you say? To that I say…this got longer than I expected. (Hello friend! And oh, thank you so much!) 

Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it! 

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Everyone's liking the little caryl tidbit from EP5, and I'm over here freaking out because MMB is going to be on TTD next Sunday. I don't think she's going there to talk about Rick and Jadis, kwim? Plus it's over a holiday weekend that MMB could be enjoying with her family, so I just feel like it's a TTD that TPTB really, really want MMB to be on. Do I even dare to look at spoilers this week? Carol/Tobin hooking up put me in a mood for days, lol. Why do you think she will be there?

I have no clue why she’ll be on the show but I’m excited about it! It could be as simple as her not having been on in forever, so it’s her turn now.

I don’t think there’s been any interesting Carol spoilers released for the next ep yet, but looks like she’s in it doing something at the Kingdom. They showed the scene of her shooting with Jerry in the background, telling them to cover their ears, in the trailer.

I would like to hope that their might be some caryl tidbits in the ep, but I’m trying not to get excited about it since it looks like he goes straight to Hilltop. (which is stupid, he would check on her first).

Either way, MMB on my tv is always a good thing and I can’t wait to see what she has to say on the show for all the lovely gifs that are gonna come out featuring her there.

hey imagine like uhh… being loved unconditionally by a romantic partner who breaks into a smile when they see you and whose affections you don’t doubt and who wants to talk to you all day and when they’re not talking to you they’re thinking about you, just like you do with them? 

dang this is… requiring all my imagination i’m gonna have to lie down hooked up to an IV for the next 2 business days 

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I'm not really understanding your persistent jabs at people considering wish Hook and real Hook different people. They are. They're separate people. That's not to say they don't share many of the same traits, given that they were the same to a point, but you seem to think fans who go with the canon and conclude they're separate, different people mean their personalities are 100% different, and that's not what most are doing at all. We're saying they're separate individuals. That's what was shown

I’m not taking jabs at anybody seeing them as separate people. OBVIOUSLY they’re separate people. They became two completely different people the moment Regina was prevented from casting the Dark Curse. 

My issue is what you did up there - ‘real Hook’. This implies the Killian Jones from the Wish Realm isn’t real. Which canon has already established that he is. Calling him not real, or “fake Hook” makes it easier for people to write off his existence. Which, they are free to do in their own space if they choose. But here, the Killian Jones who climbed a tower, found a magical flower, slept with a witch*, and had a daughter who he gave up everything for? He is VERY MUCH A REAL CHARACTER and I am free to be critical in this space of those who are saying otherwise. I haven’t gone to a single person calling him ‘fake Hook’ and said ‘HOW DARE YOU!! CHANGE IT NOW!!!’. I have been critical of the choice (that people use to justify not acknowledging him) in my spaces.

Both versions of Killian Jones are real as established by the canon narrative. You can like it, or not. But that doesn’t make it not the case. And as a blog that is pro all things Killian Jones (even his fuck ups), that’s something that I’m gonna emphasize here. Which is exactly what I did in MY tags on post reblogged to MY blog.

*Killian chose to sleep with a woman. That doesn’t mean I’m saying it wasn’t dubious consent.

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Someone with those video editing skills will need to hook us up with a super cut of all the “if a man talks sh!t” live moments lololol

This fandom is the definition of extra lmao I’m sure somebody will end up doing this

azkabcn  asked:

hey is there a clip anywhere of wish hook (? i'm not following the season actively i just want to hear ma boi) singing that lullaby to the baby (again don't know whose baby, not been following) please and thank you!

Sorry for not responding to this the other day - I meant to. I even went to youtube to get the clip, and then had to do other things, and ended up not getting online until today… so… anyway…

(And that’s Hook’s baby, btw. So this is a father singing to his daughter)

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Did u know that cats have very small, hair-like hooks on their tongues to help them rasp the meat from the bones of their prey. Do u think atsushi would... and if so how would It affect oral

YEA I KNEW ABOUT THE ROUGH TONGUES but omfg i never considered it for Atsushi before… wrow… actually i really like the concept of him with a cat tongue or at least his ‘human’ tongue having more catlike qualities post-curse… takes notes

(I’D IMAGINE IT’S EFFECTS WOULD BE SUBJECTIVE TBH some people are into the rougher texture [ie. Sen] but some people would think it feels weird; up to interpretation!)

gtfogirl  asked:

Ooooooooo, now I'm curious, do you mind telling us a bit about those other people you dated?

“Well, most of them were technically hook-ups, but there were a few I did date for a while that had interested me for a bit? One of them was a designer- always had a knack for creating really beautiful outfits and such.. Another boasted about being a distant relative of Queen Virga from Stratoverse, though I still don’t know whether they were lying or not. He was moreso always trying to get into my pants than actually seeming to be interested in me though, so I guess he counts as a hookup. Ah- I remember there was someone I did have a crush on back in middle school, but he turned out to be a majour jackass and Wallis ended up punching him in the face.”

I like the new look of the Garmin Connect app! I haven’t been on it in ages.

So I completely forgot that November is squats month for pilates, so I was stuck haven’t to do 375 today. I have to do another 400 tomorrow 😑😑

It looks like I didn’t eat anything today, but I did! I just have it hooked up to MFP so it includes the calories I burned from all the walking and then the two classes I took.

Ugh, that weight though.


I am a 28-year-old virgin, yes you heard it right. How, I don’t know. What’s making things worse is that I am super obese and have been diagnosed with ADHD. So I don’t want to exercise but when I finally make up my mind and do that then I give up too soon. Nevertheless, I seem to be too desperate for having sex. I have been distributing my number to random guys on an adult site just get some phone sex.

I recently hooked up with someone for phone was and while the guy claimed that he had cum thrice I didn’t cum even once. I wonder what’s wrong with me and to make it worse he is 5 years younger than me! I don’t know why and how I could screw up so much.

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Thanks so much for the requests guys! These are such fun ideas!! Defiantly will do this again sometime~

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