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as 2016 is coming to an end i’ve decided to make my second follow forever to wish all of you a happy new year!! even though this year has been pretty Awful for most of us i’ve had a good time on this website getting to know some people and reaching milestones and posting my art so!! here are some Cool People/mutuals you should all follow:

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@acephan | @adziedoodle | @arcticlester | @arophan | @articulatehowell | @artisthowell | @artsyphil | @aurellialester | @adorablehowell | @blisslester | @bulbasaurlester | @bitesizedhowell | @bloomphan | @boopydaniel | @bishibashi | @crystalhowell | @cloudshowell | @canelaphil@crisshowell | @cleverlester | @crescendodan | @cafephan | @cookiephil | @cozydan | @crescendohowell | @cringe-attacks | @danjlester | @dansucc | @danthelgbticon | @dantlers | @dreamyhowell | @digitallester | @dandelionssquad | @doghowell | @danhowcll | @danhowellgifs | @dnpextra | @drowsylester |

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❄ 2016 is coming to an end (finally) so it’s time for me to join the rest of tumblr and make a list of all the sweet and talented people i enjoy seeing on my dash everyday. i’ve been following some of you for years, others recently and you’re all amazing. happy holidays and thank you all for sticking with me trough all these years, fandoms and new obsessions  ❄

♥ now, here’s the list of my faves & friends (i hope i won’t forget anyone & if i do i am truly sorry) in no particular order:

@newtonscamandered@vivienvalentino@honourinrevenge@liziebennets@queenssaviour@martinlydias@corlgrimes@scorpiusmilfoy@katsuukis@clexasblake@onetrueslayer@mccallsscott@baebastianstan@merlinsprat@snowscharming@adamruzek@blairwaldorfings@walsholiver@iwasalwaysaromantic@coppellayla@sashapieterse@prettymysticfalls@strawberry-split@bekksrich@claryalecs@swanshope@rrahl@buckybarnesx@amorverus@colinodonoghue@phoebe-halliwell@ofkingfrank@hotchocolatewithkillian@apskepner •  @blindwitch@bhatmans@jiynerso@hermionegrangers@reginaslittleprince@swanscaptn@jyncassian@chlucifer@lydiastlinsks@brooke-davis@alectightwood@emmaswaen@rileyblu@davineclaire@tmellis@emmamorrison@barryallhen@peytonsawyers@effiestrinkets@grifinnclarke@dekerstar@haleyquinn@warriorswan

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Here’s the thing: I love Rosalind Franklin (my bitter science mom) as much as anyone but like, I’m not bitter that she didn’t win the nobel because she was dead by the time it was awarded for the structure of DNA and the prize can’t be awarded posthumously. 

Also, she didn’t actually discover the structure of DNA. She took the picture that Watson and Crick used to solve the structure but she wasn’t super close to actually solving it herself, and she was on to other things by the time Watson and Crick were really getting down to the nitty gritty of the structure. And they did a lot of follow up work that she had no part in (see: moving on to other things).

Don’t get me wrong, Watson and Crick were trash who stole her data without her knowledge and then refused to acknowledge her contribution (and Watson still doesn’t) which is horrible and we should definitely remember and acknowledge her contribution to DNA and other things, but let’s get the history correct and remember her for what she actually did and not for what we wish she had done.

This is a list of my absolute favorite people on tumblr. They are fantastic, amazing, and awesome people that have made being on this website so much easier, be it by talking to me or by having a super ~quality blog. They made 2012 awesome for me, and if you follow them, they’ll make 2013 awesome for you as well [thumbs up and awkward smile into camera here]. Anyway, I present you Daury’s Favorite Blogs of 2012

kweens of my life

liuyiyun guginos appledelhi adawongs dexmoser

 perfect princesses

sea-bitch jogndae bilius solidsnakes penasexual slayerage mjolnires nothinbutherain caroldangers malfoyisms rochestering holyweather underbread  werewolfovens indigoisbetter i-like-blue-boxes danieldaylewis imzadis spockly lindsay-bluth holdasmile steelmeltingsmile alittlelights vambrace damienbolony brittanias coheirs jovied youngned cordeliachases mykaberings blakeandersoned andyswarek imjesuschrist dohrings mosers bellisarioo stephenbloomed jenkoed teen-worf wingered roymustache sansastarks skittlesinthere


iamjasonbourne maxblum phaust dornez stopitjahn vampireken

new blogs i followed (that i rly like)~

finching scarjoing faithlehne noendinsign

((>See this when you open front door

>What do))

All her other friends, including Ed (who happens to, ya know, be male) have complimented her cooking. I mean no disrespect to anyone who disagrees, but I honestly feel that he was simply saying, “hey look, another thing she happens to be amazing at in additional to all her other talents.”  She likes to cook, too, so I really don’t see the problem here at all. <3 


Guys, I don’t know what to say and… I’m speechless. I just… I feel so happy to be here in this fandom with all of you. You’re all so kind and patient with me, even though I lag on RPs and I haven’t really been up to drawing asks lately. But you all make me feel so special regardless and that makes me all the more determined. In honor of 200 followers, I’d like to thank a bunch of people:

Beautiful Shy Singers (Shyrens): @singingshyren, @shyren-song

Cute Loiterers (Fuku Fires): @fukufire

Oooooh Yes! (Mettatons): @roboticsuperstxr​, @question-mettaton, @ask–mettaton-ex, @strikeaposeforme, @ask–mettaton

Sunshine-y Goodness Flower (Floweys): @ask-android-flowey​, @ask-flowey-the-friendly-flower​, @ask-the-malevolent-flower

Soul-Pumped Flower (Omega Floweys): @the-floweytale, @askyourbestnightmare

Tall Not-Punny Skeletons: @spageloten, @skeletonbropapyrus, @nopunsallowed

Cat Thing??? Not a cat? I don’t know man (Burgerpants): @askburgerpants

Determined Children (Frisks): @friskybusiness, @getfriskywithit, @wildlilfrisk, @askfrisky, @silentbutfrisky​, @frisk-the-warrior​, @pacifistxfrisk

Dirty Brother Killers (Charas): @askchocoloverchara​, @amicusflores

Fish Ladies (Undynes): @undyne-is-so-cool-like, @undyne,  

Punny Skeletons (Sans’s): @skeletonbrosans, @the-sansational-support, @stoner-sans, @sanstheboneyskelly, @pungeonmastersans, @smileyxtrashbag, @iknowafastshortcut

Darling Spiders (Muffets): @tendermuffet, @ask-muffetsbakesale

Other Big Flame Daddies (Grillbys): @illserveycu, @xgrillby, @grillbymcfry

Sad Little Ghostie Goo’s (Napstablooks): @napstabiook22, @napstablook-spook, @bloodyblook

Other Cool People (OCs): @ask-perseveringsoul, @asklevee, @angelica-dimension-traveler, @crown-the-kitten, @ask-annalog, @angelique-the-doll,
@cuteskeleton07​, @whimzy-the-bee​, @asknocturne-undertale, @im-burgerpants-now

Other: @aconvenientlyshapedlamp, @faceless-musings, @ask-matthew-canada, @ask-kagekao, @ask-thatblindudefrommk, @divine-knight1, @girgarbagebot@a-box-filled-with-monsters, @reset-those-souls

And of course a big, BIG thank you to @pixelasexual, @iknowafastshortcut, @im-burgerpants-now, @skeletonbropapyrus, @skeletonbrosans, and @captainrebloger for being my friends and being so nice to me! I honestly couldn’t have gotten this far without you guys <3